October 19/19


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for information on the death of Thomas Coyle



Today's Quote October 19/2019

You always have something to learn from people who have been through more than you.

Be open and receptive to what they know.
Zac Efron


Sean Stevens
Candidate for Minetto Town Supervisor


Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to change the location for my last 2 Meet and Greets plus Salvation Army food drop offs.
Both dates I will now be at The park next to Minetto Town Hall.
Sunday October 20th 2:30-4pm
Monday October 28th 5:00-6:30pm
Sean Stevens
Candidate for Minetto Town Supervisor


October 19/19




October 19/19

The young kid driving north on west 5th that was closed between Paloma and Munn street while on his cell phone slammed right into the barricade at Paloma..Smart move -you could have hit a kid or someone. it was a black vehicle

October 19/19


If you have not been to a town hall meeting, you really should go and see the clown show. for months a few residence had asked the board some town operational questions, (which the people have the right to know) and the board usually Dumolcola or Fammmilo say "WE WILL GET BACK TO U" THAT NEVER HAPPENS. the town clerk has been ordered by Dum Dave not to honor FOILS, What is he really hiding. The list of repeated questions gets longer and longer. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING !

October 19/19

Refusing to comply with a request for information under the FOIA. Freedom Of Information Act is the typical knee jerk reaction of corrupt officials hoping to hide anything from poor judgment to felony crimes. I have seen it time and again over the last twenty five years or so. They hope no one will take the time, effort and expense to fight them in court. When you write or call the Committee On Open Government in Albany about these people you can almost hear them saying, OH NO, NOT ODWEGO COUNTY AGAIN.

Minetto has been exceptionally corrupt for a very long time. I WOULD GO DIRECTLY TO THE State Attorney General or Comptroller. Shake the tree and watch the rotten apples fall.

Murtagh is an idiot
Murtagh lmao said enough to bury himself regardless of marrying or not. Marrying isn't going to save his ass. His he moved a van off valley road from herm jordals relatives should have been enough to get him in cuffs. Herm the biggest drug dealer in Oswego in the 90s and Mikes best friend how funny. Marry away Murtagh no one cares they don't want your wife, prisons calling for you. Hopefully that's where you end up. Scum bag.

October 19/19


He's coming
Years have passed many more will pass but I can promise you this he's coming for you, with a BADGE. Time will pass, days, months and years you will forget but he never will forget what you did to his dad and what you did to him. When that day comes you'll remember then. Then you'll know what karma is. God works in weird ways. It won't be in your favor.

October 19/19


Time to consolidate all the schools in Oswego, NY
Since the population of Oswego is aging and declining. (And in NYS in general.) The student enrollment in Oswego is in decline so its time to consolidate all the schools in Oswego. Why not bus them out to the college. SUNY Oswego is supposed to be a Premier Teachers College . (They use to have Campus School .) Waste of tax dollars to try to keep schools open with Oswego ’s population demographics.

October 19/19


Wife can't testify against hubby?
Actually she can but she can't be made to.
But the OCSD in 1994 had all the info on who took heidi and hid it.
Dodd you were the DA and you hid evidence that would have proved who did the crime?
What was that oath you took in law school....ohhhhhhhhhhhh you had your fingers crossed when you pledged to it....I see. Smart Dodd very smart.

October 19/19


Trump's Spurs
Got to love what General "Mad Dog" Mattis had to say at the Smith Dinner in NYC. " I got my spurs my spurs on the battlefield" and Trump got his in a letter from his doctor."
Reference; Fred Trump had a doctor write a letter to the Draft Board that Little Donnie had heel spurs and was classified as a 4-F so he wouldn't get drafted into the Vietnam War. In other words, " Mad Dog" called Donald Trump a coward, which is true

October 19/19


Who ever is knocking. Who ever is pushing to help the families they've harmed. Bring these bastard down. It's their turn to be on their knees. They have hurt so many. It's time. Bring the truth home to these families so these families can stand with some sort of joy, peace and dignity. Hilton if its you do not stop until they are locked away. They've hurt so many people. It's time it comes to an end. If it's not, whoever you are. High five someone cares, these people, these families deserve nothing less than the perpetrators be hung for everything they have done. Bring serenity with a force.
Murtagh kiss my ass bud when this is done we will all laugh in your face. Sick bastard.

October 19/19


Re: Buccaneer Bizz
You already know it’s me, head cheerleader, homecoming queen, part time model. Every time I drive over one these gosh darn pot holes my boyfriends penis gets tied in a knot. I spent 45 minutes trying to untie it and I was late for work. Hasn’t Baby Billy seen the YouTube videos of fixing things with Ramen?! And another thing is it really that hard to put a AC in the public bathrooms...the last time I took a nap in there I got the stankiest yeast infection, and I can’t sell the bread that is baking from my vagina. I tried to but the tea company said it stinks. I think our tax money should go towards a local place where you can bring your pets and relieve them of their boners

October 19/19






Today's Quote October 18/2019

Dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing I learned.

They're only powerful when you got your back turned.

Rich Murtaugh gets married.
Things getting to hot?
Wife can't testify against hubby?


October 18/19

News from Oswego School District NEPOTISM AT ITS FINEST
Goewey will be hiring his unqualified SON to a cushy $70k job as Food Service Director. The position did not exist in prior years as the school consolidated its lunch programs with other school systems. Goewey directed his Assistant Superintendent of Personnel to firstly create the new position at an unnecessary expense to the taxpayer , and secondly to go through a PHONY interview process and dot all of the I's and cross all of the T's to make the hiring process look legitimate and that they just so happened to stumble upon Gowey's son as the most qualified candidate. BULL$&!+!!!!! Last year, Goewey rammed through a policy change that would even allow him to hire and supervise all of his relatives to begin with. This is a SHAM that he is learning from Trump and Ivanka! The school board is enabling this reckless and unethical behavior at the taxpayer expense. If you ask the various superintendents and board members, they will do a song and dance about all the steps they went through in the process and why the shared services didn't work (they refused or were too incompetent to try to make it work) but the FACT is it was all for show. This was direction from Goewey. The board will allow it because the board also needs jobs for their children. One board member got her daughter a job as Assistant Principal (the head Principal at the middle school is unqualified and incompetent and they have added staff to cover up for this). She also got a second Asst Principal added to make sure to remove workload for her daughter. Remember the play therapist position created? Etc. Sam Tripp ran for the board in the first place to protect Goewey's job after he made sexually suggestive comments to the staff as well as racist remarks about parents. Remember the "props" Goewey used to wave around the office? Now a generation later, Sam is still making it happen for the Goewey family! Sickening!!! The right hand washes the left and the taxpayer gets screwed.

October 18/19


IT IS Election time and you have a chance to MAKE A DIFFERENCE
VOTE SEAN STEVENS for Town Supervisor.
Stop the corruption. The current supervisor Domicola took the budget for 2020 on all by himself
with out consulting the board members. He wanted to give himself a hudge raise but it only shows $800.00 FOR NOW . He tells people it’s a full time job. HE IS RARLEY THERE. There are several town employees that work hard. No one EVER gets a raise. Except the supervisor and the board.
Write in anyone for the board to make a change.

October 18/19


And yet another version
“I truly believe that Gary Thibodeau and somebody else went to the D&W and abducted Heidi,” Oakes said. “And it’s unclear exactly where they took her and how they disposed of her body.”

Changed story after saying that GT took her to MA ( but the OCSD didn't follow him)
...and you actually think people believe this crap?

And "Gary Thibodeau and SOMEONE ELSE took her"
That's pretty hard to believe after you took RT to court and RT called you and told you he was there. Not to mention you took his van as part of the crime but now you think it was SOMEONE ELSE.


October 18/19

Brittany Hills was built by one of Leota’s gumbas.
Joe Ferlito was a failure at farming and a bigger flop when it came to building. Everything he and his idiot kid touch turns to shit.

October 18/19


Isn't that what Steen, Roger and Mike do ten different times and of course Judge King said it was not credible.lol

Really? Why not?
You said the witnesses were not reliable...why not?

Oakes said that GT went to MA to get rid of the body
- why wasn't he followed?
- two deputies testified that he never left the area on the 5th
- they searched the car and found nothing.

NOW: where the hell did that receipt come from dated 4/5/1994?
If GT didn't got to MA then it was forged, but by who.
Well who had it? That's right the DA's office.
They hid all the real evidence and forged the car repair receipt.
But how? Did Cote car repair do it? Why would he? Where did they get the receipt from? Naw this wasn't a cover up and a railroad of GT.
Was he even asked about it..probably not.

You guys made so many blunders that if the DOJ or FBI inv. this you're on your way to prison.

not over yet..tic toc....KARMA!

October 18/19




Today's Quote October 16-17/2019

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. Oscar Wilde
Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/oscar-wilde-q

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.
Oscar Wilde


Re: Leighton principal
Apparently the principal at "Leighton Elementary" called for a school lockdown without notifying anyone. So the police officer on duty took out their gun in the school. For more information contact the "Oswego City School District."

October 16-17/19

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
Throw out all the "evidence" against the T. bros. There isn't any so it should be easy.

Now look at these actions by a corrupt DA and LE:

- The phone call between Roger and his wife practically telling what happened to HA. and was hidden.
- The "not for copy" item from Dodd. Again hidden but Dodd being a liar squirmed about this. But there it is in black and white. It was available to the defense..all of it. BS Dodd you're supposed to GIVE it to the defense..another obvious sign of guilt.
- JW..."you guys have to go talk to Tracy Breckenridge"...JW knows a lot more than she's telling.
- The junkyard phone call reveals much more.
- Ten witnesses saying they did get HA..but King Dong ruled not credible. King you are not credible. ANd your children and wife know this.

- why did the OCSD tape Roger and Tracy? Because they knew they were involved. But did nothing and even hid it from defense attys.
Why didn't they arrest Roger and Tracy? Because Roger would have spilled his guts about the OCSD covering up a murder..so obvious.
- they lied about not knowing if HA lived at Rice Road...they knew.
- they never talked to Steen as far as I know.
- 4 months to get cash register tape...you must be f****** kidding.
- Why/how did they get witnesses to change the color of the van from blue to white & black.
- JW said "she chopped something in the tapped call with Tonya." Why didn't Pitrowski tell her that the tape was done by the OCSD and they had possession not Tonya.
- Greg Oakes is not an honest man. He lied about GT going to MA on 4/5/1994. How did they get the receipt for that day?Why hasn't E.T. Cote been contacted about this. Did they something on him to keep him quiet?
GT may have bought the car in MA and the previous owner had the drive shaft replaced. Who forged the receipt?
- Why did Tonya get death threats in 2014 after GT was convicted in 1995? Shows the real killers and others were involved, noit the brothers.



October 16-17/19

KPS painted lines and speeding in the school zone
Is the safety of our children in the budget yet Mr mayor ?? Please someone get a camera so this guy will show up and do something , thank you in advance.

October 16-17/19


In criminal law. A voluntary statement made by a person charged with the commission of a crime or misdemeanor, communicated to another person, wherein he acknowledges himself to be guilty of the offense charged, and discloses the circumstances of the act or the share and participation which he had in it. Spicer v. Com.




I don’t know, Dodd. As per the police notes from speaking with the inmates, when they (the inmates) asked Gary if he was involved with the disappearance he said, “No, but if I did I wouldn’t tell you.” Again, please tell us what facts there are that make that statement a ‘confession’? They (inmates) got the impression that he knew something because he was talking about it? Such a good judge of character those inmates were.? Nah, why would an inmate trade testimony for no jail time for their own *u*k up.? These two guys were among all the outstanding inmate ‘snitches’ and had no knowledge of an impending ‘deal’. They were just trying to be ‘good guys’. Pfft. Who just spit their coffee because that notion is the funniest thing they’ve heard in a while?..... Repeat criminals with integrity and good character….lol.

First off, there is no connection between Heidi and Gary doing drugs together. Now was there, Brett? **LOL, don’t remember who it was but someone said Gary told them that he was having a physical relationship with Heidi? Who would believe he was or would say that? LIES about Gary to make him appear guilty. After all, gotta make false connections between the witnesses to get a conviction.** There is no possible way, at any time on the morning of April 3, 1994 that Heidi could or did voluntarily leave the store to go “near Gary’s house” and then brought back without another customer before Mr. Stinson finding the store unattended. Next, there was no physical evidence in Richards van or on Gary’s property to suggest that Heidi was ever there. AGAIN, tell us what facts make Gary talking about a case in which he was a suspect, had his property searched and seized and was in the media for WEEKS, what did he know that other people didn’t?? Oh, right? You are part of the group that wants this case to be kept quiet so accuse anyone who has acquired knowledge about it over the years as being involved!! Tell us about the shovel that had muscle tissue? Why was that not tested recently? Or was it? Damn, seems would have been cut and dry to test that again? Maybe try to get the link like was done with Richard’s DNA and trying to link him to a case in MA. Failure!! No, that would be some fine detective work there….to test the shovel. There is still a shovel, right? Actually, there should be two-the fold-up one that came from God knows where and the one confiscated from Gary’s property. Speaking of property, why were tools, etc…that had no link to Heidi that was looked at from Gary’s house returned to him but the van that had no link didn’t return until after Gary’s death? That makes absolutely no damn sense. Richard was ACQUITTED and there was no evidence linking to Heidi. Oh, gotcha, that’s why Mrs. Fabian’s testimony of the erratic van and driver were important….to imply that Gary was driving. I feel ya Dodd. You have a pretty good story there if told by twisting and fabricating what is ‘known’. Wouldn’t you just be the smartest man in Oswego….if it was True?

I have a challenge for you and your cronies, if you’re not too old for the challenge, get out there and Stop dismissing leads for frivolous reasons. You don’t really care if Heidi is found, do you? You got your conviction and DA election on the back of this case!

Makes me sick how LE has twisted what is truth and facts to make Gary appear to have something to do with it. Equally sickening is that people still believe the crap that comes out of peoples’ mouth’s….just because the person was/is a prosecutor. They are never wrong, now could they be? They fight for ‘us’ and Justice. Why are there so many exonerations in the country, and our own state, if all prosecutors abide by the Oath? I get it, though….personal connection/emotional reaction, makes people biased!! And STILL there is a missing woman, Heidi Allen!!

October 16-17/19



Leighton Principal

She was fired on the spot and escorted off the property. Then they called in the the principals from KPS and one of the other schools to try and restore some kind of order. The place was so out of control students were attacking teachers and each other on a daily basis. Almost every week a teacher would end up in the hospital ER as a result on one of these annimals.


October 16-17/19


Re: Sheriff 's office
This sounds alot like the band ranting Sally Lanza. Has he forced his way back, under cover?

October 16-17/19


Brittany Hill Development
According to Mayor Barlow the Brittany Hill's housing development was slated for fixing the drainage issues, curbing and paving. WHAT IS THE PLAN? This is one of the premiere housing developments on the east side of the City of Oswego and its a complete disaster.
Absolutely no drainage was fixed besides the run of on Hall Road into the development still drainage issues on Arcadia Avenue. I'd like an answer as to why you had a company tear up a piece of pavement in random places and patch them. THE ENTIRE DEVELOPMENT SHOULD OF BEEN PAVED!
We need a new Alderman. This problem needs to be fixed!

October 16-17/19


The CI card
What better place to drop something if you want people to know...

a frequently visited place where people always go for gas etc.

But you screwed up by denying H A wasn't an informer.
Can 't believe King let you win that one but I think King is corrupt, dishonest and all for himself.

" if I tell you something, promise not to tell?" Yeah right everyone tells.

But what the hell the inv. were corrupt, OCSD was & Steen, Roger and Mike got away with murder

How many things can you do and not get investigated?????
- the cabin bone
- lying to the Grand Jury
- railroading Gary
- selling cocaine
- airport visits at 4 am
- very weak and corrupt interrogations of J W
- ignoring JW
- hiding evidence. Dodd you f***ing asshole. Corrupt jerk, liar and killing an innocent man with a prison sentence.
- the time frame at the store...I am still not convinced
- Mike B. gets a fax from the DA's DWI file....lol. Did Gary get a fair trial after all this? God the DA hid evidence for a major trial.

Did you guys tell your wives and children about all this or would you rather I did?

They know. Look them in the eye, they know and fell you are guilty.

If there is a MRs. Dodd, how does it fell to walk around town and knowing what people are thinking about you and Donald.
Think they are ALL talking about you behind your back about your husband hiding evidence and he proved it on tape.

Gary confessed my ass. Baldasaro said AFTER that Gary NEVER confessed to killing H. A.

God you're an idiot.

Are you still practicing law lol.
Can anyone trust you to do legal work for them..I wouldn't.
See how the lies from the OCSD etc. became more and more obvious thru out the case.

But the good news is it is still an open case.

And the Sheriff will be voted out.


Something is going to happen because I asked Lisa P. if the public can take action to get the FBI involved....she didn't reply but she did on the other questions.
What does that tell you? Think about it.

If I can find proof that NYS didn't investigate the case as they were to do so, I will send it to the DOJ, FBI, NYS DA and Cuomo..... promise.

October 16-17/19

Trumpkins and the great con
Trump Rule May Mean 1 Million Kids Lose Automatic Free Lunch
but the rich won't lose anything.

Trump wants less people on SNAP>>>

I want less corporations on Corporate Welfare
- oil cos
-Fortune 500 companies
- large farm conglomerates
- billionaires

If you only knew the truth.

October 16-17/19





Today's Quote October 15/2019

The clearest way to show what the rule of law means to us in everyday life

is to recall what has happened when there is no rule of law.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Leighton principal
My son attends KPS and his teacher told the class that the principal at Leighton was fired and that the KPS principal (Vollkomer) is over at Leighton until there's a replacement hired.
Why hasn't the district told the public about this? Why should they hear it from Ms. Frost at KPS?

October 15/19


Sheriff's office
Maybe Hilton should be watching his deputy JK more closely. Maybe he'd be interested to know what he does when on duty.

Hilton was going to clean up Todd's mess, but JK continues. Ahem.

Speaking of Todd, why no word on Mike Todd's involvement in the Holmes' charges. Mike Todd, the turncoat of the county Republican Party helping Coleman's election And beware, if she wins she'll be hiring Seager as her law clerk.

Why did Jamie Sharkey get a job at the port? Because he's like JK?

October 15/19


Full of Crap
Dodd – the ADA who couldn’t find the past conviction of Mike Bohrer from 1981 in 1994/1995. Kudos to Deputy Crisafulli who found the warrant for John Bohrer from WI, in 1993. You know, the deputy who pulled John B over in Oswego with switched plates. You know the John Bohrer that said he was living at the Gay 90’s near the D&W. You know, the guy who was involved with trying to kidnap Ms. Schmidt.

Yeah, Dodd. For being such a smart (appearingly) person, you’ve made some very obvious verbal blunders. Dare I say, criminal. greg calls Jennifer Wescott a pathological liar that wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped her….same for you. YOU should be locked up and left to suffer (after an apology to Heidi’s family for your deception) like was done to a man wrongfully convicted for the disappearance and presumable killing of Heidi Allen. “Confessed”? “Confessed”? Because he knew by his incarceration on May 1994 that he was a suspect, he was read news articles about the disappearance, And answered questions that the inmates asked from overhearing his phone conversations home? So you see, dummy dumkins, being involved is not the only way someone would have some kind of knowledge about the case. Was the community member who theorized via the media that Heidi was deceased, was that person also guilty because they had some kind of knowledge? What exactly did Gary tell the inmates, in your opinion, that the public didn’t already know…that his property was searched? That his furnace was confiscated? That his brother was arrested for Heidi’s disappearance? What? What did he say or know that could be attributed to a perp?

But Steen didn’t confess with all the corroborating evidence of his personal conversations with non-inmates? So Mr. Smart-pants…what was determined about the bone found near the cabin on Rice Road? Oh, don’t believe an anonymous commenter…fine, read Moskal’s affidavit that greg filed for the hearing then get back to the public. I, for one, would like to know what forensics showed. Or does the Sheriff Department not have the resources to do that kind of forensics testing?

Are you a Christian or Satanist, Mr. Dodd? Happy day for the Devil as he will be getting another playmate.


October 15/19







Today's Quote October 14/2019

A wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand.

I think, I too, have known autumn too long.

e. e. cummings

No change
Upon speaking to several. Many agree this talk or change and hope from Hilton No integrity or no accountability with change has become a complete disappointment to so many who believed in him. He once was believed to be walking tall, a man with a stick and a fight. The difference is the real walking tall is a legend who gave hope to the under dogs and defeated those in power who built a criminal enterprise in his community. Hilton has not lived up to this man's imagine. I don't believe he ever will. Talking, being told he's to keep his mouth shut, not being a part of his community or speaking to them publucally. Helping hide their dirty deeds by following suit is not why he was voted in to begin with. He was voted in to stand for those who could no longer speak to fight with those fighting this corruption. It seems he's forgotten the promises he's made and neglected to heal one family still searching. We need a sheriff w gutts and compassion that's not what is going on. Maybe we made a huge mistake.

October 14/19


Dweeby Greg, and silent Hilton
Take notes Kangaroo king, Dweeby Greg, and silent Hilton. This is what a real judge and political official is and what a legend begins like.
"In all my years of Advocacy, I have never seen another case like this. Why? Throw in the mix, a wonderful god-fearing innocent man, a Judge that has never forgotten why he went to law school and has never lost sight of what true justice means( even his name bears witness to the kind of person he is. Judge Angel), a remarkable family that never stopped working to get their Son and Brother home where he belongs, a team of lawyers that would not take no for an answer and an army of supporters that would move heaven and earth to accomplish their goal and you have the perfect mix of what Innocence advocacy should be. My wish? That every innocent in prison could have a team like Adam's working for them."
Don't we all wish those in power wore wings and didn't fear being a hero.

October 14/19




Today's Quote October 13/2019

Riches do not delight us so much with their possession, as torment us with their loss.
Dick Gregory

One recorded conversation tells why the disappearance of Heidi Allen, needs further investigation. ( Conversation Tracey Breckenridge

Remember JW told them in the interrogation room that they "have to go talk to Tracy Breckenridge."
Now we know why.
Did they. Maybe but they already had the evidence the points towards Roger and the other two.

If you people aren't convinced by now that some OCSD deputies were involved in drug trafficking and cover up of a murder and the railroading of G.T. you better wake up.

I can't believe no one is taking a notice. Maybe the Appeals courts are dirty too.
I agree with Lisa P. that she should have won an appeal.

More evidence suggesting that Dodd and some of the OCSD we all involved with this.



October 12-13/19

Trump talks of Biden Kissing Obama's Ass at a Trump Rally
Having a moron like Trump as President is a disgrace for the United States of America, but having people at this rally accepting the stupidity coming out of his mouth ( Biden was a good Vice President because he kissed O'bama's ass) is just as bad, Look at the low life Republican whores and low life trump suck-up's accepting the shit flowing out of Trump's mouth, makes you understand why this country is in trouble. The 43% brain damaged people will continue to follow this moron, and 57% of people with a brain will vote this F&*k face out of office. Remember, Oswego County supported this moron, so are you part of the 43% brain dead assholes that will continue to vote for him or will you grow a brain and do the right thing? My guess is that Oswego County is brain dead and will follow this asshole like they did before, so you can just paste your faces on the people standing behind Mr. Asshole and be part of the history that destroyed our way of life. Sad!

October 12-13/19






Today's Quote October 10-11/2019

I would rather be politically dead than hypocritically immortalized.
Davy Crockett

Regarding Sheriff Hilton
The time has come to ask you, Sheriff Hilton, when are you going to do something to further investigate the Heidi Allen kidnapping and clear the late Gary Thibodeau's name Did you forget why you were elected by the voters in Oswego County?
Quote from Hilton, while campaigning:"It’s time for a change in the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office, according to sheriff candidate Don Hilton, and that’s one of the critical reasons he’s running to take over the department." Then he said this: "Hilton, 57, pointed to years of “mismanagement” and a lack of “forward thinking”, saying the sheriff’s department has been left with a reputation of being “behind the curve.” And this:"Many of the citizens want change. It's stagnated. It's time for change, and to modernize the department," Hilton said." Another statement: "Hilton ran on a campaign of reform and culture change, saying it was his goal to improve the morale of the department and “restore the reputation.” His message resonated with voters and now he will have the chance to mold the department."
When will it begin? One recorded conversation tells why the disappearance of Heidi Allen, needs further investigation. ( Conversation Tracey Breckenridge, had with Roger Breckenridge. Appears to be a recorded statement from Tracey, obtained by the OCSD!)
#1 TRACEY BRECKENRIDGE: " I said what's going on?"
#2 TRACEY BRECKENRIDGE: "He says, "I guess I got to get that van out of Murtaugh's"
#3 TRACEY BRECKENRIDGE: "I says, why?" He said "Because it's got evidence in the back."
#4 TRACEY BRECKENRIDGE:"I go, "What do you mean [by] evidence?"
#5 TRACEY BRECKENRIDGE: He goes, "There's blood on the backseat."
Sheriff Hilton, if you to continue to ignore evidence that was hidden all those years ago, that tells me the citizens of Oswego County, need to again begin searching for a proper person to run the Oswego County Sheriff's Department. You have been sheriff since January 1, 2019, what have you done to put your promises in motion? It's been 10 months, time to get moving!
A disappointed voter!

October 10-11/19


Giuliani Associates Who Targeted Biden Arrested On Campaign Finance Charges



October 10-11/19

Several people have warned Trump he had more to fear from the New York Southern District Court than the Democrats in congress and it looks like they were spot on.







Today's Quote October 9/2019

The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people

but the silence over that by the good people.
Martin Luther King, Jr.


whats next did you remind chantel and kells about the view looking over the lake down by the marina one hell of a view take a look and see a lot of trees hey kells how is the civil service exam going answers are right in front of you i forgot you have to put answers with question i know ask chantel oops she does not know either oh well just pay BABY BARLOW campaign

October 9/19


Some shit head went crazy spray painting along west linear park behind the old ymca to Utica street bridge the city seems to have unlimited funds how about a significant reward for the person that did this

October 9/19


The Trump Administration Wants Restaurant Servers To Do More Work For Less Pay

October 9/19


Is John bucher the toucher still working for the county? Haven’t seen him stalking any girls at the complex in awhile?

October 9/19


Chimpy Chimpy Chimpy
“Quite frankly, it is my own mistake for appointing active members of the Democrat City Committee to a city committee under my administration,” Barlow said in reference to Ashline, who is running for the Third Ward seat of the city’s Common Council under the Democratic party line. “I’ve always tried to look past the politics of it and appoint folks who show an interest regardless of their political affiliation and I’ll still continue to do that despite this situation. The Democrats are doing what they have to do, trying to politicize anything they can to take back control of the council,” he said. “I understand that and don’t fault them for it.”

You can't say things like that even if there true! Youll piss off all of the Dem housewifes and they wont be swooning all over your goofy little cheap suit wearing self. Do you have one that fits you other than that blue one? And for Petes sakes shine your shoes. Better yet get a black pair.

October 9/19


To the Editor:
This is a journey that began 8 months ago in the Town of Minetto, it consists of a Towns poor road design and a dead tree over hanging our house and power lines. That journey has now come to a breaking point that has consisted of 14 letters, 10 of them certified mail cause they won’t respond to any other, 6 sit down requests (all denied), numerous emails and phone calls, 2 FOIL requests that town refuses to provide the correct information for, and being ignored when I filed a formal complaint against the Town Supervisor. It also consists of 2 board meeting where during one, the Towns Attorney told all board members to remain silent while I asked questions, and ending with her stating “we are not doing anything until you drop your notice of claim”. I will not bore you with the contents of every email or letter or phone call, I will instead tell you about the beginning. In April I received a message of a creepy old bearded man taking pictures of my property, having 2 young daughters I posted a warning on Next door Neighbors (an app to send messages to your neighbors) after receiving a message that it was the Town Supervisor, I immediately removed the post. Not thinking too much about it or if it was even a big deal, I figure it was over. Fast forward to June when we all got flooded, my wife called the Town Supervisor to see what they were doing with our issues and he openly admitted the root cause of him and the Town ignoring us was in fact that internet post. He stated he was scared, uncomfortable, and intimidated by her husband. She even questioned liability on his part for the previous and continuing damage to our property, where he said he is protected by the Town Attorney. So with no hope of resolution and not enough space to write a book and with all of the outcomes the same with continued bullying and stonewalling, I wanted to share my story of the Mob Mentality of small town government. While I have received well wishes and had people share similar horror stories, it doesn’t get the tree removed that is dangerously hanging and dead removed. It also doesn’t fix the fact that a Towns poor road design dumps all the water directly into my property. It has been 8 months and thousands upon thousands of dollars in lost property, 100’s of wasted hours fighting this and praying that we don’t get flooded out every time it rains. Since the current Supervisor and certain board members are openly campaigning against me saying I am a “hot head” or “unreasonable”, I figured it fair to at least get my story out there. Facts are facts and these are our paid elected officials hard at work. On a side note, I truly find it disturbing that many residents are still intimidated by the board members. Seriously what are they going to do? Not help you as they were elected to do. (See above)
Thank you,
Sean Stevens
Candidate for
Minetto Town Supervisor

October 9/19


Trump firm 'refusing to pay' legal bill for windfarm case


October 9/19




Today's Quote October 8/2019

The soul that is within me no man can degrade.
Frederick Douglass

OFD greed continues
And this is just what he has made through September! Good thing the Mayor has slowed the abuse.



October 8/19


Lincoln Ave
The city wants to clean up the city. Lets start with the scum apartments on Lincoln Ave.Everyone thinks Waterbury was a slumlord who ownes these scummy apartments.Everone up here in Presidental Plaza should have our taxes lowered because of that area.Where is the zoning on these apartments.Clean them up.

October 8/19


Glad to see they put Tom Kell's lapdog Kevin Hill in charge of the public relations on the downtown tree debacle. The mayor isn't even stupid enough to go out front on this one as he knows it's not great for his political future to be seen as "anti-green" Oops, bad decision, throw the lapdog out in front of the bus LOL. Those "tulip" trees better be the best freakin trees in the world LOL

October 8/19


Tree Stewards Bullied Into Resignation
The chimp boy-king gave us all another look at his ass but were too stupid to see it for what it is. He's a sawed off little bully just like his ringmaster Kells is. I can picture it now. The Chimp in Charge probably called a meeting of the tree stewarts and when they got there, they were told that Kells aka Napolian would be sitting in. After a bit of small talk, Napolian probably took over the meeting and flat out demanded there resignations, telling them something like there only an advisery board and that the City would do what they wanted and theres nothing that could be done about it. He probably did a little homework on each of the members to see if there was something that he could hold over there head while he twisted there arms. I'm warm, ain't I Tommy Boy? I've heard the stories about you. As a matter of fact, I've actually heard you brag about your tactics and how you can make it look like your innocent. The fact that Chimpy keeps you on the payroll tells me that hes as dirty as you are or that hes a really shitty judge of people. Good thing that the Dems were paid not to run anybody against the Chimp otherwise the truth about all of the "landlord fixes" ie duck tape and paint and $50,000 on flowers to City property and equipment would come out. By the way wheres the cannons and the fence from City Hall? Have you managed to sneak them away yet? Did you ever get permits from the DEC to drain the swamp in Kingsford Woods? I see that you have a fresh mess out there. Are you doing that for one of your supervisers or for Uncle Pauly?

October 8/19


Had the Oswego Sheriff Department actually given the CRB ALL the information to come to a conclusion on Gary Thibodeau's conviction, including the interview of the juror, Justice could have been served.

This along with all the other things. If any agency says they couldn't find anything, they didn't do their job.

October 8/19


I have never seen a ticket issued for any one not picking up after their dog or not having them on leash every day occurrence in Oswego what you say opd and billy Barlow

October 8/19






Today's Quote October 6-7/2019

I don't believe man is a woman's natural enemy. Perhaps his lawyer is.
Shana Alexander

Missing Cat
Remember a while back a missing cat I believe from Hamilton Holmes there's a cat here on the east side of town that looks identical to this cat too bad I can't get a hold of the owner

October 6-7/19

Take note
Wrongfully convicted NYC man released from prison after serving 26 years
This is what it looks like when a DA shows some integrity!


Had the Oswego Sheriff Department actually given the CRB ALL the information to come to a conclusion on Gary Thibodeau's conviction, including the interview of the juror, Justice could have been served.

NY Attorney General reaches no conclusion on Gary Thibodeau kidnapping conviction

Can Greg not lie about anything with Gary's case?

'Heidi was taken to MA on April 3, 4, 5 and thrown over a cliff'--LIE

Per the "eyewitness", if Richard and Gary kidnapped Heidi, how was that possible if the guy Not holding Heidi had a limp and Richard is noticeably shorter that 5'10"? Stand by this LIE, greg?

The inmate witnesses received no deal--LIE

EVERYTHING was turned over to the defense attorneys--LIE

The CRB confirms the right man was convicted--LIE

A reporter and former investigator disturbed an area that may be linked to Heidi's remains--LIE

Be still my heart, a truth-question the integrity of the Sheriff's Department, specifically James Pietroski.

Congratulations, greg, you are the top liar...lawyer in the county. The above is just some examples from Gary Thibodeau's case. Wonder what could be dug up about other cases? Like from Rauch and Ackerman. What about shady crap pulled from cases in your own county?

Vote him OUT! Please, someone with integrity, run against this .....DA.


October 6-7/19

gibby is a suck ass withe the mayor when he was a firemen he hated the harborfest now hes up there ass so he can get half way to harborfest party at his place. suck hole now

October 6-7/19





Today's Quote October 5/2019

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.
Emily Dickinson

Wastewater treatment
Leotta probably was one of many that championed the inept consulting firm that did endless slipshod work on that plant
The fall guy isnt the one that engineered it
Wasn't it Nussblunder and farce
Or Maybe it was Nussbummer and clark


October 5/19

When Gosuck was mayor the council approved a contract for repairs and upgrades at the east side plant and Gosuck was given a subcontract to do the electric.

I Wonder
How did Trump meet Melania. Did he walk up to her and grab her crotch or did he follow her into the dressing rooms at a ladies clothing store.

October 5/19


Sewer Treatment Plant
The investigation you report of from EPA etc. was the second large scale investigation . The first was 2 years earlier on many more counts. The 2015 deal caught him red handed with samples of the discharges etc. It took a lot of courage for the whistle blowers to turn the crimes in.

October 5/19


He divorced his wife. She went on welfare and Gary was paying her under the table. He gave his son all the OT he wanted and while he was at work he was banging the kids wife.

October 5/19







Today's Quote October 4/2019

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.
Walt Whitman

U.S. Attorneys » Northern District of New York » News
Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Northern District of New York
Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Former Superintendent of Oswego Wastewater Treatment Plant Sentenced for Clean Water Act Violation
Gary Hallinan Negligently Allowed Polluted Water to Flow into Lake Ontario

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK - Gary Hallinan, 61, of Oswego, New York, was sentenced yesterday to 2 years of probation and a $1,000 fine after previously pleading guilty in federal court in Syracuse to negligently discharging wastewater from the City of Oswego Wastewater Treatment Plant into Lake Ontario in violation of the Clean Water Act on three dates between March 2015 and June 2015, announced Grant C. Jaquith, United States Attorney; Tyler Amon, Special Agent in Charge of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Criminal Investigation Division (EPA-CID) in New York; and Bernard Rivers, Director of Law Enforcement, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Hallinan admitted when he pled guilty that in December 2014, while he was the Superintendent of the Oswego Wastewater Treatment Plant, the plant’s centrifuge, an essential piece of equipment to process wastewater and remove untreated or improperly treated sewage, stopped operating. As a result, the plant could no longer properly remove sewage from its wastewater. Over the next five months, Hallinan, as the superintendent of the plant, failed to take action to remove sewage from the plant’s wastewater or to report the broken centrifuge to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. As a result of the defendant’s negligence, the Oswego Wastewater Treatment Plant discharged wastewater containing solid sewage in violation of its permit under the Clean Water Act. These discharges took place on March 1, 2015; June 19, 2015; and June 23, 2015. The concentration of solid matter in the water discharged into Lake Ontario on June 23, 2015, was approximately 60 times higher than allowed by the plant’s permit.

United States Magistrate Judge David E. Peebles imposed the sentence, which included an order directing Hallinan to perform 200 hours of community service.

This case was investigated by the United States EPA-CID, the New York State DEC, Division of Law Enforcement and Bureau of Environmental Crimes Investigation Unit (BECI), and it was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Michael F. Perry.

October 4/19

A slap on the hand by any standard. Now the question is did he rat out others to get this deal.
Could Anthony Leotta be the oldest city official/former official ever to be convicted of a crime?

It was reported on this site at the time how on Thursday Aug 13, 2015 government officials with weapons drawn raided both sewage treatment plants in the city of Oswego. Employees were lined up in a hallway under guard while waiting to be interrogated while cell phones, paper and digital records from the plants were confiscated.

This case involved several city employees and elected officials. There were multiple occasions when documents were falsified and raw sewage was released into Lake Ontario. There was at least one whistle blower in this case. The one I spoke with followed procedures in reporting what was going on but as you might expect the person was seen as a troublemaker. Rita Tickle, City Personnel Director at the time, refused to do anything other than intimidate the whistle blower and Mayor Gillen refused several requests to meet with the person.


Tony Leotta was the person in direct control of this department and nothing was done there without his knowledge and consent.

So the question remains, will this end with Hallinan getting a slap on the hand or will there be other arrests and convictions in the coming months or years? There is no question in my mind that Rita Tickle, Tom Gillen, Tony Leotta and Gary Hallinan should be sharing adjoining cells in a federal prison.



NY warns consumers not to buy junk health plans marketed as ‘Trumpcare’


October 4/19

Trees cut down on W. 1st. Street.
Dumbass of a an Osweqo Mayor Barlow must want more flower boxes. More money just thrown away for nothing. (Just like on Water Street.)

October 4/19


City of Oswego Anti-Arborists
Who decided that butchering the livelihood of life, shade, and beautiful greenery on west 1st street would be an environmentally sound idea?
Shouldn’t this deplorable sight have been taken into consideration when planting the trees???



October 4/19


White house Wacko
The man who would be dictator is spewing his lies and sending coded messages to MAGA followers faster than they can be reported on the 6 o’clock news When not claiming the stock market will crash and the country will fall into civil war, if he is impeached, he is attacking the Bidens with a barrage of lies which he spins faster than he would normally grab some young woman by the pussy.
Now focusing on Adam Shiff he is sending his coded messages just as when he attacked Congresswoman Ocasio Cortez and “the squad”. Most assuredly he is hoping one of his neo Nazi red-necked followers will lock and load a Remington AR 15 and take him out.
Homeland security promotes a policy of “if you see something say something”. There is not much point in saying anything because trump owns Homeland Security. However if you see something like a MAGA bumper sticker or yard sign remember where you saw them. Remember who’s truck it was on or who’s house it was in front of. These are the people with the assault rifles with 100 round magazines and thousands of rounds of ammunition in their basements. These are the people waiting for that fat orange f++k to tell them when to attack.
More than ever now is the time for everyday ordinary Americans to buy a gun while you still can.

October 4/19




Today's Quote October 3/2019

What you are will show in what you do.
Thomas A. Edison


Trump Suggested Shooting Immigrants To Slow Them Down

October 3/19

“Blind Injustice: A Former Prosecutor Exposes the Psychology and Politics of Wrongful Convictions” by Mark Godsey

Oh my Lord. Just about everything this former prosecutor exposed has been done by Donnie and Greg, in at least one case.

Using criminals (aka inmate ‘snitches) to get a conviction and lying about any ‘deal’ they received for testimony.
Using minor children to bolster a case. (The minor who didn’t report seeing Richards van at Gary’s until March 1995. The same month Sharon Thibodeau was charged with lying about Gary’s alibi, etc)

Misidentification. Witness claims to have seen, well….we’ve read all Bivens’ statements.

I’m gonna dare say, planted evidence….the shovel.


Police and witness bias.
Jurors not following instructions of “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” that the defendant is guilty.

Inaccurate/impossible timeline.

“The U.S., which leads the world in incarceration of its citizens, has approximately 2 million people behind bars. That means a wrongful conviction rate of 1 percent would translate to 20,000 people punished for crimes they didn't commit. On death row, 1 in 25 are likely innocent, according to a recent study.” Feb 3, 2016

We, as a society, are moving in the way of holding these prosecutors accountable but much still needs to be done. This Is Unacceptable!! Mary Rain saw what her conniving got. **Add other names** That should be a wake-up call to the other dishonest prosecutors.

October 3/19


Take note, citizens, wrongful convictions DO happen (throughout the COUNTRY). More often than they should.

While the New York State Innocence Project is very helpful with DNA cases, they should also step in the direction of exonerations that don’t involve DNA. Some of those cases can be just as cut and dry as the DNA cases. Exposure of the wrongful convictions is a step in the right direction.
New York is slowly catching on to the prosecution of prosecutors who commit egregious acts to get a conviction. Mary Rain, with ties to good old Donald Dodd and Oswego County, is a prime recent example. Who thinks Fitzpatrick should have been held accountable also? Unfortunately, boils down to money. Sad, really, when someone’s life is supposed to be protected by the law and instead their life is taken, as they know it, so the prosecutor can ‘get the win’.
Harmless error when a judge allows a ‘surprise’ witness to testify? “No big deal” that a deputy testifies before the judge at a pre-trial hearing about no knowledge of an arrest that HE facilitated. A Sergeant who was directly involved with signing up a young female CI being mistaken that she was. Lying to the public and in a Court Of Law that an inmate witness received no benefit. CLEARLY, not turning over exculpatory documents as provided by The Law. Huhum diary, file that had written not to turn over to defense on it,…
Clary and king should have been ashamed of themselves. Why weren’t any local Judges tasked with hearing Gary’s case? https://www.law.cornell.edu/nyctap/I94_0089.htm I thought this was an interesting read. Did the Appellate Division make him feel some sort of way for denying his Appeal to prosecute? Wow! He AND the prosecutor were working together to prosecute 2 people for which they had already been tried and punished for? And to top it all, OJ was found Not Guilty. Gary didn’t stand much of a chance coming off those heels.
Empathy for Heidi’s family that she wasn’t found due to the tunnel vision by law enforcement…the very people who are supposed to seek “Truth and Justice” FOR ALL!

October 3/19


Pontiac Nursing Home
You can put up all the light poles you want, it changes nothing. A pig in a silk dress is still a pig. Please think long and hard before placing a loved one there. The staff is at bare bones. Care leaves a lot to be desired. Money is first and care is second. And if you do end up going in for a tour, take everything said with a grain of salt. The facts change depending on who you talk to. Some in admin, if their mouth is open, they are lying. Want the real deal, talk to the CNA's. And if you think all the articles in the paper were bad, it barely scratched the surface. This place should be closed. Signed, been there done that.

October 3/19


City of Oswego has no Oversight
Billy, Billy, Billy, what is going on in "your make believe administration'? You give your political contributors money from the DRI and then look the other way when the substandard construction starts. Is it true that Broadwell hired a fly by night painter to paint the I Beam structure for his joke of a water park, and there was a breach in the plastic sheeting and 50 to 75 cars were sprayed with the grey primer paint. If this is true, who is going to pay for the damage to those cars? The city, Broadwell, or the contractor; and do the people who had the paint on If it happened, Is it being kept secret? Also, did the state give Broadwell the ok to connect his structure to a state structure, you know, the State Route 104 Bridge? I guess your code inspectors were too busy eating donuts and having coffee to notice that little detail.
Well Billy, get your checkbook out because if this is true, Broadwell will never pay. Also, you might want to have OSHA check on the contractors doing the work for Avery before we have a death on that site. I guess if you give Billy a few bucks for his campaign, this administration will look the other way.

October 3/19


Lisa Peebles.
Lisa had no choice to drop the case in COURT. She does have options like turning the case over for other criminal allegations and I can say she was working with someone prior to Gary's death


October 3/19




Hey Rudy, if you shut your pie hole for a minute you would be able to hear the bus coming.


October 3/19







Today's Quote October 1-2/2019

Aggression unopposed becomes a contagious disease.

Jimmy Carter

Newsweek Floats The First Speculation On A Possible Trump Resignation Dea
Newsweek has posted an editorial by Alan J. Steinberg—who served as an adviser to former President George W. Bush.
Steinberg, a former Environmental Protection Agency regional administrator, said that he believed Trump would resign in 2019 in exchange for immunity as opposed to being removed from office through impeachment.
Steinberg wrote in The Star-Ledger. "Instead, the self-professed supreme dealmaker will use his presidency as a bargaining chip with federal and state authorities in 2019, agreeing to leave office in exchange for the relevant authorities not pursuing criminal charges against him, his children or the Trump Organization." "Aside from all the legal nightmares facing Trump and his presidency, it appears virtually impossible for Trump to be reelected in 2020."
NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOO! If this POS were to try pulling THIS deal off, he'd be admitting to all that he's been a crook since day one, bumming out all his idiot supporters. DO NOT LET HIM OFF THE HOOK!!!!!
IF he would try to make a deal, he'd definitely deserve to pay all the legal prices for his criminal acts and absolutely NOT be given immunity for him and his crooked family!
Impeaching him in the House, regardless of the Senate, will expose all his crimes to the public and even if the Senate sucked up and didn't convict, the American public would have the facts to toss his useless ass in Novemeber 2020, ruining his entire life like he has done to my country.

October 1-2/19


October 1-2/19


hi baby barlow
when are you going to cut those weeds and trees by the marina you know where you park and pay your money to look through the lenses of the overview ofthe marina and lake. you see nothing but trees and weeds nice view Chantel and Kells quite hiding at coffee shop and trading secrets where you can meet each other and get something done. people take a look for yourself with tax dollars oh i forgot all the new help are relatives or friends of officials which means they do not have to do anything wake up residents tax dollars wasted for nothing done take a look for yourself what do you see next to naval malita building nice view its time to vote these people out it will be hard because the clic is in chantel and kells where is next trip on our money what about the person who used to cut that hill and what did he get he got let go its politics no matter who they hurt as long as it is not one of theres bullshit come on people we have been here a long time stop taking these pe

October 1-2/19

The speed bump, or NOT the speed bump.
What EVER it was, IT'S G-O-N-E! No countries were overtaken, no blood was let, nobody was killed over it, it's "impact" caused no spinal cord damage, so MOVE ON!
When the horse stops breathing, put down your whip, fer Crisake!

Oswego (and a quick end to an agonizing whine) Luver

October 1-2/19








Today's Quote September 30/2019

Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.
William Feather


Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
Read the posts about his case yesterday and I'll there are a lot of people that have the same opinion of the poster.

I emailed Lisa P. 2 weeks ago and asked her about any wrongful conviction case for GT.

She said after he passed, she has no options.....BUT

This is still an open case, and we don't know if the FBI or any other dept. is looking at it.
They should be with all the little children remarks, denials and actions of the LE...sure sends suspicion which may lead to an inquiry.

Just a shame that a a pu***** drug could cause all this death and lying. Lying by lawyers!
What the f----- you must be kidding. I know that things are done illegally to convict but down right lies to convict and with the public seeing right thru them...time for action.

- don't forget to vote
- don't forget how Dodd acted, what he said, and did not turn over to the defense.
- hopefully King will lose his job too. If Oakes wins and King doesn't, guess who might be working in the OC DA's office.
- don't forget what our new sheriff said about how he will run the office....yeah right. We say who is going to fill these positions, no one else does.
Let the power of the vote be our action to solve injustice, get some justice or vote out some injustice.

...."And liberty and justice for all"...Al Pacino movie.

When Barr said after the Epstein case, his death will not protect anyone...think he just bs''d us and put it on hold so it will fade away? I do.

And now the GOP is going after Hillary's emails again..another diversion. And then they'll use Iran for more diversion later.

See how it all works. Trump lied about Mexico paying for wall, he knew they wouldn't. Started a big effort to get Congress to pay for it and then found another way to take money and do what HE wants, not what we want. Bu hell we're only voters who just don't get it.

Watch and look back at what the GOP took from the poor, middle class and the country. Our air will be polluted, water will, national parks cut back so mining, oil and natural gas ventures will happen.

And guess who are the only people that will stop them. The Democrats. Republicans vote whatever is good for the rich and corporate America. Oh a few may not just to make it look good but not enough. So that should tell you the we don't matter as long as republicans give the rich what they want so they can get campaign money and keep their jobs.

If you asked an estimator how calculate weight for expense:

l x W x H divided by density factor of material = weight in CM.
Times 12" per foot times the number of feet times the price per foot of material used.

Now go ask a politician a direct question that needs a direct and objective answer...see what you get.

Well you get the GOP & trump to flim flam you for votes and then turn their backs on you.

Not convinced?

*** See tax break bill of 2017 by Trump.
Who got the biggest tax breaks?

The rich..permanent tax breaks, we got 7 year tax breaks.

Wake up America, corporations are taking over this country with the help of the GOP.

Leona Helmsley said..." we don't pay taxes, the middle class does." Look it up. You are getting lollipops and the rich are getting prime rib!

Please rethink your vote it will not only help you but your kids as well.

Sept 30/19



Porch Fest

Last weekend's 2019 Oswego Porch Fest had some very good musical acts, such as Mike Place, Cam Caruso, and others. The Porch Fest program is a great way to bring out new musical acts and old favorites alike, which in turn helps keep Oswego's music scene fresh and alive.

However one band's "performance" was an absolute embarrassment to the program. The band was called "Flip the Switch". They played on West 3rd Street at 3pm last Sunday. The band members looked like a trailer park all-star team - with a woman that looked like the school bus driver on "South Park" on vocals, a guitarist that couldn't keep his guitar in tune or play anything decent to save his life (I didn't notice the bass player or drummer so much...not sure if it's because they were decent or that the other two were so bad). I've seen middle school garage bands that were MUCH better than this. However, that didn't stop the dozen or so shirtless white trash that were absolutely loving the laughable AC/DC and Tool covers.

Overall, I really enjoyed the 2019 Porch Fest. But I hope the organizers of the 2020 Porch Fest do a better job of weeding out hack "bands" like this.

Sept 30/19









Today's Quote September 29/2019

There is no shorter road to defeat than by entering a war with inadequate preparation.
Charles Lindbergh

Gibby must of goting thursty at his 1st basketball game coach had to leave before halftime

Sept 29/19


Write in
Write in anyone but don't vote for Greg Oakes. Hell, write in Elliott Spitzer, Mickey Mouse but don't give that sob your vote.
On another note. Why write anonymously to Feds when you can do the same thing and post it here. Like they give a shit. Still nothing's been done about Allen or Thibodeau. It's as if the word integrity in OZ means nothing. It's as if corruption is the main key.
Hilton where are you? Silence isn't the key.

Sept 29/19

Here is a better idea. Write in your vote for Gary Thibodeau or Heidi Allen.


Why is the city puting a new driveway in for wades dinner. must be kells geting a kick back.

Sept 29/19

Speed bump
Did anyone see the paving machine form the speed bump ?
Paving machines can not do speed bumps , they are done by hand!
And , it is against DOT regulations to incorporate SPEED BUMPS on a STATE HIGHWAY !
50 year Construction Person expertise ! Union if you have to ask!

Sept 29/19


So proud of a job she's had for several years but yet is so broken inside. Why? That's God you moron. He is going to tear you apart inside until you do what's right. Until then may you suffer in your own misery.

Sept 29/19


Scumbags of OZ
I agree you scumbags murdered Gary Thibodeau. You stand for nothing good. Integrity and accountability toss that out of the window Hilton. How you can be proud of a department that killed an innocent man is beyond me. Gary will haunt the Sheriffs for years to come, as he should. Maybe on your death beds Dodd, Todd, you'll finally tell the truth. But then again you sold your souls years ago. How's that working for you? Greg you are a pathetic excuse for a man. Hope write ins humiliate you even more.

Sept 29/19







Today's Quote September 28/2019

The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Dear Stupid
That guy has been a screw up since he was ten. You at least put it out there so when the girl comes up missing he will be the prime suspect. The investigation will probably be dropped like with Carol Wood but everyone will know who did it.

Sept 28/19


Rose Anthony is an elected political office.
This woman is a nutty ancient bag, who has never had a rational thought. The thought of this ancient has been hag in office, or really anyplace of responsibility, is beyond credibilith. It wouldn't be surprising if she imagined the whole request to run thing.
good grief, maybe 60 years ago, but now?

Sept 28/19


John bucher
Hey johnnyyyy hows it feel about to loose your second job because you can’t keep your mouth shut and your hands to your self. I hope someone beats your ass so hard that your teeth straighten up. Get a hair cut you look like big bird you scum f**k

Sept 28/19


Water created speed bump my ass.
If water undermined the road bed it would have sunken not risen and it would not have been a perpendicular line straight across the road. If the original roadway was concrete I could see heat making the slabs expand and buckle but the story about the water was a total crock of sh!t.

Sept 28/19


NRA Became 'Foreign Asset' To Russia Before 2016 Election, Senate Report Says


Sept 28/19

John bucher

I hope the piece of shit gets what’s coming. Everyone’s tax money is being wasted by this scumbag. Buying him self a new truck just to drive around and Harass his employees and creep on girls at the complex. Funny he can get away with all the touching. Your a sick fuck that needs more then help. You deserve to be in jail with the Pedophiles. And if the county keeps him this coming election there will be something done. Rot in hell you sick f++k

Sept 28/19





Today's Quote September 27/2019

It's always the guy in my job that ends up doing 18 months in Danbury minimum security prison.
Lewis Rothschild
(Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy …The American President)


Corruption in oswego county
I personally agree John bucher needs to go. He’s a complete prick. Wants everyone to make him look good but can’t make him self look good. Someone do something with this sexual predator. He pushed myself out of the county cause he doesn’t like the cleaners. Wonder if it’s cause he was a cleaner for 10 years at the hospital. Your a loser and a scumbag. That is all I have to say
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Sept 27/19

The Republicans have no intention of ever working for the good of this country...reponse
They never have. Ask yourselves what has the GOP ever done for the poor, the middle class or the country.

Trump is doing sales talk again....$2 trillion for infrastructure, more tax breaks for the middles class cleverly hidden as a bigger one for the rich.
They take from the needy and give to the rich, because the rich own them, heart and soul.

They lie....Obama called a budget meeting 18 times but the GOP never showed and John Bohener goes on tv and says we don't have a budget.
And the dems don't argue that so ppl. don't know the truth.

Is the country doing better...yep.
They crashed so many regulations and this helped.
But they are going to hurt down the road.

The EPA is now on the side of big business as is the Energy Dept., education dept., Agriculture dept., Banking industry, FDA etc.

They talk about border security? Obama asked for $3 billion for better security and Bohner said NO!
Then the GOP went on vacation. So tell me who was stopping border security.

Mexico will build the wall, and we bit.
Biggest tax reduction bill ever....for the rich...."trump"

Trump is a liar and proud of it. The world has made a fool out of us, N. Korea played him like fiddle as did Russia.

Sept 27/19

Write-in Candidate for Granby NY Election
To the People of Granby (NY):
I have been approached by a group of people from the Town of Granby, Oswego County New York to do them a favor. What favor?
This group is not happy to see Cheryl Holmes running for town council for four years with no one running against her. They have asked me if it would be OK for them to add my name — Rose Anthony — to the bottom of the election ballot, and if by chance I won, would I do them the favor of accepting the town council position again?
I have to agree with one thing, this group is right. A vote for Cheryl Holmes is a vote for dishonesty, revenge, selfish motives, putting one’s family interests above the town’s interests and a vote against integrity. My opinion is that Cheryl Holmes, her husband Les and Peter do not represent the people of Granby and should not hold office.
I know they do not represent the best interests of the town. This past year I have been personally involved with Oswego County and I have learned so much that I need to reveal to Granby residents.
What I am saying is, if you want Cheryl Holmes to be a town councilor, then vote for her. If you don’t believe she would fairly represent you, then add my name — Rose Anthony — to the bottom of your ballot (not just “Rosie”). I would again be honored to represent the people of Granby for awhile yet.
Either way, please vote in the general election, Nov. 5, 2019! For more information, visit the Oswego County Board of Elections home page, http://www.oswegocounty.com/boe/

Rose Anthony
Granby NY

Sept 27/19


Fitzhugh street parking ?? Go check out Kinsford
You want to see real BS go to Kingsford park right down west 5th . Speeding 50+ County dump trucks ,city trucks , tractor trailers from Eagle , and the list goes on , ,parking lmao we have drop where you want and get away from your kids fast mainly because the parents can’t read the NO STOPPING signs . The principal is still waiting on painted lines in hopes of it helping something but syr ave looks like an Irish parade setup with lines everywhere (priority’s first) .. when the police do show up it’s a cup of coffee in one hand and chatting with the moms while watching the races- again priorities . I Think some of those water created speed bumps would be an amazing addition to all school zones but we will have to wait to have the roads re-done and then hope for rain , because safety must not be in the budget !!


Sept 27/19

John Boucher
It's awful funny how Johnny touch some balls is finally getting caught up with. That whole family is a friggen joke they all look like planet of the apes. Someone said on a previous post he thinks he can do anything because of who he is. Who the hell is he? A big pervert joke that loves dry humping men's asses and legs that's who he is.
He and his tribe of inbreds are all assholes. I love how quick they are to make judgements towards people and keep people from getting jobs at the hospital during their reign of terror there. A bunch of losers and just to let you know John and the whole clan the nurses would talk behind your backs and say they can't believe a woman would ever give you two a second chance with your big thick gross tongues that look like chopped meat .
I hope they take you to the cleaners you prick. Of course then you will be humping people at the unemployment office. You need help !!!!!

The watchman

Sept 27/19


Hamilton homes
Is the lawnmower broken grounds look like shit so much for housing visons.

Sept 27/19


Dear Stupid
I would like to know how the hell you can beat your girlfriend in the head from Allan/novelis and not be charged with domestic violence? I will tell ya how. On or around 5:30 p.m. On Thursday night I witnessed a green Chevy Colorado 2door speeding past a line of cars including myself near old timers bar on rt.1 . Upon further inspection I noticed the guy driving was beating the girl in the head. They turned on George street toward price chopper when they got past the 1st. Entrance he came to a screeching halt hitting the curb while still beating her head. I got out of my vehicle and approached the truck when the male saw me there and sped off. I followed him and called 911 on the phone. I will also tell you that the female tried jumping out of a speeding truck several times.
I followed the truck to east 12 th. Street where she finally got out of the truck and so did he telling me to get going. Just to let ya know you worthless piece of shit ya might beat a 100 pound girl but I've taken bigger shits than you boy. I followed up with the Oswego p.d. At around 9:20 and was told that she lied as well as him and that she was upset with me for getting the police involved . He told them they were just arguing and I dramatized the whole thing.
I will say this may God have mercy on her for thinking so little of herself to be brutally punched in the head and allowing you ( TRAVIS HOLIDAY) Mitchell street Oswego n.y. to get away with it.
I will also say that the lawmakers in this country should be ashamed. I asked if I could press some kind of charges and was told no. I was told if she agreed that it did not happen then nothing could be done.
I will end with this. I hear all the time if you see something say something Hahahahahahaha never again because due to unprofessional behavior I Don't give a shit if everybody beats up their whole family I will never call the police again on something like this. The cop acted like I was an imposition and acted like he believed them over me. SHAME ON HIM.
What a world we live in when things like this are o.k. And accepted even by the people who are sworn to protect and serve. The only one going to protect you is you. Count on nobody else.

Sept 27/19



Another Thought

If Trump and Pence go down together Nancy Pelosi could end up being the first woman president.






Today's Quote September 26/2019

Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency.
Donald Trump

And Donald trump the most corrupt person ever to get it.

Remember Allen Manwaring from Oswego's Big M?
He's been working at the Mapleview grocery store....
Rumor has it he was making $500 per week...just got FIRED...for girl trouble...
When will he learn....he has a real sex problem!

Sept 26/19

The curse of Johnny Frank Garrett
exas railroaded a kid when he was 18.
- The DA walked into the court w/ a fake syringe like they use to inject someone laughing at the sentencing trial.

- In the beginning Garrett says I'm innocent and for those that took my life today, " I have something for you to look forward to tomorrow"....

- two months after the executed him...
- the Judge and ADA both came down with the same type of Leukemia ( I think it was this disease )
- the judge had his blood saved as this was a second occurance....the blood was lost somehow and both died.
- JFG's teacher who lied in court about him committed suicide
- the medical examiner went to prison for faking autopsies
- another person contracted leukemia
- reporter that hounded JFG's mom died in a plane crash
- jail house snitch committed suicide
- Medical examiners wife died of cancer
- the DA committed suicide
- the DA's daughter committed suicide
- a juror who was once a DA and related to the judge died of cancer

**** all this started just two months after JFG's execution

He was accused of killing/rapping a nun.
- no evidence and the guy who did it confessed as he was in prison for rape.
This can be seen on Youtube..true story.

TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK....when you guys look at someone, think about what they are thinking about you!

Sept 26/19

He'll Even Throw His Own Kids Under The Bus
I've GOT to get this opinion/ observation out the before it actually happens.
Now that crump's garbage is becoming public, his moron supporters may still blindly back him screaming, "FAKE NEWS", because they're too toopid to admit their own ignorance/ weakness and not smowt enuff to know when they've been had.
What I predict is that regardless what he wants to admit, the facts are going to be exposed and his own news network 'fox' people will slip in each others' chit trying to explain his crimes, lies and craziness, all the while trying to get out of the way of the steam-rolling truth & facts heading toward them.
Being the lying, cheating, freaking coward that he is and always has been, he will turn on any and all that he can use to save himself. Haha he's even flipped on an Italian mob partner living in and working from brump tower to save his own butt. When asked why the Mafia didn't take revenge on the flipper drump, it was said that the russian mob protected him from the Italian mob.
The best thing I'm waiting to see, not hoping but WAITING to see, is when the piece of crap 'crook in chief', turns tail, leaving his legions of followers standing w/ their thumbs up their patooties, stuttering.... "but, but, but"... as he uses all kinds of scams to avoid impeachment and conviction for many, many of his crooked and criminal stunts. They'll scream "FAKE NEWS" until their proverbial asses fall off and they grow hoarse, as their thinking friends and relatives will only write 'em off as totally retarded wastes of time.
Let me run a scenario by those folks that care enough to understand drumph and his real lifetime personna/ modes operandi, his way of being, thinking and doing things.
I THINK...that's right... I THINK, that as the walls of truth close in on him and his cohorts and he can no longer lie, stonewall, shuck'n'jive bullshit his way around reality, meaning his criminal behavior and associations, ahem, such as jeffrey epstein and all of his other heinous history are seen in the stark daylight, his suckboys(girls) aka lackies will jump ship like a buncha rats as the 'SS tRump' sinks.
Think of all the junk that would do him in if he's impeached! HE WILL NOT be impeached!!!.... because that would leave him wide open for future legal cases even if his white haired 'Groom of the King's Close Stool', pence were to do a Nixon by Ford type full pardon. Oh, by the way, the 'Groom of the King's Close Stool' was the stooge that was there to wipe the king's ass after he took a crap. pence could pardon him but there are state cases with prosecutions would strip him of ALL his money, property and reputation, THEN imprison him.
Sooooooooo the future I see is that orange skinned, bird-nest haired jerk that's screwing our country up and robbing it blind will probably have a, ahem, 'massive stroke', ahem, (aka FAKE stroke) that will incapacitate the poor preznint and he'll have to be replaced by his born again christian, Q-tip headed vp, per the 25th ammendment.
pence will, of course, pardon him and because he was totally incapacitated by his ahem 'massive stroke' ahem, the state cases may well be dropped, so the pos can spend the rest of his sleazy days relaxing in his ill-gotten, hidden offshore comfort(hopefully in russia).
Oh yeah there WILL be the issue of his offsprings that can and will be prosecuted by states, where they cannot be pardoned by pence. grump will then, in a New York minute, throw the kids under the bus, where THEY will suffer all the aformentioned things, in order to save his own useless, psychotic, criminal hide.
IF these things come to pass.... REMEMBER.... Ya Heard It Here First!

Sept 26/19

Here is my 2 cents again. If he makes it to the election he may very well lose, big time. The Democrats are mostly screw-ups who lost touch with the voters a long time ago. However it may then take the national guard to get the fat lying prick out of the white house. Yes he very well may resign at the last minute in order to get Pence in there and do a quickie pardon. Trump could fight off State and local charges in the courts until he is on his death bed.

The biggest question mark in all this is what will the Dems do if they win. I have these nightmares about the bleeding heart liberals dropping all investigations and saying we need to move on and bring the country back together again.

In 2016 I said the Democrats needed to replace Nancy Pelosi and put someone in there what would work with the Republicans. I could not have been more wrong on that one. The Republicans have no intention of ever working for the good of this country. Everything they do is focused on grabbing as much power as they possibly can and obstructing everything and anyone else unless of course the NRA gives them other orders. Nancy Pelosi is the smartest person in Washington. If she can keep her ducks in line we might just see Trump, Pence, Barr and all the little Trumpkins brought up on charges. I do not think we are that far from seeing Trump throw someone else under the bus.
Giuliani is looking like a prime candidate after all he can always plead insanity.

I am wondering where his effeminate son-in-law is these days. Is he laying low after his brush with Muller. The minute things start to fall apart I think you will see it turn into a free for all and every man for himself. That includes his idiot children and his commie wife.

I wonder what Sheriff Nellis knew????
Wasn't he the Sheriff in 1994?
When did the toad take over?

Why wasn't the repair shop in MA contacted about that receipt?

LOL...Oakes calls JW a liar.

Couldn't you just puke after reading and hearing about what the LE did and didn't do.

They said RT was arrested for being the last one at the store. That about says it all that they didn't really know where GT was.

So you f***ing lied about it.

and u think your kids or wives don't know....lol. They know, just like 97% of OC knows.

How does it feel to be hated by everyone that sees you each day?

Dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight.

Maybe you'll be in a Law Case Journal....

I just can't stop laughing at you knowing about all the blunders you pulled in this case.

This is still an open case, only caught one of the guys so legally anything can happen if you were hoping for statute of limitations.

Not for murder.

Well Oakes maybe you'll never work in OC again..won't that be fun?

Dodd you gotta feel like a f***ing loser after the Matt M. doc. I couldn't stop laughing watching you on that.

Just tell me, I won't tell anyone ......where did you guys get the E. T. Cote receipt dated April 1994?

Isn't that forgery when used as an instrument to show the public so you could get a conviction? Couldn't they figure out you're a liar.

Oh well enjoy your pathetic life, filled with guilt, corruption and deceit.

Maybe it's my memory but I can't remember one case that you won in court after you got a conviction by hiding evidence.

Hello, FBI? My name is ------- and I have some info about the Gary T. trial you may be interested in.

Can you gulp again, that was so funny I'm gonna watch it again tonite.

From all those that hate you


Sept 26/19






Today's Quote September 25/2019

It's not a slam at you when people are rude, it's a slam at the people they've met before.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Thank you for putting out there my phone was missing... scared someone enough to bring it right back.. thank you is all I wanted to say

Sept 25/19


Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
From Matt's documentary

Dodd you looked like an ignorant liar. Your speech your moving too much in your seat & that (lol) gurgle you made to Matt.

- On the shaft of Gary's car, it says E.T. Cote
- They showed a receipt for a shaft put on a 1983 Caddy..GT had a 1983 caddy.
- He was seen in a bank on that day & payments stub can prove this.
- Oakes lied ( AGAIN ) when he said GT went to MA to dump Heidi's body...proven that he didn't even go to MA.
- So Dodd & Oakes tell us, the people that can vote you out or in where that receipt for a 1983 Caddy shaft repair came from if GT's car didn't leave the area.
- If he did, wouldn't he have been followed? What a nice trail you guys left.

- Dodd why did you say " Mr. Swenkowski was a grown male & Mr. Stinson was a grown male when Matt didn't ask you about Stinson.
**** not accusing Stinson in any way just want to show that Dodd gave too much info for the question he was asked.
cops do this to see if someone is covering up something.

God you people are stupid. How the hell did you get thru Law School? Or did you?

Add up the hundreds of things they did, didn't do, said & controlled a situation to cover their own selves.

MATT"S doc. shows a lot of evidence not turned over.

When Tracy was on tape saying the van has to go because of blood evidence on the seat and nothing was done with it...SHOWS A COVER UP ALL BY ITS SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Dodd the evidence that you signed ...not copied for defense...but you said all of it was available.

Well Mr. Dodd you are either lying or starting to throw some people under the bus. It was supposed to be HANDED over to the defense and it wasn't.

No green mark and you signing it not copied for defense. Keep signing documents, it's gonna hang you.


You can send an unsigned letter to the FBI if you know something.


Wives, children, siblings relatives you all must at least suspect that the person related to you was involved in coke trafficking and a cover up of a kidnapping.


Sept 25/19


Re: Jenn Wescott
First, like to say CONGRATULATIONS, Jenn, on having the same job for three years by the time you were forty. Now, that’s something to be proud of!!
Secondly, you must really like the attention you get from your ‘stalker/s’. You’ve stopped crying about it, right?
Try looking in/under the couch. Or ask one of your kids where your phone is. Oh, I know……the scum that took it is Roger Breckenridge. He is a thief. Just curious what you think you’ll do if you get a name. You aren’t thinking about going to the police? What makes you think they’ll believe you? You Are A Liar!! What do you plan on giving as a reward…”cough” babysitting profits…

P.S. If I were you, I’d stop worrying about the ‘stalker’ that’s far away and concentrate on the stalker that is nearby. What you, or anyone, posts IS for the public. Hahaha.

Sept 25/19


Corruption in Oswego county
So I’ve heard a lot about John bucher Superintendent of buildings and grounds. I I used to work at the hospital with him.The guy is a complete asshole who thinks his shit don’t stink. He got let go from the hospital for sexual-harassment and then turns around and gets a job for Oswego county. I’ve heard from multiple of his employees how he has Sexually touched most of them. He took a toilet brush cleaner and Rubbed one of his employees Dick with it? How does this scum have a job still? He thinks he can get away with anything because of who he is and who he knows. Think it’s time for a change someone needs to put this asshole down. I feel bad for his employees that have to work underneath him. The guy can’t tell the difference between a screw and a nail how does he work there and make 90k a year? I hope he gets what is coming to him.

Sept 25/19




Today's Quote September 24/2019

I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.
George Bernard Shaw

OZ is a joke
How do you put in to words how corrupt Oswego is. Mr. Hollywood is a coke head that is correct, his dealer was W B from Albion cross. Who else was the ADA connected to in OZ that's a direct part of the corruption and crime. Daniel Barney, the van owner and their families.

To watch Sheriff Hilton do nothing for Gary or his family or for Heidi or her's, who's side are you really on? I was informed you were corrupt which stunned me. I didn't believe those words as when Hilton won the people trying to help were relieved someone new and fresh that stood by integrity was coming in. There is still no change. There is still no integrity or accountability.
To Mr. DWI ADA coke snorting Mr.Christopher ask yourself why your drug dealers house was raided 5 years ago because they were on the direct hunt for you, that's a fact. May be why you got pulled over because if you think all you suspects and corrupt officials are in the clear here's a promise you are not. What ever they can bring you down for it'll happen. Tick toc is correct there are other ways to bring you to your knees. It'll happen because not all are corrupt not all stand in the gray areas of the law. You all deserve prison including Greg Oakes.

I Hear you Greg are kissing ass, lol keep kissing Greg you are also not off limits to face charges for your corruption. You were aware prior to your drunk ADA taking position in the DA office he was in to cocaine. You still rehired the loser. Do you believe in God Greg? If so then you are well aware crime is off limits and he is justice and it'll be coming it's only a matter of time, because that's a solid promise he gives you. I hear many have been approached do you truly think outsiders have sympathy for any of you criminals in power? I highly doubt it. What I was told is you'll all fall if through Gary's case or not you'll be brought down with whatever they can get you on. There are ways around you all, the coke snorting ADA is proof of that.

Sept 24/19


Haha Wescotts phones missing again. My, my I wonder what's on it. What are you gonna do Jenn, not a damn thing. You also posted you need someone to tell you that you aren't worthless, well that's not going to happen. You best pray an officer doesn't have your phone. Lmao we pray it was stolen on PURPOSE believe me many are praying you are screwed.


Sept 24/19


Top Ten Comments on you corrupt fools
1. I find it funny that Heidi's sister refers to Ruel Todd as "Moe" in this video. I prefer to refer to him as Rude Toad, but since he certainly is a STOOGE, I may have to reconsider my pet name for him. As for Greg Oakes, he will remain Greg Jokes. Please don't think that I believe there is anything funny about this case. I'm venting my frustration at the injustice that these horrible men, and many others, perpetuated on this obviously innocent man. I never met Gary but I made damn sure that I attended his funeral service. God bless Lisa Peebles (Gary's defender) and John O'Brien (investigative reporter) who both doggedly pursued the TRUTH on Gary's behalf.
2.you can not trust the law in that town !! I bet the correctional officer shot her !! Poor Gary I hope he haunts all of those involved! So Richard was innocent but Gary Guilty hmm there is more than meets the eye in this case ! Maybe some police are indirectly involved ? Sad very sad!!!
3.Oswego County is definitely corupt!!!!! This makes me sick!!!!! SOB's 👹
4.Well good old DA couldn't have him.n the under sherriff looking bad now could he.
5.Anyone with any common sense, or intelligence knows that he was innocent! The Oswego County, corrupted law enforcement and corrupted court system also knew! They rail road him and everyone knows that. He is at rest in peace, but those who did him wrong have a judgement day! Wont be so peaceful.
6.Yup you sons a bitches are corrupt and everyone knows it.
7.The DA will never admit he made a mistake. Waiting for Karma. So sorry to Gary and his family. (We are all waiting for karma to rear her ugly head)
8.Those responsible for Heidi's demise and those responsible for the destruction of Gary's life and reputation all need to be held accountable! Including Greg Oakes.
9.Greg Oakes, and his great team, ya right great . Also you people on Oswego County are so stupid you’ll vote for the assholes again when election comes up.
10.They have a judgement day. The good Lord will take care of them all. How they can sleep at night, is unbelievable! Low lives! Corrupted court and law! Shame on them!
But guess what Oakes the people of Oswego aren't that stupid you'll fall once you attempt to run for judge. The people will make sure you never wear a robe. Corrupt pos officials murdered Gary Thibodeau and should be held accountable.

Sept 24/19


The problem in Oz is the corrupt ones want us to believe they are real when we know they are fake.!!
Filled with Nepotism in the powers that be. Getting positions they don't deserve,
Based on kinships, family ties so on. Then of course once they do that favor then it makes it even more difficult for the one with the short end of the stick and then of course once certain family and friends were put places of power through out the community, it makes it that much harder to fire them because they violated laws by supervising family or kinships, nepotism isn't illegal but the act of it in political positions are. You have to really laugh at that idea because we all knows it's true, family and friends, which is Nepotism, Sullivan for an example. Hilton said it himself just in nicer words.
Nepotism causes unrest in areas, such as their work places is not only damaging to the department's but it destroys the entire work force. So what do you get when you mix that in politics, and spread in to our community. You get corrupt investigations, dirty politicians, liars, fakes, frauds, you get a Gary. The public's the ones with the short end of the stick, no one would stand a chance. When the under sheriff's the now judges brother, who was the ADA on your case, what chance would you ever have? Well none, it's proven through Gary's case. Nepotism at its finest. Another example the rehiring of the ADA involved in the DWI.!!
When you get Nepotism you also get cases like Gary's, and missing people with no answers like Heidi, one person covering for another, friend, relative, work buddy, cover and SWEEP, and lie.
So many people see it. The only thing that's real is they lied about Gary's guilt.

Sept 24/19


Does the state know about your waterpark . I am talking about how its set up attached to the bridge Gee you must have left it out on the blue print. Come on people its time to step up and do something its not for us its for the rich unless you donate to campaign the rich get richer do you really think that is going to be for everybody. NOT. WAKE UP VOTERS its time for change Where do you park for waterpark . Must have room at hotel to park in lot THINK PEOPLE CALL the STATE

Sept 24/19


Oh Lisa, Lisa Peebles Wescotts phones missing lol do you have it? What info could be on it now? How funny it may be in the hands of some she wouldn't want to have it. We will see..

Sept 24/19




Today's Quote September 22-23/2019

Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.

Eleanor Roosevelt

West side Dunkin Donuts hostility
I was at west side Dunkin and saw, not for the first time, the nasty manager talking terrible to her staff. She is rude and inappropriate. And she does this in front of customers. She is creating a hostile environment for staff and customers alike. Hey lady, being a twat is not a managerial style. Get a grip.

Sept 22-23/19


ST. Lukes
When you cross a corrupt catholic church with a corrupt local government places like St. Lukes are what you get.


Sept 22-23/19







Today's Quote September 21/2019

The best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.

William Wordsworth



Re: The second ward
The second ward has gotten shit on for the last 100 years at least.
A hundred years ago you had the Lapitino Family bringing in relatives and other Italian immigrants and then exploiting them like organized crime. Then there were a long string of loosers in the position of alderman. Zinc-eye Crisafulli, Yankee Biancavilla, Bob Branshaw, Barb Donahue all they ever cared about was themselves. They never did anything unless there was something in it for themselves.

Sept 21/19

No way!!
Tom and Chuck couldn’t possibly be drug dealers. They are old guys. They both…look….so professional. I did get the feeling that Chuck doesn’t like it when a woman makes him feel….less than a man by questioning hisauthority. Or was it just me? Does he have a superiority complex?

And Greg sticks up for them.? I bet when he thinks the hype about a drunk driving ADA dies down, he’ll rehire the dope just like he did with the other…dope. Birds of a Feather, Greg. Cliché hick town corruption. Hypocritical liars, not unlike people that they are supposed to “represent”. Wow! That’s sad, just had an epiphany. They DO represent MANY of the people from their county.

Believe it or not, people, there are actually ethical/honest prosecutors. Just don’t know if there are any in NY. Stand up, if you are/know any.

News suggestion-more stories on the prosecutors with integrity that don’t/won’t allow the kind of crap that has gone on in Oswego, Onondaga, Oneida, Jefferson and so many other counties to continue. Get Them Out Of Here!! Authority corrupts? Find GOD, my friends, he loves YOU!

Sept 21/19

you think you could do something to pave utica st. Maybe you could have kells look at it from east first to west ninth oh thats right to busy campaigning for you. NO TIME TO LOOK AT THAT ROAD not a priority maybe check that new coffee shop at west first and utica look out window see all the bumps on utica st. You and BABY BARLOW what a joke THE RICH GET RICHER while i get my car fixed thanks

Sept 21/19


Trump Asked Ukraine President To Target Joe Biden's Son: Reports

St Luke’s
oh please! It’s not just the regular staff. Administration is doing the same which is why incompetent people still work there! Anyone curious as to why the higher ups make so much money but the people who do the real work get crap? Someone needs to look at the John foster burden fund. Where is that going! Not to the residents. Believe me the place looks nice but so does lipstick on a pig.

Sept 21/19




Today's Quote September 19-20/2019

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.
Mark Twain

its time we took care of this pop warner football instead of which instrument you are going to play in your band bull shit not to have football in oswego wake up members we were all kids before quit filling your pockets and get together and donate we do not need a concert on a football field SUPERMAN have a heart

Sept 19-20/19


2nd Ward
We to have found a deaf ear, After trying for 2 years to have a dead tree removed and calling our representitive several times we finally decided to have the tree removed on our own at a cost of $800.00 because the tree was in the cities right of way we found that we could only cut the branches but that the tree itself would have to stay. We scheduled this to be done in Sept but low and behold the cities tree cutters pulled up out front, to cut the NEIGHBORS tree, as i told the cities tree cutters how long we have waited, he made several calls and offered to remove it that day. We will never call Mrs.D again for any reason. I hate to say this but she treats the posistion like a status symbol and she has been no help in our ward.

Sept 19-20/19

The Military Has Spent $184,000 At Trump's Scottish Golf Resort In 2 Years


Sept 19-20/19

Trump's Budget Would Allow Sale of Wild Horses for Slaughter


Sept 19-20/19






Today's Quote September 18/2019

Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.

Councilor demASSi
Councilor who? Linda who? We have NO representation in the 2nd ward. Our phone calls go unanswered, our messages go unreturned. We have no one to advocate for us or to support us in any way. Ms. DeMassi, if you’re not willing to do the job RESIGN! Get someone in there who is willing to take our calls and respond to our messages. If you are not committed to the job stop collecting our hard earned tax dollars in your paycheck and move on. We had hope in you and you let us down. We thought you were going to give us a voice but all you’ve done is silence us. There is one thing you did well...made Pat McLaughlin look good.

Sept 18/19


Re: Oswego DA's office contributes to perpetual drug epidemic
Drugs are being dealt right out of the DA’s office. The ADA arrested for DWI earlier this year was actually higher than Elon Musk. One Oaks hired has been a user dealer over twenty years.

Sept 18/19


Trump To Block California From Setting Its Own Car Pollution Standards

Sept 18/19

Democrats Investigate Transportation Chief Elaine Chao Over 'Troubling' Ethics Questions


Sept 18/19






Today's Quote September 17/2019

The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next.
Helen Keller

St lukes
So are there cheaters in the physical therapy department.???? Which girls and guys?

Sept 17/19


Oswego Fire Department ambulances
I see the question posed on your site about the new ambulance at the east side fire station. I heard rumor that there are actually 2 more ambulances in the budget for this year. Are we going back in the ambulance business? I thought we were scaling back our ambulance expenses? The new ambulance that is there never gets used now, why do we need 2 more? Seems like another waste of my tax money. I hope someone can explain this.

Sept 17/19


St lukes
I wonder if the maintenance man you were talking about is RL?
You should list the females initials here so their husbands can find out and there department.

Sept 17/19








Today's Quote September 16/2019

Whenever a separation is made between liberty and justice, neither, in my opinion, is safe. Edmund Burke
Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/edmund-burke-quote

Whenever a separation is made between liberty and justice, neither, in my opinion, is safe.

Edmund Burke


New downtown cameras
A couple of pics showing the monitor room for the new cameras that have been put up throughout the city. Tom and Billy are proud of there work.


Sept 16/19

Bobos reaction.


Sept 16/19

RE: Early Voting
If one does not want the hour drive to and from Oswego three is a real easy answer to that without the drive. Do it by mail. You can do early voting by mail with little problems. All one has to do is request the mail in ballot and the BOE has to send it to you. You can request one right on line. I do it every time to vote. It is a lot easier than going to vote. Try it and maybe Oswego could get a real mayor voted into office in 2020 too

Sept 16/19





Today's Quote September 15/2019

If a small thing has the power to make you angry, does that not indicate something about your size?

Sydney J. Harris

Early Voting
Saw the article in the paper about early voting and it seems the officials out at the BOE are not too keen on the new law. Bickford, the Rep Commissioner stated that she doesn't believe it will help low voter turn out, and she is probably correct with the way the county as set this up. There is one (1) polling place and that is in the City of Oswego, so if you live in Sandy Creek or Redfield you will have an hour dive one way to the only polling place (2 hour round trip) at the BOE, and who is going to do that? The County of Oswego in in violation of the new Early Voting Law under Title VI. Looking at the law, there has to be a minimum of one polling place for every 50,000 registered voters, and there are 75,000 registered voters in Oswego County requiring two (2) polling places for a county wide election. Leave it up to Oswego County to disenfranchise the voters! I guess the BOE Commissioners failed to read or understand the law as it was written, as Oswego county has 74,537 registered voters, and would require the county to have a minimum of 2 polling places. If there was a polling place centrally located in the north country and one located centrally between the two cities, maybe early voting would improve voter turnout. As it stands, most of the voters in Oswego County will be disenfranchised, except those that live in or close to the City of Oswego. Must be the BOE is trying to kill the new law by ignoring the requirements of the people in Oswego County.





Sept 15/19


Syracuse Ave Hooker
The drug dealing Syracuse Ave. hooker has popped out another pup for the taxpayers to support. Mandatory sterilization.

Sept 15/19


Baby Barlow Moving Out Sale 9/14/19
Now that Baby Barlow has moved out of Mommy's house, it only took her 2 days to get a garage sale organized. Lots of toys. playboy's and you know what kind of video's. Get there quick before all the good stuff is gone.

Sept 15/19








Today's Quote September 14/2019

If you can't convince them, confuse them.
Harry S Truman

power plant spent fuel
Im not sure if anyone cares to know but last week I worked at the plant where workers pointed out they lost the contract on spent fuel removal stating simply it fell through. There is currently over 30 years worth of spent fuel being stored at the plant with no plan yet. Is this all nearby plants waste? If so is all that waste always been tracked over oswego?
How about baby mayor answer why he didnt know about this and what he is going to do now if hes just aware?

Sept 14/19


Why it matters
The comedy council approved barlow to give a $40k gift to a marino for a babysitting business so if he’s living with that family people have a right to ask questions. I also hear that barlow found some money for sal at the luxurious apts on fifth (ain’t enough lipstick to hide those pigs) and they’ve been working out a deal to get him the city paving projects contract. I wonder how many zeros are on that check...

Sept 14/19




What Pathfinder needs is a visit from the compliance people.


Sept 14/19



Re. Corruption in Oswego County
Could you please elaborate on this matter and is it Jouhn or John? (Former employee)

Sept 14/19


Oswego DA's office contributes to perpetual drug epidemic
The fact that we’re in midst of a national heroin epidemic isn’t news to anyone. The fact that Oswego has just been deemed a “high intensity drug traffic area” by the federal government isn’t very surprising either, is it? Oswego has always been flooded with drugs in one form or another. What I find surprising is how the DA’s office handles cases involving drugs, or people’s actions due to their drug seeking behavior. This post is about one case in particular.

Since I am pretty close to the source, I am going to keep everything anonymous, but I can assure you that this case is currently on-going.

When someone goes into drug or alcohol treatment of any kind, they are given suggestions to follow. Most of these suggestions date back to the inception of AA, which started in Akron OH, circa 1935. One of said suggestions is so important, that it actually became one of the 12 steps!!! The step in which I am referring to is Step 4: “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”

To my knowledge, most inventories are documented in some sort of fashion, be it hand written or typed. Now, the “source” I previously mentioned is a friend of mine who is currently being dragged through the mud by the Oswego county DA’s office. He's being told that he is a waste of space and he's pretty much being called the scum of the earth. Why is this do you ask? Well it’s simple. It’s because he followed the suggestions of 12 step programs. Let me explain:

My friend has been an addict for many years. He has been in and out of prison for the majority of his adult life, all due to his actions and drug seeking behavior when he was in the middle of a relapse. He has stolen from his family, friends, girl friends, employers, and everyone else in between. When he is using, he is a complete POS. When he is sober, he’d give you the shirt off of his back. Once he starts using, he becomes a completely different person, and would do things that he’d never do while sober and the only time that he’d ever ask for help was only after he got into trouble and was sitting in a jail cell.

A few years ago he finally started to have enough and began writing things down in a recovery journal. He wrote things from his perspective, with the hopes of maybe one day after many years of sobriety, he could write and publish two books. The first would be about his addiction and the horrible things that he did and said while using, and the second would be about his recovery, and how he turned his entire life around and made something of himself.

In 2018, just after he celebrated 5 years clean, he relapsed and went back down the rabbit hole. This time however, before things got out of hand he decided to get help for himself, and he went into detox treatment at Helio Health. He spoke with his employer, and got the okay to take some time off and go. He only stayed there for a few days, and got himself clean. Or so he thought.

After he got out of detox, he fixed up a broken laptop and brought it to work. While in detox he decided (and after following the suggestions of the counselors and his sponsor) that he was going to take his hand written journal and turn it into a digital copy. He did this while on break at work, and at home on the weekends.

Shortly after, he relapsed again. And things got bad. Not too long after his relapse he was terminated, and knew that he had to do something. So he made some phone calls and found himself a bed at an inpatient facility.

He went into treatment, completed it and came home a new man. He felt great. He had himself a plan, he was clean, and he was ready to start picking up the pieces of the mess he had made before he went into treatment. During his treatment his old employer had even contacted his wife and inquired into how he was doing. His wife filled his boss in on the details of how his treatment was going, and the boss told his wife "that even though he screwed me over, he’s a good worker and I like the guy. When he gets home have him get a hold of me and we can talk about his job.” this excited my friend, and he thought that maybe he and his boss could come to some sort of understanding with things and move on.

Well, that didn’t happen. My friend contacted his employer all right, and the next morning (the day after he came home from rehab) the cops were at his door with a warrant for his arrest. And this is where things get interesting.

After a few days in jail, Pre-trial came to speak with my friend, and told him about a new program that had just started called Opioid intervention Court (Opioid Court). For those of you who don’t know, Opiate Court is a new program designed to get someone who is in jail with an opiate addiction directly in treatment, with the hopes of receiving the help that they need, and hopefully gain the tools and abilities necessary to combat their addiction. This also reduces the jail population AND helps society sleep a little better knowing that people are able to get some help. They report to court five days a week (unlike drug court which is only one day a week) for 90days. Unlike drug court, there is no sentencing promise for opiate court. The idea is that hopefully the person can transition directly from opiate court into drug court, keeping the person out of jail while simultaneously receiving treatment for their illness.

Everything was going fine in my friends case until one day he received a phone call from his lawyer informing him that the DA had come across a copy of his recovery journal and didn’t like what he had written and therefore was now going to veto his acceptance into drug court. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. The Oswego District Attorneys office read this man’s recovery journal (which was on HIS PERSONAL COMPUTER that he wasn't allowed to get after he was fired), and told his lawyer that they “think that your client’s an asshole and that he doesn’t deserve a chance, and needs to be behind bars for a long time."

My friend was following the suggestions of a 12 step program. A program which by the way, is mandatory for someone to attend to if they are in drug court, and because of what he wrote in his journal would now have to go to prison. Not only that, but the DA’s office wasn’t calling it a journal, they were calling it a “manifesto” The DA’s office is saying that my friend wrote a book on “how to navigate the criminal justice system” claiming that my friend has had success in the judicial system.

I have personally read my friend’s book, and it is in no way, shape, or form a guide for navigating anything. If anything it is a what not to do guide. Not to mention that fact that the journal is incomplete. He can’t write anything about his recovery because he’s in the process of living that now. So it would be impossible for anyone to see the changes that he's made in his life. It's impossible to guage how much he has learned throughout the years. Especially because the parts of the journal they the DAs office keeps referring to is something that has transpired in a Florida court room over a decade ago. Talk about judging someone solely on their past!

How can the DA’s office make a judgment on what they’ve read, when they don’t have the full story for one, are basically reading the first three chapters of a book and deciding that they know the entire story? Not to mention the fact, that they are taking away years of this man’s life because he listened to the suggestions of a 12 step program.

The DA’s office is saying that the journal isn’t the only reason they decided to veto my friends drug court approval, but it is clear to anyone who reads the letter that they composed and sent to my friends lawyer last week, that the journal is the only reason for denying him everything.

My friend has been to prison three times already due to his drug seeking behavior. He seems to have this pattern of using, stealing, getting into trouble, begging for help, going to prison, staying clean for a short period of time and then repeating said process. Clearly this process doesn’t work.

This time around, my friend relapsed, allegedly stole, got help for himself (before he knew anything about his charges) tried to get himself more treatment, was accepted into a NYS certification course so he could try and utilize his past experiences and help people by becoming a peer advocate, was arrested, was supposed to go into drug court, and then was denied because of the fact that he was finally trying to do the right thing.

I hope that someone out there reads this and is as offended by, and disgusted with the DA’s office as I am! This man is trying to recover. He is trying to do the right thing, He was only doing what has worked for millions of people around the world, and he is being sent to prison because of it. Because he was trying to get clean, because he was attempting to do the right thing, because he wanted a better life for himself, the DA’s office decided that he has a “smug and morally twisted psyche” and wold rather see my friend in prison than getting the help that he so desperately needs.

Sept 14/19

I see the fire department has a brand new ambulance. Where did that money come from? They are also purchasing another new one. Where is that money coming from? Wait until the bills come due this city will be broke.

Sept 14/19


Not Mom
I have to enlighten you it’s not the mayors mom I wish you people would grow up what do you get out of throwing dirt at someone does it make your balls any bigger?

Sept 14/19


St Luke’s
Look into their unsafe discharge, and the maintenance man screwing half the staff in the building. The administration doesn’t care and the DON only cares about her dog. The board is full of Gorman’s cronies so no help there. So sad that the premier facility of Oswego is sinking.

Sept 14/19







Today's Quote September 12-13/2019

The object of the superior man is truth.


Saint Lukes

There has been a lot of affairs going on here. Just because someone is your pet doesn't mean you should cover them when they are doing wrong! When sh%t hits the fan a certain few are going to be in big trouble! So, what's up people at saint Lukes?


 Sept 12-13/19



RE: Billy Barlow

While I personally could care less if this mayor lives with mommy and daddy or is banging 15 WOMEN, have to comment nonetheless.

How can you possibly equate a dislike for someone’s behavior with jealousy?

You are going to be the first one voting for someone who runs against Billy because YOU asked if that someone else ‘thinks’ they can do better?  YOU will help assure they win so the person has the opportunity to prove them self?  No?  Won’t vote for anyone but your buddy?  No matter how unethical or unprofessional they are?


 Sept 12-13/19



Barlow's Mom Sounds off again

Mom, nobody is jealous of you short little monkey. Within a few years the corruption and paybacks he has been involved in, will make it's way to the surface and you will be visiting your little monkey in prison. We heard you cleaned out the toys from his room and he has finally moved out on his own. As far as doing a better job, there are plenty of people who could easily run this little city much better and with out the corruption and the scumbags he has surrounded himself with. Soon the people of Oswego will realize what it has cost them in taxes and city reputation to have Baby Barlow pretending to be mayor. Not impressed.


 Sept 12-13/19



White House Wanted NOAA To Lie About Hurricane Forecast To Appease Trump:



Sept 12-13/19



Evidence from Matt Mulcahy's documentary

At 2:18 on the video, an evidence bag is seen being put into the file cabinet.  Did you notice the date and where the evidence was found?  By golly gee wizz.  That evidence tape was found in the OCSD garage on 3/27/1995.  Why was it that the CI card wasn't "found" in the garage until May 1995?  That's right, they were trying to keep it a secret that Heidi was signed up and gave names.  A secret from whom?  The community in general?  The very people who took time out on their Easter Holiday and the days that followed to help look for her?  The jurors?  So they wouldn't think anyone else besides the last admitting person to have seen her could be the culprit?  The 'good cops' who might have actually thought there was a connection between her informing and disappearing?  Did anyone from the department care that the card was in existence but was 'misplaced'.  Breach number 3 or was it 4?

Hey, new recruits.  Follow this case so you know NOT what to do when investigating a case.

The lead about the boy 'had to have been followed up on".  Huh, Dodd?  Prove it then, ____.  I'm willing to take a wild guess that the lead was one of the ones Walsh didn't get.  Wonder if Mr. Mulcahy saw and noted All the leads.  So we know that Dr. Miron's affidavit and the Cromie diagram was in the "Do not turn over to defense attorney's" file.  What else was in it?


Sept 12-13/19






Sept 12-13/19




I just spent an hour in line at DMV. One worker taking pics, 2 working the windows, 3 wandering around aimlessly, and 26 people in line WTF!


 Sept 12-13/19



This and that

I see that Baby Bills mama wrote in defending her precious little chimpanzee that she spawned. That kid is nothing but a pollished up turd in a cheap suit that cant even be bothered to shave. Got to give him credit tho' hes got the Kells and Canale money/bully machine behind him and all of the houewifes and old ladies are eating out of the palm of his hand. Speaking of Kells where's the canons? Sell them yet? Or are you going to take them out to your barnyard too? You can tell everywhere that you go because theres a mess. your house the DPW everyplace that I see you TRYING to operate that big Cat digger on tracks that the City pissed who knows how much money away on. Who got the kickback for that purchase? Who gave the okay for your pal Shane B to bolt his steel work to a State bridge abuttment? Did you tell your lackie Curt to look away while that happened? It's okay, i've sent pics to the State DOT. Whats the deal with the rusty flower boxes with the weeds growing out of them on 104 West? I saw them the other day and laughed at another joke that this crooked administration has played on the taxpayers. I hear that theres some big Union pow-wow coming up and if you don't get your way that Ricelli will be plowing our streets. Good. Maybe theyll get done before 4 in the afternoon. Time to lay off some of your friends and family out at the DPW anyway. Had to laugh at Mayor Chimp's statements that overtime was cut again, but what he didn't say was that we hired another ten people. Same way at the fire department.


 Sept 12-13/19



Trump Stirs The Pot With Bogus 2024 Campaign Poster And Twitter Users Flip Out



Sept 12-13/19











Today's Quote September 11/2019

Where minds differ and opinions swerve there is scant a friend in that company.
Elizabeth I

Who is benefiting from Pathfinder Political contributions?
Part of Posting Aug 27/19
Comedy Council Fails to Challenge 2020 Budget
major increase in the labor force by hiring Barlow's friends, city revenues are down, taxes have been increased by 7%, and those who gave money to his campaign are reaping the benefits; (Kells, Avery, Broadwell, Cararricoli, Schineider (Path Finder Bank), and the many of the landlords.
Schineider (Path Finder Bank)....I guess other people are seeing that Thomas Schineider , CEO and President of Pathfinder Bank is contributing to the Republican party to get finical favor or a quid pro quo for the contribution made, as described in the Pal Times today. Schineider's bank not only gave to Barlow's campaign, Tom also made direct contributions to Billy Boy. Here is what was contributed to Billy Boy; Pathfinder Bank $2,000 , Thomas Schineider CEO Pathfinder Bank, personal contribution of $1,300, total of $3,300. What was the quid pro quo? Broadwell's water park...loan from Pathfinder, Avery's new building on 1st and Bridge, ...loan from Pathfinder. Neighborhood Pride Grants ....loans from Pathfinder bank. Billy has been busy making sure that his friends could secure loans from Pathfinder for the contributions Schinerder made to Billy.
Now, based on the Pal times story, Pathfinder has been breaking the law on political contributions.
Like it has been said, this administration is more corrupt than Gosek.

Sept 11/19


Facebook defends tracking your every move - even if the app isn't on ·




Sept 11/19

Trump Admin Leading 'Brazen' Public Land Liquidation In Alaska

Sept 11/19

Fitzhugh street parking
I would like to know if any kids walk to school anymore? I live near fitzhugh park school and daily at 2:30 up to the kids being let out of school it is an absolute nightmare to get through on the old bridge street and eleventh street side of that school.
I would like to tell the parents or whoever is driving these cars maybe they should read the posted signs. They say no parking. I drive slowly through there and have still almost hit people because you can't see past the SUV 's and vans as well as big trucks.
I will be contacting the school district as well as the police department to end this. If there is that many kids getting picked up they need to add more parking spots to the lot so we have no tragic incidents due to parents who can't follow directions. Please think about others and the impact it would have on a driver if they hit someone due to your thoughtless ways. Open your eyes to something other than your phones which you are all on.
Sincerely, The watchman

Sept 11/19


Corruption in Oswego County
Jouhn bucher superintendent of buildings and grounds gets one month off of no pay for touching and harassing his employs and turns around and gets his job back. We live in a sick and corrupt world. I hope his employees get justice

Sept 11/19


Billy Barlow
Why putting down Oswego mayor makes you happy. Sounds like jealousy to me. He is after all nice looking young man who has done more to make this city look better then any other mayor. He’s just what we needed a young outlook improving on the only thing the city has going for it. So if you think you can do better try running for mayor and see how you could run the city better. Stop being jealous and go on to make the world a better place to live in.

Sept 11/19




Sept 11/19


Mayor of oswego
Why do people think they have to check if the mayor lives home or where he stays. What makes you think that’s your business. You have nothing else to do but check on the mayors life you must have a pretty boring life go volunteer, get a hobby, or just mind your business period.

Sept 11/19







Today's Quote September 10/2019

Just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed.
Arthur Schopenhauer

Lies about Gary T.
One of the deputies was asked if GT was a suspect before he was sent to MA for prison.
- Oakes said that on either 4/5, 4/6 that GT went to MA.
- He was also being watched by two deputies on these dates
- But no one followed him to MA, because he didn't go
- If he was being watched right after the kidnapping then the deputy lied in court about when GT was a suspect
***** if we could only get these guys on the stand. I wonder if all the mistakes they made, along with Dodd hiding Tracy's taped call seem to be bothering them.

Sept 10/19


OOpsies and Mistakes
Some of us can make mistakes and oopsies at work without much trauma and/or drama. We can rectify that mistake and be sure that it doesn’t happen again. However, when we are accountable for anothers’ life or freedom or The Law, much care NEEDS to be taken.

Shame on the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department/DA’s office, or anyone else, that sits by idly while a man spent (spends) his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit! Shame on the department for not finding the Truth about what happened to Heidi Allen! Shame on anyone who keeps perpetuating the lies and fabrications when the Truth is in black and white. Shame on Greg Oakes for thinking for one second, and speaking it publicly, that we, solely, cared about Gary being given his fair trial. Heidi was a young lady that didn’t deserve her fate. You failed at getting Justice for her by convicting the wrong man and standing in the way of Justice!!

Sept 10/19


Free Campaign Slogans and Timely Observations for Any Democrat Who Has His Eyes on the Gerrymander-free Future
1. Keep the bar low with Barlow
2. Billy Bar-Low? The name says it all!
3. Let's raise the bar! Vote No Bar-low
4. Where are the Mother Fucking Cannons You Cheap Punk Thief (anti-corruption theme)
5. If Trump is the brains then Barlow's the turd (fact based observation)
6. Condoms for Billy! (public service announcement from Planned Parenthood)
7. Rodeo Clowns for Barlow (the Barlow campaign is seeking an endorsement from the American Cowboys Associated brotherhood of Rodeo Clowns.) This one could go either way for Billy. I hear he promised them the cannon that Kells doesn't want.
If I were a candidate for Mayor one of my priorities would be to discover why the OFD salaries are higher than the State average and why the OPD HAS ONE OF THE LOWEST AVERAGE SALARIES OF ANY POLICE DEPARTMENT IN NYS ! The City is begging for dirty cops or is that the plan? Fulton PD salaries are over 20% higher!!?? Oswego PD salaries are in the bottom 10 of all cities in the state while the Fulton PD is in the top 20??

Sept 10/19


Trump administration takes step toward development of 200-mile mining road in northern Alaska


Sept 10/19







Today's Quote September 8-9/2019

Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.
E. Joseph Cossman

No football
Does the lack of football team have any effect on the new “sports complex”? It should be shelved, permanently, in my opinion.

Sept 8-9/19


Jenn Wescott....response
The words.." there were two vans" & " there was another van " mean the same thing = 2 vans.

Maybe I screwed up using the word "two"

Try taking deep breaths to calm yourself down. You seem way too upset over a small mistake...and you missed the big picture.

I am not making up my own story, these are facts of the case.

The DA, OCSD & investigators made up their own story.

Sept 8-9/19


Football and other Sports
Another word for “healthy “ means the numbers are not there. Lack of interest And it is carrying into Soccer and Baseball ! Yep , let’s build and waste taxpayers monies on sports fields! And please let us see the school enrollment numbers from last year , this year and projected for the next six years !

Sept 8-9/19


Baby Barlow growing up
So barlow finally moved out from mommy and daddy’s? His white camaro WG plates has been parked in a driveway on W Seneca St, either Marino or Lagoe house. It’s about time.

Sept 8-9/19


Unqualified And Ideological: A Guide To Trump's Worst Judges


Sept 8-9/19

Football Team
If there is no team why have a marching band?

Sept 8-9/19


response to Heidi
Please refer to p. 31 in the Statement of Facts.

Deputy Yeardon met Gary on April 11, 1994.

Interrogation? You bet, just Bohere's was. But not taped I don't think.

And there were 2 vans

first 3 witnesses said it was blue.

JW said twice it was white.
Once on the ph. w/ Tonya and once when she was interrogated.

See, we all make mistakes.

Sept 8-9/19


you claimed that even after the Thibodeaus were interrogated you still continued to buy drugs off them. Who's them? Which Thibodeau? Because the brothers didn't live together and Gary was never interrogated. One more question, seeing as its a fact and documented the Thibodeaus became suspects right off, they were being watched. So why is it, there's no photos showing YOU ever showing up or with either Thibodeau at their homes? Yeah, don't answer that, your lies are truly sickening. Was Rogers relatives home swarmed? Yes, so was Rogers other relative Larry Breckenridge. So, it would be a guarantee they had some suspect of Breckenridge's involvement in 94, 95 time frame. But no documentation of Wescott or Breckenridge ever in 1994 with either Thibodeau. Anything Wescott says is to save her own ass, create more lies accept she can't keep them straight.

Sept 8-9/19


MIT Attempted To Hide Deep Financial Ties To Jeffrey Epstein

Sept 8-9/19







Today's Quote September 7/2019

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.
William Shakespeare

Jenn Wescott
She did indeed say.." after 20 years I have to tell you that there were 2 vans."
***** see interrogations of JW by the OCSD. LMAO here's the link. Listen to it. She says "another" van. Where you are rattling off the word two I have no idea. She also uses the word that van lol. Yes wescott you are a bullshitter Gary Thibodeau was never interrogated. You are retarded. Ps fast forward to 4:45 there's "another" van that you guys are unaware of. She never says there are 2 vans gtfo of here with you info it's wrong. Here's the link to show you. Stop adding to her comments to fit your theory. https://youtu.be/GQB3cE1QHXA

Sept 7/19

Heidi from the start
When the first three witnesses said the van was blue ( Bivens ) said it three times, and then they change their minds to white, did the OCSD massage them into doing so?

Of course they did. RT's van was white but the problem is Bivens saw two guys and RT was at the store alone and left alone per Swenkowski.

If an investigation collects info that doesn't match a different persons van color, then you are going after the wrong guy or you are covering up for who you know actually did the kidnapping. Protect those selling coke so it won't blow up in your face.

Dodd hid Tracy B. phone call about blood on the seat...and you actually think you're a good person, DA or father if you have kids? I wonder what they think.
Bother you Dodd?

King or Judge King...sleep well at nite?

Oakes do you?

Todd do you?

VanPatten how about you?

How do any of them live without guilt? Drugs will help with that.




Sept 7/19

OCTA/Goewey to Blame for Football Failure
When you select your coaches, not based on a proven track record of success in a given sport, but on contractual seniority, you’re naturally going to see an erosion of the success of the various programs. Have there been winners over the years? Sure, but broadly, Oswego athletics have continuously gone down hill, and have been nothing more than another place for more senior teachers to get an extra stipend. It’s disgusting, so when you wonder who to thank for the varsity football debacle, thank OCTA. You can also thank Goewey, who is a “band geek” at heart and despises all athletics, but particularly the football jocks...the irony being his insatiable lust for men in athletic gear, particularly those who are big, hairy and sweaty.

Sept 7/19






Today's Quote September 6/2019

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Response to the AA Cass
Response to the AA Cass post another one of Tony Pauline's pets thinks he's untouchable

Sept 6/19





Claims to be a Christian? HA. What kind of Christian is he to be party to an innocent man getting convicted for a crime he didn't commit? Everyone knows, and heard him say on the stand in front of a Judge, jury and community, that he didn't want to send an innocent man away....
Come clean, Bivens. You know what you did!! All to save your own ass. The old farts can't hurt you. The only penance that you can do to get into Heaven is help put the true murderers away.

Sept 6/19


Border Wall Funding Pulled From Schools, Defense Projects


Sept 6/19








Today's Quote September 5/2019

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas A. Edison

194 should be 294 w5th
Sorry to whoever lives at 194


Sept 5/19

Frame on to bridge
Common sense sure doesn’t come with the Degree. ONW

Sept 5/19


A huge database of Facebook users’ phone numbers found online

Sept 5/19


AA Cass
Called for service, said he would be around within an hour; was a no show. Arrogant, rude and unprofessional.

Sept 5/19





Today's Quote September 4/2019

Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream.
Khalil Gibran

194 w 5th
Make him famous haha he’s already famous just search Brandon Miller in the police blotter . I’m pretty sure it won’t come up that address and I'm pretty sure he’s not even suppose to live there .


Sept 4/19

McConnell Says He'll Only Allow Vote On Gun Legislation With Trump's Backing


Sept 4/19

North Carolina Court Says The State's Districts Are Illegal Partisan Gerrymanders


Sept 4/19




Today's Quote September 3/2019

I don't have stamina in exercise... but I have it in life.
Salma Hayek

Animal Abuse Training Symposium
Paws Across Oswego County is thrilled to work hand in hand with our County Officals to make things better for the animals of Oswego County. This is just the beginning of what we hope to be an amazing partnership.

Joining us we also have VALAC (Volunteer Advocate Lawyers for Animal Abuse Court)and others from Onondaga County who were instrumental in the forming of their animal protection programs
This meeting will be open to the public and we would love to have you join us.
Side note: Heather Axtell is PAOC's publicly Coordinator and Betty Fadden is the president.

Sept 3/19


177 e 2nd st
I used to live here for about five years until Tom showed up at the end of January to tell me it was uninhabitable due to an electrical issue and it’d be fixed in a week. He cashed my rent check real quick and I never heard from him again, he ignored my call when i called to tell him I was moving. When I first moved in we had decent people who all left because state troopers kicked one apartments door in and when they told Tom he said as long as they pay their rent I don’t care. For the last two years I lived there I was pretty much the only one there who had a job at any given time, I couldn’t even go down the stairs to my car without being harassed by crackheads I’ve never seen before asking for rides and to hang out ( I’m a 100 pound woman in her 20s). It’s disgusting to me that Tom screwed me over like that when I never payed my rent a day late, never got the cops called on me or had any wild drug parties, half the time shoveled myself a way into the driveway bc he couldn’t be bothered to get it plowed and tried my best to keep my apartment clean ( the mice infestation got really bad this past year because the scumbags below me lived in filth and they’d come up to my apartment from theirs through my stove hookup). When I first moved in i loved that it was a quiet neighborhood of nice elderly people and that was completely ruined by these slumlords I hope the building really is boarded up and they tear it down.

Sept 3/19







Today's Quote September 1-2/2019

If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another,

then, I say, break the law.
Henry David Thoreau

Broadwell Water Park Designed By Rube Goldberg
Instead of a free standing structure they have scabbed it onto the Bridge Street bridge abutment.
Did the DOT approve this?

Sept 1-2/19


Maybe time for an IRS AUDIT!
ORA - Paul Stewart, Steve Philips


Sept 1-2/19

CHEETO CHRIST STUPID-CZAR - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Sept 1-2/19

Jw and the phone call

Do you remember that Oakes told Tonya that what she did after talking to JW on a taped ph. call that it was not credible?
It's in the 2014 era of this mess.I wonder what Oakes' kids will think of him after they have knowledge of this set up and coverup.

Sept 1-2/19

Poor Rob Coradino
Rob has lived on Munn Street for many years and has been a city councilor representing the 7th ward for the past several years, and has yet to understand government, or the budget process. Poor Rob wants to widen the road in front of his house and instead of using CHIP's money to do the work at no cost to the city, he and Barlow decided to borrow money to do the work increasing the city debt. Since 2016, the city has received over $3,575,000 which has been used by other, much smarter councilor's, to do road work in their wards, and who understand that you don't borrow money to do work in your ward when it can be done at no cost through the CHIP's program. Poor Rob just hasn't figured out that borrowing money increases the debt service and raises taxes, and based on his performance for the past 4 years, he did not have a problem raising our taxes by 9%. Poor Rob just doesn't understand, unless Billy tells him that is the way to do it. Maybe poor Rob will understand better about saving the taxpayers money when poor Rob is replaced this year by a person that understands how the budget should work and how to properly represent the people in the 7th Ward. It is time for poor Rob to be removed from office before poor Rob does any more damage.

Sept 1-2/19

Garbage Street
I just cannot take it any longer. I am sick of there being garbage and garbage cans everywhere whenever he has a tenant in this place. Unfortunately this is not the only place, 280 Cherry has also decided to keep garbage cans by the street week after week. WTH


Sept 1-2/19

Jenn Wescott
She did indeed say.." after 20 years I have to tell you that there were 2 vans."
***** see interrogations of JW by the OCSD.

She also lied about living on Rice Rd. which an entire OCSD couldn't prove right or wrong...or did they really want to?

-She gave them enough info
-Tracy gave them enough on the taped phone call
- JW gave them all they needed on taped call with Tonya but like good corrupt police they discredited it.
- King said 10 wit. were not reliable. They only one not reliable is ----.
- Oakes lied about MA.
- why wasn't he followed to MA? Such a stupid statement and so easily proved as a lie. But who is going to challenge it? King..lol.
- Boy's statement to FBI.
- Bivens..wow how the hell could anyone believe him? He should have been torn apart in court. Now I wonder if he was even there or made it up.
- Timeline...bullshit!
- Register turned on at 4 am. Gee I wonder who had a key to the store. This is really hard to figure out...way to hard or covered up.
- County vehicles in and out of airport 3-4 am...witnesses by neighbors.
- Dodd lied to Lisa and she has the proof...could the FBI be building a case and she as a witness?
- Roger couldn't account for an hour of his time.
- Jail bird now changing his story about GT telling them he killed HA.
- Judge King using his superior judgement and letting MB off the witness stand because he was upset. Who u kidding King, no one does that. Get him out of here. Is he acting to escape Lisa's questions or to have King get him out of it?
- Cop.. how do you feel after saying what you did about Heidi Allen? JW.." I feel guilty"

If this isn't a cover up then they must be the dumbest in the northern hemisphere.

This wouldn't even make it on Saturday Nite Live.

What really bothers me is that they don't have any guilt OR SOMEONE ELSE IS THREATENING THEM.

If you know something send a unsigned letter to Lisa or the FBI.

ANd Dodd you ph***ing A------ you did not look for justice just any conviction you could get.




Dodd who should be disbarred and put on trial kept it from the defense and I still can't believe that all this doesn't lead to an investigation.

Sept 1-2/19

Mistress Iam
The first thing I want to do is apologize to you for being the woman who has contributed to ruining all of your trust in him, and from being a contributor in debasing the relationship between you and him, that was far from perfect. I will apologize for this. I am sorry for hurting you, and I mean this honestly. You and I both know that there comes a point where we recognize we do not just want an apology, besides, we only really, want answers. The answers to questions we are too fearful to ask. I believe as part of my apology; I owe that to you. And to myself, though that is something that does not concern you. He is the one that came onto me. I did not say no, and he just kept coming. At first, I considered it was just one time. I kept thinking it is only physical, so it is okay. You were not around, and it is human to need sex. He just needed his sex drive filled. That is what I told myself. If you were around, it would have been you. I should have stopped the second it became more than sex to me. I should have stopped the second before I kissed him. But even when you were around, he still came to me. He still valued me. And I felt special. I felt like he genuinely cared about me. I felt like we had a connection. Something bigger than I had ever felt in my entire life. My heart took over any rational thought from my head. He kept coming even when I knew who you were. Never would I have thought I would experience, a passion so intense. Love, at first sight, happened a spark going through my body and love pouncing out of nowhere. That’s how I would describe the way we met. He poured joy back into my heart; he brought out the best of me and I could never thank him enough for the immense happiness he brought me. Meeting in secret, making love like it was the first and last time, kissing as our lives depended on it, touching and not forgetting an inch of each other’s bodies… It was so good, so strong. So surreptitious and so transient. Although I knew our relationship would take me nowhere, The heart is stronger, and I wanted to take advantage of every moment with him. Our situation was not the simplest. He went through so many hurdles to satisfy me, and I would have loved being entirely his and for him to be entirely mine. But life, time, decided otherwise. When our time spent together became more often and feelings for each other were moving at such a face pace, In my head, it was all your fault. You were the one that was not giving him what he needed, so he needed someone else. You were the reason he could not post the Facebook pictures with me, or celebrate holidays with me. I will not apologize for being in love with your husband. I believed promises from him. It immersed me in my infatuation with the fact that someone this wondrous could love me. And maybe he loved me. But I know he also loved you. I do not say this out of pity. Every fight you both had with each other I watched him fight for you and win you back every time. I am sorry for blaming you. I am sorry for making you out to be the bad one in the relationship, considering you are the one who was not trying hard enough or giving him what he wants. I am sorry for creating a person who now has their walls up in their relationship. I am sorry for the pain I have caused, and this is the reason I have written this apology letter requesting for your forgiveness. I cannot go back and undo what I have done. But at least for you, I want you to have some closure. - The Mistress

Sept 1-2/19


Trump's Body Language Tells All
Watched the meeting that was held with FEMA regarding hurricane Dorian that is approaching the Florida coastline, and it was embarrassing the way Trump was acting. He figgeted with that stupid USA baseball cap, was shifting his fat ass back and forth on is chair, folded his arms around his chest, looked up at the ceiling, had that usual defiant ugly face on, then asked a question about the landfall projection models which were never presented by the experts. The storm always was going to hit the coast and turn north. Trump so wanted to sound intelligent and stated that it was going to go across Florida, then into the Gulf and then into Alabama. His ego makes his say things about stuff he knows nothing about, which is usually everything he talks about. His only thought during that meeting was not with the people that are in danger from this storm, but his thoughts were; when is this stupid meeting going to be over so I can go back to my office and find out what Fox News thinks I should be saying and doing. As presidents go, he would not make a good pimple on Buchanan's Ass, the worst President the United States ever had, prior to Trump.

Sept 1-2/19


Bus Stop
Whos bright idea was it to put Centro Bus stops on the bridge instead of at west 1st and Bridge Street? One of the dumbest ideas to date. If it was a Barlow move that would explain the bus stops on the bridge then. Good work for a stupid idea. But coming from Oswego it is not a really big surprise either

Sept 1-2/19







Today's Quote August 31/2019


Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway
Warren Buffett

Officer Friendly
Thank you for the warning of my plate bulb being out. I will be replacing it in the morning, after my shift, instead of on Thursday.

Aug 31/19


The company that owns your local news might also influence federal politics

Aug 31/19

Sinclair, the pro-Trump, conservative company taking over local news, explained


Aug 31/19

How could this happen so quickly and not be seen
Someone could have watched Richard leave, then just drove right down the street as he left went into the store and told her we've got to get you out of here now, she would have left quickly and quietly and then may have been seen by a man named Titus a local from the area at that time. And then return to the store to steer the next moves by the Sheriffs.

Aug 31/19


City code enforcement abuse.
Dear Editor: This was just posted by two people I know. I am appalled. Tracy A. DeCann.
Sue Matthews The Mayor began by targeting rentals, specifically cutting HUD rentals in half, in a city that has 1 in 4 people living below the poverty level. (Why would you cut federal money coming into town?) I was unfairly targeted and told it was because they didn't like the people I was associated with. They took my property and evicted the tenants from a building with no safety or health violations and threw women and children out onto the street and lied about it. Now they are going after private residents. Another was targeted due to an ongoing private legal matter involving a councilor. One of their strategies is to create continual unrealistic deadlines that you can't meet and then use that paper trail to persecute you. When you call to try to make appointments with Mayor or councilors to solve issues they won't return your calls. They lie publicly to the papers and trash your reputation. Gentrification is in full swing. Notice who just bought several properties from the city that they had seized for only $1000 a piece...yeah his brother is running for council again this year, unopposed. Sean Walker, the same councilor that wouldn't return my calls and conspired with Barlow and company to take my house..They are like the Gestapo!
My crime, I got cancer and got behind. As I started to catch up during recovery they just continued to knock me down every time I was getting up. Shameful!


Aug 31/19

RE: Coradino wants road widened in front of his house
The way this story was written sounds more like they are talking about Trump and his way around Congress thinking he can spend money as he wants to. Not saying Baby Barlow is a trump it just sounds like they match with the same mindset to spend taxpayer money as they think they can.

Aug 31/19








Today's Quote August 30/2019

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
George Bernard Shaw

Trooper shooting in Hastings
I guess we have to live with story they are putting out.
However, I draw your attention to the Shirley King case falsification, the Trooper outside of Albany, who a few months ago, shot an obviously un armed man , who was just trying to open the cruiser door, and on and on.
Big delay before info released, then they announce he thought there was a gun, then, ( drum roll) lo and behold, after the house is searched.....A BB gun is produced..
Something is rotten in Denmark.....but we'll never know. The witnesses say bull crap, then they get charged.....which will likely be dropped for silence and no law suit.
Heidi Allen, etc., the Oz county beat goes on.

Aug 30/19


Speed bumps
Those “speed bumps” happened when there was the huge rain storm and everything flooded out. They weren’t man made like some of you morons think. Maybe if you asked someone in higher power instead of assuming, you’d get a real answer.


Aug 30/19


Coradino wants road widened in front of his house
Coradino has lived at 197 Munn Street since the late 80's and now wants the road widened in front of his house. He incorrectly stated that this street has not seen any improvements in 35, yet in 1999, Munn Street was reconstructed; widened, curbs and new storm sewers from 5th Street to Murray Street. The section of Munn, from Murray to Burden Drive was not completed because the residents objected to losing some of their front yards and that portion of the project was dropped. That is section were Mr. Coradino resides. Now, it is to be widened, to the objection of some of the council and was passed by having Barlow vote to break a deadlock. As you all now know, Coradino is one of the "Barlow Boys" so here is the quid pro quo....Mayor to Rob; you passed my joke of a budget so here is $200,000 to widend the road in front of your house. Barlow also said he was happy to deliver the funding for this total package (Munn St and Britney Hills). News flash Billy Boy, you do not have the power to deliver funding for any projects. The council has the power under C-3.08. ("The Common Council shall have the management and control of the finances and the property of the city").
It is embarrassing to have a councilor like Coradino, who is only there for a pay off for himself and a kid mayor that who has no clue how city government works and thinks he can spend money on projects without the consent of the council. Here is another $675,000 added to our debt! But then again, his legal council has no clue so it is the blind leading the blind. Time for a write-in for mayor and 7th Ward Councilor.
You may also want to look at who made major contributions to Barlow's campaign and who got the funding for the DRI projects. It is an interesting list. As it is always said, "follow the money". This administration is more corrupt than Gosek's.

Aug 30/19


Trump Administration To Undo Limits On Methane, Ignoring Environmental Concerns

Aug 30/19

Mark Moody
If the feds indeed knocked on his door. It couldn't have happened to a more corrupt ahole. I hope he goes down along with Oakes.
Even if the feds fear this case the right thing to do is atleast force these criminals to step down from office. Remove them, make them live life miserable and disbar them all including Dodd. I mean come on. That's what the public's requesting. We aren't requesting too much but to have some honest people holding power in office. In order to obtain that, they need to resign or be removed by force. Either way, that's the request atleast get them out of power.

Aug 30/19


Coradino and Barlow driving up City Debt
The resolution that was voted on by Barlow to break a tie vote, approving the spending of $675,000 on the Britney Hills project in combination with the widening of Munn St in front of Coradino's house needs to be rescinded. The work on Britney Hills is probably needed, but combining the widening of Munn St in front of Coradino's house is waste full and, should be funded from C.H.I.P.'s money, which are funds from the state that Oswego gets each year for road repair. These idiots are borrowing money, driving up the debt, when they could separate the Munn Street work from the total project.
The councilor's that originally voted against this resolution can bring this back to the floor, with the full council, rescind the resolution, cut the road work out of the project, and pass a resolution for Britney Hill's separately. Then identify the Munn Street project through C.H.I.P.'S funds at no cost to the city. The fact that through their irresponsible actions, Coradino and Barlow are not representing the best interest of city, and is proof that they need to be replaced in the next election.

Aug 30/19


They may have bullshitter everyone but you can bet your ass there was one van used. She didn't walk out of there. The objective was not to be seen. In which case they failed miserably.

Aug 30/19


The van
I saw the van. You will never convince me ever about no van ever being used. I saw it, I knew who drove it, who shared it and I watched them move it....You don't know them and nor were you there. Bohrer was great friends to the van owner and they did steal it from him and used it without his concent. It was then hidden until after the trials of the Thibodeau family and the van owners sons home and moved in the fall of 96. There was a van!! Anyone suggesting other wise off a man's claim she was sitting in a patrol car when we all are aware she was at work until she was taken is insane. The van was white, off white and prepped for paint and sanded in multiple spots. It had tiny rust holes through out it. Bohrer often drove this van. It had two doors in the back that opened outward, no door or Windows on the driver side, one small door on the passenger side of the vehicle with one small window. The truck Bohrer says he drove back then the black one hopped between Bohrer and the van owners son, it had training issues. Yes there was a van. That's one of the few things correct in this. They just had the wrong van in their possession at the sheriff's dept. The wrong owner.

Aug 30/19


Tom and Fred and 177 E. 2 nd St. and all
Word on the street is that Tom and Fred have hired a management company to tend to their rentals. I doubt that they did this willingly.

Aug 30/19


RE: Hmmmm ... I've NEVER heard the term 'speed dimple'
The term Speed Dimples came from that I live in Florida and they have speed bumps and or humps which are good size to slow traffic down in some areas. Like some neighborhoods to keep people from going to fast. But the ones on 104 East as to small to be called Speed Humps/Bumps. So they become Speed Dimples. Because they are just small little patches of tar like a zit

Aug 30/19






Today's Quote August 29/2019

In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm...

in the real world all rests on perseverance.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Re: Grand Opening
Tesoriero. Rumor is he missed the recent council meeting and budget vote because he has entered rehab.

Aug 29/19


Trouble in Oz
When the cats away..mom heard telling someone barlow’s fling with her little girl got quite a shock when she left him to go on a short trip and a neighbor told her kid mayor billy boy didn’t miss a beat using the free pass to entertain another *very* young girl. Mom thinks working at fair was perfect cover. She doesn’t know they must have open relationship, only way it could possibly work with him, just ask the bartenders and check the security cameras, evidence is there.

Aug 29/19


Oh, there was a van!
The only van in this case I believe was the van that pulled in, got cigarettes and left, someone immediately knew that van was Gary's brothers van, the area drug dealer that Heidi feared so. Then seconds later she is gone. The three amigo theory just does not make sense! who and why was there a Sheriffs patrol car always in such close proximity to the place were she was taken, and her C.I card, my what a coincidence that the card was lost there! Again why the Sheriff just down the road often parked so that the store was in site? and that day, why here he is again just passing by right at the time Heidi was taken. I look were information came from and who provided it, so far all the information used in Gary's trial was handled by the RAT PACK. This reads more like a crime of passion, but the rat pack never relesed information about the love stuck cop! another Romeo Sheriff forcing his goods about town. I have no proof, other than I was able to party on both sides of this fence and one side was dirtier than the other, the real dirty ones dressed in uniforms and BULLSHITED everyone. Ain't that right Ralph!

Aug 29/19

Run off the road by a van
That information is no more believable than the people who watched Heidi being taken in heavy traffic? My whole line of thought came from a local man to that area. a Mr. Titus who was sure Heidi had been found that morning, WHY because he said he saw Heidi, in a patrol car, not sitting still. This man had no reason what so ever to make it up. And he knew better than to report it.

Aug 29/19

What a crock of BS.!
Just read the paper and had to laugh regarding the time spent by the council and that the budget passed unanimously. What a crock of BS.! . Coradino was so proud and stated how the "council did their due diligence and went through the review process". Like hell they did! The only councilors that went though the review process was; Hill (3rd), Gosek (5th), Coradino (7th), all the rest blew off the review meeting, which lasted for less than an hour. Goes to show you what a liar Coradino is and how Barlow has these thee fools in his back pocket.
The post on the 27th, titled "Comedy Council Fails to Challenge 2020 Budget" was correct and factual. 20% of the budget has reductions which accounted for $437,000 in reduced spending, while 80% of the budget had increases amounting to $1,550,000 in increased spending. It also pointed out that city revenues are down and the debt service is up. Barlow pointed our that the tax levy was increased, but "easily absorbed by the $1.3 million in the increased city valuation"( that absorption will be paid by you) and called the budget a "boring budget". I guess when you have the clowns on the council, that know nothing and with only 40% of the council reviewing the budget (the Barlow boys. Coradino, Hill, Gosek) and 60% just warming a seat and doing what they are told to do, then you get to pass a budget that is a total sham.
A write-in candidate for mayor is needed, but the city residents at this point don't care, and 60% of them won't even show up to vote. In a year or so, when Billy adds a 30% tax increase to the 7% he has already given you, you will then wake up and realize what a scam this guy ran and how his buddies profited at your expense. Billy is just a mirror image of John Goesk Sr. morally and ethically. Too late to correct the budget, but not too late to get a write-in candidate.

Aug 29/19

Coradino is also the ASSHOLE who said it was OK to spray Roundup in city parks. Go figure.

194 west 5th
To the new owners we beg you , please remove the front tenants and clean up the area . There is constant police and arguing at this place and the neighborhood has definitely seen its fair share of property value decline, and yes of course HUD . There are people that won’t even walk on the same side of the street because of the harassment they endure from the man there.
Thank you and good luck with those two you will need it .

Send in a picture of the guy and we will make him famousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Aug 29/19


Good Ole Boy by Proxy!
The family of Heidi Allen must know so much more about the relationship with the Officer who recruited her. But why keep secrets, Well there is a certain feeling one gets when working with law enforcement, for a time it's like you're a good ole boy to, one of them and it is so easy to manipulate those caught in this feeling. I know this feeling, imagine the feeling of doing shots off the dashboard of a patrol car or making a beer run with an intoxicated policeman and then ripping the front off the car in the presents of other troopers, gives ya an above the law feeling. And that is the point I'm trying to make is the arrogant power these men held and used so a cop taking Heidi is not so shocking to me.

Aug 29/19

The Key to Solving this case
Look under all the rocks!, not just the ones the RAT PACK points out for you!!!

Aug 29/19

Hmmmm ... I've NEVER heard the term 'speed dimple' ....WHAT THE F**K is a speed dimple? Were the stupid 'bumps' (unannounced and un-posted) on 104 east intentional???
Holy Bat Crap! whose asinine idea was THAT?
Well rocket surgeons in Oz's management, pay close attention, because no matter WHO(m) called this shot, the city is in for a buncha lawsuits!!!! I've spoken w/ my insurance company and have been assured that they WILL sue the city/ city's insurance company for damages, that they'll pay for, done to my tires AND suspension, that resulted from doing 30 mph, the posted city speed limit, over these tards' 'speed dimples'!
There is no warning of an approaching 'speed dimple'/ bump and a broken radial tire belt runs approximately $150 PER TIRE. Get ready ya stoopid fux! YOU WILL REPLACE my tires! Oh yeah and ya'd best hope that no damage has occurred to my steering and suspension components, because THAT WILL be added to the bill!
What a bunch of dumbasses!
Oh Yeah, New York State has already been notified of the situation and they're playing the, "we don't what you're talking about" card.
This'll be a great show. Maybe I can contact baby barlow about getting the the popcorn and hot dog concession for the show/ circus! Then again, maybe he's got THAT locked up already!
Jesus!!! what a bunch of clowns!

Aug 29/19







Today's Quote August 28/2019

If more women are in leadership roles, we'll stop assuming they shouldn't be.
Sheryl Sandberg

Reply to three amigos
I have no problem with thinking the police were involved with Heidi’s disappearance. However, “We” have not been shown, other than a 3 year old boy, that an officer may have been involved in the physical kidnapping or murder of Heidi. CLEARLY, it wasn’t nor couldn’t have been the accused and one convicted. Dodd played his cards right and got a conviction. That’s all he wanted/or needed to satisfy the community that was about to elect him for DA. CLEARLY, someone in LE needed to accuse (and get a conviction) someone for something they didn’t do. Making it especially easy by the accused being…..not a pillar of the community. How many people first said Gacy was a nice guy; he couldn’t or wouldn’t do what he was found to have done. Not a comparison to this case just a point of how easy it is for the community/family to be swayed by being a ‘good guy’ vs ‘bad guy’. Clearly the difference is the physical evidence linking Gacy to his crimes. THAT is why the courts require the prosecutors to PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. THAT is how and why a judge’s instruction can/does affect how a jury determines guilt or innocence based on the prosecution presentation. Gary’s jurors did not believe ANY of the defense witnesses nor take into consideration ANY of the answers elicited from the prosecution witnesses.

Again, maybe the three a-holes knew Heidi was a ‘rat’ but didn’t take her. Again, the point is not necessarily who did but who didn’t. Phew! I’m so glad that taking Gary off the street stopped any further disappearance! Wait, did it? NO, no it didn’t. One name comes to mind-Carol Wood. She was connected to LE too? BUT, did the three or the junkyard have a connection with the disposal of her remains?

The police hold the key to who, why and when Heidi disappeared. That is clear!! Does Heidi family fear retaliation if they aren’t good robots and adhere to LE theory? Just what was Bivens’ role in all of this? He reported he went by the store, the time, it didn’t fit so LE coerced, massaged, gave a deal to him to implicate the white van? I believe it could be true. From reading all that has been available, that would be a logical conclusion for open-minded, critical thinkers. He clearly wasn’t recalling what he personally experienced or he would have been able to be more accurate in his statements. After all, he was touted as an ‘expert’ because he worked in an auto parts store. A vehicle was in the lot, drove by, don’t know if it was a van, blue now white. Didn’t matter to LE as long as he testified that he was positive it was Richards (even though there was no proof it was). Why would he say in Court, “I don’t want to send an innocent man away.”? And it’s not because he was being pressured by the Defense. He was being pressured because HE WAS LYING in court about his observations at the D&W on April 3, 1994. How easy was it to sway the minor child? What about the other ‘bad guy’ witnesses for the prosecution?
So poster, show us what we don’t know. Make the connections. Spit it out!! Because, again, Gary and Richard could not have kidnapped Heidi which means SOMEONE ELSE DID. Why don’t you show us how Tonya is wrong (if she is)? Because she, certainly, makes connections VERY clear.

Aug 28/19


I have to agree Hilton looks awful. Many agree with that. Their hope in him in slowly sinking. He talked a good talk but his walk is nothing but a Moe Todd. Had a ton of hope in him. I no longer myself do. He is also now a part of the problem. The FEDS look just as corrupt. Its getting to the point this country does not need the FBI they don't do their job and neither does any Sheriff that holds office in OZ.

Aug 28/19


We pretty much know the truth
Dirty cops, coke, money, lies, power and a ton of bullshit that's spewed from the Sheriffs dept. From the old sheriff to the new. Change. What change Hilton? Integrity, accountability. You'll never see it, I was told Gary's case was too big for you to handle. As it stands with no integrity or accountability. They may have been right.

P.s. to the poster lying about the van lmao you seem to be hoping or praying they are not going to do their part or simply fantasizing about this case. Who knows But until you supply some valid proof of your allegations, documentation so on. I was told. I'll tell you all. Don't believe a dam thing that comes out of your mouth. Yes there was a van used. That idea doesn't just come from the apparent witnesses. It comes from many sources including people who were run off the road that morning that were never involved in this case. Here's the name of the van owner CLARK HAMILTON SENIOR..IT WAS REGISTERD TO HIS GF AT THE TIME. WHO IS HE OR SHE, RELATIVES OF THE LOW LIFE DRUG DEALER HERM JORDAL. Keep talking your Intel is nothing more than smoke and mirrors and hope they aren't investigating.

Aug 28/19


Who the hell came up with this stupid idea to put them in? The idiot needs to rethink this total dumb idea. At least paint them white so some one can see them better than the white lines that are there now. Again this is one of the dumbest idea to come out of the barlow house of fools. The lines that are on those stupid dimples is crazy. In other cities they paint the speed humps yellow so they can be seen easier. But come on Oswego and speed humps(dimples) are not a good idea. I can just see the mess they will cause in the winter time when the plows tear the up. But then again it is the Barlow gang not thinking what is right or wrong. The dimples is plain WRONG in this spot. I could understand them maybe around the schools to slow traffic down but not on 104 east.

Aug 28/19


Heidi Allen...not a fair chance
All of us know that this was a set up murder and Gary was railroaded.

What we are forgetting is the jury that told the judge twice that there isn't any evidence.

No evidence and the found him guilty.

And Dodd who said he didn't have to proof anything, just who do you believe is a ph***ing sales pitch.

You must find him guilty beyond any reasonable doubt...period.

But KARMA has its own way to sneak up and bite you hard.


Aug 28/19


Jw never said 2 vans
Jw did not say there were two vans she said "there's a van missing in the investigation." That's all I know. Then she says, "you need to do investigating on THAT van." Meaning one van, not two. "There's another van, that you guys are unaware of. Its out that's it." She is telling them, flat out, you have the wrong van. She never ever gives the impression that there were two vans used. Ever. Get that idea out of your head. She gives the impression that they had the wrong van in custody and the van she's speaking of needs to be investigated. She clearly says that during her imyerrogatiin with Rojak. https://youtu.be/GQB3cE1QHXA
Two vans means the one is custody which was ruled out isn't the right one but the one she's speaking of is. She also attempts to blame the van used as Gary's which we all know Gary never owned a van. He did buy the house which had an old van parked on the property that was searched and ruled out. Didn't run. That's the one they towed to cover their asses for when they moved the real van off Valley Road in Fernwood. One van, wrong van equals two vans. That's how it goes. Do you truly think they'd make it more difficult having to get rid of two vans with DNA in it that they would have to some how dispose of unnoticed. They are idiots but they are not stupid.

Aug 28/19


Reply to three amigo theory
Are you saying that LE had the three guys as a back-up plan if the Thibodeau’s were acquitted? LE was worried, so to speak, that people would be able to see through their cockamamie theory and decide Not Guilty?

Who was the mastermind, then, to get the three involved? Or was it a round table, troubleshooting session/s? They set-up Bohrer to look guilty as sin and other scourge from the community? Did the three amigos really dispose of Heidi through the junkyard? Even if they weren’t the ones who actually abducted or killed her?

So why don’t you tell us how the clues or your personal knowledge of this case fit together, for you? It’s more logical than the BS theory by the prosecution? I’d like to hear it.

Aug 28/19








Today's Quote August 27/2019

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.
Bob Dylan

Hayes Boys
Greg has a vendetta against Hayes from school. But as far as Hayes integrity he was well liked along with his brother in high school. Very honest and fourth coming and blunt. Greg was never going to accept a statement from the Hayes boy, because he can't get past his vendetta. Hayes bar none over Greg any day was highly accepted in high school, well liked and extremely popular. Hayes integrity has always been nothing but true blue.

Aug 27/19


Water Park
Did Broadwell really get permits to build that monstrosity right up next to the Route 104 bridge? Was the State involved?

Aug 27/19


Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
Read new posts on 8/26 & they again show suspicious activity.

10 people all discredited by Judge King....the same judge that let Mike Bohere off the witness stand because he was upset?????
So what King, this is a murder trial and you have sympathy for a possible suspect?
You knew what was going on with this case.

Notice all the changes in stories from certain people. Burned in a car, in a furnace, in a trailer, buried etc. What better way to send cops in the wrong direction.

Why did the OCSD dig up the cabin site ( that didn't exist per Todd ) after the ME and dogs suspected something?
Is this an investigation or a cover up?

***** I remember reading an article on the Peeled Onion in 2014 that Mrs. Granger said a deputy said I have to go find that van. But Mrs. Granger said no one said there was a van. If I am wrong I apologize. Kept it in my favorites but erased some of the stuff..damn it.


Kangaroos everywhere.

Shouldn't Dodd be investigated by the Bar for hiding evidence, lying in court to lisa etc?

Tracy B. on a taped call telling about blood on the back seat and OCSD does nothing with it.

cover up .....hell yes.

Sooner or later all of you will get yours....too many people know too many things.

Aug 27/19

Comedy Council Fails to Challenge 2020 Budget
Here are the people that failed you, the taxpayer, by not performing their jobs as your elected representatives. Councilors: McBreardy (1st), Demassi (2nd), Hill (3rd), Wilmont (4th), Gosek (5th), Teroriero (6th), Coradino (7th).The city budget is the worst I have ever seen and this council, deservedly called, "The Comedy Council" failed to review, amend and protect the city taxpayers from Barlow, your "tax and spend mayor". The city is at rock bottom and unfortunately the unaware taxpayers are not in the loop.
Some of the highlights that any armature, even this Comedy Council, should have been asking questions about were:
(1) There were only 9 accounts that had reductions in spending or revenue totaling $1,187,000 which included a reduction in heath Insurance of $750,000. Good start for a budget. 2) there were 36 accounts with increased spending and tax increases for a total of $1,550,000 which went unchallenged and put the budget in the red for( $363,000) along with a loss of revenue, taking it deeper in the red to ($553,000).
To throw more mud in the face of the taxpayers, the city assessed value was artificially increased by $1,350,000 and the levy was increased to make it look like there was no increase in the property tax rate of $15.2/$1000. you will pay more taxes due to the city assessment increase.
This budget is a real mess and those on the Comedy Council that approved it, should be taken out of office along with the Tax and Spend Mayor. These people are distracting you with a shinny Ball and their actions are going to cost you in the long run. The DRI was a give away to Barlows friends with an influx of spending on low cost housing and a water park that will be tax exempt and you will pick up the cost because of the distraction. Take the time and look at what has happened over the past few years. Minimal road repair, Bridge St. paved by the state which was planned 2 years before Barlow was elected, major increase in the labor force by hiring Barlow's friends, city revenues are down, taxes have been increased by 7%, and those who gave money to his campaign are reaping the benefits; (Kells, Avery, Broadwell, Cararricoli, Schinder (Path Finder Bank), and the many of the landlords. Our debt has gone way up, revenues are down and the taxpayer will get a shock in the very near future.
Hope there are some write-in candidates in the wings for the sake of this city. Lastly, tax and spend Barlow wants to spend another $17,000,000 on the marina which generates no revenue for the city. Must be members of the yacht club contributed to Barlow's campaign.

Aug 27/19


Pick a time


Aug 27/19

The F.B.I made the right choice in resolving this case as far as they were concerned, The public would not stand for the truth behind Heidi Allens disappearance, so the public will not know. All we will see is the real legal system under a microscope, were we have learned how cases of this kind are handled. The lies, the way the case was Steered by one than two then three officers, they knew Gary was not the person responsible, but the Officer who Heidi reported too, said she was afraid of this local drug dealer. Should have been a quick case a slam dunk, but then Gary's brother was found innocent, oh shit then, the hussle began and the rat pack was formed with the big cheese guiding the way. What if Gary was found innocent to?. Then suddenly the three amigo theory was STEERED into place with the aid of someone in the D.W.I units fax machine. So many have taken the Amigo story so far for them. Leading the public farther and farther from the truth, the truth that we can not handle! So they CAN NOT and WILL NOT touch this case! But maybe we all have learned something from all this, it could have been anyone of us, and you like Gary can do nothing about it.

Aug 27/19


Critical Thinking –
Sheriff Hilton is all smack aka lip service. He literally has no substance. He made promises that he isn't living up to. The biggest contribution ( if you call it that) was when he "made the morbidly obese Sheriff Deputies" walk in the Saint Patricks Day Parade. Which by the way humiliated the department and Oswego County. Maybe Sullivan coined " The Purse Snatcher" would have been a more viable Oswego County Sheriff after all.

Aug 27/19


Let's get a selection of candidates for Oswego City Mayor !!
How? A write-in candidate is a candidate in an election whose name does not appear on the ballot. Can a write-in candidate win? YES, write-in candidates have to file with the state prior to the election to be counted as official candidates. That means that even if a write-in candidate wins the popular vote — their votes won't be counted if the candidate hasn't pre-registered.

Aug 27/19


HPV is not "Hall Pass Victory"

Try not to play the blame game Scriba Town Supervisor. When you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas. Or in your case HPV.
The answer to your question is that Human papillomavirus (HPV) are genital warts from having skin-to-skin contact with someone who’s infected. This is what happens when you are sleeping around with some strange. Or as you joke about your "Hall Pass Victory" When I look at you from across the room I literally want to vomit.

Aug 27/19


Write-in candidate - Metcalf - YES!
City Court Judge Hon. James M. Metcalf is loyal, extremely smart and a very good judge. He knows Oswego City residents better than anyone in Oswego County. He cares for this community, and for all walks. He is not a kiss-ass. He would be phenomenal. He is firm, fair and would be a great leader as the City Mayor of Oswego!
WRITE-IN CANDIDATE - Judge Hon. James M. Metcalf for Oswego City MAYOR

Aug 27/19

Sounds good but he would be taking a pay cut of about 63 grand.

The three Amigo theory
So some local drug dealers found out Heidi was a snitch and jeopardized their drug bussiness, the cure, why just kidnap her and all their troubles would be gone! BULLSHIT! I partied with these assholes as well as the Sheriffs you call for help! these boys were certainly dirty but they never were dumb enough to kid nap Heidi, this whole train of thought was STEERED to you! I can show you a connection to the Sheriffs Dept. to those who said they saw a big man hit a girl in the head and take her to a bullshit non- exsistant van while so many others watched but never reported. There are so many on this site that can recite evevry bit of this trail and the evidence, however every thing you know was PRESENTED by who, your not dealing with FACTS no matter how much you think you know.

Aug 27/19







Today's Quote August 26/2019

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

Audrey Hepburn

Reply to Mr. Stinson
Just saying.....I'll bet that the anonymous answers are more truthful than if one were to ask OC LE. I have many truthful answers and I'm anonymous. I could say ask this person and that but I won't go there. Many answers can be found in legal dosuments/sheriff notes/testimony already posted on this site. But sure, ask Matt Mulcahy. He read the transcripts. As have an "anonymous" person/people.

BTW, it is important, obviously, that there was snow mixed with rain at the D&W at any time the morning of April 3, 1994. Greg used the witnesses such as yourself who claim there was no snow solely to discredit Mr. Pierce's observation of STEEN being the one he saw because he initially "thought' Gary's picture was close enough. Don't think for one minute had Mr. Pierce stuck by his "close enough" theory, Greg would have him as HIS witness. Wanna see Mrs. Granger's ENTIRE letter sent on July 14, 1995 to supplement her original statement? You Knew her. Did you find her a non-credible person who would make things up? Ask yourself, if Donnie followed his stamp and green mark procedure throughout the case, or at least since December 1994, why were Mrs. Granger's original statement at the store on April 3, 1994 and her letter dated July 14, 1995 both have received stamps of July 21, 1995. Wanna see them? **Greg has the tendency to 'believe' those witnesses which suite his agenda. Jessica wasn't credible even though she reported Breckenridge's possible involvement BEFORE Tonya came forward: Woman told deputies her relative killed Heidi Allen, but they didn't investigate

Chris wasn't believed: New witness says Roger Breckenridge admitted burning Heidi Allen's body, hiding remains in auto. https://www.syracuse.com/news/2015/01/roger_breckenridge_admitted_burning_


Taylor Hayes wasn't believed when he reported Mike Bohrer in 2000 (Before Tonya came forward): Heidi Allen kidnapping: Far more witnesses link new suspects than implicated Gary Thibodeau


Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Abbott are in police notes from Tracey Breckenridge investigation back in 1994. Wanna see them?

Shall I go on to make my point of the DA 'using' witnesses (or not) to further his agenda? How anyone could think they ALL conspired over the years to name these three is down right RIDICULOUS. And that's not even getting into what Donnie had done during the original trial.

Side note: No, I'm not trying to 'convince' anyone of the facts. One can find them for themselves by asking or looking for them. Notice how the 'anonymous people' haven't stopped posting FACTS? No, I don't think Every witness has lied but I truly believe MANY witnesses were 'coached' or tailored their testimony to fit the DA's 'theory'. Take Gary's minor child neighbor....she didn't report supposedly seeing Richards van at Gary's on April 3, 1994 until March 1995. HHmm coincidence? That's the same month that Sharon was indicted on 2 counts of perjury. You know the facts about that? Let me say it again because the TRUTH is worth repeating...first off Lisa Buske's relative was the forewoman on the GJ that indicted Sharon. Next, her charge about lying about being in MA on April 3, 4, and 5 was DISMISSED and the other charge she was Acquitted by a jury in October 1995(?). *Can get the exact date if interested. Note that Gary was convicted in June 1995. Take Mrs. Duell's testimony of transactions at the D&W that morning- she did NOT testify to every single transaction that morning which would have corroborated or debunked the deal getting inmates' testimony about the supposed movements of the brothers the morning Heidi disappeared. How in the heck could the first transaction have been 4:06am if Heidi didn't get there until just before 6am? Even with DST? **Speaking of witnesses, have you seen Mr. Swenzkowski's addendum to his April 4, 1994 statement made on April 8, 1994? Where the green mark or received stamp on that? Dang, look at all these statements that don't have stamps or marks? They didn't conform to the procedure so how can Donnie possibly know the defense got a copy? **Could Donnie have been lying under oath at the Hearing? Nah, silly question. Prosecutors don't lie and certainly not in a COURT OF LAW!!

Yeah, you don't want answers from this, sometimes, persnickety anonymous person. Just note I'm not like that initially. I quite enjoy reposting and repeating Facts that I know. I don't know everything but what I do know I'll share. "There is power in knowledge."

"We" also want to see this case resolved with Heidi's remains returning to her family but 'we' also didn't want to see an innocent man die in prison for this crime he didn't commit. Not biased, just facing the facts.

Aug 26/19


Oswego Budget - and who’s the legal representation ....cough
When are you people going to learn? Caracolli Does not know sh!t from Shinola.

Aug 26/19


STDS - Houston ( Oswego County) we have a problem
A certain Town Supervisor ( there’s only one) in the town of Scriba is parading around the county sharing his junk.
3-words for you douch-bag “Wrap it up “ You’re disgusting to put it mildly.

Aug 26/19


It's More Than A Rumor, They Actually Admitted It
They actally bragged about this insider secret to prospective investors and reporters.

A 2008 quote from President Donald Trump's eldest son about his family's assets.
"In terms of high-end product influx into the US, Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets," Donald Trump Jr. said at a New York real-estate conference that year. "Say, in Dubai, and certainly with our project in SoHo Manhattan, and anywhere else in New York. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia."

James Dodson said he then questioned Eric Trump in 2014.
"I said, 'Eric, who’s funding? I know no banks — because of the recession, the Great Recession — have touched a golf course. You know, no one’s funding any kind of golf construction. It’s dead in the water the last four or five years,'” reporting for WBUR in Boston.
"And this is what he said. He said, 'Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.' I said, 'Really?' And he said, 'Oh, yeah. We’ve got some guys that really, really love golf, and they’re really invested in our programs. We just go there all the time.’"

Funny how neither of these dim-bulbs mentioned the strings attached to these mega-millions Russian Loans aka money laundering. Well, let’s let the 'Sellout In Chief' explain to the world, the 'interest payments' he’s still making on ALL those secret Russian Loans.
NOT FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 26/19

Trump Says It’ll Be Fun To Gut Safety Net Programs In His Second Term


Aug 26/19

To Stinson
Sorry about my post that hinted at you. This is not the person that post about the timeline.

Just venting because it just doesn't make sense, when the deputy's call to the station was recorded.

After thinking about this I do believe your story but then how could this happen with the customers purchases etc.

But knowing about this case and the fact that I believe some deputies and others were involved, Dodd hiding evidence, Oakes turning over evidence in the last hour before the 2014 trial, Matt's doc about Tracy and the blood, JW telling them they have to talk to Roger and Tracy, discrediting Tonya when they were there telling her what to ask JW, Oakes saying the tape is not good etc etc etc.

I am sorry but my intent was not to throw blame at you but rather find an answer to this incredibly corrupt case by LE.

How can the FBI ignore all of this especially after the Matt case, Dodd hiding evidence, and the stupid smurking noise he made after Matt asked him about the boy.. Even more he said he didn't know about it. Please Dodd you were the devil DA of this case and the cops didn't inform you of this story.

Aug 26/19






Today's Quote August 25/2019

The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.
Marcus Aurelius

"Just because something is repeated doesn't make it the truth."
True statement.
Here’s another true statement-“The Truth is Worth Repeating.” **You knew where this was going?
Here’s another true statement-
Oswego County Law Enforcement, including the Sheriff’s and DA’s office, have been lying to Heidi Allen’s family and the community all these years about many of the details about her disappearance. They should ALL be held accountable for their complicity! Had not law enforcement hindered, incompetently investigated and mislead the gullible, Heidi could have been brought home to her family many, many years ago. Obviously, “we thought the DA had something” is exactly what he wanted/anticipated. “No physical evidence but strong circumstantial.”? Fine and dandy, IF the circumstantial turned out to be fact. Sharon wasn’t lying. Gary and she were not in MA on April 3, 4, 5 getting a drive shaft for his Caddy. Richard could not have been physically restraining Heidi based on the eyewitness (changing) signed statements vs testimony. Richard was In Fact at Gary’s the weekend AFTER Heidi disappeared, picking Gary and Sharon to help search. “The inmates received no benefit for testifying.” On and on with exposing the lies.

Don’t believe an anonymous person on a social media site? Fine, be the good little robot and don’t seek the Truth for yourself. Even when that truth is in black and white. It really sucks and is disgusting what they have done to the “We” they were supposed to be ‘protecting’ and representing.

Aug 25/19

No Amendments to Oswego City Budget...WOW
Hard to believe that the Common Council could not find anything in the budget that was worth amending, and then had the nerve to show their ignorance by stating that after reviewing the proposed budget, there was nothing to change and it was all great. Really! Gosek, Hill and Coradino must be blind, but in reality not smart enough to know when they are being taken for a ride.
In about 5 minutes the budget revealed;
Spending is up by $175,000
Revenue is down $803,000
Tax levy is up by 120,000
appropriations are down by $900,000 (city income)
City Assessed Value has been artificially increased by $1,300,000 to off set the increate in the levy
opp and dev up by $15,000
Labor for parks and marina up $215,000
code insp up by $40,000 and up by $128,000 since 2018
DPW/maint up by $470,000
purchasing up by $70,000
DEBT SERVICE up by $265,000
The only saving grace was that health insurance was down by $750,000 which was eaten up by the increase in newly hired labor and the increase in debt service (money borrowed) for toys the city did not need. Some how I find it hard to believe that the comedy council couldn't find accounts that needed to be reduced and corrected. Proper budgeting could have brought the levy down and the rate would have been around $14.2/$1000 or a reduction of $130 on a $90,000 home. We should all thank the mayor and council for shoving it up our ass and then pretending they did us a favor. As there is little opposition to the people who are in office, there will be a big problem with the budget in the very near future. Stay tuned!

Aug 25/19


how about us SENIORS who have worked for 40 plus years . I know kick us to the curb so these DSS people can live high off the hog. HOW DOES THAT PRODUCE TOURISM you got it all backwards BABY BARLOW. MEXICO needs a wakeup call STOP the nonsense take care of us local residents not the drug infested WELFARE people This is bull

Aug 25/19


What a joke
FULTON, NY – On August 22, Denise E Hartmann, 45, of 14 Whitaker Road, Fulton, was arrested after investigation by the city of Fulton Police Department and charged with the following crime:

Making a Punishable False Written Statement Class A Misdemeanor.

Denise you aren't Wescott. Funny how Greg Oakes will prosecute this but not arrest Wescott for the same shit. You are a joke Greg. Can't explain this can you? Remember citizens if you aren't Wescott or the good ol boys. You are subject to arrest.

You arrested this female over lying about a minor incident lmao but God forbid you actually made an arrest for lying about a missing girl. Sick county. Only in OZ does the DA stand for this pathetic bullshit and is a direct part of it. Drop charges Greg this case is pathetic. If you can lie so can every fn citizen that comes face to face with you. Roads work both ways. So tell us Jokes why hasn't Wescott been charged when hers are far more serious? That's right because you are protecting her.

Aug 25/19


Stinson replies
I wasn’t allowed to watch the trials, and the statement of facts in not all inclusive. So, like everybody else, I do have questions. And I don’t want anonymous answers. I could be talking to the village idiot or someone involved in this crime.

I'd rather not be involved but since I was, I’ve corrected misquotes and answered any questions about my statement since I was shown this site 2 years ago. And I sign my name. I invite any cop, lawyer or investigating reporter to come see me, (as I did on this site 9/23/18). Ain’t seen one yet.

Aug 25/19








Today's Quote August 24/2019

Every time I paint a portrait I lose a friend.
John Singer Sargent

177 E 2nd news
Just a quick note. 6 arrested today, 1 OD saved w/narcon, windows boarded
Up. Appears the police have removed the tenants.

Aug 24/19

177 East 2nd Street
Was pleasantly surprised when I returned home from work today and saw that 177 East 2nd street was all boarded up. Plywood covering some of the upstairs windows and the door that enters the two front apartments. Not sure when this happened. They were partying in the apartment last night until almost 6 in the morning. Must have been there last Hurrah!!! Hopefully the scourge has finally been eradicated from this house.... But as I write this there are about 8-10 people hanging out in front of 177 East 2nd and no one know what to do. Apparently the word hasn't spread yet that they are out of business!!!!!

Aug 24/19

Really, Greg?? Response
This is a joke of a cover up. So many mistakes that we the public uncovered.
I also agree with another poster below yours about the timeline.

I love to think about things. I have been over this 100 times and I still can't find one explanation.
I do have my theory about who was there but didn't see anything.
Could he have been threatened?

Bivens is a coward. He got talked to by MB after MB got a fax from the DA's DWI file.

I know HA won't be found but the did the DAs, LE, judges break the law or step on their ethics obligations?

Judge King: if it took me one year to to make a call on one issue I'd quit my job.
Who the ph*** do you think you're kidding?
And all along killing anything Lisa had...very weak. I think I'll check your records and see if you really have a law degree.

Maybe the judges should also be sworn in to tell the truth.

Please don't give up. We have put so much info out there and Matt's doc spoke volumes and Dodd's stupidity gave even more.

Looking for HA OCSD? Then why was those tapes pf Tracy etc. hidden and not used to solve this.
Involved in the coke business? I think so. So is there a big organization behind all of this?

and who else









....and the relatives of those involved....can you too forget and forgive about two murders?

Aug 24/19



Spectrum Office
When you go to Spectrum you are dealing with people who were rejected by McDonalds.
She was probably just trying to get your address so she could drop by after work.

Aug 24/19

Mr. Stinson
You posted about wanting to ask some questions to the OCSD.

OOppsie...A timeline of events that was impossible to have happened.

Here's your chance to state those questions.

I don't think a lot of people believe you.
The customer's time of purchasing doesn't fit.

Aug 24/19

Trump stupidly again


Aug 24/19

Everyone knows this entire case is one lie after another. What's sad about it is many looked for a new sheriff someone who brought hope to the area and to this case. No accountability, no integrity. Sad thing is with the new sheriff nothing's changed. The feds look just as bad as the sheriff's then and now. People had hope in Hilton. Now as I speak to citizens about him and his change he spoke of. They have no faith he will fix the shit they created. A part of rebuilding integrity is admitted how fd up the entire prior dept was. Fixing the mess they created would be one hell of a start. Now not one that I've spoken to believes in Hilton or the FBI. They all stay silent, they all hide the truth and they all lack integrity and accountability. That's why OZ never sees change. That's why Hilton should never have promoted it.

Aug 24/19



Dunsmoor is connected to a lot more than you people will ever figure out.

Aug 24/19


Don't give up.
You can't fix anything in OZ without fixing the shit they've already done. By your belief just sweep it away like they always do. People are pissed off. They are not going to sweep shit away. They want accountability and justice. Last one standing will win this battle. Gary's group is only growing. It's not going away. You have a missing teen and a dead innocent man. If you think taxes come over the life of two citizens you need a good slap. Mulcahy is gearing up. He's not even close to done yet. God forbid the sheriff's get off their dead beat asses and find truth and Heidi. That's their job if we sweep that away any one of you are subject to be a Heidi or a Gary.

Aug 24/19


Barlow budget :
No tax break, just spend, spend ,spend. Does he realize SENIORS in this city, are going broke , with all these DSS people moving in, (THEY PAY NO TAXES ) just drink, do drugs and pay nothing,

Aug 24/19



Re: Death Steps
State law requires railings for anything over four steps.

Aug 24/19





Today's Quote August 23/2019

No man ever got very high by pulling other people down.
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Really, Greg??
Investigator reveals that Heidi Allen files were tampered with during 1994 investigation
OOppsie. Was that a "mistake" that came to light?
OOppsie....Baldasaro's "deal".
OOppsie....Dodd wrote "not to turn over to defense" on a lead investigation.
OOppsie...Heidi was signed up and gave names of dealers.
OOpppsie...Greg said in COURT that he questioned the integrity of Pietroski regarding the investigation of new revelations.
OOppsie...the Sheriff's department brought a small excavator to a possible site of remains AFTER the ME had concluded it's forensic (they could have taken soil samples as well as visually looking for remains. Speaking of remains, what was the determination of the bone found at the 'cabin' that didn't exist to Todd?
OOppsie...Heidi's diary was admitted in Richards trial (and he was found not guilty, btw) but didn't come to light until Gary's sentencing. What did the judge say about it? Mostly trysts with her (using loosely) boyfriend. No mention of either Gary or Richard.
OOppsie...A timeline of events that was impossible to have happened.
OOppsie...A deputy lying during a pre=trial hearing.
OOppsie...11th hour turning over of documentation not given to the defense before.
OOppsie...Dodd 'thought' Gary and Sharon were in MA on April 3,4, and 5.
OOppsie...'complete lack of evidence in the van as if it was cleaned'. Even when the FBI did try to match hair and fingerprints. Even when a deputy testified that the van 'was messy' when it was brought in on April 9, 1994 for the first forensic testing. Do the math and think about it....6 days, still being driven. 25 days still being driven. 2 and a half months....still being driven.

Indisputable FACTS.

But, yeah, the CRB affirmed the prosecution position...OOppsie, their determination was INCONCLUSIVE, in reality. Be brave, and call in the FBI to help you find Heidi Allen. There is not one among you that has the cojones to affirm the TRUTH?

Aug 23/19

Spectrum Office - Oswego, NY - ID for paying a cable bill with cash.
I walked into the Oswego “Spectrum” office to pay the monthly cable bill and handed the woman sitting behind the counter the cable bill and cash to pay the total amount. The woman took the bill and the money. Then she asked for *id* to verify the name on the bill? When asked why an *id* was needed to pay a bill. All she said it was for security reasons. Since when did "Spectrum" start requiring customers to produce an *id* to pay for a monthly cable bill...

Aug 23/19



What was the handwritten note about Baldasaro getting probation for violating probation when incarceration was requested by the FL probation department?
Another lie, Greg. Too bad Lisa didn’t call you out on this specific claim during the Hearing!!

Aug 23/19

Twitter Users Demand '25th Amendment Now' After Bonkers New Trump Claims


Aug 23/19

Anthony Scaramucci just talked about something I have been thinking for sometime now. Trumps ego will not accept a defeat in 2020. So if he cannot rig or steal another election he will come up with some excuse to walk away before the election orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and this is entirely within the realm of possibility, he will try and have the election thrown out call his Nazi followers to arms and refuse to leave the White House.


North Carolina Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Have Required Sheriffs To Cooperate With ICE



Aug 23/19

177 E. second St.


Aug 23/19

U.S. Added 500,000 Fewer Jobs Since 2018 Than Previously Thought

Aug 23/19

CI confidentiality
Oh yeah law enforcement wants/ed to keep Heidi’s status a secret…then they wouldn’t have to say in court that the dope deputy dropped her card in public. Then no one would come forward about that same deputy opening his mouth in a bar. Then they wouldn’t have to admit to signing up a minor to pass drug information. Were there no deputies who could have gone undercover instead of getting information from a minor?
What does Greg know about ‘confidentiality’ unless it suites his agenda? Was any of Heidi’s CI information from the CI card redacted before he filed them? Did he file an affidavit from a deputy that named another individual as being a CI?

I just bet, that Mike Bohrer was a CI during that time as well. I bet that HE became one for a similar reason as was given by Martha Sturtz to explain Heidi’s informing, notice I didn’t say exact same reason….that he became one to get out of his own trouble. Notice how Mike drops names of those he ‘thinks’ were involved in the drug business and their status. Anyone should be logically hard pressed to not get the connection. Mike had a pager, he was infatuated with Heidi before the disappearance, he lived nearby, he sold, admittedly, marijuana during that time, he was gone from the New Haven area for a short time after Heidi disappeared, he was a suspicious person that law enforcement ‘investigated’ back in 1994/1995. Yes, Mr. VanZandt hit it on the head, even with the original profile, that Mike Bohrer would be a primary suspicious person. Oh, let’s not forget that Dodd couldn’t find Mike’s criminal record from 1981 in 1994. Yeah, just the poor wittle old nut case who was doing his own investigation about Heidi disappearing. Take with a grain of salt….didn’t Martha also say that Mr. Benningfield suspected Mike in 1994?

Wouldn’t a guy who was pulling an all-nighter with his buddy, maybe, want to stop by his favorite convenience store to see if the object of his obsession was working, to make one of her infamous sandwiches for him?

Aug 23/19


Phone records were subpoenaed from MA. Were records from the D&W store line or pay phone? If not, why not?

Where did the inmates get the story of “they took her to near Gary’s house to talk to her….Richard brought her back…dropped her off…forgot cigarettes…went back to buy them…”? Wow!! Someone really came up with a hell of a doozy ‘story’ that was factually impossible to happen. Please don’t tell me law enforcement believed it, the inmates believed it and the jurors believed it? No one believed the disinterested witness, who didn’t know the Thibodeaus personally but was familiar with his van, who heard it go west and back east once? This witness, well…gotta read the testimony to know for yourself, heard the van go west at about 7:00am and go east within a half hour. How in the heck did Dodd convince the jurors his timeline was correct during Gary’s trial? Oh, I almost forgot, “We thought the DA had something to get that far.” (which is not a standard by which to convict. Judge should have instructed them as such). Wouldn’t this witness be credible when compared to another defense witness who testified that a deputy told her she would have heard Richard’s van at Gary’s , if he was in fact there? Bet that van echoed loudly when started in the Sheriff’s garage.
What time did Brett really leave the store? If you believe law enforcement and his testimony, he left at 6:35am. If you believe Heidi’s sister, he left at 7:15am.
Brett testified that Heidi was making a sandwich. She was so busy between 6:35am or 7:15am to the last transaction that she didn’t put the meat away?

Curious…whose names were in Heidi’s ‘day planner’ besides Brett? We KNOW Richards and Gary’s weren’t. And I mean other males.
It’s really scary that there are many people in this world who believe that just because an officer or ADA/DA presents a ‘theory’ with no corroborating facts that they must be telling the truth. Thank goodness Many wrongfully convicted have been given EXONERATION. Win at all costs.? Right DA’s?

When is SOMEONE going to step up and do right by Heidi, Gary, the community?
So many questions, so many answers and so many more questions!! Heidi’s life mattered and whomever took it needs accountability. I also demand accountability for Anyone who lied or remained silent for their own selfish reasons.


Asking for a friend

Aug 23/19


From Oakes’ briefing for the Court of Appeals-
“Significantly, neither of these men received any benefit for their testimony (i.e
more favorable plea or sentence). There was no quid pro quo in exchange for their
testimony, so there was no incentive for them to falsely implicate Appellant. (SA
494, 524-26, 563, 573).”

“While Appellant disparages their testimony and characterizes them as nothing more than jail house
snitches, they received no consideration for their testimony. Further, in evaluating
their reliability, it's worth noting that neither man claimed that Appellant directly
admitted to kidnapping and killing Heidi Allen.”

Also, Greg, please explain why you say they didn’t claim Gary ‘confessed’ or admitted but Dodd says they did when interviewed by Matt Mulcahy. Shall I refresh your memory. Dodd was so adamant that he repeated ‘confessed’. Damn, you guys can’t even keep your stories straight with each other. Almost to the point of comical.

“I shall not rest until Justice is served.”

Aug 23/19








Today's Quote August 22/2019

Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.
Benjamin Disraeli

Look nothing is going to be done about Heidi.
Its a shame however lets move on and concentrate on Oswego. LOTS OF PROBLEMS HERE TAX TAX TAX Its coming. Right BABY BARLOW.

Aug 22/19

It has been a long drawn out affair but I think the fat lady has one more aria to sing.

Why was Matt Duell going to be asked to poly?
Good job, initially, LE for your investigation. Why is it Gary was suspected if he wasn't there? You should have known from the moment someone amongst your ranks suspected him that it couldn't have been him and Richard. An alibi and no physical evidence or positive ID from any witness but, "He was close enough"? No one had any integrity back then to speak up and do what's right even though "We didn't like him"? You guys suck!! So much for law abiding. Even coming from those who are supposed to Uphold the Law!!

Phew, LE!. I'm so glad there is something called EXONERATION for people who are truly innocent of crimes that a jury of their peers 'thought' were guilty. Course, if it wasn't for the circus put on by the DA's office and Sheriff's department, this wouldn't have happened....deputies lying under oath, prosecutor not turning over ll he said/was required by law to give to the defense, 'coaching' witnesses to get the conviction, inappropriate instruction from the judge, relative of the victim on a Grand Jury, twisting facts....Instead of listing what was wrong, What was right?

VIOLA! Captain Dunsmoor connected to another missing girl's investigation.

The rat packs names all at once
How refreshing to finally see the names of those responsible for the Heidi Allen injustice, all in one row, now your on the right track.

Aug 22/19


To influence, control, or direct completely, Maybe the RAT PACK can not tell the truth! Maybe Mr. ADA Moody was also hypnotized when the Mighty F.B.I was at his house? When he requested their help they put a sign on the door GONE FISHING! ring any bells Mr. under the radar Moody. You and Ralph, what a mess!

Aug 22/19






Today's Quote August 21/2019

Keep in mind that the true measure of an individual is how he treats a person who can do him absolutely no good.
Ann Landers

OC Sheriff notes provided by Greg
Shows that Miron and hypnotist (on 4-14-94 6:30am brief with Goodsell, Scruton, Wheeler, Whipple, Yerdon, and Yager). Ralph, did you ever “check w/ Dr. Myron (Hipnotist)”? BTW, you spelled the doctors name and hypnotist wrong. (Pardon my attention to detail and accuracy) It wasn’t checked as other tasks were when completed. Do you or do you not recall what I speak of? It’s OK if you don’t because I know you must be very old by now and (possibly) have diminishing mental capacity. WHY and for whom would they consider hypnotizing?

There’s one name amongst the bunch at that briefing…that just doesn’t feel like he….fits. Someone that it feels like actually has some integrity?

**Maybe someone could please post the note I’m referring to and/or enlighten me?**

Aug 21/19

CRB on Gary's case
Really?? Here we go again.

‘The Defense has access to THE ENTIRE OCSD case file but we’re not giving them this or that that I’m not telling you what I’m not giving.’(from 1994/1995 in re the trial ‘evidence’) **If you want to see the direct quote from the pre-trial Hearing in December 1994, it can easily be found and posted.**

Read the second paragraph of the letter from the AG to king, Greg and Lisa Peebles….We took photocopies of what the prosecution gave us and they didn’t give us Everything.

Without seeing, yet, page 2 of the letter that names the representative from the Sheriff’s office who signed the certification of “completeness” of discovery…I bet it was Pietroski!!
Way to go Matt, for doing the legwork. It’s all written in black and white.

Thank you, editor, for continuing to post legal documents that have been forwarded to you from this case.
What else can be done? What other forum can be used to get the Truth out?

Aug 21/19


What the HELL? Unbelievable!! He has a rental house across the street from a close family member of Heidi Allen? He was named a “probably suspect” person in 1994 and Heidi’s own father was suspicious of him in his daughter’s disappearance?
I wonder if that was more than just a coincidence…the rental house across the street from Heidi’s aunt and uncle…no tenants…the burning.
I would hope it was just a coincidence. BUT if it was on purpose and you KNOW, please call the investigator.

Aug 21/19






Today's Quote August 18-20/2019

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.
Emma Goldman

Heidi Allen and the very friendly interrogations
Why would the OCSD video tape a deputy talking to MB at his trailer?

TO make it look like they are on to something.
Oldest trick in the book...hide something in the open.

Why wasn't anyone else that was talked to or interrogated video taped?

Like Tonya , Roger, Gary or Richard? NOT TO FORGET TRACY'S TAPED CALL ABOUT BLOOD ON THE BACK SEAT. Did they interrogate her? She said that a LE was at her house so much she hated him.
But was anything done with this LEAD? NOPE, can't get my friends arrested it may lead to something else...hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Didn't fit their agenda did it.

JW made an ass out of the OCSD by her interrogation, what she said and what the OCSD DIDN"T DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you LE actually believe the public is that stupid. A child can figure this out

Seems like the FBI did in the 2014 trial..." who do you think you're kidding Oswego." Remember that guy?

You think he was there just to kill time?....THINK AGAIN!!!

Soon someone will come forward with the info they need....you can bet Heidi's and Gary's lives on it...oh yeah, you already did.

Aug 18-20/19

If some of you have so much on BABY BARLOW
then why are you not confronting him in front of the public forum. It makes sense does it not. Especially Jim Bell the same code enforcement person who was getting paid for 2 jobscorrect. He is still on the School Board. WAKE UP PEOPLE. WHY was he not let go. Maybe get Tom Decastro back he was not afraid to speak up of course we have to deal with SUPERMAN DEAN

Aug 18-20/19


The proof is in the 25 year old pudding
Wow 25 years of investigation, must be because their so good. Again the CAN NOT, WILL NOT F.B.I can not and will not touch this case, it's been 25 years now the killers are all almost dead!!

Aug 18-20/19


Workers at Trump's Pennsylvania speech were told they had to attend or use paid time off or receive no pay

Aug 18-20/19

He is back at it again –
Scriba Town Supervisor Robbie Ramsey is it true that you made the Scriba Town Attorney represent you in a very unrelated Scriba issue while his time was being billed to Scriba? Is this even ethical? "Making" the Scriba town attorney who doesn’t seem to get that the hidden clauses and the legalese will come back later to haunt everyone… you know, the red-icepick face – Caracoli. Why are you making the Scriba town attorney do your threatening work that you are too much of a coward to do? Especially when it has NOTHING to do with the town of Scriba? Is this being billed to Scriba Town or do you speak with him about your bullying issues off working hours? Your SH*T gets more Interesting by the minute. Mr. Scriba Superisor did you know that It's unethical and illegal to use the town attorney for other matters not related to Scriba town and those hours are billed to Scriba Town. Is it also true that it was caught on tape that you had a female in your Scriba office alone on an UNRELATED Scriba Town issue on a weekend day when no-one was there ( or you thought no one was paying attention)? They were. Want to see?

Robbie, why are you telling people that you are being bullied by several members? Grow the F*uc* -up Robbie. You are not being bullied, your working ethics are a concern. You and Caracoli are both stupid F*uc*ers! You are the biggest baby of all. Face it, you as unethical as they come and no one likes you but the "Businessmen and County officials " that you give PCs to. You pulled the same sh*t at the highway department. You do not get your way and you start shit. What is your saying? " you corner me and I will chew through you like a rat" Have you ever watched yourself eat? You chew like a rat. Go ahead. Pull the mirror out. Anyone that has ever been around you while you eat, knows exactly what I am talking about. You are a douche-bag and very unliked. You keep doing you, You miserable short, bald bad breath dickwad

Aug 18-20/19


Caracciolo takes a Sh*t in the bathtub and writes a story about it? WTH man! Did it ever become a best seller? um hum.... NO!

Aug 18-20/19


3.21 salad
the BOSS lady needs to eat more salad! The fat ass really needs to eat less and work more. The fake blonde needs to burn down that place like she has done to her houses and other businesses that she has run. Why is Habitat under investigation?

Aug 18-20/19


177 East 2nd Street
Well Molly walkers are still in the house so apparently they have not been evicted. Ambulance just left as one of them OD'd on Heroin. Of course she refused treatment after being brought out of her stupor so maybe she will finish the job later tonight. I am hearing rumors that Fred and Tom sold the property to some Eric guy so maybe he will have a set of nuts and do something about the mess that Tom and Fred let happen. One of the neighbors took a vacation and apparently someone tried to break into his house. It's sad when someone cant even leave for more than a day without wondering if their property will be there when they return. It is very sad what has happened to this once great city.

Aug 18-20/19

American Families Will Pay $1,000 Per Year For Trump's China Tariffs

Aug 18-20/19






Today's Quote August 17/2019

The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.
Ayn Rand

Big Cheese
The big man who holds all the answers to Heid's abduction, did'nt say ya did it, but the rats did, I see you almost every day Ralph, guilt is aging you fast, why carry this shit to your God Dam grave. You like Todd should be cremated, It is your only escape from me pissing on your grave. And what a smile you will have when you know who I am, and you will know, when you are most vulnerable!!!

Aug 17/19


Welcome home
Welcome home Bohrer. No we didn't locate your missing brief case just yet. But wanted to ask you one question "WHERE'S HEIDI."

Aug 17/19


For those waiting
The FBI has taken out many political figures, gangsters, corrupt officials they do not mend broken walls but make them fall. The FBI was not completely involved in this case. If you think they agreed with this case your bubble will be popped. I do know something you do not on this. The FBI did certain things in Gary's case. Not everything , the case is in the jurisdiction of the sheriff dept. Always has been, always will be.

Aug 17/19


Be aware Bohrer may be back in upstate New York. Bohrer sightings may happen at any time. He has a new p.o. box if you'd like to check on him or drop him a line, po box 254 Parish, New York 13131.

Aug 17/19


Oswego City Budget
If you listened to Barlow and Corradino regarding the city budget you would get the distinct impression that spending is down for 2010, which, like Trump, would be a blatant lie. The city appropriations are up by $150,000. the only saving grace is that health benefits, which have been reduced, have been dropping over the past several years The assessed value of the city has again been artificially increased by $1,360,000 causing certain property owners a tax increase and the tax levy has again been increased. This is an important point, as there are the favored few that have not had a property tax increase for many years. Here is a short list of friends of Barlow who don't have to worry about their property(s) taxes going up :
Kells, DPW commissioner...40 rental properties...no tax increase in years
William Barlow Sr. .....added a big garage with concert double driveway...no tax increase for years
Jim Bell.....no tax increases in years, and remolded a house that did not get a tax increase and he did it without the expense of building permits.
Corradino...rentals have had no tax increases for years
A Avery...rentals have had no tax increases for years and he also got a couple of million for his new building downtown from the DRI.

These are a few, and the list goes on...Galloway, Broadwell, Waterbury, Pauldine, ect.

Aug 17/19


Serious allegations
That's some really serious allegations against the feds putting them in the same category committing conspiracy and covering up for a few shit head sheriff's. Which I find comical knowing what I do know. Here's the kicker next time post some proof of your allegations as it stands at the moment no one believes the feds would stand by idle and watch corruption take place and be a direct part of that corruption. I can say this you'll find out hopefully soon exactly what they believe then and now.

Aug 17/19


Heidi Allen and the very friendly interrogations
Why would the OCSD video tape a deputy talking to MB at his trailer?

TO make it look like they are on to something.
Oldest trick in the book...hide something in the open.

Why wasn't anyone else that was talked to or interrogated video taped?

Like Tonya , Roger, Gary or Richard? NOT TO FORGET TRACY'S TAPED CALL ABOUT BLOOD ON THE BACK SEAT. Did they interrogate her? She said that a LE was at her house so much she hated him.
But was anything done with this LEAD? NOPE, can't get my friends arrested it may lead to something else...hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Didn't fit their agenda did it.

JW made an ass out of the OCSD by her interrogation, what she said and what the OCSD DIDN"T DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you LE actually believe the public is that stupid. A child can figure this out

Seems like the FBI did in the 2014 trial..." who do you think you're kidding Oswego." Remember that guy?

You think he was there just to kill time?....THINK AGAIN!!!

Soon someone will come forward with the info they need....you can bet Heidi's and Gary's lives on it...oh yeah, you already did.

Aug 17/19


So many secrets
The intended recipient is Rob Ramsey. Not you. Nevertheless if you were able to get value out of my message and apply it to your own situation that speaks volumes.



Aug 17/19




Today's Quote August 16/2019

Great ambition is the passion of a great character.

Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts.

All depends on the principles which direct them.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Death Steps
Was checking out the new steps at the park today and notice a young lady with her grandmother standing at the top of the stairs. The grandmother was afraid to go down them because of no hand rails . I'm thinking who the hell would spend this kind of money and not install a hand rail for the elderly or someone with a walking disability. Seriously Barlow and Kells , did you have your heads up each other's ass when planning this. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. What if they're wet and someone slips because of no railing. OSHA would love a pic of this. And what about the disability act , Wow another dumb move of Barlow and Kells.

Aug 16/19

Laughing in their face
Our current justice system isn't just blind it's arrogant. What happened to Gary and to Heidi was wrong. Gary passing away will never change that fact. We all watched an innocent person fight for his life, only to die. Then watch again as more information was with held and released to the public. There's no integrity in any of their games, the documentation dump, the lying, the bullcrap investigation that led to another innocent persons death. Several department's are responsible for this. They got away with it for the sake of not humiliating an officer and his little drug buddies? I'd say that it is not a conspiracy, they are corrupt. No one is willing to admit their obvious wrong doing and incarceration of the wrong man. Many are going to laugh at them in the end. I'll be there right beside you. What's wrong is wrong wouldn't be very right by us to stand by idle and not fix what they broke. Two wrongs never make a right.

Aug 16/19


Parking and Speed improvement Syracuse Ave.
Whatever happened to this highly publicized project? It was supposed to be completed before Harbor Fest. More BS from BS Barlow.

Aug 16/19


2020 Budget
How much money is being spent from the sewer separation fund for the general operating expenses of the city? We know that the Camden Group, which is overseeing the operation of the water and sewer plants, is being paid from the fund. Are all expenses attributed to water and sewer being paid from it? Is that how the Tax
rate is being kept low? Will we ever see an accounting of that fund?

Aug 16/19


Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense-----response
I Wish
i wish somebody would do something or just end this sorry for her loss call all them people back somebody knows exactly what happened what a cover up

Those people did know something, all 10 of them but Judge King said they were unreliable and their stories about the "3" telling they did it wasn't any good because they were all different.

But Bivens changed HIS story about the van from it was blue until the trial and said it was white...but that's ok in a Kangaroo court.

Just think about all the evidence and actions NOT taken by OCSD and we all know what really happened huh DODD?

A tape of Tracy B. on the phone about blood on the seat and must take it to Canada and the fact that JW told them they had to go talk to Tracy & Roger was left alone.

To just mention one incident.

Todd said on Dateline that they had not suspects for weeks after the crime.

Funny thing is Todd, Richard called that morning and told you he was there and you arrested him and railroaded his brother even though he wasn't at the store.
And then at this time you still didn't have any evidence.

But hell, just make something up, excuse JW, Steen, Roger and MB.

And that video of a deputy talking to MB at his trailer is an interrogation? What about Steen, 10 ppl said they hear him or the others say they did it and Steen wasn't investigated, interrogated or even suspected.

Aug 16/19


To those waiting for an F.B.I investigation
The mighty F.B.I was there right from the start, remember Mr. D.A said the F.B.I saw the van being washed days AFTER it had been searched. Which shows they have been involved in this case since the beginng. You will only see the F.B.I if one brick in the BLUE WALL thinks about not forgetting it. CAN NOT, WILL NOT, the F.B.I mends broken walls.

Aug 16/19






Today's Quote August 15/2019

A kingdom founded on injustice never lasts.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Not just Ramsey
Road Patrol Rob Ramsey and Inspector Gadget Rob Moody are both old idi*ts with no integrity and showcase their small d*cks! and unethical behaviors. They have both slept around with many in this entire department. These guys are NOT cool. The idi*ts of the Oswego County Sheriff's Department. Neither can spell for sh*t. These men cheat because they are incompetent in their life and in the bedroom.

Aug 15/19


Over 80,000 Sign Petition To Have Street Outside Trump Tower Named After Obama


Aug 15/19

I Wish
i wish somebody would do something or just end this sorry for her loss call all them people back somebody knows exactly what happened what a cover up

Aug 15/19


The investigation of nothing
Barlow's Body Transfer Station (?)

Yep maybe. Why did the people stop the OCSD from searching their land and lawyer up?

Did the OCSD get a search warrant, or even try?

Dodd said nothing came of the Tracy tape.." blood on the back seat."

Boy telling his story, but of course according to Dodd, he wasn't informed about the results...please.
Who do you think you're kidding?
DA in this case and he wasn't given any info about a lead???

Just look at all the info that has been uncovered.
Dodd held that evidence because Roger would have been arrested and then the sky would fall.

Why did the OCSD go thru all the phone taps, interrogations and chasing leads but did not use any of it.

I really believe that they asked or made JW to look like a liar so anything she told them could be dismissed.



They intentionally ignored evidence, hid it and railroaded Gary.

Aug 15/19


Death Steps
Was checking out the new steps at the park today and notice a young lady with her grandmother standing at the top of the stairs. The grandmother was afraid to go down them because of no hand rails . I'm thinking who the hell would spend this kind of money and not install a hand rail for the elderly or someone with a walking disability. Seriously Barlow and Kells , did you have your heads up each other's ass when planning this. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. What if they're wet and someone slips because of no railing. OSHA would love a pic of this. And what about the disability act , Wow another dumb move of Barlow and Kells.

Aug 15/19





Today's Quote August 14/2019

There is nothing to winning, really.

That is, if you happen to be blessed with a keen eye, an agile mind, and no scruples whatsoever.
Alfred Hitchcock




He had to be silenced.

Barr is making a big deal of it to give the impression the government cares.

Fact is these girls were supplied to clients at Maralago and several of Trumps other clubs.

Sure the Donald didn't know about it just like he didn't know about all the illegal working at those clubs.
When the time is right Barr will declare the investigation over.

The only hope those girls have is the New York Southern District.


Aug 14/19

Heidi Allen------cops and the DA
So did the cops and the DA. And Dodd has the audacity to say to Matt that he wasn't informed of any action on this?????

Are you kidding???? The prosecuting DA wasn't told about one of the most important leads in this case?
Also not giving evidence to the defense which is what the law calls for?

Oh yeah it was made available..lol. Then why was other evidence given to the defense and not this?

It sure looks like the public is right..the "three" did it and the cops and the DA's office covered it up.

This is so damn obvious, so many leads to this, so many mistakes by LE covering this up & so much evidence hidden by the prosecutor.

And you don't think the FBI is not going to investigate this?
They have to. It'll make them look like a joke if they don't.

The Appeals Court also makes me shm. Evidence was so strong. What evidence. Being seen at GT's house ( if it really happened ) does not make a person guilty.

Can the Appeals court be trusted. I would have bet anything that Lisa would have won an appeal.

What evidence??????????????????????

Our criminal system is...criminal.

Logic would tell you there wasn't enough evidence, Brady Law was violated and actions taken by LE shows a cover up.

So the judges let a man die, a man that had NO NO NO evidence to convict him with.

All for the sake of some LE selling coke...two people lost their lives.

King + the Appeals Court = The Jeffery Syndrome.

Aug 14/19


Jeffrey Epstein
Is it possible that Epstein was dispatched to keep him off the witness stand to keep those Trump secrets regarding underage sex trafficking secure?

Aug 14/19


2020 Budget- OFD
Funny how the Mayor has not commented on buying the Fire Dept 2 new ambulances and adding 10 extra people in 2020. Where is this secret money coming from????? A couple years ago he was full steam ahead with privatization of that service now he’s going all in, typical politician talking out both sides of his mouth.

Aug 14/19


Barlow's Body Transfer Station (?)
The body was disposed of on Barlow's property with the Barlow's complicit knowledge? Heidi was shot by a sheriff who may have been involved in the cocaine business at Nine Mile? Would it have been more beneficial at the time for those in power to cover up the crime to avoid political embarrassment and possible conspiracy charges? Was it an election year?
Is Billy Barlow mayor of Oswego? Has anyone interviewed Brett Moore recently? Has anyone killed Brett Moore recently? The van was scrapped in Canada? Was any real attempt made to verify this? Is there a record of contact with the RCMP? Can you explain the behavior of Heidi's aunt? These questions and their answers are some of the missing elements to an award winning screenplay based on true events.
-James Patterson-

Aug 14/19

Judges with “Integrity”
Hon. James M. Metcalf has my vote for high ethical performance and outstanding integrity.

Aug 14/19






Today's Quote August 13/2019

I could be a jerk and get a lot more publicity, but that's not who I am.
Pete Sampras

So many secrets
wasnt difficult to read between the lines with your post. Very heart felt comment. I took it as this, you see many people standing and fighting, you see the anger and frustrations, the hurt they have caused, you also know the truth to who and what they are. You are asking we step back to not always retaliate, that is not always easy to do, when they've hurt your loved one. As for me being the recipient as in I, you wrote that to those fighting. I am one of those fighters. So do me a favor sir, I'll play nice as long as you pull the trigger and help get this to end. We can only corner them for so long with no authority backing us. With no power, we are at a stand still. All we are doing is holding the line until the dominos fall for the sake of those they hurt, including Gary Thibodeau. Your message opened my eyes, to the idea some times the calm before the storm is harder on them than it is on us. So when I say I, I spoke to another about your post. I said that poster is talking to all of us who's heart is in this fight for justice. To listen to follow suit. So we wait. I've been peaceful lately with that idea. Maybe that storm will bring men in suits and some serious trouble. So I, and we shall wait for now. We have found a way they just don't know it yet. What happens when you corner a rabbid animal they spring in to defence mode. My only prayer is that you and they move quickly before anyone else is hurt.



Ahhh. Mensch and Wescott got immunity to testify? But why?

Hmmm, interesting what one can learn about immunity from research. Speaking of immunity. Sharon was given immunity because she was (supposedly) lying about where she was on April 3, 4, and/or 5 and about Gary’s alibi, yet she was Acquitted during a trial by jury.

HHMM, Martha. Just fluff and drama by the prosecution. So these particular witnesses are in-credible? Yup. Didn’t believe Sharon-especially because she was indicted (with your niece’s sister-in-law as forewoman of that Grand Jury) and she was the accused’s girlfriend. Then don’t believe these other two? Geez, this is a hard one because they all told some truth. So let’s see….

Sharon told the truth about being in OC on April 3,4,5-lying charge DISMISSED.

Sharon told the truth about where she and Gary were on April 3-Acquitted. **just curious, does Dodd know how or what Truth is? Maybe he should stop thinking about how to make stuff up to suite himself…Oh, wait, that’s what a narcissist does.

Jennifer gives at least three different interviews and signs a police statement that she was telling the truth about what was written down. Phew!! Thank goodness she had Several Recorded Interviews. LIAR!! Hey, Greg, you know if you put your…mind to it, Jennifer can be charged for lying under immunity. Start with her knowing Steen and Bohrer. She goes in to an elaborate recollection “How I knew Steen from the races” when she was young yet you allow her to lie to the court because of the presumption under immunity?. “Go ask Tracey”. ‘bouncing back and forth between my parents’ house and Breckenridge gramma(?)’ around the time of Heidi’s disappearance? Dropping out of school several times between January 1994 and December 1995? ‘would babysit Roger Breckenridge’s kids for drugs? You should be fired, Greg. Add in the police ride recording (Thank you, Matt M. for sharing that with the public) This interaction between Jennifer and OC LE (including the DA’s office) is the proof of their incompetence and lack of intelligence.

Summoned to testify but doesn’t show…..four words DTMB. What is he afraid of? Helping to get Gary a new, fair trial? Or from people ‘on the outside’? Afraid of the early “probably suspect’ person? Interesting that Dan Barney wasn’t called to testify at the Hearing. Read the transcript about that scenario. Quite intriguing if you ask me. How and why did Wheeler rule him out and the very next day, Gary became prime suspect? Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler.

---While I do tend to believe Stinson’s statements and testimony….what I don’t believe is the timeline of events when taken into consideration with this Testifying Witness. Using his recollection 20+ years later to discredit someone coming forward after all these years…disgusting. Read what was written from Ms. Granger, or any other number of police statements about weather conditions at any time in the New Haven area on April 3, 1994. I do Admire, Mr. Stinson, though, for working with both defense and prosecution-for remaining a disinterested witness and not forming an opinion about what he ‘knew’ of the case. I, on the other hand, cannot sit by idly why people are falsely accused, a (wrongful) conviction and a young woman has been missing for over 20 years. I realize the fight is exhausting and draining (mentally and physically) but this is a missing person. A relative, a friend, a potential mother, wife….

Scrutiny? Yup, to weed out the truth from lies. To inspire others to come forward. To get Justice in this case!! To hold the proper people accountable.

‘We’ do care. The question is how much? Do we care only enough to hold a candle every now and then or do ‘we’ care to get the whole truth and have an answer? Do we believe hearsay ‘stories’ about the disappearance and trial? Or do we want Facts as determined by the legal process (statements, recorded interviews, forensics)?

Say something, cowards. Only post the blah, blah sH!+ about the poster must be involved? Nothing else to say? Why not try reading for once? Or are you illiterate and need someone with intelligence to post/read for you. Maybe you are just too old and Your memory/thinking capacity is diminishing?

Lastly, Don’t feel ashamed, Brett. Even nowadays, the younger girls like the older guys. It was not unheard of for the relationship you and Heidi had. What is rarely heard about, though, was a guy so young to be abusive to a girlfriend. What you should be ashamed of is your lack of integrity in helping Heidi be found!!

Aug 13/19

Barlow's Smoke and Mirrors 2020 City Budget
The paper today reported that Barlow and the Clown Council would release the 2020 Budget Plan at tonight's meeting. A preview of the plan shows that it is a re-election budget year for Barlow and the Comedy Council and with that they are proposing, with no changes to the tax rate, should alarm you as the numbers are disturbing.
The spending plan $45,210,000 says it down $800,000 from 2019, but, the 4 year average spending plan has been $46,268,000,so needless to say, there is your first puff of smoke, reduce the spending plan to make it look like a savings.The second puff of smoke is labor. Yes, in 2016 there was a reduction in labor, but over the next 3 years the labor pool has gone from 276 employees in 2016 to 289 employees in 2020, an increase of 13 employees at a cost of $900,000. Third puff of smoke, the tax revenue has dropped by over $600,000 from 2018 to 2020. So now here comes the mirrors.
Assessed vale of the city of Oswego in 2016 was $733,000,000 and is now over $808,000,000 est. for 2020. By artificially increasing the assessed value of the city by over $75,000,000, the property tax rate will stay at $15.67/$1,000. assessed value. Yes, increasing you property value will increase the property taxes you pay, but not the rate. you will pay an additional $1,175,000 in property taxes. By 2021, you are gong to get a tax increase, especially if the state checks the assessment of the city and sees that it is overvalued.If you look at Barlow's history you will see the following
From 2016 to 2018 your property taxes went up by 9% with a minor reduction of 2% in 2018 Total tax increase was 6% since Barlow and the Comedy Council was elected.. From 2016 to 2018, revenues went down by $855,000. From 2016 to 2018, the Real property Tax Levy went from $11,200,000 up to $12,269,000 an increase of $1,068,000 additional property taxes you paid and was done by the artificial increase in the assessed value of the city.
Over the past four years, this administration has bought millions of dollars in city equipment, police cars, pick-up trucks, etc.. that has increased our debt, while increasing labor cost, allowed the roads to get to their current horrible condition, and has given millions to their friend through the State Downtown Initiative of $10,000,000, while the housing stock in the city is crumbling,
This budget is smoke and mirrors, and will come back to bite you in the butt, and you will still have the incompetence in city government. You might want think about a write in candidate that will turn things around.
These are not make believe numbers.....but, you will probably buy into the façade and go on your merry way until you get hit with another 60% tax increase. You might want to ask the clown that represents you individual wards for some facts regarding this budget.
Gee I wonder...
What my children, wife and relatives think about me.
There isn't really any info that points to me, them, us! Is there?
They can't possibly think I allegedly was involved in a kidnapping cover up, murder or turning my back for coke kickbacks...can they?




Naw there isn't any info that points to you guys.

wait and see.

You think Lisa is going to forget how the Appeal Court screwed her and GT?
How kin made it impossible for a fair and just defense?

Greg said GT would be convicted again in another trial.
I am not a lawyer but I am willing to bet any amount of money that i could win if anything goes and the judge stays the ------- out of it.

Are you worried Dodd?
The "three"?

The boy.
Jw will crack under an FBI inv.
Dodd will turn states evidence.
Greg will do the same.
Steen, MG and Roger will confess.

Tracy B. will destroy all of them with the truth...etc. etc etc. as heard on a tape the DA hid from the defense.

Dodd you are going down.
Who's going with you.
As soon as the FBI gets in, a lot of people are going to spill their guts to save themselves.



Aug 13/19

Re. Waterbury.
Lmfao 850 grand. Now he knows why they call it the money Box!!

Aug 13/19


Trump Administration Weakens Endangered Species Act Amid Global Extinction Crisis

Aug 13/19







Today's Quote August 11-12/2019



Martha Sturtz : it has been made public before as it was secretly recorded
At a local real estate office

Matt Mulcahy: Martha Sturtz it has been.. although it was not allowed in court, right?

Online poster: Martha Sturtz So the SD works on real estate on the side? Glad that bunch of liars are gone!

Online poster: Martha Sturtz What secretly recorded conversation? Are you saying you didn't know a deputy was recording you when you said your family purposely hid from the public that Heidi was giving names of drug dealers, albiet from school (supposedly), to LE? Or that Heidi agreed to "inform" in exchange for only a PINS? Those words were recorded without your knowledge beforehand? Did syracuse.com play 'the entire' interview because I don't think so.


Martha Sturtz: Ah well what ever if we don’t find Heidi s remains it is of no interest to me lol just fluff and drama
From day 1 our focus has been to bring Heidi home
Wasn’t until our 20 year thank you to new Haven community gathering that any one was concerned enough
(if we don’t find Heidi s remains it is of no interest to me lol just fluff and drama)

Online poster: Martha Sturtz Unreal!! So give up and watch as the only (wrongfully) convicted person dies in prison?

Martha Sturtz : Online poster share what was done in first 20 years to prove what you say
we were still looking for Heidi
We never gave up

Martha Sturtz: I wont be watching it as I know what Was said and I know all the intimate details as I lived them for 25 years
Where s Heidi?
That’s all we care about


Online poster: Martha Sturtz My response was to you having no interest in finding Heidi’s remains. That’s what you said “fluff and drama.” Your LE are the ones who would not follow-up on leads and dismiss any they got for frivolous reasons. Sounds familiar. Wheeler’s lying in court was frivolous too.? When did the lead about Bohrer blabbing in a bar go in to LE? It was before Tonya came forward. But....LE dismisses because ....? What about the lead from the Onondaga County inmate? Greg dismisses because.....? What about the crap pulled on Rice Road? No chemical soil testing after 3 dog indications And LE brought a small excavator to the site After the ME soil sifting. But the Rice Road site didn’t really fit Greg’s agenda, now did it?

Online poster: Martha Sturtz you know all the lies. You cheered when an innocent man was convicted of a crime he did not commit.


Conversation Tracey Breckenridge, had with Roger Breckenridge. Appears to be a recorded statement from Tracey, while speaking with the OCSD!
#1 TRACEY BRECKENRIDGE: " I said what's going on?"
#2 TRACEY BRECKENRIDGE: "He says, "I guess I got to get that van out of Murtaugh's"
#3 TRACEY BRECKENRIDGE: "I says, why?" He said "Because it's got evidence in the back."
#4 TRACEY BRECKENRIDGE:"I go, "What do you mean [by] evidence?"
#5 TRACEY BRECKENRIDGE: He goes, "There's blood on the backseat."


Specifically, it is my opinion that Brent Moore, witnessed Heidi Allen's body being transported in a van and then saw her body burnt in a garage shed on the property of the Barlow residence located on Parkhurst Road, in the Town of Scriba.

Brent's account of these events, despite his young age, as told to his mother, Debra Moore, and the Catholic Charities Councilor, Camilia Utick, have the characteristics which both research and experience associate with true and accurate reports.

My examination of the drawings made by Brent and his accounts of their representations, in my judgement, contain images which accurately reflect the details of the Barlow residence and the location of Heidi Allen's remains.

Brent's behavior following the events he witnessed is entirely consistent with the expected sequelae of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Brent's mother reports that he has had difficulty in sleeping, has had of somatic complaints, and stressful concerns regarding Heidi Allen

It is my considered professional opinion that Brent Moore's accounts of the events he reports have sufficient credibility to warrant further investigation in pursuit of their ultimate physical confirmation in determining Heidi Allen's remains.

Executed this 11/09/04
Murray S. Miron

Aug 11-12/19

Grand Opening
I went to the Stewart’s grand opening this morning and there was a drunk man who looked like he fell asleep in a tanning bed. It turns out he’s one of our city councilors. People from the children’s museum were there along with a bunch of kids. He reeked of alcohol, his speech was slurred and he is the worst possible role model for our kids. Take this advice, if you’re drunk, stay home! You’re going to kill someone or yourself. Barlow, you need to do something before someone gets hurt or worse.

Aug 11-12/19


Trump Administration Authorizes Highly Toxic 'Cyanide Bombs'


Aug 11-12/19

Shooting on Utica street
What ever happened to the gunslinger after he shot the unarmed young man? Is he still in jail? Is there a trial scheduled? He has the dubious distinction of being the first “road rage” shooter in Oswego, but, probably not the last.

Aug 11-12/19


Rt. 104 east :
I have to agree , where are these bumps coming from ??? Also what a beautiful mess they made on the northside of the road, 15ft trees growing into 40 to 60 ft trees, so attractive !!!! Should have left the 4 passes with a lawn mower ( when they are not just riding around the city) and done, no now it looks like shit !!!!! Also i now here the city workers have 100% free medical, are you kidding me, we all pay, were is this lying Mayor getting all this money. Lastly they are putting new sidewalk up in the woods across from the east side dunkin dog nuts, when my socalled aldeman put in a work order in early may and nothing. This city needs to be investigated it is jut like dc with Orange head CROOKED !!!!!!! Drugs everywhere thats why when kids can leave they are there is nothing to keep them here NO JOBS > WE have had a industrial park for at least 25 years and still nothing . OH i forgot a indoor water park WOW !!!

Aug 11-12/19


Chase Bank forgives all credit card debt for Canadian customers


Aug 11-12/19

Chase is one sorry excuse for a bank. You get a few mature people that know what they are doing and a whole bunch of kids who do not have a clue. If you are doing anything other than simple banking they will end up costing you money.

Our thanks to Mr. Harrington
This submission is to thank Mr. Harrington for the creation and maintenance of this social media platform, A site that lets all of us submit freely our views and concerns about our city. And most important the injustice that is the Heidi Allen case, you must realize that the group who took Heidi’s life read these post every day, almost like the Sunday paper and are so pleased when they see the mis-guided trains of thought that they planted so early on. Such as the van, the only van involved was simply seen getting a pack of smokes, all the others are bullshit, planted information that has worked so very well, while the real killers set back in their paid retirement and know it's to late. This platform tears away at the mighty blue wall, body cameras and social media or demanding clarity. And yes soon it to will pass. So thank you Mr. Harrington for your site, and the red ink that sometime in past angered me so has shed common sense on many subjects and has made me re-think my positions. Thank you Ed for your site, your fairness in all submissions and weeding out the bullshit lawyers!.


Aug 11-12/19





Today's Quote August 10/2019

If something is personal to you, you are much more likely to act.
Xavier Becerra

So many secrets
An impressive observation. Although this may apply to you. I do not believe that you are the intended recipient. If indeed you are, my apologies. Moreover, If you really want to do something you’ll find a way. If you don’t you’ll find an excuse ~ Relaja!

Aug 10/19

Just asking a question...or several
Is it possible that Gary and Richard were the scapegoats for a distant relation/s who may have actually been involved in Heidi’s disappearance and presumable murder?

Still…..in all this, it is crystal clear and obvious that IT Wasn’t Gary and/or Richard who committed this heinous act against Heidi, her family and the community.

Good job, LE, at keeping the attention on surface level. Now, do your jobs and get to the truth and hold anyone accountable for lying In A Court of Law and/or committing this crime. While you’re at it, why not look into other cold missing persons cases? Many (in the DA’s offices throughout the State) lay their campaigns on closing cases such as this. Look at Mary Rain. She won election on the back of finding and prosecuting Garrett Phillips’ killer. How did that turn out? Answer : She was elected, prosecuted Nick Hillary and was disbarred due to egregious misconduct in his prosecution. Compare Greg Oakes. He won election on the back of keeping Heidi Allen’s (supposed) kidnapper and murderer in prison. Who needs to say what to someone to get “the powers that be” to take notice of what Greg and the Sheriff’s department have done? Hidden documents not enough? Officials lying under oath is not enough? Not one single piece of ‘evidence’ that points to Gary and Richard being guilty. Not even ‘evidence’ taken as a whole.

“the inmates ‘knew’ things they could have only gotten from Gary. “ No DUH! His family would read him news articles and keep him apprised of what was happening as far as LE investigating HIM.

“they made the van move.” No DUH! Richard freely admits to being at the store that morning and making a purchase.

“she was trying to protect her man” No DUH! Because he didn’t do it and she wasn’t lying even though she was indicted just before Gary’s trial.

“a kidnapper would ‘hide’ the vehicle they took someone in” No DUH! Richard was still driving his van a week, month, until his arrest in May 1994, after being forensically tested just 6 days after the disappearance.

“he was a ‘bad guy’” Does not justify a guilty verdict for a crime one does not commit. That’s The Law!!

“the inmates had no reason to lie. They did not receive any benefit for testifying” *Laughable THAT was a lie. Baldasaro IN FACT received probation for violating probation that caused his incarceration in MA to begin with.

“Gary said Heidi was pretty….(supposed) crush on her” So what? Gary was the only man to ever say that about Heidi? Did he EVER socialize with her without Brett around? **Clever move, Dodd, by getting the inmates to say that Gary had sex with Heidi or a physical connection to her. What say you, OOPSie, did Heidi have a relationship with Gary while involved with Brett? Sick, that right there would have made me, as a family member, not believe what the inmates said along with their admitted eavesdropping on Gary’s jail phone conversations. Anyhow, aren’t inmates’ calls monitored anyhow, why would the inmates NEED to be asking him anything about what they were purposefully listening to? Secondly, did her diary mention trysts with Gary? Answer : Gary or Richards name were NOT in Heidi’s diary/planner-fact, read the trial transcripts…of course unless the judge misrepresented or Dodd lied about what was written. But for some reason I don’t think they did.

‘Series of unfortunate events’ summarizes the accusation and cockamamie theorieS Le came up with to convict Gary. NOTHING MORE.

‘foul smell from something burning on his property’ AND…..what did the forensic testing reveal? Logically, anyhow, did anyone research what it would take to disintegrate a body in a ‘fire pit’? So, forensic testing revealed teeth in the furnace? *Buzzer* Wrong answer. Look at the Smithsonian forensic report about the furnace debris.

No ONE ID’ed Richards van at Gary’s on the morning of April 3, 1994 until March 1995 when the minor witness claimed to have. Yeah, Dodd, don’t really take into consideration a child’s testimony when compared to an adults but you sure ran with the minor child when adult neighbor witnesses didn’t ID Richards van at Gary’s on April 3, 1994 with 100% certainty.

“no morphological details that suggest a human origin” found in the furnace debris. No human remains found on Gary’s property. No remains found near the pond where a witness reported supposedly seeing Richard and Gary attempting to dump a rolled carpet. **Bet this is where Steen gets “we were almost caught by a passing car.** No DNA found on ANY tool confiscated from Gary’s property. No DNA from Heidi in Richards van…when it was tested on April 9, 1994, not after it was seen at the car wash on or about April 28 OR 15, 20+ years later.

“just a different jury” why Gary was convicted and Richard was acquitted. Yes, different jury AND different ‘evidence’. Much more was brought to light and presented to the jurors than was allowed (or shown) in Gary’s. PROSECUTORIAL Misconduct!! To get the conviction AND get elected DA. HHmmm, sounds like…Mary Rain. Would that be because she worked as ADA for…Dodd?

You people really think that Joe Shmoe Q public doesn’t have higher reasoning power to figure you out? Not one person may know EVERYTHING correctly but what is known does not amount to Beyond a Reasonable Doubt that Gary was guilty. Show me what it was, then, if it wasn’t speculation and false theories!!

Too much time on my hands to be thinking of such things with this case? No way, Jose. A young woman has been missing for over 20 years and a person was wrongfully convicted for being the cause. That’s what the focus should be. Heidi’s case STINKS.

Aug 10/19

The paper....not for copy for defense attys.
" it must have been looked at but it didn't go anywhere." I don't know.
You were the prosecuting DA and the OCSD inv. didn't inform you of what or what not the boy said?

Are you kidding? Tracy's statement about blood on the seat was that also not looked at? She even mentioned to take the van to Canada....I believe.


But I really like that grunt you did when Matt told you about the little boy seeing a cop shoot her in the head...you couldn't even speak!!
You grunted like man so scared his voice wouldn't work.

And then you said the Swenkowski was an adult male and Stinson was an adult male....too much info Dodd. That's what cops look for when questioning people. "an adult male." Which means what. Matt asked you why you believe Swenkowski and Stinson but not the little boy.

You think adults don't lie? You did , ask Lisa P.

You guys have only one chance....it the FBI doesn't investigate this.

But then why was that guy at the 2014 trial that said.." who do you think you're kidding Oswego?

Start worrying. Sleeping well? Night sweats, agitations, short temper now?

Aug 10/19

The obvious case of covering up a crime
When cops investigate they take statements an then see if they are true...especially from suspects.

In the S of Facts the first 3 witnesses said the van was blue.
Bivens of course changed his mind but the other 2 did not.

Wouldn't the fact that it was blue excuse the T. bros? Why did they Bivens change his mind?
Fax + MB + talking to Bivens about helping OCSD by changing his story may have gotten him out of a DWI...the FBI if they come will have privy to this inf.

Why did Mrs. Fabinchange her story from blue to white. Did they convince her somehow?

Why would you look for a white van if witnesses said it was blue?

Where did RT get a blue van from? Where did he park his white van during the crime as it was seen by several people that day.

GT's blue van didn't even run so that's not the one.
They massaged testimonies to fit a white van.

Why did JW say to them " after 20 years I have to tell you cops there were 2 vans."


Has to be a cover up, no one is this stupid.

Still the time line has me baffled. I cannot put it together. If they turned it back, then all the customers times would be wrong and people that told when they left their houses to go to the store would have arrived before they left their houses....???? See what I mean.

If they turned it ahead then again the customers who bought items when Heidi was still there somehow were at the store and the church at the same time.










Aug 10/19


East side speed bumps
What is up with the marked speed bumps on east 104 starting at Monroe and up the hill towards Dunkin’ Donuts on both

side of the roads? anyone know?

Aug 10/19

One Sick Indivdual, I Cannot Find Words To Explain This Psychopath
''Andre and Jordan Anchondo were the parents of this child. They were shopping for party supplies for their daughter, who is turning 6, at Walmart when the shooting rampage began. Andre died protecting Jordan and she died shielding 2-month-old Paul, who was grazed by a bullet but survived.''
None of the still hospitalized victims in El Paso wanted to meet with HIM, so the orange freak's people dragged the 2 month old baby, that was orphaned when its parents were murdered by the weirdo's follower/ shooter in El Paso, to a photo op with the grinning, thumbs up sorry-assed excuse for our, (choke) prez and his smiling bimbo of a wife.
The baby's parents died trying to shield him and the orange haired creep figured it would be good to use the orphan as a prop. I don’t think I’ve ever met any NORMAL person who would think the appropriate response would be flashing a thumbs up smile, but I'm sure his fans would okay it. Something is wrong with him. I swear he is not human. The man is the baby's moron uncle who seems happier than a pig in crap to be photographed w/ his hero. The woman is a hospital administrator and she seems less than enthusiatic to be part of this abomination.
Oh well... supposedly he was ELECTED to the job, so we're stuck w/ him... at least for a while, until next year.

Aug 10/19


177 East 2nd Street

Every time it seems like maybe something is being done a new crew show up at 177 East 2nd Street. Desi Parsons fresh out of prison hanging out there now. This POS is worse than all the others put together. Some how the tax paying, working, retired old folks need to have a say in this. There has to be an avenue for them to go to besides calling OPD all the time. The slumlords Tom and Fred don't give a SH*T at all as long as their rent is getting paid (by hard working people). I am seriously afraid to leave my house for work as I do not know if anything will be there when I return. The city doesn't care because I am sure they probably get some sort of grant money for letting these lowlife scum live here. Even as I sit here writing this they are letting off fire crackers and playing with there pellet guns believing they are gang bangers!! I am again calling out OPD and Mayor Barlow to do something before someone gets hurt in this neighborhood!!!!!

Aug 10/19






Today's Quote August 9/2019

I've always been aware that the image you patiently construct for an entire career can be ruined in a minute.

It scares you a bit, but that's the way things are.

Roger Federer

177 East 2nd Street
Well another day and another arrest. Saw OPD drag a molly'd up individual out in cuffs tonight. Rest of the tenants from the other apartments must have liked it because they started shooting off fire crackers. They are getting as bad as the druggies. Constantly shooting bb or pellet guns off in the back of the apartments. Landlords are doing NOTHING!!!! It's time for them to be held accountable.

Aug 9/19


So many secrets
For some unusual reason I knew you were directing that comment at me. I can't explain how, I read it several times. I knew exactly what it meant and who you were speaking to. It may have only made sense to me. So do me a favor. I'll stop slapping them if you hurry up. I'm certain you know exactly what I'm trying to say.

Aug 9/19


Is Your Bike Missing?
Look in the front yard of 202 E. Fifth St., yard is full of all kinds of bikes........just sayin’

Aug 9/19


177 E. Second St.
How long will it take to rid yourselves of the mess forced upon you? It took three years to get rid of the Syracuse Ave. drug dealing hooker. Gotta love Oz.


Aug 9/19

Moscow Mitch, Republicans, NRA
Everyone who is up in arms over nothing being done over the sale of highly powered assault weapons needs to face the fact that as long as "Deadhead" "Moscow Mitch" who flat out refuses to present any bills to penalize any foreign government who interferes in our elections and his totally useless fellow Republican Congressmen who would rather sit back and see lives snuffed out
than to fear losing support of the NRA of their political party. They keep telling
the American People that if a Democrat President gets elected that they will
take their guns away. This is no more than another Republican lie. The Dems
DO NOT want to take the average hunters or those who have firearms for self
protection guns away from them. It is the high powered assault weapons such
as the AK-47 that they want the sales to the average Joe to stop. I can't for
the life of me believe that the Republican gun owners truly believe that the Dems
actually want to take all their firearms. The only way to get these assault (war)
weapons off the market is enough people vote in November 2020 to overcome
foreign interference by voting for all Democratic Candidates. I am one of the many
now ''Former Republicans" who voted for Trump and now I realize more than ever
it was one of the biggest mistakes that I ever made in my life and no longer or ever will be a member of the Republican Party ever again after seeing this Circus in Washington DC which as gone on far to long. It is time for this Republican Congress to wake up once and for all. Wake up "Moscow Mitch" !

Aug 9/19


Trump goes to El Paso
Trump brags about crowd size outside the El Paso Hospital that he visited, but he did not mention they were carrying signs telling him to go "back where you came from"! Survivors of the shooting that were in the hospital refused to meet with him because he is a racist!


Aug 9/19







Today's Quote August 7/2019

Choose your companions from the best; Who draws a bucket with the rest soon topples down the hill.

William Butler Yeats

So many secrets
You are more than welcome. It is pleasing that you understand the value in what the message represents. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. You have the canny ability to weed out the nonsense.

Aug 8/19


White House Violated Law With Plan To Move Hundreds Of USDA Workers: Inspector General


Aug 8/19

Reply to coincidence
Explain, then, why Mrs. Granger’s original statement taken April 3 or 4, 1994 has the same received stamp as the letter she wrote at a later time?” Were you in the habit of marking documents differently for the defense and/or

You are right on.

There are so many stupid mistakes in this cover up.

Who from the DA Dodd's office sent Mike Bohere a DWI fax?
Was the DA's office involved or someone that works there/
Or did a Deputy involved in the murder/cover send this to Mike Bohere?
How did he get MB's fax number? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Still don't think this is a cover up?

I hope the person who posted about new people coming forward and one saying he saw the driver of the van and it was not Richard T. is telling the truth.

Dog & Pony is right.
Why bring JW in if Greag said she is a liar? Just for show and tell.

I think Dodd just hung all involved with the paper Matt found saying.." not to copy for defense attys." Does this speak volumes about his case along with all the other stuff.

I read in 2014 that a woman at the store the time of the crime said that a deputy said I have to go find that van.

****** she said no one mentioned a van.

How much detail does one need to see what they did here.

-Tape a call and say it isn't credible
- 10 witnesses telling that they heard some or all of the "three" say they got Heidi and King says not credible. 10 witnesses King, you should be investigated too.
- Dodd saying that GT confessed i Matt's doc...but Baldasaro now says GT NEVER confessed to getting Heidi.
- 3 months to get the register tape..lol and idiot would know why.

- now we have a kid, ROGER'S WIFE ON A POLICE TAPE saying there's blood on the back seat. And what shows you the some cops were involved in this murder...THEY NEVER DID ANYTHING WITH THE INFO?????

_ Dodd hid all of this from the defense and then said it was available....sure it was, all you have to do is find it.

- Dodd, Todd, Greg deputies involved, King and possible elected officials in O. CTY should be investigated and tried.


People do not hold back. Call Lisa and let her know what you have. We all owe it to being a good human being and doing what is right.

Night flying lessons at the Fulton Airport at 3-4 am.


This reads like a first year law case.

BYE BYE if the FBI comes to Oswego.

Who will turn states evidence to save themselves?

Aug 8/19






Today's Quote August 7/2019

He makes no friends who never made a foe.
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Trump Ran Facebook Ads Decrying An Immigrant 'Invasion

Aug 7/19


I'm confused on Murtagh. Let me explain why. In 94, who owned Crosby Hill? His father or Murtagh Jr. The reason I ask this is because if his father did, the only name given was Richard Murtagh, no one ever mentioned a junior. So why is it junior is so nervous and online spreading lies? It's as if when that name came up, instantly guilt by his behavior tends to make you believe he was some how involved and the name being given is his own. The reason I believe that is because say he did own the junk yard but had no knowledge of the van being brought through. That's all he would ever have to say. He could have said I did own it but am unaware if the van came through. He could have said simply lots of workers came and went, many people come through my gates. Not every vehicle is check especially on busy days. Wouldn't that answer had been enough, instead of what he's been doing for over 5 years now?

Aug 7/19


Countries Warn Their Citizens About U.S. Travel After Mass Shootings


Aug 7/19

Lisa Buske’s sister-in-law, Mary, was forewoman on the Grand Jury that indicted Sharon Raposa/Thibodeau for lying about where she was on April 3, 4, and 5 and for lying about Gary’s alibi? The indictment was handed down in March 1995?

How can that be if the Sheriff’s department KNEW on April 4, 1994 that Gary’s Caddy was at his residence? The DA’s office or the Sheriff’s department didn’t share that information between themselves until after she was indicted? Or did Dodd proceed in front of the Grand Jury to get the indictment to taint his jury pool for the Thibodeau trials? Clearly both because Dodd testified before king saying that he had read/seen EVERY piece of paper dealing with the case. That was by December 8, 1994? Right Dodd. When did you enact your document marking and copying procedure? Lie… if you say it was from the beginning. I’d say, “Explain, then, why Mrs. Granger’s original statement taken April 3 or 4, 1994 has the same received stamp as the letter she wrote at a later time?” Were you in the habit of marking documents differently for the defense and/or court record? I know, your memory was crystal clear for testifying at the Hearing but now, not so good? That was over 20 years ago and you are getting old. Memory fades over time. Right? But isn’t that what notes are for. To refresh memory? That’s OK. Don’t say anything or answer questions because every time you open your trap a lie oozes from your jowls.

Hmm…Sharon wasn’t proven to be a liar but Wheeler was. Dodd has been proven to be a liar as well. Oh, Greg, your right in the mix as well. Credible witnesses even though they change their ‘statements’? Not if your name is Jennifer Wescott and your ‘statements’ fit the prosecution narrative. Funny how that works!!

Dog and pony show and fluff and drama is right! All put on by the prosecution side. What a joke they have been shown to be. Dare I say, criminal. How often do you see a gallery member approach the prosecution table to give the DA/ADA and envelope/folder? It did happen! Just look at the court record or, better yet, give Greg a call and see what he says. Maybe, Just maybe, you could get a copy of the page from the Hearing transcript from the Clerk’s Office. It is public record, you know? Couldn’t have waited until court was in recess or the DA/ADA was in his office? No, because that’s how one makes a dog and pony show. “oh, someone took a picture of me!” Well, who was it then, Jennifer? Dog and pony show put on by the liar so she wouldn’t be taken seriously when she gave credible/corroborating information About What Really Happened To Heidi.

What’s the reason no one outside of that clown of law enforcement investigating Heidi’s disappearance is investigating? Praying that Hilton finds the integrity to properly investigate this missing person case No Matter Who Tells/Orders him not to. That’s what integrity is. Heidi’s disappearance has ALWAYS been bigger than her family/friends. It’s a community issue, as other missing persons cases are. Someone took her, someone killed her and someone is a coward not to tell where she is.

Timeline of Events, Attention to Detail, Logical Conclusion, The Bigger Picture. Fortunately for the prosecution…simpletons. The Sheriff’s and DA’s office should be ashamed of themselves for continuing this farce of Justice!!

As El Paso Mourns Mass Shooting, Texas Gun Laws Are About To Get Even Looser


Aug 7/19

Re177 East 2nd Street
Just wondering how much longer the elderly /retired and the young families with little ones have to endure the behavior that goes on from that house.
The drugs/the language/the fighting!!

Aug 7/19


Where are the Republican Senators
Why hasn't the Republican Senate publicly decried the killings by the white supremacist and why hasn't Moscow Mitch re-convened the senate to vote on Gun Control Bills and other measures.
Here is a list of things the senate should do to stop the hate killings by Americans on Americans:

Ban Trump from using hateful rhetoric at news conference's,hate rallies and on Twitter
Ban military style weapons (AR 15's) and large capacity clips
Make mandatory Federal back ground checks on ALL gun sales, especially at gun shows. Implement a mandatory 15 day waiting period to complete the transaction.
Place the same restrictions on purchase of ammunition and limit the quality that can be purchased at one time and take purchases.
Restrict the donation of large sums of money from the NRA to all federal offices.
Restore the funds that Trump and the senate reduced to fight domestic terrorism,
Make domestic terrorism a federal crime.
Monitor and take down dark web sites that foster hate, white supremacy, racists ideals, and neo-Nazi's.
Implement a red flag policy.
Have all senators either grow a spine and stand up to the Trump Party or resign.

We need to stop the killing and take our government back. I am not against gun ownership, but there is no place in the sport we call hunting that an AR- 15 is needed. Be a responsible gun owner and if you collect more than 6 guns, apply for a collectors permit.
I can hardly wait for all you gun nuts to start screaming about the 2nd amendment.

Aug 7/19


Judges with integrity
It was honor to finally meet my new friend Adam and his family. He has the best attitude despite his wrongful conviction. We’re going to work together to tell his story and to make our justice system even better. ( tweet from the judge who set an innocent man free last week)
These judges do exist. Judges like kangaroo King should take notes, instead of doodling. Only in OZ, do you catch a judge ruling on things never requested by the defense, or finding everything irrelevant to save face for his buddies. In the outside world there exists judges with integrity and aren't afraid to speak the truth. This judge went against the DA and the sheriff. Stood his ground and did what was right. Take note Oakes bar none this guy has far more dignity than your pathetic back room lies. When you questioned the integrity of the leading investigator in Gary's case you should have had the gutts to do what this judge just did. But instead you became the coward of the county.

Aug 7/19







Today's Quote August 6/2019

Blessed is the man, who having nothing to say, abstains from giving wordy evidence of the fact.
George Eliot

Trump and His Republican Hate followers
Ed, I can not disagree with anything you said as it is all true. What we have all failed to also recognize is that Trump is making allies of Russia, China and North Korea and throwing the allies of the US aside. These new allies operate much the same way that the Nazi's did[ summary executions, murdering news reporters, using news outlets like FOX to spread their hate, using race to get the haters to do their killing, taking from the poor to enrich themselves. They are using the WEB to manipulate our elections to keep Trump and the Republican haters in office which could change the way we live as free Americans.
I find it really interesting that the Republican haters have failed to chime in on their fellow haters and the pleasure they got from the murders of non-whites which they endorse. You were correct when you stated that Trump may not have pulled the trigger, but he and his "Trump Rally of Haters" and his spewing of white supremacy slogans were the catalyst behind these murders. Now they want to hide in the shadows and Trump, with a smirk on his face says the hate must stop. Give him a few days and he will be Tweeting more hate about Baltimore and inciting more shootings.
It is time to realize that this entire group of Republicans in Washington must go and we get back to our government as it was designed for the people. There is no place left in our government for the Trump Republican Hate Party

Aug 6/19

That fat bastard does not do anything unless there is something in it for himself. I am guessing he is hoping to get special preferential deals to build Trump hotels in those countries.

Ocasio-Cortez Tells Off Kevin McCarthy: Blame White Supremacy, Not Video Games | same old Republican bullshit


Aug 6/19

RE: It Was Not Baltimore …………… Yet
Way to go Ed. You nailed Trump but good. Everything you said was on the money

Aug 6/19


Aug 6/19






Today's Quote August 5/2019

“We know what Trump is doing. He stokes racism. He incites violence.

We shouldn’t be asking if there’s anything he can do or if he’s responsible for this when we know the answer.”
Beto O'Rourke


It Was Not Baltimore …………… Yet
None the less trumps little Nazi followers killed nine more innocent people in a racist attack in Dayton Ohio. Ever since the shooting in Parkland Florida apologists for Trump and the NRA have been blaming these shootings on mentally unstable people and the mental health problems in this country. Evidently that is not selling well anymore and the new culprit is the video game industry.

Currently the Racist president is uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter. How many days do you think it will it be before he whips up his white supremacist followers into another frenzy? I am betting that fat orange freak can not go more than two.

Where is our local congressman, former US Attorney and Trump puppet John Katko? Did he come home for a well undeserved vacation from sucking up? Public service is not a zero sum game. You are either for the people and the country or you are against it. You can not serve a Tyrant and the citizens of a Democracy at the same time.


Lets not forget Congressman Brandissi. You won a close election and seem to be hiding out not doing anything controversial. It is time for you to grow a set and start speaking up.

The person that pisses me off the most this weekend is Bernie Sanders when he said “I am sure that president Trump does not want anybody in this country to go around shooting people” and he is asking us to buy into the bullshit about all these shooters being “unstable”. Well I am sure that somewhere back in Nazi Germany some Rabbi stood in front of his congregation and said he was sure Adolph Hitler did not want any of his followers to go around shooting people too. Anyone that believes that horse shit does not deserve to be a candidate for president.

Here is a news flash for you Bernie. That racists, rapist son of a bitch could care less what his followers do or who they shoot. That stupid fucking moron is just as guilty as the ones that pull the triggers.

Beto O'Rourke laid the blame for the shootings in el Paso on trumps hate speech and in doing so looked more presidential than any other candidate so far.

I wonder if there are any video games about assassination? If not that is something to look forward to.


Fake News
Trump claims to have ordered whitehouse flag to be at half mast.
Bullsh!t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The pulley on the flagpole jammed and they could not get anyone to fix it on the weekend.
He just trying to claim credit and look like he cared about the people that were masacured by his MAGGOT followers.

Aug 5/19

Heart breaking
I just watched a case unfold. An innocent man. Same as Gary's tampered with evidence, witnesses hidden, evidence such as finger prints and DNA also hidden by the DA and acting Sheriff Dept involved. He was freed the judge intervened and freed him, he even came off his podium to shake the innocent mans hand. That's integrity and that's doing what's right no matter who political career is on the line. But to see a judge carry that much respect makes you wonder why OZ is so demented. It takes one hell of a person to do what this judge just did. To bad Gary wasn't set up by kangaroo king and the goons from OZ he may have had a fighting chance if he had atleast one person with integrity, in power willing to buck the system. Sick county, only in OZ do those in power run with the criminals. At this point you cant figure out which ones are worse. Gary's case is far from dead. The day you all get arrested and charged the crowd will cheer louder than they did in court freeing Adam.

Aug 5/19


Many new witnesses as stories on Gary and Heidi churn out by the news, are popping up. The witnesses are and have done it publically, which means new leads. One in particular saw the driver of the vehicle that morning and it wasn't Richard nor Gary. That's not the only one. One other poster claimed I'll quote her that fat cow Wescott did live on Rice Road. They are posting in their real names. Keep your eyes out, something's brewing. P.s. mulcahy isn't done just yet.

Aug 5/19


So many secrets
Well said. Ty.

Aug 5/19


Trump's Racism and White Supremacy is working
El Paso, Dayton, Charlottesville, La Vegas
Florida, Park Land, Pittsburg, Gilroy Calif, South Bend Ind., Washington, White Swan Hospital, Virginia Beach, Aurara Il, Livingston Tx, and the list goes on. All Hate Crimes shootings with an AR-15 or equivalent, and all under Trump's watch and Moscow Mitch's control of a ball less senate.. Trump keeps up his hate, racist, white supremacy speeches and the wackos go out and do Trump's killings. Trump and Moscow Mitch should be arrested for inciting these people to go out and kill. they are just as guilty. Trump and Mitch did not pull the trigger, but they caused the trigger to be pulled.
Trump, Moscow Mitch and the ball less senate need to go. Republican hate is not what our country is about. Shame on the 30% Republican hates that support this type of hatred across our country. Also time for the NRA to be dissolved.

Aug 5/19


You missed the point. Word travels fast on this wall. Releasing a quote snitches name here, there or anywhere is dangerous, especially in OZ. Heidi is an example of what happens to snitches there. If you know anyone who's a quote snitch it's best to not leak that info. For their sake reguardless if you don't agree or don't like that person. Anything's possible. Was my point. Watch who you say anything to.

Aug 5/19


Well, here goes, ....AGAIN!!! AGAIN!!! (w/ some updating/upgrading)
Anyone who actually believes what that goofy looking, orange-skinned, double-chinned, fat-assed, fish-mouthed, golf-playing, bird-nest & neon yellow haired, freaky clown sitting on his 'thrown' in Washington or at one of his crookedly gotten golf resorts, says in order to justify their mistaken stand, and oh by the way, I DON'T MEAN the supposed intellectuals, aka NOT drumps, I mean the 'POORLY EDUCATED', that he loves so much and literally brags about!
HE said those words!. I'm kinda thinking he's referring to the stupid f**ks that swallowed not only the hook line and sinker, but also the friggin' boat motor and trailer, voting for and continuing to defend the jerk!
I mean the either too lazy to actually research this thieving, lying, scamming POS that got hired... notice I didn't say elected? ... con artist that sits in the White House, profitting from stuff he should've divested himself of, but didn't ...and laughing about his 'POORLY EDUCATED' supporters that don't know any better as they repeat daily, "YEAH! WHAT HE SAID! ... lock her up!". Instead of looking into this no-good jerk's history, they go to his 'pep rally like' shows and get on tv chanting his half-assed garbage. HE SAID THOSE WORDS PEOPLE!!! Hehe, they voted for a 'stupid hat and a bunch of stupid, or should I say, 'poorly educated' bumper stickers' and now hang 'trump in 2020 flags' in their yards. Jesus Mary and Joseph!!!!! I NEVER realized how many frigging 'tards there are in my country.
Drumph IS NOT STUPID! He has, as did his father and his siblings before and scumbag kids now, for many years used a pretty sharp criminal consciousness to swindle, con, scam and screw people out of many, many, millions of dollars. His crooked way of .... ahem ... what he calls 'doing business', has worked for him, while all the time, everyone else was getting royally f****d... you know, the rest of us that actually work/ worked and pay/ paid our bills!
This POS has actually bragged publicly that he is "the king of debt"! Yep he runs up debt and then files bankruptcy, leaving people..., employees, small companies and banks that trusted him AND sometimes we/ us taxpayers, royally f**ked. Now he's crying foul as it seems he's been be exposed and that the media is treating him unfairly.. Holy Crap, this'll be a shot to this supposedly self-made billionaire moron's ego, huh? Oh chit! HE'S not the moron. The foolish American supporters of this crook are the morons.
HUH! Hmmmm, I worked every day, and like my own Father, got by ... you know, paying the bills and hopefully raising, in his case, a bunch of kids, in mine two kids, that he and Mom could be proud of. Hehe, does anyone other than me remember the long ago phrase, 'when our ship comes in', which would today translate into ...'when we hit the lottery'... . That meant that being work-a-day folk, we could hope that maybe someday get a lucky break and climb out of our 'just getting by' spot, all the while being ripped off by these f**king theiving bastards. Hmmmm, having grown up in the 'flats', right next to the harbor, I remember asking Mom, when a grain boat or cement boat came in, "is THAT our ship, Mom?"
In crump's case, it was "Hey dad, who're we gonna screw next?". Yep, that scarf bum's looking out for us! DUH! He sure as hell's NOT looking out for me! Maybe I'm TOO well educated for that!!!!
He's actually bragged about using the tax system w/ all of its loopholes to "pay as little as I have to, according to law". OKAY, ya friggin' ripoff artist... SHOW US YER FRIGGIN' TAX RETURNS! Show us just how you used the system to do what ever nasty chit ya did, crapping on the rest of us dumbasses that actually work/ worked for a living and paid what we were told and believed was our fair share of taxes!!
Anyone that really gives a damn about knowing real, NOT FAKE NEWS, facts about their freaking hero, check into the writings of David Cay Johnston. Johnston, a journalist and Syracuse University professor, who has been interviewing and writing about this jerk for many, many years is 'THE MAN' about 'drump'. He's also a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist that is respected world-wide as one who has and WILL expose corruption, especially financial corruption. He is imminently qualified to write a real, honest-to-goodness appraisal and exposure, "The Making of Donald Trump", of the creep that has bullshitted so many regular, hard-working, tax paying, god-fearing American people and who, for the defense of his own ego, is destroying MY country. I say MY because it would seem that the ordinary work-a-day Joe or Josephine has been suckered into believing his crap versus looking a bit deeper and seeing that we all have BEEN and CONTINUE TO BE, screwed over by his past and continuing crimes is NOT our USA! We are NOT being availed of the stuff this country of OURS should be providing for US...us/we Americans!
Dumph fans ... go ahead and vote for a bunch of freaking bumper stickers! THEN CONTINUE to defend your screw-up, because you're a supposedly 'proud American' ... and I refuse to even repeat the crap that made you lean in this creep's direction! I, and on this point I'm choking, because to take one side or the other of this foolish crooked system that we have as politics, must say that for whatever perverted reason, the GOP is totally screwing up, screwing us, and what I've mentioned before as, MY/OUR country!
This POS(piece of shit) is a freaking CRIMINAL... and has been for 40 plus years! For the longest time, I just settled back, watching, and knowing that I had no bearing on any of the stupid crap going on. I'd go to work, come home and crack a cold beer, resigning myself to being a kind of historian, a logger of my own observations.
When I heard of this clown actually running for office, I thought, 'No Way... the American people CAN'T BE THAT STUPID!' Guess what, you were! Ya voted for a tv personality!
Unfortunately, thanks to the morons that follow this jerk, we ALL ... we AMERICANS... have been screwed by a useless POS...AND the repuglicans, moscow mitch & the rest, that's bought and paid for by freaking russia!!!!
If ya don't think YOU have been part of this screwing, look closer to the idiots that are actually sayin... by the way, many of HIS followers, saying... "Well russia's not all that bad". Holy S**t ...RUSSIA'S NOT ALL THAT BAD!?!?!?!?!? Good God!!! what in holy hell has happened to us????
I would LOVE to have one, any or ALL of this bastard's supporters respond to my personal rant. I'm afraid the only way it would register would be if it wasn't fox screw's crap or any of the other moronic ignorance that I hear daily from the dumbest f**ks that ever drew a breath!!!!
::Oh Yeah... as a post script. drumph isn't the main item here. We've been screwed by the repuglicans, to get their way and that idiot is simply their 'face'. He isn't intelligent enough to do this crap. He's simply an ego freak, absolute freaking crook and a rubber stamp that can get the dumbass fools to support THEIR agenda, all the while making his own treasonous ass richer.
Remember Reagan? Now THERE was a freaking moron that as a "B" film actor couldn't even remember his own lines. America hired that clown...TWICE, only to find years later that our figurehead prez actually had alzheimer's disease!

Aug 5/19


They are all liars
Petrowski man crush is Curtis. His idol, his mentor. Isn't that so Petrowski. You use to take one of your ex gf TM over to his house. Not just once, many times. Yup spoken to her directly myself. You are all liars. Higher ups 5 years ago Petrowski were told to watch you. Boy did you f up just as I said you would.

Aug 5/19


Shooters Names
Some of the media are refusing to broadcast or publish the names of the recent mass murders sent by there leader Trump to kill off the blacks and Latinos
If they are not going to take a stand like the Baltimore Sun did then they should at least stop rebroadcasting and retweeting the rants of that racist pig in the white house.

Aug 5/19


Which one
Who was involved in the airport at any point in time from the 70s straight through til now. If the Sheriffs name popped up now or then, how unusual would you feel that is in regards to the idea drugs were funneled through the oswego airport? If you knew the head sheriff at some point was involved with any aspect of the airport, everyone would instantly say that's fd up, and immediately say no wonder Heidi's case went the way it did. Which sheriff was it?

Aug 5/1919


Trumps New Campaign Slogan
Promises Made Promises Kept, and Make America Great Again are out. The new 2020 one is

Aug 5/19


Well then, I have to agree. All the suspects and the liars that be did was piss Peebles off. Does anyone deep down believe she just walked away. I highly doubt it. What she did was stew then stand up and dusted herself off. The people are coming for you, that I truly believe John 3:16 (Murtagh). Lisa will be the one leading. If you also believe you only pissed off a few. Times that number by several thousand. If not more. Believe in Peebles if you believe in anyone. She's fighting for all the right reasons. There will be a time this blows wide open. When it does may she gladly flip OCSD right off, seal it with a smile. Lisa isn't just a fed. She's the best they have as she turned down a huge job at the white house for Gary's case. I'm certain she also will not forgot what you've taken from everyone including herself. The idea of handing the case over upon Gary's death was already in line before he passed away. So I wouldn't doubt in any way she did just that. Believe in her, she's the only hope anyone has. This promise of change isn't happening. Maybe she'll be the one to force it.

Aug 5/19






Today's Quote August 3-4/2019

Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary.

It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body.

It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.
Winston Churchill

Trump Inspired MAGA Maggot Kills 20 Hispanic Men Women And Children

I told people after Charlottesville If you did not have a gun you better get one. This guy drove 600 miles to kill the rapists and murderers Trump claims are invading the country from our southern border. Next he will probably send his Nazi followers to Philadelphia to kill the Democrat controlled RATS which infect that city.
This could be the thing that brings Trump down long before the Democrats get off their asses. Imagine a huge lawsuit by the El Paso victims, against Trump. Bigger than anything this country has ever seen before. I can see Sarah Huckabee, Kelly Conway, Sean Hannityy and Rush Limbaugh all sitting next to him as co defendants.

Aug 3-4/19


Facebook Says It Dismantled Covert Influence Campaign Tied To Saudi Government


Aug 3-4/19

I see listed on the Common Council Agenda to spend more money on an ambulance that we never seem to use. I noticed a new one at Harborfest, is this the one they are now getting approval for? Seems a little late.

Aug 3-4/19

Yea we see how it works
Ya wanna know it works ask good ole boy Ralph how it works, Van Patten was one of his rats and while your talking to Ralph ask him to show ya his army shovel and boots he brought back from Nam, the big cheese is getting old but has every answer to every question requarding Heidi's injustice. He once had a heart. From Hannibals first cop to Hannibals biggest flop!!!.

Aug 3-4/19

Defense Secretary Reveals Plan For Ground-Launched Missiles In Asia


Aug 3-4/19

Another Mall Shooting

El Pasong inTX. is the current site of America's shooting gallery for the sick haters that are nothing more than kids that think playing shoot'em up games on their computer makes them brave. Going into a at the shopping mall and shooting unarmed women and kids just shows how the hate spread by Trump and Fox News is affecting the kids on social media. If these little haters want to show how brave they are, join the service and go to someplace like Korea, Vietnam, Iran, and Afghanistan having somebody shooting back at you. These cowards are just like Trump....hide from the service and behind MaMa's skirt, then ambush people while they have their backs turned. This is the mantra of the new Republican Party.

Aug 3-4/19

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
Cover up? Nope says Greg Oakes. Well explain these SUSPICIOUS actions and non-actions of LE.

- Bivens gets a DWI file of Bivens faxed to him. Who the hell gets a DWI from the DA's file sent to them? No one!
- Oakes says Gary went to MA to dump body but two deputies testified in court that they watched Gary and he did not leave the county. Oakes trying to get a man convicted
when he knew he was innocent. Putting it into the news puts thoughts in people's minds.
- Todd not asking the FBI for help in a cse he did not want solved for law suit reasons, covering up cops selling drugs and who got to Heidi.
- Dodd caught lying to Lisa P. Gary's lawyer.
- County issued vehicles going to airport at 3-4 am witnessed by people living near the airport. Any ambulances, cop cars, sheriff's cars?
- Tape disclosed by Matt Mulcahey in his documentary from Roger's wife stating the van has evidence in it.
- Tape of Rich M. telling his wife they won't get us for drugs but may find out about Heidi. This says volumes about this case. Not getting us for drugs makes it sound ( imo ) that the cops knew but didn't care...why not?
- Dodd not turning over really important evidence that Matt uncovered. It said at the bottom of that sheet that Dodd was going to ask judge .....hmmm judge know something too?
- King discredits ten witnesses saying they heard guys saying they got Heidi. But anyone that testified for the state was always credible.
- Was King brought in to stall and squash the appeal? I think so.
- Heidi a CI? Looks like it doesn't it. They said no but on deputy ran the program that Todd said didn't exist and stated he signed Heidi to a CI. Doesn't matter if she gave them evidence or not she was still a CI.
- Jenn Wecott was brought in to help the DA etc. cover this up. They got info so why didn't they use it?
- The 3 were not investigated very much on where they were that morning.
- Took 3 months to get cash register tape and 6 months to get a picture of James Steen to show Pierce...now that's good police work.
- Kid testifying to seeing cop shoot Heidi in the head..Dodd hid this info and even stated so on paper. Dodd should go to prison.
- I like the "grunt " Dodd did in Matt's doc. Man did he look guilty....yep sure as hell did.
- Why wasn't the info from the junkyard owner given to the defense?

- And there is o much more. After all this does anyone doubt that this was a cover up?
How could you when all the explanations from LE can be proven false or at least leave a huge amount of uncertainty about what they DIDN'T do in their investigation.

******** so tell us, how does it feel about getting away with murder? I hope you don't think you wives, girlfriends, children friends actually believe you.

Well it may not be over yet. Lisa is the key and remember she is a FEDERAL DEFENDER. FEDERAL! So is the FBI!

Sleep well because I have a really good feeling that somone's conscience is bothering them.


PS: Mr. Bivens your testimony changes and the fact that you said 3 times the van was blue along with 2 other witnesses means that you are a liar.....

New Thought
First country to enter , apply . Wanting more pay does not mean a reason to seek polictico asylum , and it is first country entered , and you also have them coming from the Middle East . How do we determine who the bad people are
And they are using kids as camoufalage , grow some brains, this is about votes if the dems can not control the electro college .

Aug 3-4/19






Today's Quote August 2/2019

The world is made up for the most part of morons and natural tyrants,

sure of themselves, strong in their own opinions, never doubting anything.
Clarence Darrow

Love, Lust and Lies
Telling the truth is obviously very challenging for you Robert. Why do you feel inclined to tell lies to spare someone's feelings? Although the truth hurts, it is best to come clean. Your mistakes are clouded with your regret and guilt. Your lies are repeated wrong choices, and it is making a decision for the person you claimed to have loved. You remember the letter you wrote, it was all lies so that you could push that guilt away from you but continuing to pretend to be the person she believed you were. Your lies are not wanting to admit what you have done. Robert, you don’t lie to the person you really love. You do not do something you know will break her and then break her again by lying over and over. Lying meant losing her, the person you truly loved and then replacing her with that one someone that is paranoid and unsteady, insecure and irrational, hurt and unpredictable. She deserves so much more than lies and blame-placing. She can see past your bullshit and that terrifies you. She deserved more than to always feel like you were only giving half of yourself when she was giving everything she could. She deserves to be given the chance to heal, no matter how messy or chaotic or ugly that healing might be, she deserves to find her way back, even if that isn’t to you. Why do you keep her in this state? Why? It is selfish and evil. You know how badly you have hurt her and continue to hurt her. You don’t get to decide what she can handle. She is trying not to let her world fall apart around her when you intentionally look the other way when she is right next to you. She is trying to heal because you failed to love her.

Aug 2/19

See how that works
I’m so sorry you missed the point of the ambiguous comment.

Could be wrong, but…..’Who cares? Except for those who may be ‘snitched’ upon.” Doesn’t that mean that only a potentially dangerous person would care to know a snitches name? Doesn’t naming a snitch, in essence, make the namer a snitch as well? The namer is dangerous and a hypocrite, to boot. “See how that works?’ refers to only a dangerous person-who would be the ‘exception’ in the second sentence, would care to publicly name a ‘snitch’. Get it now?

Course, if you look at the comment from the writer being one of ‘those snitched upon’, I guess you got the point though You Would Be Wrong. I DO care that Heidi was labeled a snitch by dangerous community members. I care that a deputy was blabbing at a bar to non-law enforcement person/s that he had a young female CI in the New Haven area. I care VERY much that the same blabbing deputy (carelessly) dropped an identifying document in a public parking lot for an (undetermined) amount of time. I care that it was written on a public rest stop bathroom stall that ‘Heidi Allen is a snitch’. MOST OF ALL, I care that such an Injustice was done to both Heidi and Gary Thibodeau/Richard Thibodeau by the Oswego County justice system.

Where are the officers willing to speak up, like VanPatten’s big mouth, to get Justice? They should know more (and be able to ‘prove’ more) than the general public. There have to be some with half a brain that will speak for those who can’t!

Aug 2/19


177 East 2nd
Aug 1st and Molly Walkers still live here. So much for the eviction. It is 8:06 Thursday morning and already 1 girl on girl fight outside and at least 15 different people have come and gone since 7:00 a.m. that I have seen. One good thing I guess is I have seen the police drive by 4 times already this morning.

Aug 2/19


Iran Clams Saudi Arabia Killed Over '3000 Americans' and still gets to 'have Nuclear Weapons'


Aug 2/19

Dunkin…Cluster Fu%k on West First and Utica Street
In a couple of weeks we will see the opening of another Dunkin (formerly Dunkin Donuts) on the corner of West First Street and Utica Street. This was probably the worst site that could have been chosen for a drive-thru Dunkin, as was expressed by the citizens who showed up at the Planning and Zoning Board meetings, along with the 1,700 people that signed a petition in opposition to this Dunkin. The protesters concerns fell on deaf ears at the Planning and Zoning Boards and the city actually had a bogus traffic study done by a former Syracuse City Planner, Jim Napoleon, who stated that traffic would only be affected by 5 seconds. Hell, they cannot get Rt. 81 planned thru Syracuse and we want to rely on this guy, who knows nothing about traffic problems, especially the traffic patterns at the corner of West First and Utica. Gee I guess we can rely on a guy that was hired by Dunkin, to have our best interest at heart.

There are several questions that now have to be asked regarding this location

If this is a drive-thru, why does this location need 25 parking spaces?

There is one driveway in and the exit will have two directions that go north and south, across several lanes of traffic.

Traffic flowing north will go from 2 lanes to one lane at the entrance at Dunkin causing a pinch point, Left lane traffic going north across Utica St. will tie up one lane turning into Paul’s and will be confronted with the cars pulling out of Dunkin going south jockeying for the left arrow turn lane to get across the bridge. Cars that are heading north across Utica Street and wishing to go downtown will be held up because of the turn in lanes for Dunkin and Paul’s.

There is parking on both sides of First Street from the driveway of Paul’s and Dunkin, north, all the way to downtown, which turns this street into a one lane street.

Car s going into the YMCA heading south will be confronted with the cars pulling out of Dunkin going north, which will be a one lane.

The YMCA, Paul’s and Dunkin are open early morning and will be competing for parking and traffic flow on First street.

This will be quite a show in the mornings and the bogus traffic study took none of this into consideration. The political aspect was strictly two greedy lawyers filling their pockets with $$$. The city attorney turned the Planning and Zoning meets into a joke and tried to keep people from speaking out and pushed his agenda down the board members throats (as if that was hard) and SEQRA (State Environmental Quality Review Act), as presented by the city attorney, was pushed through with no documentation or challenges by the board ( the public was not allowed to speak on this). Yes, the traffic, I fear, will be a cluster Fu%k, and if I am wrong, I will post a note here saying so, but I am confident that will not be necessary.

Oswego; welcome to the Dunkin Cluster Fu%k!!

Aug 2/19





Today's Quote August 1/2019

Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.
Milton Friedman

Re: Gallagher pool....
Speaking of this pool...I espied quite the scene there just a couple days ago and it wasn't a Baby Ruth....unless of course the child who dropped it happens to be named "Ruth"!

Aug 1/19


177 East Street
Well tomorrow is the 31st and the landlord has told a neighbor that the Molly Walkers have been evicted. Well not one thing has been moved from this house. People still coming and going all day long. So either the land lord lied about the eviction or the drug addicts don't care and don't plan on leaving. Should be quite a show for sure. Stay tuned as it appears it is gonna get interesting.....

Aug 1/19



I thought Waterbury was a slum lord

I live in presidential park and walk by the apartments on Lincoln Ave and they are slums. The owner or landlord whoever he is rates right up there with Waterbury The people that live in them are first class slobs..The buildings look like shit.The roofs are disgusting and the city should do something about it. We pay pretty good taxes around here and if we have to live around scum bags our taxes should go down. I would love to see the place the owner lives in and I will bet it does not look like these apartments.Hey code enforcement get off your ass and do something.


Aug 1/19


Kristen Gillibrand
Time for Kristen Jellybrain to drop out of the race. She has done nothing as Senator for NY and has flip flopped on just about every thing she stood for. Her record is dismal and she forgot there is a county by the name of Oswego. Bye, Bye, Jellybrain.

Aug 1/19

Interestingly enough her last words after the debate were to beg people to go to her website, hopefully to donate, so she would qualify for the next debate. She is not in the same class with those people.

Kamala Harris is starting to look bitchy
. Other than her attacks on Biden and Trump what is she. I think Biden did ok but will fall in the polls. People said Booker did well but the more I see of him the less I like him. I feel the same way about De Blasio.

Sanders and Warren were really good and looked the better of all candidates. Other standouts were Buttigieg and Gabbard in that order. Yang, Hickenlooper, Klobuchar and Williamson also did better than their first debate.

All in all the candidates of the first night were much more focused on the issues and less focused on taking shots at each other. They were more impressive overall.

Barlow gives $27,000 to Oswego Health to transport employees
What the fu*k! Our spend and tax mayor says he is happy to give Oswego Health $27,000 to purchase a 12 passenger van to pick up their employees and take them to work and return them home. Really! Our tax dollars are being used to give free rides for the Oswego Health Employees to get to work and back home. This is an outrage! For years, we all had to provide our own transportation to our jobs, be it purchasing a car, taking a bus, sharing a ride, or walking to work on the "shoe leather express". Now the country and city are purchasing a van, paying a person to drive it, providing fuel, maintenance and paying for registration and plates. This $27,000 is in reality turns out to be $90,000+ coming out of our taxes.
Our spend happy mayor and Michael Harlovic had the balls to quote " community residents have long cited the lack of affordable transportation to their work site as a challenge to remain steadily employed". What the fu*k have the rest of us been doing for our entire work life? Every day people find ways to get to work and back, WITHOUT having the taxpayers provide transportation for them! This type of giveaway is a big reason we are a welfare county relying on the state to fund the welfare residents of Oswego. Look around. All I see is low cost housing going up all over the city and out in Scriba; all funded by your tax dollars.
It is time to replace the city council, the county legislature, the mayor and any of the "bleeding heart" assholes that think this is a good use of your tax dollars to be replaced. Contact these representatives and tell them to stop wasting our money on foolish shit like this! You want to work; find a way to the job and back home, on your dime, not ours!

Aug 1/19


See how that works
Who cares other than those who would be snitches upon, how well did your belief work for Heidi. Some of those that are being snitches up on are dangerous so yeah who really cares, Oswego already have one CI missing. Obviously people like you don't care and have no compassion for human life or for who you put in danger.

Aug 1/19


Love, Lust and Lies
Telling the truth is obviously very challenging for you Robert. Why do you feel inclined to tell lies to spare someone's feelings? Although the truth hurts, it is best to come clean. Your mistakes are clouded with your regret and guilt. Your lies are repeated wrong choices, and it is making a decision for the person you claimed to have loved. You remember the letter you wrote, it was all lies so that you could push that guilt away from you but continuing to pretend to be the person she believed you were. Your lies are not wanting to admit what you have done. Robert, you don’t lie to the person you really love. You do not do something you know will break her and then break her again by lying over and over. Lying meant losing her, the person you truly loved and then replacing her with that one someone that is paranoid and unsteady, insecure and irrational, hurt and unpredictable. She deserves so much more than lies and blame-placing. She can see past your bullshit and that terrifies you. She deserved more than to always feel like you were only giving half of yourself when she was giving everything she could. She deserves to be given the chance to heal, no matter how messy or chaotic or ugly that healing might be, she deserves to find her way back, even if that isn’t to you. Why do you keep her in this state? Why? It is selfish and evil. You know how badly you have hurt her and continue to hurt her. You don’t get to decide what she can handle. She is trying not to let her world fall apart around her when you intentionally look the other way when she is right next to you. She is trying to heal because you failed to love her.

Aug 1/19






Today's Quote July 31/2019

I only wish that ordinary people had an unlimited capacity for doing harm;

then they might have an unlimited power for doing good.


So many secrets in Oswego County
The secrets that are pure will always remain. Others pretend they know. They do not. Don’t let what is said hurt you. No one “really” knows except the ones that experienced it. People continue to push you into a corner. Do not react. Keep mental notes and put everything in perspective. People in general are afraid of change. And there are many people in your circle that are ridiculously jealous that you continue to make strides. Remember who you are, and when you are losing focus. Stop. Take a moment and get back on an even keel. Deep down you know. Life throws curveballs. People change. Circumstances change and thank God that nothing lasts forever. Forever gets complacent, boring and unappreciated. You have one chance at this life. You will discover your happiness and once you accomplish this, you can make others happy effortlessly. Believe in what you know in your heart. Most importantly, relaja!

July 30/19


Because Jessica Howard identified someone wrong in an old photo. She must be unreliable. Not so. Her testimony in court was of a family secret. That secret was the Breckenridge family knew where "Heidi was buried but wouldn't say other than by some shed or cabin." That testimony is documented in 1994 and noted by the sheriff's that "gram Breckenridge knew where Heidi was buried but wouldn't say." It was a secret in 94, documented by the Oswego county sheriff's. It was in Lisa Peebles filing. Only know to the public until years later. Only after Jessica's statement was taken. Murtagh her testimony supports, supporting documentation noted in 1994 and hidden by OCSD. It was a family secret. Also a secret the Sheriffs knew. Wrong again Murtagh. Bravo Sal Lanza for not knowing that. Why do you think Lisa took her statement. Lisa filed the documentation of knowledge of this by the sheriffs regarding this rumor back in 1994. It was never followed up, until Lisa Peebles. Read the court records and try again.


July 30/19






Today's Quote July 30/2019

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.
Albert Einstein


Kirsten Gillibrand

Some people say at this next debate she will try and make some bold statements or attack another candidate in an effort to inject some life into her down for the count campaign. I think what we will see is just how much she does not belong on that stage to begin with. She was the first to declare her candidacy and she should have been the first to drop out.


July 30/19

Who cares? Except for those who may be ‘snitched’ upon. See how that works?

July 30/19


Wonder if Matt Mulcahy would enlighten us about the shovel/s involved in the Gary Thibodeau trial.

1) Where did the ‘army fold-up’ shovel come from?

2) What did forensic testing of the ‘army fold-up shovel’ reveal?

3) In hindsight, could there be a connection to the ‘army fold-up’ shovel being found during the ground search on Leavitt Road in 1994 (via police notes filed by Greg Oakes) and the fact that Jennifer Wescott tells police in an interview that her parents lived on Leavitt Road around the time of Heidi’s disappearance?

4) You’ve seen all photos taken from Gary’s property? How would you describe the shovel (and other tools) physically taken from the property for forensic testing? Was any found to have a link to Heidi. And by what means (positive physical evidence) to match for Heidi’s DNA?

Did you ask Dodd about Baldasaro’s ‘deal’ with FL and MA for him being available to testify in Gary’s trial?
What does the trial testimony say about conversations the inmates had with Gary?
Did you find any other evidence at the Sheriff’s department that hasn’t already been made public that you can/will share?
Will you be doing another special with more information? Curious about more information about the little boys observation as investigated by Dr. Miron. **fluff and drama? That an investigated witness saw a uniformed person wearing black boots shoot Heidi? Why is that any less of a theory than what convicted Gary? I like Dodd’s explanation…he was too young to be a testifying witness…NICE!!!
As always, thank you for responding to public inquiry.
If You (anyone in general) Know Something, Say Something. A young life, wrongfully convicted person, was taken from their loved ones!

July 30/19

Stinson replies;
This case won't be solved or reopened on this site. But there is a new book being researched. He now has my number, as does Lisa P or the cops.

July 30/19


No it probably will not be solved on this site and as long as Republicans run Oswego County it will never be reopened by any county agency. However without this site it would never have gotten the attention it has nor would it have progressed as far as it has.


More Coward Trump Lies
I just heard coward Trump say that he went to the Word Trade Center on 9/1/2001and it makes me sick. He looked out of his apartment window in Trump Tower, from floor 66, 67, 68. funny that there are only actually 58 floors in the Trump Tower, another f'ing lie, saw the smoke, heard the news, then got in his Limo and drove across the George Washington Bridge to Bedminster Golf Corse in New Jersey. He ran from the Vietnam War with fake bone spurs just like he ran from the World Trade Center on 9/1/2001. Instead of calling him the orange man he should be called the yellow strip man for the yellow stripe that runs down his back.

July 30/19


The van
Some people keep thinking they used Matt Duells van. Wrong. They may be stupid but they are not that stupid. They stole Herms sisters van. Yes they stole it. That's not a lie from Steen. They took her van without concent. She works and has for years for both Brow family and the Murtagh family.

July 30/19


"The people that are sent to our country are not the people that we want,". "They come in through the lottery, they come in through chain migration." Donald Trump.

I totally agree with President Trump. Just as soon as he is out of office and in jail where he belongs we are going to send that B!tch Melanie and her parents back to the communist country they came from with there citizenship revoked premanently.


July 30/19

Nothing like plastering another snitch name across the internet publically. Smh..so people have 0 dignity. If anything happens to the snitch you should be held completely responsible. Another VanPatten.

July 30/19


To the poster doing drive bys by the Thibodeaus hopefully you get charged with stalking, you claim Richards insane to keep the van. Lol you may need some help yourself or a job, something to pass your time you obviously have way too much on your plate. You obviously have a fetish you cant get under control.

July 30/19


Not just Ramsey
It's not just Ramsey. Officer Moody was sleeping around with Murtaghs sister Beth. There are witnesses to back that. They met up at the Hastings rod and gun club on Smith road, while he was on duty. Then they'd drive back to his place in Hastings as she laid down in the back of his patrol car. She'd smoke a pack of smokes prior to arriving because his gf was complaining of smelling smoke in their bedroom, so she made certain to rub it in. If his gf sees this post and if that's a complete fact hopefully she's smart enough to put it together. On top of the fact that skank would then take a shower in her home. Hey Rob you got a phone call from the bikers lmao in which you denied these claims. How do we know. Your little fling couldn't keep her mouth shut.

July 30/19


So many secrets in Oswego County
The secrets that are pure will always remain. Others pretend they know. They do not. Don’t let what is said hurt you. No one “really” knows except the ones that experienced it. People continue to push you into a corner. Do not react. Keep mental notes and put everything in perspective. People in general are afraid of change. And there are many people in your circle that are ridiculously jealous that you continue to make strides. Remember who you are, and when you are losing focus. Stop. Take a moment and get back on an even keel. Deep down you know. Life throws curveballs. People change. Circumstances change and thank God that nothing lasts forever. Forever gets complacent, boring and unappreciated. You have one chance at this life. You will discover your happiness and once you accomplish this, you can make others happy effortlessly. Believe in what you know in your heart. Most importantly, relaja!

July 30/19



July 30/19





Today's Quote July 27-29/2019

I know the law... I am it's greatest transgressor.
Roy Bean

Gallagher pool
Ran into a old friend of mine, She let me know a few things going on behind the scenes in the city. Apparently the pool is being run with inexperienced employee's. They are unsure of how to operate the chemical feeders/ filter room etc. Supervisor in charge has no answer for them as they have no clue. But when they ask the question and get no answer they get suspended with out pay. Pool was shut down one day by the health Dept! Maybe they need to stop by every day! Thats what happens when you have inexperianced workers taking orders from people who don't know how to do the job theirselves. But it all stems from the top. The Mayor has appointed this guy as his leader and he is self proclaimed the best leader going. This job as commissioner should always come from with in, someone that knows the internal operations! He knows absolutely nothing about this pool and the operations required to run it in a safe efficiant and healthy manner.He put a giant sand box in over there for heavens sake only to have sand blowing in the pool. From what I hear there is over 500 people in that pool a day that is quite the bather load plus with the sun beating down on that pool burning up the chlorine and no one knowing how to set the chemical feed is a recipe for disaster. Just wondering TK are all the swimmers taking showers? When do you shock your pool? Do you know the ideal readings for this pool to operate in a safe and efficiant way? Of course you don't, you just know the pool needs a radical slide put in without any engineering!. You were put in a position by this Mayor and in my opinion it is absolutly a terrible pick by this Mayor. You came here with agenda's and I will give you credit on that as you have succeded to accomplish what you have set out to do. The Mayor knows of these activities and has done nothing about it. Blows my mind how you can get rid of good employees that know how to run this City, harrass them and the Mayor and personnel director sit back and do nothing. But my biggest thing that put me over the top is the latest from the pool. Someone will get sick and you will find a scape goat and they will pay the price WHY? Because you have a big ego and can't admit when you are wrong! When is the last time for any reason you said you were sorry or apologized? But I am sorry for posting this truly I am, but you need to go simple as that. Plus you don't believe in God! But thats because you are the supreme being. Do us all a favor and resign! The Mayor is not going to get rid of you and the personel director is scared to do her job and she knows it! Like you always said be a team player do what is right to get the job done!~ The right thing is for you to be a team player and resign! Is your truck still off the GPS system still? If you don't resign I hope you take the Mayor down with you! I havent posted or visited this site in a long time. Doasn't mean much when you don't leave your name. This time I am sure I don't have to plus this is my last post I will ever put on here. I wish the City nothing but the best, love my home town and want nothing more but for it to succeed. But this guy needs to go and I am sure so many agree with me. Adious!

July 27-29/19


Trump Attacks Elijah Cummings As ‘Brutal Bully’ From ‘Rodent Infested’ District


July 27-29/19


2nd Shovel
All this talk about a second shovel found inside an investigators van. Here's the article and proof the reporter caught them red handed with one. But would not admit why they possessed it. Just that it came out of an investigators van. Which investigator? Should have been the next question

July 27-29/19


Jaimie Thorpe is a snitch!!!

July 27-29/19


Re.the van.
Decided to drive down middle road yesterday to see the van for myself. Holy f##k yept there it was sitting in the driveway. Freaked me right out. Not only that it looks like onionville driving down though there!!

July 27-29/19


Reply to Stinson
Please ask them on this website. Cops are hiding a lot and will not give you anything.
I am interested as are many others of what your questions are.

July 27-29/19


177 East 2nd Street
Possible some good news for this neighborhood. Spoke to a neighbor last night who said he talked with one of the land lords of this shithole. Apparently the molly walkers have been evicted. No evidence of such as they were going strong last night but I guess time will tell if they are gone or not. Then we will see who moves in next...

July 27-29/19


ice cream man
first of all let me clarify my husband's initials are not J.E.
second, he is NOT an offender or killer. He is a family man and this bull should not be said. if I find out, I'm about to turn you in for slander.
How dare you post lies and think it's ok...

July 27-29/19


Security Footage
Has anyone ever hooked up in the back room at Alex’s On The Water, while the wife sits in the boat aimlessly, drunk off of her rocker with friends? I certainly have. Should be security footage on that moment too. Eyes are always watching.
Happy Harborfest! Stay safe

July 27-29/19


Such a joke
Oakes is not worried about what's right or just. He's got his eyes on a judges position in two years. I say roll the dice Gregory. Once you leave the DA office and run for judge. This is what'll happen. The public hates you. If it's not obvious. When that door opens for the public to destroy you, it'll happen. So when you leave and announce your run for judge in two years. You will lose twice around. No one will ever vote for you but the ass kissers looking also to boost their political career. You should pray the ass kissers out weigh the majority. Because once they can put you in the position to lose everything. The public will take that open door, vote you completely out, then they are going to close it. The committee should listen more to the public than what they are, to endorse Oakes was a huge mistake. In the end you'll be no more in OZ other than a shit ass attorney or saying hello at the local wal mart. Your arrogance to believe you'll ever wear a robe is disgusting. Ever ask if you are too arrogant for your own good. If you believe whole heartedly that the public loves you, you may need to seek mental help as a narcissist.

July 27-29/19


Integrity is value
Which one of the Gleason girls did the Scriba Town Supervisor marry? I remember Rob as the short guy in the wanna-be cool guy crowd. Very nice guy and really really short. He never did anything wrong to me. It was mentioned at the memorial last week that he was trying to make a name for himself so that he could show-off at the OHS reunion. My question is why? - don’t get hung up on your high school days buddy. You are probably mid 50’s by now, let HS days go. They are not important. It does not matter that you were not popular. Look around you. The popular people haven’t accomplished anything.
If being a town supervisor in Scriba New York of all places means making a name for yourself you should get out more. There’s a whole big world to explore that you could do really great things If you really want to make a name for yourself. If being a womanizer is true and you’re screwing around on your wife no matter how emasculating she supposedly is, it is wrong in all sense. If you are giving courtesy’s out to local business people for votes and favors, than you are abusing code and cheating the community. Buddy how about start over today and build off of the nice guy you once were. Being a nice guy with integrity and good character shows more achievement than having a town supervisor title where everyone is talking crap about you, watching every move you make and airing your dirty laundry.
OSH Alumni

July 27-29/19


Lest We Forget
Your Town: The story of two Civil War southern cannons being kept in an Oswego DPW garage | WSTM

July 27-29/19


Most normal people don't just snap, snap away. Typically you need permission to take someone's photo. Some remember only after the incident occurred, not everyone's got their eyes glued to a phone. But business cameras could quite possibly support their claims. Too bad the DnW cameras were down, along with the security silent alarm system that went to the Sheriff Dept, along with the clock broken and the register.
How convenient for the store owners. How unsafe for their employees. Quite lucky Heidi's family did not slap you with a law suit for wrong full death due to neglect for the safety of your employees. The Duells are extremely lucky. Most families in search of answers would have taken you for everything you owned.
But how inconvenient for Ramsey. He may not have gotten so lucky. Any one with photos of the inconvenient man post them. 99.9 percent get on here thinking this is pure gossip. Think again. Many things have been spread across this wall in honesty and typically backed by some documentation. In time you begin to notice its typically truthful. So Ramsey instead of defending yourself. I wouldn't push, they may slap you pretty hard with video, recordings, photos. Push away but fair warning they push back.

July 27-29/19



Mitch McConnell is a Russian asset.
By blocking election security bill after bill, he is aiding and abetting Putin’s dismantling of America. Oh yeah he too also got a ton of $$$ back-doored FROM Russia! It's a fact!
One reason the GOP stays in lockstep to keep the lid on Trump's treason is that if the flag-waving "America First!" "MAGA" base ever realizes they've been punked, suckered, conned, duped by Mitch McConnell and the rest of these crooks to do Putin's bidding, they will freak out.

July 27-29/19







Today's Quote July 26/2019

When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.

Trump’s Border Patrol Chief Was In Secret, Racist Facebook Group

July 26/19

Ramsey Watchers- we want pictures!
Agreed! Produce pictures Ramsey Watchers. We only give a damn if it is true anyway. We know that Oswego County Legislator Shane Broadwell, a Scriba Town Resident, could easily answer this by looking at the security footage at his families restaurant, Alex’s On The Water, last Saturday, July 20 between the hours of 2145 - 2200. He most likely won’t because he gets PC’s from Ramsey.

There should also be some reunion / bday/ Dunsmore scholarship pictures from last weekend that could place these two together. The woman was supposedly wearing a while dress with black vertical stripes, 30’s, mousey blond straight hair and is very plain-Jane looking. And he 5’1 late 50’s, bald and a sporting a unibrow wearing a white shirt / khaki shorts with yellow teeth and nasty breath. Very easy to spot.

July 26/19






Today's Quote July 24-25/2019

Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others.
Amelia Earhart

Coward = Scriba Town Supervisor
You totally disgust so many with your evil self centered agenda. You continue to hurt your family and others which makes you revolting Robert Ramsey. Are you proud of yourself? Do you feel accomplished now? You always wanted to rise above and make a name for yourself. Have you been polishing those your grocery store dancing shoes for that reunion? A very interesting reel will play for all.

July 22-25/19


Ramsey, putting your arm over your eyes does not hide you. Just because you pretend that you cannot see others it does not mean you cannot be seen. Nor does it hide your actions, nor guilt.

July 22-25/19



Question For Ramsey Watchers

With all the sightings of this guy with other women why are there no pictures?

Everybody has a camera on there cell. Where are the pictures.


July 22-25/19


Here’s the ‘thing’.

The timeline is very important when determining When Heidi may have gone missing and Who could have taken her.
LE and the DA’s office don’t acknowledge that the time on the register was off. They are using 7:42am as a FACT when it, clearly, is not. Was there time for someone/people to go there after Richard, not make a purchase, and abscond with her? Makes more sense than a purchasing customer taking her in only three minutes. Community, rightfully so, wanted answers. Do you recall the fear from the citizens as reported by the news in 1994? I didn’t experience it because I wasn’t involved in any manner but was able to read old articles on http://heidiallenarticles.blogspot.com/.

Real facts matter, not the contrived ones from law enforcement. Read Bivens’ testimony posted here about changing his time to fit LE’s theory. They not only asked him what time he witnessed the altercation but they told him what time it supposedly happened so his statements/testimony would mirror their theory.

How can you do these things to your wife? For you to step out of your marriage union and rub it in her face by prancing around to the local establishments is definitely disappointing. This will haunt you in days... years to come. You are a very bad person. People fall in and out of love all the time. But rule of thumb is that you clean up your backyard before you move onto someone else. You have serious lack of ethics and character. No morals in the union of marriage. It is men like you that cheapen what marriage is all about. You truly are a pathetic little man.

July 22-25/19


Listen up Wives and Girlfriends
We "Men" don't cheat because we are unhappy or because we don't love our families. We cheat because we can. Simple as that. 40 percent of married couples are impacted by infidelity,

1. Frustration in the marriage is a common trigger

2. We "Men "are more likely to have affairs than women because we are seeking more s*x or attention.

3. "Once a cheater, always a cheater" - We "men" are three times more likely to cheat in our next relationship.

4. People who have strong narcissistic traits or personality disorders are more likely to cheat. Scriba Town Supervior Ramsey is Narcissistic and has multiple personality disorders - Go to Youtube and listen to the bastard beg and cry like a two year old.

Basically women... wives. you let yourself go and become unattractive, you complain about everything, ALL THE TIME. Sometimes we want to just BUILD the WALL. You become nags and you do not put out, you hold that over our heads. And... you expect all of your needs to be met and you want us to love you unconditionally and just deal with how you have let yourself go. No Ladies, Reality Check - Get it together or expect that if we haven't already, we will cheat on you at some point. Fact - Read the studies. - This post is not for your rescue Ramsey. You are still a major DOUCH-BAG.

I am sorry for what you are going through. I think we all feel badly for you. Toss him to the curb. You deserve better. Hang in there.

July 22-25/19


Alex's on the Water. Mr. Legislator Broadwell
Will you please run those tapes for Saturday, July 20th approx 9:45-10:00 pm and confirm if this is true about Town Supervisor Rob Ramsey walking through your restaurant, holding hands with a 30 something-year-old woman ( definitely not his wife)

You live in Scriba - You voted for Ramsey - You are a Legislator and your Dad own's Alex's on the Water... you have access.... and unless you want to tell us that the tapes were not working that night... LMAO! (likely) Did our loser short man town supervisor Rob Ramsey cheat on his wife at your establishment on Saturday, July 20th?

July 22-25/19








Today's Quote July 23/2019

The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.
Richard Rogers

Ramsey Date Night - Without the Wify
Yep, seen this. It was roughly 9:55 P.M. Saturday night, Scriba Supervisor Ramsey and a woman (not Liz) walked right out of Alex's restaurant holding hands. She was wearing a white dress with black vertical lines. Mousy blonde straight hair. Little make-up ( lipstick and mascara only) plain-jane She was not "chubby" more like slender with a bit of something-something (fat) in the right places. Boobs and hips! Maybe mid 20's to early '30s. "He" Rob was wearing Khaki shorts and a white shirt buttoned down a little bit too much to show off his gray mainly chest hair and a gold chain to represent that he is Italian ( Rob is mostly Scottish with roughly only 25% Italian - he likes to pretend he is 100% Dago).

They, Rob and the woman came out of nowhere. The place was empty. we never saw them sitting at a table or the bar, and we were there awhile. Rob and the woman walked through the patio area, into the restaurant hand in hand and out the doors they went. He had a blank look on his face an she was talking up a storm. ( odd behavior) Why did they walk through the restaurant and out the doors if you were not there for a drink or to dine? Something fishy going on here.

July 23/19


Rob Ramsey’s date ( not his wife)
He seemly no care in the world. Douch-bag Adulter Rob Ramsey had a bit of arrogance if you will. His little man, short-stepping self “ coming out of nowhere, highly reconzible as he walks past us. Our jaws dropping in dismay knowing it is not Liz, his wife. Rob held this woman’s hand and strolled right past us as if he was someone who is full of self-worth or self-importance. **laughable** The short little man has a sheriff badge and he thinks he has superiority over others. “ man the only superiority you have is when you are pulling someone over writing traffic tickets on the nights you’re not at the Dunsmore Brothel”. The rest of your exsistance you’re just a short little rat with a big nose, bad breath and yellow teeth with no morals. You lack integrity man. You are only a street road patrol officer. You give the real cops a bad name. Why are you cheating on your wife? The disrespect you have showboating your 28-30-something blonde date locally is classless. Have some respect for your wife Liz and adult children and take this s3it out of town like your buddy mike did.

July 23/19


Billy’s truth
will eventually come out. kill my business, force me out of town, laugh at me publicly and not take me serious. You think you control the one who can blow the lid off it. maybe. Keep up the charade but it’s too late, you forgot you handed me the evidence. look good in every photo, fool the voters. The growing chorus knows the truth. whispers will get louder. hold tight. from Vlad.

July 23/19


RE: Oakes
Wouldn't you think the DA Oakes would be more concerned about the prosecution of felons in his own county and getting them sentenced to incarceration than putting forth any effort to keep felons from other counties in prison?

He has an office of newbies who don't know enough that a Town Court's proceedings are open to the public and should be conducted publicly, yet allows the entering of a plea and the details of said plea to take place in chambers! His office can't seem to get a conviction for a misdemeanor that has anything to do with the crime the defendant was charged with - even when other's hand it to him on a silver platter requiring little effort on the part of his ADA's and yet he has time to write the parole board.

He must think it makes him look good for the election.

Check out the case of the Hannibal Dog Control Officer admitted to owning an injured dog, she couldn't say how he got injured, but she sure as hell didn't seek medical attention for him. To the DA's office, this add's up to Providing a False Statement to Police. If she is a really good girl and doesn't hurt any other dogs and vets the ones she still has, yes, she is still allowed to own animals - she can withdraw her plea and enter a plea to Disorderly Conduct - not Animal Abuse or Neglect! Now that's tough on crime!
Come on people - there must be someone who can challenge Oakes for this office.

July 23/19

Congratulations Billy?
Your soon to be nana and mom-in-law are pretty confident your getting ready to ask a very important question. Could there also be a little one in your future? Your life is about to change forever.

July 23/19


177 E. Second St.
Sunday a girl fight, probably Jaimie T and her skanky friends, word is she buys her sub at 177. Lock her up


July 23/19

HBO reveals shocking racism after North Country boy’s murder; DA Fitzpatrick responds
MO, Donald Dodd should be sanctioned all these years later for similar tactics he used to get the (false) conviction against Gary Thibodeau for the disappearance of Heidi Allen. “Don’t show to defense”. “The inmates received no “deal.” Lying, deceit. Wonder how much longer it will take until we find out he coached his witnesses to say things to sway the jury. I mean, like written proof or witnesses coming clean.


July 23/19






Today's Quote July 22/2019

Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died

that distinguish one man from another.
Ernest Hemingway



United, Oswego landlord Doug Waterbury’s victims found their power: ‘We took him down’

Oswego authorities lacked will to investigate landlord for sexual harassment


July 22/19

In 1985 or 86 I had a conversation with City Building Inspector Leslie Marlette. According to him Doug Warerbury narrowly missed getting charged with rape sometime after an incident that happened at 13 Liberty St. Marlette said the victim was adamant about filing charges but someone in the police department had convinced the girl not to follow through because it was her word against his and she would have to go through a public trial.

You can not tell me his wife and his brothers did not know what he was doing all those years. In my opinion any settlement that did not involve double digit jail time was too little too late.


The Ice Cream Man?
Tell me I did not see convicted killer and sex offender J.E. driving an ice cream truck in the city?? Well he did vote for Barlow

July 22/19


Basketball Court
The people using the basketball court were predominately black. That is why they were moved to the new location. How fitting they were named after a Dunsmoor since they are some of the biggest slave owners in the area.

July 22/19


City Owned Basketball Courts, Really?
Ask the city of Syracuse or ANY municipality in the entire country how that worked for them. Gang related crime; drug dealing, rape, people murdered over pick-up games. The basketball courts are an open invitation to criminals. While the entire rest of the country is closing/removing city owned courts our mayor saw an opportunity to scam us and disrespect the memory of his dead 'friend' at the same time. Must have been some kick-back.

July 22/19


88 E. 12th St
Meth lab.Repeat offenders.
Bath salts too

July 22/19


177 East 2nd Street
What happened?
Drug bust. Wish they would bust 177 E. second St.
I second that statement!!!! 8:00am this morning two girls screaming at each other and fighting outside. Lots of unrepeatable things being said. Whatever happened to a quiet Sunday Morning..... This place is an eyesore. Code enforcement was around last week and took pictures of all the crap on the front porch. Few days later the land lord was there looking at the crap so I assume he got a letter to clean it up. Guess what it is still there!!!! I will be selling my house in this neighborhood soon and I am already coming to terms that I will not be able to get probably half of what it's worth just because of the area. So sad but so long as I will be moving out of Oswego. It is a shame what this city has turned into.

July 22/19


Oswego police department are all kids and they are afraid of everything. you boo they will run the other way

July 22/19


A perfect example
Mr Ramsey, what a perfect example of what our Sheriffs are all about, Now Hilton and everyone else in the department know of this fine Officers actions, however that BLUE WALL thing means they really have to support his actions he too knows to much. And how the public see's him really does'nt matter, they do not serve the public.

July 22/19






Today's Quote July 21/2019

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.


Scriba Town Supervisor Ramsey with chubby blonde Saturday night!
Rob Ramsey who is the chubby blonde you left Alex’s Restaurant holding hands with tonight? You literally walked right past us. It was not Liz, your wife. WTH. Holding hands even dude!


July 21/19


Come celebrate the memory of Garrett Dunsmoor at Lake Elizabeth with live music
Lake Elizabeth
779 County Route 53
Oswego, NY 13126
Isn’t this the same place that our Scriba Town Supervisor Rob Ramsey took his girlfriends to engage in s3xual misconduct while Robs wife, slept aimlessly through the night?

“Dear Mr. Scriba Town Supervisor Rob Ramsey” ... were you or were you not on the clock with the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Hilton’s watch as “Sheriff Road Patrol Deputy Rob Ramsey” as you engaged in your trysts at Lake Elizabeth coined the Dunsmore Brothel?

July 21/19

G-Man’s Memorial Fundraiser - are you kidding me? No ticket - No admittance
Barlow said Garrett Dunsmoor, a 22-year-old man who tragically lost his life last summer, embodied that purpose, adding it was “totally appropriate” to name the basketball court after Dunsmoor — “epitomizes everything he stands for.” Should this have said, "epitomizes everything he stood for.”

With all due respect, “G-Man”, Garrett Dunsmoor rarely, if EVER, as in NEVER played basketball at Breitbeck Park. “G-Man” Garrett was an avid Lacrosse player.

There have been several young deaths in Oswego County to which they did play basketball at Breitbeck Park. Why were the Courts not dedicated to any of them? What political agenda were you really going for Mayor Barlow in dedicating the Breitbeck Park Basketball Courts to Garrett Dunsmoor? Where is the relationship to this????
Furthermore the unveiling of the Breitbeck Park Basketball Courts as “ Garrett Dunsmoor Basketball Court” occurred just two days before the Dunsmoor Memorial Foundation held their Garrett Dunsmoor $40.00 per ticket Memorial Fundraiser. Is this a coincidence or used as a platform to capitalize on the $40.00 ($44.31) per ticket to get into the Garrett Dunsmoor Memorial Fundraiser? It definitely worked, the tickets are SOLD OUT!

FOUR hours left online to buy tickets yet it is closed to buy tickets! Bravo

“Any funds raised will support our mission to enrich the lives and invest in the future of youth in and around the Oswego Community despite their means.”
Many of us that knew, partied with, hung out with the “G-Man” Garrett Dunsmoor on a very personal basis wanted to attend his fundraiser. However $40.00 is a steep price for us poor college students living on a budget. Why was there an added $4.31 fee added to the $40.00 general admission price? What is the fee for??? This brought the total cost to attend Garrett’s Fundraiser to $44.31 per ticket. Was the Dunsmoor family banking on the change of 69 cents per person to be an additional “donation” perhaps??? -

$$ Cha-Ching $$

G-Man, we are with you in thought - the memories will be with us forever RIP Garrett

The “real friends - the real poor friends” of “G-Man” Garrett Dunsmoor ~ RIP our brother

July 21/19


Stinson replies
I'm absolutely sure of my time. What happened before 0741 or somewhere else I can't explain.
I know the SOF is not all inclusive. I wish it was. Because I have questions too.

July 21/19


What happened?
Drug bust. Wish they would bust 177 E. second St.

July 21/19


Refineries Across America Could Create Catastrophic Acid Clouds. It Almost Happened In Philly.


July 21/19




Today's Quote July 20/2019

Somehow politicians have become convinced that negative campaigning pays off in elections.
George McGovern



What Happened

88E 12th St. Oswego

Police with guns drawn surrounded the house.

Yards and yards of crime scene tape and all the windows broken out of the house.

July 20/19



Mr. Stinson
How can you possibly believe the last transaction made by Richard was at 7:42am when another disinterested witness heard and saw his van go west then back east between 7-7:30am?

These next few questions are not specifically for you but feel free to try to give a logical answer:

How can you possibly believe Richard could have been the one bear-hugging Heidi based on Bivens testimony? Sorry, I retract the question because there is no logical answer unless one where to have refreshed their recent memory of his ENTIRE trial testimony. Just so you know, some pages have been posted on this site that Gregory didn't put in his SOF.

How can the ADA/DA theory possibly be truthful considering there was no physical evidence to show the theory to be realistic, true or corroborated?

Care to explain how Sharon was not proven to be lying about Gary's alibi and Richard was found not guilty of kidnapping and presumably killing Heidi but Gary was-considering the public knowledge of the differences in the two trials?

No doubt that the ADA/DA's theory is correct? Or, maybe, you (not you per say) just believe every word that comes out of a law enforcement agents mouth even when those words have been proven PROVEN false?

Some of us are willing to fight to the end for the truth...For Heidi and for Gary.!. And I will keep posting and asking questions til the truth is realized. (That's for the ignorant people who think that the only reason someone would post about this case is they are involved or the 'killer'. Get a clue, ms. genius. You make me laugh with your outlandish theory. 'Fluff and drama'-worth it to Get The Truth. 'There is some truth behind every lie')

Keep on keeping on, supporters. Vaya con Dios

July 20/19


Thank You
I want to thank you to the person who found my purse in a cart at Wal-Mart thank you so much

July 20/19


Dear Melania
Pack your bags and get your ugly ass back to which ever Slavic country you came from and take your commie parents with you.

July 20/19


He isn’t too smart for a business owner.

Here’s a history lesson for you, Murtaugh.

April 3, 1994-Heidi disappears

April 9, 1994-Richard cooperates with forensic testing of his van and giving DNA samples

April 28, 1994-During FBI surveillance, Richards van is seen being washed at a car wash

Between April 28, 1994 and May 25, 1994 when Richard, Gary and Sharon were arrested, Oswego Sheriff’s deputy confiscate a piece of carpeting from Richards van that was removed since the forensic testing on April 9, 1994. Read the trial testimony, dummy, Richard and/or Teresa were given a property receipt for the missing carpet that had CANINE DNA.

June 1994-Sheriff’s confiscate furnace from Gary’s property while he was in MA jail

July 1994-Gary is released from MA (where he was given time served…hard to justify TS for drug trafficking, NO?) Arrested for Heidi’s disappearance and his property was searched again, with the help of State police canine and grid searching. What did they find? NOTHING to link to Heidi. Also, what did they find? Look at the police photos that have been made public-a blue van and white trailer on the property. You can agree that the trailer wasn’t mobile? In what condition and how did you have to STEAL that blue van, Murtaugh? Flat tow, hooked from front, hooked from back, hot-wired and drove it out?

August 1994-Rog, Murtaugh, and still not clear whether a male or female, took the blue van from Gary’s property.

Damn, Jen, why did you have to go and be video-taped telling Pietroski what you did about the time around Heidi’s disappearance? Why did you have to go and tell so many lies In A Court Of Law? Were you a good little girl and performed during the Hearing as the Murtaugh’s instructed? Jen, the most interesting thing I found from your questioning was your claim of your parents living on Leavitt Road. Where was an army fold-up type shovel found? Not At Gary’s!!!


July 20/19



Bottom Line with Boris Epshteyn

I do so love hearing the republican bulshit that flows from Trumps Russian Communist Jewish friends.

Please Mr. Putin take him back.


July 20/19





Today's Quote July 19/2019

If we could just find out who's in charge, we could kill him.
George Carlin

let's not forget
let's not forget the young boy who stated, he saw a police man with black boots shoot Heidi.....and an forensics expert said he was telling the trut

July 19/19

A leading Holocaust historian just seriously compared the US to Nazi Germany
Topics, ranging from Trump’s “America First” foreign policy — a phrase most closely associated with a group of prewar American Nazi sympathizers — to the role of Fox News as a kind of privatized state propaganda office. But the most interesting part of his argument is the comparison between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Paul von Hindenburg, the German leader who ultimately handed power over to Hitler.

July 19/19

Stinson replies to sof
Stinson replies. I posted what I believe about the cash register on June 7-8. Whatever happened to Heidi, happened within seconds of her last transaction. Not 7:16. Not 7:30.

July 19/19


FBI Criminal Profiling 101
D'Oh! I forgot that the person who insinuates himself into the investigation with no apparent connection to the case seeking to steer the boat while keeping an ear open for any sign that they're on to him is the killer. Every time. Now if this criteria fits any of the narcissistic cast of self-serving sleuths being referenced here in these encyclopedic texts then you all know who the killer is. Simple
Homer J. Simpson

July 19/19


> Murtaugh comments:

> Well it's taking over 20 yrs an still don't know 100% I'd almost say it's the perfect crime ..
> Posted on Oswego County DA: James Steen is pathological liar, but not Heidi Allen's killer
> 10/22/2014 4:28 PM
> Maybe there's a 3rd person jmo let's say he knew better or maybe looking at life an not just a month or two who knows
> Posted on Oswego County DA: James Steen is pathological liar, but not Heidi Allen's killer
> 10/22/2014 2:57 PM
> you all going to hate me now but .... Back in day when roger & jay ( thumper ) where around jay was a great kid but his last few years free he got into that stuff you smoked / put up your nose um I think it's called bath salts .. He even burned down a trailer a yr or so before he killed Vicky turned bad an I mean real bad fast but ... Jmo though don't hate me too much .
> Posted on James 'Thumper' Steen described as a violent braggart capable of kidnapping Heidi Allen
> 10/5/2014 8:11 PM
> Is there still a cash award up & if so how much is it .. What you got to do to receive it ty
> Posted on Judge in Heidi Allen case reverses decision, will allow DA to respond to wrongful conviction claim
> 9/19/2014 5:48 PM
> As a matter of fact I do on my way to new haven now had a nice road trip to fernwood too wink emoticon
> Posted on Judge to prosecutor in Heidi Allen case: You missed chance to respond to wrongful conviction claim
> 9/18/2014 9:42 AM
> Omg please no mistake we (3 of us) picked up two vans at gt house ... Me roger & a 3rd person picked up a dift van in fern wood I can't tell you where it was but I'm sure I can drive right to there like I did last week going to Gary's house ( that I had only been to twice before in the 90's
> Posted on Ground search for 1994 kidnapping victim Heidi Allen ends; no evidence turned up
> 9/14/2014 11:25 PM
> It was a red house is all we can remember
> Posted on Ground search for 1994 kidnapping victim Heidi Allen ends; no evidence turned up
> 9/14/2014 11:17 PM
> I'm sorry I don't I'd just be guessing but one of my helpers just asked me if I remember going to fern wood to get a white van at 1st didn't remember but after talking a bit I do now
> Posted on Ground search for 1994 kidnapping victim Heidi Allen ends; no evidence turned up
> 9/14/2014 11:08 PM
> No in fern wood ( I think that's how you spell it
> Posted on Ground search for 1994 kidnapping victim Heidi Allen ends; no evidence turned up
> 9/14/2014 11:05 PM
> Omg I don't know I just remember him coming to me wanting me to pick one up for him .. Never gave it much thought till tonight talking it over with my staff
> Posted on Ground search for 1994 kidnapping victim Heidi Allen ends; no evidence turned up
> 9/14/2014 10:55 PM
> You all ready for this one ????? I do remember going with RB to fern wood to pick up a white van that he had to junk back around same time of the ha deal
> Posted on Ground search for 1994 kidnapping victim Heidi Allen ends; no evidence turned up
> 9/14/2014 10:52 PM
> Never said I didn't know Roger .. As far as the cascade goes no I haven't followed it until my name was brought into it. Never met MB or GT OR BL ....
> Posted on Roger Breckenridge prison interview: I had nothing to do with Heidi Allen's kidnapping (video)
> 9/10/2014 8:51 AM
> Rich Murtaugh
> Sep 14, 2014
> No that mb is way out there as soon as he said he knows I killed my 1st ( only) wife I knew he was off his meds ( by the way she lives in Syracuse ) lol
> Flag
> ImBarbie
> ImBarbie
> Sep 14, 2014
> @Rich Murtaugh Yes, he's out there but still a smart guy.
> Flag
> Rich Murtaugh
> Rich Murtaugh
> Sep 14, 2014
> If he's so smart why he living in a camper with not a penny
> Flag
> ImBarbie
> ImBarbie
> Sep 14, 2014
> @Rich Murtaugh I know some really rich people...that live like paupers.
> Flag
> Rich Murtaugh
> Rich Murtaugh
> Sep 14, 2014
> Ur right I do too but only a few months of the yr though not yr round plus I was told he didn't have a thing ( I was going to sue him for the wife deal but can't get water from a stone I was told
> My roll, I rolled a 7 beat that. Thats just parts of 2014, we have five years to go of Murtaghs comments because they are everywhere.

July 19/19





Today's Quote July 18/2019

Hatred, racism, and extremism have no place in this country.
Angela Merkel


Is Trump A Racist Or Are The Democrats Self Destructing Again!


The answer is Yes and Yes.


Democrats are pointing the finger and playing the racist card at the drop of a hat. They have worn it out to the point no one cares anymore. If Trump tells four congress women of color, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, and Tlaib, to go back the country they came from is that a racist statement? What if it were four congress men? What if they were white? Am I a racist if I wipe my ass with my left hand instead of my right maybe I should check twitter before I go any further. Telling someone to go back where they came from is not racist it is merely an attempt by a less than intelligent person to make a point or win an argument. Since three of the four women were born in the USA and the fourth has been a citizen longer than Trumps latest bimbo wife his statement only draws attention to his ignorance which I am sure is greater than any ignorance this country has ever seen before.


A year ago I called for the Democrats to replace Nancy Pelosi. Was I ever wrong on that one. Pelosi is the only one with her eye on the ball and the only one that can deal with that fat orange asshole some people call the president. However she does not fully get what this devious despot is up to. Trumps heroes are absolute rulers who murder their enemies. While he does not want to be seen in that light he is going full tilt to whip up the hatred of his supporters. He is accusing his enemies, currently Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, and Tlaib of saying and doing unspeakable things to him, calling them" "a dangerous militant hard left" and all the time hoping someone among his racist followers will assassinate one or all of them. It is no longer hate speech. It is a deliberate and calculated effort to get someone killed.


Probably the only two books he has ever read were written by Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini because he is attempting to consolidate power and eliminate anyone who opposes him just as they did. I can not wait for the day when I see Trump and his family dragged through the streets and hung in public just like Mussolini. Surely it would be like nothing this country has ever seen before and that draft dogging short peckered son of a bitch will finally get the attention he deserves.




Looking like a parade
I do believe after watching repeated new people speak out publically. The idea it'll look like a parade is correct. You pissed off the public. That's not always a good thing.

July 18/19


Several ways to find the "Statement of Facts" (incomplete at that)



July 18/19

Google "Heidi Allen Statement of Facts" as well.
These "facts" are interesting. But more interesting is what was left out of Greg's "Statement". The rebuttal and surrebuttal witnesses weren't important to mention? Taking the jurors to see Richard's van After deputy witnesses had testified to no physical evidence in it and there were a multitude of photos shown to the jurists? What about the juror who was taken into chambers and asked if she told someone she had made a decision before ALL the evidence was presented? What about Bivens saying in court "I don't want to send an innocent man away." when pressed by the defense as to why he changed his drive-by time after the deputies told him what time they suspected Heidi went missing? What do you think, Mr. Stinson? DId LE pressure you about time? Also, how many minutes do you believe "the timeline" is off? 1, 2 10, 30, 40 something minutes wrong? Isn't an accurate timeline important? What about the bartender witness whose testimony was struck by the Appellate Division in 1999 but Greg still quoted that testimony in front of the NYS Appeals Board in 2017/2018? Why, exactly, was the testimony struck? Read the Decision and then find (online) what that testimony was. Actually, some has been posted on this site-pages right from the original trial transcript.

Statement of Facts? my fat toe. Partial, as most of this case is...Partial Facts, Partial Truth. Here's Whole Truth-No Justice for Heidi's family, the Thibodeau family OR THE COMMUNITY.

July 18/19

Trump is a Raciest.
He has demonstrated for years by his actions that he is a raciest and a white supremacist He has a new hat for his base of haters and it is called...MARA ( Make America Raciest Again).

July 18/19


Roll the Dice
Sal is online defending the likes of Murtagh claiming that if anyone posts, says or makes accusations against Murtagh and his part in the disposal of Allens remains or the van without direct proof is nothing short of defamation. I for one have yet to see anyone post anything accusing Murtagh of taking part in the disposal of Allens remains. Where Sal or even Murtagh got that idea from is beyond me, Sal may want to ask himself how he came up with that theory. What I have seen and experienced through others is that Murtagh is very defensive and often posts lie after lie about the Thibodeau family(defamation, slander), people Murtagh openly admitted on Sal's wall he did not know. I also see Murtagh sending threats across the internet to the Thibodeau family one, in particular, he would burn their home to the ground. I also am aware he has tampered with and threatened several witnesses and a film producer on line. I wonder if Sal knows exactly what he is getting in to because every move, every post coming from Murtagh has and will continue to be documented, seeing as Richard was acquitted of the charges, all the lies Murtagh claims online and accusing even Richard, is nothing less than defamation, threatening Richards family is assault and harassment, two can roll that same dice accept in the end, Murtagh could also face harassment, assault with the threats and tampering with every witness that came forward, on top of him harassing several people in public places. What he and Sal do not comprehend is not one person other than the suspects named Murtagh in an ounce of this case, not one of the suspects ever claimed he was ever involved in disposing of Allens remains. All the time's Murtagh names have been brought forth were from Officer Wheeler, Steen, Wescott and Bohrer. Never has anyone ever claimed Murtagh took part in the disposal, what they do know and can fact check Murtagh and Sal both on is the fact repeated people have named his junkyard as the point of entry for disposal of the van used to kidnap Heidi Allen. So, Sal, you want to push lets push and we will release every threat Murtagh ever tossed across the internet, including throwing in a few witnesses he actually made threatening telephone calls to. We will tie your hands so tight you won't be standing up for anyone when it is said and done. Once any judge sees the threats Murtagh will bury himself, and any case he feels he has for defamation can be countered with a lawsuit for his rants on the claims he makes against Richard and the threats of burning his home to the ground will do one thing, make the public see how much of a pathetic man Murtaghh truly is, his simple defamation lawsuit will turn in to arrests. It'll also show the public how crazy Sal is for the following suit, he hasn't watched Murtagh enough to know that Murtagh is tampering with witnesses and I am certain that charge will hold far more water than any defamation lawsuit he ever wants to threaten. You do not want to roll the dice Sal. WE do have all the threats and multiple witnesses, many, upon many posts from Murtagh your best bet is to inform your client to stop posting altogether, you may want to inform him he could also face multiple charges if push comes to shove. I can promise you on this side of the fence, all of Murtagh's lies are nothing less than defamation, harassment, tampering, assault. Roll the dice Sal, let's see which way it goes. In the end Sal he will bury your name even further as he is doing well enough burying his own.

July 18/19


Hey Greg. Hey jurors
This says it all. “No proof for this trial”
No physical evidence. No positive ID. Witnesses getting deals. Massaging of witnesses. Misconduct by the prosecution. Deputy lying before the Grand Jury. Inaccurate timeline presented by the prosecution at trial. Tainting public perception via false information to the media. Falsely using a Grand Jury to, before the witness even testified, taint an alibi witness….just what to expect from a corrupt system in Oswego to have some kind of closure. But really was it closure? It should have been if it were a fair and truthful trial.

“Innocent Until Proven Guilty in a Court of Law”

Yes, Dodd, you did have to ‘prove’ this and prove that. Your case was based on speculation and a BS theory. Those jurors did such an INJUSTICE on that day by convicting the wrong guy. What say you, juror #13? Would you have a different opinion had you heard about other suspects/POI or about all the documents the prosecution failed to turn over to the Defense? Or were you taken in by the mob mentality of “We have to get someone.”?

This case is disgusting. Likewise, lacking moral character-those who know something and aren’t speaking up against this Injustice. Heidi’s life was worth the embarrassment. Gary’s life in prison was worth the embarrassment.


July 18/19


Murtagh is online doing all he can to flag and block anyone who's fact checking him. What's the matter Murtagh you can't handle facts? He's attempting to silence anyone who even posts a document or facts to Garys case by reporting the person on facebook and flagging every comment he comes across LMAO..coward, here you can't silence anyone. There you can't either because they'll all just hop on to another account. No one but poor Sal has your back.


July 18/19





Today's Quote July 17/2019

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
Phyllis Diller

Peices of the puzzle/ Lanza posts a Parody
I was a student at SUNY Oswego. Originally came from Brooklyn New York. My father was an attorney. I've been interested in all things law enforcement, drugs, and deviance in all forms since childhood. I've worked all sides of the law. I have rubbed elbows with the low in high places, and I know the highest of the low.... I'm not in Oswego anymore.
One of my funniest sites that I've seen happened shortly before I left. I saw the Three Amigo's together (gosuck,Tatoo, boydine) but that's an aside, or perhaps not.
I always wonder why no one except me ties together the Woods, Allen, and New York Pizza cases together. Why is Oswego Police department never discussed?
Scotty's towing, that would be an interesting discussion.
Amanda hanging out with the owner.
I always refer to Scotty's tow truck as the snowmobile.
Since we're talking about funny business in the business world, the landlord tenant business would be great for money laundering, especially when most of the town is owned and run by the same people. The landlords are the police, the politicians, and public servants. Everyone wares many hats.
New York pizzeria fire is tide up with the drug trade.. somewhere along the line somebody was going into business on their own... Maybe royalties weren't paid to a larger organization, or money was taken that was supposed to be cleaned with pepperoni and chicken wings...
pathefinder bank... Perhaps I should be careful with this one....the guys wife bakes really good, at first I was surprised he was mixed up but then I concluded he realized he was in too deep too late.... It's hard to speak up for what's right when your wife runs a business and you hold such a key position, besides a banker here you know what follow the money means.
Sal, is that you posting? Or is it a Parody? The sad part is also the funny part: I think it really is you..if anything you are the most sophisticated of the unsophisticated.... You've demonstrated yourself to be an ignorant small town attorney....
Sal you know me, we spoke on the phone, My two stepsons are the tasmanian devils, one of which you represented, that's how I know how you accept payment. Bitter pill is the truth....
Here is a piece of the puzzle: you may physically have to go down to the library and look for a local newspaper article about Ronal Eliason LSD arrest Onondaga hall...Ron is dead... Supposedly he died of a heat stroke in md more than 10 years ago... When we lived off-campus together on East 4th Street near shaperio paper, we had two interesting guests very frequently, both police officers, one in the future would be charged with rape that was handled in civil court somehow, and the other became a mayor
I had fun living off campus, Ron was there for the summer, but during the school year lived in the dorms... The actual big LSD bust happened happened on campus.. I think they waited so they could do it there so that would be less involved with the city.... I was a drug runner but I didn't know it. I just thought we were going for an ounce or two of pot... Years later I realize that the two book bags were flat on way to Rochester and on way back full... I think they were not full of onions....
Here later I was joking myself that I didn't realize I was working for dumbsmoore farms onion transportation...
I mean it anybody over the head with it but there's a lot of clues here some very obvious especially for people in the know..
I make really good pizza, but I'm also a good listener.
When I work for a domestic violence shelter one of the sheriff's deputies was they're on official business. Before he left he was joking around with a couple of female counselors. He took his gun out I practically Force the councelor to hold it in her hands.... Now that's a creepy piece of the puzzle.
Task force that busted Ron, I'm kind of hoping that there was one guy on the raid that found out that Ron was connected to the players in Oswego. Ron sold mostly marijuana some lsd, I don't know about the coke but I know he snorted it, because I free base with him a few times..tie in ron to the cops and the landlords.
Two the Oswego sheriff's department detective came to talk to me smudge, and bald thin italian guy.... They kept on trying to get me in the back of the car so we can talk because it was so cold outside.
deviance is a hobby of mine, never get into the back seat voluntarily because your chances of survival decrease if you're taken to a second location..... I honestly think my life is in danger. I don't care. I don't know what Tanya knows. But I know some stuff that Tanya doesn't know. And so on down the line. We all hold pieces the puzzle, some know it some don't.... If I think really hard I know I have more pieces of the puzzle. Everyone knows nobody wants the tree cases solved, much less linked together.
I close with a trivia question: how long did the authorities know exactly where Carol's car was?
I also ask where do the police fill out the paperwork while in fulton, perhaps a quiet spot with a nice view of the river would be a good spot.

July 17/19




July 17/19


Heidi Allen & the OCSD
Why didn't Pietroski arrest or hold JW after he listened to the taped call and he KNEW she was lying ( even admitted to it later ) and they still did not pressure her for more answers.

Why did Ruel Todd say that Pietroski did a very good interrogation. Four hours and they couldn't break her? Must be she's head and shoulders smarter than they are. If they didn't cover up/protect her than they really showed how lost and inept they are. I thought this was going to be easy.

Why did Pietroski take JW phone? What was done with it? Erased texts? Not a word about it.

How could anyone listen to that taped phone call and say it was not credible? Isn't it funny that Oakes told Tonya that and then King said the same thing.
All she said on that is very close to , if not the entire truth.

Hell, she said she didn't know any of the "3" but lived with Roger and these clowns couldn't even take that and run with it to use against her.
**********************unless they didn't want to. Which I think is the truth. So much ignored and hidden from Lisa and RT's lawyer. Why, why would you hide evidence that may help a defendant unless you were involved or knew who was and didn't want to open a box of worms.

" you're not in trouble, you're going to leave here by yourself". Of course she's in trouble, she knew they were going to kill her and didn't call the police to try and stop it.

How much evidence can you turn your back on, hide and ignore and not draw suspicion to the OCSD.

You don't think we know...oh yeah we know. The FBI knows, the guy in the court room knows and I'm sure there are a lot of people that know.

Maybe someone will step up and tell the truth.

Didn't a Deputy get caught lying to the Grand Jury? What was done about that? Were some of the judges involved with the coke selling in as helping them if they went to court? Seems like it doesn't it.

Too bad Tony didn't have a tape recorder on her when they interrogated her.

This has a lot of players in it and it is not going away. 2019 and we now know more than we did in 2014.

Sleep good because it could happen any day now!

July 17/19


Heidi Allen
If someone has the link to Oakes': Statement Of Facts please post the link. Got a new computer and can't seem to find it...???

July 17/19


There will never be Justice!
That's right no TIC TOC and all have gone free except the innocent, the big cheese and the rat pack are all in their 70's and have gotten away with murder. The F.B.I saw this mess and rubber stamped a cover up, It would never be in the public's best interest to know what this group has done and gotten away with. And the only people paying any price is our new Sheriffs Department. They are seen as a gang!, how hard to teach our children that we have both good cops and bad cops in our county. Our children and grand children are taught that just like in cowboys days, the bad one's still wear black hats, we all fear being pulled over by a Sheriff who has been trained to be above our laws and yet enforce law on us. I still state that I will not pull over for a Sheriff, I'll run all the way to a location were a trusted police agency is.

July 17/19


177 E. Second St.
When no one is being arrested it is because they are snitches.........confidential informants. They rat out their “friends” so they aren’t arrested, no honor among thieves. Just sayin’

July 17/19


Rep. Ilhan Omar Has Been A U.S. Citizen Longer Than Melania Trump

July 17/19

Points system at Oswego Speedway is determined by the owners
How could the fastest time trialer start the pole in the feature last week. I think every fan should be given a printout of the ever changing rules at the Speedway. The only track I know of that makes their own rules and changes them on the fly. They stack the deck for the car's they want up front. No matter their time trial or heat finish. There is no over site. I here people complain how the track is run. Not many people in the stands last week. That speaks for itself. They are trying to increase the number of fans but they are losing the battle.

July 17/1


177 East 2nd Street
I guess being lookouts is better than them doing or selling drugs. Although I am sure that's not far away. I am amazed at how many people actually go in and out of that house. Seems like 20-30 different faces every day and not the same ones day in and day out. I bet I have seen over 100 different people in that last 2 weeks and I am NOT exaggerating. It is crazy the amount of different people!!!! As for the Meth busts, I would venture a guess that has slowed down because of the Molly/Herion that has taken over. It's all over the city too. I took a walk along the river the other day around 6:00pm. I honestly didn't feel safe walking by the large groups of sketchy people. It is not a place to be after hours that is for sure.

July 17/19


What a joke
Richard Murtagh the more you post the guiltier you look. Online posting your name never came in to this until mid 2000s, such a bullshitter. Officer Wheeler wrote a statement in regards to Murtagh and his name coming up in 94 because Murtagh stole a van off Gary Thibodeau property without his concent. Wheeler then made his was to Crosby Hill. Murtagh you wouldn't know the truth if someone slapped you with your own 8 ball. What a pos he is. He also claims he never spoke to cny reporters and if he did they twisted his words. Fake news right Murtagh. You are one sick human being. On top of the fact you stole Gary's van that was on his property with no wheels or transmission when he bought the property. Gary was furious and wanted to press charges on anyone stealing off his property. So this idea Murtagh you may have taken the van Gary used is a lie lmao. One they searched his property when he was arrested, toom his wood stove that van was ruled out, two if you disposed of the van you claim he used I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have been looking to press charges on you. Instead been relieved. That entire story about stealing Gary's van was a ploy to cover your asses for when you moved the real van off Valley Road. Keep talking Murtagh. The public will keep burying you. You deserve nothing less. Seek Mental help Murtagh you need it.

July 17/19






Today's Quote July 16/2019

I would rather be uncomfortable with the truth than to be lied to in comfort.

That's just my nature.

Jesse Ventura

Harry kept the place up. When he was gone the maintenance ended.


July 16/19


177 E Second St
The ones on the porch are lookouts. When DeCare was first on the job he was making meth bust once a week now you never hear anything. Did everyone stop using and making meth or is the chief giving out free passes like Dehm was. It’s for sure no one is afraid of getting caught.

July 16/19


Watch "Ocasio-Cortez Exposes Evidence on Trump's Dirty LIES with BRILLIANT speech" on YouTube


July 16/19

RE Lanza defending Pagano and not Ciezeski and Sugar.
The answer is you can defend lazy but you can’t defend stupid.


July 16/19







Today's Quote July 15/2019

Truth is the glue that holds government together.
Gerald R. Ford

Dodd and the way out of anything:
When you stated to Matt M. that all the files were available did you mean that the defense has to find them as opposed to your office giving the defense all the info in a case?

All available is an excuse to make it look like the defense didn't do their job and go after the info you are supposed to hand over.

Just who the ph**k do you think you're kidding?

Well actually no one. The only reason you didn't get caught is because you and the OCSD and possibly others did all they could to make GT look guilty.

What was that oath you took?
If they do investigate this case, there are going to be so many witnesses it'll look like a parade....then you are all screwed!

July 14-15/19

How the Florida Legislature used a parking rule to supress voting - News - Daytona Beach News-Journal Online

July 14-15/19

Reply to Dodd about GT's confession:

Mr. Baldasaro, one of the inmates, stated to a news reporter that he did not testify to Gary telling him he abducted Heidi which is confirmed by reading the entire original trial transcript and not just the biased summary of Oakes’ Statement of Facts and annexed Exhibits.

July 14-15/19


Heidi Allen case
Bivens told the OCSD that he saw two guys take HA.

One he described as having white air and in Matt M. doc he said one looked older.
Now seeing that GT was 36 then and all the other players "The 3 " we about that age, who was the older guy? Bivens said he had white hair. Was he massaged into saying this by the OCSD?
Is this all getting closer to the truth?

Keep searching because with the info Matt found and Dodd didn't turn over the rains may start coming.

tic toc!

July 14-15/19

177 East 2nd Street
Despite all the drug dealers and Molly walkers in and out of this house there has been no response from the Slum Lords Tom and Fred.. The police are now making routine patrols but it hasn't really change anything. Now a new and very serious and concerning development has started at the house. For the last few days I have witnessed 6-8 Young kids probably 12-15 years old hanging out on the porch of 177 East 2nd. They are hanging out smoking cigarettes and every now and then they say something smart ass to people walking by. Just a matter of time before they start selling the drugs or worse yet start taking them......

July 14-15/19

greeting to you Sir
I am sorry for this interruption. I have no other way to reach you than these ways if the contents here under are contrary to your moral ethics. Please accept my apology, but please treat with absolute secrecy and personal.

With due regards, my name is Sokg . the business manager of auditing and accounting department of a Bank in South East Asia .

There is a draft account opened in my bank in 1998 by a long-time client of our bank. a national of your country. he was a CEO/a textile company owner. business man. a miner at Kruger mining company in Cambodia. he was also a geologist and a mining consultant to several other mining conglomerates operating in China and Taiwan. Japan. Indonesia. Pakistan. Vietnam all in Asia.

Before he passed away on the November 16th 2004 by car accident with his wife and two children along Cambodia Vietnam road. leaving nobody as the representative of his account after his death. I want to present you as the representative I will use my position and influence in our bank to make sure they release this money to you for us to share. Kindly get back to me for more details.

Best regard
Sokg Maon

July 14-15/19






Today's Quote July 13/2019

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life,

and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.
Henry David Thoreau

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense

Looking again at Matt's doc. I started to really pay attention to all the taped calls....AND WHY NONE OF THIS IFO WAS NEVER USED!

First i'd like to know how the OCSD inv. knew that JW phone called Tonya the night before the Deputy's taping with Tonya.
They had to have JW phone taped. If so , why didn't they release what was said, how long was the phone call and tel us that they collaborated with the two girls.
Jenn said that her son pushed the wrong button...did they ask her son about it? After this is the reason they said the call couldn't be used. REMEMBER they said that Jenn and Tonya may have discussed what they would be saying in the real taped call the OCSD inv set up.

WRONG! If they knew because of a taped call, they would know what was said.
I don't believe JW's son pushed the wrong button on her phone. I believe that the OCSD had someone call JW and tell her to call Tonya so the OCSD inv. could discredit Tonya and her info. After the call, Oakes told Tonya that the call is not credible and used the fact that JW & Tonya talked the night before. They also, to take Tonya out of the picture refused to have take a poly which Tonya asked for.

***** Hello OCSD am I getting close?

Also JW put herself in the middle of this crime by telling Tonya all she knew about a white van, 3 guys bringing HA to her house and leaving her in the van...probably already dead.

Then JW gets called for an interview and Pietroski proved that she was lying and LET HER GO....Sal still think this wasn't a cover up?


JW with Tonya all this info ignored by the OCSD....again!

Roger's wife telling on the phone that the OCSD taped that there was blood in the back seat and we need to get the van to Canada.

JW taped saying the Thibodeaus did not do it and that GT & RT were not at my house. And later said she was at her Mom's house?????


Dodd why wasn't there a green mark on the paper that you wrote..not copied for the defense but said it was all available to the defense but they never saw it. Being available is a sleight of words to help you slip out of the fact that you didn't want this copied and given to the defense.

Also at the bottom there was written that you were going to ask the judge....couldn't make out the rest.

Was the paper that was dated Friday found on the floor at the store at the time of the crime finger printed?

Jenn was never interrogated after she failed a poly.

Now listening and reading all these clues, hints and confessions by these people didn't lead you to a new investigation?
You must be ph*****g kidding me Dodd. How much do you need? How much did the OCSD need to convince them that others were involved?

Or didn't you want to use this info because some cops and the "3" would have been found guilty.

There was enough for Oakes and OCSD to look at others, confessions on the phone, evidence of the van by Roger's wife.










July 13/19






Today's Quote July 11-12/2019

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean

Wescott vs God
Wescott believes she is blessed. Lol blessed by God. Lol she might be lucky but she sure is hell is not blessed. God doesn't support murder. When he started to support people like you Wescott let us all know. You've been protected thanks to Sal and the pos DA, once they are all gone Wescott what happens to you? Being protected by corrupt officials is not God lol that's just pure luck. It's called shit luck. You have very few mow in your life. You don't know who is who. In the end we will make sure all you have left is a prison buddy. Because here's a promise Wescott. There are others making their rounds. It's not the Sheriffs.

July 11-12/19


Lanza Defending Joe Pagano
I saw Sal going out of his way to defend Pagano but he had nothing say in defense of Ciezeski or Sugar.
You really are at the bottom when Sal Lanza can’t come up with a good word for you.

July 11-12/19


Shouldn't this be titled Swimming With Boys?

July 11-12/19








Today's Quote July 10/2019

People only see what they are prepared to see.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ does negative advertising work???? Should a candidate throw mud at his opponent and do you approve of it?”
Lanza and his goomba Benedetto conducted an anonomous smear campaign against Coleman.
Benedetto couldn’t bear losing a third time and his partner in slime Lanza figures he can somehow curry favor with a few republicans to use down the road.

July 10/19


Isn’t It true!
Isn’t it true you left the Trailriders after some of the clubs funds came up missing?
Say it isn’t so!

July 10/19


Proof that" all in all he's just another brick in the wall"
Has our top cop ever mentioned he would look into the Heidi Allen case, even while running for this job-NO. has he ever even mentioned the case to the public-NO. Did he refuse comment and to be interviewed by Mat- Yes. So again he can not,and will not make any public comment on this case, and the F.B.I your hoping for great things from, they have done their job! Now it's your turn to show some proof. What has he done, just as he was told OBEY!!!!!!!!! so all in all he's just another brick in the WALL.

July 10/19


Re: Sleezy Sal
**sometimes I spell thinks wrong on purpose**

What a whiny ass cry baby!! 'Oh, the editor reads comments...' blah blah before posting. Guess what, baby, not all of my comments are posted EVERY time. I don't whine and cry about it. Could be not posted because of being too crass or threatening. Maybe the comment was simply overlooked. Or, maybe, the editor has a personal vendetta against you. So many possibilities. Which is correct? The point is that you are a whiny ass baby complaining about it.

Oh, I see how it is. Just because someone hasn't told you something before means it didn't happen? OK, mr. genius lawyer. What facts or corroboration did the witness offer? Well, for one, he wasn't the only one or two or three that heard Steen talking about Heidi and her disappearance. Hindsight is 20/20, mr. genius. Sometimes information comes together at a later time. That's called an EPIPHANY. Look it up, dude. Speaking of epiphany, what did Bohrer say about an 'epiphany'? That Gary didn't do it. Notice I didn't put quotes. This gives you the opportunity to research EXACTLY what he said for yourself. If you need some help finding his statement, I can/will post it for you.

Boring? I don't find this site 'boring'. It also can be informative. Where else can we learn about the BS that goes on in Oswego that mainstream media can't or won't report? I suppose Facebook can be good for that, if you have the right "friends".

So which is it, psychic? Am I college educated or comment on this site all the time and should go to the basement? Both? Am I a man or woman? What difference does it make anyhow? If I say, "My truck is bigger than yours." what does that tell you about me? If I say I can hunt, like fishing, car races, word and number puzzles and will fight for what I believe in, what does that say about me or who I am? You said you "know" who the commenter is. Appears that you don't really because you are still phishing. How about this for a novel idea? There are more than one, two, or three intelligent people who comment and post here and think you are a sleezy lawyer. AND you are making that more apparent every time your comments are posted.

I'd like to try my psychic abilities on you.....Which Murtaugh female is posting using your name? Is it the one who can't fight her own battles alone..because she would lose in one-on-one combat, so to speak? Nah, I think it really is Salvatore Lanza because he is.....a sleezy lawyer.

Geez, I'm surprised you haven't chimed in before now. You've been talked about regarding representing Richard several times over the past several years. So tell us from your own mouth, was Richard and/or Gary's photos shown to witnesses before their arrests on May 25, 1994? I'm curious of your answer because I already know what the correct answer is!
Great Move Kicking Lanza To The curb
I wonder if he is still shagging that blond woman at the county clerks office. Heard she retired so Sal would have to have a new excuse to hook up.

Are you a Christian, sir?

Have you had your 15 minutes of fame, yet? I think you should keep opening your trap. At the very least, it is entertaining. But, if 'THEY' tell you to stop talking publicly, you should obey your master even though The Government has granted each and every one of us Freedom of Speech. But, I guess that rule changes when you are also bound by ethical and legal standards.? EX: slander or libelous- calling someone guilty who was found by a jury of their peers to be INNOCENT.

How far back have you actually read comments on this site? As a lawyer, being unbiased about your personal connections, what do you think about that which has been posted about Gary and Richard vs their connection to Heidi's disappearance?

In conclusion, thank you for chiming in about the Heidi Allen disappearance. I am overjoyed that you, or someone using your name, is inspired to publicly comment. Even if it is lies, because truth often can be determined among lies. I look forward to the times Murtaugh grows his set (or is it beer balls) to say something about the case. Now that's someone I would love to have a conversation with. Unfortunately, he can't back up his words even if what he says is true. Also, I dare you to get approval from Richard Thibodeau and make your file/notes of his representation public or give it to him!! You do still have them archived somewhere?

P.S. I will entertain other discussions in another post. Also, I want to apologize to anyone who has been retaliated against, regarding Gary/and or Heidi, because someone 'thought' these multitude of comments and legal postings about that issue was them.

BRAVO to the family of Tammy Mahoney for fighting for Justice for their loved one and the attention they bring to other missing people. No One's life deserves to be taken! Whether a CI, drug addict, innocent child, wife, husband, brother, sister, mother, father, other family member, professional, laborer or homemaker!

God Bless you all.!.

July 10/19


Reply to Sal...
All of this GT and HA commentary....it's done. What don't you understand? Why don't you understand? It's been brought to Court and appealed. You lost. A cover-up? What next...9 11 never happened?

You don't understand that a lot of people think some OCSD and the "3" were in it together. Look at all the signs and clues about JW giving them info, Roger's wife on a taped call, JW taped call etc.

How can you possibly NOT think there was a cover up?

They had enough info to go after other people but didn't..so obvious.

July 10/19



Better check out Oswego Speedway
I don't think this beam is holding too much look around. Light hit from limited super modified hit the front grandstand wall. Started the stands rocking. Look up look down but be sure to look all around.

July 7-9/19



Psycho Sally
Thank you so much for putting an end to the lies, and insane rants. The site will be even better for it. It would have been funny to watch the election process unfold though.lol

July 10/19

Re: Farnham
To the poster. Most of the clients at Farnham are court mandated to attend. They have to go wherever there's room. They don't have a choice where that is. Most of the clients also suffer from various mental health issues. Not everyone can afford to send their siblings out of town to a private rehab simply because they are ashamed and embarrassed by them.If you're who I think you are then you know exactly what I'm saying.My questions to you are: How'd your brother(s?) do in rehab and do you guys do "lead work"?I have a '49 Hudson that needs a little work and I don't pay for Bondo.
-the guy with the '49 Hudson-

July 10/19


Terrific Guys
I've always believed in, respected and defended the idea that everyone has a right to their opinion, but a couple of weeks ago, a good friend's daughter set new limits on my liberal thoughts on how much respect drumpkins deserve.
She has always been a pretty sharp young lady and as she progressed though college, I honestly believed that her thought processes had developed along an at least logical, thusly acceptable line as opposed to a cultist brain sink-hole.
We spoke a while and sure enough, she had been drumpified. Soooooo I mentioned a well known, proven fact about her orange skinned hero and her immediate response was a shouted, "FAKE NEWS!" Well needless to say THAT conversation came to an abrupt end. Within the next few days I made a point of seeing her at a social gathering and said in no uncertain terms that I had always given everyone their air, the right to their feelings, opinions, religion, political ilk, etc. but in her case I'd decided that rather than admit a simple proven fact and yelling "FAKE NEWS!" when something didn't jive w/ whatever she didn't want to hear and/or believe, she just spouted that brain-dead refrain and that in fact now she had degenerated into the realm of fucking morons! She actually was appalled when I called HER a fucking moron.
The point of this l'il rant is to preface the fact that my following notes, ALL proven & recorded facts and statements WILL be shrugged off by the drumpite morons as "FAKE NEWS".

----Donald Trump boasted about meeting semi-naked teenagers in beauty pageants. Mr.(choke) Trump said on Howard Stern’s radio show in 2005 that he could ‘get away’ with walking into the dressing room to ‘inspect’ beautiful women.(Jesus H Christ! they were freaking kids) Trump said on the Howard Stern show that he was “allowed”, as the owner of the pageant, to go backstage while the contestants were getting dressed. OH YEAH...some of these 'contestants' were 14 and 15 years old, freshmen and sophomores in high school. Hey daddy and grandpa trumpkins... IS THAT "FAKE NEWS!". How would YOU feel if that was YOUR little girl or grand daughter?
Drumphs own words... “You know they’re standing there with no clothes. Is everybody OK?" I'd ask, "And you see these incredible looking women. And so I sort of get away with things like that.”
One of the girls said, “He just came strolling right in. There was not a second to put a robe on or any sort of clothing or anything. Some girls were topless. Other girls were naked.”---
The picture is of that creep drumpf and his then pal Jeffrey Epstein. He now says that although he knew him, he didn't agree with him. BUT!!!!!!!
In 2002 he said, and this was a quote, before he had coined the term "FAKE NEWS"
“‘I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.’ - Donald Trump, 2002”. The quote is from a 2002 New York Magazine profile of Epstein.
I'm sure the orange idiot thought the "younger side" was a good idea.
He's a creep!

39 Years
Lanza claims to have been married 39 years to the same woman but when he says it it sounds like a life sentence.

July 10/19






Today's Quote July 7-9/2019

Sports do not build character. They reveal it.
Heywood Broun

“Look at it subjectively and not objectively”. I believe you meant that to be the other way around; look up the meanings. However, maybe not. –

S. Sotomayor

July 7-9/19


What's in a name?
Once upon a time a local Lawyer in his circle of Good Ole Boys, found that our D.A and the local gang known as Oswego County Sheriffs have had great concern with information being submitted by someone here, these postings are from someone with an inside track to this club. This information is touching way to close to home, when Mr. Wonderful Lawyer man began posting here it was to loosen some information, how? ONLY COWARDS SUBMIT WITH NO NAME, nice try Sallieboy, but as I said your a blind Lawyer and not yet quite that good. The early Oswegonylion polls show your already behind and there's no else running! The Good ole boys need a name, they have checked everyone they thought it could be or did they?

July 7-9/19


177 East 2nd Street
This morning around 8:45 I heard a commotion and saw two individuals in a verbal/physical confrontation. One of the guys was driving a truck and another from 177 East 2nd Street was screaming at him. The guy gets out of the truck to confront the Mollie Walker who of course talks shit but won't do anything. He takes a picture of the license plate then scurries away to avoid getting his ass kicked as he is alone. When the truck leaves he then calls his buddies and starts bragging how he is gonna break this guys jaw blah blah blah. Wonder why he didn't when he had the chance??? So I start wondering why Fred and Tom (slumlords) have done nothing to correct a growing problem. I sign onto the real property tax website to do a little snooping. I look up all their other properties. It becomes so much clearer now that I am able to actually see all the other SH*T HOLES they own. It's no wonder they don't care about 177 East 2nd Street because I would assume by the looks of their other properties it is just the same old same old at all of them. They are making a killing off of HUD and MOLLY HOUSING!!!! This city will not clean up until the Slumlords are held accountable for the trash they rent to. I thought there was a law stating how many non related people can share an apartment. There are at least 20-30 bedding down in 1 apartment at 177 east 2nd street....... I do want to give a big SHOUT OUT to OPD who have made their presence known. They are up and down the street all day. Unfortunately it hasn't helped a whole lot. Same guy who was scared to fight this morning was also up and down the street taking pictures of neighbors houses and cars. Time for more security cameras to be installed today I guess.

July 7-9/19


My can't social media be brutal, I think you had better luck with your CB radio! Just because your allowed to play on both sides of the fence that you'll always be accepted there. These people here are not your regular red necks or as dumb as you think!

July 7-9/19


RE. the van.
Yept that's what I would do to. Rent a spot at harbor flop and display the van. Even at at a buck a head to look inside it you could make a killing! People would be lined up across the bridge just to look inside it. I would also have Richard there wearing a tee shirt that had just call me lucky on the front of it.

July 7-9/19


Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
After all the lies and actions that make me believe this was a cover up remember this:

R. Todd..Sheriff: " back in those days we didn't have a system for Confidential Informants." Or something to this affect.

Really! Then why is there a card with Heidi Allen, Julie Roberts and contact info etc? Was it made to be dropped and found to get the word out about HA maybe turning in some "big" people? And the fact that one Deputy said he was in charge of the CI program ( the same one Todd said didn't exist ) and he personally signed Heidi Allen into the CI program.

This has so many holes, mistakes and stupid actions by the OCSD that I can't help but to believe some are guilty.

Thank you Judge King for letting me off the stand when I was nervous and/or upset.. Is this a reason to let a witness off from a trial?
...and was Lisa given an opportunity to call MB again?

10 witnesses all unreliable..lol.



July 7-9/19

Buddy Broadwell and his Captain's Club
Buddy you really need to take a closer look at the Captain's Club, it's gone way downhill. Here are some reasons why :

-the manger and the workers do not do their job

-the club is filthy

-75% of the members do not log in

-anyone who has ever worked there gets in for free

-member guest passes are used everyday for the same people so why get a membership ?

-guest passes and waivers are rarely recorded

-people bring in boom boxes to play their own music loud without any respect to who else is in the gym

-same music consists of f-bombs and the "n" word

-people are working out without shirts on and getting on the equipment, then they never wipe down the equipment (that's a health hazard)

-the steam room and sauna smell like urine from people pissing in there

-the locker rooms are always filthy and smell because everyone is allowed to just walk in there and make a mess

-people throwing the weights on the floor (Buddy your carpets are all torn up because of this and the dumbbells were being broken)

Buddy you should be embarrassed about what goes on at the health club, your workers sit on their fat asses and do nothing because they're afraid and lazy. If they would stop letting all their buddies in for free you wouldn't have to raise the membership prices. Most of the equipment has been there since you opened the hotel and the hot tub, sauna, steam room and pool are always broken. You can tell your wife to stop with new uniforms for the workers, it's like putting lip stick on a pig. It's still a pig, not a pleasant first impression when you visit the club. I hope this really lights a fire under your ass to do something about the health club.

If you ever want to discuss these issues make yourself available or leave your cell number at the desk so members can contact you directly

July 7-9/19


Trump makes series of false claims in two-day New York tweetstorm


July 7-9/19

This company city hiring monday night for some job.


July 7-9/19

O'h Sal
This is the issue with you. You kiss ass where ever it's convenient politically for you. You do not have the gutts to run for DA because then you'll have to butt heads with the Republican party. You do not have the balls to take on the Gary Thibodeau case and at this point its best with your friendship with Murtagh you are never near it. As far as your stupidity on your Facebook with running your mouth along with Murtagh about Gary and couldn't pin point the lies he spewed on your wall and you went along with it. Yes you looked like an idiot. Do us a favor don't run for DA, that county needs someone who doesn't OBEY, who isn't afraid of who's political toes they step on. We don't need an ass kisser, fence walker...just stop. Did you look like a fool. Yes you did because you walked right in to the lies fed to you. Yet, you still believe Murtagh had nothing to do with Heidi Allen. Lmao if he lies that bad openly on your Facebook imagine what he's lied about to the Sheriffs. Smh..grow up Sal, stop being a fence walker, grow some balls, figure out which side you are really on

July 7-9/19


Blue wall poster
Here's the key with you. You can make up all you wish about the FBI, claim Hilton's to obey. Until you post proof should anyone believe a word you say. Post proof or stop with your fantasies.

July 7-9/19


Dodd, Todd, good ol boys
Would it not have been smarter to leave Heidi's case a cold case? Instead of this assinin made up ludicrous lies you spewed on the Thibodeau family. To cover up for incompetence of a few shit ass officers? You wonder why the public's ripping you apart. They will continue to. Now the right and moral thing to do is to exonerate and clear Gary's name until you can do a proper investigation. Who's gonna sue you, no one, Gary's gone and so is his wife. Exonerate Gary dead or alive. Leave the Allen case open in hopes she can some day have real justice. That's too easy, the moral road none of you seem to walk on, you never have and you never will. But there is a pretty place in hell for all of you that roads laid out and has been the day you sent an innocent man to prison for your corrupt asses. That's where you belong.

July 7-9/19


I applaud you
Tammy Mahoney family. Standing ovation. Big time, powerful, moving and motivated. They do not care which political persons career is on the line, they are out for the truth. Their face book alone is true to Tammy. Everything is pushing for truth for not only Tammy but they are noticing the many missing people in the upstate area. They have spread information about so many families. They are bringing attention very quickly to their case and hoping to bring awareness for the other families with missing loved ones. The family wants the real suspects in custody, they want the real perpetrators and only them. Very brave and brilliant on how they are tackling Tammys case, all they are doing is being honest. But it's working.

July 7-9/19


I am writing this as a hard working tax payer that has been fortunate enough to lead by example. My parents both worked to support six children and did not collect one dime from the state or federal government including unemployment. I know the drug concern in this County unbelievable but it doesn't make it right for organizations to make huge profits or waste tax payers dollars. I read an article that Farnham was granted $1.5 million dollars October 2018. I would like to see how this money is being used. I would also like to know why each County has a different set of rules on their programs. These programs are funded by the State and Federal government which is "the hard working tax payer." Why I bring this up makes me furious.I had to wait a week to calm down before I posted this. Some Oswego County Residents don't fit the Farnham program so they take a cab to a facility that will except them. Who pays the taxi bill? Yes, again the taxpayer. You do the math, how many thousands of dollars are wasted in transportation because they don't fit their program? Taking a taxi six days a week,to and from a facility is unbelievable.
That's why Farnham is here and don't worry I already called the Attorney General and the Senator who helped get the Grant money to investigate. All rules should be the same accross the state of New York." Oh I forgot I am in Oswego County".

July 7-9/19


The sniveling little cowards on this site.
I now know all of the players on this site who have bashed me for no reason whatsoever. I know who you are. You are so frightened...scared of life....scared of what the next day brings....go take your anti-depressant and crawl under a rock.

Nope...I will use LION just like Trump uses Twitter. I don't care if you don't like it.

Gossip????? What's happening politically? Well, I think the new Administrative Judge for our district will be Hon Jim Murphy. An outstanding jurist. A great selection!

Now that Tom B has won the primary....who will be chosen to fill his seat as Court Attorney Referee? Any guesses?? The job pays about 155,000/yr. Comes with benefits. Lawyers are lining up.....

Who will the County Republicans choose as their candidate to fill Judge Todd's seat? It's next year.....C'mon, you must know by now.

You know...there is other gossip to report other than GT and HA....important gossip that needs to be out there for discussion.

Will Greg Oakes try to run for Todd's seat next yr or Hafner's seat in 2 yrs?

Is it important for a candidate to be in all of the parades....do parades guarantee victory in an election??? What about yard signs????Do signs cause people to vote???

What about advertising on the internet????? Is that important in a race?????

Is it time for Oswego Country to have a female County Court Judge?

Finally, does negative advertising work???? Should a candidate throw mud at his opponent and do you approve of it?

Let's spice up the conversation on LION.

Salvatore Lanza Esq

July 7-9/19


What a bunch of weaklings that hang on this web site.
No one signs their name. Everyone is frightened. I have no use for people like you. So scared.....fear of what could happen....go to your basement and hide. You are right....I don't hang with people like you.

All of this GT and HA commentary....it's done. What don't you understand? Why don't you understand? It's been brought to Court and appealed. You lost. A cover-up? What next...9 11 never happened?

Yes, I am going to run for District Attorney. I predict Gregg Oakes will throw his hat into the County Court race. That will happen in the next 1 or 2 years. Doesn't matter...the party likes another individual for the position and it AIN'T GREGG. I know I will win the position. Look at how many people voted this year...14%. All those parades mean squat. Fact is...nobody votes.

I'm a no nonsense guy. That's how I will approach the office. It sure pays well too. $4,000/week is nothing to sneeze at. So, yes, I am interested.

And I won't convene a special grand jury to look into the HA case. Too much time has passed. The 3 stooges and others have all kept their mouths shut. I'm not going to waste anymore taxpayer resources. The case is done

You all know I'm a good lawyer. I enjoy going to court and watching the other side shudder and shake. I lie here awake at night just thinking how I'm going to ruin folks like you in court. I believe in karma.

I have been winning most or all of my cases. I just haven't won the murder cases. Must be the police did a good job collecting the evidence. Remember, you aren't going to win at the trial level. You win on appeal in Rochester.

You will be seeing me more on this site. I never came to this site until recently. I enjoy posting my views. I know that deep down inside you love me. You really do. Lol. Goodnight you bunch of weaklings.

Salvatore Lanza Esq

July 7-9/19


Your boring site
This site is sooooo slow. Why does it take centuries for you to post? You have lost my interest. So long you bunch of sniveling cowards.
Salvatore Lanza Esq

July 7-9/19


The Cowards on this site
So you say that hunting and snowmobiling is enjoyed by certain types of people who are not good people????? Well count me in with that crowd. I love snowmobiling and I have been an officer of the Mexico Trailriders for the last 10 years. Before our paths went different ways due to a falling out I hung around with Ron 24/7. I learned some things about his methods. The rest is behind me. I wouldn't believe one syllable that came from his mouth. When I saw the defense called him to the stand, I knew the defense was compromised. I changed my opinion. I knew I had been lied to.

I love the people of this County. They are going to love me even more when I'm District Attorney. I'm coming.....Get ready......Get used to it.
Salvatore Lanza, Esq

July 7-9/19


Very slow to post news
I think I have figured out this site. You post your gossip and then the administrator of the website reviews the post every morning and determines subjectively which post we'll make the page. The postings are only done once a day. That's just way too slow for my taste
I can tell by the individual who is making comments against me there. It is a woman and she has excellent punctuation. She is obviously college-educated. She may even be a former editor or news reporter. I will look at her written post again and make further observations.
Salvatore Lanza Esq

July 7-9/19

This site is sooooo slow.

Why does it take centuries for you to post? You have lost my interest. So long you bunch of sniveling cowards.
Salvatore Lanza Esq

July 7-9/19



Observations From The Lanza Posts

1- You know how this site works. You have been reading it for a good ten years and have posted several times in the past under the name legalpad.

2- You are such a great lawyer and have such a great practice you need to supplement it by running for public office?

3- A year ago you were telling everyone you would run against Oaks this time around. Now it is sit and wait for him to move on to something else. What happened no balls?

4- You are “a no nonsense guy”. No you are a total bullshit guy.

5- “You will be seeing me more on this site. I never came to this site until recently. I enjoy posting my views. I know that deep down inside you love me.” “I will use LION just like Trump uses Twitter.”

You are a lying sack of sh!t.

You are not going to use this site for free advertising or ranting like that serial sexual predator Donald Trump.

How do I know this because you are all done here. 
I don't care if you don't like it. I seriously suggest you reach out to some professional that deals with bipolar disorders.

addio pazzo





Today's Quote July 6/2019

Fortune always favors the brave, and never helps a man who does not help himself.
P. T. Barnum

you DON'T take medical malpractice because your sister is a doctor.
I'm sure the local and regional newspaper would be more than happy to take your advertisements. They don't belong here, more over, here, we know the truth, and laugh.
District attorney? 😂😂😂😂😂
As to deer hunting with witnesses.....I bet you do, you always hang with that type. Decent folks stay away from you.

July 6/19


Looking into the future of Oswego politics
We all know that next year will be a big political race (2020), President, state senator, state assembly, etc. The local race that will capture a lot of attention will be County Court because Judge Todd has indicated he will not seek another 10 year term. Look for Gregg Oakes to run for the County Court seat either next year or in 2 years when Judge Hafner retires (age 70 by law). That’s when I will announce my run for District Attorney.
Salvatore F. Lanza Esq

July 6/19

Cowards who write anonymous posts...reply to Sal
I really don't understand your thinking....GT case.

Look at it subjectively and not objectively.

We all know the things the OCSD did not do in this case. It's full of holes, lies and back turning on certain issues and clues.

Did the Matt M. doc. ring a bell for you?
You are entitled to your opinion but not your own facts.

Ex.: Bivens changing his mind 3 times on the color of the van...why? Was he done a favor? Did MB talk to him after he got a DWI fax? And who in the hell gets a DWI fax from the DA's file...what's that tell you? MB was given this to persuade Bivens to change his story about the color of the van..one hand washes the other.

Neighbors at the Airport: we watched as county issued cars entered the airport at 3-4 AM a lot of the time...why? I was told by someone back then that coke was coming in from the airport...

Why was the FBI denied access to this case, a case that still has not been solved.

Why no line up?

Ahy let JW walk after all the info she gave them and they never followed up or pressed for more....hmmmm. Why Sal as a lawyer would you not think these and other things were suspicious.

Not meant to attack you but: what year did your friend you hunted with know something but never mentioned it to you? Was it before 2014 and now when we are getting more info?

Didn't the fact that 3 witnesses said the van was blue? Then changed their minds. Why? Did the OCSD persuade them to. Why didn't the OCSD listen to the guy who told them he saw a blue van speeding and do a u-turn?

You must be blind sided by the fact that the law and lawyers need proof but sometimes questions lead to that.
Judge King was brought in to stop any appeal...very obvious. Why would 10 ppl who heard the "3" say they got Heidi say they were unreliable? Where is the proof that you lawyers need to prove they were unreliable? THERE ISN'T ANY!

This inv. by the OCSD is a joke and a cover up.

True story: a guy told someone I know wouldn't lie that back then the OCSD stopped him, found coke in his car, took the coke and let him go.

Would you have used the fact that Bivens said they were as tall as Heidi and husky? RT is short, GT was medium ( no one I would back down from ) would you have made Bivens seem unreliable about this?

His time he said was 8-8:30...impossible.

Sal don't lawyers need proof to win cases? So where is any proof that the bros. did this especially when Swenkowski left the same time RT did from the store but did not see a kidnapping. Bivens however did see a kidnapping...how can this be? If Swenkowski saw RT then he should have seen a kidnapping...unless Bivens made up the whole story? As a lawyer what does your education tell you about this very weak case?

It can only be if there is a cover up by the OCSD and others because Bivens said.." van was blue." Right make but not the right color.

And finally: did you pay attention to Dodd's reaction after Matt told him a boy saw a cop shoot Heidi? Only a grunt..not any answer. Matt let him off the hook by not waiting for an answer from him.

Did the question the OCSD inv. asked Jenn in the car what she felt like after answering questions about Heidi? or similar statement.



I read a statement you said about this case, if I can find it I will post it.




July 6/19


Sal the self promoter
Sal, please stop using the lion for your free advertising. IF you are as good as u claim
you should not need to advertise. If you need to, at least pay for it as do the rest of your peers. By the way, thanks for the heads up on your politcal plans, this is going to be great.
ha m

July 6/19


First to address your dislike for those who choose not to use their name, It would bother someone like you not to have a name to work with, it takes away all your little fear tactics and does not allow you any way to dig dirt, or in your game, material to discredit making you in the Old Country a cecu avvucatu, a blind lawyer!. You have used this site to advertise your most awesome services, How ever your hypothesis that your the best Lawyer in N.Y is supported only by very weak premises. And out here in public, justice does not end with such a corrupt trial, in AMERICA we the people will decide when to stop our seeking Justice for Gary and Heidi!!! P.S do your advertising somewhere else I think most have heard enough from you.

July 6/19


Reply to Sal
Lastly, I don’t want to hear anymore about GT and Heidi Allen. The case is done and a jury has spoken. The case was reviewed by Judge King and denied relief. Everything else is pure speculation.

This case is far from done. If Matt M. didn't dig up more hidden evidence, ( is NOT speculation ) then it may be done.

Taped phone calls about bodies, Heidi, drugs etc.

Judge King tried to make it all go away. I agree with Lisa, an appeal should have been won by the defense. The appeals court said the evidence was too great.....what evidence? Finger prints, DNA, body found, dropped in MA, eye witness to seeing GT kidnap her, evidence found on the bros. land, house cars?


I'd love to argue this with you, just you and me but I know it will be taped and videoed. This puts my life in jeopardy...possibly. I am not afraid to fight but if I don't know who is coming I can't defend myself. Tonya got death threats in 2014. Tell me who sent them? Did GT....nope. Then this must mean the real killers and the people who helped cover it up are still out there. Did the OCSD try to get the phone records? NOPE!

Did they ask for a lineup? ...NOPE!

Did they ask the "3's" neighbors if they saw them leave early that morning?...NOPE!
Did they inv the fax to MB?...NOPE!
Did they ask JW about the 2nd van after she said.." after 20 years I still have to tell you there was a 2nd van." NOPE! Because they KNEW there was a 2nd van.

Did they inv. the time and clock at the store and how Stinson says he was there at 7:41 am but didn't see anything. But Bivens did. If Stinson didn't see anything then that has to make RT & GT not guilty and Bivens made up the whole story..( this is what I thought when I first read it ).
I doubt he was even there and his time was 8-8:30 am????? His time he said he left his house and then got to the D&W doesn't make sense. Left at 7:30am got there between 8-8:30 am? But he did mention a BLUE VAN so maybe I am wrong about his story. Check the Statement of Facts where they question Bivens, his time of being there isn't even mentioned or asked about by the OCSD.

Did they inv. the guy who said MB had a white van the he just got repaired and this person said he borrowed it to junk with...NOPE!
The DMV could have proven this is 5 minutes. Did they go to the DMV?.....NOPE!

Did they follow GT when Oakes said he took the body to MA to dump it...NOPE! GT was watched as testimony by 2 deputies and didn't go anywhere far. If he did, wouldn't they have followed him? Come on Sal any law official would have followed him. Still think there wasn't a cover up?

Ten witnesses to the "3" saying they killed her and King said they are not credible because all the stories were a little different. No kidding King, 10 different times. and why weren't they credible?

It took the OCSD 4 months to get the original cash register tape for the day of the crime...4 months!!!! That should have been the first thing they took as evidence.

It took them 6 months to get a picture of James Steen to show Pierce

They just solved a murder case from 1984, nothing is over unless it is being covered up.

Who was the guy in court in 2014 that said.." who do you think you're kidding Oswego." FBI?

If you really believe that it's over because of the jury then why do you appeal cases and tell of how you reversed them? How many has the Innocence Project got released after a failed appeal. I would like to ask the Appeal Court that said too much evidence to over turn...tell me the evidence because I don't see any and neither did RT's jury.

Appeal is part of your duty as a lawyer and you have used it. Many have appealed but got off from the Innocence Project.

I would ask you and everyone to watch on Youtube: "Johnnie Frank Garret" or may be titled...."The Last Word". A lawyer said a judge can get you convicted 100 different ways. They executed an innocent kid and the real killer confessed.



And finally why is it that a lot of the public following this case believe there was a cover up as to who really killed her? Too many things were Mickey Moused and easily proven to be false.


July 6/19


Running for D.A
You may have the perfect qualifications for D.A, not for what you can see, but rather what you are willing not to see. Good Luck!

July 6/19


Old City
Hey Larry, if you want people to come to Old City get your A/C fixed. Quit blaming the city for your failures when you can’t even make those who do choose to patronize you comfortable. And the new park looks fantastic by the way.

July 6/19


Funding authorized for armed sheriff's officers in schools.
Endless opportunities to recruit confidential informants.
Oh, dear Lord, Barney Phyfe on the loose.


July 6/19







Today's Quote July 5/2019

“I wake up in the morning, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me that day.

That, I think, is part of the intensity of my advocacy, because it better be f***ing worth it.”
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

What's creepy
Is that you know what their neighbors are doing. Let me ask you, when does everyone else's problems become yours? The answer is they don't. So let me know when everyone else's problems became Richard Thibodeau's.

July 4-5/19


Jackass poster
Who wants to pool our money together bet on who we all think the odd ball poster actually is. My money its Murtagh he has a certain slang lingo when he types he's often adding words like now or just my opinion. He's often lying and telling tall tales many of them are directing lies on the Thibodeau family, everyone debunks immediately. He's been all over online making up stories, many times. Often he's slapped back with facts or called out by the public. But bless his twisted heart he never gives up. He in all honesty, deserves the douch bag award because John 3:16 He truly believes, another Murtagh moto.

July 4-5/19


Ocasio-Cortez Unloads On Kellyanne Conway In Border Bill Tweetstorm

Kellyanne Conway is an anemic republican slut and not worthy of responding to on Twitter or any where else.

July 4-5/19


Rush Limbaugh Suggests Drinking Toilet Water Is 'A Step Up


Not a surprising comment from a fat slob who sucks d**k. Before his radio career got started he worked as a hat check girll in the men,s room at the Grey Hound bus station in St. Louis.

July 4-5/19


Re: Hilton can do nothing
Wouldn’t it have been a Lot easier for Dodd to have gone to Bivens to give him his DWI deal by telling him he REALLY didn’t see anyone kidnapping Heidi…that he was mistaken of what he saw? Instead of making the New Haven community, and beyond, in chaos as it was right after the disappearance.

Their ‘secret’ would have been safe, an innocent man wouldn’t have suffered a price for something he didn’t do and the community wouldn’t have been in FEAR. Who’s lame brain idea was it to spread that she is probably in witness protection? What a conspiracy theory if I ever heard one. Aren’t conspiracy theories supposed to have some basis in FACT?

Heidi is missing and the family should be pushing, pushing, pushing for the answer for themselves and the community who has so graciously sympathized with them over the years. It’s called multi-tasking, fighting for your loved one and living your life. They don’t have to be exclusive. Look to the family of Tammy Mahoney….now that’s fighting for your loved one.

July 4-5/19


Cowards who write anonymous posts
Anyone who writes a post anonymously on this site is nothing more than a sniveling little coward. In Sicilian, we call these people, “gli scugniti”. That means they are nothing more than a mosquito…a nothing.

I’ve already told you that I consider myself to be the best lawyer in Central New York. That is my opinion. If my clients go to jail, I know I tried my best to keep them out. At my office, you will receive professionalism, courtesy, integrity and respect.

Look at the cases that I handled that went up on appeal and were overturned. Remember, tough cases are won on appeal in Rochester.

I handle hard cases. I don’t take every case.

If you are in trouble, give my office a call. It doesn’t hurt to talk to me.

Lastly, I don’t want to hear anymore about GT and Heidi Allen. The case is done and a jury has spoken. The case was reviewed by Judge King and denied relief. Everything else is pure speculation. I must say that the key point that swayed my original opinion is when the defense called a certain individual to testify. I knew this person and I can say with certainty that when we snowmobiled or hunted deer etc, he never once mentioned any of the individuals who were brought up as possible suspects.
Salvatore Lanza Esq

July 4-5/19


The U.S. Is ‘Headed To Fascism


July 4-5/19

The blue wall
What's outrageous about your post is the idea those in power are incapable of great things. Badge doesn't give you honor or integrity. Many officers are loosing their lives due to bad officers. The good ones need to start making moves to combat the idea the blue wall is above the law. No one is. No One should ever be. We are all human. The bad officers are giving the good ones a bad name. If they support the idea of a blue wall. They support corruption. Maybe that's what Bohrer means about which ones are bad and good. Because that idea represents they are just as bad as each other if they can't do their job and create justice. A murderer is a murderer and protecting one simply because he was a former officer is ridiculous. If this were the case every where the Green River killer should also have been left alone. It's not the FBI, it's not Hilton its the mentality of those in OZ that would have no dignity, integrity or balls to do what's right to save face for one or two or even three corrupt officials because across the country many officers have been brought down. Why? Because of officers with integrity. If they really had any they'd do their job.

July 4-5/19








Obey like Hilton's a dog. Please they better hope they don't have a rebel as a Sheriff because if they do, obeying won't be their problem. So much for standing tall. My gutt says Hilton obeys no one. If he doesn't Obey. He will indeed be voted back in. The public supports him or he wouldn't be the Sheriff. Now if he doesn't do anything he's teetering on losing the next election. So Hilton by the prior posters beliefs you are to do as you are told, let the criminals run the county, as they always have . I'm pretty sure that's not why he ran for office. The officer's involved in Heidi's are not police officers just criminals wearing a badge. How could the blue wall ever be proud of that?

July 4-5/19


How Extreme Heat Overwhelms Your Body and Becomes Deadly

July 4-5/19

Running for District Attorney
I have decided that I will be running for District Attorney in another 4 years. I will wait for Gregg Oakes to finish out his term of office. I want everyone to know well ahead of time of my intentions. For now, I will continue to practice as a sole practitioner. If you need my help, please call my office. I'll get you in to see me immediately. Honesty, Integrity, Commitment.
Salvatore Lanza, Esq.

July 4-5/19


Your negative comments from the anonymous cowards
I handle many different areas of the law..... Bankruptcy, Family Court, divorce, wills and estates, criminal matters, DWI, business law and corporate law,real property matters and real property closings. I handle all aspects of litigation in Supreme Court. I also handle appeals to the appellate division.

I do not handle medical malpractice or personal injury cases in my office. They are very expensive to bring to court and they require the retainer of experts which can be very costly. Those cases I refer to larger firms in Syracuse. I don't handle medical or dental malpractice. I don't handle workers compensation matters. All of these cases are such that you really need to hire someone in Syracuse whose practice is solely limited to that field of law. I also don't handle Social Security disability.

It doesn't hurt to call my office and set up an appointment. I will tell you if you have a case or not in my opinion. Give my office a call if you have any questions.

Salvatore Lanza Esq.

July 4-5/19




Today's Quote July 3/2019

The very essence of instinct is that it's followed independently of reason.
Charles Darwin

Court suspends license of ex-DA
Mary Rain learned her trade from none other than Donald Dodd. Plant corn get corn.


July 3/19

Slumlord Arrested
He is the owner of the dump at 202 E. fifth St., which the code enforcement department has deemed unlawful to occupy and is allowing little children to reside there. How great the Code Enforcement department is.......pure unadulterated BS. Here’s a novel idea, do your job!


July 3/19

Hilton can do nothing!

Our new top Cop can not do anything related to the Heidi Allen case, This case was investigated by the F.B.I. what they found can never be made public and Mr. Hilton will follow his orders to leave this case alone. Those who were responsible for Heidi's abduction are ABOVE the LAW and the blue wall will stand united, right or wrong. Mr. Hilton will not and can not even comment on this case. we can only vote, this position is controlled and protected, if Mr. Hilton wants to keep that desk he will obey!

July 3/19



Salvatore Lanza And 2-4 Joe Pagano
These two are the laughing stock of every courtroom within a fifty mile radius. Lanza is famous for not telling clients when their court dates are. When the judge issues a bench warrant the cops haul them out of their homes in handcuffs. How many of your clients have you done this to Lanza? Go ahead and take off your shoes and sox. We can wait while you count them.

Pagano got his nickname “2-4 Joe” from the District Attorney’s Office. Almost all his clients are court appointed and he typically pleads them out 2-4 years in jail.
If it weren’t for Cieszeski and Sugar these bums would be at the absolute bottom of the legal barrel.

July 1-2/19


Re: Heidi Allen case
Lisa, is that you? Or is it Martha? How does it feel knowing you helped send an innocent man to prison, all to defend the

 “family name.”

July 1-2/19


Motorcycle Fatality On Rt. 104 Oswego
Why has the female driver, that crossed the oncoming traffic lane without yielding, resulting in a motorcyclist's death, never been identified in the local press AND issued a ticket for 'failure to yield the right of way'?
To read the news reports, the accident was due to the cyclist's (excessive) speed acceleration. People behind the rider reported that as the light had changed in the 'highway traffic's favor', he had just changed to second gear, indeed accelerating to the posted 40 mph limit.
She prematurely turned and crossed traffic to enter a business on the south side of 104, failing to wait for the cyclist and the rest of oncoming traffic. Her ECLIPSE(NOT a bue honda crv) was struck by the bike on the passenger side.
My main question is, why hasn't her name been reported in the press and why hasn't she been issued a ticket?
IF I am wrong and the public HAS been notified of these facts, would someone please state the facts on this site?

July 1-2/19




Re: "Richard got off some how"

Let me break it down for you.

Bivens police signed statements indicate the 2 guys about as tall as Heidi were seen leading/taking her to a blue van. Later, after being shown several photos and a drive by of his van claims "that's the one".

Richard reported being at the store and making a purchase, in his Black and White van.

Bivens testifies that the man walking from the van had a limp. Now, where does that say in his statements? Logically, if you can, that means Richard was the one (supposedly) holding Heidi. Let's review facts about Richard, and you can see for yourself in police notes that are public via Greg's filing for the Hearing. Richard is 5'4", 5'5". How tall is Heidi? Oh wait, that's in police notes that are public too. Heidi is 5"10, '511. How can Richard possibly be the one holding Heidi if, as Bivens testified, the men were as tall as she?

Next, let's examine Richard's van.

First, it is clearly Black and White. Bivens, as an expert according to the ADA because he worked in an auto parts store, claims in police statements that the stripe looked to be painted on. Fact, it isn't unusual to see a van with the stripe as Bivens claims to ONLY be attributed to Richards van. I could post at least one other right now that is rustly AND has a stripe as Richards.
Second, examine the complete absence of Heidi's DNA in Richards van. A witness claims to have seen the van driving erratically away from the store, heading east on 104, appearing to be struggling with something in the back. You've seen pictures of the van from the April 9, 1994 search, right? The police, via Gary's trial transcript, describe the inside as being "messy". How do you explain no DNA of Heidi, then, if she was struggling in the back? You do know that it was on approximately April 28, 1994, during FBI surveillance, that Richards van was seen at a car wash? You do know that the van was inspected again by police after that incident? You do know that a piece of carpet was missing? You do know that police retrieved the carpet piece (thank goodness they gave them a receipt), matched it to the area removed from the van and found CANINE DNA on it? You do know that was testified to, in Gary's trial, by a police witness and a character witness for Richard?

Now, let's examine Richard and Gary's alibi's.
First, Richard had character witness testify, in Gary's trial, timeline of events of his movements the morning of April 3, 1994. Noting one in particular who was totally disinterested who claims to have heard Richards van go by his property heading west on 104 at approximately 7:00am and heading back east "less than a half hour" later. This begs the question, HOW CAN THE transaction record be accurate if his purchase was at 7:42am? Just disregard this witness? Yeah, because he was testifying for the Defense. (Speaking of transaction record, how could the register turn on be at 4:06am if Heidi didn't get to the store until 5:00am before resetting for DST?)
Second, Gary had an alibi that testified he was home the morning of April 3, 1994 and was woken by Richards phone call from a relative's where he was for Easter dinner. That alibi witness was falsely charged with perjury, Before Gary's trial, for lying about her whereabouts on April 3, 4, 5 and for saying Gary was home the morning of April 3, 1994. You do know that the charge of being out of town on April 3,4,5 was DISMISSED because there are several witnesses that saw her in Oswego during those days? You also know that she was ACQUITTED, in a front of a jury of her peers, for lying about Gary's whereabouts? Gary's jurors didn't have the benefit of reading THAT in the papers before his trial.

Now, let's examine the theory about what happened to Heidi AFTER she was kidnapped.
First, the prosecution contends, via "coached" witnesses, that Heidi was taken to Gary's, dismembered (with an army fold-up type shovel?) and burned in his outdoor burn pit (right in his front yard, no less) and buried on his property. You do know there were 2 searches of Gary's property? One in June 1994 and another in July 1994. Both times, Gary was incarcerated. You do know that the furnace was confiscated and samples taken? You do know the police set up property grids to search his property? You do know that the State Police used cadaver dogs to aid searching? You do know that soot piles/dirt piles were sampled? You do know what the FBI analysis revealed? From the Smithsonian report posted here before "no morphological details that suggest human origin" from the furnace. Negative dog indications or alerts. Negative human remains found on his property. The "army fold-up shovel wasn't even confiscated from Gary or Richards properties, including homes and vehicles. Information about that has also been posted here before.

That's three strikes ADA. You're out! Gary should have been ACQUITTED too!

There's more....

Let's examine this "confession" that Dodd claims Gary made to the inmates. Again, look publicly to the police notes Greg filed for the Hearing. Geez, it's all right there in black and white for you to read for yourself instead of asking others what they think or believe. You could have even taken some time and gone to the Oswego County CLerk's Office to read Gary's transcript yourself. NO WHERE did the inmates claim Gary told them he committed the crime. They claim that Gary knew a lot about it so he must be guilty. Do you remember weeks and weeks of this case being in the news? You also know that Gary was actively being investigated while he was in MA? Why wouldn't he know "things" about this case? Community members/Heidi's family and law enforcement were ALL commenting and being featured in news articles. You must have missed the inmates' testimony of where they admitted to eavesdropping on Gary's phone conversations and then asking him questions about what they heard. That was also in trial testimony. But you, nor anyone who only has partial Facts from word of mouth, would KNOW that unless you were unbiasedly listening to testimony or read the transcript.

Have I covered everything? In simpleton terms, Gary's conviction did not fit the verdict. He should have been given a new trial on what the prosecution withheld, at the very least. Personally, he should have been exonerated. Sidenote: interesting how the prosecution wants to keep their informants confidential yet Greg files a police affidavit naming another CI besides Heidi. I even have wondered if Bohrer was working in that capacity then with the "private investigation" with a Sheriff's wife and yelling down the street that he knew what happened to Heidi and to ask Bobby Wheeler. CI is a wide cloak for OCDA when useful!

Praying that Hilton does something with the information and connections that have been made evident to hold accountable those who covered up/were involved with Heidi's disappearance.


July 1-2/19


Reply to Heidi Allen Case 6/29.
If you paid attention you can see how the OCSD disregarded info from JW, man seeing a blue van do a u-turn, Roger's wife phone call on the Matt M. document.

And a host of other things like hiding evidence...the 3 yr.old boy's story.

The Thibodeau's are innocent..." they brought her to my house in a white van and wouldn't even let her come in the house"..JW...again just ignored after getting that info.

A ph****** 12 yr.old could have solved this case.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO let's hope the FBI gets involved and then we'll see after people start turning states evidence to save themselves what the truth really is.

I agree that some postings are BS, but the brothers did not do this. Remember Dodd said Gary confessed, and now Baldasaro is saying he never did confess to him....Dodd has a bad memory when it suits him.

Cover up...tic toc tic toc




Fire department
Does anyone know if our resident fire department THIEF is one of the firefighters being laid off? If not he should be.
Looks like he is trying to impersonate a Fire Chief, maybe he is going to apply for the Chief's job next year.



Neither the Federal nor the State governments

have ever mandated that the City of Oswego

raise its water or sewer rates.

Anyone who says they did is a F**KING LIAR!!!!!!




Today's Quote  August 6/15

“It's your life. Live it with people who are alive. It tends to be contagious.”
Peter McWilliams


Oswego Firefighter Sentenced

Last night in Minetto Town Court Oswego firefighter and former Minetto fire chief Joe Smegelsky Jr. received the maximum sentence of $1000 and two years probation despite arguments from the District Attorney Greg Oaks and defense lawyer Timothy Kirwan. They had hoped for a lesser sentence but based on information in Smegelsky's pre sentencing report the maximum punishment was handed down.


An audit by the State Comptrollers office found that Smegelsky had taken funds and used a department credit card to purchase a handgun, automotive parts and assorted items. He also created a fictitious company which sold fire equipment from undisclosed sources to the Minetto Department. District Attorney Oaks repeatedly argued for special treatment because Smegelsky had paid back slightly less than half of what the Comptrollers office found. However the fact remains he paid nothing back until he was caught.



Joeseph Smegelsky Jr.


Below is a copy of the District Attorney's plea bargain and his explaination of how they arrived at it.

If you enjoy fiction you will love this.








Today's Quote, January 26/15

"I am not an enemy of the negro, we want him here among us; he is the only laboring class we have."
Nathan Bedford Forrest


One week ago we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. I am sure members of the Ozwego Fire Department seized the opportunity to rack up some double overtime but that is about the only use they have for non-whites.

Since its inception in 1876 the Oswego Fire Department has been as white as the driven snow, with respect to the color of its members that is. In its 139 year history there has never been an Asian, Black or Hispanic member. If you think this somehow reflects the population then you better take off your blinders. Oswego’s elected officials and Personnel Department have long allowed department members to live as far away as Montour Falls, Watertown, and Groton. There is no way you can cast a net that far and say, that population is reflected by our department.

In the late 1980’s there was young Black man working for the local cable company who sometimes frequented the Fire House Tavern as did members of the OFD. The firefighters exam had been announced and he was asking some of the OFD members if they thought he had a chance of getting in. He received all kinds of encouragement while he was there but after he left I overheard two of the Heroes chuckling and say no way they were going to let him in the department. “We have Guinias and Polocks and that is as integrated as we are going to get.” I do not know if the man ever took the test but the fact is that department remains as segregated as the day it was formed. They are allowed to operate as their own little fiefdom picking and choosing their own white membership and no one has the balls to put a stop to it.

The next time our Senators and Congressmen come around for their photo ops with our Hero Department we should all point out to the national media how they are supporting a racist organization. Perhaps we should ask the NAACP how this has been overlooked by their organization for so long.
                                                                                                                            Jan 26/15





Joseph Smegelsky


Audit of Minetto fire chief charged with misusing $22K in funds for guns, motorcycle parts completed
"This individual had keys to the cash register and went on a spending spree with the fire company's money," DiNapoli said in a statement.


                                                                                                                    Dec 20/14

Today's Quote, July 2/14


“Thieves respect property. They merely wish the property to become their property that they may more perfectly respect it.”
G. K. Chesterton

Oswego's finest screwing the taxpayers once again spotted at Dicks Sporting Goods in Great Northern Mall on 6/22/14.....didn't know they sold food there....or were they perhaps getting a new set up clubs at our expense??? Would still like to see the tab for the turning stone "conference" they went to....a whole weekend at the turning stone??? meals, rooms, drinks, etc???? The worst part is it will never change. No matter who is mayor they will always be controlled by the f.d. and no one will run against our current council members. Oswego has become homeowners to few (I stand corrected good homeowners) and is a city full of renters.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

That was probably just Smegelsky picking up some guns. They should be checking the video at Dicks to see who was with him. That hero should be arrested too.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

Minetto Chief
People like that are paranpiod about someone else stealing what they just stole so naturally he would need to get a gun to protect all his or should I say our stuff.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14


Ambulance Numbers

Yes, they are not as correct as they should be as I left off the 2 additional firemen that go out on Ambulance #2 and many of the other expenses that can be attributed to the ambulance service . In reality here is a $300,000 loss each year without he expense of a new ambulance. The point is, we will never make a profit on this service; have a fully qualified ambulance located in Oswego (Menter) that can handle all emergencies; could cut 15 men from the department with all their benefits and return $2,000,000 to the taxpayers; while cutting the long term obligation of retirement and the padding of such for years to come.
Unfortunately, the obtuse Mayor, Council, and most of all ,Fire Chief, have another agenda and it is not in the best interest of he taxpayers. McCrobie probably was, at one time, a good fireman, but as a chief and leader lacks in total credibility. The way overtime is handed out only shows that he is helping to bump up he retirement of the soon to retire firemen by thousands of taxpayers dollars. There is a belief that hey will all get their turn is the OT merry-go-round, but the fact is, the tier 6 firemen will never see that benefit. The new anti padding law passed and signed by he governor will not allow tier 6 employees to add any more than $15,000 to their retirement benefits, and they will now have to go for the last 5 years instead of 3. If I were a tier 6, I would tell the tier 5's to stick their $50.00 they pay for the OT and start taking their share of the OT, because it will all be ending when all the tier 5's retire.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

Minetto Fire Chief
I asked a few weeks ago if anybody knew what was going on with Minetto's Fire Chief well here you go.
Stole $20,000 from the fire department. I'm going to guess he possibly stole more since he's being held with no bail. Coinsedently though he just bought a piece of property behind his own for $20,000. Don't believe me? Here's the property taxes. Coincident? You should take a drive by his property to check it out. Constantly cars & trucks are being 'stored' there and then disappear. Camper was there for a whole summer now that's gone. I even seen the Minetto's fire truck pull up to his vacant property hook on a utility trailer with all the fireman in it and take off. Now Minetto Fire Dept has plenty of property to store at their station. Why would they use his? I offend wondered why a property owner who only has 1/4 acre of grass need a 0 point turn lawn mower? Probably the fire departments.



                                                                                                                    July 2/14




Reporting Welfare Fraud
If you suspect, or have knowledge of a social services client fraudulently receiving assistance from Public Assistance, Food Stamps or Home Energy Assistance (HEAP), you should report it to the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.




Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force 



Secret Service Electronic Crime Task Force




RE: Oswego Corruption
Here are some places you should send your complaints.
Do not waste your time with the county DAs office.

Office of the State Comptroller

Division of Investigations
59 Maiden Lane
30th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10038
212-383- 2502



Office of the State Comptroller
Division of Investigations
110 State Street

Albany, N.Y.   12236-0001


New York State Office of the Attorney General
Public Integrity Unit
120 Broadway, 22nd Floor
New York, N.Y. 10271



New York State Reigonal Office of the Attorney General
615 Erie Boulevard West, Suite 102
Syracuse, NY 13204
Phone Number: (315)448-4800

Consumer Frauds Number: (315)448-4848
Fax Numers:
(315)448-4853 (Main Number)
(315)448-4851 (Consumer Frauds Bureau)
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday

United States Justice Department
Organized Crime & Racketeering
James Handley Federal Building
Syracuse, N.Y. 13261

Federal Bureau of Investigation
James Handley Federal Building
Syracuse, N.Y. 13261

New York State Police
1220 Washington Avenue
Building 22
Albany, NY 12226-2252


New York State Police
Fulton, NY

6 East 12th Street,

Fulton, NY 13069



Payrolls * Contracts * Expenditures * Benchmarking New York * Other Data


This SeeThroughNY section provides a database of names, positions and salaries for more than 1,500,000 individuals who have been employed by New York State, New York City, state and regional public authorities, public school districts, and New York's county, city, town and village governments. Use the form below to search the payrolls by Name, Position, Branch or Major Category, Agency and Subagency.






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