January 16/18


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for information on the death of Thomas Coyle




Today's Quote January 16/2019

My mother is a great hunter — she usually shoots our Thanksgiving turkey.
Kirsten Gillibrand

Kirsten Gillibrand
Is she seriously trying to get elected president or just trying to get in line for a cabinet job in the next administration. The most important job she has ever had was getting coffee for Hillary.
She is a corporate lawyer married to a venture capitalist.
She is not a leader she is a follower.
She has flip flopped on gun control and immigration.
She is such a joke Putin wouldn’t waste the time trying to hack her email.
AND ……………. her favorite four letter word is F*CK.

January 16/18


The only Female Democratic that gets elected this go round is under forty, under 150 lbs, a decorated veteran and has some Hispanic heritage on her mother’s side.
Look on the bright side. New York state could get a new junior senator that actually did something.


Syracuse .com Lisa Peebles info
The idea of Allen as police informant seems common knowledge. NBC's "Dateline"
acknowledged it when they aired a show on the case in May. They called it "The

Allen told Carter about her secret life two years before Allen was kidnapped
from her job at an Oswego County convenience store, Carter told Syracuse.com.
Allen, then 16, revealed to Carter that she'd been working as a confidential
drug informant, going to parties and reporting back to law enforcement, Carter
said in a recent interview.
"I remember her saying she was bringing information back to someone," Carter
said. "It was a big deal that she was doing this."
Carter remembered that conversation Easter morning 1994, the day Allen, 18,
disappeared from her job at the D&W Convenience store in New Haven.
Carter reported what she knew sometime after the kidnapping to her then-uncle,
Undersheriff Reuel Todd, she said. She doesn't remember Todd's response.
Carter's memory of that 1992 conversation with Allen could contradict the recent
claims of Todd, now Oswego County's sheriff, and his deputies that Allen never
worked as an informant. SYRACUSE .COM WATSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 16/18

Kirsten Gillibrand A Young Mother?
Is that in real years or Trump years?


January 16/18

The snoozing Republican Senate.
When are these snoozing Republican Senators ever going to wake up and do something to stop this uncontrolled spoiled brat. With all that he has done to please Russia, Iran, Korea and any of our other enemy Countries and trying to separate us from our allies (NATO). This man for some reason seems to go out of his way to give Putin what he is calling for. How do we as a Nation allow him to go behind closed doors to meet with this man? What gives him the right to demand a wall that will probably end up costing 50 Billion by the time that it is built in ten years? Shouldn't it be voted on by the House and if the majority does not want this wasteful wall shouldn't it be the end of it? Final! I think deep inside even many loyal Republicans are beginning to ask themselves is this guy really worth it or should he be impeached? The grounds with the hush money alone are an impeachable offence. Mitch (turtle) McConnell, Lindsley Graham and the "Good Ole Boy's" in the Senate need to wake up and smell the smoke, like they say "Where there is smoke there is fire" and there is a whole lot of smoke here! This man has become a wrecking ball for the Republican Party and it's quite obvious that the majority of his Senators are scared to death of this spoiled bully! "Wake up Congress"! Do Your Job!

January 16/18


Let them see it it does exsist


January 16/18

Todd's neice
Todd's neice never once said she was going to bring a huge bust on, never, what she said was Heidi feared ratting in coke dealers. You are confusing witnesses and even officers names. Get your facts correct. It was Mensch who made the comment about a big bust coming down. Two different witnesses not one entered in court. Vanpatten was the one who she worked for as a CI, not Curtis. You have your facts backwards.

January 16/18


To the stalker remark. Very possible they stalked the store yes, seeing as they've stalked several families prior to their deaths as well. Very very sure they learned everything about Heidi, her schedule, her ties so on before she vanished. If not they wouldn't have been doing drive bys, past Brett laws home or his parents.

January 16/18


To Sheriff Hilton,
We all know the sheriff's lacked integrity and accountability in this case. When does anyone do what's right?

January 16/18


Why I do not believe it was three people
As soon I found out that Bohrer had pages of information provided by our own DA's office I realized they were promoting the three amigo theory, I wanted to know why they would go so far as to provide info to a possible suspect, supporting a diversion, in my story the three Amigo theory has two many hands in it and has thus far has not been seriously looked into. I'm sure many theories exist, this is just one and remember the first one was very wrong. This e-mailing was faxed from the departments DWI unit fax machine, you guess what names comprise the DWI team.

January 16/18


Why I do not believe it was three people
As soon I found out that Bohrer had pages of information provided by our own DA's office I realized they were promoting the three amigo theory, I wanted to know why they would go so far as to provide info to a possible suspect, supporting a diversion, in my story the three Amigo theory has two many hands in it and has thus far has not been seriously looked into. I'm sure many theories exist, this is just one and remember the first one was very wrong. This e-mailing was faxed from the departments DWI unit fax machine, you guess what names comprise the DWI team.

January 16/18


RE: Just incredible, only a republican would think this
If Mr. Hassett thinks the 800,000 workers that are being force to not work are having so much fun on your idea of a vacation that is a joke right. If Hassett things it so much fun then let the 800,000 federal workers go back to work and Hassett can take the extended vacation so he can see just how much fun it really is.


January 16/18






Today's Quote January 15/2019

Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable.
Mark Twain


The abandoned old mansion at 506 W. Onondaga St., Syracuse was bought by Pathfinder Bank for $250,000.
Could it be that Pathfinder has secured a location for corporate headquarters in Syracuse? Checkout whose on the board of directors really questioning if you can call it the home town bank anymore.

January 13-14/18

Do not feel bad uncle Todd did not know she was an informant either, he did not even believe his own niece, your information is only that which they want you to see and it works, I do my homework!! And yes this info never went to court so no docket number sorry.

January 13-14/18


Cuomo Backs NY Bill to Let Illegal Immigrants Apply for Driver's Licenses
Check out this article from Fox News Insider:


January 13-14/18

Just incredible, only a republican would think this:
Kevin Hassett, the White House’s chief economic adviser, suggested in an interview on Thursday that the nearly 800,000 federal workers who aren’t getting paid during the ongoing partial government shutdown are “better off” because they’re on an extended vacation.

And don’t forget he’s an economic adviser to………the Easter Bunny


January 13-14/18

How do you Steer an investigation
How can you STEER an investigation, In my story this Officer knew that INFORMANT CONFIDENTIALITY plays a vital role, the first and only rule is never compromise or endanger your source and the word NEVER plays a part, never has no words attached to it no unless your in court, no unless your asked by a Judge just never. Because this case involved an informant, all information about this case was under a new umbrella so a few seasoned Sheriffs were assigned along with the Officer who worked with this informant, It was also mentioned in Carters statement to syracuse.com she said Heidi was afraid of a coke head that lived near by. I wonder who that could be. This protection for an informant is serious, so much so that when a Judge decided beyond any doubt that Heidi was an informant, after a phone call reminding him of the confidentiality rules the Judge completely changed his ruling with no explanation. Now I'm glad a submitter mentioned how could the Officer in your story have done it, he would have to have been in uniform, and yes in my story he is in uniform and carried with him all the tools and training necessary to over come someone Heidi's size. And as the same person mentioned why he was on duty and right at Garys door just hours after the abduction, so there must have been alot of evidence at the store that pointed directly at Gary, but we know thats not true, so the only connection between Gary and Heidi other than via the person steering the investigation and provided the only connection.

January 13-14/18


The date the CI card was ‘found’ was May 1995. Sorry for my typo, trying to be very accurate.
Please carefully read the witness statements made public about vehicles seen at the store that morning. We may have seen more witness statements but for king. It is a fact that some of the documents from the dump by Greg before the Hearing were from pre-2013. Isn’t the prosecution required by law to give the defense all witness statements/leads a week before trial or anything since trial that may be exculpatory? You do know that Walsh addressed the court about not receiving all the leads? There were approximately 16 paying customers at the store the morning of April 3, 1994? Why were only 2 read off by Mrs. Duell? Because they were the only ones who testified? Obviously, we have to surmise that there were more transactions or Brett wouldn’t have left?
How do the 3 witness statements and/or testimony of a white van fit into your story? 3 vans, 3 positions, 3 different times. You are familiar with what I mention? Could it be possible that a white van may have been….stalking the store?
I’d like to ask you, if the register tape which the prosecution was using as a template for time was inaccurate, how would that compare to the witnesses’ times considering DST and when someone may have actually changed their clocks? It is a fact that the police were having issues with times. Unfortunately, we have to assume that the one piece of hard evidence was accurate when it was apparently not. Would love to see all the notes/statements by the customers, even if redacted of names.

January 13-14/18






Today's Quote January 13-14/2019

Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.
Benjamin Franklin

Since you are hell bent on swaying the majority you missed one key piece
Bohrer knew about the dropping of her CI card? Seems you can't seem to follow the case correctly and keep missing information. No one knew, he even mentions her schedule. The only ones besides the officers that would have known she switched schedules would be her, the girl she switched with, Brett and the store owners. But you miss a lot of information that's fact in the files, you wouldn't do well investigating any case. No one knew that CI card was ever dropped and no where does it say she was getting ready to dump a load of info in to the days leading up to her disappearance you must have some information the public doesn't have may need to be spoken to. Transcripts, evidence, so on is what builds a case, why would a sheriff kidnapp her, you don't think he may have hired 3 goons to take care of the issue at hand, there Holmes? If you recall Vanpatten that day was in uniform he is who went to meet with Richard Thibodeau around ten am that morning. So explain how he's at work and committing a crime by himself at the same time. Lmao you obviously never read the entire case, you've missed a ton of information. Does anyone put it past Vanpatten to be a key player in this, no, the issue is there is nothing other than his incompetence that you can publicly call him out on. It's called defimation and slander, until you have proof of your allegations I'd watch what you insinuate.

January 13-14/18


Reply to hell bent
That is an interesting theory. You may be right. I'm disadvantaged. I had no personal connection to anyone from Oswego County during that time - Only 6 degrees of separation, in hindsight.

But, I do agree that it was a drug motivated kidnapping. That Heidi was going to be turning in someone more than just a street level dealer.

Though you have different suspects for the kidnapping in mind, do you think that Murtaugh's junkyard was involved with disposing of Heidi? What do you ultimately think happened to her?

Can we also agree that the initial investigation was less than complete. Along with the investigation into leads since, including via Tonya's lead?

Re: Hell bent
Must have missed the discussions about Mike being a regular at the store, that he said Heidi made him good sandwiches, that there was meat on the slicer, that the employee schedule was posted in customer view, that there was no deli transaction testified to by Mrs. Duell, that Mr. Stinson reported hearing a noise in the back of the store but didn't check the basement before he flagged Curtis.

Lends a little more credence that it was a hit put out on Heidi by some big, big guys and perpetrated by expendables And a scapegoat convicted?


January 13-14/18


RE: made for movies
Pretty good start to a story there.
One would think that Heidi’s diary would have shed some light on that connection. We only learned from Gary’s sentencing phase that Heidi’s diary aka day planner’s came to light to the defense. You do remember reading some of the transcript pages about that, right? Let me refresh…judge looked at planner, wouldn’t allow Defense, said Thibodeaus’ name not in planner and that most of the information was about ‘her boyfriend’ and their activities. During Richards trial, the planner was admitted for limited use. So think about it. The connection between Thibodeau’s and Heidi was non-existent. Dodd/police are the ones who fabricated a connection. Like previous poster said, who would have known that Heidi switched shift, which had conflicting testimony in Gary’s trial? So either Heidi’s mom and Mrs. Duell lied about Heidi ‘being scheduled’ or the ‘switching’ is a red herring. Want the trial transcript pages from their testimony about the scheduling?
Point in ALL of this is that Gary and Richard could not/did not kidnap or kill Heidi and the police did an awful job unbiasedly investigating her disappearance. Hmmm, Heidi was taken into witness protection??? Could explain the blase attitude from Heidi’s family about these particular accuseds guilt. Still, I can’t imagine that with Heidi’s strength or apparent caring nature, that she would be on board with someone losing their life in prison for her disappearance if she were not dead.
Do you think for one second that had the FBI profiler known about Heidi’s connection to the drug scene that he wouldn’t have characterized her disappearance as being sexually motivated? That’s what Todd said on Dateline was the police’s first intuition. Maybe it was a little of both. How convenient that the police were the ones who sent the info for the profiler BUT the Lortie report wasn’t made until April 27, 1994, the officer’s reports weren’t made until December 8/9, 1994 and the ‘missing’ CI card wasn’t ‘found’ until May 16(?), 1994 amongst Heidi evidence that was being stored in the garage since the Search Center closed? It’s ALL hearsay until written down and signed. Still, have to consider that was is written could be a lie and that’s why police have an obligation to get corroborating evidence…or just give immunity for signing knowingly false statements…*cough, Jenn*
Anyhow, please finish your story, it’s intriguing.

January 13-14/18


Hell bent on those three huh …... reply
Someone told them about the shift change
Big info reported on a Sunday? First I heard of it.
How did you know that?
I told you I’ll take a poly if you want to bet $5000 on it.
If you don’t realize that Mike, Steen and Roger did this then you have not been paying attention.
The only reason the got away with it was: Jenn, King, Snitches that lied and cops who helped cover it up plus Bivens lying in court about the color of the van.
God Jenn told them all the needed to know and they still didn’t go after them..because of a law suit.
Watch the Heidi Allen story on You Tube, how a lap top appears on the cops table like magic. How Jenn said “August” and then the tape jumps. How they let Jenn walk..all a dog and pony show.

January 13-14/18


big information
No, No one remembers per the Sheriff and the Da, she was never a CI and didn't give any big information and was way to young per their excuse to be used in court, you really have not studied the case at all. You've missed a ton. The biggest thing you've said is remember she was to dump off information. No, that was never once brought up in any one of the court's not once. Keep drinking the OZ kool aide never was anything you posted ever brought up in the case ever with Gary Thibodeau. That's how lies began that put him in prison for life. Disinformation that's not in any trial transcript or ever in any of the documents.

To the poster posting disinformation. Please post the article, document and the witnesses information that ever suggested Heidi was to dump off big information days leading to her abduction. Docket number, date so on, good luck because that's never been documented. Calling you out on your lies, let's see if you can back the facts you claim are facts with actual documentation, media or court information, evidence, anything that confirms your post. You can't but we will wait. You can't because it doesn't exist.

January 13-14/18


movie scene scenario
This set of circumstances sounds very believable so does the van allegedly have been picked up on Goodsell property.
Odd...this seems to be coming to a head, and the Moe Todd of fame, goes off the radar, and then retires, along with other key players.

January 13-14/18

What would the story be without the van!
Oh yes the van plays a major role, but not that of the kidnapping van but rather the van that made someone act on their kidnapping plan. As seen several times in witness statements and just talk here, you remember the Sheriffs patrol car seen almost every day parked down the street far enough not to be seen from the store but that it was parked were with binoculars one could see the vehicles that entered the store, that morning when the Officer sat watching the store waiting for Heidi's boyfriend to leave once he knew she was safe with more customers coming in and out. So the moment when everything changed is when oh yea a van pulled in and the Deputy knew whose van that was and it opened the perfect opportunity, right after the van left, Heidi was missing once the Officer had control of Heidi he returned to the scene and began his plot to STEER the investigation to Gary, he never expected that the other brother would be found not guilty. now he needed the brotherhoods help and help they did.

January 13-14/18


How NYT’s Trump-Russia scoop changes what we know


January 13-14/18


Oh yes the van plays a major role, but not that of the kidnapping van but rather the van that made someone act on their kidnapping plan. As seen several times in witness statements and just talk here, you remember the Sheriffs patrol car seen almost every day parked down the street far enough not to be seen from the store but that it was parked were with binoculars one could see the vehicles that entered the store, that morning when the Officer sat watching the store waiting for Heidi's boyfriend to leave once he knew she was safe with more customers coming in and out. So the moment when everything changed is when oh yea a van pulled in and the Deputy knew whose van that was and it opened the perfect opportunity, right after the van left, Heidi was missing once the Officer had control of Heidi he returned to the scene and began his plot to STEER the investigation to Gary, he never expected that the other brother would be found not guilty. now he needed the brotherhoods help and help they did.

January 13-14/18


Ivanka Trump 'being considered as new World Bank chief'




January 13-14/18

Trump concealed details from meetings with Putin


January 13-14/18







Today's Quote January 12/2019

To a smart girl men are no problem - they're the answer.
Zsa Zsa Gabor

Former Trump Organization VP Spills Beans On Donald Trump’s Awful Dealmaking Skills


January 12/18

Hell bent on those three huh
Since you get your information from news and transcripts how did you miss that only certain people knew Heidi had changed shifts, the three were not included in that information as they planned their white van kidnapping, and remember Heidi had secret info for someone that day, real big stuff remember, now who could that info from an informant be going to that big day, to the same cop that happened to be so close by and was flagged into the store as he just happened to be passing by. The people or person most trilled with your mode of thought are the person or persons who took her. You must be suggesting then that the three knew this was the big info day as well, thus needing to execute their plan that morning before she could spill the beans, not likely Holmes.

January 12/18


Made for movies
My submission to Hollywood movie makers, It starts in the upstate New York town of Oz, The story centers around a young girl who attended a party while baby sitting a friends child, here is were she is introduced to the New York Sheriffs department were she becomes an informant in lou of prosecution by her new found friends, as the story unfolds the young girl has help getting a position at a store that is frequented by all the big druggies and it's here were her confidential informant card is lost, after gathering all her undercover info comes the day to pass the evidence gathered, as this story plays out the camera fades to the Officer who had became infatuated by his power over this young beautiful girl, but the boy friend was always in the way and Heidi had no real feelings to match his. The story ends as the camera pans the store and the Officer enters and tells Heidi hurry we have to get you to safety something big is coming down and they leave quickly, the camera pans again to a man looking around seemingly all alone with no one to take his money.

January 12/18


Getting closer, citizens are hot, very hot with their info. Missing the link that ties them all together, hint related to Herm.

January 12/18


Baby kells
well well kells didn't get his way the guys didn't vote yes what he wanted so he went back to his office and stamp his feet like a big baby. So now if you are working on a holiday instead of getting the day off for that day thats in the contract that day off. hes making guys work that day. Mayor what ever he gave you for your campaign please give it back to him and tell him to get lost. those guys don't need to treated like prisoners. they are a bunch of good guys that do there Job ever day.

January 12/18

The stiff competition lmao the prize goes to....drum roll please..envelope..
The winner is...Wescott.. (per her fb) in her own words, "Dear Haters, I have so much more for you to hate, be patient." She further writes, "I'm proud as fuck to be the person I am today, I have overcome shit I thought could kill me, and I have fought through shit that could destroy me."
If you weren't guilty of anything then nothing could destroy you.😉 Here's looking at you Wescott, you've earned OZ, golden award the biggest bullshitter around.


January 12/18







Today's Quote January 11/2019

Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Senate Republicans Won't Fund The Government If It Means Defying Trump


January 11/18

Not to hard to put together
How does the relation work? Jordals are related through marriage to Breckenridge, Breckenridge has kids with Westcott, Wescott is related to Steen and all of them including the Jordal family worked for and still does Murtagh, don't forget Bohrer admitted his relationship to Herm Jordal and all 3 suspects admitted their work history with Murtagh. All friends, all related all linked to Richard Murtagh. Was Herm a drug dealer, yes he was. That's not something the Sheriff's can deny but it is something they never told the public about.

January 11/18


Miller Time

Steve Miller were you the one who owned red flat bed trucks in 94? I believe you did, you were seen picking up an off white van at the mill owned at the time by the Goodsells, in Fernwood on Valley Road in 96. Should you be the next one to take a lie detector test? Why not wouldn't hurt.

January 11/18


Didn’t his daughter get involved with some radical anti American group like Al-Qaeda.

January 11/18


Dead on.
Jordal family is defiantly tied to Steve Miller, James Eby, Mr. Hollywood Da, all fruit of the same tree. John Bhore and Mike Bohrer give you hints about Jordals by not only naming Herm, but described his truck, how he dressed, his height but adding in the handicapped girl that Herms father went to prison over. Was there a handicapped girl in this group? YES, she had down syndrome and was living with Herms father. Miller and Jordal family use to own and run the car lot outside of little Texas, its not a secret Herm was a sob, big drug dealer, well known and linked to all of them, not excluding Bohrer. Jordal family is also well known and friends to and tied with the Goodsell family. That's not a secret either.

January 11/18

"The absence of evidence seems abnormal," thus they didn't find evidence but some how not finding evidence IS evidence." VERY STRANGE!!! With all of the DNA and forensic tools at their disposal, no evidence was actually proof of the crime being committed by the prosecution. Bizarre!!! Thus gives you the explanation as to why they call Oswego the land of Oz. (VERY disturbing case.)


January 11/18





Today's Quote January 10/2019

Half a truth is often a great lie.
Benjamin Franklin

Polygraphs and the 3 that admitted to it
Does anyone know for sure if any of the “three” ever took a polygraph, were asked to take one or volunteered to take one?
If your innocent you have nothing to fear.
Hell Jenn took one and failed but I guess the OCSD didn’t want to pursue the truth.
Tonya asked to take one and they Oakes said NO. I think he also may have said we only give them to people we don’t believe.
Well Jenn is one you gave it to but you also offered her immunity…WTF!
And Oakes told Tonya there wasn’t anything on the taped phone call that is credible…even though he didn’t investigate any of it because he told Tonya right after the call.
And speaking of inv. Who is the DA’s inv? Did he ever enter any input in this case? Or was he pushed aside so not to find anything on “you know who”.
Did Moe know anything?
NOW HEAR THIS: this crime was NOT done by Gary T. It was done by Bohere, Steen, Roger and ____, _____,_______, and ______.
Come on, someone in Oswego knows and can prove the truth. Time to step up and do the right thing.

January 10/18


Biggest liar in 1995??? Jennifer Wescott the biggest liar in 2014??? Stiff competition for both of them.
Bivens testified and stated in at least one police affidavit that the person he saw bear-hugging Heidi was about as tall as she. He only testified that the second person he saw had a limp at trial. No mention of that particular detail on any affidavit…signed affidavit. Why did he miraculously not realize that until over a year later?? It wasn’t because he knew Gary’s neighbors and talked to them about being a witness in Gary’s trial or that Dodd ‘coached’ him?? Another strange occurrence was the minor neighbor child’s lead about Richard’s van at Gary’s in March 1995. That was also the same month that Gary’s alibi was charged with perjury….HHHmmm, evidence to fit the suspect instead of suspect fitting the evidence.
What about McCarthy recusing himself because he represented Bivens on a previous matter? I believe McCarthy did the right thing in recusing himself. The question is…did he represent Bivens for a DWI in 1993 and did Bivens get a plea deal for his testimony in Gary’s trial?? Documents show Baldasaro received a deal so it’s not unfathomable that the same happened for Bivens. The minutest research clearly shows the dots to be made and connections.
What’s up with the Grand Jury testimony Bivens gave versus what he testified to at the trial?? Good job, Fahey, asking Bivens about the contradiction. Specifically, how Bivens’ GJ testimony says he was in the D&W parking lot but his trial testimony, he says he just drove by. And to those that don’t think GJ testimony is available to the public…you may be right except for that testimony which also was presented in a trial - which is public. So for you doubting Jane’s-that’s how someone would KNOW any GJ testimony. Nothing egregious or a red herring, just publicly accessible information.
Wheeler/Yerdon, did you ever wonder if one day someone would find out about the crappy investigation you did and make it public? Are you at least a tiny bit ashamed for having followed Dodd and Todd and not being able to find Heidi? Additionally, Yerdon, weren’t you ashamed of your deception during the original trial and the Hearing 20+ years later? Wheeler, had you no shame when you were caught lying at a pre-trial hearing? Legal maneuvering my ass, you LIED. You both KNEW that Heidi’s fingerprints could be found on a CI card. You both knew that Richards van was extensively, forensically tested just 6 days after Heidi disappeared. You both knew Richards results of a polygraph. You both knew about the van being washed and the carpet piece retrieved AFTER the forensic testing. You both knew about the CI card being dropped in 1992 via VanPatten’s report on December 8/9, 1994. I know it’s a waste of breath….how can someone be ashamed with no conscience? Dodd, do you know the answer?

January 10/18

RE: National Emergency!
You are right. Trump is a National Emergency to the Nation. Trump wants the bigly beautiful wall and as they say watch out what you wish for. Trump will have his big beautiful wall sooner than he thinks. It will come with prison cells.

January 10/18


Coast Guard's shutdown tip to workers: declare bankruptcy


January 10/18

The Wall
What part of NO doesn't this so called President understand? Mr. Trump may I ask you this one question? As your rally song that is always played at each rally is "You can't always get what you want" May I ask you if you ever listened to the words in this song? No Donald Boy, "You can't always get what you want" There are times in everyone's life when they have to accept NO for an answer. I think at 72 years of age it's about time that you take NO for an answer. This is 2019 not 1819 we now have modern means for border security, you said that you know more about drones than most people, well isn't it about time that you put some of that knowledge to use? If you try sometime to control your temper tantrums when told NO "You might just find you get what you need" (Like a half a brain)!
Thanks a lot Russia!


January 10/18





Today's Quote January 9/2019

Common sense is not so common.

National Emergency!
Donald J Trump is the only National Emergency that we have going on right now.

January 9/18

Yeah I'm honest, just ask me
President Donald Trump, one of the richest men in America, wants you to believe he can empathize with federal employees who are struggling to make ends meet as the partial government shutdown heads into a third week

He should know there’s no doubt about that…just ask the contractors he didn’t pay.

How the **** did we elect a man without any soul, empathy or honesty.

Hey sh!thead, it says BY, FOR and WITH the people…not just the rich and corporate America.

Take from the middle class and the poor so you can pay for the gifts you give rich people…..hey jerk they DON”T need anymore money, the poor do. You insensitive asshole.

The GOP thanks for your vote now you’re f***ed.

January 9/18

Wasn’t Jordal a close friend of Steve Miller and Len Shick?
Wasn’t a Jordal an officer in the Conservative Party?
Maybe the FBI should start looking at those people.

January 9/18


reply to turn yourself in
Classic example of throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.

What basis in fact do you have for your theory? Any corroboration at all? Like screenshots, legal documents or a recording?

No comment about the documents that have been filed by Greg, Lisa or copied from the clerk’s office? FYI, Greg’s filing of police notes is how WE know that Bohrer, Breckenridge, Barney, Matt Duell, Law, etc…may have IN FACT been involved with Heidi’s disappearance. ALL were spoken to in 1994. Matt even was to take a polygraph. I wouldn’t read the documents though, then you may have an educated opinion who REALLY took Heidi!! If I were you, I’d just listen to what Greg said to the judges during the Appeal….”they (defense) are cherrypicking (“bad”) people from the community” Now THAT’S A JOKE…he couldn’t read the old police notes naming these guys in the 1994/1995 investigation? It’s so ridiculous that it IS a joke. Wanna bet that I didn’t personally hear Greg say that at the Appeal. (*cough*)

January 9/18





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There is nothing which we receive with so much reluctance as advice.
Joseph Addison

Because someone believes in justice, integrity, honor and the system you believe they are guilty of the crime lmao that's exactly how innocent lives are ruined like Gary Thibodeaus. I wouldn't be surprised the one on here making accussations is one of the many suspects. What a bafoon. Assumptions are like assholes we all have them, the one accusing is typically the one who was doing. No you apparently don't comprehend the FBI I do not see them inserting themselves in to anything only voicing their constitutional right to freedom of speech. The poster is only attempting to silence the majority for a reason, are you nervous about something? Because if you weren't you wouldn't be so concerned.

January 8/18

3 guesses
The original post started by naming the Duells as having access to the store that morning, someone's pissed is that you Kris Duell LoL bank on it, it is or someone affiliated with you. Common sense tells anyone the owners would have access over anyone else. No need to take offense to the reality of it, if you had nothing to hide, what's missing from your tampered file?

January 8/18


what a joke
The poster keeps naming the same suspects that mysteriously came up in the 1994 investigation lol, red hearing my ass, funny how all the same names that were hidden are no longer hidden someone's SCARED...maybe you shouldn't have been involved maybe then you wouldn't take offense to any of it, if you weren't a criminal and involved your panties wouldn't be in a wad once your name was brought up, you came out with your claws out. Tuck those babies back in,claws or not you are full of shit. Everyone sees it just as Ocsd, DA, THE INCARCERATION OF INNOCENT GARY THIBODEAU, it's all a farce, along with your bullshit posts.

January 8/18


Bohrer is asked where he was the night before Heidi vanishes he responds none other than Herm Jordal, Bohrer brother describes a girl a handicapped girl Google Calvin Jordal, Herm father who went to prison for sexually assaulting a handicapped girl. Where did Herm live in 94 in little Texas, Bohrer admitts being in the area, study Herm Jordal and you'll find the link to the van and what information they are hiding about his drug activity. The man Bohrers brother describes being tall, dressed in camo, cap on and off his truck, tall, short hair is Herm Jordal a connection to him will send you to the owner of the van, this connection has been by passed and shouldn't be seeing as she links to Breckenridge, Bohrer, Herm, Steen, Wescott, Murtagh it's there, find it. One thing about Herm no one seems to know is he was one hell of a massive drug dealer and has a history to support that accusation. Reporters have been notified of this connection best lawyer up suspects.

January 8/18






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I have witnessed the tremendous energy of the masses.

On this foundation it is possible to accomplish any task whatsoever.

Mao Zedong

I have witnessed the tremendous energy of the masses. On this foundation it is possible to accomplish any task whatsoever. Mao Zedong
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/mao_zed


Iran plans naval drills with Russia in Caspian Sea

Iran and Russia are preparing to hold joint naval exercises in the Caspian Sea, including rescue and anti-piracy drills, the commander of the Iranian navy was quoted on Sunday as saying.


January 67/18

Re: Turn yourself in
I'm glad you have been inspired by the posts to believe Gary is innocent. The documents you have seen are public. Now you know some of the Truth the Oswego Sheriff's department and DA's office didn't share or withheld from the jury.

I encourage you and wish you luck with presenting your theory about a poster being the true killer of Heidi. Do let us know if they find your lead credible.!.!

January 7/18

Trump...A Man Confused
Only Trump would punish all these people, parks etc. because he didn’t get his way.
The guy is a man-child.
He has the body of a man and the mind of a child.
He’s caused more conflict for us around the world than the last 10 POTUS.
His idea of compromise is to be a bully.
Funny how he wants a wall to keep all of them out but uses immigrants to work on his vintages and golf resorts.
He went fishing and we bit.
Up with the rich and to hell with everyone else…it’s the republican creed.

January 7/18

Fact-checking the DHS border presentation




January 7/18





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A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money.

Everett Dirksen



To all customers of "a local pharmacy".  **WARNING**

"a local pharmacy" has a convicted drug dealer and heavy drug user delivering drugs for them.

Please tell your family and friends to count their pills if they use "a local pharmacy" free delivery service.

Especially if they are narcotics.  This delivery person has been known to steal from "a local pharmacy" and from customers. The description of this delivery person is, white male, late 20's early 30's, morbidly obese, dark hair including dark facial hair, very sweaty and stinks.

My Mother-in-law was recently ripped off by this person and she gave the description.

Please spread this *WARNING* to everyone you know.


January 5/18



Turn yourself in ..reply

You do realize that others post too. I post to keep this alive so maybe someone will come forward and those that are guilty will hang for it.


Everything I post, I have read from the DA, Statement of Facts and researched on Porchlight etc.


They killed two people.


It wasn't me, I was 5' 6" 150lbs in 1994. Never owned a van, couldn't find any of the places mentioned in this story, don't know, never seen any of the ppl. in this case.


Hell I never even heard of the D&W until 2014.


I'll take a poly if you want to bet $5000.00 on it.


Your imagination is out of control.


Just trying to help like a lot of other people.


Oh yeah, the cops never came after me, interviewed me ..I just hate it when people are framed or treated unjustly like GT was.


January 5/18



Trump and the Wall

I have a solution for "Fat Boy Donny Trump" and all the bull that he is throwing around about $5 Billion for his make-believe wall. He and the other suck-up Republicans gave a $2,000,000,000,000 ( that's 2 TRILLION) in tax breaks to their friends, which has added $2 Trillion to the National Debt. "Fat Boy Donny" wants $5 Billion for the fence, so have those rich Republican friends pony-up the money from what they stole from the poor people who will be paying backing this money,with interest, on the National debt.  That is less than .025% of the tax break they stole from the public. Or, have MEXICO pay for the wall which they have told you to your face, "Mexico will not pay for the F%&king wall". Quote from Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, Feb 25, 2016.


January 5/18



Pence, top political aides set to get raises amid shutdown


January 5/18






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Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock.
Sigmund Freud

Turn Yourself In
To the guilt wracked Heidi Allen poster. I believe that there are clues in your posts that point to you as the perpetrator.If only the police were interested they might discover them by actually reading your voluminous texts. You fit the standard FBI profile. You are the primary suspect based on your specific actions. No other psychological profile explains your behavior.You are motivated by guilt and will never find peace until you confess.

January 4/18

Welcome back gosek...I mean barlow
Our playboy mayor just returned from an exotic 'adults only' resort in Jamaica with a certain under age local stoner and dealer. Must have been a scouting mission or maybe she knows where the body's are buried? Hopefully now he won't cruise local bars at closing time looking for drunk girls to take home, including my daughter and her friends. Guess they're too old for him now. Wake up oswego nothing is ever as good as it seems.

January 4/18

Stinson & 3 Guesses posted 1/3/19
Mrs. Duell testified that the register was turned on at 4:06am....see this on the Oswego Lion site. But no one has admitted to being there at 4am.

If you are referring to me as naming a list of suspects, it's not me. If you are pointing at the person who seems like Ed Edwards was the Zodiac...that's their opinion not mine.

I maintain and believe that Steen, Roger and Mike were the kidnappers. These are the only people i suspect of this crime.
But I also think there was a cover up by doing a terrible inv. IE....Mike's white van, not pressing Jenn, Roger, Mike and Steen. They fit the description by Bivens testimony.

Mike gets DWI record faxed to him??????? How, why? IMO he talked to Bivens about his DWI and Ins. fraud and maybe if he helped them convict Gary they may do something for him. Changed his mind after stating 2-3 times it wasn't Richard's van he saw.
Why else would Mike get a DWI fax from the DA's file?

But no, I have not been all over the place blaming anyone and everyone...and I never killed anyone, never used coke, never hung around Oswego and never heard of any of these people until 2014.

Doesn't it strike you strange that Heidi's sister was happy that Gary got convicted and there were two suspects and she isn't upset about not finding the 2nd guy?

WHY? Because they know who it is and they covered for him so the entire crime with certain officials wouldn't get busted for selling and covering up a murder.

Oakes: I don't have confidence in the OCSD investigation. Obviously we all don't.

Later he changes his mind and says he does????

King NOT allowing more witnesses to be called???

Put the puzzle together, all the parts that don't make sense, 10 ppl not credible telling they heard the 3 brag about it, King letting Mike off the stand because he was upset...SO WHAT!

All these things and there are more..." the airport at 3-4 am" has me convinced of what I just stated.

ANd Stinson I was NOT referring to you in my last post. And why would someone hide in a store just to turn on the cash register, unless it was an attempted robbery or made to look like one.

January 4/18

Swamp Creature’ Takes Interior Department Reins From Ryan Zinke







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We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do' list.
Michelle Obama

3 Guesses?
I've only got one guess and you're it!
If you're the same poster seemingly obsessed with the Allen case who spams this site on a near daily basis and you're not a family member and if you're the same poster who's been generating red herrings in the form of an endless list of possible suspects for over a year now with no end in sight, then YOU ARE THE KILLER


January 3/18

Dave Stinson writes:
Again: The register clock was broken! Broken! Broken! I believe (in my humble opinion) that Heidi entered the store and corrected the clock from 4:06 to her watch time, or the other clock in the store. I can't see where this can go. You don't think someone was concealed in the store , do you? Repeating wrong evidence just confuses future investigation. The register clock was broken. Her last transaction of 7:42 was very very close. I got there at 0741 - MY TIME! She was gone in the difference that people set their clocks. You can read everything I know about that morning on this post 9/14/18. Which would have been her birthday and sadly, the day her Mom passed away.


January 3/18

‘Swamp Creature’ Takes Interior Department Reins From Ryan Zinke


January 3/18





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Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.'

Alfred Lord Tennyson



Alabama Sheriff Pocketed $1.5 Million In ICE Funds For Immigrant Food



I wonder how many of Moe’s scams the new sheriff will find.


January 2/18



Not happy, happy

The look on Todd's face as he shook Hilton's hand today, priceless can you say happy, not happy. One was smiling and one was pissed, but the public's smiling, good riddens out with the old and in with the new. About time. Good luck Sheriff Hilton.


January 2/18



3 Guesses

Three guesses on who would have access to the store that morning. I have one guess the store owners, question is why were they there? Duell also gets caught in a lie that no ones catching. The store was originally closed all other Easter Sundays, Duell states this several times, unless the clerks wanted to work. If Heidi switched hours with someone, it's obvious the clerks did not or could not work, so tell us again Kris Duell why that Easter Sunday was it ever opened? Because you were a direct part of what happened? If so some day it'll come back your way, hopefully this time in the form of real justice. Some day therr wont be a Todd covering your ass.


January 2/18





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Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.
Benjamin Franklin


Well here we are at the end of another year.
As Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians play I think of many of the things I did not do or did not finish in 2018 and tell myself I will get to them in 2019. In many ways 2018 was a disappointing year. So many people that should have died did not and so many that should have lived are gone. I did not win the lottery. I lost twenty pounds but ten of them came back in the last ten days. A long planned trip to Europe had to be put off again and I still have not made it to the Metropolitan Opera. I am looking forward to 2019. I have a ticket on the Mega drawing and a Take Five scratch off in my pocket and this could be the year Trump dies while screwing an Eastern European whore. The possibilities are endless. Angela Gheorghiu here I come.

January 1/18

Millions To See Pay Hikes In 2019 As Minimum Wage Increases In 20 States



January 1/18









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If you can keep your wits about you while all others are losing theirs, and blaming you.

The world will be yours and everything in it, what's more, you'll be a man, my son.
Rudyard Kipling

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
What I ( we ) learned since 2014:

Mike B.....received a fax from the DA's DWI file...think about this one...why?

Bivens changed his mind about ID-ing Richards van...only it happened after MB got a fax.

Deputy loses a CI card.

Jenn W. phone is taped...and what we heard is only NOT credible by Oakes and King.

Jenn goes for an interrogation and says she knows nothing.

Jenn goes back for a 2nd interrogation and said she was told about what happened to Heidi.

Jenn then FAILS a polygraph.

No one ids Richards van...either all white or light blue..Bivens, Mrs. Fabin and others....but not black and white.

Jenn said "I'm not gonna be the next one found under a cabin dead"..my words.

Two jail house snitches lied and one admits it.

Someone call Steen and said...CYA Heidi. Hmmm use your own imagination.

No one saw Gary at the store.

Bivens' id didn't match the guys he saw take Heidi.

King doesn't allow Lisa to call more witnesses. This one grabs me. Isn't that what trials are for, to find the truth? Did Gary get a fair trial from King?

Ten times different people said they heard one of the "three" say they took Heidi....King says it's not credible...why not? Ten people and it's not credible?

Roger has no alibi for the early morning on 4-3-94.

Man says he borrowed MB's WHITE van after he got it repaired....OCSD doesn't find it, search for it but did search a different white van. MVD could have told you.

I could go on but: Moe said on Dateline we had no suspects. Well you got some now and still haven't done anything. Could I believe the FBI would be made fools by these clowns?

Steen said I will never do any time for what we did to Heidi...sounds like someone is covering for him. He also said I know more about the case than the OCSD...did the OCSD interrogate Steen?

It's like someone killed your Mother, you know who but are not allowed to do anything about it.

To quote the "guy" in court in 2014.." who do you think you're kidding Oswego."


December 31/18

FBI Collected Fake Green Cards Allegedly Supplied By Trump Golf Club Managers


December 31/18








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The less you talk, the more you're listened to.
Pauline Phillips

Feed – Quora
Read is trump suffering from dementia


December 30/18

Spends money like its his

December 30/18

Wake up Republicans!
Attention Republicans, Your Commander and Chief has now lied or has given misleading statements 7,546 times in his first 700 days in office. I do NOT understand for the life of me how you people that are so loyal to this idiot can put him ahead of our great Country .Political Affiliation should NEVER be put ahead of our Country. This man is very DANGEROUS to be in this position. I guess in past administrations over the years I didn't realize that the Democratic Party was the party that looks out most for this beautiful Country of ours. It has become quite obvious these last two years that the majority of our Republican Senators are NOT looking out for their Country but instead covering for him, in my own personal opinion a illegitimate President. Sure he keeps on saying "It's a Witch Hunt" "No Collusion" No Collusion", Are we suppose to believe this from a man whom every time his lips are moving he is lying? Think about it Folks, Really think about it! Any President that did what he did on his own on pulling our troops out of Syria should be impeached at once. Gee, I wonder who's pulling the strings as Russia and Iran are Celebrating.

December 30/18


Let down by U.S., Syrian Kurdish leaders look to Russia and Assad


December 30/18









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The only difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats allow the poor to be corrupt, too.

Oscar Levant

Eight years of Gov. Rick Scott – jobs, growth, water pollution and political battles


December 28/18

Grand Larceny in the First Degree: New York Penal Law 155.42
When the new owners of "our" CSA New Orleans cannons finally reveal their "discovery" to the world they'll be out 1.5-3 million dollars (assuming that the City didn't sell them too cheap for a fast buck) Facts: the cannons are numbered.altering/obscuring serial numbers destroys their value.The new owners will be unable to keep such a rare and valuable find secret for long. It's impossible to suddenly say they acquired them legally from a private collector because of the extensive history on file in DC on all Civil War artifacts taken from the traitorous confederacy and given/loaned to the victors of their failed war against the United States of America. The most disgusting possibility to me is that the cannons went to the descendants of the very traitors that the cannons were taken from in the first place.The Barlow administration has desecrated the legacy of our own Civil War heroes who died defending this country from the traitors determined to destroy it. They were the very ones who were honored by our government with the presentation of the cannons in the first place! I also don't believe for one second that we have only 2 cannons missing. Fucking morons,Trump can't/won't/never would pardon you he's on his way to prison himself.Why you evil fucks behave like pedophiles given the key to the children's cancer ward at 3 am is bad enough but the belief that you'll get away with it in the age of Trump is simply delusional.The Barlow administration has destroyed what little relevant history that Oswego was once famous for.I also blame the director of Ft Ontario for not getting involved with the issue,another fucking moron. However the NYS Historical Society has been very helpful in referring me to the proper State/Federal agencies.Maybe they'll ask the director why he didn't contact them? The State will start by forcing the City to prove that the cannons are still here. I can hardly wait. NO the cannons can/could not be legally sold for any reason regardless of legal advice to the contrary. Technically they are still the property of the US government.Yes,that's right stealing them is/was a Federal crime.
PS can anyone find the link to the article/photo of the cannons that appeared at Oswego County Today website? Good thing I have screenshots of it.

December 28/18


December 28/18






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Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
William Shakespeare

Furfaro’s Favorite Son
Sean Madden is back on the radar. This former fry cook former member of the notorious Oswego School Board has been working as a steward/stewardess for one of the airlines that flies out of Syracuse. When he is not working he likes to visit his niece at the Riley School in Oswego. Dressed in his high flying uniform Madden walks right into the school unchecked whenever he feels like it. He is a perv and the OPD knows it yet he is allowed free access to our schools and the children in them.

December 27/18

Trump faked Bone Spurs to avoid Vietnam Draft
The daughters of a Queens foot doctor say their late father diagnosed President Donald Trump with bone spurs to help him avoid the Vietnam War draft as a "favor" to his father Fred Trump, according to a new report Wednesday.

Dr. Larry Braunstein, a podiatrist who died in 2007, often told the story of providing Donald Trump with the diagnosis of bone spurs in his heels so he could be exempt from military service, his two daughters -- Dr. Elysa Braunstein and Sharon Kessel -- told the New York Times.

How the FU&k could any Vietnam Vet or any military person EVER support the Fu&king COWARD???
I heard this before, but now it is confirmed!


December 27/18





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Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days,

recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth,

and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home!

Charles Dickens

Re: Heidi Allen....2nd in store
Mrs. Duell testified that the register was turned on at 4:06am. Search this site. I believe the trial transcript page was posted on this site before. HHmm, did Greg's "Statement of Facts" mention that? Don't think so cuz then it wouldn't make sense with the time Brett testified he and Heidi arrived. Just like no one asked Mrs. Duell about ALL the transactions that morning. The prosecution made it appear as though there was time for Heidi to be gone "To near Gary's house to talk to her" and back before no one found the store unattended. Which would have been impossible if all the transactions were presented to the jury. Which would have made the inmates less credible. The story/theory would have fallen apart right there.

December 25/18

Approve Transfer of Funds From the General Fund Contingent Account to the Municipal Buildings Contracted Services Account
To Pay the Cost of Removing Chemical Waste from the Flexo Wire Site at 68 West First Street
What will cost be!?

December 25/18

Fake News Letter From Little Billy Barlow
WOW! Must be Caraccoili wrote this bullshit letter. It is so full of crap it could only come from lying unethical people that are in the Barlow administration. Lets look at his history as counclior and mayor regarding property taxes. His first budget was in 2015 and here are the tax rates and city value for those years .
2014 property tax rate $14.49/1000 City Valuation $734,000,000
2015 property tax rate $14.67/1000 city valuation $740,000,000 increase 1.23%
2016 property tax rate $14.95/1000 city valuation $747,000,000 increase 1.87%
2017 property tax rate $15.14/1000 city valuation $791,000,000 increase 1.25%
2018 property tax rate $15.67/1000 city valuation $794,000,000 increase 3.38%
2019 Property tax rate $15.35/1000 city valuation $799,000,000 decrease 2.0%
This is an increase of 7.73% to 2018..... now look at the artificial city valuation increase by, $65,000,000. In 2018 this administration artificially increase thee value by $54,000,000. and now up by another $5,000,000.This should tell you that the taxes paid increased even though the rate dropped slightly. So, in simple terms, your over all increase on an $80,000 house has been $70.00 even with the 2019 tax reduction. Thanks to the people who had their assessed value increased as you are paying for those whose assessment did not go up, This is just smoke and mirrors. Also 2019 budget includes a increase in spending appropriations of $569,000 and a decrease in revenue of $254,000 which is an $823,000 deficit from 2018. Merry Christmas!
There is so much other bullshit make believe accomplishments like :
$827,000 in street paving...Where was that done? All the city streets are like driving on a washboard...then the Bullshit of taking credit for paving 104 and 481,,,this was done by the state and was in the planning phases before this a$$hole was even elected to the council.
$80,000 on side walk replacements are standard in all city budgets and administered by the councilors of each ward. Don't you remember when Barlow had all the sidewalks replaced at his Mom's house and new driveways installed.
free entry to the pool and skating rinks...Loss of $15,000 in revenue...Great!
Planting 120 city trees has always been a part of the city budget, city forest replacement has been around when Mommy was changing baby Barlow's diapers. Actually, councilors got 20 trees per ward which is 140 tress, so this has been reduced by this kid mayor and he is not replacing our city forest.
Electric car chargers are a joke and an expense to the taxpayers to have them installed, and are never used. That's quite an accomplishment..
The code Department is a complete joke and has really accomplished nothing. The only accomplishment by Barrlow in codes was to fire that crook Bell. A book could be written on the amount of money Bell screwed the city out of...that's for a later date.
The OT reduction was the direct affect of the council being made aware of the Fire Department corruption and padding of retirements under McCrobie. I will give him credit for getting rid of McCrobie and following up on the corruption report he was given.
He forgot to mention the waste of $50,000 for the useless doggy park that is never used, or the giveaway to his buddies Pauldine and Broadwell from the DRI, or the missing city assets at the DPW.
Well this is just a start of his lie and lack of accomplishments and more will be revealed in 2019. Happy New Year.

December 25/18





Today's Quote December 23-24/2018

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.
W. C. Fields

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
I stated back in 2014 it's not what the OCSD did in this inv., it's what they DIDN'T do.

They questions MB, a guy said he borrowed MB's WHITE van after it was repaired...and get this...THEY COULDN'T FIND IT!

NOPE, they didn't want to find it because they were involved in her murder, helped cover it up and some of the deputies were selling drugs and who was getting kick backs to allow it?

a simple trip to the MVD would have proved that...but it wasn't done.

It was being incompetent in this inv. it was criminal.
Bivens changed his story 3 times, Mrs. Fabin said it was a light blue van behind her in Mexico...no one saw a black and white van except Swenkowski.

Just how hard did they push the "untouchable 3"?

Make that 4...Jenn W.

Dear OCSD how the fu*k could you get all that info from Jenn, tape her call, failed a poly and then returned and said that she did know what happened to Heidi.


You would have to be brain dead not to see the cover up, the set up, a judge that excused MB because he was nervous, evidence withheld, oakes' drop off of a ton of evidence to lisa 2 days before trial and king denying more witnesses.....looks like the Chicago Police Dept doesn't it.

December 23-24/18

Border wall

December 23-24/18

Heid Allen....2nd one in the store that morning?
I’ve read where someone said that some body was in the store at 4am.

If true and the door was locked when Heidi got there then who could it have been?

You have 3 guesses and I know you won’t be wrong.


December 23-24/18








Today's Quote December 22/2018

Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.

Moscow Russian Ballet
I just heard that Donald Trump had to unfortunately cancel his trip to Syracuse NY. to take in the "Nut Cracker" Russian Ballet" with what is going on with the wall situation. As Trump was jumping up and down Screaming "I WANT MY WALL". He apparently turned his ankle and is as mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore. Trump is now considering firing Robert Mueller in retaliation. How much more does this nut have to do in order to wake up Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans? What a bunch of WHIMPS! After this I will never be a member of this "Ballless Party ever again. No Backbone at all! Any Party that puts someone as dangerous as this man ahead of their Country is not a party that I want to be affiliated with. I would be ashamed to even say that " I use to be a Republican! Two years of total chaos is more than enough and I am also as mad as hell and have disassociated myself with this spineless party! He even makes Hillary and Obama look good!

December 22/18

RE: DEATH of Common Sense
Look back on this site for a comparison of where Jennifer says her mom once lived and where a shovel was found during the ground search. What if Jennifer was actually telling the truth about her mom living on Leavitt Road at the time of Heidi’s disappearance and THAT’s where Heidi was taken? What if the idea of linking an army-type shovel came from one being found near Jennifer’s mother’s house?

**FYI….doing a ctrl “f” you can search this site for any word. Do that to search for “Jennifer”**

Me thinks that some information has been confused, or twisted to throw people off the track.

It’s simple laziness as to why LE didn’t luminol the Rice Road garage. It’s simple, “We don’t want to look because we already have our man.” To follow-up and search the property near Jennifer’s moms where a shovel was also found. Simple incompetence for the Sheriff’s to use a small excavator at the cabin site AFTER the ME had concluded their forensic analysis, which did not include chemical. Not intelligent enough to know the many reasons why remains wouldn’t have been found after 20+ years. Not to mention that it is a FACT that 2 people disturbed the area before it was found by LE. (Incompetence on their part for that also and semantics make it so easy to discredit the “cabin”, “fort”, “shed”.) Hey, dummy dumkins. Those words ALL could be a wooden structure in the woods.

You know from reading the original trial transcript that no army-type shovel was found on Gary’s property during the two searches? How convenient that Greg leaves that out of his Statement of Facts!! It certainly didn’t stop Dodd from trying to have one admitted. Trial pages about that have also been posted on this site on September 19, 2018.
So see, some in the Sheriff’s investigating, then and now, and the DA are dolts and have not the capacity for higher level thinking. They are not intelligent enough to pull off a cover-up! They simply have a theory and will pull from what’s known that which makes for a good story--use a little semantics, not look at the totality of evidence, “believe” what they will without corroboration, etc…

I think Lisa P. was going to present a heavy blow to the Sheriff’s and DA’s ‘theory’, showing that Gary was truly innocent, had king allowed them to call more witnesses as he first ‘said in court’ that he would!! I can see the connection with Dan Barney and the biker g…club but…what really matters is that in 1994 he was named by Mr. Allen to investigate, the Sheriff’s questioned him and labeled him “possibly suspect” and he was “in the gray area of law” at the time. As were Many of the people questioned back then. Gary was the worse though, right Wheeler? It’s so easy to blame someone you have a personal bias against instead of looking objectively at the evidence. Classic-making the evidence fit the suspect instead of the suspect fitting the evidence.

One big thing that I don’t understand…Why aren’t the outspoken family members of Heidi demanding LE to use EVERY resource available to try to find “Where’s Heidi”? And where did the supposed facts from the book come from. It was nonfiction?

December 22/18

Barlow to run for re-election
Here is a post that was on this site several months ago and now that Baby Barlow announces his desire to run again lets re-look at what was said before.

All this talk about a tax reduction is nothing more than a ploy to make it look like a reduction, while the operating expenses went from $45.7 million to $46.1 and revenues are static. Artificially increasing the city assessment by $50,000,000 is not an acceptable way to reduce taxes. There is only one way to reduce taxes, reduce spending and increase revenues generated through outside sources,

(not by increasing fees like water and sewer, ect.) Barlow needs something positive to run on in 2019 for Mayor, and pretending to give a tax reduction is a good story, but is nothing more than a lie.

The real story is that we have had nothing but tax increases since he entered into the city government as an councilor: FACTS: 2015, 1.26% increase, 2016, 1.91% increase, 2017, 1.28% increase, 2018, 3.51% increase, for a total of 7.96% increase. Now he increases the city assessment and gives a 2.1% reduction while still increase the taxes for 10% of the city. So over- all, we have had a 5.86% tax increase and increased sewer and water fees. The city departments are full of his friends (most of them unqualified and unethical) where several are providing their families with city paid health benefits. The street are in terrible shape, we have a $50,000 unused doggie park, his friends are getting the state grants for bullshit projects, and list goes on and on.

Now add the following: Public Works: Administrative Supervisor-2017, $50,500, Constituent Coordinator-$50,500, Principal Account Clerk- $44,500, Purchasing Assistant- $41,800, Stipends for Kells- $22,500, Waterfront Supervisor- $51,354. Total increase in Public Works from 2016 to 2018...$186,485. Increase in Law Department- $40,000 to include health benefits for Carracoili, Municipal Buildings- $90,000, Fire Department- $266,000, Marinas and Docks- $156,000, rinks- $88,000, Code Department- $159,000, Total City Expenses up by $1,150,000. Received a state giveaway grant for poor cities, which there have been 9 of these given throughout the state, and, Broadwell/Pauldine /New Visions and other political friends received the money and there has been no results......And this kid, who lives with Mama and pays no taxes, thinks he will run again.....The truth about this kid crook is now really going to come out! And you thought Gosek was bad!


December 22/18

Yes, and because the Democrats are incapable of coming up with a honest respectable candidate with half a brain, he will most likely be re elected.

Greg is a habitual liar but what's worse is his side kick Moody both should face charges of obstruction of justice. No ones above the law, or that's what we are told. To destroy the credibility of good citizens with no criminal records like Vechio family, should be a crime in its self. All Oakes did was prove to the public why no one will come forward after they out right made fun of every good citizen who did. Here's one thing about even Debbie Vechio, her families deeply loved, her children are top notch and her family is bar none some of the best people you could ever meet. So for a DA to bypass that, he's disgusting and a total waste of tax payer money. If this is what he is paid to do, destroy the reputation of great citizens then OZ needs a new DA, Moody when he gets out of the 80 era, drugs, long hair and rock n roll, then OZ will advance past the era he seems to be stuck in, until then pray to the good Lord no one comes up missing while they are in control or you may be the next innocent citizen to end up in prison. Not even sure a new sheriff can fix the mess both departments have brought on themselves. Accountability is lacking greatly in both areas.

December 22/18

Wescott mother
Wescott mother left her father shortly before she got sick, she returned to Hastings only upon knowledge of her illness, if the sheriff's did their job they'd find a po box addressed in her mothers name for Parish area, through the Parish United States Postal Service. Wescott wasn't very honest about her parents separation, when, why and what happened to force her mother back to her residence in Hastings prior to her death or where her mother went during the time of seperation, I think we can all guess where. Upon John Obrein approaching Walter the landlord, he couldn't recall Wescott name until he was given a photo. Wescott was identified as a resident through verification of her photo. So put it all together. Purdy, lmao may god slap the cuffs right on you, pole that's on the receipt she gave, anyone ask her if that was an electric pole to set up an empty lot at the end of rice road, her family reunion over the last few years was at none other than the bar Mensch and VanPatten had their convo at regarding the CI in New Haven. Purdy, purdy, Purdy told several different stories is she afraid some of this from 94, maybe her ex's involvement back then with drugs may destroy the life she's built right now? Mensch testified he lived in the apartment during 94, Purdy said the landlord lived w her during 94 apartment was not complete, Mensch quote said no one lived in the trailer. Breckenridge said Wescott did, all 3 should be charged with obstruction of justice, false statements and perjury it's obvious they did nothing but confuse, distract and send the investigation to a dead end, intentionally. Just as Breckenridge has no alibi. Wescott attempted to give him one, his ex Tracy said he left early that morning and reappeared with Steen with a van in their possession and Breckenridge said he spent Easter with no one. Right there is a witness that places both Steen and Breckenridge with a van the day Heidi vanished. Breckenridge has absolutely no alibi to his where abouts. He can thank himself and his misfit women he had in his life. Lies, all liars, all committed perjury, all of it came down on the landlord who only knew exactly who Wescott was, only after being approached twice, once with no photo then again confirmed through basically a photo of who she was. The landlord smh another great citizen they attempted to make look insane. The real insanity lays at the feet of the department's that can't keep up with the lies they keep spewing to the public. Purdy lease all it did was confirm what the landlord stated it was a temporary rental and nothing more, she has no lease for the time frame she stated she resided there. Purdy has many alibis, I think she has tons of explaining to do. Including an explanation as to why she has 2 seperate addresses on rice road, that she neglected to inform anyone of. I agree tic toc, tic toc, may this new Sheriff readjust your lying clocks.

December 22/18

Thibodeau & Avery
T’s very possible that Edwards did kill her. His daughter turned him in in Wis. For killing a girl..so the story goes.

But why would Avery kill her at the quarry, leave some bones there and bring the rest of her bones to his burn barrell.

Like following bread crumbs. Someone had to follow her or get into her car. After being burned at the quarry, why would her blood be in the back..all the blood in her body would be gone.

Did they check the wood thrown on the car for DNA etc. Just like the bracelet, did they check it and the envelope for DNA?

And let’s face facts, the OCSD knew who killed Heidi, some may have been involved. Why would Tonya get death threats after 2014 unless the real killers were still free.

Only hope Lisa wins and there is a FBI inv. Because anyone can see that these “facts” make no sense, the van color wasn’t id except by Bivens after someone talked to him.

I believe MB when he moved up here got involved with drug selling got to know some people who found out that he probably is a killer and some people hired MB, Steen and Roger.

Also the text to Steen just before he killed 2 people…CYA ( see you later in Italian) why would that be sent to Steen?


December 22/18





Today's Quote December 19-21/2018

All I've done all my life is disobey.
Edith Piaf

Proposition Voter
Now that the Oswego City School Board and Administration has been able to manipulate the school district voter through questionable activities as outlined prior to the election, here is how the results worked out.
Over the past several weeks there has been an unbelievable public push, politically, by the Oswego City School District Board and the Administration to try to convince you, the district voting public, that their view is the only real view and any opposing view is misinformation and just plain stupid. They have used the Oswego City School District equipment and district employees/students to create videos that were produced ( tours and discussions by the Superintendent and teachers at all the Schools and chats with the District Superintendent with members of the student body), and then were shown on the Local Educational channel to advertise their propaganda. This is a violation of school elections laws (see law below). They have also shown this propaganda at school functions, sporting events, and at the public session of the Oswego City Common Council Meeting. This should be reported to the State Commissioner and have this election invalidated, regardless of the outcome.

* Use of School District Facilities and Channels of Communication *

The commissioner of education has ruled that districts cannot do indirectly that which they cannot do directly. In general, this means that school officials can neither actively encourage nor tacitly permit anyone else to use district facilities or channels of communication to engage in promotional activities. School boards are "ultimately accountable for how district facilities and resources are used and must avoid even the appearance of impermissible partisan activity"


Total votes in Oswego City School District...10,550

Total votes for proposition ...1,800 percent of eligible voters ...17%

Total voters against proposition... 900 percent of eligible voters ....8.5%

Total voters who did not give a shit and did not vote...7,850. percent of I don't give a shit voters 74.5%

Total number of district employees 425 (311 teachers) that most likely voted yes, leaves 1,375 yes votes or 13% ...This district should not be proud of the voter turn out ....that 7,850 "I don't give a shit voters" are probably the same people that Aimee Callan did not want in the district. Aimee, you should be kissing their A$$eS! They are the ones that helped push this proposition through by not showing up.. By the way, the fed's just increased the interest rate by a quarter of a percent....that adds $145,000 to the interest that you will pay back on the BAN. Maybe we should look at the number of teachers we employ as compared to the state and reduce it accordingly.



December 19-21/18

What's sick about all of this is Bohrer, did Oakes and Moody not comprehend how much Bohrer's back ground matches that of the Zodiac, many, many similarities between Bohrer and the Zodiac. Sick they are too stupid to figure it out and if they couldn't why in the hell are they in power? Oakes may this be your last year coming you ever speak for the people. Where is Bhorer Oakes? If Bohrer hurts one more female the Oswego County Sheriff's and the DA OFFICE should be held responsible. Every move Bohrer made the Zodiac is noted for in several cases, the taunting families, he to was a computer geek, setting up innocent people, acting like a CI, writer, befriending the families the biggest thing he was famous for was setting up innocent individuals. Can say Oakes you wouldn't make it as a Federal Agent if you can't see the similarities. Thank the hell God you are only a pathetic DA, the Zodiac has never been captured but it's funny he committed acts in many of the same states Bohrer has lived over the years. A serial stalker, predator doesn't just wake up some day and say I start today, they begin with these sick traits at a young age for Bohrer to be caught dropping off murder mystery books one could say he mirrored many of those never caught followed the tracks of those we fear, one could ask was the Zodiac book in that stack. How does one not get caught it's called be a copy cat to one of the most notorious murders this country has ever seen. You have to be stupid Oakes to not ask yourself who else could Bohrer possibly have hurt. Decades he's walked this earth. You couldn't even find the out right attempted murder attack in Beacon, NY. Due to OZ officials that women will also never see justice, nor will Heidi Allen. The officials had their chance they let him go, so now where is he? Oakes yes, you, yourself should be held completely responsible if he attacks another innocent human being. Not all officers are dirty, not all officers are from OZ, may one catch on to Bohrer may it leak all the way back to OZ and may this country find out you let him go. Then and only then Oakes will your entire livelihood collapse from your own ignorance. Pray he doesn't hurt another daughter, sister, mother, aunt, pray he is found and put away for the safety of the women in this county.
Bohrer was caught by O'brein sitting in his car at McDonald's in fear of what else Mrs. Peebles would find, maybe Oakes you should do your job and find out what it was Bohrer feared and on another note Oakes you don't find it unusual Bohrer was visiting Allen's family church in Mexico for months after this aired, you sir are nothing more than a blind, ignorant fool who may have been out witted, out smarter and tricked by one of the most intelligent criminals Oz ever met. That's why serial predators walk scott free because of idiots who can't seem to grasp the reality of a predator, can't seem to comprehend how dangerous they are. Oakes explain Bohrers connection to the biker clubs and one of the most outrageously dangerous clubs in N.Y. and don't say there isn't one, there sure is that information came from an officer that isn't from OZ, that actually did his job. You lie Oakes, far worse than Bohrer and the deputies from the Sheriff's surely knew, if they didn't you need an entirely new department with officers who know how to do their job.

December 19-21/18

Wescott Singing...
Lol Wescott played a game and obstructed justice she should face prison for life. Because even though the dirty officials didn't hear her, we the people surely have.

December 19-21/18

Gary's Funeral
Maynes while you made your way in to Gary's funeral, Feds also did, good luck you sorry soul, may they some day follow you straight to prison. Oh yes Maynes they were there, they apologized to Richard all while maybe watching you. Dumb move.

December 19-21/18

Must Watch

To Sheriff Hilton, a must watch comparison, one thing this video forgot was both Edwards and Bohrer were both present in the court room during these trials. We know this by the photos captured at Averys trial and the notes Bohrer left in his writting. Edwards famous for acting like the Zodiac and setting up innocent lives, why because he got off on execution of the innocent does that remind you of anyone?

December 19-21/18

Investigation of Heidi Allen's disappearance
Did anyone EVER get the phone log from the pay phone at the D&W on April 3, 1994?

One would think that if Dodd could subpoena the phone records from out-of-state (MA) that he could/should have gotten the records from that pay phone. Heck, an officer got the register tape from April 2, 1994 in August 1994. Why wouldn’t anyone get the pay phone records? Weren’t pay phones back then able to receive calls? Hmmm, Mike Bohrer had a pager (from police notes). He was out on the town with his friend the night of April 2, 1994. I bet, Ms. Montgomery the bartender witness whose testimony was struck by the Appellate Division in 1999, really saw Bohrer and his friend at her bar.

Why in this world would anyone believe Bivens’ account of what he saw? (Dodd, you did a lousy job coaching this witness for those of us with an above average intelligence who have independently sought the Truth.) Unfortunately, not for the jurors. Looking back on his testimony, it doesn’t make sense nor is it logical or possible. Don’t worry, I know, it’s OK for witnesses or suspects to lie as long as it fits the narrative, right Greg?

Yeah, the fat lady did sing after she was confronted with the taped phone call in which Greg was sitting in on the interview. But you see, a lawyer is there to protect your rights and when you are a pathological liar the only option to appear to tell the truth is to negotiate immunity for your testimony. Why is it that Sharon Thibodeau wasn’t believed when she testified under immunity but Jennifer Wescott was? I’ll tell you the differences-1) Sharon was testifying for the Defense and 2) She was (falsely) charged with perjury before Gary’s trial. No one cared that Jennifer would, obviously, lie to police to try to get out of trouble…compare her involvement with Heidi’s case and her past charge about lying about a stolen appliance.
You, Sheriff’s, that still believe Greg, Dodd and Rules bs garbage about Heidi’s disappearance SUCK. Even Greg has been publicly shown to be a liar…the faux pas about “complete lack’ of physical evidence in Richard’s van, falsely accusing a reporter and former investigator of disturbing soil in an area similar to Steen’s confession, falsifications on filings and in front of the Appeals judges, etc…Pray that the new administration doesn’t suck and can succeed where Rule failed..

December 19-21/18


Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
Just some more "info" I think about as I still am interested in the Heidi case.

Jenn said she was at her mothers when the 3 brought her to her house on Rice Rd.
.....did the cops ask her Mother if this was indeed true?

Jenn also said "they left her in the van." How would she know if she was at her Mothers?

Mike Bohere.....got a fax about Biven's DWI from the OC Atty's office.
...and isn't if funny how Bivens told them the van was blue, denied it was Richard's 2-3 times.

I really believe MB got that fax to talk to Bivens about changing his mind about which van he saw....as he did in court after telling cops it wasn't RT's van 2-3 times. Because IMO Roger, Steen and MB kidnapped Heidi, with the help of some deputies and covered up by the some members of the OCSD and DA. Steen " she was going to turn in some big big guys". Now who could they be? Drug dealers? There were a lot of them back then. Deputies? People said the saw county issued vehicles going into the airport at 3-4 am a lot. Has anyone ever heard about big big guys that would have to be living in the area for Heidi to know about? One retired cop said it was being sold out of the Oswego Police Station!

Fact....Swenkowski is the only person who saw RT at the store. And admitted he did not see Gary or a kidnapping. Even if the van moved ( which I think Swenkowski is mistaken ) this does not prove anything.

Mrs. Fabin stated the van that was following her closely in Mexico was BLUE.

Why didn't the deputy that went to Corey's house to talk to RT after they were called by him ask to search his van then?



December 19-21/18

Approve Transfer of Funds From the General Fund Contingent Account to the Municipal Buildings Contracted Services Account
To Pay the Cost of Removing Chemical Waste from the Flexo Wire Site at 68 West First Street

Whats this gonna cost us????

December 19-21/18

Trump's alternative narrative is dealt more blows by reality


December 19-21/18

Get Ready
ok school project passed Get ready for this city to be a mess Oh i forgot merry xmas to superman Dean and wonder woman Aimlee santa just filled there pockets with cash that you people will never miss i hope you have realized what you have done Wait till you see when they dig up fields You think its backed up now Shame on you voters who voted yes You will not understand MESSY MESSY i guess we can name buildings after our heroe s LETS SAY SUPERMAN DEAN COMPLEX and AIMLEE BLVD. nice going now lets get project going now See how this will upgrade graduation rate BA HUM BUG

December 19-21/18

2 More Kansas Republicans Just Left Their Party To Become Democrats

December 19-21/18

If I were on the jury...
I would have asked just one question. Who said they saw Gary at the store that morning.


Not guilty!

Saw a doc. about an atty saying how a judge and DA can get you convicted by the jury they pick…guy was right.

December 19-21/18

Comey's warning to Trump


December 19-21/18






Today's Quote December 17-18/2018

Mail your packages early so the post office can lose them in time for Christmas.
Johnny Carson

** Today…. December 18, 2018 **
Over the past several weeks there has been an unbelievable public push, politically, by the Oswego City School District Board and the Administration to try to convince you, the district voting public, that their view is the only real view and any opposing view is misinformation and just plain stupid. They have used the Oswego City School District equipment and district employees/students to create videos that were produced ( tours and discussions by the Superintendent and teachers at all the Schools and chats with the District Superintendent with members of the student body), and then were shown on the Local Educational channel to advertise their propaganda. This is a violation of school elections laws (see law below). They have also shown this propaganda at school functions, sporting events, and at the public session of the Oswego City Common Council Meeting. This should be reported to the State Commissioner and have this election invalidated, regardless of the outcome.

* Use of School District Facilities and Channels of Communication *

The commissioner of education has ruled that districts cannot do indirectly that which they cannot do directly. In general, this means that school officials can neither actively encourage nor tacitly permit anyone else to use district facilities or channels of communication to engage in promotional activities. School boards are "ultimately accountable for how district facilities and resources are used and must avoid even the appearance of impermissible partisan activity"

This board and district has lied and not done due diligences regarding the actual expenditures needed to be made. You have seen many postings on the site that make it clear there are other options that could be implemented with a more reasonable approach to repairing the buildings for much less than $63.1 million, which the school board and administration are holding you hostage, by hoping to build a $19.1 million unneed athletic complex.

I would suggest you review these postings that are supported buy real documentation showing the lies that were told to you over the past year and a half. It is now up to you if you want to be indebted for $57.2 million or if you want the board to do a real study of the need for the number of buildings and what really needs to be repaired and at what cost. I will not support their reckless, lying, illegal, political approach to tax and spend.

It is now up to you to vote this up or down, and to reject their plan or to accept it. You have the information to make an informed decision.

December 17-18/18



December 17-18/18

Highest paid teachers in Central New York
#10 Oswego County
#1 Catherine Celeste - $136,976.08 - Oswego Middle School (Oswego City School District)
#2 Michael Stevens - $111,509.10 - Sandy Creek High School (Sandy Creek Central School District)
#3 Myrtis Sterio - $105,083.00 - Oswego Middle School (Oswego City School District)

Part of the salary for #1 includes being advisor of the S.A.D.D. (Students Against Drunk Driving) Club. Can anyone find her name in the link below? Hypocrisy at its finest! $137K to BOOT!



December 17-18/18

Rob and Liz
Just want to set the record straight. Domestic Relations Law § 236 [B] [6] is not a penal code but a civil statute. If courts prosecuted Section 255.17 of the NYS penal law there would be, to say the least, a case backlog. DRL § 236 deals with equitable distribution of marital assets. In short, the best you can hope for after the proceeding is that you now have half as much money as you had when you walked into court. You know the old saying, “ we split the house; she got the inside and I got the outside” – M. Lauer

December 17-18/18

I wonder how nervous Barney is, watching Hilton on fb, must be he's getting pretty damn scared, you should be, any real cop, person or any one with common sense can see straight through the case. Enjoy your holiday may it be your last one spent a free criminal.

December 17-18/18

One day
One Day Oswego woke up, the citizens were done with the lies, the corruption, done trying to figure out which political official was with them, against them or walking down the middle because they didn't have the gutts to do what was right. They were done with anything that didn't bring their community peace, including Missing Heidi Allen. They realized elected officials are a dime a dozen, their lies filling trucks, their corruption stinking far worse than the county dump. They were done watching the circus perform, their money waisted, their lives not mattering. There was no accountability, no validations for their wrong doings. Their was no heart, no loyalty, validations were for parking tickets and loyalty was never uttered by any badge wearing sheriff, integrity did not exist anywhere. It was on this day, Oswego changed we woke up, voted Sheriff Hilton in, got Todd Junior out, to bring that change that's desperately needed. Welcome soon the new Sheriff, Happy Holidays sir may you bring Oswego the peace it needs.

December 17-18/18

GM's great escape
Now that they and Verizon are laying off over 40k it’s time to rethink why the republicans blocked Obama’s bill…”Bring Jobs Back”. No tax breaks unless u come back. This would have solved the trade balance, created a lot of jobs and made us #1 again.

Why did the vote no to this…because being in China is great for the USA companies and that’s all the GOP cares about. They scream where are the jobs but vote this bill down.

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

All the GOP cares about is campaign contributions from big business…ask the oil companies..$29 billion in tax subsidies…why?

But they want to cut SS, Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP and HEAP that help the people they ask to vote for them.

If you can’t see what is going on with the GOP look again and watch as they keep taking from the people.

Corporate Welfare = $260 billion far more than SS which we paid and still pay for.

They will screw the people of this country forever.

December 17-18/18

Michael Bohrer
Really, Mrs. Sturtz, Rick Benningfield suspected Mike Bohrer. And you didn’t believe his suspicions why? Clearly he was an unbiased person. Which can’t be said for people who are trying to cover the incompetence of fellow officers. Mrs. Sturtz goes on to admit that the family intentionally kept it hidden about Heidi’s brush with the law and fact that she was giving law enforcement names of people who were selling drugs.

Is Mr. Benningfield still alive? Wonder if anyone tried to reach him for a statement. Rephrase, wonder if the defense tried…because the Sheriff’s don’t give a crap about who truly kidnapped Heidi….Hopefully though, the new Sheriff’s administration will look into this case, among others.

While it is a little comfort knowing that GOD shall punish those for ‘bearing false witness’ against thy neighbor, it is heartbreaking that it’s satisfactory to just have a conviction, now, for many of Heidi’s family and friends.

I follow another local missing person case and see drastic differences in how they act in finding/wanting the Truth about their loved one.

Dodd weaved a pretty good story, though. Telling people just what they wanted to hear. “We are 99.9% certain” Gary and Richard acted together…. 99.9% certain only got one conviction, why was that??? Could the answer be because it was impossible….I, for one, am glad that Richard’s jurors could see the evidence and weaved story for what it was….not amounting to the truth!!


December 17-18/18

There are no winners. None... It's not done yet with Gary many aren't letting it go, I was always told it's not over until the fat lady sings and Todd nor Wescott are singing or crying the blues just yet. Many do care those in power in OZ, simply care about their career and hiding their illegal bullshit. Maybe the new Sheriff will give them a tune to sing called Jail house rock. We can only pray he's the right man to crank the music.

December 17-18/18


I thought Wescott already sang or does it not count if no one listened.

Stay thirsty, my friends


December 17-18/18






Today's Quote December 16/2018

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.
Karl Marx

“Wow, but not surprisingly, ObamaCare was just ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL by a highly respected judge in Texas,”

President Donald Trump wrote in a tweet celebrating the verdict. “Great news for America!”

Watch as the republicans hand over the health care industry back to private companies.

Your ins. will be so expensive or such bad policies that it will ruin healthcare. From the sewer they call TEXAS!

Remember: The republican party has never done anything for the poor, middle class or the country. Ask one of oswego county republican politicians to name one.

December 16/18


Don’t be surprised, the moment you put yourself in the area for being a public servant, you opened yourself to this type of attention.

As they say about the stars, bad attention is better than no attention at all.

Rob you continue to create barriers that alienate you. To read that it was recently discovered that you got caught “again” having another affair? Seriously?
The disclosure and discovery that Robbie was having an affair over the summer, and now, to make matters even more messier, recently caught again with a different woman. This is such a lack of character and explains why Liz, is a complete mess.

Rob we do not blame you completely, living with a control freak day in and day out that is always unappreciative of what you do for the family would make anyone do things that under different appreciating circumstances would never be done, such as habitually cheating on a spouse. Everyone knows how hard you work. How many jobs do you have? You never rest.

Obviously both of you are counterproductive trying to fix your impeding failing marriage. But I give them credit for trying. Your problems is that you both have longed acted so jealous and immature of each other since high school. It has never changed. Rob gets accused of having an affair for looking at a pretty lady. The daggers that Liz throws at him would make anyone bleed and her constant babble of Robbie being a flirt. He is in his 50’s let the man flirt, get control liz. I have seen you do it too.

They both act so immature, but we have all gotten used to how they both act and just ignore it. It is dysfunctional, but that’s Rob and Liz. You put all your friends in the middle and we DO NOT want to pick sides. We blame both of you. Liz you are not as innocent as your skipping around wants everyone to believe. Stop playing the victim role, you are very controlling and we are all so tired of it. it gets old. What you do not realize is that when you are not around we all talk and we are concerned but the both of you are like broken records. We do not agree that he cheats on you, and as angry as you will be reading this, Sometimes you are just way too much to deal with.

Advice, Liz stop constantly beating Rob down and calling him a liar, this is emotionally and mentally abusive to Rob. Robbie, your affairs over the years have impacted your marriage and your professional life why liz is like she is. Look what you have become, you are one of the most unhappy people that we know, and I have known you my entire life. The implication of blame and the energy of punishment has been damaging. The stories you told are a complete debacle. And for Liz to get your adult children involved to take sides was very poor judgement on her part. And your worry of having to pay child support, is not going to happen. They are adults Robbie.

M. Lauer, can recite penal code to you.

December 16/18

Wrong there are winners in the Heidi case!
The DA and the OCSD got away with another crime and no one in authority cares.


December 16/18

I love my mommy


December 16/18

For better, for worse

December 16/18

Goewey is cool


December 16/18






Today's Quote December 15/2018

There's a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.
Maya Angelou

Stranger Danger Central
Cockacolli is clearly a f**. Even his family dispies him. Wonder if the formerly underage cop he dates is aiding the FBI in their investigation of him.

Pauldine has already been on trial twice for molesting young boys.

Perfect company for you little Baby Barlow. You can all share your federal prison sentences together.

We been watching you for a while.

December 15/18

Public Access Chanel ...Great Quality
Seems we a paying a lot of money to televise the council meeting, and this is what we get.


December 15/18

Reply to: Another Emasculated Deputy
Recently my penis was called as an expert witness. In a rape trial. “can you tell the court what you saw Mr. Penis?”

Yes. First it was light then it was dark, then it was light, then it was dark


December 15/18






Today's Quote December 14/2018

Anytime someone tells me that I can't do something, I want to do it more.
Taylor Swift

Gary “the innocent” ThibodeU
Let’s not forget an innocent man died at the hands of Oswego County Officials. I will not rest until his name is cleared. So this holiday season remember there are still families without their loved ones. I am still looking on to hope that Heidi and her family will soon have the peace they desire as well as the Thibodeau family that their loved one who has been taken too soon.. there are no winners here. We as a society need to dig deeper and find the actual perpetrators!! Please say a prayer for Heidi and for Gary.

December 14/18

Re: Stranger Danger
The gentleman sitting behind on the right side of Gosek looks as if he wants to rip Gosek's head off, lol. These individuals are reaping the benefits of taxpayer monies through the Barlow administration.

December 14/18

Stranger danger photo.
Just wondering if touching Tony was sitting close by!

December 14/18

Local audiology chain used turkeys, iPads as ‘bait’ in billing fraud


December 14/18

Dateline "The Inside Man"

**So much one can learn from the internet**

Hey Greg. Take a look, see. You might learn something.

If Todd/Dodd weren’t so busy covering for an incompetent deputy and used the help available, the question may have been answered looong ago. Many years ago, people were still calling leads about Heidi but, ironically, they were dismissed for frivolous reasons. Curious that Van Zandt made his profile BEFORE the reports from VanPatten, Anderson and Montgomery were penned or BEFORE the CI card was “found” to confirm the 3 deputies’ reports. Yes, Mr. VanZandt, there were things you didn’t have a complete grasp on because the Sheriff’s Department and DA’s office withheld information. Must be tough on a retiring Sheriff to know he failed at finding a missing young woman from his community or failed to hold responsible the true perps!! Such a shame!!

Several good suspects in 1994 and they choose a customer who made the supposed last purchase.?. Maybe last purchase but possibly not the last person to see Heidi. Yeah…OK. And the van was given back why? Because there was no evidence Heidi was “EVER” in it. But yet, Richard and Gary acted together to kidnap Heidi in that van.?. Who still believes that crazy stuff??

What exactly did Gary supposedly know that no one would have known unless they kidnapped Heidi? NOT A THING, that wasn’t already printed in the news.

And what did the snitches testify about and Gary’s family testify about? That they would eavesdrop on Gary’s phone conversations from family reporting what was in the news, they would ask him questions about what they overheard and that he DIDN’T admit, Todd read the transcript, to being involved in Heidi’s disappearance. Bivens said he didn’t want to send an innocent man away…but yet falsely points to Gary as the person he saw kidnap Heidi? Wrong again, Bivens. Funny how there is no mention of either person you saw with Heidi, appearing to be arguing on the porch of the store, as having a limp until trial. And then your testimony was the other person was the one holding Heidi in a bear hug. Explain then, Bivens, how could Richard have been factually, per your first-hand eyewitness, have been the one bear hugging Heidi. Clearly, there would have been a noticeable height difference between them. Must be so difficult to “coach” someone to make sense. How in the heck did the prosecution’s theory make sense beyond a reasonable doubt to convict? Not a f**king thing made sense let alone “beyond a reasonable doubt” as the jurors were instructed.

Would really like to know what the Defense would have presented had king not misstated that he was going to allow them to present more witnesses, if need be, based on the prosecutions last minute discovery.!.

What was that, Greg, about the Attorney General? They confirmed the prosecution’s theory? HHmmm, funny their official determination was not that but since when do FACTS matter. They only get in the way, right? Shame on you, Greg, for lying to the public, falsely accusing a reporter of disturbing an area per Steen’s hearsay confession to other people and shame on you for dismissing every lead that did not name those (who clearly couldn’t have) you (falsely) believe (because there is no proof) kidnapped Heidi. **read slowly and take a breath so you can understand, try without the parentheses first, Greg.**

December 14/18

Snake attorney
Look Out Mr. Caraccioli

Louis D. Brandeis Quotes. "Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman." "The most important political office is that of the private citizen."

December 14/18

Get Out and Vote on 12/18/18...
When you read this, there will be 5 days before you have the opportunity to vote down this $63,100,000 joke of a proposal. If you look at the propaganda they OCSD Board and Administration have spread, and then compare it to the last proposition on March 6, 2017 for $60,180,000, you will see that the only change is,it has gone up by $2,920,000, and they will still be spending over $19,000,000 on Athletic Fields that are not needed. This site is certainly full of facts that have been complied to help you recognize that this board and administration is spending money we don't have. Your tax will go up next year by a small amount, but there is no mention of the tax increase coming when the Bond Anticipation Notes comes due and an $800,000 to $900,000 payment will be due, new buses will be on a proposition for another million, and the teachers and employee contracts will come due, and this will happen every couple of years for the next 20 years. Remember, if you agree to this bonding of $57,200,000, you have committed to pay the interest back and rates are going up.
Vote this down and have the board present a REAL plan to fix the minor problems with the schools, study reducing the number of schools, and put a real plan in place to annually repair problems at the schools so you don't get hit with. another stupid plan like they are pushing, AGAIN.
VOTE NO....make the board and administration do their job and bring back, to the public, a reasonable plan for the May 2018 School Board Election. There is plenty of time! They wanted the job, so now it is time to stop the B.S. tax and spend, do the study and new proposition, so we can actually vote on something that is logical.

December 14/18

Another Emasculated Deputy
M. Lauer, thank you for your penal law information on adultery. However, if the wife goes through that much work to hire a lawyer and take her husband to court because he found solace and comfort in another woman, then the wife has some major controlling issues. $500 is chump-change if you put that as the price-tag for some peace away from being emasculated all the time. Not to mention, the mistress viewer readers are hearing about the side of Rob Ramsey. Maybe the wife gave him reason to cheat, maybe they have an open relationship. Maybe it’s a dominatrix type of thing. Whatever their dynamic, it sounds like an extremely unhealthy, unbalanced marital relationship. Perhaps the wife should invest in a good psychiatrist instead of trying to be so controlling and holding it over his head that she will take him to court for having sexual relations with other women.

“ I did not have sexual relations with that woman” – President Bill Clinton

Maybe he should arrest himself? – hilarious

If that were to happen and all followed suit, we would have no Sheriff Deputies protecting our county, they would all be behind bars – Fact ( Both the men and female deputies)

Being as New York is one of the 20 states that adultery remains a criminal offense, we might as well prosecute the entire county for having “sexual intercourse with someone other than their spouse that has let herself go, gotten fat and has a knack of turning their husband into a house bitch. All of you know exactly what I am talking about. Sure, some women have sex with men and cheat as well, but its predominantly the men cheating because their wives hold sex as ransom and emasculate the hell out of their husbands. Thanks again M. Lauer, for going out of your way for posting NY Adultery Crime Penal code.

Also, what’s the story on the Stranger Danger K. Caracciol ? Is he really a pedophile or what’s the deal?

December 14/18

410 SHOTGUN bolt action or pump
Would also consider a 20 gauge.
This link was misspelled before. It is corrected now






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May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine.
Frank Sinatra

Mistress Viewers
I agree with Mistress Viewer’s point that its nobody business but the people involved, however it is a crime. Section 255.17 of the NYS penal law states, “A person is guilty of adultery when he engages in sexual intercourse with another person at a time when he has a living spouse, or the other person has a living spouse. Adultery is a class B misdemeanor.” A class B misdemeanor is punishable by up to 90 days in jail or a $500 fine. So maybe he can go and arrest himself. Depending on hot she is, the $500 may be a bargain. Besides his main concern should be Domestic Relations Law § 236 [B] [6], that will cost him a lot more! – M. Lauer
December 13/18

RE: Mistresses
Just saying for you ill-informed people who believe cheating is “just socially and morally wrong”…. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adultery. And yes, there are many more references than this site.

Just because people generally don’t get arrested for it does not mean it’s legal. I would guess that the burden of proof is very high and that’s why people aren’t arrested for it. Plus, who in the Sheriff’s department would have time for such a complicated/time consuming investigation.

I, for one, hope the cheaters reap what they sow. And pray that any children involved are minimally affected.

To any cheated upon man or woman-You CAN do better!! Be Strong, they’re not worth it!!

December 13/18

RE: Almmost Time To Vote
My eyes bleed trying to read that. Complaining about the school board or
any other matter like that isn't going to get you anywhere. I am no
perfect speller or using punctuation. but please try to capitol the
beginning of a sentence and use a period at the end of one. -- HINT that
way people know when your point starts stops and can be read.
Still trying to read that

December 13/18

Can not help it; laugh every time I see it.

December 13/18

Stranger Danger K. Caraccioli and the sex offender J. Gosek on City of Oswego School Property.
Gosek knew he was not allowed on any school property being a registered sex offender. K. Caraccioli knew this also...
Vote NO! on the City of Oswego School Budget.


December 13/18






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Wisdom outweighs any wealth.



Remember To Vote No On The School district Budget


December 12/18

Almmost Time To Vote
school board almost time to vote safety success and savings great all for that however try this superman dean and wonder woman aimlee accountability clarity and responseability you say voter ignorance maybe you should be responsible for your actions instead of worrying about the kids and teachers for there code of conduct nice example to start right at the top also was there not a new roof put on 2 years ago not only oswego but minetto you see you should break down how much it cost to fix roof lockers boilers windows etc etc etc instead of throwing one figure at each school also superman dean always putting off the question i will have a meeting then you never hear what happened and super woman aimlee always i i i think about it people there is money that is going to be missing if passed vote no no no quite putting off the question answer in front of public

December 12/18

Stranger Danger
Funniest picture EVER

December 12/18


City Spending Plan as Bad as the Oswego City School Board /Administration Capital Plan
It is apparent that the leadership in the city, Barlow, Caraccioli, Bell, Broadwell, Kells, Common Council, are" tax and spend" and oblivious to the needs of the people. Looking at some of the posts on the OCSD Capitol Plan and comparing it to the city, it is obvious that the same inept people are involved in the OCSD.
While driving down Bridge St /St Rt 104, it was a very smooth ride thanks to the work performed by NYS paving this road. Now in comparison, turn off on any street in the city from Bridge St and welcome to pot-hole wonderland. The city streets are a mess, pot-holes, missing pavement, sunken manhole covers, cracks, broken curbs! and this is city wide! Like the school board, they can not get their priorities right.
We have $50,000 dog park that is not used and is almost located in Scriba. We can give the YMCA $45,000 for boxing club. We are going to put a park in park where Dr. Dexter's office is at $100,000's which makes no sense as that entire aresa is a park (River Walk). We can spend thousands on an outside contractor(Pauldine) to remove trees from a vavan city lot when we have a DPW ($30,000). We can increae the cost of the Public Works department by over $250,000 adding un-needed positions ( a consumer advocate?). They can give a tax reduction of 1.2% and raised the city assessment by artificially by $53.0 million, hiding their increase in spending (over $1,000,000). But we have to drive down crappy streets that sake our cars apart because the streets don't get fixed.
Everything they do is for publicity for the next election, but nothing for the residents. Wait and see, they will talk about all the BS they did for the city,which benefitted their friends, but did not improve the quality of life for the residents. This city and school district is nothing more than a shame trying to screw the residents through smoke and mirrors.

December 12/18

Mistress Viewers
Why is Rob Ramsey's many mistresses's of any relevance to anything significant in the world? Who cares what the little rat is doing. Rob is nobody, and nobody cares, except maybe his wife and the mistresses.

There is always going to be someone caught having an affair. It comes down to the basics. If you are one of those people that step out of your marriage, it is because your partner is not fulfilling you, so you take the easy way out to get your needs met, and eventually, you get caught. Noone cares. You are an idiot to the postee that said that the higher officials were notified. Rob Ramsey is nonessential, so who cares who was informed. It is not a crime to have a mistress. It is just socially and morally wrong. Rob is a little boy that wears a deputy badge and now holds the plaque of a town supervisor of our tiny small community known as Scriba Town.

Can we please post about more important things, such as the sewage runoff instead of who Rob Ramsey is having a tryst with and his wife having mental breakdowns. NO ONE CARES. On a personal note, I do not like Rob, but I do like what he has done for Scriba town so far. Keep my taxes low and you will continue to get my vote and I do not care who you are shagging.
Move on people.

December 12/18

Dear Robert Ramsey Mistress Writers,
Do you think that Robert, his wife, and his alleged mistress(s) have gone through enough already? Each of them have made the choices they have for reasons that they alone have validated. Everyone that is reading this has done something in their life that is morally unethical and socially unaccepted / disapproved. Whatever it is or was at the time, you justified your actions for your purpose; right or wrong.

"We have one chance at this life; there are no do-overs. You can be happy, this is your individual choice." ~ Unknown

To all of the Robert Ramsey Mistress Writers, stop putting salt on their wounds. I know from my own experience; getting caught having an affair is full of heartbreak and chaos.

Happy Holidays

December 12/18







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Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate.
Emily Dickinson

Looks like somebody likes rubbing womens buttocks. The guy in the picture has his left hand the old lady president !

That’s your school board, out of control spending on the backs of seniors. Why would anyone want a school teacher as the president of your school board ?


December 11/18

Why wasn’t Goewey fired for his antics as Principal in Minetto? How did he ever get to be Superintendent?

December 11/18


Stranger Danger in the Boys Locker Room
A picture is worth a thousand words.


December 11/18




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I don't care what other people think. I don't think it matters.
John Malkovich

Oswego City School Board Members and Superintendent can not separate the facts from the lies

List of Facts and Lies with confirming dates :
FACT...Board President Aimee Callen said voter ignorance was partially to blame for the failure of the previous capital project vote. Quite a statement from a public official! Sept, 26 2018
FACT ....“We’re still talking about the god-darned fields. Let it go,” said Lagoe. “Ninety-five percent of it is all the buildings. Let the fields go, stop talking about them.” Sept, 26 2018
FACT...Kathleen Allen said "she attended the previous community relations committee meeting and was concerned with “some of the negativity” that occurred at the meeting. She said members of the committee were adamant about cutting a presentation slide related directly to athletic fields". This was a committee trying to keep the athletic fields a secret from the public. Nov 27 2018
FACT....According to officials, the athletic field work total cost works out to be approximately $19.280 million March, 2017
FACT....According to officials, the athletic field work total cost works out to be approximately $12.725 million Oct 18, 2018
According to Goewey the athletic field will cost $7.0 million Dec 6, 2018
OUESTION... What is the real cost and why such a large discrepancy. They keep changing the cost to confuse the public.. the original cost of $19 million plus is the correct number...that was voted down on March 6, 2017
FACT...the whole complex where the Oswego High School fields are located was the old city dump full of toxins.
FACT....the two city storm sewer lines (70 inch diameter) catching storm water off Hillside are 2/3 full of silt...would cost the $2 plus million to clean out.
Fact...The old Ed Center building on the corner of Utia St and Hillside Ave, was torn down because of flooding, was moved to East 1st St at a cost of $2.0 million, and then was moved to Leighton school for another $500,000. Was this a wise use of taxpayers money? Sounds like a pattern of tax and spend.
FACT... the fields will have to be dug up, exposing the toxins from the old city dump so holding tanks can be installed to collect storm water from Hillside Ave.
FACT... Goewey wants to have a 2,000 person stadium installed, a 100 car visitor parking lot, a second lot for 55 cars, 6 new tennis courts, 2 artificial turf baseball fields, 2 blank grass fields, elimination of the track, and a new artificial turf field for our non-existing football team...must be the new march band practice field,
there will also be the elimination of 2 softball fields and the practice lacrosse field.
FACT... not more than 250 people show up for games.
FACT...Goewey was a member of the marching band and has a strong desire to do something for the marching band,
FACT....Officials said " new artificial turf field would also allow the marching band a synthetic practice field" Sept 26, 2018
FACT...We do not have a football team
QUESTION....Do you want to spend $15,000,000 on artificial turf fields that flood and has to be pumped off after every storm, located on an old toxic dump that will have to be exposed to install flood tanks,, and build a 2,000 person stadium that nobody is going to use, or would you rather have the School Board produce a proposition for the justified repairs of the schools that need it...about a $30,000,000 expenditure? Also, shouldn't a study be done to look at reducing the number of schools needed as our student population has been reduced. Lastly, isn't time we had a board and superintendent that stops the lies and fabrications! To hold the voters hostage by including the $19 million Turf Field Complex intertwined with the needed building repairs is politically disgusting.
These are the facts, with supporting comets and dates, you, the voter have to decide on. Vote for a $63.1million proposition with a $15 million athletic field complex, or send it back to the Board with a solid NO Vote and force them to relook at the number of schools needed and the actual repairs that are needed on the schools. Also, keep the strangers out of the locker rooms before, during, and after sporting events!
I know I will vote NO

December 9-10/18


Re: School Board Picture
Who is the one with the perkey boobies?


December 9-10/18

Take your pick. There are a lot of man boobs in that photo.

Stranger Danger in the Boys Locker Room
Just re-read the editorial in the Pall-times by K. Caraccioli and am shocked that he was allowed to wonder around the boys locker room after a swim meet! What happened to security and has the district made it a practice that anybody can go wondering into the boys locker room after a sporting event. Where was security and what policies are in place to protect these boys from potential predators? Where does the District Superintendent and school board stand on allowing this type of activity at our school district sporting events. The district is so intent on spending $63 million of taxpayers money, yet cannot protect the security and welfare of our young boys in the locker room.
Wasn't Oswego embarrassed enough by the 11 priest identified as predators from our community, yet we are allowing spectators to roam the locker room unchecked. I hope the school board is addressing this or parents might want to think about removing their kids form playing sports in the Oswego School District.

December 9-10/18

1,2,3,4... how many mistresses are coming in and out of Ramsey’s door?
Let me get this straight... Rob got caught with a mistress, the wife found out and had an mental breakdown, and threatened divorce.

Rob now has another mistress, and got caught again?

I don’t believe this. Rob is too squeaky clean. He would know better to cover up his tracks and not leave a mess.

December 9-10/18

Republicans Around The Country Are Working To Declare Democrats Unconstitutional

December 9-10/18

Trump calls for Mueller probe to end following Manafort, Cohen court filings

December 9-10/18





Today's Quote December 8/2018

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
Mark Twain


Palladium-Times front page propaganda
I have to give the Oswego City School District Administration and School Board a lot of credit for their endurance in trying to sell the Turf Fields at the high school. It is amazing that in their public discussions it was decided and as quoted, "Board members considered balloting a separate proposition for the sports field work but ultimately decided against that idea, citing the relative unpopularity of ballot propositions". This board knows that the Turf Fields are not something the public wants, yet, they just keep pushing it, and this is why that entire board needs to be replaced!
Of the $63.1 million being proposed, $24.8 million goes to the High School, and based on the 2017 plan, $19.280 million was for the fields. That leaves around $5.5million for repairs to the building. (remember, the roof was replaced last year) If there were 2 propositions, one for $41.0 million for building repairs and one for th$19.3 million for Turf Fields, you know, and the School Board knows the building proposition would pass, and the Turf Fields would fail.
The Board and Administration is acting irresponsibly, when they are holding hostage the repairs to the buildings for the Turf Fields. This is not what they are there for. Their mission should be and is, the education and welfare of the students that attend our district, not holding their welfare hostage for "Pie in the Sky".
As we are considered a POOR district " We look poorer and that is driving our state aid percentages higher,” said Squairs. “It’s good for the district.” As quoted, we are a poor district, so how the hell can we afford $19.3 million dollar for Turf fields. It is sad to see this district being led by people like Bell, Callen, Trip, Lagoe ,and Chetney. When you see these people around, town thank them for holding the welfare of our children, their safety and education, hostage for athletic fields for which we have no teams to play on.
Board members that are coming up for re-election, be aware, this will be a topic of discussion in May 2019 ....there will be a campaign to oust you Tax and Spend members....

December 8/18

Yes sugar coated!!!
New York spent more money per public-school student than any other state in the nation in 2015 and blew past the national average by 86 percent, according to new data. Figures from the US Census Bureau show that the Empire State shelled out $21,206 per student in fiscal year 2015, the most recent period available. That dwarfed the national average of $11,392 per student, according to the data.
New York shelled out a total of $64.8 billion on elementary and secondary schools in 2015 to educate approximately 2.6 million students. That trailed only California in terms of total expenditure. The Golden State — with 6.2 million kids in its school system in 2015 — had roughly $75.1 billion in costs and spent far less per student, $10,467.
Per-student spending on salaries and benefits in New York state was $14,769 — an eye-popping 114 percent higher than the national average, according to the Empire Center for Public Policy’s E.J. McMahon. For central and school administration costs, New York spent $5,972 per student, the seventh- highest in the country and 49 percent over the national average, according to the study. Eight of the top 10 spending averages per student were located in the Northeast. So if Oswego spends the most in the county over all, and is only exceeded by Sandy Creeks spending and at the same time spends the least per student, then that is a perfect example of sugar coated information. The numbers above go back to 2015 and has increased every year.

December 8/18

Oswego Health
How is it that Mike Harlovic got hired as CEO for Oswego Health??? He was arrested in Pennsylvania for DUI, moves to NY and gets hired as CEO? Did you lie on your application???? Wished I had known this before the other evening when he was at the Foundry pounding drinks then got up and drove home.....I would have turned his ass in to the cops in a heartbeat.....He is no better than Gilpin. And right along with him is the asshole running human resources....your day will come...firing people with many years of service for no good reason??? You reap what you sow so watch out douchebags it will all catch up with you...I wouldn't take my dog to Oswego Health...she deserves better treatment than they can give. So don't think that just cause you have years of service you are safe because that only makes you a better target....

Speaking of Housing Visions: they told my daughter that unless she can pass a background check AND credit check she need not apply. Why? The cops are there four or five times a DAY.....I live close by see all this shit and these deplorables and you mean to tell me they passed background checks, etc. MY ASS.....The other night the cops were there 5 times, twice to the same residence. Told my daughter she wouldn't want to live in that cess pool anyway....You can hear your neighbor taking a shit and the turds hitting the water. Neil Smith are you still living off the money they paid you off to fudge the code papers on that place? Even the old apartments were far better than the shit you built. So anyone who is anticipating moving into these new apartments when they are built will be sorely disappointed unless you are hard of hearing...

My landline phone has been inondated with robo calls for numerous things. How do they get away with using just anyone's phone number??? In the past two weeks I have had over 10 calls come up Alcan Aluminum and its a robo caller. Verizon does not participate in the NOMOROBO set up that some of the other companies do so whats the secret????

In closing I think Oswego ranks #1 in NYS for unsolved murders....We will probably never know what happened to Heidi and would never have known what happened to Carol Wood had they not dredged the water in Fulton....Someone knows. Speak up. So many things just swept under the carpet....40 years later and they still don't have a single clue what happened to the Heagerty boy. Just vanished....


December 8/18

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of actionfor acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering and allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because they did not actually commit the crime personally. YEAH THEY FIT THE BILL

December 8/18

Cahill Property Deeds
The deeds can easily be explained. They probably hired Mike Stanley and George Venditti. Put those two together in a back room with Marty Webster and an old Royal typewriter and they will rewrite history.
When you call Venditti”s number a phone rings in Stanley’s office.

George Venditti Land Surveyor in Baldwinsville, NY 13027 - syracuse ...
George Venditti Land Surveyor. 27 Chaucer Cir BaldwinsvilleNY13027. (315) 343-6223 · Map. Open Map. syracuse.com Privacy & Terms.

December 8/18







Today's Quote December 7/2018

Every individual has a place to fill in the world and is important in some respect whether he chooses to be so or not.

Nathaniel Hawthorne



School Board and Goewey Lying to the Public regarding Project

Sep 26,2018 " according to officials, the athletic field work total cost works out to be approximately $12.725 million"....from school board reported in paper


Dec 6 2018 " Athletic fields will cost just over $7 million, including work at Middle School " from Goewey reported in paper


Which is it?  $12.725 million quoted in Sep 26, 2018, or $7 million quoted in todays paper by Goewey Dec 6, 2018.  $5.75 million difference !!!!


In 2017 the cost was quoted at "$15 million". The picture they are spreading all over town shows the exact same picture they mailed to my house in 2017.

Sep 26,2018 "Board President Aimee Callen said voter ignorance was partially to blame for the failure of the previous capital project vote" Aimee, voters are not ignorant, they know when they are being duped!

Officials said the "turf would cost less to upkeep than grass fields, and would also allow the marching band a synthetic practice field" Really, we want to spend $12 million or $7 million so the band can march on Turf. Maintenance of the grass fields would be estimated at maybe $20,000 per year, now divide $12,750,000 by $20,000/year. We can maintain the grass fields for 675 years or 350 years if the fields cost $7 million. Did any of our geniuses do a cost benefit analysis?

Sugar coating wanted some facts; well above are a few for you. As far as the roofs go, the High School, Minetto, Riley school all had their roof replaced in the past few years.

It is time to close a school due to reduced enrollment. The pictures in the propaganda that the School District is spreading shows cosmetic work that can mostly be handled in house.  

Time to vote down another Oswego City School Board Joke...Vote NO on Dec 18,2018 and bring in a new school board to do a real project the will benefit the kids education and improve the schools at a reasonable cost. Turf fields are not needed for an good education!


 December 7/18




OCSD Project Has Not Changed....Just Costing $2,920,000 More

*The projected cost of the plan is $60,180,000 for 2017


The projected cost of the plan is $63,100,000 for 2018


Project Financials (includes athletics)


              2017                      2018                change


• OHS – $23,250,000      $24,800,000      +$1,550,000

• OMS – $12,609,000      $13,100,000      +$491,000

• FLS – $12,260,000        $12,700,000      +$440,000

• Minetto – $3,050,000     $3,200,000       +$150,000

• CER – $1,073,000         $1,100,000        +$ 27,000

• KPS – $3,969,000          $4,100,000       +$131,000

• FPS – $3,969,000          $4,100,000        +$131,000



*If Tuesday’s referendum fails ( March 2017), the district would still be required to do $41 million in repairs to repair its buildings. Therefore, $60,180,000 for project, less $41,000,000 to repair buildings, puts the cost of the athletic fields at $19,180,000 in 2017.  Now in 2018 the board is claiming that the fields will cost  $7,000,000. Keep in mind, these are their figure's not misinformation, and comes directly from the reporting from the Oswego City School Board. Seems they can not tell the public the truth and their ego's are over riding common sense. Nothing has change and these fields are going to cost in the $15 to $20,000,000 range. If you think they are telling the truth about this being a free ride look at the lies from above. Don't be duped!

VOTE NO ,,,,ON 12/18/18


December 7/18



I'm sorry for being dum, but I still get to vote!

The School board here in Oswego instead of giving us honest budget numbers gave us numbers that were so confusing that anyone would have trouble seeing if we were getting any bang for our buck, remember the board was the first to show us their lack of support for our sports teams remember the parents and community came together so they could play, the old how do you like me now School board, do not like our budget well then no money for sports, band and field trips. then if the budget will not pass they keep voting the same budget with no changes and say when the dumb ass community is more educated they will pass it, it is amazing that this budget has been turned down and over a dollar, what this says about our board is we have no trust in you we need like other Schools in New York are doing, outside management, our board is not educated enough to present a crystal clear budget. With your thinking I should be a millionaire I won the million dollar lottery, however I only get a dollar a year for a million years. And all the numbers submitted here can be checked and verified, but you did not check the numbers, I do and did, all of them came from board offered information. When our board is more educated on school system finance we will indeed support them. You can not piss on the public and then blame them for being angry!


December 7/18




LMAO well apparently he doesn't know when enough is enough. Prior to release of a comment made he had another one, the info was leaked to reporters and high ups. Click, click maybe someone has a few photos. You never know.


 December 7/18



Re:Sugar Coating.

The internet is a wonderful if used correctly. You can look up monies spent and compare it to other districts. Are you aware that OCSD ranks one of the highest in the country per dollar per student? Seriously, Oswego? Get your head out of the sand.


December 7/18



Former Cahill building

Can anyone explain to me how this historical site “Cahill building” was authorized to receive free money to convert it to apartments? Can anyone also tell me how the two separate deeds to this property became one.

The city assessment on this property is a joke as the property next to it is for sale with no building on it for one million dollars.

Oh, that’s right Mr. Pauldine contributed $10,000 for the mayor to get elected into office. The city assessor needs to do his job or be replaced.


 December 7/18



10,000 dollar contribution, my how prices have gone up. He bought Randy Bateman for only 500.



Housing Visions

You probably forgot that Justin Rudick was working for Housing Visions at that time and worked on the Hamilton Homes Project. He is now the Community Development Director and helped push this new project through at the Flexo Wire site across form the fuel tanks. Tim Stalhl, County Legislator for the 20th District is his Deputy Director at $70,000/year with benefits, which is such a conflict of interest. It never stops!


December 7/18


When he got a good look at all the crooks in Ozwego he probably figured he would fit right in and so he has.



Target Stores Scam

Saturday November 24 I went online and ordered two items on sale from Target.com. One minute later I got an email saying one of them was ready for pickup. It must have been in stock at the store. The email said “Head to the store now or wait until your remaining item(s) are ready”. Figuring I would save myself a trip I decided to wait. On 11/28 I got another email saying “come in your order is ready”. The second item was supposed to arrive on 11/30. On 11/30 I was out of town for the day when another email came “Last chance for pickup” “extended pickup by one day” but still only the one item was available. On 12/1 I got two more emails in succession. The first notifying me that the first item had been cancelled but not to worry I was not charged. The second email notified me the second Item which had never come was also cancelled. If I wanted I could re order them. The link they provided took me to a page with the cancelled orders and sure enough I could re order them AT TWICE THE ORIGINAL PRICE. The next day I went to the store where I spoke to a clerk at the pickup counter, who didn’t know anything and didn’t want to know anything. On their site there is a button for customer service and guess what it doesn’t work.


December 7/18







Today's Quote December 6/2018

Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock.
Sigmund Freud


Tis The Season For Scams

The Wounded Warrior Project is working the TV audience 24/7 for donations allegedly for our wounded veterans. They also operate under these other names, Believe in Heroes, Soldier Ride, Wounded Warrior Project Long Term, Support Trust, WWP.



If you buy into their bull sh!t they are the only ones wounded and disabled Veterans can turn to. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are using Veterans to fatten their pocket books. Follow this link to see how they spend/waste/steal the donations. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/wounded-warrior-project-accused-of-wasting-donation-money/


Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust spends 96 percent of its budget on vets. Fisher House devotes 91 percent. But according to public records reported by "Charity Navigator," the Wounded Warrior Project spends 60 percent on vets


December 6/18

Justice to those molested in Oswego
Because of details of all the molestation that occurred in Oswego within the Catholic Church that was highlighted in today's Palladium Times, I feel its important to do a nightly discussion with the city of Oswego in this forum. It's time Oswego that we have a very serious conversation about your future. Tonight's entry is about Oswego's new Hero Tony Pauldine. The old goats in this town really love him like all the old goats that betrayed their Children and Grand Children in the Hollywood movie "Spotlight." Oswego has a tendency to have short term memory loss, so I'm here like Guy Fawkes to remind you of where your past has been... and what this sick individual has done to Oswego's youth.

May 19, 2010


The local businessman accused of sexual abuse took the stand Wednesday in his own defense.

When asked by Assistant District Attorney Donald Todd if he used his hand to masturbate the teen-age foreign exchange student he was hosting last fall, Anthony M. Pauldine replied, “Absolutely not.”ť

Wednesday was the third day of his trial.

Pauldine spent the entire day on the witness stand answering questions for nearly six hours, first from his attorney Anthony DiMartino (This is the attorney that Pauldine gave several years of free rent in Canal Commons in order to pay for his defense - Touching Tony wasn't always so cash rich) and then Todd.

He was charged Oct. 26, 2009, with third-degree sexual abuse (a class B misdemeanor) and endangering the welfare of a child (a class A misdemeanor).

He allegedly subjected the boy, who was less than 17 years of age, to sexual contact on or about Oct. 18, 2009.

According to the alleged victim, he was lying on a massage table in Pauldine’s home when the businessman reportedly rubbed the boy’s buttocks and then put his hand on his penis.

During his testimony on Wednesday, Pauldine indicated that the boy ejaculated of his own accord, in response to a leg massage.
(Can we take a brief inhale exhale breath to consider, WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS PERVERT DOING WITH FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS IN HIS CARE!) Don't worry folks... federal investigators are currently reexamining how such things like this occurred to begin with.

DiMartino asked Pauldine if he had any issues with the teen.

“It’s hard to describe,”ť Pauldine responded. “He appeared to be quiet distant, reserved.”ť (He had a foreign kid locked in his lair, I mean, I'd be more then "distant").

Asked about the boy’s clothing, Pauldine replied that “Some might say they were thread bare. I’d say they were comfortably worn.”ť

The youngster was also “very selective” about what he ate, he said. (He didn't like getting force fed Sub Shop over Mayonaised Subs)

There were also issues with the teen’s hair and his overall cleanliness habits, he added.

Pauldine also noted that he thought the student might be a better fit with another host family. He talked with the boy twice about whether he was comfortable at the Pauldine home or would rather be elsewhere, he continued. (How creepy does this situation sound for a foreign underage kid).

DiMartino asked his client if he recalled Oct. 18, 2009.

“Sure do,”ť Pauldine responded. <---- he relies on his arrogance. Pride comes before the Fall

He told of how he massaged the teens back following a workout in his home gym.

The youth reportedly had sore legs and asked Pauldine to massage them, the defendant testified.

Twice during the massage, the boy lifted his hips about 1.5 inches off the message table, Pauldine said.

(At this point I need to take another moment to acknowledge how disturbing this self admitted situation is. This guy is the Harvey Weinstein of Oswego... so gross. How disgusting and irresponsible are you to even put a youth in this position/situation).

He testified that he noticed the boy’s penis sticking downward out the right side of his shorts; and had apparently reached sexual climax.

Pauldine said he was surprised and shocked.

He saw a wet spot and said he asked the boy if he was alright, then went to get some tissues. He said he told the boy to go and take a shower.

Under cross examination by Todd, Pauldine testified that the boy’s hands were at his side during the massage.

Todd also asked about notes Pauldine said he wrote to the boy later that night and slipped under his bedroom door. (We will highlight the letters and their creepy nature in tomorrow night's post).

The letters dealt with whether the boy was happy or not there or wanted to live elsewhere.

The alleged victim said he never saw the letters.

“It’s your word and your word alone that these letters were created on Oct. 19,”ť Todd asked Pauldine, adding, “isn’t it true they were written after (the boy) had left and you were being investigated?”ť

“Absolutely not,”ť Pauldine said. <---- Arrogant Prick

During a phone call the boy made to Pauldine (that was recorded by police) the businessman at one point says he is sorry.

“You meant you were sorry for using your hand to masturbate (the boy)? Sorry for that?”ť Todd asked.

“Absolutely not,”ť Pauldine said.

Later, during the conversation, Pauldine said he wanted to meet with the boy, to talk in person.

“Because that would lessen the chance he’d disclose what you did to him?”ť Todd asked.

“That’s not true,”ť Pauldine replied.

The attorneys will make their final arguments today (May 20). A jury of four women and three men (one an alternate) will then begin deliberations.

So this is just post #1 and just one article that graced the front page of Oswego and Syracuse and National papers. Brief synopsis - Tony paid off a juror, and then was tried again but instead asked for a Judge instead of Jury. In the second trial, the original testimony of the victim was not allowed into evidence and the child could not be extradited from his home country. Tony got off the second round because of "lack of evidence."

What this caused however, was some people that were suppose to testify but were not allowed to, but come 8 years later are all now working with the FBI. Statute of Limitations are about to change on certain charges... OJ is in Prison for life, but its not for the murder of his ex wife, if you catch my meaning. And there are a few in Oswego that can put 2 and 2 together here.

Tomorrow night we will discuss your future further Oswego. More on Tony. Why was Caraccioli in the Boy's High school locker room in his last op ed in the Local Paper? Why does the Mayor Baby live with his Mommy? Is Barclay really going to get Ritchie's seat and little Baby Barlow move up into his place in Albany!?! Me thinks not... Rookie move to be photographed with a prolific and perverted local developer, young lad, ya F'd up on that move with your silly slick shoes and photo ops. Barclay was smart enough to not shake hands with Pauldine... you didn't see that cue? Shame on Pathfinder Bank for not foreseeing the very soon demise of this decrepit individual. All those years of building local trust and a brand, only to be soon taken out over the false confidence you showed in a child molesting rapist.

December 6/18

Oswego City School Budget, (scam) pulls a fast one on tax payers. Wasted tax dollars
Wasted Oswego tax payers money. Hidden field off RT 481 just outside the City of Oswego. Dunsmore had this property when he was president of the Oswego City School District and then sold this property to the school district for over a million dollars. (conflict of interest) And that didn’t include the money wasted turning it into a sports complex that was never used. So vote *NO* on the Oswego City School budget May 17th. Then contact the New York State Comptroller’s Office to come in and take over the finances of the Oswego City School District. AND AUDIT THE DISTRICT’S BOOKS!


Absentee Ballots
To the person asking where the absentee ballots are, I received mine a couple of weeks ago - postmarked 11/19 so you should check on yours.


December 6/18

Few Comments
School district: really people when are you all going to wake up and smell the coffee??? We have been taking up the butt from the leeches for so many years and will probably continue to do so....not only do they get phenomenal salaries then they retire early and go right to the top of the sub list with all their bennies to boot.....and nepotism don't even take me there....We have NOT had a good school board for DECADES...

New Apartments being built by HOUSING VISIONS???? The only vision they have is how to build sub standard housing and who they can pay off to get it to pass code..certainly not a problem there. Neil Smith got paid big bucks to pass the apartments at Hamilton Homes which you might as well say have shower curtains for walls. And the promise from them that only good people would be allowed to rent them??? That shit went right out the window day one. NO ONE should every have to rent ANYWHERE and put up with the bullshit that you do up there....and why do you think the cops are there at least 4-5 times a day or night....HOUSING VISIONS does not deserve to be able to build this building and will take away any good that could possibly come with it....VERY SAD...must have paid off Barlow to get that deal. I have another whole story about him I will post just not at this time. MANY things I think people don't know.

Good riddance Moe Todd....you were useless to begin with. Maybe the Stone will give you a permanent room. How much of the taxpayers dime did you dwindle away up there?? And I am not talking salary.....payoffs perhaps??? You look like shit and you deserve whatever comes your way.
Still sick from watching cheeto cabasa saluting #41.....effin douchebag!!!!!


December 6/18

Housing Visions is a bunch of worthless lying bastards. As Alderman voting to hand over Hamilton Homes to this bunch was one decision I have long regretted. They rent to sex offenders and felons and whatever lowlife they can get. In Syracuse they claimed one project was for homeless Veterans. In less than a year the place was taken over by drug dealers and the veterans were going back onto to the streets where it was safer. They will tell you any lie to get what they want and they could care less about building codes.


Capital budget
capital budget you know the old saying wheres the beef how about wheres the turf makes no sense to hide money and spend 63 million dollars even if we dont find the turf its time for superman dean get out and wonder boy barlow to spend spend spend with no signs of clarity and improvements vote no or move out this is not fake news this is real no no no


December 6/18

The national guard was called in not by Moe Todd but from Cuomo.
120 officers wanted to donate their time to help with the investigation and to help search. They were all coming from all over the state and Nellis, not Moe, declined the offer so Cuomo went over Nellus head and sent in the National Guard, then Nellis attempted to lie and deny that he denied outside help because it went up the ladder to Albany and did not go over well with higher authority. But the reality is they declined any outside help from any sort or outside departments.

December 6/18


They don't need permission, once Steen admitted possible transporting Heidi remains across the border it became open game for a federal investigation. Back then they had zero jurisdiction which is why now, many think they are lazy. The border is not the OCSD jurisdiction or the state lines, it's a federal offense to kidnap and transport remains or their living body across any border there is simply no excuse for their non actions in this matter. It's RICO that does not fall under the lines of jurisdiction for the Sheriff's but for the federal government to step in and deal w the low class state officials who can't do their job. The FBI has done nothing, the attorney general office didn't investigate as Oakes claimed, nice to know tax payer money funds, sitting on your ass at work, lying and doing absolutely nothing for the people of New York State especially Oswego County, its DA also pocketing a hundred grand a year to be a direct part of the clear and intentional cover up of missing Heidi Allen.


December 6/18

RICO laws pertain to those who participate in organized crime. I doubt that would apply to Steen, Borher and those others. However it would apply to the District Attorney’s office.

In Stunning Power Grab, Wisconsin Republicans Pass Bill Weakening New Governor


December 6/18

"when you have more questions than you do answers your problems from with in,"
When is it the Sheriff's locate the contract with a certain company in Canada tied to Murtaghs junk yard? Might want to get international police involved to do a deep search on the junk yard used to scrap the metal that was coming out of Crosby Hill with the Murtagh family, that was going in to the Canada junk yard they used to screw the federal government out of taxes, Peebles could find it, seems like the Sheriff's have every excuse not to find the real facts. Or the paper trail. Ridiculous, incompetent and out right lazy. Mean while Heidi name was scratched in to a bathroom stall on the interstate headed towards Buffalo. Massachussettes is in the opposite direction Oakes, Moody, Sheriff's so if Thibodeau was in Mass, lol we know that's a lie, who then scratched Heidi is a snitch in the stalls on the interstate. I'm sure you can't answer half the questions the public has including who from the DA OFFICE faxed Bohrer the investigation to his Heidi center. Can't answer that either, but you sure as hell think you know who committed a crime to a case you have no answers for. Bohrer - "when you have more questions than you do answers your problems from with in," that's past remotely obvious with this case, the problem was clearly the investigators involved in this case, and the DA who pushed it through to support his clear run for election in 1995. In which case sacrificing a totally innocent man to gain public positions and you still lost Dodd. Very sick minded county.


December 6/18

Sugar coating
The thing is, the opposite of sugar coating is the constant sour attitudes and untruths being spread about the board, their personal lives, the personal attacks on the Superintendent and board members, etc.
I work all around the county. When I mention my child is in the OCSD, people laugh. They aren't laughing at the school; they are laughing at the community who constantly berates and belittles and undermines the district.

God himself could be the president of the board and people in Oswego would still be convinced he's trying to steal their money. This is not a new issue; before I even had kids, I knew that a large portion of the community was hell bent on obstructing everything the district tries to do. That was 15 years ago and little has changed.

It wouldn't be so bad if people came up with consistent numbers to use against the project. But I see different amounts on this and other sites every day! Which is it, 12 million? 13 million? 7 million? Missing $100,000? Mindless drivel, indeed. You want me to believe this is bad, better have some solid facts to back that up.
I can deal with an extra buck or two per year in taxes so the goddamn roof can get fixed before it falls on some kid's head.

1% local share! Come on!

December 6/18

Paul Ryan Silent On GOP Power Grab In Wisconsin


December 6/18

Wisconsin Gov. Walker shouted down over GOP attempt to weaken his successor


December 6/18








Today's Quote December 5/2018

The way to change the world is through individual responsibility and taking local action in your own community.

Jeff Bridges



School District Repairs And Upgrades

All these budgets for repairs are one big joke. The same local contractor always gets the bid. Then he subs it out to someone else. In the end we get inferior workmanship and materials. The minute they are paid the buildings start falling apart again. No one oversees the job to certify the taxpayers are getting what they paid for. Most certainly someone in the district is getting a healthy payoff.


December 5/18



Capital project
I get my best information here as to the real facts of our Schools budget, and when I check these facts I learn the real truth behind our budgets. These buildings are treated like a leased car, little or no maintenance and the Minetto School is a perfect example, treated and kept like a satellite School were the big Schools hand me downs go, yes many are tired of the boards methods, unless truth and budget clarity is not in our students best interest, what they do deserve is the simple truth, but if you like it sugar coated and dipped in chocolate so be it vote yes, but please don't think it's for the kids to just vote yes, I had thought of just not voting this time, but I will now just to offset your poor decision.


December 5/18

Where is the missing $100,000!
Oswego City School District Project
(A) Maximum Cost $63,000,000
(B) Serial Bonds BAN $57,200,000
(C) Difference (B) minus (A) = $5,800,000
(D) Money from Capital Fund $5,900,000
(E) Difference (C) minus (D) = $100,000
Who is getting the missing $100,000 ? Why is the OCSD Board of Education allowing the public to vote on a spending resolution that is not correct or accurate? No wonder the kids are confused about math; the educators can not even get the math right on a public resolution. This is an illegal resolution and should be pulled and reissued, and if not it will be subject to a legal challenge. If they can not get this math correct, can we trust the $63,000,000 cost of the project. How much is that inflated?
Vote No on this resolution on 12/18/18!


December 5/18

Mueller investigation

December 5/18

They said they were going to send out absent tee ballots, a month ago WHERE ARE THEY !!!!!!!!. They will send them on the 16th so you dont have time to mail them in . THERE ARE WAY TO MANY TEACHERS doing almost nothing making around $100,000 A year, way over paid , and the NEPATISUM is unbelievable., and they want more TIME FOR THE WHOLE BOARD TO GO, and get some think
ing people in there not GOLDEN GIRL, and her crooks, and time for TRIPP to move on !!!!!!!

December 5/18


TRUMP the Coward
How could that Coward Trump think that he was entitled to salute George H.W. Bush while he lays in State? Coward Trump had 5 deferments and is to much of a coward to visit the troops in a combat zone. Bigger question, how can the active military and veterans support a known COWARD like Trump?

December 5/18


Thousands of Migrants Dead, Missing in Journey to U.S




December 5/18


Elks vandals caught on tape: Police seek help identifying hooligans who damaged new statue




December 5/18






Today's Quote December 4/2018

It is always better to have no ideas than false ones;

to believe nothing, than to believe what is wrong.

Thomas Jefferson

School Board budget
Wake up Oswego. The wolf in sheep clothing. Goewey and his cronies are as bad as Wonder boy Barlow and his little group of cronies. Why do we need a turf field. Have you seen the sports teams for Oswego. It's a joke. We can barely field a 8 man football team . And for the other sports I don't see much going on with them either. Throwing good money after bad. And would someone tell me how are seniors on a fixed income going to pay for these tax increases. Almost as bad as Wonder boy Barlow stands at the old Cahill building with his pervert buddy Tony getting their picture taken. Saying how this is going to help the people of Oswego .wtf. It's going to help Tony and his wallet. Thats it !!!! Now Wonder Boy Barlow is getting his picture taken with the new condo's at the old flexo building. Are you kidding me. Water treatment across the street. Stinks and smells all the time. Oil containers stink and smell all the time. And let's not forget about our famous Harbor mess So where are the rides going to end up ?? After this past year. Harborfest is almost a bust. Wonder Boy taking care of his buddies. And that's it. And look at downtown. A few more business closing the doors. Room for More pizza and tattoo parlors. This city government is a all time low. Just asked around wonder boy

December 4/18

Capital Project Vote
I will be voting YES because the repairs need to be done to these buildings. I give not a fig for the athletic fields, but the repairs need doing. Please don't listen to the disinformation being spread about the project. Read it for yourself and make the call, but don't just vote no because someone has a grudge against the school board. Very few facts are being posted here, and a lot of biased opinions. To some, the board and Superintendent will never do anything right.

Our children need this. Invest in their futures.

December 4/18


I seem to be missing the logic here. They cannot operate without a budget in place. You vote down the this second phony budget with the hidden millions for the floating fields and they have to come back with another proposal presumably without the athletic fields. Or you automatically get the previous years budget with a percentage increase of ?


Doing it for the kids is mindless drivel. Imagine how much money could be spent on buildings and education if it were not being pissed away on band practice. They could use the fields at the Middle school, the fort or even the City's barely used softball fields.

$63,000,000 School District Project Where is the missing $100,000 going????
This is the resolution that the spend and tax school board wants you to approve. This proposition is flawed and may not be legal. Resolutions are to be factual and accurate to the "dollar "so the taxpayers know what they are going to be taxed for and how the money is to be used . If the project is a "maximum" of $63,000,000, and they, the school board, want to issue $57,200,000 in serial bonds, this leavs a balance of $5,800,000. They are going to take $5,900,000 from the District's Capital Reserve Fund, which leaves $100,000 unaccounted for. What is this additional $100,000 for? The Oswego City School Board has an obligation to be accurate when they want the approval to spend taxpayers money, yet, $100,000 is not accounted for. Is this a kick-back, or are they going to have a party celebrating the lies that they have been spreading, or will they secretly spend it on another unnecessary frill?!!! If some how this passes, it will be open to a legal challenge as it is inaccurate and the public was lied to.

Shall the Bond Resolution adopted by the Board of Education of the City School District of the City Of Oswego (the District) on October 16, 2018, which (1) authorizes the reconstruction, improvement, rehabilitation, repair, furnishings and equipment of the Oswego High School, Oswego Middle school, Fitzhugh Park Elementary School, Kingsford Park Elementary School, Riley Elementary School, Leighton Elementary School and Minetto Elementary School , including site work and the acquisition of original furnishings, equipment, machinery, and apparatus required for the purpose for which such buildings are to be used , at a maximum estimated cost of $63,000,000; (2) authorizes the issuance of up to $57,200,000 serial bonds of the District and the expenditure of up to $5,900,000 from the District’s Capital Reserve Fund to finance the cost of such capital projects; (3) authorizes the issuance of obligations of the District’s in a principal amount that may exceed the constitutional debt limitations; (4) provides for the levy of taxes on the taxable real property within the District to be collected in annual installments to pay debt service on obligations issued to finance such capitial projects; and (5) pledges the District’s faith and credit for payment of bond anticipation notes and such bonds, be approved?

Yes___ or NO__X_

December 4/18

Keep the mistresses coming
One would think that after getting caught with the first mistress, Rob would stay on the clear path. I guess I have a poor judgment in this situation...

Keep your eyes open


December 4/18

Caraccioli Helped Hand Pick Tax and Spend School Board
Really! Do we really want to hear from Kevin Caraccioli with his opinion regarding any spending plan for anything. He pushed to get Callen and Bell on the school board, then conspired with the boy mayor to change Bell's job title with the city, from Director of Code Enforcement to Permit Coordinator, specifically so he could work for the city, and serve on the school board. (law requires that no city officials can be elected to the school board district where they reside; so, change his title to a clerk level and he could serve) Now I hear that the boy mayor fired Bell for some unknown reason. These are the people we want to hear from regarding this issue?
In his letter ,he makes a comment that we, the true taxpayers, should " peel away the skeptical comments and misinformation"! This is coming from the legal counsel for the Scriba Town Board who lied and provided misinformation to the taxpayer in Scriba about the new housing development complex that will be built and will be filled with drug addicts and sexual perverts( as reported in the paper). This also is the City Attorney who is council for the Town of Oswego and negotiated water and sewer rates between both office; in other words, he negotiated the rates with himself, which is unethical. Yep, this is who we want to listen to about spending $63,000,000 of our money.
He talks about the DRI (Downtown Revitalization Initiative) which is state funded and is going to available to many of the states poorest communities, and talks about affordable housing (low cost) for our children and their families. What? These are not the good people of Oswego, what will A Callen say about this. She wants to attract the GOOD people to Oswego. He also doesn't tell you who got the grants; that's right, his political cronies like Broadwell, Pauldine, ect.
Caraccioli seems to want to prop himself up as a graduate of the OCSD which dose not have a stellar record for education. You might wan to ask how many times it took him to finally pass the BAR Examine. There probably is a need to repair some of the schools, but maybe we need to reevaluate how many schools we really need and the quality of the education this district is providing. Turf fields at the cost of $20,000,000 so the marching band has a field to practice on is not something the taxpayers are willing to add to their already heavy tax burden.
Also, why was Mr Caraccioli wondering around in the boys locker room after a swim meet? Since when do we allow the spectators access to a boys locker room. Where was security and who allowed him access to the locker room. No body should be admitted to the locker rooms where the boys are showering and getting dressed, except maybe the coach.
To set the record straight, the only misinformation is coming from the Oswego City School Board and the Superintendent. We are spending over $82,000,000 each year to support our schools at the cost of $23,000/child. We need to concentrate on good education, improving /repairing some of the schools, determine how many schools we really need, especially with a declining student population, and electing people to the school board that understand that the money provided by the taxpayers is not their own personal fund to be spent foolishly. The people pushing this project are on a fools mission, and the taxpayers of the district are not buying into it.
Vote NO on Dec 18th!!!

December 4/18

Syracuse Diocese releases list of clergy accused of sexual abuse


December 4/18

Capital Project
capital project you better be sure if you vote yes realize the board is going to have hidden pay check from you tax payers for xmas do not do this these schools should have been updated long long time ago do not be stupid vote no or you will be moving out of state and this city will be ghost town except for homeless merry xmas no

December 4/18


Please show what the student enrollment is for all of the schools!
Please show how many teacher’s are at each School!
Please show how many part-time teachers ,full-time and part-time janitors, maintainer workers ( mail delivery and payroll personal ) the taxpayers are paying for ?
Please explain what the maintain staff does ?
Please show the cost break down of the super of Schools, phone, vechile, payroll, benefits, retirement, health insurance, vacation pay ( tax payers )?
Why is voting being done in Dec. ? Would it be due to if there was bad weather, the senior citizens will not come out to vote , since maybe most of them are either in FL for the winter or to scared to drive in the winter!

Trump Tardssssssssssssss

December 4/18












Today's Quote December 2-3/2018

One of the great penalties those of us who live our lives in full view of the public must pay

is the loss of that most cherished birthright of man's, privacy.

Mary Pickford



School Br. Mismanagement of taxpayers' money
To whoever posted the letter mentioned above; thank you!!!!! I agree, between all the agencies that tax us and this Bd. of Ed. we are being taxed out of our homes. What is Goewey and members of the Board willing to give up? The timing of the vote a week before Christmas is a clever plot to make sure this monstrosity passes. VOTE as if your homes depend on it because they do! VOTE NO! And get rid of Callen and Bell!

December 2-3/18

School Board budget
Wake up Oswego. The wolf in sheep clothing. Goewey and his cronies are as bad as Wonder boy Barlow and his little group of cronies. Why do we need a turf field. Have you seen the sports teams for Oswego. It's a joke. We can barely field a 8 man football team . And for the other sports I don't see much going on with them either. Throwing good money after bad. And would someone tell me how are seniors on a fixed income going to pay for these tax increases. Almost as bad as Wonder boy Barlow stands at the old Cahill building with his pervert buddy Tony getting their picture taken. Saying how this is going to help the people of Oswego .wtf. It's going to help Tony and his wallet. Thats it !!!! Now Wonder Boy Barlow is getting his picture taken with the new condo's at the old flexo building. Are you kidding me. Water treatment across the street. Stinks and smells all the time. Oil containers stink and smell all the time. And let's not forget about our famous Harbor mess So where are the rides going to end up ?? After this past year. Harborfest is almost a bust. Wonder Boy taking care of his buddies. And that's it. And look at downtown. A few more business closing the doors. Room for More pizza and tattoo parlors. This city government is a all time low. Just asked around wonder boy

December 2-3/18

Heidi and the FBI block
Why would you not want the best to help with a missing person case? Moe did not ask the FBI but instead included the National Guard to do a ground search.
They were told that MB owned a white van and never investigated it….hmmmmm.

Was Moe afraid of something they might find? Could it have been ‘WHO” was selling drugs, who helped get rid of Heidi, who was also involved in the entire coverup?

All those texts erased, the taped phone call, dropped CI card, DAs lying about certain events, evidence withheld, no evidence at all about Gary, no witnesses seeing GT there, others seen by Bivens not fitting the physical description of the brothers, MB getting a fax from the DA’s file about Biven’s DWI, county cars going into the airport at 4-5 am.

This joke of an inv. May still come crashing down. And it would have if King didn’t stop Lisa from calling witnesses. I thought witnesses were important in trials?


December 2-3/18

The original prime suspect makes his appearance.
This is funny Dan Barney is on FB watching Hilton's posts and liking them he's sucking up to Hilton how funny, continuing to insert himself.

December 2-3/18


Cohen believed Trump would pardon him, but then things changed


December 2-3/18








Today's Quote December 1/2018

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Mark Twain

School Board Mismanagement of Taxpayers Money
OSWEGO – Oswego City School District Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey is pleased to announce the sale of the district’s former Education Center to Pathfinder Bank for $1.8 million.
Add this to:
Increase in property taxes 2018 by $716,000.
Increase in state Aid for 2018 was up by $1,333,000
Reserves for 2018 are by $2,900,000
Fund Balance for 2018 is up by $1,400,000
Capital reserve fund for 2018 is at $5,500,000
Inter fund transfers for 2018 are up by $100,000
Other Capital reserves for 2018 are at $3,400,000
Closure of Minnetto school will reduce needs for repairs by $1,000,000.
Closure of Minnetto School reduction in teachers and staff plus benefits $ 4,000,000
This all adds up to $22,140,000 . This would be enough spread over several years to repair the six schools left. We do not need to spend $15,000,000 on new turf fields. Digging those fields up and adding drainage is going to disturb the old city dump that the fields are built on. Test bores would show the amount of contamination that is buried there. It would cost millions just to clean up the site before drainage could be installed and new fields installed at $15,000,000. The real cost is about $20,000,000.
In 2019 you can expect another proposition for new buses resulting in a tax increase. There is also a plan in place to raze the Steam Station resulting in the loss of over $1,800,000 in school taxes.
The school district and this board better wake up to the facts! The days of taxing the public for their whims is over. People can not currently afford these ridicules school tax increases and the future is somewhat bleak. Vote NO on this spending plan!

December 1/18

How much longer will these Dumb Ass Republicans stick up for this nut that obviously would have never won without help from a foreign government. This is the man who claimed that he was going to drain the swamp. Are you kidding me, you have created a swamp the size of the Atlantic Ocean. All your associates are exactly like you Mr. President, Liars! This is with no doubt the most Corrupt and messed up administration since the Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon administration. When are the majority of the Republican Senators going to wake up and do the job that they were elected to do? To allow this "Nut" to go on with his lies and deceiving the American people of a government that we should be able to be proud of is absurd. I cannot for the life of me understand how an individual of the Republican party can still support someone like this. I can understand being loyal to your political party but come on people there has to be some limits. The only ones that he is looking out for is the very wealthy. The rest of us are all weak, dogs, liars, dumb or horse faces. Come on my FORMER fellow Republicans do what is right and quit supporting a nut just because it is your political party. I swear the majority of you rural Republicans would vote for Vlad Putin if he were to run for U.S. President. I know Trump would if he wasn't running himself. What Republican would even want to associate themselves with a President of the mentality of this nut? I think now the walls are finally closing in before his impeachment at which time in the days leading up to it he will pardon all those who lied for him before he pardon's himself once he is proven guilty of collusion. That time will most likely happen when he fires Mueller whom he is just chomping at the bit to do any day now. Stay Tuned Folks, changes are due to be coming soon in this administrations corruptive acts. Pence is in the on deck circle. Fun! Fun!

December 1/18

Fox News
Has anyone heard this? I heard that Fox News has been thinking about changing their name to Tass News USA and is being bought out by a man named Donald J Trump who is also trying to buy CNN and MSNBC in order to shut those Networks down. Can anyone confirm this rumor because as I see it Fox News is completely opposite reporting than CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC. I have always wondered why Fox News doesn't give all the facts. Next, this man will be looking to buy NBC CBS AND ABC and all we will have left is one News Network, Lying Fox " Tass "News. That would be terrible! Lets try and save the real news networks before we become like Russia.

December 1/18

Heidi and the FBI block
Why would you not want the best to help with a missing person case? Moe did not ask the FBI but instead included the National Guard to do a ground search.

They were told that MB owned a white van and never investigated it….hmmmmm.

Was Moe afraid of something they might find? Could it have been ‘WHO” was selling drugs, who helped get rid of Heidi, who was also involved in the entire coverup?

All those texts erased, the taped phone call, dropped CI card, DAs lying about certain events, evidence withheld, no evidence at all about Gary, no witnesses seeing GT there, others seen by Bivens not fitting the physical description of the brothers, MB getting a fax from the DA’s file about Biven’s DWI, county cars going into the airport at 4-5 am.

This joke of an inv. May still come crashing down. And it would have if King didn’t stop Lisa from calling witnesses. I thought witnesses were important in trials?


December 1/18








Today's Quote November 28-29/2018

When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it,

but for the sake of defending those that do.

William Blake



school budget
According to the Pall Times school taxes will ONLY go up another $1.10 for a $100,000 home on TOP of what you already pay. What happens the year after that?
Sounds like the Chinese water torture, drop, drop, drop. When does the school bd say enough? If the schools are in such desperate need of repair why weren’t his buildings taken care of on a yearly basis?
Has anyone considered actually calling in an outside firm and told them in advance you will be paid to inspect but will NOT be allowed to do any repairs to tell us what we need and how the buildings got in this condition?
It seems as if we can find money for all the frills but not the basics.
Also, does anyone see a problem with a vote on a $63 million budget a week before Christmas? Did the Grinch plan this?
Finally, why can’t we vote on the athletic fields as a separate item on the budget?

November 28-29


Goewey and Propaganda Committee scheming to hide Turf Field Expenditures of $13- $18,000,000
The paper today clearly pointed out that the committee that is preparing the propaganda that is going to be presented to the public are scheming to" leave out any information ( pictures and text) that refers to the expenditure of $13 to $18,000,000 on turf athletic fields". Read the proposition below and see if you can find any mention of turf athletic fields in it! It is not there and a majority of the Board of Education is lying and with holding information that you the public should be aware of and should be identified in the resolution. Kathleen Allen appears to be the only honest board member. To be factual, "Omission of information to the taxpayers is the same as lying to the taxpayers".
Shall the Bond Resolution adopted by the Board of Education of the City School District of the City Of Oswego (the District) on October 16, 2018, which (1) authorizes the reconstruction, improvement, rehabilitation, repair, furnishings and equipment of the Oswego High School, Oswego Middle school, Fitzhugh Park Elementary School, Kingsford Park Elementary School, Riley Elementary School, Leighton Elementary School and Minetto Elementary School , including site work and the acquisition of original furnishings, equipment, machinery, and apparatus required for the purpose for which such buildings are to be used , at a maximum estimated cost of $63,000,000; (2) authorizes the issuance of up to $57,200,000 serial bonds of the District and the expenditure of up to $5,900,000 from the District’s Capital Reserve Fund to finance the cost of such capital projects; (3) authorizes the issuance of obligations of the District’s in a principal amount that may exceed the constitutional debt limitations; (4) provides for the levy of taxes on the taxable real property within the District to be collected in annual installments to pay debt service on obligations issued to finance such capitial projects; and (5) pledges the District’s faith and credit for payment of bond anticipation notes and such bonds, be approved? YES___ NO_X__

Why are they pushing to vote on 12/18/18 at additional expense to the taxpayers when a School Board Vote is MANDENTORY in early May 2019? Because the board thinks that the voting public is ignorant. They think that they would rather go shopping for Christmas than to come out on a cold winter day to vote against this proposition. They think just the teachers and sport nuts will come out to vote. Pointing out that the public is ignorant, Amee Callen's self-serving comment that " we (school board) want this project to attract and retain the GOOD people of Oswego" and "it makes me sick when I see our athletic fields". Well Amee, the public is sick of seeing you serving on this board with your tax and spend attitude, and this will be corrected the next time you come up for election.
School taxes are the largest tax expense that you have. A house assessed at $ 72,000 with no exceptions pays $1,1478 in school taxes, $1,130 in city tax and $698 in county tax. You just had a school tax increase in the last school budget and now you will get another when you have to pay for the serial bonds for this project, something the propaganda committee also are failing to tell you.
The board needs to go back to the drawing board, close a school as the student population has dropped enough to eliminate one of the seven schools, re-evaluate the repair needs of the six schools that will be left, reduce the teachers by the closure, forget the turf fields as we don't have a football team, and re-try selling a $30,000,000 actual school repair project, and it might pass. Lying, omission of facts, not doing "due diligence", inflating costs, and an attitude of "Tax and Spend", will not get any traction.
Keep in mind that the board may have a champagne taste, but most of us are on a beer budget!

November 28-29

Which ones lazier FBI or the Sheriffs. Which ones more incompetent the FBI or the Sheriffs. Seems this case makes them all look bad, including the State Police, whom Greg Oakes recently claimed they looked over the files, I'll bet that to was a lie, because the Sheriffs have not let anyone else dig in to the Thibodeau case, EVER!! BUT WHICH ONES WORSE THOSE WHO DID IT OR THOSE WHO STAND BY AND DO NOTHING?

November 28-29

The Trump Mess
Ford Motor Co. is now going to move the motor production out of the USA because the tariffs are too high and cutting into profits.

Yep gov’t is a business and we need a businessman to run our country…into the ground.
Has he even completed one project? Oops he did. He gave the rich and corporations PERMANENT tax breaks which we are going to pay for…he also took from the poor and gave to the rich. He really should think about getting that clot removed.

November 28-29


Re: Good chance the FBI will push this

Don’t be so sure of that. The FBI was intentionally kept out og the Heidi Allen case by Moe.

Was he afraid of them uncovering a coverup?

They have certain protocol and maybe they have to wait until Lisa’s case is over. Remember that guy in the 2014 courtroom?
And who knows if they haven’t talked to anyone already. And there is NYS comm. Of Wrongful Convictions and the DOJ.

And someone may still spill the beans and that they have to live with for ever.

We shall see.


November 28-29

Trump 'did not lift 1 finger' with GM
Check out this story on CNN: https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2018/11/27/tim-ryan-



November 28-29



Or just a ranting alcoholic.








Today's Quote November 27/2018

We would all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate.
Kin Hubbard

Re: Good chance the FBI will push this
The Attorney Generals office has given us the likes of Andrew Cuomo, Eric Schniderman and Elliot Spitzer. They’re not going to do anything about the corruption in OZwego. The FBI could have cleaned house here twenty years ago but they are too damn lazy.

November 27



Didn't Trump just say the car companies are doing great.....ahhhhhhhhhh those tariffs.
GM Is Slashing 14,700 Factory And White Collar Jobs In North America; May Close Five Factories

November 27


Storm alert lol ...Blizzard of '66 ..we lived it


November 27






Today's Quote November 24-26/2018

A person always doing his or her best becomes a natural leader, just by example.
Joe DiMaggio

Climate change will shrink US economy and kill thousands, government report warns


November 24-26


Vanessa Williams is a pretty woman.

Melania is a freaking Gargoyle.


Gary Thibodeau...Nephew
Don’t worry the best thing that could have happened is that the “agency” did not review this case as they should have. If Lisa wins her case, and she is a federal defense atty. Good chance the FBI will push this.

November 24-26



Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense

Gary Thibodeau...Nephew
Don’t worry the best thing that could have happened is that the “agency” did not review this case as they should have. If Lisa wins her case, and she is a federal defense atty. Good chance the FBI will push this.
I with you have no doubt that this case was a cover up and we all know who was involved.

November 24-26







Today's Quote November 23/2018

I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.
Henry David Thoreau

School Budget
Please vote NO, Is there any way we can get rid of Gowey and the Bd of Education (or is that the Bd of free spenders who keep taking advantage of you)?
This Bd can’t resist taking other people’s money and spending. It’s got to stop!

November 23/18

The New Sheriff
I have been told several things. That one the good ol boys are broke up 😣. So sorry, so sad and why? It was the do to fear of the new Sheriff. When I scanned the opponents the under sheriff Sullivan faced. I saw an under dog that has more credentials than Sullivan ever thought of, including and what caught my attention was his back ground on cold cases. He is facing a few cold cases in Oswego. Not excluding Heidi Allen. I was once told you never give up on any human being and you don't give up on Heidi or Gary or anyone they've hurt, ruined or destroyed with their outright illegal activity. The people did not give up, even with all the credentials, Hilton was still the under dog because the Republican party endorsed Sullivan. Hilton still won, why because of the things he's said. He believed the sheriff's lack integrity, they were biding them selves time because everyone is related to everyone LOL it couldn't have been said any better than the way Hilton told it and he told the TRUTH!!( in which case thank the Lord Sullivan lost.) Some are so disgusted with the Sheriff's over the Thibodeau case, that they voted Hilton to get Sullivan out of office. I in my heart believed then and I believe now that Hilton is the right person to stand up and do what's right. My money for victory for the Sheriff, immediately upon reading his candidacy was Hilton. I believe he is the right man for the job. If they fear Hilton, if that is true, it tells me that he is no push around and if he's investigated cold cases he is the officer for the jobs needed for several cold cases with in Oswego County. That includes missing Heidi Allen. The purpose for the truth is for her family and for Gary's to be able to lay to rest the long awaited answer of what actually happened maybe be able to lay Heidi Allen to rest that's one major thing they took away from her, to be laid to rest properly. Can we the people comprehend how deep the truth goes or what really happened? Yes, we can, with one simple response "Go ask thr Sheriffs, the only way to know is to ask Sheriff Vanpatten, Sheriff Wheeler, Scrutin, Curtis, Donald Dodd, Bohrer, Wescott, Barney, Maynes, Duells, Law, Breckenridge, Murtagh, Steen." So yes we fully comprehend the arrests that would be made in this one cold case, it could fill 2 jails, so here's a resolution to that problem bring the FEDS, buses, load them up and be done with it, wash our hands of it and let the federal government prosecute them, that's their job. Second, apologize to the families for the lives they've destroyed in the previous administration. That's real change that's telling the people it's okay now, to have a Sheriff car behind you, that they've come clean, fixed the wrong their deputies committed to Heidi and Gary, to the two families that have searched and faught for the truth for 2 decades. That you are safe with them near. When you meet a corrupt police officer you have walked in to a nightmare. That's what it is and has been for their families. Its RICO, out right RICO, drugs, extortion, murder, kidnapping, racketeering, corruption, you name it from public officals, cops, to low life's. It all happened on tax payer dime, from the fake investigation, to searches, to hours of no real investigation going on, that we paid for, to the hearings, trial. It should be paid back, by seizing every single one of these corrupt officials personal property and retirements to pay the citizens back every penny it cost us to allow corruption in our departments and the law suits that both Heidi and Gary's family should bring, it should be paid by them. In a good world, thats what should and would happen. While you load them all up and take them away, the citizens would cheer, you can bet your ass on that. The night Sullivan lost was a party itself. When Oakes gets cut from his position, the last day he and Moody, are voted out or removed from the DA Office, there will be a parade of laughter believe it, it happened with Sullivan. People aren't going to give up on arrests, it's not that easy, because you don't just give up on any human being, or Hope for Heidi all these years would have meant nothing. It's just begining. Oakes reelection is coming, one can only pray, from what opinions you can gather from citizens and the thousands online complaining about him, that the people are voting Oakes out of office next year. It's not done that is a certainty. If he is then there's a shift coming. I believe with Hilton at the wheel in the Sheriffs and anyone but Greg involved in the DA office they will get to the bottom of this. As Hilton takes hold many are going to jump ship, which is already happening. If Greg loses this year, brace yourselves because change is in full speed.

November 23/18


This link alone scroll the comments and Oakes insists the new info wouldn't have swayed any jury who is he fooling? Count the guilty or not guilty votes.


November 23/18

Gary Thibodeau
Why do we put so much trust in our law enforcement and judicial system? One minute you’re buying cigarettes, the next you’re accused for someone missing. We all think “there’s no way it could happen to me”, but we all take for granted our right to be free. They asked him “what does hope mean to you?” But what’s hope mean when they don’t care about the truth? An innocent man died while you all are standing proud.... you crooked mother fuckers will one day learn what karmas all about.

The truth came out and you all looked scared and scattered.. Gary the innocent Thibodeau was his name.. and HIS LIFE MATTERED.

~ The Nephew


November 23/18






Today's Quote November 20-22/2018

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.




Champlain Commons

Once the property is developed and turned over to OCO they will pay no property taxes.  The Pall Times article states it will be owned by OCO which will make it Wholly Exempt.  Who got paid off to make this happen, it makes no sense for

the Town of Scriba to want this here.


November 20-22/18



Dirty Politics Champlain Commons/OCO

I figured out why this project didn’t follow proper protocol. I also figured out why Will Barclay worked so hard to get the necessary funding for this project. His wife is working for OCO in Oswego as fund developing coordinator,what a surprise. I applaud the the single tax payer who fought them by herself in Pulaski NY with an article 78 because no attorney would help her and she WON! People were fired from the board and I called her to thank her for her hard work today. I applaud Judge Norm Seiter for recusing himself and also applaud Judge Hafner for doing the right thing. Hey Mr and Mrs Barclay put this in your back yard or donate some of your estate. Oh that’s right ,you don’t even let Pulaski capitalize on tourism or even allow fishing in your neighborhood. You are a disgrace as an elected official and clearly don’t look out for the best of the people. I pray the taxpayers will fight this to the end and show the State, County,Town and City officials to do their jobs and abide by the laws we put in place!


November 20-22/18



Town of Scriba paid Town attorney

I was told the existing town attorney was paid an unbelievable exorbant amount of money to negociate the assessment/ taxes on the nuclear power plants.

I was also told he was paid by the Nuclear Power Plants to negotiate their taxes. How could this happen? Is this for real?


November 20-22/18



...and another brilliant republican:

Walmart Drops Mississippi GOP Senator After Joking About Public Hangings



November 20-22/18



Oswego City School District sending out Absentee Ballots

The Oswego City School District is now sending out Absentee Ballots to try to get those that don't go to the polls to vote early without any information on the $63,000,000 capital spending that was rejected by a 2:1 ration last year. Here is the proposal they are trying to push down your throat again. Surprise, they do not mention TURF Fields; that is hidden in the proposals language.


Here is the Ballot Proposition:


Shall the Bond Resolution adopted by the Board of Education of the City School District of the City Of Oswego (the District) on October 16, 2018, which (1) authorizes the reconstruction, improvement, rehabilitation, repair, furnishings and equipment of the Oswego High School, Oswego Middle school, Fitzhugh Park Elementary School, Kingsford Park  Elementary School, Riley Elementary School, Leighton Elementary School and Minetto Elementary School , including site work and the acquisition of original furnishings, equipment, machinery, and apparatus required for the purpose for which such buildings are to be used , at a maximum estimated cost of $63,000,000; (2) authorizes the issuance of up to $57,200,000 serial bonds  of the District and the expenditure of up to $5,900,000 from the District’s Capital Reserve Fund to finance the cost of such capital projects;  (3) authorizes the issuance of obligations of the District’s in a principal amount that may exceed the constitutional debt limitations; (4) provides for the levy of taxes on the taxable real property within the District to be collected in annual installments to pay debt service on obligations issued to finance such capitial projects; and (5) pledges the District’s faith and credit for payment of bond anticipation notes and such bonds, be approved?


Yes___  or  NO__X_


Funny how they did not mention the $20,000,000 to install TURF Fields at Leighton in the above proposal, so the marching band has a place to practice as we do not have a football or baseball team, and they failed to mention that these new fields, 4 of them, football field and three baseball fields, are in a flood zone and will require buried tanks to collect the flood water, or that the student population is down by over 400 students which would allow for the closure of one of the schools, or that the graduation rate is 72% well below the state average (Fulton has a better graduation rate than Oswego),  or that the high school is drug and gang infested , or that the teacher/student ration is 9:1 and the state standard is 12:1 which means we could reduce teachers and a school. They also failed to mention that the people who live in the city just got a property tax reduction of 1.2%...but city spending has exceeded 2017/18 budget and to off set the tax reduction, the city raised the city assessed value by $52,000,000 , which means, right, your property assessments will go up next year, so you will pay more property tax  in 2019 which will flow over to you new school tax increase, if the stupid proposal passes. They also failed to mention that the school district is already deep debt service, that is the reason for item # 3 allowing them to exceed the constitutional debt limit. This school board and city government thinks that the city residents have deep pockets and they love to spend like drunken sailors, but failed to look at the number of students and families that need financial aid. This is why the state raised the financial aid to the district!  I will be voting against this proposal and would encourage you to do the same. The OCSD needs to re-evaluate the needs and spending plans of this district. Yes, we need to invest in some of our buildings, but this should have been happening on a regular bases, and much of the work is cosmetic which could be done in house.  The above are real facts, not fake!


November 20-22/18



Our new Sheriff

Oswego County has been host to one of the largest cover ups and feats of deception in New York States history, however nationwide this and similar events happen all the time with country Sheriffs and many are brought to justice, we however have not had that opportunity, this crime it seems is more shocking than anyone of us will ever know, were this case has led must make them very happy, the conclusions some have persisted on chasing is so far from what really happened in our County, when I wrote some time ago that this case can never be solved it seems this is more clear with each passing year, the people and agencies we trust to prevent these type of Government crimes clearly refuse even to look at these crimes as we have recently seen, even when under public and news media observations. The FBI and other administration officials are never going to provide the truth to the public because it would serve no purpose, the problems no longer exist in our Sheriffs department and those involved are all protected by the blue brotherhood, it still exist and will never change no matter who the Sheriff is, so our new Sheriff can only be an example that at least we have the right to elect our choice for Sheriff or we believe we do. The only thing that could come from the truth would be an hour and a half movie that also would be forgotten. It really is refreshing to see clean water were a swamp once stood and I can again feel safe when seeing that Sheriff car behind me instead of taking all measure to avoid that.


November 20-22/18



Trump's pick Whitaker as usual a crook



November 20-22/18



Greg Oakes SLOW

LMAO if you did a back ground check on Barney and pulled up who represented him it was Mr. Hollywood, but the idea Greg's a tad slow upstairs HILARIOUS. Who knows if Hilton will do the right thing and go after them, if he doesn't, that dept will still lack integrity. You can't gain integrity by ignoring all the lies, it doesn't work that way. But Greg may be slow or scared to answer because every time he does, he lies or he doesn't seem to know the exact facts on the case.


November 20-22/18



5 New Brochures! Oh, Billy, You've 'Outdone Yourself'

Where shall we go next Summer, kids? Ithaca, Utica, Batavia, Schoharie? I know! Let's go to Oswego!! Why Oswego, Daddy? Why Oswego? Well, Mayor Barlow did spend $45,000.00 of the taxpayer's money for outsiders?? to decide what info should be on his magic revenue generating tourist pamphlets because he obviously had no idea himself.Now that Harborfest is a sad memory of 20 years ago tourists will  be flocking here in droves to see our outdoor winter water park and crooked building?(Broadwell's, Pauldine's) Nowhere in any one of the 5 brochures are our 2 confederate civil war cannons even mentioned. 1-3 million dollars worth of civil war history and where are they,not one mention in the brochures? I say we make Billy show us the cannons or NO VOTE for Billy. Bill, YOU need to be the one to call the State Police to report the cannons stolen before YOU get blamed first. Don't forget to announce that you will not be seeking re-election and are moving to Arizona.



November 20-22/18







Today's Quote November 19/2018

Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell.
Emily Dickinson

Champlain Commons, City Line Road
Scriba Planning Board Meeting the other night I thought I would inform the tax payers some information I currently know. I would like to start out by informing you the city alderman was unaware of the scope change which the city maintains route 104 to Albany St. The city granted the project access to city sewer the night before the Scriba board meeting.
The opening of the Scriba planning board meeting a planning board member stated originally there was not going to be any sex offenders in this project but the state of New York changed the definition and it’s not our fault. This made it clear a petition should of been sent out to the Scriba residents and confirms to all of us the scope truly changed and the Planning Board is 100 percent wrong.
The amazing part of all this the Scriba town board was unaware of the change from a senior citizen project . The Oswego city alderman were also unaware of the change which is bizarre because the city attorney is the same for both the city and the town. The town attorney was asked how long a petion is good for and he said 90 days, but the developer had been keeping us informed of their progress and still wanted to move forward.(Over 1,000 days is more than 90)
The only reason this project moved forward was changing the scope, and multiple types of residencies,to get the necessary funding from the state. They chose this location because no zoning, access to sewer, and property owner was willing to sell. They also received a tax deal which I was told “ no taxes after 15 years”.
The developer said no that is not true after 15 years it is based on income. They did not answer if the are paying taxes on their full accessment. The town attorney chose not to talk about it. I would like to know the real story and who authorized It.
This is a County occupied facility and funded by the State and I guess they feel they don’t have to abide to any laws. An impact study was not performed, and a traffic study was not done. The NYS DOT was not informed and even if they wouldn’t mandate any change a call should of been made.They are also concerned that there is not a sidewalk and it is a safety concern, but they can help, only on state route 104 right of way. The DEC was not contacted and the removal of the large trees will effect drainage in the area. The roadway as you know can be very busy and individuals walking in the road on either side is not a good situation. If the city chooses to help by constructing sidewalks individuals still need to cross the road without a cross walk, stop sign or light.
This again is a not a good or safe situation.
This would also cause many city of Oswego tax payers asking why, as no tax dollars are generated from this project and many side walks in the city are currently ignored.
The plan for this project was submitted by the developer in 2015 they were LEAVING the trees on the south side behind the Carson Drive residences. The town attorney said we are aware the developer removed trees,they apologized and we working on it. The developer also stated it was a bad call by the on site supervisor at the meeting the other night. Many calls were made to the code enforcement officer and he chose not Respond to anyone. A citation along with a “stop work order” should of been written as they violated the plan they submitted to the town. If a citation was written along with a stop work order this would force the developer to return to the Planning Board to either shut the project down or come up with a resolution that will satisfy the tax payers and neighbors. This would also be documented in the minutes of the planning board meeting and make the developer legally accountable. (Not a hand shake deal) Every one reading this needs to call the Attorney General to shut this down until an investigation is done. Call Everyone involved because the town,city,county,state broke the laws they put in place to protect the public.

November 17/18

Trump will stop the Muller investigation


November 17/18

Mitcn McConnell
If you were to give Congress an enema, Mitch McConnell is the place where you would insert the hose.

November 17/18






Today's Quote November 18/2018

At every turn when there has been an imbalance of power, the truth questioned, or our beliefs and values distorted, the change required to restore our nation has always come from the bottom up from our people. Howard Dean
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/howard_dean_156081

At every turn when there has been an imbalance of power,

the truth questioned, or our beliefs and values distorted,

the change required to restore our nation has always come from the bottom up from our people.

Howard Dean




I Am The Friend
Thank you for spelling out the connection.

I was thinking it was the other DA drunk, Mr. Cieszski, that represented Dan. At first, I thought Greg was just trying to cover for people, now I seriously believe the man is …slow. During his interview with Matt Mulchay were the questions predetermined. It seems so because Greg was monotonous with his replies. Like he had memorized just the right wording, like Dodd had done during the Hearing. Yep, Greg, body language IS important.

This is what I love about hearsay….one doesn’t have to believe what someone else says but it still may be a fact that can be proven IF SOMEONE COMPETENT INVESTIGATES. I pray you are correct that Hilton will properly investigate from the Sheriff’s department. I pray that the cowards from the department and the cowards who fear the Truth face their consequences as well…..a young woman’s life was needlessly taken and an innocent man died in prison for something he didn’t do!!

November 18/18


Jenn and the "interrogation joke"
Does it seem that JW is smarter than the inv. Of the OCSD? Two interrogations, gave them Roger and Tracy Breckinridge’s names to go talk to about the two vans. And does anyone know if they did. All the have to say is no, nope, I don’t know and any other simple answer and the OCSD who is covering up the crime for the real killers just ignore, not credible, lies too much, didn’t investigate MB’s white van and gee I didn’t know there were county issued vehicles going into the airport at 3-4am. And as I was told..”the coke is coming in from the airport”. But not a single arrest. Is it possible to arrest yourself?

Watched Heidi Allen by Jordan and it said GT and Sharon went to MA hours after the crime…BS. Their house was watched and testified by deputies in court that the caddy never left for 3 days…3,4,5 days of April 1994.

But now the agency that looked at this case and did very little has got to answer to this.

With all these holes being plugged up, water has got to seep out at sometime.

PS: DOES ANYONE WANT TO MAKE $20,000.00 FOR INFO ABOUT THE CASE? Reward still pending?

If they do< I doubt the FBI would want to be embarrassed in the joke they called..”The Heidi Allen Investigation”

November 18/18






Today's Quote November 17/2018

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.
Camille Pissarro


The drunk DA
How funny the new town drunk Mr Hollywood DA is in fact a former attorney for Dan Barney and here's another secret about the drunk he's also a known coke head. Use to buy his coke off Albion cross roads. Didn't you Mr. Hollywood. Asking for a friend LOL so tell us Barney and Mr. Hollywood how many times Barneys walked Scott free due to your gray areas of the law with his help??

November 17/18


Oswego Ambulance
I had the extreme displeasure to have to deal with the Oswego ambulance crew. They were just as condescending, arrogant, rude and childish as usual. Hey baldy...keep your shitty comments to yourself. You are just as rude and distasteful as always. Too bad I interrupted your snooze, TV, slap and tickle, or whatever the hell you were doing. Please 911 and OH, send Menters. They are personable, and professional. Something these ass holes can't grasp.


November 17/18

School budget
If you are not going to be in town on Dec. 17 pick up an absentee ballot and vote NO on the school budget. We are at the point where the taxes are forcing people out of their homes. Enough is enough!


November 17/18

Asking for a friend..
Big ol Barney refused then to answer any further questions. Why he was ever cleared by Wheeler is beyond mosts understanding, follow the coke and the money. Wheeler was so terrified to answer any of Peebles questions he took off running when he saw her investigator coming and I'll quote him he said, "You people want to put me in prison." Well yes officer, yes we do. He then ran and locked himself behind a door, none of them will answer any questions. Not even the Sheriff's and DA Oakes or Moody, don't ask them a damn thing all they do is lie, sounds just like Barney and Wheeler. See attached, also take note a witness caught a red truck and innocent Brett Law at the store that morning parked side by side. Maybe Brett needs to come clean about his friendship to Barney, but then again he to refuses to answer any further questions. If not I personally can lead the new sheriff straight to a common friend of theirs so he knows these boys are all full of shit. Including Jeremy Powers who is linked to the same union as bad ass biker bitch Barney. Dig, Hilton it's all there, maybe Powers the mysterious cabin digger should come clean on who his neighbor is and who, was in the woods and how that neighbor of his "Chucky" links straight to Roger Breckenridge. All friends all linked all can be proven if Hilton was to pull up one thing the law suit Chucky faced by Breckenridges 2 nephews Mike West and Harry West he will see the link. Oakes did Steen ever live on Powers property? Jeremy tisk tisk you truly think no one knows? Please bud he lived smack dab between you and Chucky for several years in a bright blue mobile home with an old lady relative of yours. Hilton may want to interrogate you himself seeing as the nimrod sheriff's couldn't figure that all out but Chucky LOL is with Rogers relative, go have coffee Jeremy and warn Chucky the cats out of the bag. Chucky, Debbie Vechio pointed right at your house she watched you two nimrods enter your front door. One form is all Hilton needs the law suits from the west family to prove the connection they used Alexander and Catalono one broke their ankle and one broke his hip on the job both walked away w wads of cash. Takes a real officer to hunt down facts. These are all facts, Jeremy best hope Hilton doesn't connect the dots. Chucky you also have explaining to do. Asking for a friend who is your significant other, wouldn't happen to be Breckenridge sister.


November 17/18





Today's Quote November 16/2018

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. Marcus

Tullius Cicero


Waterford Crystal Nativity set
Beautiful Wayerford Crystal Christmas display. Includes an angel, 3 nativity animals, Shepard and sheep , and Joseph and Mary and Baby Jesus in the manger. All in original boxes. Retails for 475.00. Asking 350.00 if interested, please text 315-806-0363. Thank you.

November 14-15/18


New Haven town councilman
Wah, Wah. Mr. New Haven town councilman who just happens to be suspect in a death and A FACT was named as a “probably suspect” person of one of the biggest missing person cases in Oswego. See what happens when one doesn’t live their life with morals and/or integrity….

Come on, Dan, tell us what capacity you were “in the gray area of law” back in 1994 (and before). There had to have been a reason you were named as “probably suspect” even before Richard or Gary? Were you arrested for making false donation calls in the name of Heidi Allen? How close could you have been to someone in the DA’s office that they would represent you for a bankruptcy? WHO represented you? Were you driving your mommy’s red truck the morning of April 3, 1994 seen at the D&W but you didn’t make a purchase?

P.S. What did the investigation of your burnt house reveal? Arson? Electrical malfunction? (Or Fake News? Lol)

Hey, I’m just asking some legitimate questions…for a friend.

No answer?? Are we above answering questions from the community? Are you not accountable to your community?
AG Investigation of Gary Thibodeau trial
It said there wasn’t any reason to believe he isn’t guilty ( my words ). But the agency that looked at the case really didn’t do anything at all.
This could be huge for us. If the right people complain the AG and Wrongful conviction committee may take a harder and newer look at this case.
This publicity is just what we needed to keep this alive.
….still not over.


November 14-15/18

Gary Thibodeau....The Death Of Common Sense
Just read Matt Muchaey's article about conviction inv. in NYS. Maybe this will draw attention to this case. The agency hardly looked at the case, so maybe someone will take it over as Matt found evidence of this. CNY CENTRAL.COM

I really don't want to attack the Allen family but I wonder why Lisa Buske is so happy about GT getting convicted that in truth if he were really guilty then Richard should be too.

Is she satisfied knowing one of the kidnappers is free?
After all, he told cops he was there and they "said" GT was in the van...that makes Richard guilty....of course we know neither of them are.

So Lisa, the OCSD and the DA have actually lost this case.

And ( IMO ) you can add Steen, Roger and Mike to the list too.

So that makes 4 kidnappers who are free of Heidi Allen convictions.

"Jenn Wescott is a liar, I can't believe anything she says"...Oakes.
...but we'll bring her in for an interrogation, then a 2nd one where she admitted she was told about the crime,, then failed a poly showing she did know more than she told them and then before this, we'll tap her phone...because she lies so much and we need valuable info even after they are convinced GT who is in prison is guilty.
So why do it. Wasn't for evidence because they said it wasn't credible.

So why?
Well it's just another diversion to cover up for those they KNOW who did it. Also a great way to discredit Tonya Priest who was getting death threats even after Gary was convicted and jailed.

Now who would be doing this? Obviously someone who is involved and not caught for this crime. But all these pieces are discarded by investigators and the DA.

An idiot knows if you pressed Jenn harder and threaten her with an arrest, give her immunity,,,,,,,,case solved.

But that would mean exposure of all the drug pushers and the right people would get convicted for this crime.

HINT: Often Corrupted Seldom Disciplined !!!!!

November 14-15/18

Driver lic.
Gov Cuomo wants illegals to have driver lic , at taxpayers expense! Now , this would not be a way to buy votes and have taxpayers to continue to pay for democrat control ?

You might be on to something there. If you could get a license without a birth certificate or SS# Would you then be able to register to vote using the license as ID ?


November 14-15/18





Today's Quote November 14-15/2018

A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.
John Ruskin

What is your BAC?
Can most of us agree that the City Attorney Kevin Caraccioli should never have been appointed for legal counsel for our Town of Scriba? Kevin Caraccioli - Why did Robbie Ramsey, put out a Request for Proposal (RFP), for a replacement for you? We tried getting your a$$ out before because we were paying you too much of the taxpayers hard earned money. Would you like to share with us why you are resigning? It surely wasn't at Robbie's request, as known, he took great pride in saving your job when the rest of the board wanted to boot you out. How did "he" save your job exactly? For the sake of being ethical, could you not give us some jack-a-leg explanation why the sudden release on October 12, 2018, to the legalese job seekers, seeking a qualified attorney to serve as the Attorney for Scriba Town's fiscal year 2019?

Should instances of professional misconduct be known? It is the right thing to do, and now with anew, it is what we shall do. It sure sounds like a true "jack-a-leg" and to say nothing of visual appearances; weight gain, heightened moodiness, broken capillaries on the nose and face (red splotches), these are clear-cut-signals that something is amiss. Did you know that nearly 20 percent of alcoholics are functional alcoholics? Well-educated, high-income earners, and are guilty of a legerdemain stable home life. Recently mentioned aggressive mood swings are for a different discussion and could very well be an age-related decline in testosterone levels; Andropause.


November 14-15/18


To the two Scriba men wearing ill-fitted suits
“Ramsey and Caraccioli," Do you men not have domesticated wives/partners? Apparently not, they should never let you walk out of your home looking as you do.

Men, please take a fashion tip from Assemblyman Barclay; the only one of the trio sporting a properly fitted suit. He looks very sharp. Excellent choice Barclay. The fashion industry says it is narcissistic navy, but who cares, and you are killing it!

Ramsey, you have been wearing the same-tacky brown, polyester; extremely overly-padded shoulder suit for years, throw it out already, long-lived the days of the extremely shoulder-padded suit jacket. Noted that you are going for the "broader shoulder look to appear bigger" if you like the padding, lightly-padded is even okay, but your sleeves are too long. The problem is not just the padding but also the overhang of the shoulder and how the sleeves are set in, these things are all designed to work together. Shoulder pads were favorite additions during the 1940s, 1980s, and late 2000s/2010s. They were used to give the wearer the illusion of having broader and less sloping shoulders. Your color choice of brown is smart and stable having a vintage charm, but your shade of brown is all wrong. Try for a whiskey brown, mocha and caramel browns. Also, be more relaxed in a photo shoot. Not surprisingly Caraccioli adorns us with his fake annoying smile. Ramseys face is much more appealing and pleasurable to look at, much more so than Caraccioli, but you look a bit stressed in this photo. Relax. Appear to be happy. The only people in the photo that appear to be genuinely happy to be apart of this event is Kelly Lagoe, Assemblyman Barclay, Lyla Ellen, Dan Allen, Charles Young, and Joe Pasco.

Caraccioli, your image, it is just annoying to look at you in any photo, but more so wearing your herringbone cornflower blue fabric suit, it clearly shows that you are exceeding the maximum density factor in your mid-drift area. How about have your seamstress move the button over about two inches? Your sleeves are also long, and your shoulders should not overhang, the only plus you have going on is no extreme shoulder padding. Did you and Ramsey suit shop together at the men's warehouse?

Dress to impress--both for yourself and your audience

The 100th anniversary marking the end of WWI, the monument is fantastic. Nice touch to our community.

November 14-15/18



Conviction Review Board Didn't Do A Proper JOB!
Wednesday on NBC3 at 11: Investigating the findings of NY AG report on Gary Thibodeau

Three years after the New York Attorney General's Conviction Bureau looked into whether someone else kidnapped Heidi Allen, CNYCentral discovers instead of taking a hard look at the case, they hardly looked at all.

As convicted kidnapper Gary Thibodeau sat in prison critically ill, new evidence emerged that another man may have been responsible for the kidnapping of Allen in 1994. While a judge heard the case, the Oswego County District Attorney offered to take it to the New York Attorney General's Conviction Review Bureau.

The D.A. hailed that move as a chance for an outside party to review the kidnapping case, and offer analysis on whether an innocent man was serving time in prison. The defense team was skeptical.

Three years after the New York Attorney General's Conviction Bureau looked into whether someone else kidnapped Heidi Allen, CNYCentral discovers instead of taking a hard look at the case, they hardly looked at all.

As convicted kidnapper Gary Thibodeau sat in prison critically ill, new evidence emerged that another man may have been responsible for the kidnapping of Allen in 1994. While a judge heard the case, the Oswego County District Attorney offered to take it to the New York Attorney General's Conviction Review Bureau.

The D.A. hailed that move as a chance for an outside party to review the kidnapping case, and offer analysis on whether an innocent man was serving time in prison. The defense team was skeptical.

CNYCentral's Matt Mulcahy asked the D.A. whether there was ever a final report from Conviction Review Bureau. In fact, we filed a "Freedom of Information Request" to the New York Attorney General asking for any findings or conclusions on the case.

Wednesday on NBC3 at 11, Matt Mulcahy shows us what was in that file, and we speak to District Attorney Greg Oakes about why he still takes validation from the C.R.B. report.

Plus, why an advocate for the wrongly convicted in New York State calls the Conviction Review Bureau "a sham."
Very illllllllllllllllllllll

November 14-15/18

Oakes lmao
If you have a dishonest sheriff dept you also have a lack of integrity in the DA OFFICE Hilton will learn very quickly Oakes and Moody are jokes, laughing stocks and why because they lie. Good luck working with them Hilton you won't get anywhere with ignorance trying any one of the cases you bring. Mulcahy is just getting started one thing wrong w Gary's case none of the reporters ever fact checked a thing they said it's coming.

Heidi Allen disappearance
What was Brett Law so afraid of that he didn’t get a lawyer as Greg advised? Does he not care to find out what truly happened to the love of his life (at the time)? Hey Brett, did your Bronco have a tire rack on the back? It was two-toned, wasn’t it? What time did you really leave the D&W that morning? Who was Your alibi? Were you abusive to Heidi like you were to your former girlfriend?

Darn that king for not allowing the Defense to call more witnesses based on the 11th hour document dump by the Prosecution as he said he would!! Does that also make king a sitting Liar? Or is it acceptable to “change his mind”? Like he changed his mind that “it is indisputable” that Heidi was a CI to no, she’s not. He did realize it was on the record that he said she was?.

Several really good suspects from the investigation in 1994 but yet they settled on someone who wasn’t even at the D&W the morning of April 3, 1994?!? Wheeler, Yerdon, Todd, Dodd, you males were just too smart for the average people in your community. How has it worked for Todd closing the case? Maybe if they had been looking in the right direction all along, WE would know. I pray that competent, intelligent investigators with some integrity can find the answer. Start by going over the original witnesses police statements vs any more recent interviews/statements. THIS IS STILL AN OPEN MISSING PERSON CASE!! You will see that 2 were falsely accused and one falsely convicted on speculation and supposition. Refer to the Judge’s instructions on this web page to see how the verdict DID NOT match the evidence presented. OH……, competent investigator, please explain how a shovel, that wasn’t even confiscated or proven to belong to the defendants, was admitted as evidence in Gary’s trial. Explain how Dodd was able to have a witness testify when he didn’t follow proper procedure to seat the witness. There really shouldn’t be so many questions if it was a fact that Gary was responsible for Heidi disappearing!!

Still Praying That Justice comes for those truly involved and for those who hide the TRUTH!!


November 14-15/18






Today's Quote November 13/2018

The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them.

Benjamin Jowett



Reply to Jenn wescott
Re: Jenn's interview with Pietroski
Might I suggest reading the transcript of the interview in Lisa P. filing for the Hearing.

I understand now about "August". But when I listened about a month ago I know I heard her say August to Pietroski.

Now go to it on You Tube and listen at 38 minutes into the tape and now she says "last week".

Do you honestly think that all these hints etc are forgiven because she denies it? It's on the tape.

So all you have to do is lie about it and then it's over?

There are just too many mistakes said and done without the OCSD really pushing for answers.

Remember it was the inv. that was telling Tonya what to ask and Oakes right after that told Tonya that it wasn't credible...why not?

This was a cover up and guess who the big big boys that Steen that Heidi was getting ready to rat on were.

All this and I don't remember one time that the OCSD mentioned any suspected coke dealers....I wonder why.

November 11-12/18

Continental Arms Collectors exhibits at Oswego Elk's Veterans Day Dinner


November 11-12/18

Trump cancels visit to US cemetery in France for WWI ceremony because it rained!


November 11-12/18

Re: Continental Arms Collectors exhibits at Oswego Elk's Veterans Day Dinner.
Very nice, thanks. Larry


Post Turtle







Today's Quote November 11-12/2018

Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground.
David Icke

Re: Jenn's interview with Pietroski
Might I suggest reading the transcript of the interview in Lisa P. filing for the Hearing.

August 1994 was the month Roger and 2 others, one being Dick Murtaugh, took the blue van from Gary's property while he was in jail for the kidnapping charges. As we KNOW, that blue van was on the property for the June 1994 and July 1994 searches of Gary's property. Wasn't it Murtaugh who was trying to twist that disabled van into being the one junked with Heidi's remains inside? Pretty clever for those who aren't schooled in the Facts to believe....Meaning, that nonsense is EASILY refuted as has been shown time and time again. Wonder why someone would go to so much trouble to twist facts as he has? Notice how that idiot shuts up when he is faced with someone who DOES know the facts!!

I guess she DID say something verifiable but the dopes Greg and Jimmy discounted all her interviews because she is a known liar. Notice how Pietroski didn't ask Jenn where she was when she dropped out of school in 1994? Couldn't be because she went to FL with Roger after Heidi disappeared just like has been said and came back in August. Naww. Wouldn't make sense that they came back because they couldn't make it in FL. Speaking of stealing vans that are junked at a scrapyard....remember a while back about a guy from Oswego junking a stolen car, what was his name? Dale Tracy. Was it Murtaugh's yard that had the stolen vehicles? I apologize for the rambling connection to Murtaugh and stolen vehicles. https://www.syracuse.com/crime/index.ssf/2017/02/oswego_county_many_stole_suv_car_sold_them_for_scrap_police_1.html

"Even liars sometimes tell the truth." How convenient to fall back on, "it's not unusual for a witness to change their story many times, doesn't mean they are lying." when it suites their needs. *cough, Ackerman*

November 11-12/18

Sessions realized too late that Whitaker was auditioning for his job


November 11-12/18

Last soldier killed in World War 1. *1 minute* before the Armistice went into effect.


road salt
Quanity should be 15,000 tons not lbs.

November 11-12/18

Oswego auctions
Not only did we overbuy on sand, looks like there will be no more hayrides, either!



November 11-12/18

Matthew Whitaker's controversial prosecution of a gay Democrat


November 11-12/18

Don't think Gary Thibodeau's case is over yet


November 11-12/18

After Getting Phantom PhD From New York Family Court, Father Appeals and Gets Another Fabricated Degree


code word
Wednesday when authorities said a white SUV pulled up to them and its male driver urged the girl to get in. The man told the girl that her brother had been in a serious accident and she needed to come with him, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said.
Instead of immediately complying, the girl asked the man for the “code word,” which she had chosen with her parents in case such a situation occurred. The man, not knowing the word, drove away.

November 11-12/18







Today's Quote November 9-10/2018

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
Vladimir Lenin

Federal Judge Halts Construction Of Keystone XL Pipeline


November 9-10/18

"No Respect"
President Donald J Trump complained on cable TV on Friday morning that he and the White House doesn't get any respect. Who is going to respect anyone who calls women losers, Dogs, horse faces, mentally unstable and not smart at all? I, in all my years have never heard such language out of the commander and chief. Doesn't he think that if you want a little respect you need to give some? This man has divided the Country as it has never been divided before. Is the United States gradually becoming The Divided States? I have NEVER seen a President criticize an opposing party such as this man has! The more this man opens his "Pie Hole" the more stupid he looks! What is even worse is his "Cult" that cheers the idiot on at his rallies. Can people be this dumb just because they are a member of his political party? Wake up people! This bone head figures that he can make his own rules and do whatever he wants to do. One thing he can learn is to give Human Beings a little Respect if he wants himself and the White House to get more Respect! He is the reason why I will NEVER be a member of the Republican Party again! Why? Because Mitch and his fellow Republicans are afraid to stand up for what is right. The only Republican Senators that did stand up for what was right were those not running for Re-Election, Gee, I wonder why?

November 9-10/18

Fires on Porter St.
I read on this site that Mr. Bill R. the slum lord has had a second house on the same street burn to the ground. First it was his #16 Porter St. now I understand it was his #9 Porter St. What are the odds of that happening? I wonder how many more of this slum lords houses have burned down? It would be sure interesting to find out. I guess some people have bad luck! I know this wouldn't be for insurance purposes because a former C.O.P. would never do anything like that.
Would he?

November 9-10/18

Jenn's interrogation with Petrowski
I mentioned awhile ago about 38 minutes into the video that Pietroski asked her when this happened and Jenn said “August” and the tape jumped.

Now I watched it again last night and she seems to say “last week”.

I know I heard August about a month ago and even sent it to Lisa as it looked like the video was edited.

Anyone have a copy to listen to and then listen again on You Tube now…38 minutes into video.

Anyone have proof that I am mistaken about hearing “August”.

Please let me know.
Sent from Mail for Windows 10

November 9-10/18

road salt
I see on www.auctionsinternational.com that Oswego dpw is auctioning off 15,000lbs of 50/50mix of sand and salt.Can't they use this ?Bid is at $11.00 now.Can't they sell this or give it to the surronding towns?So much for government consolidation.Aren't we supposed to help each other?

November 9-10/18

Oldman at the dump
Hey give the guy a break, he's been down in the dumps lately, he really can't help his trash talk, all he hears is garbage all day. If he can't do it there he goes home and dumps on the wife.

November 9-10/18









Today's Quote November 8/2018

Bad officials are the ones elected by good citizens who do not vote.
George Jean Nathan

RE: Old man at the Oswego dump
I too have had my unpleasant dealings with this ignoramus, and he finally mouthed off to me on the wrong day! I went straight home and fired off an email to the man in charge....NOT his supervisor, but the solid waste manager.
I have been hearing complaints about this giant douche for years, and I have concluded that he must have SOMETHING on SOMEBODY, or he would have been handed his walking papers long ago.
Always the miserable bastard, he has verbally accosted people at the station about everything from how they back in (some just don't have the knack for it), to what they are throwing away!
In my case, I was totally right in what I was discarding, and he lit into me like I was pissing in his coffee cup!
The other guys are decent, and helpful, but this guy is a pimple on the ass of humanity, and should be dismissed, not simply "spoken to"..........which does happen, because he won't even make eye contact with me after my letter to his boss!

Oswego (and being treated like a paying customer) Luver

November 8/18

Lock Him Up!
Kavanaugh was given his seat on the Supreme Court for one reason..to block the release of Trump's tax returns. Trump's tax returns will prove that he is nothing but a gangster compromised by Moscow and beholding to the Russian oligarchs who've funded his career over the decades.
Lock HIM Up!

November 8/18






Today's Quote November 4-7/2018

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
John C. Maxwell

Old man at Oswego dump
This is to the old guy at the dump in Oswego this morning 11/3/18 around 9:30 a.m. .
I had dropped a piece of glass which could have punctured someone else's tire and I asked my wife to grab a broom and sweep it into the pit so nobody slipped on it or ran over it. She was throwing trash in due to my recent surgery and inability to lift.
When you walked by out of your stupid mouth comes this ( don't ya think it would be faster if ya did it yourself ?) this was because I was pointing out to my wife where the glass was.
I would like to mention what a coward you were you old big mouth when I after saying I would be doing it but I had surgery. You were not so mouthy when I told you to go f$&@ yourself .
This guy was driving a vehicle ( Jeep Compass )that had a very visible handicap plaque????? Well you visibly did not look handicap (which is none of my business )even though you do have a keeping your mouth shut disorder.
A word of advice to you sir. Keep your big mouth shut because if your not being spoken to there is no need for you to speak especially a shitty comment. Old age does not give you a right to shoot your mouth off without repercussions . To you I would give this advice. Shut your trap because a one second shitty comment could buy you a load of trouble and especially the recipient of your stupidity does not need issues due to a reaction to your nonsense .
I would like to wish this guy good luck in the future because he needs luck he obviously has relied on it through life thus far. To all : remember if it's not concerning you and nobody is being harmed walk by without comment.


 November 4-7/18

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
Watching again and started to think about all the jumps in the interrogation videos.

Just looking for any clues.

Here are some:

When Jenn told them that they brought her to her house in MB's van, why wasn't this investigated???? It's valuable info.

MB got a fax. Well on the fax there should have been a phone number, time, date and # of pages...did they look...nope.

Why would Richard kidnap Heidi at 7:42, kill her, get rid of the body, take Gary home, pick up his girlfriend and drive to Corey's house arrive 9am and do all this in 1hr 20 minutes.

Then call the cops at 10 am and tell them he was there. He doesn't know the laws, if they could search his van.

Why didn't they ask him right there if they could search his van?
Because they knew who did it, covered for them and no evidence found that early would have helped both brothers.

Smh if anyone interested in investigating the OCSD and this crime even listens to Jenn "confess" has got to think why the OCSD didn't follow up...but it's all on tape.

Maybe I am hoping to hard but if Lisa wins there will be an investigation.
It happened in Chicago and captain got 4 years after they found how they were getting confessions by beating people in a building they used.

Ya know what, I think this crime could have been solved just on what they were told. 10 ppl saying they heard Steen and Roger and MB saying they killed her. If just one of them said it then that could be just a lie but all 3 did, to 10 people and King says it's not credible.

You know what's really not credible King...you! Take a poly and prove that you didn't throw this case for you know who....you'll never pass it.

If you know anything contact Lisa and the FBI, both in Syracuse. Do not contact the OCSD because some of them were involved in all of this.

I was told by a well known person back then that "it's coming in from the airport." And the people said they saw county issued vehicles going in there at 3-4 am.

Hmmm, that's enough suspicious events for me.

The DA didn't want to arrest them, nor did the OCSD investigators, or the Sheriff, or the Oswego Police, or the new DA.

Naw there was no cover up.



November 4-7/18

School Taxes
How is it that the Schoolboard is not telling the tax payers, that taxes could be lowered approx $ 300.00 per year, per property owner! And some of the B.S. claims of the code work , are B.S !
Hope to see you on Dec 5 th .

November 4-7/18

tax payer money
As I recall Oswego recieved some 10 million dollars from the state to revamp areas of the city. among other things and area.s I saw that the GOOD GUYS BARBERSHOP received around 25,000 dollars, (I think). Why? From what I have see this business is crazy thriving with customers all over the place waiting. Why would a business at this level get any of our taxpayer money at all.

All of these GRANTS are money we taxpayers contribute to the state. The state has no money of its own. These ridiculous grants take money that could be used for those poor and suffering or job training etc.

It is not legal for the state to give money to private business, they circumvent this with these development corporations that are corrupt as we have seen lately

If anyone can explain this situation to me pleaes do-Don't forget that NY states debt is at least 100% of its GDP, the worst in the country even worse than California.

November 4-7/18

9 Porter Street
Another Bill Ruggio shit box burns to the ground.

November 4-7/18

Confused to be me
Whey did the OCSD investigators interrogate Jenn Wescott about the taped call with Tonya even after Oakes told Tonya that there wasn’t anything credible on the call?

This is like a jelly bean hunt. The more you search, the closer you get.


November 4-7/18

Bush’s tree service
FYI: they went into a persons yard without permission and cut down 10 trees, because their neighbor said it was ok....all of the trees were 20+ feet high... irreplaceable
Sent from my iPhone


November 4-7/18

I agree with Mr. Castiglia Jr., that BARCLAY HAS TO GO, Sixteen years of padding his pockets, and done nothing to bring jobs or anything to this area. HE is MAYOR BARLOWS hero, they both have only taken care of themselves. VOTE BARCLAY OUT, WE NEED NEW BLOOD IN THERE


November 4-7/18

Re: Hit & run
TJ Powers local republican businessman was not charged with hit and run because the woman was not in crosswalk. Coleman is his lawyer? If he went straight to his lawyer's office after the accident wouldn't that tend to indicate that he was aware that he hit someone and then drove off? He claims he has no memory of hitting anything (except there were 2 witnesses.)

November 4-7/18

Taking Credit
The 2019 budget for the town of Scriba has resulted in a 42% tax decrease from 2018.
How the Property Tax Works
Real property tax is a valorem tax which means that it is based on the value of property.
Property tax is based totally on how much the property is worth. It Is not based off of how much you earn or how much you spend as much as Robbie wants Scriba Town constituents to believe. (that only applies to income tax and sales tax)

What Determines the Tax Rate?
( not Robbie Ramsey)

The tax rate is determined by dividing the total amount of money that has to be raised from the property ( the levy) by the assessed value of taxable real property in a municipality.

The amount of the tax bill depends on both the assessment and tax rate, which is based on the tax levy. Not Robbie Ramsey.

Taxes are apportioned so that the parts of the district in the different municipalities each pay their fair share of the district tax levy. Not because of Robbie Ramsey.

The tax rate is determined by the amount of the tax levy. First, the taxing jurisdiction (the school district, the town, county, etc.) developed and adopts a budget. Revenue from all sources other than the property tax ( state aid, state tax revenue, user fees, etc.) is determined. These revenues are subtracted from the original budget and the remainder becomes the tax levy. It is the amount of the tax levy that is raised through property taxes.

Little boy Robbie blue, ‘Tis not you that made this tax decrease happen. Can we please be crystal clear on this? Although you would like for us constituents to believe it is all because of you. You just so happen to be the voice (for now).

“The reduction in town taxes was driven by continued uncertainty regarding the taxes to be received by Exelon”. “With uncertainty comes fiscal responsibility,” said Town Supervisor Rob Ramsey. “We continue to negotiate with Exelon on the appropriate amount of taxes they should be paying for FitzPatrick. Those negotiations, as well as a lawsuit filed by Exelon, will likely continue into 2019, and therefore I applaud myself for taking a very cautious approach to this year’s budget as I look out for the interests of my 6,800 residents” - ( therefore we the constituents applaud - you for your idiocracy).

Robbie, what did you do? Did you rehearse this for the paper?

November 4-7/18

Barclay has done little
Barclay has done very little. We have seen Oswego County falling apart. Jobs lost, school systems in trouble to mention a few. I have never heard of even a suggestion from this guy.

He has become too complacent and we NEED a new representative.

Time for a new face and a fresh brain to take control.

**** remember the GOP wants the ins. Cos. To regain control for health ins. The republicans want to do away with preexisting conditions coverage.

So if you get sick and can’t afford their idea of insurance for us you have to pay. And if you can’t, you may die if the illness is serious.

What insurance do the Congressman, Senators, legislators in DC have? Not what we will be getting if the GOP controls both Houses.

And you younger people don’t think that you won’t get ill….their are children’s hospitals full of kids with illnesses like cancer.

But the GOP gives tax subsidies to companies that donate to them.

I asked a republican on my porch once…” can you name one thing the GOP has done for the poor, middle class or the country? He walked away without answering.


November 4-7/18










Today's Quote November 2-3/2018

It's not what you pay a man, but what he costs you that counts.

Will Rogers




Reuel Todd, and Gene Sullivan, what were your minions up to last night? Driving up to my home and shining their spot light into my home and my car. Then when they saw me in my entry way , they turned around and sat beside my neighbors driveway for over 10 minutes, WHY? My neighborhood was dark and quiet, I surely didn't call them, I never would until the department is run by an honest and reputable man, Don Hilton! This was harassment, pure and simple! I will not change my views or support for people who have been mistreated. The next time one of your "supporters" come to my home uninvited, I will call the New York State Police, and tell them I am being harassed by the Oswego County Sheriff's Department Deputies. Save your nonsense for someone who might be afraid, shine your spotlight where the sun doesn't shine! Go bother one of your buddies, pals, you know the illegal ones! You had no business being here! After sitting in the road for 10 minutes, wasting time, you both drove away. Was it you who let the air out of 3 of my ties a few weeks back? Watch out, you never now when a camera is around! I hope no one with an emergency was ignored because 2 cars were sitting doing nothing.


 November 2-3/18



Man Says Republican Senate Candidate Literally Took His Health Care Away

November 2-3/18



Time for a change in state Assembly



 November 2-3/18



Republicans taking from the poor

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

The rep. party has always attacked the poor. They tend to go easier on the middle class because there are a lot of us. The poor tend not to vote…big mistake. It’s only one hour every 2-3 years and it’s important.


Look at Texas and Alabama. If you make 4k you cannot get Medicaid in Ala. 8k in Texas a state    I  consider a sewer politically, judicially and social concerns for the people.


Rich, poor or in between we are all citizens and I will bet any poor person would love to have money. It may or may not be their fault.


John Boehner preached “for, by and with the people,, but when we needed unemployment extensions he said no. Few months later after he told Obama “NO” to more border money  he gave oil cos. $29 billion in tax subsidies.


See how this works: they donate heavily to the republicans and they get it back with tax breaks.


WE WAIST TO MUCH MONEY GIVING TO THE RICH. They DO NOT need it, but want more.

Voting in any representative to DC for the republicans is hurting you and you future generations.


 November 2-3/18



west 5th st




 November 2-3/18




The shooting instance that recently occurred in Oswego, will be soon forgotten, replaced by some other atrocities, or another drug bust, a welfare fraud, or a gang fight on West  bridge street.


However, a man has had his life altered forever. The victim here, not many Oswegonian are recognizing, as he was not a face in the Pall times, a name in the court system or a local druggie. No. .  This man is a soft spoken loving vibrant gentle soul. After watching him interact with his little daughter for only five minutes,  one would see a deep love exchanged. A regular dad, a loving partner in a devoted relationship.  Never have I even heard a cuss word from his mouth. A fun loving , sports loving , intelligent human being. His overall look ,not one of malice, or  brutality, , but one of a friendly normal guy. A neighbor.  An Oswegonion. Like you. Like me.


What can now be said as people move on with life in Oswego?  Mr. Boone must learn to somehow survive. This man is ALL OF US.  We are our brothers keepers. What ever happened to this community?  I remember as a child in Oswego, growing up, if you saw it start to rain and your neighbor's clothing was hanging on their clothes line, you would take them down, put them in their basket, and put them in side their door, which was unlocked.   If you were walking to 1st grade, the 3rd and 4th graders watched out for you. Small nuanced memories? Perhaps. But a kinder and safer time.  Why is it so hard to be kind and accepting of one another?  What makes someone so full of the need to hurt another human?


I'm personally very much for our 2nd Ammendment, our right to bear arms,  to protect oneself, home, kids, even our pets.  To responsibly carry a permitted weapons, and be safe in our own surroundings.The right to bear arms, not the right to maim, kill or  attack shamelessly


That being said, one thing jumps out to me over and over about this violent repeat trigger pulling assault with a firearm.


The shooter simply wanted, needed to shoot that weapon. He needed  to repeatedly shoot into a man. A human he did not even know existed before that day.  Like a  much more innocent 10 year old boy with a pocketful of quarters burning itsrlf into his desire to buy candy.  But much more dangerously to act on an impulse he allowed himself to dwell on from East 1st and Bridge str  down to Duer and Utica. The trigger just  became his focus.  His deepest desire was to pull that trigger.

He HAD to put his  deepest deadly desire filled hand on that weapon and fire, fire, fire. Because he wanted to. Wanted to shoot that gun.


I don't ever want to have a neighbor like this. Do you? Please don't ever forget or become desensized to this horrific act.


 November 2-3/18








Today's Quote November 1/2018

Only votes talk, everything else walks.

Dan Rather

Reply to Attempted Murder
LMFAO, you are probley right about that. Oakes smh, what do you say? We all know good and bad things eventually come to and end. Someday that bitch karma will catch up with him. Someday his time as DA will be a miserable memory, but for now OZ is lawless and the blame lays on Gary Thibodeau and why because Oakes has no balls. He never has, he never will. Its easier to lay blame than to do his job. I at first thought Hilton would deal with this. As time passes, starting to believe no one ever will. Takes integrity and gutts to go against them all, not sure anyone in OZ possesses that trait.


November 1/18

Road rage shooting.
Why aren't they releasing the name of the man shot?

November 1/18

According to Syr.com he is Nigel Boone.


Telemarketers stop them with

Enter 12 numbers you want to be able to call you and you will never get another telemarketing call again.

Draw back is only 12 ppl. can call you, but you can turn it off for a day if u are expecting a caller from not on your *64 list.

Works like a charm.

November 1/18






Today's Quote October 31/2018

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.
Adolf Hitler

Republican or Democrats ?
Republicans want to take from Social Security and Medicare to pay for the 1.9 million dollar tax cut for the richest.
Democrats want to protect Social Security and Medicare. This will affect all of us at some point in time even if your not currently on one or the other people.
The time to vote Republican just because it is your party, well I have a bulletin for you folks. The more Republicans that win, the more it will cost you in the long run. Trump has basically taught the majority of them how to lie!

October 31/18


Road Rage
With the f*d up traffic patterns, proliferation of random sequenced traffic lights, and parked vehicles in traffic lanes, it’s a wonder road rage shootings don’t happen every day. Granted, the shooter in this instance had a dead short to ground long before this event. Did anyone notice the barrels and new lines that went up after the shooting? The shooting victim’s attorney probably has a cause of action against the city for contributing to this incident through their ignorant indifference to a comprehensive traffic plan. Again, does anyone know who is the moron in charge of traffic in this city? - Louie Turn


October 31/18

I Hear Attica is Nice This Time of Year - I Suggest the 23 Hours a Day in Punk City Option
With 2000 video cameras and guards of all races Schrader should have a lovely time at his final resting place. The Brotherhood is waiting to meet and greet him. They know who he is now. Prison's a bitch, and the Brotherhood runs it..not the Aryan Nation - they're too busy playing Thor and butt fucking each other. I suggest that Schrader bone up on Odinism so he can pretend to be one of the Aryans, it will give him a tiny advantage. Odinism is a pagan religion but I'm sure he'd rather be having sex with white men (most of the time) and he's obviously already no Christian.Too bad Schrader will never be able to vote again, not that his vote ever helped this country. If he already wears dentures that will save him the pain of having his teeth knocked out for easy access. There is no white only housing at Attica or any other prison in NYS his cellmates will not be sharing his race or his views.I hope that thought makes his sphincter pucker. He should also get rid of the beard he already looks like a pedophile doing life with that pervert face and besides they'll only grab onto it to hold his head still while they pretend his hairy face is Ann Coulter's jungle bush.He'll also be shocked to learn that in prison the white man is the new "Nigerian"


October 31/18

Cloned Caller ID
It really sucks when telemarketers/scammers clone your phone number, it's even worse when it's the number of a local business. I received 4 scam calls from Castiglia Lawn and Snow's cloned phone number this morning. The scammer seemed unaware of the number he was calling from. I answered the call with "hello Castiglia Lawn and Snow". When you answer the phone using the name on caller ID it messes them up.They become speechless. I especially love the Indian scammers who get so angry when you play along and waste their time. They go nuts and start swearing in Hindu when they discover you're screwing with them. Have you gotten calls from a fake employment agency saying that they're calling you back because you expressed interest in one of their job listings? I did and proceeded to give him all the info he "needed" SS# DOB etc..of course i made the numbers up and wasted 15 mins of his day. He thought he made a score but "no commission for you sucker"

October 31/18

Fugitive of the Week
I'm fairly certain I've seen this clown in Oswego before.Does he look familiar to anyone?


October 31/18

Reply to good aim
If you hate because a person looks different from you ( which takes an IQ of around .439 & your such a racist, why don't you drive to Harlem and see how you do.

October 31/18

It's Official: Schrader Shooting A Hate Crime
Unfortunately the Oswego PD and our Nazi DA think otherwise. The shooter is just another Trump scumbag. Funny, but all of Trump's hit men go straight to jail. I can't wait for the networks to pick up this story that Oakes is so desperately trying to hide from national attention. Oakes will become the story. So will the police who investigated it. Oswego will become the hometown of not only the largest pedophile population in 3 counties but also known for our obese impotent gun-toting Trump fascists who like to talk out of their fat stupid drunk asses. Morons every one. Apparently there is a direct correlation between the size of the penis and the caliber of the gun. In Schrader's case the .40 cal indicates that he has 4 inches or less. I also can't believe that a known drunk wasn't drunk. The cops think they did him a favor by not charging him with DUI? Maybe it was the lack of alcohol in his system at the time that fueled his rage? Not an Aryan just another mongrel that Hitler would have sent to the labor camps. NOTE: The whitest population in the world are not Aryans they're Scandinavians and they aren't killing anyone (see link) Your other hero Putin is no White Russian either. You can see the Tatar in his face. LOL Convincing the world that he's a white man is his most effective piece of propaganda since he got Trump elected by...you guessed it lying.


October 31/18




I watched the debate or Q&A with Katko and Balter. I was surprised by the civility and thought Katko did a little better until the end when Katko tried to straddle the fence on the Route 81 renovation and then when Balter asked him about campaign donations from Microsoft. Katko tried to dismiss the question as "nonsense" and an attack on his integrity. He just would not answer the question. Up until then he had the better game but pissed it all away on those two points. He would not take a stand on RT 81 just like he will not stand up to Trump and it sure looks like he sold his vote to Microsoft for a contribution.


October 31/18





Today's Quote October 30/2018

Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.
Anne Frank


Hate Crimes
It seems like every time we have a hate crime the friends and families of the victims say they will forgive rather than give in to hate. That mentality will just get you more dead people. Conservatives and conservative Republicans hate everyone that is not one of them. These are the kind of people that sent millions to the gas chambers seventy-five years ago. They are not good at heart. You can not reason with them. They are evil through and through. They will chase you down on your hometown streets and shoot you in the back.

All these rallies staged by Trump are a disguise for mobilizing an army of psychotics and sociopaths. He then uses Twitter to direct them towards the people he wants attacked and or killed. It is exactly like Hitler and the brown Shirts. Anyone who wears a hat that says “make America great again” or anyone that displays a sign supporting Trump Pence is someone you should be very wary of. They follow Trump like Zombies and with the touch of a send button they can become the next mass murders. If you own a gun keep it loaded and handy. If you do not you better get one while you still can.

Of late Trump has been winding up his army of crazies and pointing them at the caravans of migrants coming through Mexico and of course the media which does not treat him fairly. So do not be surprised when you hear that someone opens fire on these men women and children.

Democrats just want everything to go back the way it was when they were in control. If they have a message I have not heard it. If they have a platform I have not seen it. Instead of taking a realistic stand on immigration they are just sitting back waiting for Trump to make an ass hole of himself again.

People like John Katko who try and play both sides are just enablers. If he really cared about the voters he would stand up to Trump but the only thing he cares about is getting re elected.


October 30/18


Attempted murder in Oz
Let’s call it what it really is........a hate crime. Oaks will let the shooter go and say Gary Thibodeau did it.


October 30/18

Ars Technica: GM wants alternative to fuel economy standards from Obama, rollback from Trump.


October 30/18

The Media Is Part Of The Problem
It took the media almost a year to Call Trump the liar he is. How long will it take to call him out for the hate crimes he is instigating.

October 30/18

Schrader = Brown Shirt
Why hasn't the national media picked up on the Schrader story yet? I know, too much competition from the other fat impotent alcoholic "red hats" (read "Brown Shirts") Wiki: brown shirts and you'll find that people like Schrader are the equivalent of Hitler's brown shirts. Note: Hitler's brown shirts were "eliminated" by him after their usefulness ended. Also Wiki: the German American Bund. Bundists were American nazis who held fund raisers for Hitler all across the country including Schiller Park in Syracuse. Several of the homes at the bottom of the hill there were built by local nazis and are easily identified by the swastika patterns in the brick chimneys visible from outside. (Google maps,street view) Italians did the same thing for Mussolini. They had competing festivals in the park where all the old grannies would "donate" all their gold jewelry to the cause.
Note: Hitler had a very low opinion of Bundists. He referred to them as "mongrels" and an embarrassment to him. Remember "white" people, NONE of you would have been white enough for Hitler and just like then, none of you are rich enough for Trump now. You are all such sycophantic suckers that even PT Barnum would have pitied you.
Soyac was so ashamed that he was the son of a Filipino immigrant that he denied his ancestry and instead pretended to be one of the original inhabitants of the entire continent. When he looks in the mirror he hates what he sees. Trump is the virtual co-defendant in every one of these cases but he won't help you fools.

PS if i were one of Schrader's friends i'd stop going to diner's or anyplace where white people don't work in the kitchen.(that's right you've all been eating things you couldn't choose from the menu) The white waitresses hate you for other reasons. Also white people DO shoot white people it's just that we haven't shot the right white people yet but don't worry you'll get plenty of return fire that none of you can outrun soon enough (because you're all morbidly obese impotent alcoholics) Your kind also includes the lowest number of people who actually served in the military. That fact makes me wonder if you all aren't just faggot blowhards or maybe you were all draft dodgers like Trump and his grandfather? Most of you were never good enough to wear the uniforms and if you did you're disgracing them now. You ignorant fucks make anarchy look appealing.


October 30/18


Claudia Tenney
Claudia Tenney got Oliver North a disgraced ex Marine to endorse her. How desperate is that.

October 30/18


Seweing seeds



October 30/18

Reply to starving artist
leave superviser ramsay alone.he is doing a good job. we thought he was sick or something with how thin he is now. but if it is his wife starving him because he cheated that is just stupid. he is a grown man and can feed himeslf. we voted for him and he is a good cop and a good code enforcer.

October 30/18











Today's Quote October 29/2018

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose.
Bill Gates


Republicans in denial


October 29/18

Re: No One Cares
Trump, Oaks, Dodd, the Todds, Cesar Sayoc, Tom Schrader, Robert Bowers are all Trump Republicans. They have no shame no morals no conscience no scruples and they sleep very well at night.


October 29/18

The Republican's amnesia
Still, Mr. Trump’s top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said in a recent interview that the administration had to be tougher on spending and would begin to consider “the larger entitlements” — Social Security and Medicare are the two biggest social insurance programs —

- Corporate Welfare = $260 billion per year for rich Fortune 500 Companies
- $29 billion for oil tax subsidies
- Billions to large farm conglomerates
- Billions for Pharmaceutical cos. in the form of tax cuts
- Huge PERMANENT tax cuts for the rich and the corporations. Why do the rich need tax cuts? Well they don't, but the fund the republican party so heavy that they get them.
- Subsidies for tobacco farmers..paid not to grow..scam scam scam.
- When oil cos. were renting Deep Water Horizon at $225k per day, we let them write off 75% of their expense.






October 29/18


Attempted Murder In Oz
The cops are telling us the shooting of a 34 year old black man was road rage. There was a traffic dispute of some kind near East First and Bridge. Then the shooter who was armed with a semi automatic pistol followed the victim to East Tenth and Utica St. Where he shot him in the back. That is premeditation but because he is a loyal Trump supporter Oaks will find a way to lower the charges or drop them altogether. What the OPD is not telling anyone is the wound to the victims abdomen was an exit wound.


October 29/18

202 E. Fifth St.
The unlawful to occupy signs have been replaced with:

October 29/18

RE: Just Sayin
No I would call that a good aim.

October 29/18

Starving Artist? No. More like a Starving Deputy
What’s going on with Deputy Ramsey? After the affair it looks like his wife is starving him of more than just intimacy.
Get some meat on those bones! Winter is coming.

October 29/18








Today's Quote October 27-28/2018

There's a difference between a philosophy and a bumper sticker.
Charles M. Schulz

Track the Healthcare Lies Here:
healthcare https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes


How a politician actually votes is the ONLY reality. No fake news, No spin, just the facts that prove every Republican candidate in the entire country (except one) voted to repeal ALL aspects of your current healthcare with nothing even being considered to replace it.That's your medicare too,Granny! despite the lies you were told by Claudia Tenney at her recent healthcare seminar meant to fool you. In all 50 states Republican candidates NEED to lie to win.Why? because their truth?.. nobody would vote for!
The new mantra of the Republican party is "Lie Lie Lie". Lying to win isn't winning..it's cheating
and winning by cheating is always subject to review.Think of the Russian Olympic teams. All "gains" made this way will not stand the slightest scrutiny. This is a battle of good v evil. If you can't discern which side is evil then..you are NO Christian.

October 27-28/18

Ask for God's Forgiveness
God entrusted us to be the stewards of the Earth. We have all failed him with our greed and avarice. We are destroying (have destroyed?) God's most precious gift..our very lives. Without the Earth to sustain us we are doomed to extinction. While evil politicians scramble to own what is left of the earth with no concern for reversing the destructive environmental policies that are so profitable for the 2% of the most evil members of society the rest of us turn on each other. It's not a racial issue it's not an ethnic/religious issue it's a class issue - rich v poor. You are at the frontline of a war all right just not the war you think. We are engaged in a class war and if you are Not one of the 2% then you're on the wrong team! The rich will never give you anything.

October 27-28/18

Is It True?
I heard Schrader shot the other man multiple times while he was walking away from him.
Can’t wait for the TV stations to send someone down to MiMi’s in Fulton to get comments from all the red necked asshole Trumpers.

October 27-28/18


F**k Katko the Liar
I watched our local city employees place Katko signs all over town under the cover of darkness last night. If they weren't city employees the video i'm sending to Albany should clear up any questions. Also, will Katko be paying their overtime? I thought that the city putting up campaign signs was illegal? I'll have to file a complaint online with the state election commission. If you take one of these signs down you get arrested..all the proof you need to figure out that the city put the signs up. I suggest that the Democratic candidate place an equal number of signs right next to every Katko sign and see what happens. LOL

October 27-28/18

Bosco's Hit and Run Update
I was right the driver, still unidentified, was simply given a ticket (for leaving the scene of an accident?) Not sure what the ticket was for yet. The police claim that the "accident report" will not be ready for 2 weeks!!! until after the mid-terms?? Why? Is the driver a candidate? Are there any local politicians who regularly stop at Bosco's in the early AM that anyone is aware of?

October 27-28/18


Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight
No stand your ground law in NYS Thank God. Manslaughter is the appropriate charge. "I had to shoot, he reloaded his knife" May I suggest that the family of the shooting victim hire an attorney from another county. Perhaps the shooter will use the "Trump Defense"? "Our president encouraged my bad behavior, it's not my fault" " He looked black/foreign to me which was cause enough to shoot him" " I thought he was a Mexican" "He had a Bernie 2016 bumper sticker, I was doing my civic duty" "You can't arrest me, I'm a registered Republican, common laws don't apply to me" " He said fuck Trump when he saw my made in China MAGA hat"
Who gave him a pistol permit? He does have one, right? Gee Whiz, he might lose it.

October 27-28/18


Republicans in denial! They say they are not to blame for the ballooning federal deficit. (Even though they gave corporations a tax cut.) Trickle down does not work!
Instead of cutting taxes for people. Trump and the Republicans cut taxes for corporations. Now the tax payer is going to pay for those corporate tax cuts. Do not vote for any Republican during the mid-term election. Like New York State Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, or, Republican Congressman John Katko!



October 27-28/18

48 hours fact checking Trump


October 27-28/18

Fox News Fake Poll Results
Like many of you I've been assaulted over the phone by many different political surveys. I answered one the other day and knew right away from the slanted/trick questions that it was a Fox News survey and I was right. They announced the "results" of their fake survey just as I predicted. You may have recognized one of their questions: would you vote for health insurance that will cost every middle class American $1600 a month? Fact: the question is total BS with NO basis in fact just more scaremongering by desperate fascists.
The only hint of truth in their question is the fact that due to the tax breaks for the wealthiest 2% of Americans the middle class is already fucked by them.


October 27-28/18

WIKI: The Protocols of Zion
The book was written by Russian propagandists. Experts have determined the authorship beyond any reasonable doubt yet the fascists cling to it as their bible and the basis for all anti-Jewish propaganda. Fake news is nothing new and it's effects continue to harm for decades, long after the criminals are dead. Trump? he won't be so lucky. He's a simple gangster who aspires to be a Russian oligarch (or already is one!) Do you remember the story early in Trump's campaign about the Russian mobsters he hosted at his Atlantic City casino? I wonder if that's when he became indebted to Russia? It was also rumored at the time that Russians loaned him mad amounts of cash to prop up his real estate holdings. Melania? well RUSSIAN is her 1st language. Is she an FSB plant? Seems very likely.

October 27-28/18

Just Sayin
What would it be if say someone shot Trump … PATRIOTIC?

October 27-28/18

Go Fund Murtaghs
Beth Murtaghs on go fund me looking for hand outs and a cuddle buddy if anyone's interested. Get a job you dead beat. One of her sponsors happens to be Wescott go figure scum bags tend to stick together. You, cold yet Beth? Winters coming why not go ask your criminal brother to pay your power bill, instead of pan handling on go fund me that's meant for those in real need. LOSER!!

October 27-28/18

No one cares
Don't bank on anyone doing anything about those involved in Gary Thibodeau case. No one cares!! It's been clear for 5 years. You can only hope, pray that Oakes is voted out as he should be. Everything they took from everyone they've hurt should karma make its rounds then Oakes will be on her list.

October 27-28/18


John Ratko


October 27-28/18

No Short Term Memory Loss Here
Does anyone else remember the 1.5 million dollar confederate cannons? I wonder if they're still sitting in the storage shed? Ask Tom Kells

October 27-28/18



Obama slams GOP flip on healthcare


October 27-28/18

Looks Like A Good Movie







Today's Quote October 26/2018

Bachelors have consciences, married men have wives.
Samuel Johnson


Senate’s Out? Nobody’s Around? Perfect Time To Advance Trump’s Court Picks


October 26/18

202 E.5th St
All the adjacent property owners(3?) should have kicked in 1/3 each and bought the property and razed the house to widen their driveways/back yard. FYI there are many actually LICENSED demo companies that will raze the house and haul scrap away for FREE. NO NEED to hire PAULDINE or any other local SCUMBAGS. Only question is: would the 3 property owners get screwed on new tax appraisals? Answer: not if they are represented by the appropriate attorney for the job.
Hint: hire one from Onondaga Co.

October 26/18


202 E. Fifth St.
Big green sign in the window, “Unlawful to Occupy”. Beshures has been seen entering and exiting the premises. Let’s see how long Code Enforcement allows him to squat.

“So it was bad when Trump implied it might be fun if someone shot Hillary Clinton.”


October 26/18





Today's Quote October 25/2018

He that lives upon hope will die fasting.
Benjamin Franklin


202 E. Fifth St.
Paul Lyman, 205 Pople Ridge Rd. Mexico, NY acquired this dump at the recent county auction for $7500. Does Paul Lyman have a certificate of occupancy and a rental permit? The property is in extreme disrepair, as evidenced by the attached photos. Pigeons and rodents can be seen entering and leaving through holes in the rotted soffit.

Mr. Lyman rented this property to Kirk Beshures, on October 19, Mr. Beshures was arrested on a felony warrant.

The residents of our neighborhood take pride in our properties and work hard to maintain them. We do not want felons threatening our well being. The code violations are glaringly evident, even a blind man could see them. Code Enforcement: where are you? This place should be condemned and demolished.



October 25/18


Canada And The Van
Back in 1994-95 does anyone know if the border patrol searched junked vans or the like for drugs, guns or smuggling?

Apparently not because Steen never mentioned it that they did.

If they did, maybe this story of Heidi burned in a van is a diversion.

I know it's a long shot but so is Oakes' MA cliff story.

So who's lying...Steen or Oakes?

We know Oakes did because deputies watched Gary on the 4th, 5th and 6th.....the day Oakes said he went to MA.

How deep does this go?

Just reading the info it's easy to tell the OCSD ignored, failed to inv. or dismissed valuable info.

Jenn W. must be Houdini. She lied, failed a poly, went back and admitted that she was told, which proves she knew Roger and then escaped..err was let to walk away.

Just incredible after watching those videos. If someone walked into the OCSD and confessed would Oakes say..we don't believe him even after all the info he gave us just to squash anything that may lead to the truth?

" after 20 years I still have to tell you there were two vans."

And all was, when Jenn was brought in to maybe get some info from her...they did not use it.

But you guys may have three things to worry:

1. Lisa wins her Wrongful Conviction Case.

2. The FBI investigates your investigation and court proceedings.

3. Cuomo's Committee that investigates corrupt prosecutors.

OPPS! one more...if someone decides to come clean and take you down and you know what I mean don't you.

October 25/18

Before 9-11 I don’t think there was much of a Border Patrol presence around Oz.








Today's Quote October 23-24/2018

Out of difficulties grow miracles.

Jean de la Bruyere


Dog Catcher From Granby

The bitch dog catcher from Granby  is due back in Hannibal Town Court. There was another abuse case where the Judge gave the defendant his choice of probation or jail of course he took probation. Animal abuse cases aren’t taken seriously in OZ. They are letting every asshole plead down to move through the system faster. Word is Oaks has already made a deal that includes a small fine and ACD. When it is all over Oaks will come out with another one of those bullshit speeches about how his hands were tied and Albany needs to change the law.


October 23-24/18


Bumb Bell
The head of code enforcement is now the coordinator of people about to file bankruptsy. Saturday night at Kells Drug Fest/Halloween Party Bell and Kells got into it and Kells told the puppet mayor to fire him and out the door he went. His name is off the city website but they still list his email. This guy was getting 70K plus benefits for a do nothing job and he blew it. Officially he resigned. Now he will have to skim three times as much from the carwash to make the mortgage payments on that house he bought in Fair Haven. Lets hear everyone yell out a big LOOSER!


October 23-24/18

Trump Administration Launches New Attack On ACA's Pre-existing Protections


October 23-24/18

Pathfinder Bank Bought The Board Of Education Building
When are we going to hear the price?
How much did the taxpayers lose in that deal.


October 23-24/18


New Taco Bell
I was wondering if there is any news on the start of the new Taco Bell in Oswego. The store in Fulton is half done and i have only heard excuses as to why a completely vacant lot cant be built on. There are many vacant places in Oswego they could build on including the old dollar store near Walmart. Is this another chetney scam. Thank you

October 23-24/18


Did Anyone Get Anything On The Lottery?
I bought three tickets and on one ticket got three numbers. That is the most I ever got on that or the Power Ball. Maybe I’ll get my six bucks back.


October 23-24/18






Today's Quote October 21/2018

If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.
Lucy Larcom

Hope For Devon
Donate to get Devon to Oxford oxygen center in Michigan. It's the only hope he has to reheal


October 20/18

Another $63,000,000 Joke from the OCSD Board of Ed
Here we go again with the Oswego City School District Board of Education pushing another stupid spending plan. This whole approach is being pushed by two people (Callen and Bell) who should not even be on the board. Bell, by law should not be on the board yet he cast the deciding vote to put Airhead Callen in as president.
Callen has made some statements that proves she not capable of serving in any public office least of all, the school board. Here are a couple of here outstanding statements from Airhead Callen::
" Oswego City School District voters are ignorant", " we need to spend this money to keep and attract GOOD FAMILES,
meaning: they need to be well to do and not ECONOMICALLY DISADVANTAGED", " when I walk on the football field I am embarrassed".
First of all the voters in the city school district are not ignorant, as I remember last year they turned this same $60,000,000 project down by a 2 to 1 ratio.
Because Airhead comes from a well to do family and married into some money, she things the families in this district should be only well to do. Hey Airhead, 54% of the students in the OCSD are ECONOMICALLY DISADVANTAGED, a fact you should be aware of. The OCSD has lost over 350 students since 2015 and our teachers salaries are higher tan 90% of the other districts in the state. Why did we reduce the staff in 2016 only to put them back on in 2017?
Enrollment is down by 350 yet we have not considered closing a school, all which under utilized with exception of the high school which is at 76% utilization. The graduation rate is well below the state average. A graduation rate of 72% is what Airhead should be embarrassed by, not our grass fields.
Yes, there needs to be some cosmetic work done on the schools, and over the years that should have been a priority of the school board and each school principle in budgeting repairs.
It is ridicules to put $15-$20,000,000 into turf fields . Those fields have served the district for many years, not counting the fields at the middle school. This district can not get enough kids to put together a foot ball team and I'll be damned if I want to spend millions so the marching band can practice on turf.
Maybe Airhead and Dumb Bell should think about things like reducing the number of schools, getting the graduation rate up so 28% of our kids don't end up working at McDonalds, you know, the "Good Families". Should we do some work on some of the school, yes, but not $62,000,000. Turf fields are not going to improve the community, the city is still full of cheap houses owned by slumlords like Bell and Callen.
Why is the vote to be on Dec 17 right before the holidays and in the midlist of winter, reducing the voter turnout. Why are we spending additional money ($ 20 to $25,000) to run an election in December when this could be a simple proposition during the May 2019 regular School Board Election? Airhead, Dumb Bell, and the rest of the out-of-touch board members just love to spend our money on foolishness.
This proposition is again going down in defeat, and we need to start getting rid of the crooks like Bell and the Airheads like Callen from the board.


October 20/18

Re: Bet(c)h Murtaugh
I heard that not only does that female have to jump people to handle her problems, her girls have to join in too. And I don't mean her...

October 20/18


HuffPost: Angry Diners Confront Mitch McConnell In Louisville Restaurant.









Today's Quote October 20/2018

To win a woman, take her with you to see Dracula. Bela Lugosi
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/bela_lugo

To win a woman, take her with you to see Dracula.
Bela Lugosi


Letter to NYS Board of Elections (Please post)
To The New York State Board of Elections in Albany, N.Y. :
I am contacting you regarding a law that is in effect that I believe should be amended.
Our county Board of Elections follows a state law that says the statute of limitations is three days to challenge a petition of signatures collected by a candidate running for town office. I protested the signatures of a candidate running for office in my town but missed the deadline by a day.
I am sending you copies of these petitions. We reside in the town of Granby in Oswego County, N.Y. and these signatures are required to be only of people who reside in town. On the first page, this petition has signatures of persons indicating they live in the towns of Cicero, Camden, Constantia and Amboy. Not only do they not reside in our town, Cicero and Camden are not even in our county.
The second page not only includes signatures of people not residing in Granby, but pages 2 through 5 contain several duplicate signings by the candidate’s family members, who are local Republican Committee members. These people know the rules, and so have apparently knowingly committed fraud.
These pages are also signed by the chairman of the town’s Republican Committee, who is also a family member of the candidate. All this leaves the candidate well short of the number of valid signatures needed for her name to be on the ballot in November.
We, a group of concerned voters, took this matter to the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department. They agreed the petition was fraudulent, but said we could not press charges because of the three-day limitation.
The townspeople have been hurt by this law and we feel it should be changed. No candidate should be able to turn in petitions that are incorrect or fraudulent and, because no one challenged the signatures, still be able to run for office. For one thing, this is not fair to all the honest candidates who go out and actually work to meet people to get their signatures.
The candidate and the people who fraudulently signed her petition are making a mockery of our elections system and this is why we feel the law should be changed. Why even have a law if is so easily ignored and there is no enforcement?

I have been involved in local politics in the town of Granby for many, many years and I have never been so disappointed. People don’t want to get involved in government because of all the corruption and fraud, and now we have it right here in our small rural community and no one will do anything about it.
Thank you for your time, and I do hope to hear from you.
Rose Anthony
Town of Granby

October 20/18

§ 6–140
There shall be appended at the bottom of each sheet a signed statement of a witness who is a duly qualified voter of the state and who has not previously signed a petition for
another candidate for the same office. Such a statement shall be accepted for all purposes as the equivalent of an affidavit, and if it contains a material false statement, shall subject the
person signing it to the same penalties as if he or she had been duly sworn. The form of such statement shall be substantially as follows:
I, ……………………………………………… (name of witness) state: I am a duly qualified voter of the State of New York and now reside at …………………………………………………………………..(residence ad­dress).
Each of the individuals whose names are subscribed to this petition sheet containing ………(fill in number) signatures, subscribed the same in my presence on the dates above indicated and identified himself or herself to be the individual who signed this sheet.
I understand that this statement will be accepted for all purposes as the equivalent of an affidavit and, if it contains a material false statement, shall subject me to the same penalties as if I had been duly sworn.
Date: ……………………….
Signature of Wittness …………………………………………………………..

Off hand I can not find the section for penalties regarding the filing of fraudulent petitions. However it used to go something like…… it is a misdemeanor unless it effected the outcome of the election in which case it became a class E Felony.
So if the fraudulent petition enabled a candidate to get on the ballot and then lost the election it would be a misdemeanor but if the candidate won the election even if unopposed it would be a Felony.

If the petitions were so blatently fraudulent that any elections official could have reasonably been aware of their deficiencies then there is the possibility of those people who accepted the fraudulent petitions being guilty of misconduct.

§ 17–106.
Misconduct of election officers
Any election officer who wilfully refuses to accord to any
duly accredited watcher or to any voter or candidate any right
given him by this chapter, or who wilfully violates any provi­
sion of the election law relative to the registration of electors
or to the taking, recording, counting, canvassing, tallying or
certifying of votes, or who wilfully neglects or refuses to
perform any duty imposed on him by law, or is guilty of any
fraud in the execution of the duties of his office, or connives in
any electoral fraud, or knowingly permits any such fraud to be
practiced, is guilty of a felony.
(L.1976, c. 233, § 1. Amended L.1978, c. 9, § 118, eff. Mar. 7, 1978.)

Bottom line, the three day limitation applies only to the time with in which the petitions could be challenged. If they are not timely challenged they stand as accepted whether fraudulent or not.

The fraud aspect is a different ballgame. Whoever you spoke with at the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department was blowing smoke up your ass. My advice would be wait until after the first of the year and talk to the real Sheriff.

I should also point out that bring charges or challenges under election law as opposed penal law is subject to time limits and who can actually bring the complaint.

Consolidated Laws of New York's Penal code
S 175.30 Offering a false instrument for filing in the second degree.
A person is guilty of offering a false instrument for filing in the
second degree when, knowing that a written instrument contains a false
statement or false information, he offers or presents it to a public
office or public servant with the knowledge or belief that it will be
filed with, registered or recorded in or otherwise become a part of the
records of such public office or public servant.
Offering a false instrument for filing in the second degree
is a class A misdemeanor.

S175.35 Offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree.
A person is guilty of offering a false instrument for filing in the
first degree when:
1. knowing that a written instrument contains a false statement or
false information, and with intent to defraud the state or any political
subdivision, public authority or public benefit corporation of the
state, he or she offers or presents it to a public office, public
servant, public authority or public benefit corporation with the
knowledge or belief that it will be filed with, registered or recorded
in or otherwise become a part of the records of such public office,
public servant, public authority or public benefit corporation; or
2. (a) he or she commits the crime of offering a false instrument for
filing in the second degree; and
(b) such instrument is a financing statement the contents of which are
prescribed by section 9--502 of the uniform commercial code, the
collateral asserted to be covered in such statement is the property of a
person who is a state or local officer as defined by section two of the
public officers law or who otherwise is a judge or justice of the
unified court system, such financing statement does not relate to an
actual transaction, and he or she filed such financing statement in
retaliation for the performance of official duties by such person.
Offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree is a class
E felony.

October 20/18

Road markings and lights
It is quite obvious that the lines at these two intersection were to promote head on collisions; are there two lanes ,turn lanes, what? They have a couple of double yellows sprinkled white a few dotted lines and some solid white. WTF! I was wondering if anyone else noted the new traffic light cycling at 5th avenue and 104. If you look at the new pavement before the light heading east on 104 you see that it has numerous skid marks all over from trucks having to slam on their brakes. This is because the light quickly turns red when anyone approaches the light even with the absent of cars on 5th ave. That should make short order out of the new pavement. Again it has to be some brain dead dope in the Oswego figuring out the traffic. Everywhere else a light stays green on the main thoroughfare until cars approach the intersecting road. Millions of dollars spent only to have some a$$hole at city hall to render it useless and dangerous. – E. Kenevil

October 20/18


CNN's Jake Tapper: Donald Trump Is Tougher On Taylor Swift Than On Saudi Arabia




October 20/18

Trump administration sued over border wall waiver



October 20/18

Beth Murtagh seems to think everyone's a fed, she lies through her teeth and is also claiming her junk yard was raided, news to anyone who reads this post. She should be arrested for assault, stalking, harrassement so on as she was when she beat her husband with a baseball bat and that Beth is public information. You were naked when the officers arrived, uncontrollable as well you lady are a real winner, low class idiot with not an ounce of intelligence. If you don't know who's who, you have serious issues. Your lies Beth will sink you and if you are worried about knowledge of your affair with the sheriff better pray no one has photos or your phone records. Keep jumping people in public Beth just shows the public how insane you truly are. 😉

October 20/18


Jenn W. and the great escape
Reading some of the old Peeled Onion articles etc. I came across one where Jenn W. said .."they have the wrong guy in prison".

Now if you were investigating the case wouldn't that give you some idea that she knew who the real suspects were?

And other things said to Pietroski like after
20 years I still have to tell you there were 2 vans?

Is it possible the OCSD at that time was really that stupid?
Or was Jenn just too smart for them...lol.

Or were they involved, knew what happened, covered up for the real suspects and just didn't investigate anything said to them that was relevant to the case?

I'm voting for ..."being involved and a cover up". Becuse no one would actually ignore all they were told in a still open case.

And why no lineup?
And as sick as Gary was, I would have told him tell us where she was and the whole story for an early release. Because the answer would have been..." I don't know"...then what.

And about the guy who's phone was used to text Steen.."CIAO Heidi". This tells them that he knew Steen was involved.

Because "CIAO" means "see ya later" in Italian.

If this wasn't so tragic it would be funny just to watch it.

BUT!!!!!! Maybe in a little while we can say to you.."CIAO."

October 20/18








Today's Quote October 19/2018

I can, therefore I am.

Simone Weil



Road Markings on Bridge St

I realize it's trivial, at a point in which this world is in turmoil, but is it just me, or did the state make a mistake by marking Bridge St? At East First and East 12th? When the snow hits, it seems like there could be many accidents. Time will tell, but at 30 mph making a short angle seems very dangerous.


October 19/18




So he builds the WEAKEST and DANGEROUS wall by the Y,

Nothing will happen until someone DIES    Scumbags  Ball less Bell wont say anything cause pauldine knows he has a personal staff working at all his properties OFF THE BOOKS, and has never had a permit for the Carwash.

word on the street is that Bell is gonna help pauldine build a pimple popping room at the Curtis manor for all the kids to play in during the weddings


October 19/18



Katko Again

He is spending millions on attack ads.

He votes with Trump.

He lies like Trump.

He bashes women like Trump.

He is pissing away our money just like Trump.


October 19/18







Today's Quote October 18/2018

Advice is seldom welcome; and those who want it the most always like it the least.

George Chapman




He’s not a welcher, he’s an Indian Giver! – Chief Hotel Potiac


October 18/18



City Sewage Spill

The City of Oswego dumped over 5 million gallons of raw sewage into the Oswego River from the West Side Sewage Plant over the past few days. The city will never tell the public, and the Pal-Times will never investigate it. How much of this sewage made its way back to the water plant from the intake pipe.

Wonder if they will try to hide it from the DEC?


October 18/18



RE: Do not forget that at least one member of the DA's office was dealing drugs at that time.

There were at least three and Dodd knew who they were.


October 18/18



Pauldine at it Again!

That shit wall that Pauldine built at the base of his property, 30 ft. below the Old YMCA parking lot, which collapsed and crushed a car, has been re-built, but is only 8 ft. tall instead of 10 ft. tall. There are no dead-men and no backfill and will probably collapse again due to his latest brain storm.

Now he has built a 4 ft. wall out of the same "Lego Play Blocks" at the East end of the Old YMCA parking lot 30 ft, above the one that collapsed. All he did was to dig a 1.5 ft trench in the soft fill and piled the blocks in it.no footer or drainage and Jim Bell from the Code Department again has turned a blind eye to this shoddy wall. There is no protection from for public and a car hitting this Leg Wall will send it careening down the embankment into the lower parking lot.

What a cluster F%$k. I would not suggest parking in the lower lot at the risk of you life. There is no foundation in the upper lot except 4 inches of dirt laid down to level the lot. Another great project over looked through city cronyism from Bell and the Code Department..


October 18/18




You made some good points, but you are forgetting who is investigating who.


They are investigating themselves. Remember the stories about county cars going into the airport at 3-4am. I was told back then, that’s  how it’s coming in.


Now if you heard an airplane landing at 4am regularly would you take notice of it?


We all see and have figured out all the “mistakes” that were made, evidence overlooked, files breached. So who the hell do you think is doing this stuff?


Who are the ONLY people that could cover up an investigation?


Like the man in the 2014 courtroom said..”who do you think you’re kidding Oswego?”

And “ we would have cracked this case in two weeks.”

Gee I wonder who he works for…it has three letters and it isn’t c-a-t.


October 18/18



McConnell says Senate Republicans might revisit Obamacare repeal




October 18/18



Attention Senior Citizens!

Attention all Seniors, If you DO NOT want your Social Security entitlement cut or your Medicare Premiums to be sharply increased you need to vote for the Democratic  Party Candidates on November 6 2018. The time has come fellow Republicans to put the party secondary for your own good rather than voting for someone just because they represent your political party. Trump is telling another one of his lies # 5,000 something when he says that he will not touch your Social Security or Medicare. Claudia Tenney  and John Katco  must definitely be voted out not only for your own good but the good of all Seniors on a fixed income. Why should we have to compensate for the huge tax break that Thump gave his Cronies and put us over one trillion in additional debt? I sure if this does happen Trump will be just bold enough to say "Well, Shit flows downhill".


October 18/18



Here is a picture of a van that was posted on this web.

Look bluish white with dark doors and a stripe that can be seen in the back?

Is this the van Bivens said twice that he saw? Is this the van Mrs. Fabin saw and said it was lt. blue swerving behind her in Mexico?

Jenn  " there were two vans".

Blue to kidnap her and white to get rid of her.

So why was the OCSD so adamant about it being white?

Because Richard had a white van?  Oh yeah I think it was.


October 18/18









Today's Quote October 17/2018


The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made.
Groucho Marx



What the HELL? Unbelievable!! He has a rental house across the street from a close family member of Heidi Allen? He was named a “probably suspect” person in 1994 and Heidi’s own father was suspicious of him in his daughter’s disappearance?!

I wonder if that was more than just a coincidence…the rental house across the street from Heidi’s aunt and uncle…no tenants…the burning.

I would hope it was just a coincidence. BUT if it was on purpose and you KNOW, please call the investigator.

October 17/18


Official Documents Faxed To Borher
Do not forget that at least one member of the DA's office was dealing drugs at that time.


October 17/18

One More Adjective To Describe Trump ……..WELCHER.
Elizabeth Warren proved she had Native American ancestors and now Trump is refusing to pay up on the million dollar bet he made. Trump is all bullshit and lies. His wife will never take a DNA test because she was born a man. That sex change she got didn’t change her DNA.

October 17/18

Donald Trump Renews His Racist 'Pocahontas' Attack On Elizabeth Warren

October 17/18


October 17/18







Today's Quote October 16/2018

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.
Mark Twain

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
I am going to post this again because I really believe this is why MB got a fax about Bivens' DWI case and Bivens changed his story about the van in court.

Bohere gets a fax from the DA's DWI file.

It's about Bivens' DWI case.

Bohere talks to Bivens and confronts him that if you help them convict Gary by changing your story of the van you saw, maybe they'll drop your DWI charge.

Why would Bohere get a fax about Bivens' DWI charge...think about it.

Then connect the dots of OCSD cars going into the airport at 3-4 am and the fact they did everything they could NOT to arrest the " three" other guys even after Jenn gave them all the info they needed.

LE knew who to protect, who was getting kick backs to ignore drug deals, who was selling it.

October 16/18





Trump and Katko have a plan to cut back Social security

What they definitely won't tell you is these cuts will also effect disabled veterans.


October 16/18

Mr. Oakes: if the DWI fax to Mike Bohere wasn't sent from the DA's office then who sent it?

Who had access to it?
Why would they send it to MB?

Timing is right when the Heidi Allen case was going on....

You don't really think we actually believe all this crap you are telling us.

October 16/18

A couple of things you left out....Hitler nationalized the press and called them the "Enemy of the People ( Lugenpresse – the concept of "lying press" made famous by the Nazi party in Germany during Adolf Hitler's rise to power) and Trump and Hitler both have the same mental incapacity. Calling Hitler a "mountebank" - a con man, is the same behavior as to how "Trump appealed to his nitwit thug racist, anti-Semite followers", adding "this is the comparison Trump is seeking”..

October 16/18






Today's Quote October 14-15/2018

The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts.

James Joyce






The American Nazi Party is alive and well.

Today they are hiding behind the name, REPUBLICAN.



Mike Pence's Wife Campaigns for Candidate Who Wants Gay People in Jail



October 14-15/18



Former Sackets man, NOW LIVING IN OZWEGO COUNTY,  receives no jail time after initial 135-count indictment.




October 14-15/18



Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense

Why would Oakes tape Jenn's call if Gary is already convicted?  To discredit Tonya?


If Richard was the last customer why was there meat on the slicer and no record of a sale?


WHy would Todd ok with volunteers, military help, planes, dogs etc. but after they couldn't find anything he wouldn't ask the FBI for help...HMMMMMMMMMMM.


Is it possible that a drug buy was going down in the parking lot of the D&W and Heidi saw it. Maybe she confronted them outside after MB asked for a sandwich to keep her busy. Someone panicked and grab her before she could call the police. This could explain all the cars there.


Or as I believe these three were hired to get her or asked to get her.

And bring in Bivens in this. He changed his mind 3 times on the van. Couple that with Bohere getting a fax about Bivens' DWI arrest.

If some cops were selling drugs and knew about who took Heidi and helped cover it up  ( so obvious ) is that why Bohere got the fax so he could go talk to Bivens about them possibly throwing out his DWI but he needed to do better with the van?


This would make sense because a cop would not want to go to Bivens and discuss this. MB maybe told him that if you help them solve this case maybe they will drop the charges. Because I really feel with all the actions done to get Gary, breech files, massage witnesses, take 6 months to get a picture of Steen for Pierce to look at, 4 months to get the cash register tape, not asking Bivens what time he was there, no finger print check on the Friday newspaper, timeline is a mess, dropping Heidi's CI card, not really pursuing MB, Steen and Roger, ignoring people saying they confessed to them, Jenn W. was used to discredit Tonya and anything she said, Oakes said he doesn't believe Tonya then why bring her up here for a taped call, Jenn caught lying on the tape and nothing done, Jenn failing a poly, then saying she didn't know anything then going back and telling she was told about Heidi, stating to Tonya that MB brought his van to the store that morning, lying about her residence, knowing these three, denying she knew Roger and on and on.


Wouldn't some of this be followed up hard?


Nope they knew who and covered it up for them.



Remember FBI does not stand for Forgiven By Investigation.


And then there is Judge King and nothing is credible to him..what a joke that trial was. Poor Lisa and Randi were stepped on by King and he denied her to call more witnesses. And let's not forget about him letting Bohere off the stand because he was upset.


I had panic attacks when I was younger and that is not how they affect you. They just come for no reason at all with heavy breathing, being scared, sweating....MB is a liar.


October 14-15/18



Insurance Fraud

Barneys rental unit burned to the ground. I wonder how many insurance claims he can have before he gets caught. One, two, three, he has more than you can count on both hands and toes. You name it, he's claimed it. The man's a con artist and a pure menace to society.


October 14-15/18



Trump proposal could squelch Washington protest



October 14-15/18


Claudia Tenney supported a bill that would require webmasters to remove anonymous posts.

Not only should these people be voted out of office but they should be hunted down like the treasonous scum they are and locked away in federal prisons.



Fact Check: Is John Katko's ad about Dana Balter's taxes accurate?



October 14-15/18


Of course the answer is no. I knew that as soon as I heard it. Katko is lying his ass off just like his daddy Donald Trump. 

KATKO MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!



6 Things Children Born This Year Will Experience In Their 20s



October 14-15/18







Today's Quote October 13/2018

People will buy anything that is 'one to a customer.'
Sinclair Lewis

Thank you Mr. Stinson
I'm trying to reconcile who owned a two tone Bronco and a red pickup truck that a witness claimed were in the D&W parking lot at or around 7:45am.

They didn't belong to Mr. Swenszkowski, Mrs. Granger, you. Mr. Wiltse, at the 7:39am transaction time, testified to no other cars being there and seeing the red car before he left.

There are police notes/leads that have been made public that just might explain who the vehicles could have belonged to. One of them could have belonged to the "probably suspect" person on April 14, 1994. Curiously, the person who claimed to have seen the 2 vehicles around 7:45am made his statement on April 13, 1994 after a 're -interview', if I remember correctly. But that person was already named on a lead from Mr. Allen previous to this witness' interview. What time did Brett Law leave the store? He testified to 6:35am but Lisa Buske's book said he left at 7:15am. Is that what you remember from reading "Where's Heidi?"?

Curious how Brett was ruled out. According to police notes, Brett's Bronco was white and brown. Was it simply because of the time he said he left? I don't recall if the D&W co-owner that testified at the Hearing confirmed what time Brett left. It did come to light in the trial that Brett assaulted an ex-gf and didn't treat Heidi very well, from witness statements. I'm also curious how Heidi's diaries/day planners were used in Richard's trial vs not being available for Mr. Fahey to peruse himself when they came to light during Gary's sentencing.

When looking at a crime such as this where it appears that Heidi had to have been lured out of the store, either by someone she knew or a customer that was having trouble at a pump, someone with a motive would seem more plausible rather than someone that had no link to Heidi.?.

Something that I have a REALLY hard time wrapping my head around is...How can Heidi's family still trust law enforcement, Dodd, Oakes and Todd specifically, when they are firm to the belief that the inmates were telling the truth that Heidi and Gary had a drug relationship? It just doesn't fit, especially with what came out with Brett Law's most recent interview to police.

Clearly the times were off. But by how much? 2 minutes, 5 minutes 10 minutes? Time enough for some people to meet up in the parking lot for a drug deal as police were told happened?

Has anyone else considered the vehicle placement from Bivens, Mr. Pierce and that 7:45am lead? Doesn't Bivens testify that the van was parked perpendicular to the store near the single front door? What sense would that make for anyone who was brazen enough to kidnap another person during daytime, on a Holiday when people would be driving the streets to go to church or to relatives' houses, to park perpendicular when the vehicle could have been used to obstruct view?

October 13/18

The good ol boys should be nervous. Seeing as there is a lack of common sense in the Sheriff Department and the DA Office, they may comprehend one thing. Hilton's victory was "we the people" coming for you. It was their way of saying after watching the drugs, the deaths, the lies, the murders, the injustice seep through every cranny of oz, we the people flipped you the bird. Many that night made phone calls to others, many laughed their asses off when Hilton won, we knew your time was done. Many cried that night a flicker of hope was all they needed and the hope rests in Hilton's hands. So Sheriffs it's time for a deep cleaning after the death of Gary Thibodeau and the many sick things you've done to others, we pray the ones who intentionally did this, spend the remainder of their lives behind bars. Many also hope Greg Oakes, Moody, Petrowski are lead from the department in cuffs by federal authorities with Dodd and both Todd's in shackles, just as they did to Gary Thibodeau, don't forget to lead them down the stairs Gary fell down. Times ticking. Some day, you'll run out of time, maybe it'll kick off in 2019. If so enjoy your holiday. May it be your last free world holiday you ever spend not behind bars. Shaking in your boots I hear, good it's time the fear you've sent out in to the community haunts you, until it catches up with you and the last words you hear are you have the right to remain silent. Hilton's standing at the gates of Oz, point blank hell, if he listens to Johnny Cash he will remember this when he faces the reality of Oz, we can only hope he never backs down https://youtu.be/N8i5NLyXZdc


October 13/18

Enough said..

One or two jurors were wrong. Hung jury, how funny, so which one of the bunch swayed the jury?


October 13/18

Is Bivens color blind?
Reading about this Bivens is the 2nd 0r 3rd witness to say the van was light blue.

Mrs. Fabin in a statement about a van behind her said the same thing.
Bivens stated wrong van twice and then after they showed him pictures of it he changed his mind in court and helped convict an innocent man.

Just wondering would this swing in his testimony be held up in court?
Twice he denied it and it still held up.

And all this time Mike Bohere had a white van. What happened to it?
Was it crushed, sold, given away?

I think I remember the OCSD said they couldn't find any record of him owning a white van just weeks after the crime.

A person testified to Mike letting him use it to scrap.


And of course there wasn't any cover up in this crime.

Please contact the OCSD with any info and they will shred it as soon as they get it.

Do you remember Tonya on TV saying she was getting death threats? From who? Gary was in prison and he wouldn't do it any way, she was helping him.

Guess who.

October 13/18


Before contacting the OCSD you might want to wait until after the first of the year when the new sheriff takes over.

This sheriff has yet to show any interest in getting to the truth.






Today's Quote October 12/2018

The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention. John Burroughs
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/john_burroughs_120946

The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.

John Burroughs


There has to be a reason he would go along with what Dodd and the police told him.
Though I hate to agree with Mike Bohrer as he is a piece of shit...he was right about Bivens' first statement being closest to the truth. His testimony certainly wasn't truthful. Page 1297 of the trial transcript, Bivens first mentions that male 2 had a limp. If that was correct, that would make Richard (according to the 'theory') as the person holding Heidi. How tall was Richard? Noticeably shorter than Heidi.

Gary's verdict failed all the rules the judge gave to them. Check the partial judges instructions posted here on September 27, 2018.

Have ya'll carefully considered the leads that were posted in Lisa Peebles' filing? https://www.scribd.com/document/244161048/Part-3-Thibodeau-Response-to-DA-in-Heidi-Allen-Case

October 12/18

From Gary "the Innocent" Thibodeau

October 20, 2018 @ 2pm-Meet and greet


October 12/18

Stephen Miller's 3rd Grade Teacher Calls Him 'A Strange Dude' Who Ate Glue


October 12/18


Stinson answers
Stinson was driving a little grey car. Make and model not remembered. I've owned three. I know it wasn't the first (Ford escort), the wife totaled that while the kids were still young enough to hang upside down in car seats, I know it wasn't the third one (Chevy Lumina), the youngest was old enough to total that one, Yup, had to be the second one. Funny what we do remember.

October 12/18


Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
Death of common sense:

Example #1. If Bivens says he saw a man with a girl in a bear hug and the OCSD and Dodd and Oakes are adamant about Richard and Gary as the true suspects, consider this.

Swenkowski testified to seeing Richard there, even had to swerve around his van as they were both leaving the parking lot...his testimony.

#1. If it were Richard's van with Gary, then at the time Swenkowski was leaving, Swenkowski should have seen the crime...which he did not.

#2. Bivens should have seen a red sports car that Swenkowski was driving, but he didn't.

How can that be? Saw a van but not a red sports car next to it?

And why didn't he say he saw a red car? Because he didn't.

He didn't because both Richard and Swenkowski both left and Bivens saw a van that came in after this and he watched a kidnapping.

My hunch has always been someone came after Richard left and grab Heidi.

And I remember reading Steen said ...we just got lucky, a van was there just before us.

I think he told that to Tonya and after that I believe Tonya said Thumper there is an innocent man sitting in prison. Thumper said.."not my problem."

Just more reason to believe Richard and Gary did not do this.

And Dodd if you go to trial for this cover up...BETTER USE YOUR COMMON SENSE!
Or better yet..."DROP A DIME"

October 12/18


stinson adds
Now that I'm not concentrating on it, I think it was a saturn.








Today's Quote October 11/2018

There is nothing is more musical than a sunset.
Claude Debussy

Mr. Stinson
Thank you for recalling specific details about April 3, 1994.
Were you driving a red pickup truck that morning?
Thank you for your response.


October 11/18

Scott DelConte
I see the "Republican Haters", the "Trump Sheep", are trying to discredit a very good man, with vast amount of experience and temperament to hold the Oswego County Judge seat. This is the typical hate campaign that is so standard of the truly uneducated people who subscribe to the Trump philosophy.
Scott will be an excellent Judge who will make fair judgments based on the facts instead of party politics, which is typical of the Republican Judicial System that now rules Oswego County.
Maybe if Scott was the judge for the Thibodeau trial, there may have been a different outcome.
I will vote for Scott DelConte and if you want a judicial system that is fair, you should also.


October 11/18

Nikki Haley (Randhawa)
Nikki Haley has decided to leave the position of United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Trump says that his daughter Ivanka, real name "Ivana," would be great as Kikki's replacement. Are you F@$King kidding me? Al she knows is how to buy shoes at Sack's Fifth Ave in Manhatton . I remember when Donald Trump told radio host Howard Stern in 2004 that it was okay for the shock jock to refer to the Manhattan billionaire’s daughter Ivanka Trump as “a piece of ass.”, and that on another interview he said" if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps, I would be dating her.”
This is just what we need as our Ambassador to the United Nations, NEPOTISM and intestinal interest from the father who appointed her.
Where the hell is this country going?????

October 11/18

Have to laugh
I recently sat by one of the families involved in Heidi Allen, Hilton was brought up, wouldn't you know it they are spreading Hilton's corrupt. I have to laugh must be fear is getting to them. An outsider coming in, so now they want to destroy his integrity as they did Gary Thibodeaus. I then brought up the idea drug use in Oswego is higher than any area is New York LOL once again they claimed Hilton's dirty doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. I hope one of the words they hear from Hilton is, you have the right to remain silent. Maybe then they'll learn to shut their traps. Hilton needs to brace for impact they are out to destroy who he is.

October 11/18

I can say I believe Stitson, I do think he arrived at the time he testified to, I don't think he saw a damn thing as he admitted. The fact is the timeline is off, the cash register was broken, the wall clock was never changed and the only two who collaborated the times to be right on with Officer Curtis's watch time was himself and the store owner Kris Duell, the very person who hired Heidi, who found her CI card, and the one who's file was tampered with. Which ones really the liars, Stitson or the two who lied about the time frame? My guess the 2 who lied, tampered with a hid information. Kris Duell needs to be re interrogated properly by FBI, along with her side kick Curtis who let her inside the store with a crime scene going on. They made certain the scene was tampered with once Kris touched the cash register. Funny how that all worked.

October 11/18

FBI's Wray confirms White House limited Kavanaugh probe



October 11/18


Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign...and the sign says there were two white vans at the store
What we have uncovered but can't do anything about it ( yet ) really shows what a railroad job was done on Gary.

Wouldn't it have been interesting if Gary ..As he should have been ...been acquitted. Then what would the OCSD do?

We know that Jenn W. DID NOT lie on the call with Tonya.
The taped interrogation by Pietroski let her give him a weak explanation that she was just telling Tonya to shut her up. Ever think of hanging up.
Then she fails a poly to this effect.

Second interrogation with Oakes in the room and a lap top appears and papers in Oakes' hands as if the tape stopped and restarted.

Jenn was asked questions and admitted she was told by someone about Heidi....so that pproves she didn't lie on the phone with Tonya.

Now the inv. just got what he wanted and what the f**k does he do....he lets her leave.

The phone call, and the two interrogations were just a dog and pony show. Jenn really didn't commit to anything but what more do you want as a cop trying to solve a case?

I stated before it isn't what they did in this investigation, it's what they didn't do.

She even told them that she didn't know Roger, but stayed at his house and went to Florida with him after the Heidi crime. And this she admitted to.

So you see Oakes why we think and know this is a cover up. She lied, told the truth, lied again, you offered her immunity and knew damn well she would not take it or got scared to take it...all this to make her look not credible.

It's pretty obvious who you are protecting because you should have pushed Jenn and then we would have the truth.
Did you and Dodd protect a mass of people that were in the coca cola business?
How stupid do you have to be to drive a county issued vehicle into the airport at 3-4 am? Should have used your own cars with fake plates.
I wonder what they were doing there? Night flying lessons?
It couldn't be to buy...naw, that can't be true.

Even the airport manager said he should have done more. Hard to believe that he didn't know what was going on. Were there security cameras there?
Were they checked?

See Dodd, it's not what you did, it's what you didn't do.
Having trouble sleeping?
Relax it may all be over soon and you can get one hour of exercise time per day.
October 11/18



I Like Beer







Today's Quote October 9-10/2018

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

George Eliot

Can only warn for so long
You can only warn for so long, they truly think they got away with it. It does not seem so to me, the people are furious over Gary Thibodeau and the drugs flowing through their county. My bad to say it, but they should be and many are. Take need in the warnings I'm pretty sure in time someone with balls will take you all down. Let's all agree on one thing it's a fake time line, with no witnesses to even collaborate their time line, no one saw a thing, the only one who said he did was on scene the same time Curtis arrived. Bivens has serious explaining to do and it's disturbing to know a man was prosecuted and died in prison for a time line that's impossible and witnesses that have lied, switched their testimony or statements several times, simply to seal a prosecutors case. Just sickening and completely immoral. Karma is a bitch when it comes back around I believe this next punch Wescott, Breckenridge is going to hurt.

October 9-10/18



Scotty Delconte A Judge?

I suppose if you cant make it in private practice

I can see him judging a hot dog eating contest but thats about it

Someone is putting a lot of money into those TV commercials

Love the farm pictures where did you rent/borrow the farm


October 9-10/18

Heidi Allen and a clean get away
The idea of a kidnapping in a store, with small space and very neat after the crime probably means one thing.

Heidi knew someone and trusted them enough to go outside and this is where she was probably grabbed.
The Friday paper on the floor?? Don't know. Why would a Friday paper be there on a Sunday and why was it the only one on the floor?

Was it being used to hold in front of someone's face to hide?
Were there forensics done for prints etc?

Who sent MB the fax from DWI dept? Oakes said it couldn't come from DA's office, 3 months too early...but it can be copied and sent from some other fax. Getting MB's fax number by mistake is a very long shot. And very hard to believe.

I looks like they wanted MB to know about Bivens. But why? Is MB involved and possibly some OCSD deputies?

Heidi knew and trusted this one person ( imo ).

Now who would she know enough that would be a kidnapper and possible murderer in this area?

MB stated that she made him a sandwich almost everyday. Meat was on the slicer and she was obviously interrupted before she could make a sandwich. Also MB owned a white van that Jenn alluded to in the taped call that Oakes and King both said was not credible.

Did they ask the inv. sitting next to Tonya and telling her what to ask if the questions were credible. All because Jenn and Tonya talked the night before. Jenn said he kid pushed the wrong button...right!

I think it was all done to discredit Tonya and have anything said dismissed.

Another thing I find odd is Jenn told she knew and was told about Heidi in her second interrogation. But started crying and told the cop that she is really trying to remember and tell him what she knew.

Would anyone forget the facts in an event like this? She remembered there were 2 vans and even told the inv. this. But even though it
seemed like they were after info, I really doubt it. They got the info and did nothing with it...another attempt to discredit or get Jenn out of trouble...even said so...Jenn you're not staying here was said by one inv.

And Jenn telling that " the DA is trying to save me but it's up to the judge." What the hell does that mean? DA trying to save instead of investigate a person who knows something in an unsolved case?

How much massaging of witnesses statements did we read about? Certain situations and people not really being investigated.

Instead of getting a physic ( which don't even exist ) why not get someone from the FBI that reads body language and facial expressions to catch liars?

After 5 years, I think anyone would have asked the FBI for help....why didn't the OCSD?
October 9-10/18









Today's Quote October 8/2018

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience,

and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
Harriet Tubman



Congratulations To The Republican Party

They have successfully put a belligerent alcoholic on the Supreme Court.

He should fit in nicely alongside Clarence Thomas.


October 8/18


His drinking will probably end his career sooner than you think.


You want to see Murtaugh's tweets from 2015, Well here they are, I saved them: Please pa close attention to the last tweet!

Richard murtaugh retweeted
james gulliver @jgcopycat · Feb 6

"@SarahMoses315: Jennifer Wescott said she lied to Tonya Priest because she just wanted to give Priest attention. #HeidiAllen" woah.

Richard murtaugh @rmroutlaw · Feb 6

#HeidiAllen I'm willing to bet $100,000.00 rt sits right beside the podium so he can try to intimidate jw today .. Mark my words !!

Richard murtaugh retweeted
syracuse.com @syracusedotcom · Feb 3

RT @SarahMoses315: Reuel Todd said in 1994 that #HeidiAllen was not really an informant and there was no informant file for her.

Richard murtaugh @rmroutlaw · Jan 16

#HeidiAllen "trying to intimidate me" but no it didn't work .. No intimidating the truth.. Mouthing " your dead "
1 retweet 0 favorites
Richard murtaugh @rmroutlaw · Jan 16

#HeidiAllen Richard t sitting in court room trying to intimidate me . That's why I had a side bar with my lawyer ..

Richard murtaugh @rmroutlaw · Jan 14

#heidiallen after 20 plus years this is the best they can come up with? & it all started from towing a van that was never at Gary's .. Joke

October 8/18



Claudia Tenney

This super bitch is is so far up Trumps ass she keeps kicking Katko in the head.

She epitomises what another poster rightly called the party of hate and just like her hero Trump she lies 24/7. She likes to tell people about how she struggled as a single mother. It's total bull. Her family owned a multi million dollar business in Sherburne NY. The only thing she struggled with is counting her money. She got elected two years ago by using false attack ads against her opponent just like Trump and she is doing the same thing again. Just like Trump you can't believe a word she says.


October 8/18

Can only warn for so long
You can only warn for so long, they truly think they got away with it. It does not seem so to me, the people are furious over Gary Thibodeau and the drugs flowing through their county. My bad to say it, but they should be and many are. Take need in the warnings I'm pretty sure in time someone with balls will take you all down. Let's all agree on one thing it's a fake time line, with no witnesses to even collaborate their time line, no one saw a thing, the only one who said he did was on scene the same time Curtis arrived. Bivens has serious explaining to do and it's disturbing to know a man was prosecuted and died in prison for a time line that's impossible and witnesses that have lied, switched their testimony or statements several times, simply to seal a prosecutors case. Just sickening and completely immoral. Karma is a bitch when it comes back around I believe this next punch Wescott, Breckenridge is going to hurt.

October 8/18






Today's Quote October 7/2018

I feel convinced that any political picture can be changed to suit the needs of the powers that be.
Thor Heyerdahl

Stinson replies to common sense.
The remark "you'll have to be better with your time" was said to me by Investigator Hall. 4/7/1994
My first written statement 4/3/94 at 0840 was that I was there at 7:40.( that is on this website.)
When Hall came to me and said, "be better with your time" I replied offhand "7:40 and 1/2."
He replied, " she had a transaction at 7:42"
I replied, " her clock was wrong"
That is what led to our checking the register, my home clock, my watch, etc. See my previous posts.
We've beaten these two minutes to death. I've stated my background, experience etc, in an attempt to reinforce my own accuracy or at least not my own idiocy. I don't want to keep proselytizing me me me . Hell, I might be wrong. In the end, it's just: he said - they said. It ain't evidence. I didn't see anything anyway.
There is nothing more to squeeze out here. I arrived. Heidi was gone. Clocks were close, that's all there is.
Whether there was a fair trial, real evidence, reliable witnesses, recanting jurors, etc - you need to look there.
I wish you luck, it's just not my windmill to slay right now.

October 7/18

Don’t be disillusioned think that the republicans will ever do anything for Oswego county, there is no need. For years people of majority party of which entails the republicans, have blindly supported any candidate that ran on the republican line along with their conservative and independence minions. That may be seen as no great revelation, but there is a little twist to it. History has revealed that electorate in Oswego county will vote republican no matter what and no democrat really has a chance to win. Now think, if you were a candidate that need to work to get out your supporters in a contested election (i.e. Katko) would you waste time and resources in Oswego county? Of course not, the republican has the lock on it. If you were a democrat would waste resources in Oswego county? No, Oswego county will vote for a republican candidate even before he/she is even named. Again, why waste the money is the answer for both sides. So the conclusion is, if I’m a republican legislator and no matter how much I mismanage, take care of inept cronies, and have callous indifference, I’ll still win Oswego county. Oswego county is the lap dog of the republican party and the democrats have learned it not worth the effort. Either way whoever is in Albany, Oswego county is only taken for granted by one party and forsaken by the other. Thereby the spoils will go to other counties where people may take a critical look at their candidate regardless of party affiliation. – C. Rove

October 7/18

George W. Bush made calls reassuring Collins about Kavanaugh


October 7/18


Gary Thibodeau...The Death and Cover Up Of An Innocent Man
Remember when this all broke in 2013-14? Oakes came out and said there wasn't a cover up.....and there wasn't any evidence either Mr. Oakes.

How much ( facts ) have we uncovered since then. Facts, suspicious acts, lies, lies by Dodd, Oakes and the OCSD.
Jenn was let go by the OCSD inv.

I ( imo ) think the tapes of the interrogations have been audited. One that really jumped out at me was when Jenn was interrogated by Pietroski and he asked her when this happened. She said " in August " and the tape looks as if it were stopped, jumped etc. I am not an expert and maybe this is normal video tape behavior.

How many have come forward to tell about Steen, Mike and Roger saying they did it?

How many said this before or gave other info and were ignored by the OCSD?

Why has Tonya gotten death threats? Are we getting too close to something?
Why wasn't MB's white van followed up on?

Did the OCSD ask neighbors if any of the 3 left early that morning?
Oakes as a lawyer gave evidence late to Lisa.

Jenn practically wrote a short story about what happened and it was ignored too.
WHY? She was ready to tell all and she did after she was caught lying about he taped phone call and still nothing was done with this info.

Really OCSD how much hint do you need to follow and investigate info such as this?

Judge King, you were beautiful, John Gotti would have been proud of you. One F**king year to decide a question??? Quit you job.

As far a appeals go, Lisa is right, she should have won but appeals are hard to win.


Watch this doc on you tube it's ending will knock you over.

October 7/18


I thought Katko was supposed to be a shoe in. Then he started running the relentless attack adds which are the stock and trade of the party of hate. The latest is some phony old broad pretending to be some kind of medical professional. She lies just like Trump. The ads keep stressing how Ms. Balter is a visiting professor from Connecticut and Katko is the hometown boy. Visiting professor is just a title it does not mean she is going to pack her bags and leave in the middle of the night. Sure a few crumbs have come our way via Katko but it is not anything that would not have come whoever was in that office. The hometown boy should be looking out for his hometown but he is not. He is too busy rubber stamping Trumps bullshit ideas while ignoring the fact that he is a bully a racist and the laughing stock of the whole world.

If Balter turns out to be a bleeding heart pissing away our taxes then we can vote her out too.

I voted for Katko the first time but now I say Katko must go.

P.S. Let us never forget that baby formula is made from our lake water . That would explain a lot of the people in Ozwego County.

October 7/18






Today's Quote October 6/2018

We are in a period when old questions are settled and the new are not yet brought forward.

Extreme party action, if continued in such a time, would ruin the party.

Moderation is its only chance. The party out of power gains by all partisan conduct of those in power.
Rutherford B. Hayes

Just saw an ad from Mr.Katko about clean water. Dude, I’m from Oswego on Lake Ontario and I’m drowning in debt for our water because of state and federal mandates on sewer separation that was forced on us several years ago without any help from our governments. As person on a fixed income it’s getting harder to afford clean water, you and our republican leaders have done NOTHING for us. I’m a registered Republican and I’m voting for change because nothing has gotten done since you’ve been in office. We here in Oswego County are only four from the bottom in wealth in NY state and none of our republican so called leaders have done anything for us. Oh yea we got 10 million from our democrat governor that went to our republican mayor’s friends the Broad-wells and other major contributors..... wake up people and get out and vote to replace these people that don’t do anything for us. Including that do for nothing Barkley. Been there too long. Ask yourself what has he done for Oswego since he’s been State legislator. NEWS FLASH “NOTHING”!!!

October 6/18

I did notice 716 was written on the flip side.
I just find it difficult to fathom that if the deputy who was taking the notes about specific information, like what Heidi was wearing, etc...on the note that they would mistake the last transaction time while the deputy was, my presumption, standing over, so to speak, Mrs. Duell as she was checking the register tape on April 3, 1994.

October 6/18

Mum is the word
It has been said by gallery members at the beginning of Gary Thibodeau’s Hearing that another gallery member handed the prosecution side a purple envelope during the Hearing.

Did judge King address the gallery about no interaction with the gallery and lawyers before or after the envelope was passed to the prosecution? The judge’s instruction about that is on the record. Basically, what I want to know is Did the person hand the prosecution the envelope and then the instructions or did the instructions come first and someone violated the judge’s instruction?

Hey, Murtaugh, whatever happened to your claim that someone keyed your sister’s white truck? Did you report it? If not, why not?

Here’s a tissue, cry baby. If you don’t want dirty looks from people, START Telling The COMPLETE Truth. Same goes……nvm.

October 6/18

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense

Went over this quickly. May be old news to a lot of you but it does have some interesting time problems.
And a quote by a deputy..." you'll have to do better with your time."
Was this written by Michael Bohrer?

October 6/18


Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
***** Richard exited the store, hopped back in to his van . **** Attempting to leave just as fast as he came. Richard watched John as he stood by his car. Richard was waiting for the man to move his vehicle, so he could leave. He was carrying a newspaper. The man threw his newspaper on to the car seat. John then climbed in to his car, and to Richard's amazement, the man started to pack his smokes. By patting the bottom of the pack in the palm of his hand. The man then opened them, pulling out one and lite a cigarette before he even thought of driving off. Finally, he put his seat belt on and John, proceeded to leave. Richard was relieved as he followed the man out of the D&W parking lot.
John said, "As I drove past the van began to move."

In the Da's Facts it gives the impression that the van moved without anyone in it. According to this statement, Richard got into his van and waited for Swenkowski to move so he could leave. Did the story get twisted again? Did the van move because Richard was in it and maybe put it in gear?
This would be a more logical reason Swen. saw the van move 7 feet or so.

Again no one saw Gary there, or Heidi with them in the van.

Then someone pulled in, and they took Heidi. Was Steen's, Mike's and Roger's houses, clothes or cars searched for fabrics? Of course not, that would have cracked the case, and some people would have gone down for this crime.

October 6/18









Today's Quote October 5/2018

Behavior is what a man does, not what he thinks, feels, or believes.
Emily Dickinson

RE: Re Bohrer getting faxes with the DWI unit phone number

“District Attorney Gregory Oakes argued this morning that the faxes would not likely have come from the DA's office because they're dated May 31, 1994. That's three months before the sheriff's Heidi Allen investigative file was moved into the DA's office, Oakes said.”
How about this theory….the fax number showing on the statement that Mike Bohrer had, were from the DA’s DWI unit because Mr. Bivens was facing DWI charges on his October 1993 ‘car accident’?
How about this? The DA’s office was going to give him a hush hush ‘deal’, like what Baldasaro got for
his criminal activity.
Please, people, come forward with the TRUTH.


Please post the above after the link from syracuse.com about Mr. Whipple’s testimony.

The above quote is also from the same article.

October 5/18

Stinson replies:
Yes, My watch was a few minutes off, but I didn’t rely on it to determine my arrival time.
When I left the house, the wife was setting the clock and we were discussing Easter plans.
It probably seldom happens, just before a crime, that two people are talking about the time.
Add about 3 minutes for the drive. (Inv. Hall ran that with me a few times.)
That put me at 7:41 per my home clock. And that’s why I’m confident of my time.
I always believed that I missed Heidi by seconds. How many? I don’t know.
Her last transaction 7:42 register time.
She disappeared. *
I arrived. 7:41 estimated from my home clock.
*If Bivens and also Pierce drove by, didn’t stop and saw an abduction… it was here*
*If there was another van, or she ran away, or whatever… it was here.*
In the seconds or couple of minutes that the register clock vs mine were in error.
I had a little experience in writing reports;
If you notice in my original 1994 statement - I substantiate my statements.
I remember the time - because my wife & I were talking about it.
I remember no one on the road at my house - because I was watching out for my pet geese.
I remember there was no customers - because I zipped dangerously by the front steps.
I didn’t suspect a crime - because the register had a price, her purse was there etc.
That substantiation and writing my statement on “the-day-of” is why I remain confident in my
arrival time, the weather and that I didn’t see anyone else.
To post “7:16” 10/4
Did you notice that 716 is the area code on the flip side of the receipt that is used as a note.
Could it just be a scribbled mistake at a busy crime scene? And not a freudian slip.
Sunrise was 6:45 that day. People would have remembered if they left home in the dark.
So I doubt if the time of last transaction can be backed up to 7:16
The register wasn’t too far off. I was still there when it was opened.
I won’t swear to the time I think it was, because I have since learned what the answer should
Also to other posters 10/4
Thank you,
I’m not offended, I expect to be scrutinized, just not shot over a misunderstood timeline.
You may have this apology:
People that know me will tell you: I’m usually two things - flippant and right. (Both annoying)
I believe there will be further investigation.
So, all I can do is testify as a disinterested witness. (unbiased, but I like that word)
As we age & memories fade, Someday my statements will have to suffice.
But in the end, testimony is just testimony, not evidence.
I appreciate those that follow this case, to find Heidi or if there was an miscarriage of justice.

October 5/18




Today's Quote October 4/2018

The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd.
Bertrand Russell

Something just caught my attention---

Notice the date at the beginning of the “Supplemental Report” from OCSD about Tracy Breckenridge.

Notice the date the documents were stamped ‘Received” and the date written by the deputy on page 3 of 3.

They don’t coincide. No green mark or received by the DA’s office stamp.

These two witnesses were just brought to light from Lisa Peebles about Roger Breckenridge’s possible involvement in Heidi’s disappearance? Certainly the deputy who conducted the interview knew of these people in 1994/1995. HHmmm….
October 4/18

Addition to Was Roger Breckenridge involved


Here is the new revelation about the witnesses.

Thank you to ALL who have the courage and integrity to come forward in whichever manner you choose!!

Special Thank You to Mr. Stinson for reiterating that the register times could not have been correct. Does that explain why a deputy went to the D&W in August 1994 to get the transaction record from April 2, 1994? Why would Mr. Whipple have made a memo about Heidi’s case file being tampered with the very next day the deputy retrieved the April 2, 1994 transaction tape? https://www.syracuse.com/crime/index.ssf/2015/03/how_did_possible_heidi_


 Half-way in the article is the testimony from Mr. Whipple giving some details about the breach.
October 4/18

To Stinson...from Common Sense
I was using Swenkowski's Richard's and your time that didn't you say you were there at 7:41? Timed with a deputy days later?

But my point was that the DA's witness Bivens, what time was he there? He never said to the OCSD. Later he said " he didn't remember telling a cop that he was there between 8-8:30. He didn't id the van the first two times until they showed him pictures and then changed his mind at trial.

I (imo) don't even think he was there at all. If he was, it had to be after 7:42, which according to you, you had to be there too. So Bivens is "confused: so to speak. I used Swenkowski's time as another reference to 7:41 asa he testified he saw Richard there and saw Richard leave after Richard bought items from HEIDI!!!!

I am not accusing you, but the only Bivens who claims to have seen the crime and didn't call until 3-4 days later strikes me as odd to say the least.

I remember someone saying.."we just got lucky, a van pulled in just before we did."

But if Bivens was there after 7:42 and you were there until after 8 am ( your words ) and other people were there a little later than this really makes me wonder how Biven's testimony held up? Maybe that is why he never gave a time in his first statement to OCSD...make sense?

Bottom line I am using other people to figure out what time he was there. And what cop wouldn't ask him for the time he was there. It isn't in Oakes' Statement of Facts...hmmmmm.

Not pointing my finger at you and I will read again...sorry.

I can't believe anyone could read all of these statements and not see a coverup. Even Mrs. Fabin said the van swerving behind her was light blue, just like Bivens said twice to the OCSD then changed his mind.
October 4/18

Reply to don't mean to confuse you more
Don't mean to confuse you even more. What do you think about the last transaction time being crossed off?
If Swenkowski left house at 7:30 and did buy from Heidi at 7:41 and the last transaction was crossed off and changed from 7:42 to 7:16 that would point to Richard being there around 7:16 as he bought from Heidi. But how do you account for Swenkowski leaving a friend's house at 7:30 ( his watch ) and seeing Heidi and Richard at 7:41? **** if they did back up the clock then that would mean all the customers were there a lot earlier than they thought.

I am not using the cash register's time for what time people were there rather using the time they said the left a house, who they saw and at what time?

Remember there were transactions at or before 7:30 and Heidi was there.

I am pretty sure Swenkowski looked at a clock at friends house before he left to stop at D&W and then go to Nine Mile.

It's possible that the wrong time was written down and then changed.

Maybe I am confused about the time, maybe I am looking at it in a different way. From the customers arrivals not the cash register.

If 7:16 was the last transaction then how do you explain customers like Wiltsie etc seeing Heidi before 7:42? Pretty sure they had some idea of what time they were there.

My take on this:

Richard left and Heidi was still there.
Someone came right after that and took her. Bivens says he saw it all but never gives the OCSD a time he was there.
This, I believe was done intentionally. Every cop gets the time a witness was there.
And to Mr. Stinson ( just a question for my curiosity) if you never got a transaction as Heidi was gone, how are you so sure you were there at 7:41? The register wouldn't have anything to do with your time, you must have looked at your watch. Your watch was off if you believe Biven's account of the crime.

And if you go back you will read where a deputy erinterviews a witness and tells them "they have to do better with their time."

**** not accusing you Mr. Stinson just trying to put a time line in place that a star witness didn't know or tell the cops what time he saw a crime.

If anyone can prove me wrong ( with facts ) please respond. I am on your side with all of this but we all look at things a little differently.

ME: I believe cover up.

Sorry if I offended anyone and in no way am I pointing a finger at anyone mentioned to being involved. Hopefully Lisa wins and the FBI takes over.
October 4/18

Previous Next
Light blue van as witnesses describe they saw...even Bivens, Mrs. Fabin etc.
ld Chevy C-10 Light blue van with dark blue doors on Route 3
I didn't get a picture driving by, but it is on Google Maps - taken Oct. 2013
There's a light blue Chevy C-10 van on State Route 3 in between Pulaski and Mexico - with dark blue doors - parked on a side lawn of a property in between Pulaski and Mexico on State Route 3 van before them. Not too many of them that look similar to RT's around, especially in Oswego County. . You can easily see it from the road. It's on the left-hand side if you're heading west (toward Mexico). It looks to be around the same year as RT's, but more closely matches the description of some witnesses. It would be interesting to see who the property owner is or who owned the before them. Not too many of them that look similar to RT's around, especially in Oswego County.
I didn't get a picture driving by, but it is on Google Maps - taken Oct. 2013
October 4/18

To Dave Stinson..your statement put on Oswegonylion by you
I had driven to the D&W and arrived at 7:40 - 7:41. Again, My House Time. There was a red
station wagon where an employee would park and a white car out by the corner for sale. But
there were no customer cars, So I zipped by the front steps and parked close. It was raining.

So you can see why I am so curious about the time Bivens was there because he didn't give a time nor did the OCSD ask him for one...sound suspicious? Please do not conclude that I am accusing Stinson of involvement in the Heidi Allen crime...I am not.

This in not about Mr. Stinson, rather just a question of time of crime, time Bivens was there and others that may have been there.

And if Swenkowski was there at 7:41 and saw Heidi and saw Richard there and saw him leave, then someone had to come after 7:42 to grab Heidi.
October 4/18

Trump races against clock to roll back major Obama-era environment rules


October 4/18

To what do you think about the time 7:16 crossed out
Tape from register according to Mrs. Duell:

1. 4:06 am
2. 7:20 am paper bought and Heidi rang it up
3. 7:40 Wiltsie buys paper and Heidi rings it up
4. 7:41 Swenkowski buys 2 papers and cigarettes and Heidi rings it up
5. Stinson said he was at the store at 7:41 but Heidi was not there
6. 7:42 Richard buys 2 packs of cigarettes and Heidi rings it up
*** sometime in here Bivens witnesses a crime. But remember he also said there may have been a van, I don't know for sure. But he also stated the van was light blue and then changed his mind and said it matched Richards van...a van he said may not have even been there.
7. 7:45 Stinson sees a deputy and he pulls in to the D&W

You can see that if times were accurate and the deputies watch, wall clock, register were all the same time when Curtis checked it with Duell there.

There was no 7:16 transaction IMO.

I also believe Stinson but I think the only way he could have been there BEFORE the crime and didn't see Heidi is that his watch may have been off 1-2 or 3 minutes.

My whole premise is not to accuse, but to try and figure out how this crime with all these wholes happened but never got solved.

Here's a true story from back then.

A person who I know would not have a reason to lie was told by a guy that back then his brother was stopped by 2 deputies. They found some coke, took it and let the guy go.

This is what I am seeking, not the fact that Gary was wrongfully convicted or poor Heidi is gone but way beyond that. And if you put it all together along with a retired cop saying cocaine was sold out of the Oswego Police department.....now you know who I think is guilty. Throw in the neighbors statements about county issued cars going in and out of the airport at 3-4 am.

Think about Judge King and how he blocked Lisa, Greg turning over evidence the Friday before the trial, Greg telling Lisa that he didn't have much faith in the integrity of the OCSD investigation, Jenn W. and all she said the was dimissed inn a open case, texts erased, files breached, taped phone call the Jenn said was not true but then goes in for another interrogation and says she was told about what happened to Heidi.

Add in that she failed a poly and walked away, that she texted a friend that she lied to cops and the DA was trying to protect her????? Think about that.

10 people testified that 3 others admitted to taking Heidi and King says the stories were all different so it is not reliable. No kidding King, they were probably told at different times...think he didn't throw a road block at Lisa P.? He said NONE of it was reliable..none.

Now I may be a bit off on the time line because I didn't take it at face value, I thought about it a lot and it still doesn't make sense, not that the times were fudged after the crime, but the fact about who was there and at what times. Again I am not accusing Stinsonn or anyone, just being curious about things that don't make sense.

And don't forget MB got a fax from the DA's office, one deputy said he was incharge of the ACT TEAM and Heidi was a CI and those all important jail house snitches that one has already changed his story..and they did get favors for this...read about it.

If Gary is found to be guilty, really guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, I will volunteer to finish his time in prison.
October 4/18







Today's Quote October 2-3/2018

A young man is so strong, so mad, so certain, and so lost. He has everything and he is able to use nothing.
Thomas Wolfe

Stinson writes:
Reply to “weather” 9/18; I won’t argue with farmersalmanac.com.
If they said, “rain/drizzle, snow/ice pellets”. Then, that was the weather on April 3rd 1994.
Did they say what the morning weather was?
Reply to “killer” 9/22: Sorry, if my story was long. Sometimes names, dates, quotes etc really
drag on. If you find a post or topic redundant; You can skip it. You can skip it.
Reply to “common sense” 10/1: On 9/14/18 I posted everything I ever knew about the case.
Please read it. You still have the timeline wrong.
I was there after Heidi disappeared.
7:41 by my clock - not the register clock, which was broken.
October 2-3/18

Bobby Wheeler lying during a pre-trial Hearing
No big deal, right? He must not have recalled he was at the meeting on April 15, 1994 when Gary was named 'prime suspect'. Must not have recalled getting the warrant from MA in May 1994.

I understand. I sometimes have a difficult time remembering details from a situation I was involved with several weeks after the fact.

October 2-3/18


Was Roger Breckenridge involved
According to Tracey, Bob Wheeler was harassing her. The statement is dated 6/1994 and she says that she and Rog split "last February". I bet Jennifer Wescott lied when she claimed to have gotten with Rog for her 18th birthday in 1995. She wasn't given immunity for lying under oath, simply for signing false police statements. I pity Jennifer's loyalty to...Rog.
Tracy statement




Wow...Wish some people with integrity and common sense would investigate this case. Maybe then we can find out what Really happened to Heidi.

October 2-3/18

Re: Death of Common Sense
Don't mean to confuse you even more. What do you think about the last transaction time being crossed off?


That time of year again
Wonder what equipment will mysteriously come up missing from the DPW this year.....Oh, that's right. It never did happen!!
Beep Beep!!
Ahhhh, the wagon rides. Wagon looked really nice last year. Great work by the DPW guys getting it ready.
There is no corruption in the grand City of Oswego.....never!!!!
October 2-3/18

Depoty Dog RAMSEY
I wonder if Depoty Dog RAMSEY has any chance to be the new UNDER
I wonder if he has the time whith everything else he does and has going on

October 2-3/18






Today's Quote October 1/2018

Power is like being a lady... if you have to tell people you are, you aren't.
Margaret Thatcher

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
Re-reading the Da's statement of facts;

Swenkowski leaves friends house at 7:30

Bivens leaves his house at 7:30

Swenk & Stinson Arrive at the D&W at 7:41

Richard arrives 7:42 and buys cigarettes from Heidi, but Stinson says he never saw Heidi, Richard or Swenkowski.

Ok but there isn't any time for Bivens' arrival at the D&W. He said he saw the crime so he must have been by there after 7:42.
But if true, then Stinson who was there after 7:42, and did not see Heidi at 7:41 nor Richard at 7:42 just when did Bivens see the crime?
You can say the time was fixed but that doesn't allow for Swenkowski's purchase at 7:41, Richard's at 7:42 and Stinson being there at 7:41.

And the fact that we know Heidi was taken after Richard got there at 7:42...what time was Bivens there?????

Guess what, there isn't any statement taken by the OCSD from Bivens when he was there. How can this be? Even after he called the OCSD days later ( even though it was on the news at 10 am Easter Sunday, he waited.

Add in Deputy Curtis' call in to the station and this again just does not make any sense.

Bivens even after giving a statement to OCSD NEVER gives a time he was there. But he left his house in Oswego at 7:30 am.

Was he even there or did he make the story up for a reward money? How can the star witness not have a time he was there.
Heidi was there at 7:41 and gone after 7:42. Stinson said he was there from 7:41 until at 8 am.

I remember reading in 2014 that someone said.."we just got lucky, a van pulled in just before us". I will look for it.

But even so, there at 7:41 and kidnapped after cashing out Richard at 7:42? BUT NO ONE SAW ANYTHING.

What really caught my attention was Stinson 's time frame, Curtis's time and when he called it in, Bivens had to be there at 7:42 but that would mean a couple of people had to see it.

Someone is lying, someone fixed the time and no one got a time Bivens saw a kidnapping.

7:41..Swenkowski buys from Heidi
7:42..Swenkowski sees Richard and even watched him leave the parking lot
7:41..Stinson arrives at the D&W..no Heidi but Heidi cashed out Richard at 7:42

Is it possible Bivens wasn't even there?
That Heidi was taken right after Richard left?
and the times were fixed to make it look like Richard and Gary took her?

I don't think so. You can fix the cash register time but that doesn't change the times on the customer's watches.

Like Richard's jury told Dodd..."show us some evidence".

Like to hear what others think, am I missing something, am I wrong or confused? Possible, as it should have been brought out in court.

October 1/18






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Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.
William Feather


Redacted From Bret Kavanaugh’s Yearbook
Bret was his high schools SPOOGIE champion three months in a row and 1982 overall champion.

Wikipeepeea definition:
Spoogie --- a game played by three or more males sitting on the floor in a circle. A molasses cookie is placed in the center of the circle and all players begin to masturbate. The last one to ejaculate gets to eat the cookie.
September 30/18


Nazi Punks F**k Off
Richard Spencer, the only neo-nazi attractive enough to have consensual sex with a conscious woman, fields questions from Antifa community activists in this amusing clip.

September 30/18

White House Puts Limits On FBI's Kavanaugh Investigation: Reports

No doubt following the hearings on Thursday the republicans took a head count and did not have the votes to confirm Kavanaugh. Senator Flake and some others wanted an investigation by the FBI. Now Trump and company are creating their own SHAM by putting a time limit on the investigation and putting restrictions on who can be interviewed. Their plan is to create the appearance of due diligence so the fence sitting Republican senators can have something to point to when they vote to approve. The man who was going to “drain the swamp” is doing it by giving all the swamp creatures positions in his administration. To all those assholes who say, it was thirty years ago and every teenager does things they wish they had not later in life, I say it does not matter if it was thirty years or thirty days. In Maryland there is no statute of limitations for rape or attempted rape. That is what that drunken bastard is worried about more than anything else. Lock that lying bastard up in a cell right next to Trump.
September 30/18


The Eternal Optomist

Bret Kavanaugh has always believed the keg was half full.

September 30/18

When Bret got married did he quit playing Devils Triangle or does he invite his friends over to play with his wife.
September 30/18








Today's Quote September 29/2018

A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.

Brigitte Bardot



Re: coincidence

Keeping in mind that Jennifer is a liar to suite her own needs, she said she was bouncing between her parents’ house.  Obviously, that means her parents were not living together.  I bet that Mrs. Vecchio has been right all along and that Jennifer’s mom DID live on Rice Road for a time and she confronted Jennifer and Roger just like what she swore to!!





It was no surprise to see Trunp's Supreme Court nominee refuse to answer questions he was asked after he was done with his crying act. From the few he did answer and the talking points he repeated over and over I drew to conclusions.


1- He is a lying sack of sh!t

2- He is a drunk.


"I like beer" He isn't a drunk he just likes beer. When he was a high school senior he was 18 ....... probably flunked a year but it was alright for him to drink because he was of age. That leaves out those parties when he was a junior. He probably just took pills at those parties. All the references to drugs and alcohol in the year book and the book written by his friend were exagerations or use of literary license. Several times he said there were others that were drinking or drunk at these parties. Somehow in his mind that made it alright.

The comments made by one of his college room mates were not to be believed because that person did not like a third room mate. How that translated into making inacurate or false statements regarding his drinking was never explained. Probably because there was no explanation. He talked over and over about how hard he worked in school or how hard he trained for sports teams he was captain of but always he was going out with friends for beers after studying or training. He must have been a real prize showing up for a game after a night of partying. You could see it in the complexion of his face and every other word that came pout of his mouth. He is a drunk.


Then there was the bullshit about how hard he has worked to get where he is. He has wife and family. He volunteers at the church.

He was captain of the football team. Some of his best friends are women. He would never sexually assault anyone. This stuff is right out of the sex offenders bible. The only thing he didn't say was ... I don't need to rape anyone ..I'm a great guy ..... I was captain of the team .... everybody loves me .... I can get all the girls I want.


Poor little rich boy went to a private prep school and then to Yale and half the time he spent drinking beer. He is the last person that should be a judge but he is exactly the kind person you would expect to get from Trump.

 September 27-28/18





Woman told deputies her relative killed Heidi Allen, but they didn't investigate


Roger Breckenridge sits inside the Mohawk Correctional Facility in Rome, NY. on June 23, 2014. Jessica Howard, a relative of Breckenridge, says she told the Oswego County Sheriff's Office twice, in 2004 and 2011, that other relatives of Breckenridge had told her Breckenridge was involved in the 1994 kidnapping and killing of Heidi Allen, 18. She said sheriff's investigators never questioned her after


And yet more proof there wasn't a rehearsed call the nite before...Rojeck told Tonya what to ask


Before Priest got on the phone with Wescott, Rojek told her he would write down questions on a notepad for her to ask as they spoke, Priest said.

Heidi Allen Case: Phone call between Tonya Priest and Jennifer Wescott WARNING: Contains harsh language. This is a secretly recorded phone call between Tonya Priest and Jennifer Wescott about the 1994 kidnapping of Heidi Allen. Includes excerpts from a recording by the Oswego County Sheriff's Office on March 2, 2013. (5:47)



Without Wescott's corroboration, Priest knew that she'd have no proof that Steen had confessed to her or was involved in Allen's abduction. Priest tried to coax Wescott into giving something up in the secretly recorded call.


Priest believes she got it in these words from Wescott: "They didn't even bring her in the house. They made her sit in the van."

 September 27-28/18



Which Tree Did This Apple Fall From?

Son or nephew?














Today's Quote September 27-28/2018

In the twenty-first century, the robot will take the place which slave labor occupied in ancient civilization. Nikola Tesla
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/nikola_tesla

In the twenty-first century,

the robot will take the place which slave labor occupied in ancient civilization.

Nikola Tesla




September 27-28/18


Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
One of the biggest things to the Gary T. coverup is the Bivens story.

I read the DA's S of Facts but couldn't find any time given by Bivens when he was there.
We know Heidi was there at 7:41 per Swenkowski. Richard paid her for cigarettes at 7:42.

So the crime had to happen after 7:42...but Swenkowski watched Richard back out and leave the same time he did.

Couldn't have come back, too many customers.

So what time did Bivens see the crime? He never gave one that I know of.
This time frame should have been torn apart and freed Gary as it makes no sense...unlesssssss someone or some people pulled a fast one.
Bivens said wrong color at first. Then said it wasn't the van I saw, then changed his mind in court and said it was the van he saw.

We know by the events, file breach and other events that someone is covering for someone.

But for who? No drugs, evidence, sighting of Gary, DNA, prints or fibers to connect him to it.

Gary ( RIP ) if I was on that jury you would never have been convicted. I will never trust any police in my life after this and the shootings in our country.

So who did they cover up for?


They made every convenient mistake possible. Who takes 4 months to get the cash register receipt from the crime scene?

Who takes 6 months to get an early picture of Steen.

Who erases valuable texts.
Who in their right mind would let Jenn walk after her interrogation and the info she gave.
Who would offer her immunity if she didn't know anything? Think about this one...really hard. They knew she knew, they knew who did it, hell they even faxed him from the DA's office...try getting out of that one.

Who would discredit the phone call BEFORE Jenn was interrogated and never knew she was being taped. She said that Tonya cut something. But OCSD and Jenn the inv. had the tape, not Tonya. Another hint to as who is really guilty. And then Jenn admits that she was told and this didn't get her arrested...but Dodd it is on tape.

There are so many holes and obvious deliberate coverups in this case that if Lisa P. wins a Wrongful Conviction and the FBI investigates ( as it is plain the cops covered up this crime ) and gets to the right person which they will, there will be a lot of job openings in the OCSD.

And Todd IMO you also knew what was going on. Was Heidi going to rat on the wrong people who would eventually to save their own hides sing about who else was selling coke back then?

Bivens will be the first to talk, then it's going to be hard to shut everyone else up.
Better think Bivens...they are not your friends when it comes to felonies.

All that has to be done is for Lisa and Randi to win and then you guys lose.

September 27-28/18


Judge Instructions
These are some of the instructions the judge gave the jurors during Gary's trial.
What do you think? Was the verdict consistent with the proof presented by the prosecution?





September 27-28/18


Orange turd






Today's Quote September 26/2018

We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity.

We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet. Stephen Hawking

Well Gene,you lost the primary.You didn't thank your supporters, why? What have you, Reuel Todd, Investigator James Pietroski, Investigator Carmen Rojek, been doing? Did Pietroski dig up those lost text messages? He better find them soon, because Hilton can go through everything that is there! Have you all been having hush,hush meetings with Greg Oakes and Mark Moody? Best not be destroying anything with them. Or are you silently contemplating who you might throw under the bus? And what about Rich Murtaugh, Beth, his sister, and Rob Moody? Have you heard about any more clandestine gun club meetings? A new sheriff is coming to town, whatever will you do then, because all the public is hearing is CRICKET

September 26/18

Pauldine Disaster
Looks like Paudine is looking for a law suit. The parking lot has no barrier to prevent a person or car from falling 30 ft. to their possible death. Jim Bell, better known as Dumb Bell, and the Puppet Mayor has not done anything regarding public safety this on this issue. They are fully aware and if an accident happens, and there is a death or injury resulting from their negligence, they will be held accountable, and that phony city attorney would not be able to defend them, resulting in a huge settlement from the city.
This is what you get when you fill city hall with corrupt people,

September 26/18

News from Samsung





September 26/18

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
After all this, was it a railroad job on Gary with "mistakes" or was it a coverup with intent to HIDE something.
With all the hints Jenn W. gave the OCSD and the facts of her lying, telling of 2 vans, Murtaugh texts erased, MB and his white van never investigated, snitches that were there to get Gary, no evidence of Gary, deputy lying on the stand, Judge King doing everything to stop Lisa P., Oakes late with a mass of info on a Friday nite, suspicious events by OCSD, 10 people telling about the 3 other guys, deliberate measures to discredit Tonya ( phone call was not rehearsed ) the Inv. were there telling her what to say, and just a mass of other things
But why?
Were they protecting certain drug dealers?
Were there so many people involved in dealing coke that they had to get someone and hopefully put an end to it?
Sure looks like it.

September 26/18


Believe it or not

Jennifer Wescott says in her police interview that she was bouncing between Roger's house and her parents house on Levitt Road.
Isn't that near where an army fold-up shovel was found?
September 26/18







Today's Quote September 25/2018

229 If a builder build a house for some one, and does not construct it properly, and the house which he built fall in and kill its owner, then that builder shall be put to death.
230. If it kill the son of the owner the son of that builder shall be put to death.
231. If it kill a slave of the owner, then he shall pay slave for slave to the owner of the house.
232. If it ruin goods, he shall make compensation for all that has been ruined, and inasmuch as he did not construct properly this house which he built and it fell, he shall re-erect the house from his own means.
233. If a builder build a house for some one, even though he has not yet completed it; if then the walls seem toppling, the builder must make the walls solid from his own means.
The Code Of Hammurabi


Re:Frequent Lion Flier
LMAO good for you, I am also a common poster for Gary Thibodeau because of many of the same reasons. The biggest piece is there is a female teen girl Heidi Allen, still missing (after two decades). The injustice of this case, once you've read all of the material provided shows abuse of power, a total power control on the Sheriff Department and the District Attorneys side, misconduct, they made Garys Constututional rights vanish. To wipe away anyone's Constitutional rights to gain a conviction, is disturbing. I still can not figure out how he was ever arrested, what actual grounds they had to do so. Total and out right of abuse of power. The little gripes on here about using work vehicles, someone having a sighting on the Sheriff in the casino is nothing, the posts should be anger about the suffercation and silence of the Heidi Allen's case, (mums the word is what the counter poster requests) and a community pushing to find answers, not just for Heidi but for Gary. There are many Gary posters. The numbers of supporters reach in to the thousands. That's part to do with why Hilton won. People want accountability, integrity, and justice, proper due process of the law involving the real culprits, truth and answers. One wraps in to another. They want change and a good community. For 20 plus years there has been silence to most everything they've done. Many seek justice for those who can not. Many now try to speak for Gary and to finish where he could not. Including, myself. The biggest injustice ever to face Oswego County and instead of being helpful you find the Debbie downer. Toss it aside and continue posting so it's never silenced again, until it's solved. If the person doesn't like it, they will have the rest of their lives to get over it. No one will ever find Heidi silencing her story. It's been silenced far too long, in turn she is still missing and the death of an innocent man should be enough to weigh heavy on any meek persons heart and open the eyes on those who are not, to how disturbing this case truly is. "The District Attorneys office is distant and out of touch with its community. Due to it, it's at a cost of human lives." 1995. Sad thing is, the same exact thing can be said today. Today Heidi Allen is still missing.

September 25/18


Pauldine Disaster
Pauldine construction at its best! The attached pictures are from the parking lot behind the Pontiac adjacent to the River Walk, behind the old YMCA now owned by A Pauldine. The pile of concrete blocks laying all over the parking area was at one time, a Pauldine retainer wall that was just piled up to about 7 ft. tall. Pauldine had a contractor come in with loads of dirt to level the parking lot at the old YMCA and there were several piles left behind. Pauldine decided that he would get rid of the extra dirt by pushing over the bank which is about 50 ft. above the lower parking lot and retainer wall. The dirt fell and pushed the stacked block retainer wall over smashing a car that was parked below. Wonder when the Cahill Building will come crashing down. There has been no mention of this disaster in the local paper(fish gut wrapper) and the city has done nothing to correct this dangerous situation. Must be Jim Bell is keeping it under wraps from the Puppet Mayor. Bell and Pauldine are working hand in glove screwing the city out of hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Aside from massaging young boys until they ejaculate the only thing Pauldine is good for is, is , is…..
Well that is all he is good for. What he knows about construction would not fill a thimble.

September 25/18










Today's Quote September 24/2018

Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.

George Bernard Shaw



Oswego American Legion Chaos Saturday night
If you have Facebook, go to Lisa Emmons page and look at the video she posted outside the American Legion on Saturday night. The Syracuse TV stations really do need to be alerted to do an undercover report of the chaos that reigns on the West Side of Oswego on weekends, from the out of control drunken college students.

September 24/18



Theft in county treasurer's office
According to a legislator/bar owner, an employee in the county treasurer's office embezzled $40,000 under the watch of Fred Beardsley when he was treasurer and because Beardsley is the chairman of the county republican party, they want to keep it quiet until after the election so it doesn't hurt Allison Nelson.


The employees mother works for the county too.

September 23/18

A word from the Queen B
A recent private group chat which was supposed to be a “positive thing” quickly turned ugly. Many of those invited to the group informed me of the comments made. This post is merely to let those in the group know I have no immediate plans to depart (sorry NC, KC, and LW). QB

September 24/18


I am one of the frequent commenters about the Heidi Allen case.

My intention of constantly posting about the case is simple...To inspire people to think about her case. To inspire people to talk about it so her disappearance will not be forgotten. To demonstrate the tunnel vision and false accusation against the Thibodeau's. To expose law enforcement's false/uncorroborated theories. All the while realizing that Heidi's disappearance is not such an isolated incident in Oswego County, NY.

I laugh at the (baited) suggestion that a repeated commenter is trying to interject oneself into an investigation as Bohrer had-that I am he. Really? The only explanation for the constant posting is that the person is Bohrer? What about being a truly concerned citizen-that a young girl disappeared and that two people were falsely accused with one being convicted for her disappearance? What about simply wanting Justice? What about wanting Truth so the same thing wouldn't happen to my daughter considering that law enforcement Really doesn't know nor can prove what happened?

Could Heidi have left willingly and still be alive? Certainly. Unfortunately, unlikely. Even at 18 years old, she had to have understood the gravity of being a CI. Basing that assumption on her conscious acknowledgement of personal protection-she had a Screecher in her possession(?), her mother's assurance that she could handle herself and that Brett claimed he had been going to work with her for a couple months previous to her disappearance until 'traffic picked up' so she wouldn't be alone. Also, being a head-strong, independent woman (from public accounts) like myself, I find it unconscionable that she would have allowed over 20+ years someone to be falsely held accountable.

I wouldn't be so hasty to discount ALL of the investigators/police witness statements on this case. There are some whose influence and actions are questionable and others who were just doing their job, just like there were some witnesses who were 'trying to help and those who were trying to help themselves'. The decision of who to 'target' was made by a select few and perpetuated by the select few. I believe the initial investigation shows that Gary was not responsible. Having not seem All investigative material, I, personally, would not say it was a Fact that any of the 3 boasters are either. Maybe they are. That is up to the Sheriff's department to do a thorough/unbiased investigation which I don't believe has happened. Just saying, there is more corroboration that the boasters may have been telling the truth when 'boasting' as compared to what was said about Gary.

Though inadmissible in a court of law, an investigative tool nonetheless, I dare Bohrer, Breckenridge and Steen to take a polygraph test.

Who cares what I think or say? Agree with me or not? Fine!! Read the documents for yourself and form your own opinion! If I've inspired you to look deeper into the case or to come forward in whichever manner you choose, I have fulfilled my mission. With a little desire and time, one need not solely rely on the 'rumor mill' for answers. Thank you to those who have given truthful information about this case over the years.

Proud supporter of Gary "the Innocent" Thibodeau to the end

September 24/18

Many different reasons but this
also may be one reason these things took place
"A communities feeling about a case can influence a verdict as much as the evidence presented in the

September 24/18


98 days till Moe is gone.
Who is going to protect that looser Don Todd then.
Matthew Cuthbert

September 24/18








Today's Quote September 23/2018

Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.

George S. Patton

Stinson writes
I only came on this website to refute some misquotes.
I've told my story: what I said, and what was said to me.
Anyone directly related to this case is welcome to see me.
The lawyers on both side know where to contact me.

September 23/18

Lock them Up
That Lock them up sign wasn't the only sign that night, the Allen family arrived with Tee shirts that read justice for Heidi and all signs and shirts were barred from the court room. So it was an organized event pulled off my Allen's family and by the Duells family and friends. So no one cares if he was guilty or innocent. Oobviously someone organized it enough to have the shirts and signs made, it was planned by more than one person.


September 23/18

Jane Doe?
I'm wondering after all these years if any local police agencies ever contacted the FBI regarding the Allen disappearance? I'm thinking NO. Why? because they were not only incapable but also uninterested in solving the crime and contacting the FBI would have derailed their plan to frame an innocent man for a career making conviction. There are Jane Doe's buried in unmarked graves in all 50 states. Seems a simple task to examine a few thousand autopsy reports. What makes the frequent Allen poster believe that the police witness statements are anything but file filler? I mean they had to put something in the files in lieu of actual evidence. LOL The poster is perpetuating the myth that Allen was killed here. Don't assume that any aspects of the case reported by the Sheriff's Dept. are even slightly accurate.


September 23/18

If Rosenstein Is Fired, This Is Who Will Be in Charge of Robert Mueller

September 23/18







Today's Quote September 22/2018


I can't go back to yesterday - because I was a different person then. Lewis Carroll
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/lewis_carroll

I can't go back to yesterday - because I was a different person then. Lewis Carroll
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/lewis_carro

I can't go back to yesterday - because I was a different person then.

 Lewis Carroll



The Real "Killer"?
How tired are we all to read one more line regarding the Heidi Allen disappearance? The real issue here is that a man was convicted of a murder when no evidence of a murder existed! No body, No motive, No evidence of any crime. These are the facts that should amaze and inspire not the contradictory minutia of non-credible witnesses who saw nothing relevant because there was nothing to see in the first place. The poster supports the unsubstantiated claim of murder by the DA's office.I believe that the verbose poster at this site who seems bent on shading every witness statement could just as easily be the killer once again inserting himself into the 'investigation' or at least the neverending discussion regarding it.
Question: Were any of the nuke plants on shut-down at the time? Did the police look at the dozens of nuke plant workers with criminal sex histories? Especially any who may have left town that week? Heidi could be a Jane Doe somewhere in Texas. The killer's name might be found among the personnel records at any of the nuke plants. Now there's a useful idea. Sadly, the police did NO investigation whatsoever. Why? because they had their patsy.

September 22/18


Makes one wonder
Wonder what Sheriff Hilton would say if he found out Murtagh threatened someone he knows very well over the Gary Thibodeau case? Hilton will find out Murtagh, this person happens to be pretty close to Hilton's son. Wonder what he will think then of your, I'm so innocent stance, when he puts it all together and finds out, Murtagh had the nerve to threaten witnesses and someone who is not directly involved, who's only a supporter of Gary Thibodeau. I don't think Murtagh, Sheriff Hilton's as dumb as ol Todd. Your actions make you look guilty as hell. Murtagh you may know everyone but you obviously didn't know some of the people you did threaten are pretty good people and link back to the NOW SHERIFF, dumb move Murtagh. Ik certain he will believe them over you any day. Next time Murtagh find out who they are before you go tampering with witnesses and innocent supporters. Cause some day may kick you in the ass.

September 22/18

Re: weird tactics
There was a photo from a news article posted several days ago depicting a woman holding a sign saying "Lock them up"
Just curious about her bias before Richard or Gary went to trial. Was she just a concerned citizen that wanted to see the accused pay, even if they weren't guilty, or did she know something to have such a firm opinion?

September 22/18






Today's Quote September 21/2018

'People are born so that they can learn how to live a good Life like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?'

'Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay as long.'
A six-Year-Old


Dog Control Officers Conspiracy
Another Get Out Of Jail Free From Greg Oaks

The Town of Granby Dog Control Officer Samantha Rizzo neglected, mistreated or abused a dog to the point where she decided it needed to be put down but she was not going to spend her own money to do it. So she got her good friend Theresa Penfield the Dog Control Officer from Hannibal to falsify documents to pay a local Vet to do the deed. Penfield picked the dog up and took it to a Vet. The Vet recognized the abuse and refused to kill the dog. Long story short the NY State Police and Paws Across Oswego County got involved. The town boards of Granby and Hannibal have been trying to cover the whole thing up. The dog was saved with a lot of TLC from Paws and Cornell but Oaks refused to act on the charges filed by the police. Only after continued pressure from local animal rights activists and State police did Oaks finally bring charges. The next court appearance is 10/02/18, 6pm in Hannibal Town Court.

September 21/18


I agree that 4 am clock in gets me, the timeline begins there, not the last check out. To accurately pin point what happened you begin at 4 am, who was in the store at that time and why, or was it Heidi, there is no explanation. Why was the silent alarm not working that was connected to the sheriff's office, or the store cameras, the gas pumps didn't operate right, the wall clock, "time stood still for Heidi", Stitson tells you the cash register was broken, so nothing worked right. Tell me did the coolers not work for the deli, because Heidi left a huge slab of meat out in the open, but didn't Brett claim she had already stocked the deli and put everything away in the coolers, so is it possible Greg Oakes some one could have easily distracted her by having them make them a sandwich. Wasn't Bohrer famous for having Heidi make him a sandwich? Maybe the reason why Brett wants an attorney is because he knows more than he's telling. Isn't it then possible seeing as in 1994 it is reported and a known fact all of the doors in the front of the store were used by customers, were reported unlocked. Straight shot from that door to the meat slicer and the newspaper what's a person do, who is used to distract her after the one grabbing hers grabs her, just stand there and watch ? Why weren't the counter tops finger printed due to the paper on the floor did the distracter leap over the counter, placing even one hand on that counter as he lept across it? Maybe to help the grabber, is it possible that's the simple answer to how the newspaper ended up on the floor?Because the distracter accidently hit it, or the breeze from his body snagged it and it hit the floor? Whatever caused it to land where it did, was in one hell of a hurry they never picked it up. The belief this newspaper was on the floor because that paper could have been used to conceal a weapon to lure Heidi out of the store, is assinin, where is the gun used and why then was Richard Thibodeau never seen entering the store with a newspaper, that looked like he concealed something under it or anything for that matter, what did he do walk in leap the counter, pull a gun out with a newspaper request two packs of smokes, pay for them and leave, wtf, none of it adds up??. Then it switches to Baldasaro saying Heidi went willingly with the Thibodeaus, but that still doesn't explain the newspaper on the cashiers side of the counter on the floor.
Lots of questions. But one question I do not have is who fudged the timeline Curtis and Duell, parts of her file are missing, she also ran some of the search maps, had access to the direction people searched in for Heidi, she also found Heidi CI card. She also obviously knew Brett Law, and many tied to Heidi Allen as she did many things to quote search for Allen. She was a direct part of the Heidi Allen Center. Direct part of knowing of Heidi Allen hidden identity. She never once said anything in court up to know of the finding or knowledge to Allen's CI status.
So if you played clue, here is another question, which one faxed Bohrer parts of the investigation from the District Attorneys office? Was it VanPatten the exposer, Curtis the time flipper, Duell the fake, Barney the demented kid, Law the liar, Wheeler the crook, Scrutin the side kick, Todd the dodger, Dodd the mentor, which one cause they were all in and out of the Heidi Allen center, Gary was on foot then rode around in a vehicle on Allen's search. One things for sure it's wasn't Gary Thibodeau who used any fax machines during the search for Heidi.
And another which one dropped off the braclet in Heidis cousins mailbox? Bohrer the creep, Steen the psychopath, Dan the child creeper, Law the Liar, one things for sure being locked away in prison no access to place a non addressed envelope in anyone's mailbox, with Heidi Allen's braclet in it, unless Gary is one of the Alcatraz boys miraculously breaking out of prison, then breaking back in to prison after he taunts Heidis family, will it ever have been possible it was Gary Thibodeau.
Issue is all clues point to a fudged time line an exposed CI, a few dirty officers, Michael Bohrer, fudged evidence, hidden documents, criminals on the loose, the real culprits playing the justice system like a corrupt machine. And no one doing a damn thing to stop them, one things for sure, Gary Thibodeau died trying to stop them, expose them and he gave it his all, good for him. Someone needed to. Because they are nothing but liars and manipulated the majority with confusion. That I agree with.
Anyone ever ask yourself if it was all planned, detailed, timed and everyone played a part to pull off the kidnapping of Heidi Allen? Bohrer tells you the red truck passed my house, a cop in the passenger side, I knew they were up to something, she was to be taken on Sunday. Why Sunday, maybe because they were smart enough to pick a day you can't confirm a real time line. Because you can not confirm who reset their clocks. Without a real time line you'll never solve it, maybe that's exactly what they wanted.


September 21/18


Amazing similarities .......
They Could Be Half Brothers


Weather or not here we come
The weather is just a way to discredit Mr. Pierce as they did to Tonya with the phone call....I wouldn't doubt it if they told Jenn to call Tonya the night before as use that as an excuse to destroy the phone all that was tapped.
And while I am at it, when & how did they find out that Jenn called Tonya the night before the tapped call was used?

Oakes told Tonya right after that, the call can't be used because.......how's that for timing?

So without time lines, Oakes knew right after the tapped call and told Tonya the call can't be used. Tonya asked for a poly and was refused....of course. Remember Jenn was offered immunity by Oakes and they offer immunity only if you have info so important to the case they are willing to let you walk. She refused....hmmmmm why?

- Swenkowski and Richard were there at 7:41 - 7:42 as Swenkowski testified to seeing a van and left the parking lot the same time the van did....but did not see Gary or a kidnapping.

- Stinson said he was there at 7:41 and was Heidi's next customer but wasn't there.

_ Bivens who the OCSD didn't record any time that he saw the kidnapping only said he didn't remember telling a cop he was there between 8-8:30...****but no other time was given by him and at 8am the OCSD were there. So how did he see a crime if Swenkowski, Richard and Stinson were there about the 7:42 last Heidi transaction?

To see it he had to be there before 8am...but doesn't say that.

And he also said that he didn't call the cops because he thought it was a domestic dispute.
But he was questioned 3 days later ( which means he called the cops between 1-3 days after the crime ). But he must have known it wasn't a domestic dispute because it was all over the news at 6pm, in the papers etc. BUT HE WAITED TO CALL OCSD?????

Do you people see what is going on here? How times were changed, statements changed, van color was not black and white.



September 21/18


County Embezzlement
Word has it that County Treasure, Gardener, just fired a 5 year county employee for embezzlement. Have mot heard who it is or how much was stolen, but the DA is getting involved.

September 21/18


A victory for the people today. Hilton's in, the good ol boys are finally out. Couldn't ask for a better day. There is finally hope floating around in Oswego. NEXT - to be voted out, Greg Oakes!!! Sullivan was an example, you are next Oakes. What you did to Gary Thibodeau will not be forgotten. (don't believe it Greg, scan the internet, thousands stand against you) Best start campaigning now, many geering up, to stand against you in one year, to make you yet, another example of how to get rid of the shit clogging up OZ.

September 21/18


You're outta here...
Today I'm going to laugh!! You good ol boys lost. Tick, tock, time will tell, yes you were only bidding yourselves time. Enjoy your holidays...while the rest of us laugh, and wait for the first of the year. I think I'm going to decorate my Christmas tree with handcuffs, mail them to the new Sheriff come new years, he may need a few dozen extra pair, anyone else have any handy, donate them to the Sheriff Department. Maybe Hilton can teach them how to use them.

September 21/18



Dog's Death
She must have been kicked unseen or brushed by a car.
Too young to know much, she was beginning to learn
To use the newspapers spread on the kitchen floor
And to win, wetting there, the words, "Good dog! Good dog!"

We thought her shy malaise was a shot reaction.
The autopsy disclosed a rupture in her liver.
As we teased her with play, blood was filling her skin
And her heart was learning to lie down forever.

Monday morning, as the children were noisily fed
And sent to school, she crawled beneath the youngest's bed.
We found her twisted and limp but still alive.
In the car to the vet's, on my lap, she tried

To bite my hand and died. I stroked her warm fur
And my wife called in a voice imperious with tears.
Though surrounded by love that would have upheld her,
Nevertheless she sank and, stiffening, disappeared.

Back home, we found that in the night her frame,
Drawing near to dissolution, had endured the shame
Of diarrhoea and had dragged across the floor
To a newspaper carelessly left there. Good dog.
John Updike

September 21/18








Today's Quote September 20/2018

A typical vice of American politics is the avoidance of saying anything real on real issues.
Theodore Roosevelt

Joe Godfrey did die, murdered by a Toucan customer.


September 20/18

Inaccurate timeline
Exactly!! That’s why having both the register tape from April 3, 1994 and the tape from April 2, 1994 that was retrieved on August 11 (with the next day Mrs. Duell’s OCSD file being tampered with) is sooo important. Or someone coming forward that can enlighten us about that and how the first register transaction was 4:06am? Seems like an odd time to be a default setting.

Yeah, Dodd was hoping, and succeeded, in confusing the jurors (public and families) by double-talking. Take the van being washed, take the bone fragments that were tested by the Smithsonian, take the reading of the partial register transaction tape into the record, take the fact that April 3, 1994 was DST where people change their clocks at different times anyhow, take charging Gary’s alibi witness with perjury so she had to take immunity for her testimony, take the witnesses who admitted under oath that LE did not take their statements correctly. AND MOST OF ALL, take the army shovel that was used as evidence that wasn’t even confiscated from the Thibodeau’s!!


September 20/18

Letter re: Granby NY
This is in response to Oswego County Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.’s Sept 6 Letter to the Editor https://oswegocountytoday.com/political-corruption-or-fraud/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/

Castiglia noted: “A recent inquiry into petitions tuned in for a place on the ballot of a [Granby] town board seat. The inquiry revealed the fact that one of the candidates had turned in petitions with a plethora of illegal signatures. For those that are unaware of the signatures on a petition. The only legal signatures are those that are from residents of the area (town, city, district or county) that is going to be represented.”

Thank you! I am from Granby and I am the person who had this petition foiled from the Board of Elections. The statute of limitations is three days to challenge signatures on petitions and this petition was put in very fast and we didn’t have time to properly challenge it.

I cannot believe, in all my days of collecting signatures for petitions, how in heavens can the Board of Elections let a petition like this be legal. How does the Board of Elections do its job?

Just on page 1 of the petition, the signatures were from Cicero, Camden, and Constantia. This should have been grounds to check the validity of the whole petition. That is not all: The second page had signatures from neighbors of the person petitioning for the town board seat. This person did not go all around Granby. How do we know? Because all signatures on this page 2 were repeated on the next five pages. Signatures from Richland, Volney, and Oswego on these pages were repeated five times. Can you believe this? This is unreal!

As Legislator Castiglia notes in his letter: “You are only allowed to sign one petition for any one candidate. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure the signatures on the petitions are valid. It is also up to the witness to ensure the signatures are legal. Now in this case, the witness was a chairman of a major political party.”

Never, never have I seen such a fraud job as this petition. When you collect signatures you can be penalized for any false statement. The person signing these five pages is guilty of fraud in my book. This person is chairman of our political committee in our town and his son is also on this committee and he signed five times. Wow, they do not go by the rules.

Deep down, I do not believe the people on the first page repeated their names five times. I do not believe these people are this dumb. These people have also been signing petitions for years.

I and another person have given this to the law because the Board of Elections says if not challenged in three days nothing can be done. This is the law, so let the law take care of it. The people of Granby do not deserve a person so dishonest as this to represent them.

Thank you again, Frank Castiglia,

Rose Anthony
Granby, NY


September 20/18


Send them in I will put them on the site.


Fort Ontario Study Act
“Fort Ontario and Safe Haven National Refugee Shelter are treasures in our community, and testament to the important role of Central New York in our nation’s history. The Fort Ontario Study Act has been among my top priorities since coming to Congress in 2015,” said Rep. John Katko. “I’m thrilled that the Senate has moved forward this important, bipartisan and bicameral measure that I passed through the House in January of last year. I now urge the President to act swiftly in signing this measure into law so that this historic site is given the recognition it deserves.”


September 20/18








Today's Quote September 19/2018

Young people should travel, and they don't. You can't know if you don't go.
Quincy Jones

Vanosdall Murder Still Open

September 19/18

I don't know why anyone's arguing about who was where when or was it snowing or not. One thinks his memory is clear the other one does as well. Was Pierce right or Stitson. Well the national archieves for the farmers almanac says it sure as shit was snowing, sleeting, ice, snow you name it was falling from the sky with visibility at 2.6 miles ahead. If they passed through at obviously seperate times as Stitson never witnesses the kidnapping so he obviously wasn't there at the same time Pierce drove through that area. Stitson was heading towards 9 mile I believe to go to the gym at work. So he headed towards Oswego, out of it but to me it's obvious by the national weather records sleet, ice, snow, and the confusion to due to the time difference did Stitson drive in after something passed through or are the times just so complete off that Stitson passed through well after the crime had been committed and the roads cleared up, or was it really slightly spitting stuff through out the day? Who knows right, but it's not the weather issue it's a entirely f'd up time line, who says that clock wasn't off by even 20 minutes. The time frame is given and confirmed by the broken cash register and two people Curtis and Kris Duell teaming up and claiming all the times were correct. No one knows how much time actually passes by after the kidnapping, but I bet Brett Law does. New Haven is built off 1,300 estimated square miles who the hell knows where this ice, snow and crap weather on that date came from or from which direction. If your driving in from the north you'll probley run in to shit weather, from Oswego you'll also drive in to shit weather, from Fulton the same thing, if your traveling out of New Haven into Oswego you may get lucky and drive out of it, the further you drive from North to west, from west to north the weather changes because your going further north. Jesus, it's not the weather it's the flipping time line, thank the two who built this fake time line...Curtis, Kris Duell. If Gram Duell said, "Time stood still for Heidi," the times didn't change, then Curtis and Kris both lied, his watch never matched a damn thing. Who would you believe, the 2 involved or the old lady who didn't know a damn thing? Guess what the reality is, Stitson and Pierce may be both right.


September 19/18

Bad Boys...
Look at the look on Randi Biancos face anyone who watched this case unfold in Appeals, knew that Randi gave this look because she knew Greg just lied. The look of death. Randi Bianco and Lisa Peebles both were tough enough and had more courage than anyone to expose the good ol boys for what they are, not so good ol boys..Nice name when your nothing but bad LOL bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, the people just bitch slapped you.!!! (Believe it, there are many laughing)
You not so good ol boys are all done, I second that!!! Wait until the new sheriff coming figures out who you all, really are. If he has integrity, which many believe he does, he will figure it out. Murtagh, Wescott, Breckenridge, Bohrer, what then will you do. Who's going to toss who first. I have five bucks on Wescott.

September 19/18

Stinson replies to: Was he pulling in?
Well, I didn't think I'd have to explain "Flagging." And I wasn't on the flight deck. Except for being flown off by helicopter.
I am amazed all those jets can fly in willy-nilly with no direction.
But if it's important (it is in my original police statement) Officer Curtis was at the stop sign at 104. Therefore he had passed the East entrance.
I can't possibly know if his intention could have been to turn and come in the south entrance anyway... but I "flagged" him in.
If you're thinking Curtis had nefarious intentions, I should disclose:
Years earlier when I worked with Curtis - I'd been to his house for a beer.
Years later when I worked with the D&W owners' brother Jason - I'd been to his house for a beer.
One of the earlier customers on April 3rd, has been to my house. (He doesn't drink)
Point is: I drink a lot of beer.
Furthermore, when she got older - my kid worked at the store. She got fired.
Her babysitter was an alternate juror. (yes, I thought that would have been inappropriate if seated as a juror)
Point is: Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence.

September 19/18

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
When I read the time lines I couldn't wrap my head around 7:41am. Thought this suspicious as Swenkowski was there then, and saw Richard, Richard a minute later and bought cigarettes from Heidi and Stinson but didn't see anything.
Also a customer there a little earlier.

Ok I'll accept it that no one saw a kidnapping of which Swenkowski carries the most wait as he saw Richard.

Now to Bivens:

In the DA's Statement of Facts ( if there is such a thing ) Bivens said at first it was a light blue van, then a blueish white van and was shown pictures by the OCSD and said that is NOT the van I saw. He slept on it and later was shown more pictures and said about the trailer hitch rust and hanging down he is now sure it was the van.

But in the statement he gave to OCSD, he also said he didn't remember telling a OCSD days ago that he drove by between 8-8:30am.

and also said.." there may have been a van, I don't really remember." Or something close to this.

After banging my head around this I wonder if Bivens was even there. At 8am the cops were there so that destroys the chance he saw a kidnapping at that time.

Also he couldn't describe the van but he could describe the people and mentioned one looked older because of his hair...pointing at Richard? Even mentioned one had a coat on. Very detailed for a guy who also said there may have been a van I don't remember??????????????

My intuition back in 2014 told me that he wasn't even there. Which I still believe today.

And remember in Oakes' Statement of Facts: there isn't any record, statement or fact which says what time bivens was there.

Nothing....except the 8-8:30 by Bivens. Did they talk to him about we have the right guy but need a little more. Didn't Bivens have a pending DWI and an insurance fraud charge against him at this time?

Bivens is not the only person interviewed that said that was not the van I saw...read the S. O. Facts.

Now the OCSD let all this go as it was the truth, but what happened to the guy who ( I posted this earlier on this web page ) that said he borrowed Mike Bohere's white van after MB got it repaired and scraped with it. What happened to the van? Any DMV records showing he owned one or did that did that get shredded too?

Oakes, Dodd, Todd and whoever, the only thing that saved you from Lisa P. is Judge King. And I use the word "judge" very loosely.

Come on people we are very close...keep pushing. Please come forward to Lisa P. ONLY if you have info. Do not trust the OCSD, they are in too deep.

Took two innocent lives to protect the drug dealing. Why cover for drug dealers? Kick Backs?


September 19/18


Bohrer what a lunatic
Bohrer, who testified he was a former IBM researcher diagnosed with "executive burnout due to extreme stress," said his investigation included a blue van and a junkyard in Volney.
He asked Richard Murtaugh — whose scrapyard Breckenridge said he worked at in 1994 and 1995 — if he had scrapped the blue van in question.
"He said yes," testified Bohrer, "then he kind of smiled and said, ' No, Heidi Allen was not in it.'" Bohrer said he asked Murtaugh if a body could be crushed in a van, and Murtaugh replied, "No, that'd be too messy." Bohrer said his investigation into the case went so deep that he eventually rented a camper near Thibodeau's house, just to "feel 'em out," meaning Gary and Richard Thibodeau. After Gary's conviction, Richard was acquitted of the same kidnapping charge in 1995.
"I wanted to determine if in fact they were guilty," testified Bohrer, saying he'd often go to bars and "be a fly on the wall" and listen for tips connected to the case. He said he still goes "back and forth" on whether he thinks the Thibodeaus were involved, saying he leaves it "to the mercy of the court." At one point during chief assistant district attorney Mark Moody's cross-examination, Bohrer said that he generally liked Richard, and followed it up by addressing Gary Thibodeau directly.
"I didn't care for you, Gary," he said, chuckling a little.
"I don't even know you," Thibodeau said calmly, briefly lifting his face from his palm.
Seems Bohrer and Murtagh want to claim the blue van on Gary's property was used. This is one thing the Sheriffs ruled out. So seeing as murtagh and Bohrer both lied, how can the sheriff's sleep at night knowing their lies lead an investigation in to many different directions. Hope you all have a good holiday it may be your last. New Sheriff coming your way and getting you off the streets would result in the streets being much safer.
Maybe Bohrer, Murtagh can have the cell next to you so he can feel you out.


September 19/18

Time Travel With OCSD
July 27, 1994 Herald Journal must have the ability to time travel and obtain Robert Baldasro statement dated July 31, 1994. It's right in black and white. So either the Sheriffs lied about the date they obtained Baldasaro statement to coincide with Thibodeau arrest and leaked it 3 days before it ever was to exist or the Herald Journal can time travel forward in history then back in history. Either way it does seem to appear this was all a set up.



September 19/18


Does the owner ROB REED)do favors for people in power?
Fights cops felons underage nonstop drinking!
Tell your kids to steer clear !
They could die from the place

September 19/18

Re: shovel
Upon more careful reading of the police notes on 10/6/1994, the green/black army shovel was found on Levitt Road. The correct spelling should be Leavitt? This road is north of the D&W. A 'round end shovel' was inventoried from Gary's property. Did the prosecution switch the 'round end shovel' that was confiscated at Gary's property search with the army fold-up shovel that was in the retired detective's van?

Here is page 3109, page 3108 was posted a few days ago, that again has testimony of Kleist and a shovel.

Mr. Mulcahy, this might be something interesting for you to look into.?



September 19/18





Today's Quote September 18/2018

Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.

The shovel, dig deeper in to the articles and you will find a reporter caught the sheriff's removing an army folding shovel from an investigators vehicle it had brain or muscle tissue on it. When asked why they had this item they declined to respond. Makes one wonder what they planned on doing with this shovel.

September 18/18


Stinson replies
I had to get on yahoo search engine and type 'heidi thibodeau' - there is a video 'Oswego County D.A. offers insight into 2013 Heidi Allen Investigation'. It clearly shows rain changing to mixed snow and no snow on the ground as the storm was moving in. It is from later when the store was taped off and news crew had arrived. Sorry, I don't know how to link it. I assume there are Police crime scene photos also. No Snow! That doesn't mean people are lying about their entire statement if they remember snow. It means that memories are easily influenced by later input.
It took me less time to find a video of No Snow than it took you to write an email saying there was.
"Think before speaking. Read before thinking." Quote Fran Lebowitz american journalist.

September 18/18



Downtown is a zoo

I refuse to shop there day or night. The college could care less what students do so long as it is off campus.

City police are laughable. This police chief is as bad or worse than Dehm and Ruggio together. To bad Hilton isnt twins we could use someone like him in the city.


September 18/18

The Powers that be...
Well as far as the cabin diggers the sheriff's did not do a proper investigation in to their back ground or who they connect to. Jeremy Powers is involved in the Local 168 I.U.O.E. union same union as probable suspect Daniel Barney. Years ago the old women who owned Jeremy's home decided she could not longer keep the upkeep on her home, so they placed a bright blue tiny mobile home to the right side of the old farm house, where Steen resided with this old lady. Jeremy is connected also to Breckenridge as Chucky his neighbor is with Breckenridge's, so called sister. Back then Breckenridges two nephews Mike West and Harry West worked for Chucky and fell from a roof and straight through a roof, one broke his hip, the other broke his ankle. Chucky was sued and his insurance company paid these two boys a huge sum of money. Link, link, link, the sheriff's either think you are all dumb or simply wiped the facts to who they all are under the rug, either way court documents can prove these people are all connected and can prove the law suits. Alexander and Catalano LOL start digging you'll find this is a bulls eye.

September 18/18

was he driving by or pulling in?
I keep seeing the statement flagged in, flagged down go back in your mind when you first saw the Sheriff patrol unit wasn't he headed toward the store entrance anyway? I too served aboard ship, and to use navy terminology flagging him in or down I believe is like flagging in a jet, it's landing either way, your flag did not help,the Sheriffs prefer to make statements from notes to, keeps their stories straight.

September 18/18

Book burning
With Hilton on their asses, wouldn't doubt the evidence burning has begun, deleting, shredding, maybe faxing to Bohrer LOL you cunning, hiding, sheriff's there's a new sheriff coming and I'd be afraid. VERY AFRAID, I am certain Murtagh is, he should be, so should Wescott did you fools really think you could murder people and the little old sheriff was going to last forever to protect you criminals? Betcha thought he was invisible, seems you good ol boys and your goons are done. Wait until Hilton catches on to the many families going after you criminals. He may just hop on board. Integrity lies in honest people and well we all know the Sheriffs from OZ are nothing more than liars, criminals and snakes. Hilton take them to the bank on their lies, some warrants would be nice to see, start with Wescott.

September 18/18



Response to "Downtown".
Yes, weekends on the West side near the downtown are chaos! Everything you mentioned is so true. Until the police start enforcing laws, it will continue to be that way. The College seems to have no concern about how their students act, yelling and screaming disturbing the neighborhoods. I am afraid that it is going to take something major for this to happen. What if someone would alert a Syracuse News Station to come on a weekend night and do a news report on the utter chaos that reigns on the West side of Oswego on weekends, caused by the out of control drinking college students???? Maybe that would wake some people up as to what is happening in this beautiful city.




Today's Quote September 17/2018

Truths and roses have thorns about them.
Henry David Thoreau

Last night at 12:30. my daughter called for a ride home from the movies. I go over and the music from wardorks bar was so loud ,and people drinking in the street, was unreal. And hiding behind the theater , in parking lot BODER PATROL and does nothing , as no local police anywhere. Picked them up and came up west 2nd to the light , and there is a guy taking a piss in plain site, discusting, turn on bridge heading east and water st. everyone drinking in the street, and the good old "D BUS", sucking up the cash , and a lot of these 'DEBRA STANLEY" people did not look 21. totaly disgusting !!!!!!!!!!!!


September 17/18

Stinson replies;
The other store clock/advertisement was over the ice cream cooler and across a window, 90 degrees to the register counter. And yes, it had not been advanced. If I remember that correctly (after 24 years.)
I prefer quoting notes.
I said, "I flagged Officer Curtis in at 7:58." I didn't leave at 7:58. I of course stayed as long as requested. I was there when the owner opened the register and we found out that "Heidi" was missing.
I said, "it was a surprise to Investigator Hall and myself that the register clock was broken 4 days later 4/7". I don't know who else checked it or when.
For those wondering why comparing my time to the register was so important. It defined a window of opportunity.
When I did celestial navigation in the Navy, I got my time by radio signal from the atomic clock in Denver. Perfect: I never lost a boat.
In 1994, Like most people, I got my time from the TV. Best I can say is "I never missed the 6 o'clock news". It wasn't perfect and neither was the register. But I know what time I got to the store (per my clock) and that's why the comparison became so important. How the police finally weighed that accuracy - I don't know.
Other things I did in the Navy were weather reports, the ship's Log, and security patrols. You'll have to trust me: I didn't see a kidnapping.
As an interesting follow up to that statement: I do believe we drive on the subconscious part of our brain. Probably why no one uses blinkers. I met with the search expert from Texas, Rick ( B****field?) and volunteered to try hypnosis (I knew a guy), to see if I could recall a vehicle leaving etc. Rick asked the Police. They said, "No. It would eliminate me as a witness." I tried to insist, but he said he had to work with the police and accept their decision. That's no derision on the police. I'm sure they have their rules. Now it's just a another side note many people never knew.
I'm not trying to aggrandize myself as the perfect witness: I certainly didn't realize the gravity of the situation on that Easter Sunday.
Whatever side of the aisle people are on, I'm glad that there is still an intent interest in this case.

September 17/18

Inmate testimony vs recent interview
Key witness in Heidi Allen kidnapping changes story about what Thibodeau told him in jail
"They were trying to get me to say he told me he did it," Baldasaro said. "I said, 'That's never what he said.'"
Funny (ironic, predictable) how 20 years later if one doesn't refresh their memory by reading their previous testimony what they recall. Really? A confession, Todd? Both inmates specifically testified that Gary didn't say he had anything to do with Heidi's disappearance. Read Greg's Statement of Facts vs Lisa Peebles/Randi's facts and you'll see the truth that the inmates did NOT say Gary told him he (or Richard) were involved. THAT is YOUR theory..uncorroborated theory. There is no evidence that your theory is correct. Hell, there wasn't even time the morning of April 3, 1994 for the brothers to take Heidi to near the woods at Gary's and bring her back without being missed and then to have Richard's purchase rung up. Hell, Gary had a legitimate alibi (proven in a Court of Law to NOT be lying).

It is a fact (looking back on legal documents posted on this site on December 2, 2017) that Baldasaro received a deal for his testimony.

Gary should not have been convicted after trial. No evidence, the theory didn't fit, he should have been acquitted! An innocent man died in prison at the hands of corrupt law enforcement and gullible jurors. Pray they are held accountable for what they've done like Gary paid for what he wasn't accountable for.
Key witness in Heidi Allen kidnapping changes story about what Thibodeau...
Robert Baldasaro says Thibodeau never told him Allen was beaten to death with a shovel, as Baldasaro testified i...
Dodd's excuse for withholding evidence, as per the news article posted a few days ago on this site, was so that the defense wouldn't tell the witnesses not to talk to the police? Isn't that exactly what at least one of the prosecution witnesses did when Mr. Walsh wanted to talk to her...she refused to talk to him. It's all on record in the trial transcript.

What, Rule? What did you say in the news about Heidi and Gary? 'No relationship'. What did Dodd say during closing arguments? The articles are from July 27, 1994. **tainting the jury pool. And that's why it took so many perspective jurors to seat the 12 plus 4 alternates.**


September 17/18

News footage/articles/witness testimony ALL say it was a snowy/rainy day.
Git otta here that Greg thinks Mr. Pierce isn't credible because he said it was snowy, it was. That would explain why Heidi might have been wearing a jacket like Mr. Pierce said. A clerk at the D&W had to reset or fuss with a pump because it wasn't working properly. And can be proven. Wait for it. The proof WILL be posted.


September 17/18

Sullivan's mother
This rumor about O.P. Honors and Sullivan's mother could well have some validity. He is a retired trooper, they are about the same age. If Sullivan was so well qualified, why didn't he go to the Troopers? A
s an assembly woman, Fran could easily gotten him an appointment, but fact is...even her pull couldn't overcome a serious criminal history. Don't tell me the records being sealed means anything...you can find out if you want. So, why not go to Syracuse PD, or some other large well paid department? Well....because he could come to OCSD and be bullet proof, rapidly promoted, and groomed to replace Moe, which is exactly what happened. Of all the well paid departments....why did he come here? Cause nobody else would have him with his past.
Hopefully Sheriff Hilton will end the decades long system of promotions being based on political pull, or, in many cases, a large financial contribution. Take home cars? Merely a political lever....has been for years. Politically connected, play cards with Todd, or generally be a suck up. .you get a permanent car. Out of the loop? Share, or never get one. Promotions? The head of CID...Dean Goodsell never took a promotion test......his brother becomes Sgt., of the civil division. Nellis's son, right in there. Sgt. Stripes used to go for 500 dollars. Write the wrong ticket, arrest the wrong person? Your days become numbered. Between John Elliott and the sheriff.....sooner or later.... sooner or later. Elliott was part of the problem...if he took a dislike to some cop....he made their life miserable. There are court attendants so old they fall out of their chair during trials
it's a joke. Play poker with Todd...court security detail is right up your alley. You get the point.

September 17/18

Defies Common Sense
We saw from legal documents posted on this site, that Kleist testified that no army fold-up type shovel was ever confiscated from any of the Thibodeau searches. We can also see from a news article in 1994 and from Greg's Exhibits in regard to the Hearing in 2015 that an army fold-up shovel was found during a ground search and left where it was because of the condition it was in and that a reporter saw an army fold-up shovel in a retired detective's vehicle. The shovel was found April 25, 1994 and the inmates made their statement in July 1994...hhmmm

Ironic that the inmates make claims of an army fold-up shovel AFTER one was found during a ground search and reported in the news. Also ironic is the prosecution tested an army fold-up shovel that showed 'skeletal muscle'. Did the defense ever get a forensic report about the 'skeletal muscle'? Where exactly was the army shovel found during the ground search and did the retired detective ever give a statement about the shovel in his vehicle?

Has anyone else read what I describe and what do you make of that? It's all in black and white if you know where to look.

My point is it looks like the Sheriff's and DA's office were trying to plant 'circumstantial evidence' against Gary and Richard. We already know that some evidence had not made it into testimony for the jurors to consider in Gary's trial that WAS admitted in Richards and Richard was acquitted.

Another point is that it is absolutely obvious that the DA's office was making a conscience effort to withhold evidence in order to get a conviction.



September 17/18






Today's Quote September 16/2018

A new breed of Republicans has taken over the GOP.

It is a new breed which is seeking to sell to Americans a doctrine which is as old as mankind -

the doctrine of racial division, the doctrine of racial prejudice, the doctrine of white supremacy.
Jackie Robinson


Hope to God
I hope Hilton sees the huge injustice Oswego brought to Gary and Heidi. I hope he starts firing officers like Petrowski, which he deserves it. Clean the house and blow Heidi Allen's case wide open. Last night when he won my only thought was, here he comes the hero. This entire case and county needed one. I pray that's what Hilton becomes. If he did he would have more integrity in his heart than the entire department. Every story needs a hero. This one is screaming for just that.

September 16/18

Time for Republicans in Oswego County to shut up!
It's about time you bunch in the Republican committee realized you don't rule our county. We hate Reuel Todd and anyone associated with him or you! Decisions come with consequences and Gene made the wrong ones! Gene would not have qualified for the NY State Police and that makes him unqualified to be sheriff! We don't need or want a person with a criminal record being sheriff. You thought your little felon lost last night, we will never vote for him if he squeaks through on the publican ticket. Honest people vote for honest candidates Your bunch of former and current DA's are criminal in my judgement. They let an INNOCENT MAN DIE IN PRISON! Your REIGN OF TERROR IS OVER AND DON'T EVER FORGET IT AGAIN!

September 16/18

Weird tactics...it really is OZ
See attached. This is one of the craziest things anyone could have done other than Dodds Phantom Purchaer (lol). Before Gary's trial they not only compared his case to that of OJ Simpson, some classy citizens stood outside of his plea at court, holding up signs, before he was ever found guilty of any crime, or ever made it to trial. But that phantom purchaser, really tops the charts by the former ADA Donald Dodd. So in reality they stole Richards van, put that baby on display in the center of Oswego, took notes the night Heidi vanished that Gary was home that night and jotted down his license plate, come up with some lame story Gary fled to Massachussettes and fled with his wife, Sharon. In return Sharon supplies 3 sources of documents to confirm she was in Oswego, that the District Attorney was outright lying. The Sheriffs and DA OFFICALS committed perjury on the stand then and now, you claimed there was a phantom purchaser, pretending to be Sharon on the loose and that's how she got the bank receipts, then you arrest her for perjury, and testify before a grand jury against Sharon and never recorded the testimony, only so she couldn't and wouldnt testify as an alibi, due to fear or retaliation by the DA and Sheriff's, what law, Sheriff's did you not violate to committ this kidnapping of an innocent man. Then you convict Gary off a timeline that doesn't add up, witnesses changing their stories, no evidence, no motive, suspects removed off a list, total violation of due process laws and allowing an American to defend their lives and their guilt or innocence. Then your new buddy Pie liar Petrowski helps you out by bogus, biased, bullshit interrogations, missing evidence and his pathetic failed attempts to lie on the stand. You stood around chanting lock him up, ruined his entire life, took any constitutional right he had, because 1995 was election year, Dodd you made a mockery of Gary to gain votes and used him as a pawn to win election. The year they prosecuted Gary was the first year in Oswego history and the very same day Dodd announced his candidacy for District Attorney of Oswego, that same day the first ever murder case was tossed by Judge Brandt for prosecutorial misconduct against Donald Dodd. Sound familure? Dodd nor Todd (The sheriff's brother) could get their theory straight on another case. In 1995 the citizens of Oswego stated "the DA and Sheriff's were out of touch with the citizens so much it was costing human lives." This is only a handful I can think off, off the top of my head. But that 3000 documentation dump by Greg classic, violation of Gary's due process rights. Could you imagine being compared to OJ Simpson, then have a bizarre phantom purchaser on the loose. All while your brothers van sits in the center of Oswego in hopes to spark someones memory, because they had NO WITNESSES, AND NO GROUNDS FOR ANY ARREST TO EITHER BROTHERS. No motive, no witnesses, no body, no weapon, passed lie detectors, negative to any DNA. Absolutely nothing to tie you to any crime. To constitute either arrested. Tracks didn't match, times didn't match, nothing adds up. But yet one morning you've become OJ SIMPSON, over night, without warning and to prosecute you, they broke every law possible to do so. Imagine that, being stripped of every right you have, the only thing that put you in prison was he said, she said jail house gossip..If prosecuting them was as easy as it was for them to destroy Gary Thibodeau, Oswego would be a better place.




Judge Todd

Two women and a baby were nearly trampled to death as that fat greasy little Toadd ran out in front of his East Utica Street home to take down the Sullivan Signs.


September 16/18


Re : To David Stitson reply
No Heidi did notice the wall clock as Gram Duell stated to reporters "Time stood still for Heidi." Heidi informed Gram prior to her leaving the store she had to fix the store clock. But Gram Duell said Heidi never did, the day she vanished Gram Duell returned to the store noticing the wall clock, she admitted the time never changed. Thus her creating her comment "Time Stood Still for Heidi." You can find all the information on this case at this link, scroll to the bottom and start in 1994. http://heidiallenarticles.blogspot.com/?m=1


September 16/18

Seeking confirmation
There is and has always been a rumor as to how Sullivan got his first job as an officer. The rumor that his mother was in a romantic relationship with a former police Chief? His name was Opee Honors. (Not sure how the first name is spelled.) Can anyone verify this?

September 16/18

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
After reading Dave Stinson's reply it woke me up.

Thinking that there is no way possible for him, Swenkowski and Richard to be there at those times, this needs a full inv. by NYS, DOJ or the FBI.
They did so many petty things, omitted doing certain inv. ( MB's white van ) that I think, I hope and I feel...you guys are screwed.

This is so Mickey Mouse that I expect some will start to sing. Are you listening Jenn? You think they're your friends? Think Again.

I wish to apologize to Dave Stinson for anything I may have written that was inaccurate. I never thought you were a suspect but I can now see your point...sorry.

Now seeing that the time must have been fixed and the fact that the OCSD didn't get the register tape for that day until August and all the other hints of wrong doing maybe Oswego has met its match.

September 16/18


Sentencing phase of Gary Thibodeau-diary and Mrs. Granger's statement
Diary was exculpatory but Dodd didn't turn it over until sentencing?

Still think Gary got a fair trial or that there wasn't prosecutorial misconduct? What about the judge allowing all these things to happen?


September 16/18






Today's Quote September 15/2018

Victory belongs to the most persevering.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Hilton takes both conservative and republican
Back to purse snatching Gene.
Now...maybe the truth in the Allen case.

September 15/18







September 15/18

RE: Heidi Allen
“There are witnesses who try to help and witnesses who try to help themselves.”
I believe Mr. Stinson was the former. His testimony simply showed the prosecutions timeline was False and, therefore, the inmates’ testimony uncorroborated.

September 15/18

To Dave Stinson
I hope you don't think anyone thinks you were involved with a crime. I don't, but when I read your statement and you said you were there at 7:40 and left at 7:58 it seems like you would have had to seen something. Of course not getting the trial transcript and only reading Oakes' Statement of Facts leaves a lot of questions.

For Ex: Swenkowski's statement said he got there at 7:40 and saw Richard. But Oakes left his time out in the first article about Swenkowski. And if his watch says 7:41 and yours says 7:41, the register time doesn't matter...but I think it was fixed to be fast.

We ( I ) am only concerned about how this inv. went down. I don't believe Dodd, Oakes or most of the OCSD at that time. Too much info not looked at...intentionally....like MB white van, Jenn W. spilling her guts, Jenn W. lying about where she lived, who she knew, no one seeing Gary there...simply, there wasn't a case.

I guess it would seem logical that the register time was fixed for all the right reasons. ????? never checked it until 7 days later?
At first I believe I read the wall clock was wrong and it hangs above the counter so H.A. probably never noticed it.

But I do hope this all comes crashing down.

And a lot of statements were massaged by OCSD...they can't agree on the color of one van. Bivens said he isn't sure there was even a van there. First sightings of a van....were white and that got changed.

Hopefully Lisa wins and the FBI comes to town.

September 15/18


"Rebellious Young Men"
I must take issue with the person who wrote that at age 17 we were all questioning authority, smoking pot, getting puking drunk, wrecking the car, flunking out of school, fighting, shoplifting, etc.
Some of us have parents who taught us to respect authority, whether is be our teachers in school, or the policeman on the beat. We have parents who taught us the dangers of alcohol as well as other drugs, who taught us to do our best in school, to respect other people's property.
Not only do some of us have parents that instilled character in us, but we knew that if we disappointed them with or behavior, they would not try to cover up for us, we would have to face the consequences.
Maybe if we had more parents like this, we wouldn't have all the problems in our society that we do.

September 15/18





Today's Quote September 14/2018

The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.

There Is Gonna Be A New Sheriff In Town

And The Undersheriff Is Gonna Get A New Office

September 14/18

Heidi Allen
Dave Stinson writes:
At 7:42 a.m. Easter Sunday April 3rd 1994 Heidi Allen sold 2 packs of cigarettes at the D&W
convenience store in New Haven Ny.
I was the next customer.
The kids had their Easter baskets and my wife wanted a Sunday paper to read while I went
to the Gym. She was “springing” the clock ahead one hour as I walked out the door. The minute
hand was exactly halfway between 7:35 & 7:40 I petted the geese, got to where I had parked
the car (out of the mud), and drove the 8/10ths of a mile to D&W.
A few days later (April 7th) Investigator Hall and I repeated this drive. He was trying to
narrow the time that was unaccounted for. We put my arrival at 7:41. Estimated by My house
Time! We went into the store to call my house and compare my clock with the register clock.
Surprisingly, the register clock was now way off. The register clock was broken; To be accurate,
each clerk had to set the clock each morning and today's clerk hadn’t set it. We supposed Heidi
had set it when she worked Easter morning.
Interestingly, while Investigator Hall and I were there a man had trouble with the gas pump
and one of the girls went out to ‘flip the handle up’ for him. The girls laughed at his mechanical
ability and said, “ it happens all the time”. There was now more than one girl minding the store. I
thought that smart. But I wondered if going outside while alone would be smart.
I had driven to the D&W and arrived at 7:40 - 7:41. Again, My House Time. There was a red
station wagon where an employee would park and a white car out by the corner for sale. But
there were no customer cars, So I zipped by the front steps and parked close. It was raining.
I grabbed a sunday paper off the stack and thumbed through it. I wanted to make sure it had
been assembled with the TV guide and coupons. They come separately. The clerk wasn’t
Visible. I presumed she was in the restroom. The door was closed. Or in the back. I had heard a
noise. (probably a cooler kicking on I now believe.). I put down $1.50 for the paper. Almost
immediately, another man came in and did the same. Then another. They had no reason to
stay, I had said that I would, “tell the clerk”. Out of courtesy I waited to explain the $4.50. Still no
clerk. I checked the restroom, gave a hello, checked around… No clerk.
There was a purse, and car keys on the counter behind the cashiers area. There was meat
on the slicer and coffee in the pot. The register was closed with $1.38 showing on the display.
Everything looked OK. The only thing out of place was a Pall times paper on the floor behind the
register counter. (Later, Investigator Yerdon told me, the newspaper on the floor was friday’s
and somebody may have a had a weapon under it to get Heidi away from the duress alarm that
was near the cash register)
I had looked around the store but hadn’t looked down cellar. I didn’t want to appear
suspicious. It took a few minutes before another customer showed up. Pat Granger bought
$5.00 of gas and came in. ( I knew Pat from the Plant) Then John Glenister came in, to return
cans. (I didn’t know him) We checked the first floor thoroughly. I walked outside to check around
the employee’s car and around the building. As I got to the car (Heidi's) I saw a sheriff's car at
the corner and waved him in. It was Rick Curtis. I knew Rick also. He had worked with me as a
security guard at the plant a few years earlier. It was now 7:58. My watch time. Curtis checked
the store and called it in.
I wrote my own statement while I was still at D&W that morning. Investigator Herby Yerdon
wrote another with me 2:48 pm 3 April 1994. He wanted to log everything I had done since I’d
woke up: Breakfast, pet-the-geese, everything. I kept copies of those statements.
Heidi’s sister Lisa Burke had written a book. (Where’s Heidi) She got things a little wrong:
There wasn’t any money on the counter before I got there and I hadn’t “run to the street yelling
for the first car.” I had calmly flagged the police in, still thinking we had an inattentive or injured
clerk. And honestly, I wanted to get on with my day.
Someone recently showed me the Oswegonylion.com website. I don’t enjoy being misquoted
and accused of complicity by the short bus armchair sleuths that cut spelling and math class.
So, I will respond to a few twisted internet threads:
I didn’t know Heidi's name at 7:40, John Glenister was there before the sheriff, and there was
no snow for footprints or lack thereof. (as someone on Oswegonylion.com website claims Pat
Granger wrote a year later. The whole letter wasn’t posted).
I had arrived at the store at 7:40 or 7:41 MY TIME! ONCE. Not before and after Thibodeau.
Heidi was gone before I got there. I didn’t see Swenkowski, or her last customer, (presumably
Thibodeau), or ‘husky’ men wrestling anyone into a van. Regrettably, I missed it all.
I was pretty confident of my arrival time and the weather. I never changed my statement or
time to match the broken register time. It was the job of Police to reconcile the clocks and
collate the timeline.
Later as a witness, I wasn’t allowed to watch the trial. Apparently witnesses corrupt each
others testimony. I probably know less about this story than many people - except for my
testimony. But I have since read some transcripts and News. For those that didn’t bother to do
any research, here's the Timeline:
Swenkowski testified he saw ‘the van’ move up to the front steps. Tr 1239
Bivens testified as to seeing a van and two husky men. (and flurries in the air) Tr. 1285
He came forward after the reward and a photo of Thibodeau's van was posted in the
I testified that I arrived and didn’t see anyone.Tr 1396
After 1995, I wasn’t called to testify again. But, I have spoken with certain people as new
“evidence” arose:
I met with Lisa Peebles. (Aug 7 2014) She told me, “she had been tasked by the Federal
government to ensure Gary Thibodeau had received a fair trial.” I met with her to ensure she
had a copy of my statements and notes; how sure I was of my time, the weather, and the
broken clock. She already had them.
Bill Pierce from Hannibal stated (20+ years later) he couldn’t turn around on Easter Sunday
due to “slush & ice”. When I saw Pierce on the news I called the DA’s office and they were well
aware that there wasn’t any ice & slush, or snow.
I’ll add this:
Juror #3. Elizabeth Head now believes: Gary was innocent, there was no real evidence, and
she was told to vote for the side she believed most. (Quotes from TV interview w/ Matt
Mulcahey, Aug.2018)
This last statement by juror #3 disturbs me greatly. Dramatic as it may sound; A community’s
collective conscience and Gary Thibodeau’s conviction once hung on jury diligence.
Gary Thibodeau died in prison 12 August 2018.

September 14/18

Hilton LEADS who's next to go??
Awesome race but the best man won. Looks like there is a new sheriff coming to town. I wonder who's going to get voted out next..Greg Oakes maybe. The Gary Thibodeau case sunk you Sullivan, just like it's going to sink Greg Oakes, eventually none of you in power controlling who lives and who dies, will have any say (come the nextfew years) if any. Times are changing and people are sick of the lying coming from both the Sheriffs and the DA Office. It was proven tonight. I truly hope Sullivan's crying, because many families searching for answers were in tears as we watched karma finally catch up with your department, hopefully Hilton holds the win, but for now many are smiling watching every last one of you squirm. So many Gary supporters teamed up, you under estimated them. Thought they came in small numbers. Not so, reporters will tell you there are thousands. Your department took a human beings life, you waisted tax payers money on your lies and watched a man die, who was innocent. What was it you expected? Best of wishes Gene Sullivan may I some day pass you and Greg Oakes as you work as greeters at wal mart...Maybe I'll let you carry my purse. Lmao!!!
Congratulations to Hilton you just broke the barrier in OZ, the people want accountability for this departments actions. Please do us justice!! Voters keep up the good work, next one out, Greg Oakes.

September 14/18

Does anyone else think
Does anyone else think that someone-Murtaugh-switched the VIN number on the inoperable blue van that was on Gary’s property during two searches that was stolen in August of 1994 with the VIN from the van that was REALLY used to kidnap Heidi?

It’s not like his buddies, John and/or Mike Bohrer didn’t drive around with switched plates. **refer to documents filed for the Hearing regarding Deputy Crisafulli pulling over who is known as John Bohrer in 1992(?) with switched plates and dropping him off near the Gay 90’s, aka Spinners.**



Crisafulli must be a much better investigator to find out that John had a warrant for a different state but when it came to the investigation of Heidi’s disappearance, neither the Sheriff’s Department nor the District Attorney’s Office could find Mike Bohrer’s conviction relating to Mrs. Schmitt.



September 14/18




Today's Quote September 13/2018

No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.
Abraham Lincoln

All the Good le boys will be out voting for Sullivan so if you want things to change get your ass off the couch and vote for Hilton. 

The candidate without a rap sheet.


September 13/18

Purse snatcher  "I never got any special favors"


September 13/18

Rebellious Young Men
I am mostly in agreement with the poster of “Scandalous..” however the definition of rebellious differs from my view. Or course at 17 we all were questioning authority, growing your hair long, smoking pot, protesting the war, and what has taken me years to accomplish, to be half as smart as I thought I was then. Like most of us we did stupid things that got us hurt and in trouble, getting puking drunk, wrecking the car, flunking out in school, fighting, and at worst shoplifting on a dare. In most cases you parents got you out of it or you paid the price, no different than Sullivan. However, only a criminal mind would attack defenseless old ladies, commit breaking and entering, and robbery. Even at 17 you knew this person was no f’ing good and you would mock him as a punk who beat up on the weak and stole from hard working people. We all have regrets I agree, but those discrepancies have consequences depending on the seriousness of them. Mr. Sullivan didn’t get into “mischief” he exhibited a contemptable character flaw that isn’t easily banished. – Abby Hoffman

September 13/18


Just a few words about the sheriffs race,
Don Hilton worked for me as a newly hired correctional officer. I immediately recognized his commitment to learn all he could. Officer Hilton continued this valuable trait for the duration of his tenure at the jail, he was always on time, properly uniformed and ready to complete any duties assigned to him. I always knew he wouldn’t be satisfied with remaining a .C.O. So, I was not surprised when I was called upon to write/verbally a reference letter for future law enforcement job considerations. I was proud to do so then and remain so now. Anyone who knew Sgt. Barney for the time I served, knows I’ve trained hundreds of officers, corrections was a career choice for me not an assignment, Im 100% confident in Dons integrity and abilities!, I’m also sure his opponent got a huge break, one that should never have resulted in his being in law enforcement. wake up Oswego county voters!!

September 13/18

Sullivan Just Sayin
The Deputies and the CO s work with him and know him ….. and they hate his guts.

September 13/18

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
Still don't believe there was a cover up?

- Mike Bohere stated about the CI card found in the D&W parking lot BEFORE that information was released.
- Stinson said he was at the D&W before and after Richard was there but did not see a kidnapping.
- Mike Bohere received a fax from the OCSD.
- Balasdaro ( jail house snitch ) now has changed his story and this could be huge.
- Jenn Wescott.." after 20 years I still have to tell you guys that there were 2 vans."
- Judge King..what can you say about this guy? He stopped Lisa from calling Tonya as a witness.
- 10 people testified that 3 guys said they committed the kidnapping. Judge King said the fact that all the stories were different made this info useless?????
- Why wasn't DNA testing done on the bracelet left in the mail box?
- A person told police that he borrowed MB's white van to scrap with. This too was not investigated..wow!
- Why was Tonya getting death threats? That would mean the real suspects are still out there, but Gary was in prison....think about it.
- Moe Todd said he had very little to do with the Heidi Allen case. Biggest case in the county and the sheriff wasn't involved?
- Neighbors at the airport stated that county issued cars were going in there almost nightly around 3-4 AM.



September 13/18

It’s not youthful exuberance.
It’s not boys will be boys.
It’s not smoking pot or drunk driving.
Stealing cars, breaking and entering and strong arm robbery are felonies. It wasn’t a few times Sullivan did it over and over until he was caught. His parents got him off with youthful offender so he gets a second chance. I’m down with that but the punk goes right back and does it again and again until he gets caught again and his parents get him youthful offender again and as someone pointed out you are only hearing about the times he was caught. He was a felon at fourteen and the only thing he learned eventually was how not to get caught. If he robbed my mother Fran would be putting flowers on his grave instead of greasing his way through the Sheriff’s Department.

To the one who thinks it’ ok for Ramsey to cheat on his wife because the girlfriend is hot and the wife is not your head is so screwed up nothing is going to change you.
By the way I was in the room when it was discussed and Ramsey is on the shortlist for undersheriff.

This is the county that voted overwhelmingly for Trump. What else is new.

September 13/18

Jenn Wescott
Am I making too much out of this stuff.
Last nite was watching HA doc. at 49.50 seconds ( minutes?) the video stops in the interrogation room ( Jenn ) and then a lap top appears on the table next to the cop.
Looks like video jumped, edited, skipped, was stopped. I also posted about Jenn being asked when something happened and she says "August". The same thing happened.
What do you think?
Also MB stated about the lost CI card BEFORE that info was released. I think MB, Roger and Steen were hired to get rid of her. And the fax to MB, pretty hard to dial the wrong number and just get lucky to send it to MB. If Lisa gets lucky with Wrongful COnviction and the FBI suspects a cover up it's gonna be a picnic watching these assholes go down.
The wrong ppl are taking polygraphs.

At about 48.31 with Oakes in the room is the one where the lap top appears.
The first interrogation by Pietrowski is the one that she was asked when it happened and she says " August" and you can see the video jump, skip etc.
This video has been edited but by who and why?

September 13/18

Seneca St and 10th Street !
I was on my way home from work and East Seneca St and 10th there a new drug house ! I felt sorry for the crossing guard there was people all over people hanging out of cars these kid were just looking at them and the crossing guard look upset let’s face it were are getting all the rejects and were stuck with them. Maybe the cops should be down there when the kids get out of school!!!

September 13/18

Re: Todd Legacy
What legacy??


September 13/18

Gene As Sherrif …… not to worry
He will take his new car and his new paycheck and find a new girlfriend ans the last place you will see him is hanging around the OCSD. Moe taught him everything he knows.

September 13/18






Today's Quote September 12/2018

One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.
Golda Meir

Not So Youthful Offender

Matt LeBouef Should Get A Second Chance
He could Be The Next Gene Sullivan.

September 12/18

TWO DAYS Until The Election...
Vote Hilton if you want real change in our community.
Polls are open from 12:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M. this Thursday.

Cheating scandals are a common occurrence in politics. The Scriba Town Supervisor Adulterer Rob Ramsey, is merely just an elective legislative position in Scriba town. His duties entail sitting on the town board, presiding over their town board meetings and voting on all matters with no more legal weight than that of any other board member, and signing payroll checks. He doesn't even have tie-breaking or veto powers. Rob is better off swinging his "police baton" on road patrol as one of the corrupt Oswego sheriff deputies, the job he is best at.

Vote Hilton if you want real change in our community.
Polls are open from 12:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M. this Thursday.

Furthermore, if Sullivan is elected, he plans on appointing the Scriba Town Supervisor Rob Ramsey as his Undersheriff. That's a laughable combination and would be grounds for a conflict of interest. Meaning he would have to resign as Town Supervisor or not accept the position as undersheriff.

Vote Hilton if you want real change in our community.
Polls are open from 12:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M. this Thursday.

September 12/18


Importance of the Republican Primary - The Todd Legacy
I've known the Todd family for years. I've seen their surprising, yet remarkable rise to power and I've seen the damage they've inflicted on our county. Their dirty laundry would fill the hampers of every home in the county yet we continue to elect them, provide them positions of power, and extend to them the ability to influence the direction of our county. The republican primary on Thursday is extremely important and I am writing this as a warning to anyone who is considering voting Gene Sullivan for sheriff. Please share and spread the word - we can't afford to maintain the status quo and we must do everything we can to prevent a continuation of the corruption that currently exists within the administrative ranks at the OCSD. I am very close friends with several deputies and they are terrified of a Sullivan administration, but no one says a word for fear of strong and immediate retaliation. Our law enforcement community should not, and cannot operate under fear and we must do everything we can to ensure there is a change at the department. Imagine working as a deputy under someone whose criminal record would disqualify them from being considered for even the lowest ranks of law enforcement. It will kill any of the remaining morale at the department and we can't let that happen.

The Todd family has been an embarrassment and a stain on Oswego County politics for decades. The sheriff is incompetent, has been successful at erasing every ounce of administrative professionalism and credibility from the OCSD (just ask any rank and file deputy), and has spent his tenure protecting the "good ole boys" and the most despicable among us, including covering up the acts of his own son. The brother, the judge has never had the temperament to successfully carry out the duties of the bench and has spent his career satisfying his ego and carrying out the will of his dear brother. The son couldn't keep a lucrative job at the nuke plant because of mental illness and now sits on disability and works the campaigns of those "good ole boys" the sheriff spent his career protecting, with the hopes of some day rising to a level that earns the respect of his family. I've been a part of Todd family gatherings and the dynamic is not unique from that of other families, with the exception that the Todds have the power and influence to make any problems disappear, and they have.

This Thursday republicans have an opportunity to change the course and trajectory of Oswego County politics and finally remove this stain. A vote for Gene Sullivan is a vote to solidify the sheriff's legacy and a vote to seal any possible revelation of his decades of misdeeds, including those surrounding Heidi Allen's disappearance. A vote for Sullivan is affirmation of the son's work to protect his father's legacy and a vote to put those in office who will both protect his father and himself from scrutiny and possible prosecution. A vote for Sullivan is a vote to ignore the record of a convicted criminal and a vote to ignore the political favors and intricate network of corruption that allowed for the relegation of serious charges to youthful offender status. A vote for Sullivan is a vote to keep us in the dark and a vote to move our county backward.

A vote for Hilton is a vote to bring credibility and professionalism back to the OCSD. A vote for Hilton is a vote to bring pride and integrity back to law enforcement in the county. A vote for Hilton is a denouncement of the Todd family's longstanding grip on Oswego County politics. A vote for Hilton is a revocation of the sheriff's legacy and affirmation of his decades of incompetence and misdeeds. A vote for Hilton is an indictment of the corruption that plagues our county. A vote for Hilton is a vote to shine a bright light on a dark time in our county's history and a vote to move us forward.

The decision is easy - vote Hilton in the primary this Thursday. We need to take our county back and send a clear message that the Todd family's influence is over. If anyone in the county is considering voting for Sullivan and keeping the Todd legacy in tact, just remember the words of the sheriff when he made us the laughing stock of the entire country on national television.

"Are you out of your ever-loving mind? In God's name would we ever do something like that? Why?"

Oswego County republicans who are considering voting for Gene Sullivan take heed - are you out of your ever-loving mind? In God's name why would you ever do something like that? Yes Gene, Mo, Don and Mike, why would they ever do something like that?

September 12/18

Purse-Snatching Undersheriff
Who cares about Sullivan’s “special treatment” as a youth offender. I do not condone it and certainly shows nepotism. But, That’s old news. It doesn’t matter.
What matters is that Sullivan is obviously a bad choice to be the Sherriff of Oswego County.
This is even more disturbing to learn that If elected, Sullivan’s choice for his undersheriff is Deputy Rob Ramsey and current Scriba Town Supervisor. This is just outright a stupid move. Rob is no more qualified to be the undersheriff than the “milkman”.
Speaking of the “milkman” I concur that his 3 year extramarital affair is extreme poor judgement on his part. But, I can also assure you that’s Rob Ramsey isn’t the only elected / appointed official that’s been caught with their pants down.

September 12/18


Sal Lanza
Oswego Countys answer to Tom Anelli is on Facebook performing E-Fellatio on Gene Sullivan. Just what is it you are hoping to get out of it Sally boy?????


Promoting from within is just another form of inbreeding. This county has too much of that already

September 12/18


Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
Reading the Statement Of Facts, Bivens gives 2 versions of van. It was light blue, then it was whites blue with dark stripe and then he says there may have been a van there I am not really sure.
I think we all have enough info to know who was paid to get Heidi, Jenn gave valuable info that wasn't used??? Why interrogate her then?
We have read about no one seeing GT at the store, not even Swenkowski who was there at the same time as Richard.
Of course we can only hope for Lisa to be granted a Wrongful Conviction and then the FBI investigates this.

Why was Dodd so quick to go to trial? Did he know something we don't? There wasn't any evidence and the investigation should have led into another direction after they came up with nothing.

But still.." God I hope Dad didn't have anything to do with getting an innocent man convicted and sent away to die in prison. I just can't see how he didn't. There are so many questions that have no answers, the story doesn't hold water. Nothing I see could convict Gary.
I believe you Dad, at least that is what I tell you.
I'd tell you I love you Dad, but I don't.

September 12/18

Scandalous - The purse snatcher and the scriba upervisor's Tryst
What a coincidence with the "anonymous" whispers of the purse snatcher aka " Mr. Gene Sullivan" and the adulterer aka "Mr. Rob Ramsey" become the focus right before the primaries. How about a focus on why we need the change in our communities. Bashing the candidates for their indiscretions and lack of good judgment is pointless. Everyone reading this has at some time in their life made a bad decision that they wish they could go back and erase. At the very least this is entertaining and gives us all something to gossip about.

Speaking of gossip, allow me to weigh in, Mr. Sullivan’s purse snatching days are hopefully over and the news of yesteryear's. During the time of his criminal activities, there must have been issues in his home life, and he did what most rebellious young men do at the ripe young age of 17. This is seen when our youth is not getting the proper guidance in their home environment. Mr. Sullivan was a rebellious young man that should have had non-special treatment in his punishment for his criminal activities. Let's ask ourselves... if you, at the age of 17, got yourself into some mischief and was able to lean on someone you knew, like lets say a top criminal judge that just so happened to be your father and a well-connected Republican who also served in the state Assembly could get you special treatment resulting in a lesser punishment, would you say no and refuse it? Think about that one...

Recapping on what we know: Mr. Sullivan has been Todd’s right-hand man for several years doing what he has been allowed to do by the hands of our administration. It is time for a change. Oswego County has a negative reputation for our law enforcement and Oswego County's political spectrum. We need change to build our reputation back up and have a safer community. Mr. Hilton will bring about positive change for our community, and he does not derive off of the “buddy system” as our current elected and appointed members are. Mr. Hilton knows the law and will apply the law and bring back ethics and integrity back into Oswego County, that restores our reputation as a community, politically and as law enforcement officers. Weighing in on Town Supervisor Mr. Rob Ramsey and his recently announced three-year extramarital affair tryst, it has no relevance in the primary election for the Oswego Sheriff. Unless, as expressed above, Mr. Sullivan's aka "Purse Snatcher's" golden ticket comes in and he indeed appoints Mr. Ramsey as his Undersheriff to represent him and the Willy Wonka’s factory (aka Oswego County Sherriff Department) then it would have clear and direct relevance to the primary. I highly doubt there is substance to this; besides, it would be a direct conflict of interest with Mr. Ramsey’s current role as The Scriba Town Supervisor.

Although Mr. Ramsey has many years as a deputy in the road patrol division, is he even qualified to be an Undersheriff? He is one of the senior sheriff deputies, and from what I have been told, he has failed every exam that he has taken at the department in his attempt to advance his career. Furthermore, I do not believe he possesses a college degree. Correct me if I am wrong but is it not a prerequisite to have a four-year college degree to be an Undersheriff in the State of New York? Alternatively, does the Willy Wonka Factory overlook those "minor details?" On this trivial conundrum, my vote is "Ney." In my Non-political opinion - as for Mr. Ramsey’s muddy-waters. One look at “the other woman” and you would have to appreciate and congratulate Mr. Ramsey for his choice in this one, and... for being able to keep this tryst mum for years. Ethically a bad choice, but an impressive one. The irony is that the other woman "Ms. Tryst" is absolutely stunning. She is certifiably beautiful, highly educated and is one of the kindest people you will ever meet in the broad diversity of this profession. These are the facts that you can take to the bank. Two words for you on that Mr. Ramsey..."You Go, Bro!" Ms. Trysts; your unethical behavior of involvement with this married man is highly disappointing. As far as Mr. Ramsey's wife, the "Simpleton Plain-Jane" sadly was in the wrong line when looks were being handed out. Maybe she has a winning personality. Whatever the case, this episode of "who's sleeping with who" has no relevance in this primary.

***Vote for Don Hilton as our next Oswego County Sherrif ***

September 12/18




Today's Quote September 11/2018

Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its blows with brave hearts.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Gene Sullivan
The only reason Sullivan sat in jail for two months is because his father was so pissed off he wouldn’t bail him out.
He also had an uncle on the Fulton PD that covered his ass more than once.
                                                                                                                            September 11/18

No Special Treatment For The “Model Probationer”
Gene Sullivan got his mother to track down Dick Nells one of her co workers an old family friend and “Oswego County probation director at the time of Gene Sullivan's previously reported teenage transgressions”

Nells calls Sullivan "model probationer," . In fact Sullivan was such a “model probationer” that when he violated probation and got another felony arrest he supported the family’s request to give Sullivan “youthful offender status a second time.

Sullivan had all his charges, purse snatching, burgulary, and car theft rolled into one charge but that wasn’t a favor or special treatment.

The head of the probation department is assigned as Sullivan’s probation officer but that wasn’t a favor or special treatment.

Sullivan violates his parroll with another felony arrest. He is not sent to prison and instead he gets youthful offender status a second time but that wasn’t a favor or special treatment.

Sullivan’s old probation officer writes a letter to Syracuse.com and lies his ass off about what a great parolee Sullivan was but that wasn’t a favor or special treatment.

Inspite of his long and sorted criminal record Sullivan gets a pistol permit and a job in law enforcement but that wasn’t a favor or special treatment.

At the OCSD he got promotion after promotion while more experienced and better qualified men were passed over but that wasn’t a favor or special treatment.

It wasn’t a favor or special treatment. It was the good ole boy system in Oswego County working like the well oiled machine it is. With Sullivan as Sherriff, Moe Todd and all the other crooks in the Oswego County Republican party can rest assured their asses will be covered all the skeltons will stay in the closet and all the bodies will remain buried. If Sullivan is elected which Republican criminal will he bring in to be his undersheriff and run the department while he spends all his time at the casinos?


Who will be the next person to come out of Sullivans past and give a testimonial to his good character?

September 11/18


I don't think we have heard from Len Ponzi in awhile.

Nervous Sullivan
Are you a tad nervous Gene? You should be Hilton's support line is growing. This is a desperate move. VOTE HILTON https://www.syracuse.com/opinion/index.ssf/2018/09/oswego_sheriff_candidate_was_model_probationer_your_letters.html


September 11/18

No Special Treatment ?
Do you think if a 17 year old African American man committed the same crimes as Gene Sullivan he would have gotten the same treatment ? Only if his Father was a Judge and his Mother was politically connected. If you don’t think there was special treatment you live in a fantasy world. Second chances are great but becoming a Police Officer shortly after doesn’t happen for normal people.

So as for all those young men and women with felony arrests go apply to the Oswego Sheriff’s Department and see what you are told.

September 11/18







Today's Quote September 9-10/2018

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.
Karl Marx

Gene and Todd
I thought the Sheriff was so sick he couldn't focus on work? Seems to me he had a great time duded up, while attending the Under Sheriff's campaign outting. Thanks Gene for posting this photo, and notifying the public the Sheriff seems quite fine. So Gene if he can party it up with you, what's your excuse for why he isn't and hasn't been doing his job? Let me guess he is sick. He sure looks it doesn't he?

                                                                                                                            September 9-10/18

Scriba Official Caught Cheating?
It is interesting how some people wave their wand around like they're holier than thou, yet get caught cheating and having a 3 year affair.

1. This woman must be dumb as a box of rocks.

2. I feel sorry for his wife. She’s a nice lady.

3. We all know this has happened before with him. Right Rob?

Goodluck with this one Mr. Town Official.

September 9-10/18


Murtagh SHUT UP
Murtagh has not only threatened many from producers to witnesses, he has suddenly shut up after the leaking of information in a video about his family. He's lucky the entire tape isn't leaked. Maybe then he will become a mute. Murtagh has reached out to Hewitt films, threatening them, to repeated witnesses, to false posts and threats right across the internet to the Thibodeaus, informing them he's going to burn their home to the ground and threatened another family naming him, Wescott, Steen and Breckenridge in the death of their loved one. Maybe that story will go live also. Maybe the only silence he will eventually take is pleading the fifth, for John 3 16 he truly believes...well Murtagh believe one thing, everyone knows all about you, everyone knows all about your family and everyone now knows all about your threats and the fact your name revolves very closely around another death. Maybe we will leak the entire story to the Lion, just maybe Murtagh your luck is running out. I know you are running out of lies, being slammed anytime you post your lies, it's time someone tells the Oswego public about the other murder your named in.

September 9-10/18


Dean Heagerty – VANISHED
Since the subject is requested to be changed, let's start as far back as we can go..



Dean Heagerty - VANISHED- Cold case/ never found
Heidi Allen - VANISHED - Unsolved/never found
Carol Wood - VANISHED (found two decades later) family of Wood to continue investigation on their own doing because "too many mysteries"
John Humphrey - VANISHED - Never found
Shelia Shortsleeve - HOMOCIDE - COLD CASE (with proof of abuse from her significant other, whom her significant other was tied to an officer)
Thomas Coyle - HOMOCIDE
Multiple Homicides and one claim of a sex triangle suicide gone wrong.
Multiple suicides - claims from families as to foul play in apparent suicides, out of respect we will not name these other families who are fearful to speak out.
But the ones we will name are those Bohrer listed..
Shaunacy Searles -Accident
Mark Hall - SUICIDE
Scott Enos - SUICIDE
This isn't all of them...add the other victims..
Katherine Schmit - Milwaukee kidnapping
Unknown -Beacon beating, attempted murder, possible rape
Victoria West - HOMOCIDE
Chuck Carr Junior - HOMOCIDE
That's not all of the victims..these are just naming a few..
Here's a list of crimes committed by Oswego officers, deer jacking, drug dealing, snowmobile stealing, solicitation of sex to minors by the Mayor, possible rape, names being brought up in murders, drug ringing, airport hopping drug smuggling, holding of women against their will, assault, stealing evidence, you name it, they've done it. It's called RICO. This is only a handful. So tell us again Officers how much integrity your departments have shown?
This doesn't dent the DA Department at all, their illegal bull for 4 decades. But Dodd you really boil that pot with illegal violations of due process laws, Rossario, Brady, perjury. Greg you follow a second best, along with your partner in crime Mary Rain and Mark ass Moody.
Then there's judges related to the sheriff's, this ones related to that one. This one doing what's best to cover up the mess their 4th cousins uncle committed.
Sad thing is, this isn't all they've done or all the citizens possibly harmed, there are many incidences over many years. It seems even new ones posted here on the Lion recently. Does their dirty deeds ever stop?

September 9-10/18

"Sullivan has been running the department for some time now." The question isn't will Sullivan, be a Todd. The answer is all ready there. If Sullivan was running Heidi's so called investigation because Todd couldn't handle his duties, then Sullivan could have destroyed this case by changing everything. Tat did not happen, Sullivan went a long with it. Maybe because Sullivan owes some officer's for letting him off with a slap. Sullivan did more than steal a purse. How honest is Sullivan?? Could have been a hero, instead a zero.

September 9-10/18

The Sullivan Conspiracy
Eugene Sullivan II and his wife Francis Taylor Sullivan knew for some years they had a problem child.
Fran “worked for several local government agencies, and was at times a social service worker, an academic counselor and a probation officer” (Wikipedia) and her husband was the District Attorney and Supreme court Judge. Between the to of them they were able cover up the crimes of there problem child.
Ellen Vanosdall had been a teacher and a high school guidance counselor for 16 years. Ellen Vanosdall knew Fran Sullivan and she knew her son. She was at Leonard Ingamells store when he was robbed and murdered and she saw and she recognized who did it. Ellen Vanosdal was an honest person with principals. When the police ignored her statements and focused there investigation on others she spoke out. Because of that she was stabbed to death and murdered.

The man who murdered Ellen Vanosdall turned himself in to police and was arraigned before judge Eugene Sullivan. Sullivan found him unable to stand trial and ordered him sent to a mental facility. After a year he was determined to no longer be a threat to society and was released.

Mary Sullivan was Ellen Vanosdall’s neighbor. Vanosdall confided in her as to what she saw at Ingamells store that day and how the police were ignoring her . Mary Sullivan made the mistake of asking the police to investigaste her neighbors death in connection with the Ingamells murder. Within six months Mary Sullivan’s body was found in the Seneca River near Baldwinsville. She had been stabbed and had a cement block wired around her neck.

This information was available and could be verified through newspaper archives on Fultonhistoiry.com but on the morning of 09/07/2018 that site was attacked with a virus rendering all information unavailable.

Imagine how different things might have been if Leonard Ingamells had lived to tell who robbed and shot him.

September 9-10/18

Trudy - Bohrer's Friend
Fact!!Trudy's death was labeled a suicide. It is also fact she burned alive. But her home also burned to the ground. Here's more fact. It's a fact she allowed Bohrer to live with her out of state for a short time. When she began to fear him, she kicked him out of her home. Then she died and her home burned. Strange facts, but all true. The suicide is claimed to have had a proper investigation in to it, but if they were unaware of Bohrer's presence and his back ground, just prior to her death. How well of an investigation was actually done?

September 9-10/18

Here you go, Dick and Greg
More proof that YOU are mislead about the carpet piece from Richard's van.
Inline image
Why did the judge allow the jurors to go to the Sheriffs garage to see the van when there were Many pictures and Kleist testified that there was no indication Heidi was ever in that van?
Hey, what do you know, that transcript page also shows Greg to be more of a liar then we thought from his Matt Mulcahy interview. Greg, you didn't put any of this rebuttal testimony in your 'Statement of Facts'.
Proof after proof after proof that there was no evidence that linked Richards van to Heidi.
I have more legal document proof for anyone not convinced Richards van is irrelevant to the disappearance of Heidi.
WOW, Kleist testified that a fold-up army shovel was not found during any of the Thibodeau's property searches. Another piece of uncorroborated bs from the inmates.


                                                                                                                            September 9-10/18







Today's Quote September 8/2018


Whenever he saw a dollar in another man's hands he took it as a personal grudge,

if he couldn't take it any other way.
O. Henry


Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Hearings Have Been Shrouded In Secrecy

                                                                                                                            September 8/18

A couple of things...
City golf carts on the roads- these golf carts that city employees are driving do not belong on the road! Most do not have mirrors and the drivers have no idea about their surroundings. They also do not do 30mph, and are a hazard to others on the road. Not to mention the lawsuits if someone gets in an accident with a registered motorist. Yes, these carts are not registered! They are not suppose to be on the road!

Oswego drivers and the construction zones- hey assholes...people see the closure of a lane and see everyone else moving over, so they move over, leaving the other lane open for blocks until reaching the merge point. It's called merging assholes! It's the best for traffic flow! It is a LAW! You must allow traffic to merge! Every other car should be merging! You assholes that don't want to let anyone into the lane is breaking the law!!!

The road construction- why the f*** is this construction not happening at night??? It had been hotter than hell with high humidity everyday. As well as causing causing traffic nightmares...based on Oswego's merging sense.

Barlow, I will not refer to you as mayor, you are a thi**- tax break my ass. You are just moving money around...not good. Empty houses on every block in Oswego. The middle class is getting pushed out. Not good. City looks like sh**! All this bullsh** of revamping city is a joke! Some of the bullsh** that was done makes the city look worse, while your safe gets full. Have you ever thought about thanking the taxpayer for your good fortune, lol. Mayor my ass.

.Trudy Lortie mentioned on today's edition has a very interesting story.
Roy met her when he was sent to the bar at the intersection of rt.69 and rt11, to investigate a report of a man being robbed during an encounter with a hooker at the bar. Guess who the hooker was.....Trudy. After a tumultuous marriage they divorced. I don't know how her obituary read, but the truth is, she was at a gas station somewhere south of NYS, intentionally doused herself with gas and lit up....suicide. Lortie is well known for his lack of diligence in the New Years Eve murder in Fulton years ago, where he followed the guy home, and then left just seconds from his murder. The department needs a clean up......badly.
                                                                                                                            September 8/18


"It's not me"!
I cannot believe it! Someone in our Whitehouse actually puts it all out there about what is going on in this political arena in Washington and informing all of us how unstable and dangerous this President actually is and all the entire staff can say "It's not me"! Wouldn't you think that they should have been saying that it is time to wake up and stop running scared of this man like our Republican Congressmen are? No instead of addressing this serious issue that is way beyond out of hand, they are all running like a bunch of 5th graders yelling "It's not me" It's not me" Really?
Apparently they have an understanding on the same 5th or 6th grade level as the President does. It is unfortunate that it appears that the only way that we are going to remove this deranged and unqualified President from control is to vote this entire Congress out. We need a Congress that will wake the hell up and put their Country before protecting the most dangerous man that is currently leading this Country in the wrong direction. I NEVER realized how messed up this individual was when I voted for him. Due to the inaction of this Congress not acting on this matter it is time now time to really start thinking about ever supporting party again. Sometimes it is necessary to put our Country and perhaps our lives to ahead of party politics and this is the time. After Obama and Trump I am now a registered independent and vote for the most qualified candidate and never again because it was my political party. I will ALWAYS put my Country's welfare first and foremost!
                                                                                                                            September 8/18

Search Warrant
Was there a search warrant for the piece of carpet that was missing from the April 9, 1994 complete search of the van to April 28, 1994 when the van was seen at the car wash?

Even though it was an illegal search and seizure, thank goodness there was a police receipt and testing, with results, done on the carpet or Dodd's theory about the van being washed 'could' have been true. It's the people who haven't seen or want to admit to themselves the FACTS who still believe the BS van washing theory. It's not about whether or not to believe this witness, the evidence, and facts thereof, Was presented during the trial.

Soo.....no link to Heidi ever being in the van on April 9, 1994 when it was forensically tested by OCSD with samples sent to the FBI. No link to Heidi after April 28, 1994 when the van was seen being washed, missing carpet piece illegally confiscated and FBI tested to reveal dog blood (just like this witness testified to) and (logically) STILL no evidence of Heidi so the van was returned to Richard after Gary's passing.



Comment about the Lion Whiner
Being the psychic, seer, having ESP if you will, or above average intelligence....I predict the whiner will next say something to the effect of blah, blah, "hiding behind a keyboard" while also not revealing their own identity. HAHAHA, typical hypocrite. I vow to reveal my identity when Greg agrees to answer questions from the public. Quid pro quo, if you will. Not prearranged questions. He will be allowed notes as he obviously doesn't know as much about this case as he claims.

You are right, though, their whining will have the opposite effect of what they hope for-that people will shut up about the Injustice done to Gary, the inept/incompetent investigation by Oswego County Sheriff's in re Heidi disappearance. It's very hard to ignore the blatant disrespect and misconduct by the DA's office, then and now, to try to keep hidden who may have In Reality/Truthfully been involved with Heidi's disappearance.

P.S. Keep reading. Maybe you'd (whiner) care to productively contribute to any conversation...anonymously, if you choose.
                                                                                                                            September 8/18


Hey, Dick Murtaugh
Read the news article posted the other day about the judge allowing the Dodd to withhold evidence. Paying attention to the part about Cromie illegally getting 2 audio recordings and a piece of carpet from Richard. Then read the trial transcript pages of the witness testifying about the carpet piece.

Put 2 and 2 together. Dummy dumkins, to KNOW that the illegal search material was IN FACT testified about. Illegal or not, the popo gave the Thibodeau’s a receipt for the piece AND it was forensically tested.

Whatta ya say about dat?
                                                                                                                            September 8/18








Today's Quote September 7/2018

It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.

I do apologize for many of my submissions containing misspelled words, even at 50 when I decided to try college my spelling was a concern, however I was able to receive two degrees and became very good with spell check, I can even mess that up. I can't form correct sentences or use correct punctuation. I have no grudges or even been pulled over in 45 years I to have trouble understanding abbreviations and trains of thought. However, I have found two words that I seldom misspell and they sum up my feelings about submissions over spelling F**K YOU!.
                                                                                                                            September 7/18

Wal-Mart dog days
I was in Wally world and there was dogs there I was told that dogs can go in the store know! Well what happens when they left there leg and pees on lower shelves? There’s food there well people don’t buy anything from the bottom shelves. I can understand service dogs and seeing eye dogs but got people who don’t care well leave there dog crap there and it’s not far the people who work there have to clean up after them and people well walk away and leave it Just saying
                                                                                                                            September 7/18


Ed has not run out of room for all submissions, yet!
I do not believe we will ever know who took Heidi, but what makes this whole mess so unbelievable is how the investigation was handled as well as the trial and appeals process, if this is normal judicial process then we are in trouble, this site has had consistent submissions about Heidi's abduction and yes when Gary passed and when we have an over privileged Sheriff running for a higher office it is of concern to some. People who complain about the spelling, grammar and content are certainly missing the point of this medium provided by Mr. Harrington, you are also the type of person who believes if you have nothing to hide then it should be ok to see and search ones home and belongings, it's just not!


                                                                                                                            September 7/18


“There are two kinds of witnesses.

Those who are trying to help and those who are trying to help themselves.”

What did Pietroski or Rojak tell Jennifer Wescott about lying? It’s hard to keep track of the lies?!?

Here’s one way to get by with lies in a Court of Law---Simply state “I don’t recall”. Because, yeah, that makes the witness credible only if they ‘fit’ the prosecutions narrative or agenda. Right, Greg?

                                                                                                                            September 7/18

The one complaining seems to think anyone cares.
Fact is, no one does. What do we think, we think you need to find something creative to do and if you have an issue with posters then wouldn't common sense tell you the lion isn't for you? Instead you are on here attempting to silence many, because of your vendetta with the Gary Thibodeau case. Well sorry to tell you even though you are use to being a bully and seem to think you can control the population I will link the lion to a few wall's of Gary supporters there are thousands and we will blow up the feeds to make your day even brighter. How's that sound?
                                                                                                                            September 7/18

Hilton Vs. Sullivan
Hilton- Integrity, Leadership, Accountability VS.. Sullivan - Safety, Security, Stability
Well how in the hell do you create safety with murderers running loose? How much security does that bring to Oswego and how much stability do you gain with no one being held accountable? Well, you bring Integrity back, leadership and accoubtability to those who have committed horrendous crimes, including and not excluding dirty officers, dirty DA, and dirty official's. Because Hilton is honest and vocal and see's the issues plaguing Oswego for 40 years, chances are his honesty and his down right common sense will win him the election. Good luck Sullivan change is coming to Oswego, and it won't be by your doing. Hilton, no need to wish you luck your credentials speak volumes and the Sheriff Department is in desperate need of a deep cleansing..and the public deserves honesty and for a State Police Officer to take hold of this Department.
                                                                                                                            September 7/18

Here’s the thing, we need Buford Pusser, not Barney Fife, in Oswego County! I wonder if Don has his club ready? We need someone to come and clean this county out! Gene will do nothing to stop the corruption, he feeds on it.
Be honest Gene, you did way more than snatch a purse. And if you were to apply to the New York State Police, back when you were of age, they would have rejected you because of their high standards. The people of Oswego County, are more than disgusted with the Sheriff's actions, and just because you were handpicked by Moe Todd, and the Oswego County Republican Committee does not just give you an inside track to the job as Sheriff. Oswego County deserves more! What would you do to get the deputies under control? Their are many deputies who do not fulfill their duties in a lawful manner. Too many problems down there and you have not stated anywhere what you would do to correct the situation. The Oswego County Sheriff's Department needs house cleaning, and you are not the man to do it.



                                                                                                                            September 7/18

CBS Sports
Went by the east side Dunkin Donuts at about 9:30 p.m. and there was a tractor trailer parked in the road next to it and it said CBS Sports on it. Any one know why?
                                                                                                                            September 7/18

Lion Whiner
I have to laugh there is a multitude of people posting from all over. Many have a grudge with Oswego County Sheriffs. No, no need to reply the simple fact is the lion whiner has absolutely no idea who is who or how many are actually posting. The idea a female would piss on the Sheriffs grave, tells the "know it all" that posters a man and as far as misspelled words Lmfao get a life who cares, this is not English class. Misspell away, looks like the misspeller is getting under someone's skin. If thats all THE LION WHINER has to complain about, LOL PATHETIC, find something to keep your pea brain occupied.
                                                                                                                            September 7/18

Hilton or Sullivan
Ok....we are days away from the primaries. Sullivan, a four time felon says.."give me a second chance "......Hilton carries no baggage. Maybe Sullivan is a changed man, or just maybe he has merely polished his act. Think of the controversy surrounding Heidi Allen and the allegations of corruption and cover ups, many of which seem rather well founded, and un investigated under Todd.
Sullivan was a politically connected pick from his first day in Todd's circle. They have done nothing but obsfucate the inquiries into allegations of cover up, and wrong doing. So.....can we afford to give Sullivan his "second chance " to carry on in the tradition of Todd? We are already a laughing stock. Time for some new blood to clean up. Enough political cronyism, vote Don Hilton.
                                                                                                                            September 7/18

Yeah Heidi was a CI....and then conveniently not a CI
Oh Lortie Lortie Lortie! New developments in the Heidi Allen case? Trudie Lortie wanted to be a cop, sued for discrimination. UPDATED
This interesting post appeared on the Oswego Lion May 27th 2016

                                                                                                                            September 7/18

Oswego Lion May 27th 2016

"Heidi Allen news....
All True?
Was it not True officer Lortie was married to a psychic. Was it also a fact this same officer ran the Heidi center and had rented a possible place to Bohrer as well. Is it not a fact that a psychic went to the prison with Bohrer and pretended to be an investigator when he did ? isn't that same psychic Officer Lortie wife? Why would a psychic, who is married to the officer who has access and control in certain areas of this investigation. Friends or some sort of acquaintance to Bohrer? Why would the investigators wife the psychic, Ever visit Gary Thibodeau in prison? But why would she also go along with the idea Bohrer was a self proclaimed investigator ? Knowing that was a lie? Who faxed Bohrer documents from the investigation from the DA office? Is this also the same psychic that Lisa Peebles tried to insert in to Gary's hearing, the paperwork Bohrer had on the psychic he was tugging around with. By the name of Trudy last name Lortie. Notes and information he obtained that described not only how she died. But where she might be? Did this same psychic later have Bohrer live with her out of state? So many questions. But a very strange connection. If the Sheriffs are such exceptional investigators. This officer Lortie if he did indeed rent property to Bohrer at one point, or sold, shared, anything. How does he not know who the person is he rented to? With a criminal past like Bohrer's, it did not seem very difficult information for Gary's attorneys to obtained? I wouldn't say he was a very good investigator. These are the people that everyone's listening to that helped prosecute Gary. OZwego County Citizens. Are you outta your flipping minds!!! FREE GARY!!
May 27/16"

Oswego Lion is a local blog of gossip, rumor and news that other mainstream outlets would not usually publish. It often turns up things that later make it into the more mainstream media, but is not necessary to be taken as proven fact.
We saw this a few days ago, but it has now been re-posted at the Facebook Page run by Gary Thibodeau's family and supporters which makes it more likely there is something to the story. Some of the allegations lend credence to other information that has been rumored in the past. We will cover that later in this article. https://www.facebook.com/FREEGARYTHIBODEAU/
We know Trudie Lortie visited Gary Thibodeau, in jail with Prime suspect Michael Bohrer who, FBI profiler, Clint VanZandt, eluded to in the recent Dateline special on the Heidi Allen case.
Lisa Peebles provided Trudie Lortie's sign in details from the prison records, in one of her filings to Judge King's court.
Gary Thibodeau talked to Alex Dunbar in a recently televised interview with CNY Central and recalled the visit of the psychic. Initially Gary didn't remember but then he recalled and gave some interesting detail to reporter Alex Dunbar.

"Oh - the psychic. He said he was an investigator and she was a psychic and wanted to hug me," Thibodeau recalled.

It looks like Deputy Lortie maybe is now retired.. he got an award in December 2003.

"PROCLAMATIONS, PRESENTATIONS, RECOGNITIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Leg. Rush along with Undersheriff Robert Lighthall the Public Safety Committee members, and Roy Lortie, Patrol Officer Lt. came forward to present Lieutenant Lortie with an award for 29 years of service. "

Trudie Lortie wanted to be a cop, sued for discrimination.

Post Standard Jan 7th 1989
"CNY N E W S Woman Charges Town with Bias PARISH - The wife of an Oswego County sheriff's deputy claims she was discriminated against by the town of Parish after she was denied a job on the town's police force. In a complaint filed with the State Division of Human Rights, Trude Lortie of Colosse said she was not given a police job because of her gender. Jerome Mirabito, an independent counsel representing Parish, said Friday the town received notice of the complaint in September. " The town has denied the charge, Mirabito said. The alleged offense occurred sometime between July and September 1988, according to Mirabito, but no further details have been released. Lortie, wife of Deputy Roy Lortie, could .not be reached for comment. Walter Byrne, director of the state Human Rights Division, said details of complaints regarding human rights cannot be publicly disclosed by his office. Once a complaint is filed,- Byrne said, an investigation is conducted and, depending on its outcome, a hearing may be scheduled. The town of Parish has not received notice of a hearing date, Mirabito said" Post Standard Jan 7th 1989

Something else in common with wanna be cop, Michael Bohrer?

We looked up Trudie Lortie, in old newspaper articles. We expected to find an ad or two advertising her services as a psychic, but came up short.
She doesn't seem to have ever gotten into any legal trouble, or been written about in any articles, or have had any affiliations with groups or clubs. All we could find was her Marriage announcement to Sheriff Deputy Roy C. Lortie, her death notice from 2006, some real estate transactions and a bankruptcy, shortly before she died.

"Trudie M. Lortie November 26, 2006 Trudie M. Lortie, 50, of Parish, died in Pennsylvania on Sunday: Born in Watertown, Trudie is the daughter of Anna and Arthur Grossnickle. Trudie graduated from APW School in 1974. She worked as a bartender and retired as a Mold Operator with General Motors. Trudie loved her family, fun times, camping and country music. We will all miss her. Trudie is survived by her parents; three sisters, Melodie Hall of Susquehanna, PA, Sherie (Mark) Strife of Syracuse, and Joann (Ralph) Harris of Hastings, NE; three brothers, Terry (Mary) Hall of E. Syracuse, Lee Hall of Charlotte, NC, and Reginald Hall of Parish; and many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, and great-nieces and nephews. Calling Hours: Monday, 12 to 2 p.m. at Traub Funeral Home, 684 N. Main Street, Central Square. Service: Monday, 2 p.m. immediately following the calling hours at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Trudie's mother, Anna Grossnickle towards the purchase of a monument.
Traub Funeral Home Central Square NY "

Comment on the Oswego Lion

Trudie Lortie's obit. mentions several occupations, but nothing about being a psychic.
It does say she was a bartender. We know Michael Bohrer told Sheriff investigators, in his recorded and published 2013 interview, that he hung out and blended into the background at local bars, hoping to overhear details in his investigation regarding Heidi's disappearance. Maybe this is how he met Trudie Lortie

"3267 state Route 69, Mexico, $79,000; Trudie M. Lortie Estate to Dan 0. Barnhard
Syracuse Post StandardThursday, December 18, 2008, Syracuse, New York"
She seems to have had property in Mexico NY , despite living in Pennsylvania that was sold off 2 years after she died.
UPDATE" This comment was just posted.
AnonymousJune 2, 2016 at 4:36 PM
3267 state Route 69, Mexico, NY. Look it up, it's right near the tracks just before Red Mill Road. Behind it are the woods and Rice Road. Maybe Lisa Peebles should have the cadaver dogs check that location?
Updated. It is a strange connection? Bohrer's Medspars address was 3146 State Route 69, just down the road from Trudie Lortie's 3267 State Route 69.
It's ironic that the one psychic Sally Naramore was trying to send investigators to the same area the other physic lived. We think there is more to this. We didn't find out how and when Trudie Lortie acquired this property.

"1819 Court St. — $45,000 — Ruth G. O'Brien to Trudie M Lortie on Jan. 20 2000

1819 Court St. — $62,000 — Trudie M. Lortie to Kimberly A. Wheeler on Dec. 12. 2000"

In 2000, she seems to have lived in Syracuse for a year and owned property on Court Street.
She sold it less than a year later for a decent profit to someone named Wheeler. We wonder if they were any relation to Investigator Robert Wheeler from OCSD, but that's just speculation on our part.
Wheeler was confronted in court in 1995 by, then defense lawyer, Joe Fahey for inconsistencies as to when Gary Thibodeau became a suspect. He narrowly escaped perjury charges.
He was involved with getting jailhouse snitch testimony against Gary.
He also went alone to talk to "Danny Barney" after Heidi's father and a probation officer, named him as a suspect.
No record of what was said has surfaced and why he eliminated Dan Barney. The next day Wheeler records Gary Thibodeau as prime suspect in the days investigation notes from OCSD.
It's a common name and unlikely connected, but does anyone know if Kimberly A. Wheeler is a relative of Deputy. Wheeler, who Trudie sold her home to?

"Trudie M. Lortie, Parish, Chapter 13, major unsecured creditor. First USA Bank, Wilmington, Del., $7,976. Syracuse Post Standard August 25, 2005"
A bankruptcy was filed shortly before she died and may have been related to medical expenses? She seemed to be able to hold onto the property she owed in Mexico NY.

Syracuse Herald JournalSunday, August 12, 1984, Syracuse, New York
"MR. AND MRS. LORTIE The Rev. Dean Hill heard the wedding vows of Miss Trudie N. Banks and Roy C. Lortie July 7 in Parish Methodist Church. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Grossnickle of Parish. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lortie of Watertown. Matron of honor was Anna Grossnickle. mother of the bride. Bridesmaids were Linda Stitt, Darcy Spencer, aunt of the bride, and Joann Hall, sister of the bride. Traci LaBreck and Melissa Spencer were flower girls. Rick Spencer, uncle of the bride, was best man. Robert Griffith and Todd Rhoad ushered- Jeff Nash was attendant Ring bearers were Ryan Braky and Jeremy Spencer. After a reception in Hastings Fire Station, the couple vacationed in Jamboree. Wheeling, W. Va. The bride, a graduate of Altmar-Parish-Wllllamstown High School, is employed by General Motors, Fisher Body Division. The bridegroom, a graduate of General Brown Central School, is employed by the Oswego County Sheriff's Department."

Roy and Trudie Lortie may have been separated and Roy Lortie remarried as there was a real estate transaction recorded in 1990 for Roy C. Lortie and Sandra S. Lortie. It could have been a relative, but it looks like Trudie was out of the picture before Heidi Allen disappeared in 1994.
Syracuse Post Standard September 12, 1990

Syracuse Post Standard January 13, 2000 (full article below)
Syracuse Post Standard December 18, 2003 (full article below)
The rental of property to Michael Bohrer ties into this old post on the now defunct Peeled Onion Blog from May 12, 2015.


Here are Bohrer's notes that Sheriff investigators got from him in 2013 and were eventually turned over to Federal Public Defender, Lisa Peebles, before the hearing.

Another comment on the Oswego Lion
Deputy Lortie wrote the report that Joe Fahey , then Gary Thiboeau's lawyer, saw in 1995. This is at the heart of the defense case, that the full CI information wasn't turned over to Fahey in 1995. Van Patten wrote a report at the same time Fahey was asking questions about the Lortie report in 1995. Deputy Van Patten had dropped the CI card years earlier, outside the D& W.

The Lortie Report 4/27/94
Heidi Allen's role as drug informant was issue at 1994 hearing
Mike McAndrew | mmcandrew@syracuse.comBy Mike McAndrew | mmcandrew@syracuse.com
Email the author | Follow on Twitter
on January 13, 2015 at 10:34 AM, updated January 13, 2015 at 10:41 AM

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- The question of whether Heidi Allen was an informant for the Oswego County Sheriff's Department before she was kidnapped was first raised in 1994 when lawyers for Gary Thibodeau were preparing to defend him before his trial.
Below is a story that was published Dec. 7, 1994 in The Post-Standard. It reports that Thibodeau's lawyers were planning to ask a judge to order the district attorney's office to turn over any records it possessed relating to Allen being a confidential drug informant.
This week, Thibodeau's lawyers are back in court seeking a new trial for him in part because they say prosecutors and the sheriff's office did not turn over records that showed Allen was a drug informant, records that they say could have helped them defend Thibodeau at his trial.
Former Oswego County Judge Jack Brandt testified this morning at the hearing.
District Attorney Greg Oakes has said the defense was provided with all required records before Thibodeau's 1995 trial.
By Janet Gramza
A defense lawyer in the Heidi Allen case has renewed questions about whether the 18-year-old New Haven girl was working as a police informant when she vanished from the D&W Convenience store April 3.
Kidnapping suspect Gary Thibodeau's lawyer, Joseph Fahey, said his questions are based on a report by an Oswego County sheriff's sergeant who recognized Allen's name as that of a "confidential informant" the morning she disappeared.
Fahey said he will ask Oswego County Judge John W. Brandt on Thursday to direct the prosecution to disclose all information about Allen's possible activities as an informant.
Sheriff's department officials say Allen did speak to deputies about an unrelated drug case two years before she disappeared, and the information she gave was never used.
Fahey said that if that's the case, it would bolster his efforts to get the case against Thibodeau dismissed.
Gary Thibodeau, 41, and his brother, Richard, are charged with first- and second-degree kidnapping in the disappearance of Allen, based in part on statements by two men who were in the Worcester County Jail in Massachusetts at the same time as Gary Thibodeau. Thibodeau was in jail awaiting trial, after he was arrested in May as a fugitive from Massachusetts on misdemeanor cocaine-possession charges.
The two former inmates, Robert Baldasaro and James McDonald, claim he told them he abducted Allen because she was "going to get him in trouble" with the police over drugs.

Fahey said his interest in getting the answer was piqued by a report by sheriff's Sgt. Roy Lortie about Allen's disappearance.
In his report, Lortie wrote that when he heard a transmission about Allen's disappearance on the police scanner April 3, he recognized her name as that of a confidential informant who had worked with the department's Anti-Crime Team when he oversaw it in 1991 and 1992.
Lortie wrote that he informed Undersheriff Reuel Todd that a confidential-informant file on Allen should be in the department's locked drug files. "The file would include names of dealers that Allen would have been involved with, " Lortie wrote.
Lortie also reported that investigators were at first unable to locate the file, and asked Allen's police contact, Deputy Chris Van Patten, where it was.
"Van Patten did not recall Allen as a confidential informant in 1991 until (I) reminded him, " Lortie wrote. "Van Patten then called the office and had someone check his mailbox. The file was located and relayed to the crime scene."
Fahey and Richard Thibodeau's lawyer, Bill Walsh, said Tuesday they had not been given a confidential-informant file on Allen in response to their discovery demands requiring the prosecution to show them its evidence in the case.
Sheriff's Lt. Dean Goodsell and Todd said Tuesday that there is no formal file, because Allen was not really an informant.
Goodsell and Todd said they stand by past statements that Allen had talked to investigators in 1992 about possibly informing on a drug deal involving a friend, but the case never went anywhere. Goodsell said the case did not involve the Thibodeaus.

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
Here's a piece of evidence I guess the OCSD must have " forgotten " to investigate:
oswegonylion news page
OSWEGONYLION.COM. aka oswego lion OSWEGO NY 13126. ... "after 20 years I still have to ell you there was a second van". Mike Bohere had a white van that he lent to a person who gave a statement of this...but this was not investigated. ... MB moved to Mexico with his brother after his wife left him because of abuse.

*** remember Jenn and others said they saw a WHITE VAN. Richard's van is BLACK AND WHITE.
                                                                                                                            September 7/18







Today's Quote September 6/2018

The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie.
Keep speaking the truth.

To Thibodeau, OCSD, wrong spelled words, same person...I don't think so.
All these don't make sense???/ Typos they are typos.
You sound like a OCSD that is panicking. Hang on, it's gonna get worse. Hear this: how did Stinson NOT see a kidnapping if he in his own words was there before Richard and after Richard. This case is falling apart.

September 6/18

Thibodeau, OCSD and misspelled words
You're so smart, answer this:
What would chairs look like if our knees were behind our legs?
Or: If I melt dry ice, can I swim without getting wet?
Or: What's the difference between 3/8s and 2/8s?

September 6/18

New 'suspects'
Bohrer, Breckenridge, Steen, Barney, Murtaugh....ALL had some involvement with the investigation in 1994/1995.

Greg, read your own filing. NONE of them were just cherry picked from 'bad' members of the community. AND, some of them even 'confessed' to what happened to Heidi. sir (not capitalized for a reason), you are a dope and should be fired or resign from embarrassment. 3 cadaver dogs indicated in the cabin in the woods but, yet, not one of 6 State dogs so much as indicated on Gary's property. Which according to your narrative, Heidi was taken, dismembered, burned in Gary's stove, buried on his property or (at the same time) taken to MA in the Caddy on April 3, 4, 5 when it was PROVEN they were in Oswego!!

**Silent prayer that Oswego County will be rid of it's vermin masquerading as 'fighters for justice'.**

Lisa B,

You were right about an aspect of the Appeals that were sensationalized....the fact that an inoperable van was stolen from Gary's property in August 1994 by Breckenridge, Murtaugh and another. You know, from being in court and listening to the evidence (lack of) that the blue van on Gary's property could NOT have/did not have any sign that your sister was in it. Likewise, there was no evidence that Heidi was ever in Richards van. Additionally sensationalized was the disturbing of the area off Rice Road. Your DA claimed publicly that it was a reporter and former investigator who disturbed the area when, in fact, it was 2 other people who claimed responsibility days before Greg made his public accusation.

However, what was not sensationalized was the fact that 3 people who were investigated in 1994/1995 stated that they knew what happened to Heidi. The cadaver dog indications on Rice Road, also, were not sensationalized. It is a fact that they indicated as opposed to no indications from State dogs on Gary's property in June and/or July 1994-when the scent would have been 'fresh'.

It really is sad to keep believing lies!!


September 6/18


Hang on Trump is taking away our insurance once and for all.

Our pre existing coverage will be gone. Vote blue to end this nightmare President
A Legally Absurd Case Against Obamacare Is About To Get Its Day In Court | HuffPost



September 6/18

Dan Barney is a pos, but the DA believes he's an angel and must be Bobby Wheeler did also for crossing him off the list as probable suspect. Now big ol Dan sits on the town board of New Haven the very town Heidi vanished from. Ironic.

September 6/18


https://www.syracuse.com/crime/index.ssf/2018/09/oswego_sheriff_candidate_on_theft_charges_at_age_17_i_made_bad_mistakes.html I agree people change but I also believe that with the charges Sullivan has had in the past, how he ever became an officer is beyond my understanding. I was under the assumption in order to qualify for an officers position you needed a clean slate. The idea he will be a Sheriff is unusual in many ways, unless of course the system tends to lean towards criminals as the selected few we choose as good ol boys. Just seems rather odd, his father a judge and low n behold he becomes an officer and his charges were slaps on the wrist. I guess it's good to know people in higher power.

September 6/18

Re: Just Curious
Yes, he did. It’s in the Defense’s filing and the document has been posted many times and reported in the news-Among the exhibits in the court papers, results of a lie detector test taken by Gary Thibodeau from prison in 1996. The certified polygraphist concludes there "are no significant reactions to the above questions that are indicative of deception."


Re: Mrs. Granger's statements
Yes, they were turned over during the sentencing phase of Gary’s trial. Dodd wrote a letter in August 1995 about the statements and the copy of Heidi’s diary in the popo’s possession. Damn shame that Dodd KNEW about these three items and didn’t turn them over to the Defense so Fahey may have had time to use them during the trial for the jurors to take into consideration. Isn’t the prosecution required to turn over witness statements a week before trial? Why did Judge Clary not take opposition to, at least, Mrs. Granger’s April 3, 1994 statement not being turned over until July 1995?

Strategic move not to turn them over? I’d say so. The diary had no mention of Richard or Gary and we KNOW the diary was used in Richard’s trial.

More and more research into this case makes Dodd and the investigators look crooked. I hope KARMA comes swift and hard for those a-holes.

September 6/18


Re: Thibodeau/Oakes/OCSD
What do you think? I
can tell at least 4 different writers of comments about the
Gary Thibodeau/Heidi Allen case/ incompetent OCSD.

Since we’re playing
psychoanalysis of comments, I can tell that the 2 commenters
(about how many people they think are commenting) have a
particular personal grudge against someone. No, no
need to confirm that I’m right.


September 6/18


I do not pay that much attention to spelling especially when you are dealing with auto complete

and auto correct and I cannot always tell who is behind an email address. Between the teachers

unions and the various education departments spelling and grammar have been butchered to a

point that there is probably no going back to the English language of 50-60 years ago.

All things considered I would say there appears to be 4 or 5 regular posters re: Heidi Allen/ Gary Thibodeau

and then probably another 3 or 4 that post only once or twice a month.


Spelling aside the repeated use of various words, phrases or expressions tends to give a person a voice

which is sometimes quite recognizable. Going back to the election for mayor of Oswego in what, 2016?

Easily 90% of the posts that were pro Barlow or anti Tresseder came from the same two people using a

variety of email addresses.






Today's Quote September 5/2018

You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry.

And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.
Walter Hagen

Re: Thibodeau/Oakes/OCSD
I’ve got to agree. Most of the posts make
no sense and the consistently misspelled words are a
giveaway to one person writing them.

September 5/18

Abraham Lincoln
It’s good to be reminded now and then of great presidential hopes and ideals, especially now. Thank you for that!

September 5/18


Mrs. Granger's statements
Mike Bohrer knew when he was writing his notes, etc…for his book in 1995, that Mrs. Granger caught Mr. Stinson lying about going outside to check for Heidi because there were no footprints and he ‘knew’ the clerk was Heidi? But the best Pietroski could ask Bohrer was what the public heard of his questioning? Did anyone think of asking Mr. Stinson again, since he made a statement after reading Heidi’s sisters book, what he recalls of April 3, 1994 or his testimony? Maybe Stinson is witness number 4 that stated something different to LE than what he told them. While we’re counting, witnesses 5 and 6 whose testimony was made to fit the prosecutions narrative were the inmates since, clearly, they had been told details by Gary that he was getting from his family reading him news articles while incarcerated.

The pattern of massaging witnesses is becoming painfully obvious. But yet the AG didn’t see it that way? Unless they were wrongfully steered or information withheld.

No wonder, Greg, that you initially questioned Pietroski’s integrity in a Court of Law. Pietroski, and anyone in LE who thinks something wasn’t wrong with the investigation to begin with or more recent investigation, Should Be Fired!! Get some people in there who can figure out how 1+2=3223112.

September 5/18



Just curious.
Did Gary ever take a lie detector test?


September 5/18

Ozwego NY 13126
Ozwego has more orange traffic cones per capta than anywhere else in NY Stare


September 5/18



Today's Quote September 4/2018

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas A. Edison

Re: $1000 Reward
Gene Sullivan II was the District attorney before he became judge. As DA he was able to make deals and cover up for his son Eugene Sullivan III every time he got caught.

In 1977 Robert Hurlbutt was appointed by Governor Hugh Carey to fill the remainder of Sullivan’s term as District attorney. That is where Eugene the third’s problems started. Hurlbutt wouldn’t cover up for the kid like his daddy did. Eugene III already had “one bite of the apple” as you said but then he got arrested again. Judge Sullivan tried to get Hurlbutt to give the kid a second youthful offender get out of jail free but Hurlbutt would not go along with it. Somehow the judge made a deal with someone and got around Hurlbutt. So Eugene Sullivan III got out of a second felony arrest. That is … a second one that anyone knows about.

September 4/18

Trump lawer team will block full Mullet report. The public will never see it
Rudy Giuliani On White House Blocking Release Of Full Mueller Report: ‘I’m Sure We Will’


September 4/18

Gary Thibodeau..The Death Of Common Sense
Watched the Heidi Allen video on You Tube.....sure looks like it was edited in some spots. You can see Jenn's leg move in a jerky fashion but all the rest of the video is smooth.

Also watched as MB was talked to by a deputy at his trailer. He said he wasn't a violent man: Did time for attempted kidnapping in Wisconsin.

Beat and attempted another one I believe in either Wisconsin or Binghamton area.

Did he beat a woman in Beacon, NY?

Naw he's not violent.

September 4/18

As promised
Here is the complete witness statement from Mrs. Granger who was present at the D&W with Mr. Stinson before Deputy Curtis arrived and part of the letter she wrote in July 1995.

To the person who can't understand information for the Heidi Allen case, let's make this real simple.
First, read Mrs. Granger's April 3, 1994 statement. Note the received stamp.
Second, read the handwritten note she sent to LE on July 14, 1995.
Third, note the received stamp on the handwritten letter.

Why were both the initial statement and the letter both stamped for July 21, 1995? Does that mean the April 3, 1994 statement was NOT part of the 'entire' OCSD report that Dodd claimed to have turned over to defense? We July 1995 letter doesn't have a green mark either. Was it EVER turned over to the Defense? More pages are available to read if anyone would like to read the complete letter.

Note, this is witness number 3 who claims that LE did not take her statement correctly. 2 witnesses testified to such and this witness wrote a letter.

Seems to be a pattern of incompetence with those investigators.




                                                                                                                            September 4/18



Sullivan SAGA continues




Amazing Similarity

September 4/18

Sullivan lived less than 4 blocks from the murder and bares huge similarities to the man charged with the murder.

September 4/18

Dan Barney
Dan Barney what a piece of shit. Yep a real tough guy. Always beats on guys a lot smaller than himself. Never heard about him fighting someone his own size. A big punk. I wouldn't be surprised if he had something to do with or knew something about Heidi Allen's fate. Just look at his background.


September 4/18


Q: Leonard Ingamells, Mary Sullivan, Ellen Holly Vanosdall, what is the common denominator?

A: Eugene Sullivan

September 4/18




Today's Quote September 2-3/2018

The world suffers a lot.

Not because of the not because of the violence of bad people

but because of the silence of good people.
Napoleon I

Let's get this straight!
Let’s get this straight! Eugene Sullivan targeted 2 elderly women (79 years old) outside a nursing home and a bingo hall. He physically wrestled their purses from them and ran away. He also broke into a laundromat and stole money. That’s not all, Eugene also stole a car. So that is a total of 4 felony arrests for which he sat in jail for only 5 months. He was then given youthful offender in a “Secret Session” that was closed to the press.

His father was a County Court Judge and his mother was a State Assembly member. Six years later he was hired as a police officer. You don’t think he was given special treatment? I don’t think the average 17/18 year old would be so fortunate. And this is the man that Moe Todd and the Republicans think should be our next sheriff? Do some simple newspaper archive searches before you vote!

September 2-3/18

Gary Thibodeau...The Death Of Common Sense
We have all been told of the vast amount of evidence the OCSD had on G.T. Of course we have yet to see, hear or been told about it...you know, like the rabbit in the hat thingy.

So let's just take a look at what the OCSD ignored, didn't follow up on, lied about in and out of court and any other info they chose to hide, forget and bury.

1. Swenkowski held the door for Richard, left at the same time as Richard and NEVER did see Heidi, Gary or a kidnapping taking place.

2. Stinson said he was there before 7:35am and flagged down a cop at 7:55am....but never saw a kidnapping. Which brings us to Bivens who says he did see the crime..but also said he was there between 8-8:30am.

3. Didn't Gary prove thru his relatives that he was home all morning?

4.How did Oakes know the caddy was in MA, when deputies testified in court that they had GT's house under survellence on the 3rd, 4th and 5th and the caddy was in the driveway.

5. How was Sharon spotted around town, talked to a pharmacist and others but was in MA at the same time?

6. Why did VanPatten tell a friend of a big bust coming from the help of a "GIRL" in Oswego?

7. Moe said on Dateline we had numerous people to look at yet never investigated Mike Bohere's white van.

8.Were the neighbors of Steen, Bohere and Breckenridge interviewed to see if they heard any of them leave early that morning?

9. We know a man testified that he borrowed Bohere's WHITE van to scrap with...but again nothing was done except for a cover up. I think I read that the DMV couldn't come up with document proof if MB did own a white van....I can understand how hard it must have been to punch in "Michael Bohere" to find proof. This is Mickey Mouse stuff people.

10. Oakes says he is certain GT is guilty..so Greg please tell us so we can put this to bed before the FBI comes to town.

11. We KNOW Jenn Wescott lived on Rice Road, knew Roger Breckenridge and went to Florida with him...this is on the tapped phone call...but again this too was ignored.

12. In Jenn's interrogation video, she is asked when something happened. She said "August" and then the video stops as if thee was an edit to it. See for yourself....You Tube.."The Heidi Allen Case"

12. "After 20 years I still have to tell you (OCSD) that there were two vans"...Jenn Wescott. Sure sounds like she knew all about this case, lied about not knowing anything and should have been arrested or held for questioning after giving the investigator this info. NOPE, but how do we ignore this? By simply telling the people that a professional investigator knew what he was doing and the public doesn't have any knowledge of how interrogations are done. Excuse me, I am laughing so hard I need a break.

13. Why did Judge King determine the witnesses that heard the 3 say at different times that it was unreliable because they all had different versions. Well Judge King, maybe they heard it at different times...but nice try anyway.

14. Jenn Wescott told them that they brought Heidi to the her house..( the same house Jenn said she never lived at ) and King says it's hearsay because Jenn did not see Heidi. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How many statements are used in court by DAs to help build a case?
This is one up on the Hostess Twinkie Defense. Of course King you must know that most if not all statements would fall under your hearsay ruling. So why bring Steen etc. to court to tell what they heard...it's all hearsay.

15. Oakes, after just hours determined that the call between TOnya and Jenn wasn't any good...even though it was the investigators telling what to ask.

16. When Jenn was caught lying to the investigator...saying things about a white van etc. why wasn't she arrested on suspicion of knowing or being involved in a crime? Bring her in, ask questions, get some info they needed and then let her go....BRILLIANT!

I guess i could go on and on but if you were the cops, investigating a possible murder would you have ignored all of this?

Who were they covering for?

Brother if you can't answer that question you are really not trying.

First one that talks walks, all others go to prison.The Blue line is now a dotted line!


September 2-3/18




Refreshing memories

September 2-3/18

$1000 Reward
If the person in question was under the age of 19 years old at the time of the offense perhaps there is no conviction if the person was granted Youthful Offender status. If this is the case then the person's records are sealed.

Criminal record

Youthful Offender means anyone who commits a crime while still under the age of 19 years of age. In those situations, a judge can and will set aside a conviction for most crimes on the basis that the defendant was under 19 at the time of the offense.

That doesn't mean the defendant isn't punished for the crime, but it does mean he/she doesn't suffer a conviction for that crime. This is a very important distinction since most crime is committed by young people under the age of 23 and the majority are under 19. The purpose of this provision is to help young people under 19 get "one bite of the apple" before they are given a conviction for a crime, which can ruin their lives for most of their lives.

In most cases YO Youthful Offender status will be granted, unless the Judge determines that it was such a heinous crime that the person deserves to have a criminal record and refuses YO treatment. Most of the time its granted.

September 2-3/18

It has been what, six maybe seven years since the Republicans nominated a murderer for mayor of Oswego?
Now they are trying to get another one elected Sheriff. Next6 time you see Sullivan ask him where he was the day Leonard Ingamells was shot dead in his own store.

September 2-3/18



Today's Quote September 1/2018

Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.
Oscar Wilde

Refute This
What is really messed up over your refuted evidence claim is this. If finding nothing on Rice Road rules these suspects out, then common sense tells even the idiot DA, no human remains on Gary's property or his brothers rules them out as well. Breckenridge also testified Wescott lived on Rice. Maybe Purdy should explain her link to Leo Richardson's bar. But then again they all lie why would she ever tell the real truth? Brian Mensch testified he lived there, Purdy testified she lived there. We could go on and on, Breckenridge testified Wescott lived there, but truth is they are all obviously lying. But why? Purdy has repeated aliases and repeated addresses, wonder if she's aware some know about the camper and the couple who lived in a trailer at the end of rice road in the 90's. Do you truly believe her bullshit seeing as the landlord denies ever living with her in the same trailer. Everyone's refuting, it's the same trick Oj Simpson's attorneys used to free that murderer and the same trick the idiots in OZ used to cover up their cover up. Are you going to refute these facts. Including where Purdy seems to like having her family reunion? Please anyone with a lick of common sense knows one thing, that one thing is simple you morons have blood on your hands and it does not take a genius to figure out who the real culprits are.

Darcy Purdy has 2 rice road addresses lmao the DA didn't look too hard.

September 1/18

Road Work
In defense of Mayor Barlow the 104 Bridge street corridor is under the state’s domain in as far as lane closure traffic flow during a construction project. That doesn’t mean the city doesn’t have input into how to achieve a safe site and maintain state standards. For example, we have a nice new 481 south with lane markings and left turn lanes for a nice flow. Too bad that the traffic will back up on the Utica bridge because whoever is in charge of traffic in this city is just plain braindead or doesn’t give a sh!t. I’m talking about a right turn lane on the bridge onto 481. What is so hard to see the need for that? You have 10 cars that want to turn onto 481 S. while the green arrow is emptying 481 north onto the Utica street bridge,(remember before that arrow when turning onto the bridge took two or three lights) However, you have one a##hole wanting to go straight blocking everything. All these cars sitting there waiting end up destroying the bridge by overloading it with needless weight. Seldom does one uses the left lane resulting in a back up to west 2nd street. Wait till school starts! What Mayor Barlow can change on 104/Bridge street is the f’ing parking in the right lane for the less than stellar landlords and tattoo shops; get rid of half these traffic lights that think coordination is when they crown a king. This city has never thought out anything when it comes to traffic flow in the confines of our infrastructure. Can anyone answer, “ Who is in charge of traffic for the city?” – Emerson Fitapladi


September 1/18

Does the person who sends you post after post realize that most people don't have a clue what she or he is rambling on about?? Most are so incoherent that it's impossible to decode.

Are we supposed to think it's a bunch of different people writing them when the writing style is the same right down to the misspelled words?

It's really getting old and I know the answer will be if you don't like it, don't read it or don't visit the site. I do like this site but the good stuff gets buried by all the incoherent Heidi Allen case posts.

September 1/18

Sick and Tired
I am so sick of losers walking around this town with no respect for anything or anyone. Last night, someone knocked the side mirror off my car so forcefully that the mirror ended up in my neighbor's yard. Why? Just for something to do? Thanks a lot, scumbags of Oswego.
At least it's better than the pigs who were using the street as their bathroom and leaving piles of human feces behind my car. What is wrong with people? I can't wait to move the hell out of this place, which is sad, because I used to love it here.


September 1/18




Today's Quote August 31/2018

When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice.
Saul Bellow

Gary Thibodeau
Maybe, maybe not that he was a low level drug dealer. I don’t personally know but when people start saying “we didn’t like him” even though they also, didn’t know him, makes one wonder that there had to have been more than just his brother was at the store where Heidi disappeared to want to “get the man”. Obviously, the Sheriff’s department did a great job getting Gary’s NCIC report but yet couldn’t or didn’t find out about Bohrer.? I bet that something like assault on a police officer would make the boys in blue hold a grudge!!

Steen and Bohrer, for sure, admitted to being drug dealers.

Just like the juror said that they thought Gary was in to something but didn’t necessarily think he kidnapped Heidi. Shame on the judges instruction for them to deliberate based on who they ‘believed’. They were in a court of LAW where the burden was ‘Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’.

Yeah Todd, like they could have found other ‘opportunity’ than a busy Easter morning years after your deputy recklessly dropped Heidi’s CI information in a public parking lot. If she hadn’t been ‘used’ up to that point, maybe she was going to give some usable information or maybe she threatened someone in the lot that morning that acted spontaneously. You guys can live with that shame. Just like the shame of forcing a minor to sign up to avoid their own trouble. Her consequences for what she had done would not have affected the rest of her life. Unless she was vying for public office. Ultimately, Sir, you failed your mission to find Heidi. So, in your infinite wisdom of Gary being guilty even though you claim to have limited involvement with Heidi’s disappearance, What is your speculation as to why Gary didn’t ‘give it up’ like you claim he did to the inmates? Nevermind, don’t answer. I don’t want to hear any more of your cockamamie lies.
                                                                                                                            August 31/18

1000 dollar reward
Candidates will be subject to a pre employment background investigation and may be required to authorize
access to educational, financial, employment, criminal history, mental health and other related records.
Conviction of a felony will bar appointment. Conviction of a misdemeanor or other offense will be evaluated
on a case-by case basis and may bar appointment. Candidates who have been convicted of a crime must
submit a certificate of conviction
from the court with their application. I'll give 1000 dollars to anyone who can produce Sheriff Sullivans certificate of convection!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck.
                                                                                                                            August 31/18

Same ol trick new victim
It's funny some people have reported loosening of lug nuts on their car. Funny someone just did it to Richard Thibodeau. Better hope nothing happens to Richard Feds are no one to mess with, Murtagh. You have been the only one publically threatening to burn the Thibodeaus home to the ground. Your home would be the first door knocked on then your buddy Dan Barneys. Dumb asses.
                                                                                                                            August 31/18




Today's Quote August 29-30/2018

The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet unknown fate. O. Henry
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/o_henry

The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet unknown fate. O. Henry
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/o_henry

The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet unknown fate. O. Henry
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/o_henry_389606

The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet unknown fate.

 O. Henry



The information group is bigger than I thought!
Bohrer also had copies of the investigation in 1994, faxed to him, with the District Attorneys number as the incoming fax.“Are you prohibiting me from asking Mr. Dodd if he faxed documents to a primary suspect?” Bianco asked the judge.
“Yes, I am,” he said. “You’re the one calling him a primary suspect.”
The judge refused to let Gary Thibodeau attorneys , question Donald Dodd on why the District Attorneys office faxed, Bohrer parts of the investigation. Suspect or not. That is not normal procedure. Why and how could this happen? sending investigation material to this guy! needs a closer look, just look for documents with a blue check mark, the system to track this material.
                                                                                                                          August 29-30/18

Set some things aside and he's a regular Joe!
Bohrer was a suspect in two other attempted kidnappings. He was also a suspect in a brutal beating to a female in Beacon, N.Y. Bohrer is from Milwaukee, it seems where ever Bohrer went back then. Things happened to women. Including his wife leaving him, for suspected abuse to his daughters. Now setting all of this aside as the investigating team did, what would make you think he could be involved? now that's more than enough for any linch mob! Why? because they knew he did not do it! which means they knew who did, they also knew it wasn't Gary, but that was their story and boy they struck to it!
                                                                                                                          August 29-30/18


Still not a reasonable doubt?
Here are five ways District Attorney Gregory Oakes and Assistant DA Mark Moody refuted the defense:

1. Judge's denial

Oakes objected to an attempt by Thibodeau's lawyer to introduce testimony about a 1981 abduction conviction against one of the three new possible suspects, Michael Bohrer. King ruled the two crimes were not similar enough to admit the 1981 case out of Milwaukee into evidence.

The victim, Catherine Schmitt, was flown in from Milwaukee to testify. But King would not allow it. She told Syracuse.com that Bohrer, a stranger to her, grabbed her from behind and dragged nearly all the way into his car, punching her in the face as he went. Thibodeau's lawyers argued that crime was so similar to Allen's kidnapping that the judge should consider them as proof that Bohrer might have been involved.

2. Who lived at Rice Road?

Darcy Purdy testified she her and her boyfriend were living in a trailer on Rice Road from January 1993 to the end of 1995 -- not Jennifer Wescott or Roger Breckenridge.
If that's the case, it blows a hole in the defense's theory that Breckenridge, Bohrer and James Steen brought the kidnapped Allen to that trailer on Easter 1994.

Purdy produced mail and a marriage registry showing that was her address in 1994. She was married in September 1994.

3. No human remains

A team of investigators from the Onondaga County Medical Examiner's Office spent two days sifting through dirt at the site of a collapsed cabin in the woods off Rice Road but found no human remains.

The team went to the site after a state police cadaver dog indicated it had picked up the scent of human remains near a collapsed cabin in an area close to where Steen alllegedly confessed to hiding Allen's remains.

Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Laura Knight testified that she's conducted forensic excavations at three sites based on cadaver dogs alerting, but none produced any human remains.

4. Dodd's green marker system

Dodd, who prosecuted Thibodeau, testified that in 1994 and 1995 he had everyone in his office use a green marker to show that a given document had been copied and placed into a box that would be turned over to Thibodeau's lawyers. He said that mark verified that the evidence had been turned over.

Defense lawyer Randi Bianco argued that the green mark only indicated that a document had been copied, not when, by whom, or if it was turned over to Thibodeau's defense. King agreed that the mark only indicated the document had been copied.

5. Confidential informant info kept confidential

The owner of the D&W Convenience Store testified she never disclosed to anyone except her mother and police that she'd found a lost index card and photo revealing Allen was a confidential informant.

Kristine Duell found the items in the D&W parking lot in January 1992 after Deputy Chris Van Patten dropped them there. Van Patten testified that he never revealed Allen's confidential informant status to anyone outside the sheriff's office.

Thibodeau's lawyers contend the dropping of those items exposed Allen's identity as an informant and provided a motive for drug dealers to target her. The lawyers contend reports about the dropped items weren't disclosed to Thibodeau's trial lawyer.

verb (used with object)

to be uncertain about; consider questionable or unlikely; hesitate to believe.
to distrust.
Archaic. to fear; be apprehensive about. They have control of the word reasonable, another big grey area I guess.

                                                                                                                          August 29-30/18

Fat Lady Sings
It ain't over until the fat lady sings and Jennifer Wescott isn't singing yet, but I'm certain she will be in the end.
Re: Gary Thibodeau..The Death Common Sense
                                                                                                                             August 29-30/18


                                                                                                                             August 29-30/18



Today's Quote August 28/2018

I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.
Will Rogers

conviction or convection?
How many noticed, in a submission I used the words Investigation,trail and convection! no I will not use the word conviction, it wasn't, it was convection Physics. the transfer of heat by the circulation or movement, The transfer of blame. Nothing and I do mean nothing linked Gary to this other than Heidi and the Sheriff, informant confidentiality plays a large role in this puzzle, to protect an informants identity has a wide range of gray area, yes you can lie,cheat and even steal under it's protection, this narrowed the information field to just a few officers, you've seen their names here on this site. This made steering the blame quite easy and in full control of all information within this little group! A low level drug dealer doesn't kidnap he just drives a white caddy, why do cops hate white caddy's?
                                                                                                                             August 28/18

You will never guess who.
Who was at Gary's funeral.
God I hope you are telling truth about this person because this is what I was hoping for seeing that King "leaned" to the DA, evidence ignored, hearsay (bs) King witness statements are used all the time, Jenn Wescott statement ignored, D&W: Stinson, Swenkowski (truthful), taped ph call was used to discredit Tonya, nothing more...Inv. told her what to ask so that kills the day before call as to setting up questions...and why would Tonya do this if her intent was to get to the truth, death threats to Tonya..why?

Oakes.."my kids hair etc would be in my car, they found
nothing in the van...lie. They did, I didn't match Heidi's DNA..per Kliest. Steen: "she was gonna turn in some big big guys". THis says a lot about who, what and when.
Where did RT and GT kill her in such a short period of time.
Oakes lied about caddy being in MA, per deputies stake out of GT's home.
3-4 people at D&W saw NOTHING. Stinson should have as he said he was there before and after & flagged down a cop.but did not see a kidnapping????????
Jenn: "after 20 years I still have to ell you there was a second van".

Mike Bohere had a white van that he lent to a person who gave a statement of this...but this was not investigated.
Guy said someone called Steen morning of his killing 2 ppl but doesn't know who used his phone..yeah right.

The truth is no one is going to kill for being turned in for selling pot.



All these obvious mistakes were covered up by a judge and others. This is going to be the crash of all crashes. Wait and see who was involved.

Oakes" I don't have much integrity into the OCSD inv. of this crime". Said that to Lisa Pebbles...then changed his mind after someone talked to him.
And after all this, no sighting of Gary at the store, even when Swenkowski held the door open for Richard, and Stinson said he was there before and after.

Man am I glad I am not any of you guys. Get ready because the FBI does not fool around.


Karma baby karma. Now it's your turn.

Congratulations and thank you for all the citizens that uncovered, exposed and pointed this in all the right directions...we did a great job.

Now is your chance to do the right thing....contact Lisa, FBI or DOJ on the qt if you know something.
                                                                                                                             August 28/18





Today's Quote August 26-27/2018

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
Edgar Degas

For three days I've had no sleep, seeing the words that came out of our top good ole boys mouth,"lets remember this is about Heidi", just hearing you speak her name disgust me, you P.O.S we know this is about Heidi it has been since day one, I believe that your department was involved in her disappearance, and now Gary who was innocent was lost by your hands, the Sheriffs department has innocent blood on their hands and our Government just keeps handing you sanitary wipes to remove and hide your possible crimes against the community you serve, so do not think we have forgotten this is about Heidi, but now it's about you, we are teaching our grand children to know the difference between a Sheriff uniform and car as to a Troopers uniform and car, they will grow up knowing that all police are NOT GOOD. and to avoid your type at all cost!, this is age of corruption, lies and deceit and you are now a gang, I so much hated hearing Mr. Sullivan say I've worked everyday to get were I am, are you kidding, you for some reason had all the bad disappear a chance everyone else does not get, mommy and daddy with the POWER to hide your past,well not so, you just can not get all the dirty stains out of your little laundry basket, YES THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT HEIDI YOU P.O.S you made it about Gary and your corrupt department even your presence at our county fair ruined a nice day! thanks. Who could believe that a group of elected Judges looked over all this bullshit and decided that the investigation, trail and convection was done in accordance with our Judicial system and that they showed beyond any REASONABLE DOUBT that Gary was guilty. How could this be? how high does this injustice go?.
                                                                                                                             August 26-27/18

Clark Hamilton senior ring a bell you lying pos. you seem to think no one knows who's van you stole well everyone does now don't they. ISN'T his ex girlfriend linked to you. she sure is, she has then and is now once again working for you. sick bastard. guess what murtagh we have an audio of how you steal vans and switch the vin numbers. we are going to leak it to the public by the time you read this. it'll be LIVE
                                                                                                                             August 26-27/18