February 27/20


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for information on the death of Thomas Coyle



Today's Quote February 27/20

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.
Khalil Gibran

Carona Virus
Did you feel the ground shake from the wave of uproarious laughter which swept across the country when trump named Mike Pence as the man in charge of coordinating the country’s response to the corona virus?

In yet another incoherent rambling speech, which basically summarized many of his previous uninformed and just plain stupid comments, Trump said nothing that would lead the educated public to believe our government had any idea of how to deal with the Corona Virus. He continued to play down the seriousness implying that in a short period of time there would only be five cases of the virus in the US. He also said there was a vaccine being developed that could be ready in a couple months.


Only minutes later an official who knew what he was talking about explained that the most advanced vaccine candidate was about two months from finishing its phase one trial and another trial for efficacy, (will it really work) taking at least eight months would follow. Typically phase one trials are one year. So it would be at least a year, best case scenario, before the vaccine could be available and that is if there are no adverse side effects and if it is granted special approval allowing it to go to market without Phase three testing to determine what dosage is safe for what part of the population. So if all the stars do not fall into alignment it could easily be two even two and a half years before the vaccine makes it to the public. Probably the best hope is Gilead Sciences which is starting two stage three trials of its Remdesivir that was previously tested in people infected with Ebola. Other drugs marketed by Gilead include Biktarvy, Descovy, Truvada, Epclusa, Harvoni, Sovaldi, and Tamiflu.

Something else to consider is the manufacture of the vaccine. I do not know if it is true but I heard long ago most flue type vaccine is now made in China. Surgical masks, gowns and other medical supplies that are needed are also largely made in China. With a population of 1.4 billion who do you think the Chinese will make vaccine and masks for first.?

There needs to be a world wide effort to take over the manufacture of all necessary medical supplies currently made in China. There are too many eggs in that one basket but that is thinking too far out of the box for Trump and his worshipers.

February 27/20


Yatch Club
Questions, questions, questions? Why are Oswego tax payers responsible for paying for the repairs at the Oswego Yatch Club?
Kells received a quote from the Oswego Yacht Club for the replacement of four vinyl, awning windows, including repairs to the flashing. The city chamberlain will authorize a transfer of funds from the general fund contingent account (A 1990.0440) in the amount of $2,980 to the municipal buildings contracted services account (A 1620.0440). The Oswego Yacht Club will provide labor for the repairs and window replacement. (Oswego County Today)
(Time for an audit...)

February 27/20


Waterfront Commission
Mayor Dumbass, appoints former Mayor Jackass, to head the Waterfront Commission, which fits right in with the Asshats on the Oswego Common Council.

February 27/20

mR. dOdD
A prosecutor is required BY LAW to turn over ALL exculpatory evidence to the defense BEFORE trial. The Law does not say it’s discretionary for the prosecutor or judge. Let’s review what ‘exculpatory’ means: to clear from alleged fault or guilt. Clearly, the lead about the boy did not name Richard or Gary, therefore that lead was exculpatory. But hey, there are some Barlow’s related to Gary so he must know what happened? *I am amazed at how people think…

OK, dodd. There was an active investigation about the boy. When was that active investigation over? Since the written statement was taken from the mom AFTER Dr. Miron did the interview and After the court appearance for discovery, why didn’t any of the documents conform to YOUR procedure?

What’s the big deal about the green mark and dodd’s procedure? He testified, under oath in front of a judge, community members, family and friends, that ALL (“Everything”) conformed to his procedure. That was a blatant lie!! Document after document, dates after dates, DID NOT follow his procedure. A lie to ‘get their man’ is no big deal, you say? Then you must not know what an oath is or stands for. “No big deal” ‘til it happens to YOU or your loved one.

‘Dodd is a good guy’, should he face criminal liability for lying in a Court of Law? James Steen was a good guy according to Ruell Todd. Should he have also been freed of liability? Oh no, wait…perk of being in law enforcement…PC… Alas, that PC is getting to the forefront and sheisty prosecutors are facing sanctions….*cough, Ms. Rain*.

What are the chances that the original lead that started this investigation (about the boy) was one of the leads that Walsh specifically noted to the judge was not turned over. Sad thing is, there is enough public information to answer many questions. I’m guessing that there are several ‘citizens’ that can get that answer within hours. Again, what’s the significance of dodd turning over all the leads? Same answer as before…he is Required to AND he said he did. Not doing so is denying the defense the opportunity to present/refute the prosecution presentation. You know the prosecution has the burden to ‘prove beyond a reasonable doubt’ that the defendant is guilty. **Gotta love those advocates of ‘justice’ who say that just because someone was found guilty by a jury that they must have been guilty. Hhhmm, geez, what is exoneration about, then?**

Til next time, thank you to all that have come forward. You have provided valuable information, even though some information was intentionally false.

February 27/20

Re: Coronavirus
I liked your review of the debate. The Dems do need to hammer on Trump for every stupid thing he says and does.
This virus could be bad if we don't pay attention and there will be people that will buy into Trump's ignorance and greed. You need to stay away from any interaction with the public and keep washing your hands.
Some of them try to compare ebolia to this virus, but they are not the same Ebolia is direct contact, this type of virus is a non-contact spread thru the air. Trump is going to give a news Congress at 6 PM ..guess the CDC finally got him to understand we can not contain it. He truly is a sad ignorant man.

February 27/20


Heidi Allen

Awesome! Keep it up. Praying these videos bring courage/inspiration for anyone who knows something to come forward. Even if the DA is misrepresenting facts, again.


February 27/20





Today's Quote February 26/20

The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.
George Washington

The idea they can't do anything is nothing more than lies, that was confirmed today. The Sheriff can look in to the case any time he wants. What happened to this idea he was going to bring justice and INTEGRITY?? Lost cause vote someone in who actually cares to make a difference and who's willing to combat the corruption.

On Mon, Feb 24, 2020, 4:33 AM Just Passing By <masondain2018@gmail.com> wrote:

Top Ten Gary Thibodeau comments: (if you paid any attention authority in OZ, most citizens can't stand the ground you walk on.)

1. Shit pisses me off that so many people came forward to give info, and we had dick heads for law that wouldn't listen. And then poor innocent Gary had to die in prison for something he DID NOT DO. This world is so backwards.
2. You can not trust the law in that town !! I bet the correctional officer shot her !! Poor Gary I hope he haunts all of those involved! So Richard was innocent but Gary Guilty hmm there is more than meets the eye in this case ! Maybe some police are indirectly involved ? Sad very sad.
3.Garry didn’t do it and it makes me sick the extent Oswego is willing to go to cover up the real evidence, no one should feel safe in Oswego county the cops are worthless
4.Oswego County is definitely corupt!!!!! This makes me sick!!!!! SOB's 👹
5.I wonder what cockamamie bullshit story Oakes and Todd will try to sell after this comes out.
6.If they really wanted to know were Heidi is...they should have asked those 3 men that killed her.
7.As much as i would love to see her family get their closure, Gary's family wanted closure too.. Neither family has gotten it!! :(
8.Anyone with any common sense, or intelligence knows that he was innocent! The Oswego County, corrupted law enforcement and corrupted court system also knew! They rail road him and everyone knows that. He is at rest in peace, but those who did him wrong have a judgement day! Wont be so peaceful.
9.At the end of the article it says "there were oops's along the way" great way to state that an innocent life was wasted SMH... RIP Gary.
10.It pisses me off..these crooked bastards..how do they look in the mirror everyday

We all know Gary, didn't do it! Not one piece of evidence? God bless the Allen & Thibodeau family.!!! This is but .1% of the love making it's rounds for both departments involved. The Sheriffs assume they can clear their name without admitting their wrong doing on their 'oopsies' that took an innocent life. It's never going to happen. A direct apology to both families and the public are what are needed and deserved. That will never happen in Oswego. If not, then these posters and many more are correct when claiming corruption, calling you SOBS, LIARS, FRAUDS, BASTARDS AND many other genuis names they've come up with to describe your departments and the injustice your departments created on families you were sworn to protect. It's all well deserved. It will never change without JUSTICE and INTEGRITY!!!

February 26/20

These bullying children are following the example of the orange cockwomble in the White House.

February 26/20

Prosecutors getting it WRONG


A lawyer’s blog about prosecutorial misconduct: https://www.johntfloyd.com/federal-prosecutorial-



Our precious law enforcement is working with integrity and ethics to “get the bad guys off the street”? Doesn’t appear so. AND it can happen ANYWHERE, even in the quaint little town of New Haven, Oswego County, New York.



Surely won’t forget this case: https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/nick-hillary-who-killed-garrett-phillips-interview

February 26/20


Reply to article 2-25-2020
Do you think THIS is what Dodd was allowed to withhold from the defense? I hate the man but he was right about the boy....credibility because of age.

Well then why did the OCSD go to the property and ask to search if a 3 yo is not credible?
It's a lead. and after they his all the other leads like Roger and Tracy .."there's blood in the van."

This is a crime. The new sheriff has been put in his place about not opening this inv. because of who was selling drugs, hidden evidence, actions not taken and on and on and on.

Keep pushing, the FBI may still get involved.

February 26/20

Greg Oakes

Awesome, Greg, way to go defending local law enforcement and the DA’s office. Yup…..you should be a defense attorney…attorney to the “connected’.

What is your defense of the crappy investigative job the Oswego Sheriff and DA’s office did in the Heidi Allen case? You, personally lied to the public several times. Even your correction was not correct about particles/hair/fingerprints found in Richard’s van. I guess what matters is that you acknowledged that those things WERE present but none belonged to Heidi, the FIRST TIME Richard’s van was searched. Yea, we now KNOW about the van washing that happened WEEKS after THE FIRST search. We know the second search was the “piece of carpet removed” and CANINE blood. DAMN!! The Defense witness was correct. Cold/hard Truth and Facts that the jurors didn’t want to believe because the prosecution “must have had something to get that far”.

What about publicly accusing the reporter and investigator of disturbing the area that may have been related to her remains? What about commenting about the bone fragment found? What about YOU explaining why it’s OK for the police department to go to the site AFTER the ME examines the area with an excavator? OH, don’t know what I’m talking about….Look no further than an affidavit from LT. Robert Moskal, exhibit #8, dated 10/3/2014 that You filed for Gary Thibodeau’s hearing. I got it, you’ll not respond to the public who You swore to serve and protect, unless it fits your agenda.

So, that’s the go to answer…the law didn’t allow for charges. Why not arrest, Mr. Waterbury in this case, and put him near some jailhouse snitches? Bet you would have gotten enough to fabricate a case. Why not ask the witnesses for more information? Oh, no repeat of what happened to Gary? You didn’t want to arrest Mr. Waterbury for his…deviance, did you? Wondering how you would handle the shoe on the other foot if you were dad to one of the girls he took advantage of? Bet you’d find some crime to charge him with then. Mr. Waterbury isn’t that bad of a guy that you would want to hold him accountable?

Be On Lookout For Bogus Bills in Port City

February 26/20


Trump nominee to federal court once called for abolishing Social Security, several government agencies


February 26/20




They are all about the same.


Sanders sounds more like Trump every time he makes an appearance. Evidently his victories have emboldened him to where he thinks he can expand on his version of socialism without it hurting his polling. To his credit he has more fire and passion in his message than anyone else.


Buttigieg has a good message and a good organization and age is on his side. The problem he faces is the people who live out where the buses do not run. Not enough of them are ready to vote for a gay president.


Warren just does not come across well to me.


Klobuchar needs to get her personality out there. I think she is a solid candidate but lets face it presidential elections are as much about personality as they are about character and experience.


Biden was the one everyone was waiting for, two months ago. Here's the thing, he opened his mouth. People do not really want to hear what he and Barack did six years ago. They want to hear what you are going to do eleven months from now. Stop telling us how you will bring Republicans and Democrats together. We just saw how willing the Republicans are to compromise let alone honor the oath they took to preserve and defend the constitution. It ain't gona happen. I think he stands a good chance of winning South Carolina but not by the margins he would like and that will hurt fundraising which is another of his problems.


Every day that asshole Trump says or does something the Democrats could use to hammer him with instead of nit picking each other.


Every damn day Biden needs to attack Trump and call him on his lies and bullshit. Every time you use Trumps name you need to follow it with a reference to Putin and his communist friends in Russia. Never stop talking about all of Trump's cronies that are now in jail. Tell people you want to be the president not a Dictator or a King. Day in day out you hammer it home. Never say "if I am elected". Say "when I am elected". Then tell how you are going to undo all the shit Trump has pulled and get the country back on track again.


When you get to where you are debating Trump do not take any shit from him. If he keeps interrupting and talking over you tell him to shut up, the next president of the United States is talking. If he starts walking around the stage making faces you tell him to get back behind his podium. Tell him that it is not one of his rigged reality shows and if he does not do it tell the audience you hoped to have a serious debate about the issues that are important to the voters and the problems the country is facing. Then you walk out.


Right now Biden looks like an old school politician running an old school campaign. Somewhere in the background there must be someone in his organization that can convince him to start a serious online fundraising campaign, bring in some new blood and some new money.


In the back of everyone's mind is the question of age. I do not think anyone really expects Biden or Sanders to go eight years in office. Sometime just before or after Super Tuesday would be the time to consider a pick for Vice President. That person needs to be someone the voters see as being capable of being elected and taking over in four years. This is critical so it would be better to make no choice than a bad choice. Remember Sarah Palin.  If you can not come up with the running mate you want at that time wait until later in the year or until the convention.


Once again I believe the election is the Democrats for the winning of it. What remains to be seen is will they screw it up like they so often do.








Today's Quote February 25/20

Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith.
Steve Jobs

Barlow residence
In the immortal words of Martha Sturtz, "fluff and drama". Though, there may have been significance to some part of the scenario Matt publicized.

The Barlow's had a right to refuse to speak with LE. LE must not have had probable cause to search. This scenario is as incredible as Heidi being in the trailer park that a witness got an anonymous phone call about. Interesting that those 2 scenarios were about connections to Richard or Gary....somehow.

The property has changed ownership since 1995? Why hasn't LE asked any new owner for permission to search? Speaking of search, do you really think LE would have searched the woods any better than "There are no cabins, there never were." if it wasn't for a reporter and investigator finding the disturbed area? Please don't let me ramble about the lack of any integrity Greg has for falsely/publicly accusing the reporter and investigator AFTER 2 others talked to police about disturbing the area. On that note, let's hear THE ENTIRE interview of Mike Bohrer. I refuse to believe that Pietroski is that incompetent to not press him more of where he thinks Heidi is/was. To answer the first 2 questions of this paragraph....Yes and "we got our man". Has LE taken seriously ANYONE coming forward since Gary was convicted? No. Several people testified at the Hearing about calling police relating to Heidi's disappearance with no follow-up.

Do you think THIS is what Dodd was allowed to withhold from the defense? I hate the man but he was right about the boy....credibility because of age.

Is this the same relative in the police note that Greg filed for the hearing that retained a lawyer and did not speak with LE? I'm not surprised they refused to speak with LE....for heaven's sake, their brother who wasn't at the D&W on April 3, 1994, no forensic evidence linking him, and had an alibi was being accused of kidnapping Heidi.

February 25/20


Gary's case
As you can see the DA office is focused on adultery within the dept. The Sheriff talked a good talk, won the election but did nothing. It actually takes someone willing to do their job. Last I knew the FBI did not need evidence, they just need witnesses. They can arrest and charge you with federal crimes on hear say, especially those in power. So in all honesty this bull no one can do anything is nothing more than another cover up of the cover up and further excuses not to do their jobs.

February 25/20


Rest in peace Gary Thibodeau and Heidi Allen we know they murdered you both & maybe a few others. May they live every day as if they were in hell.

February 25/20


Re: bully
The amount of bullying with the Oswego school district is unbelievable.
Here we are at a time when the world is supposed to be a better place, as the teachings of
non-bullying are taught in the classrooms and within society and yet, it is running rampant
within Oswego schools. Having glasses ripped off of a kids face, to dumping connex sand
( I am sure the spelling is wrong and I do not even know what it is truly) , to tripping and telling kids they are pigs and their parents are white trash and whores....
What you say, it starts and continues at home... most likely! No responsibility and no ramifications for actions lead to a frightening future for us. And once the teachers are aware, they can watch closer but all in all, most likely, they are probably being bullied by these lil "darlings" also.
Louie Armstrong: what a wonderful world. If everyone could try a little harder, his vision would come a little more to light.

February 25/20


Top 10
Top Ten Gary Thibodeau comments: (if you paid any attention authority in OZ, most citizens can't stand the ground you walk on.)

1. Shit pisses me off that so many people came forward to give info, and we had dick heads for law that wouldn't listen. And then poor innocent Gary had to die in prison for something he DID NOT DO. This world is so backwards.
2. You can not trust the law in that town !! I bet the correctional officer shot her !! Poor Gary I hope he haunts all of those involved! So Richard was innocent but Gary Guilty hmm there is more than meets the eye in this case ! Maybe some police are indirectly involved ? Sad very sad.
3.Garry didn’t do it and it makes me sick the extent Oswego is willing to go to cover up the real evidence, no one should feel safe in Oswego county the cops are worthless
4.Oswego County is definitely corupt!!!!! This makes me sick!!!!! SOB's 👹
5.I wonder what cockamamie bullshit story Oakes and Todd will try to sell after this comes out.
6.If they really wanted to know were Heidi is...they should have asked those 3 men that killed her.
7.As much as i would love to see her family get their closure, Gary's family wanted closure too.. Neither family has gotten it!! :(
8.Anyone with any common sense, or intelligence knows that he was innocent! The Oswego County, corrupted law enforcement and corrupted court system also knew! They rail road him and everyone knows that. He is at rest in peace, but those who did him wrong have a judgement day! Wont be so peaceful.
9.At the end of the article it says "there were oops's along the way" great way to state that an innocent life was wasted SMH... RIP Gary.
10.It pisses me off..these crooked bastards..how do they look in the mirror everyday

We all know Gary, didn't do it! Not one piece of evidence? God bless the Allen & Thibodeau family.!!! This is but .1% of the love making it's rounds for both departments involved. The Sheriffs assume they can clear their name without admitting their wrong doing on their 'oopsies' that took an innocent life. It's never going to happen. A direct apology to both families and the public are what are needed and deserved. That will never happen in Oswego. If not, then these posters and many more are correct when claiming corruption, calling you SOBS, LIARS, FRAUDS, BASTARDS AND many other genuis names they've come up with to describe your departments and the injustice your departments created on families you were sworn to protect. It's all well deserved. It will never change without JUSTICE and INTEGRITY!!!

February 25/20

Hilton's rob's
Looks like the adultery train is full motion again but instead of ROB‘ ramrod ‘ R. It is ROB M doing the driving with a school bus driver initials A.C. . mr. Hilton must be so proud of his upstanding group of men that keep showing bad moral values and keep tarnishing your departments name. Can’t wait to see how much more shame is brought out by your people who think they are above all others. Sad

February 25/20


Trump sings Modi's praises at massive rally in India



February 25/20




Today's Quote February 24/20

Capitalism cannot reform itself; it is doomed to self-destruction.
W. E. B. Du Bois

bullying noun
the use of strength or power to frighten or hurt weaker people
Bullying is a problem in many schools.
He refused to give in to bullying and threats.
bullying behaviour/tactics

February 24/20



The kid, Heidi, the Barlow property and another "let it go by"the OCSD.
Watching I guess a new Matt Mulchay doc. from this site.

I started thinking about all the evidence and actions I believe shows a cover up.

...When the kid spoke to the FBI about him seeing Heidi in a van covered with bugs etc on the BARLOW property and the fact that the Barlows wouldn't let them
search the property.
Why didn't they get a search warrant?
Why would the Barlows say no to a search for a girl that everyone was looking for.

Think about your backyard and if nothing criminal was buried on it would you say "yes" to a search?
Now think if there was something buried on your property what would you say?
They got an attorney to stop the search.
Of course it could have been for different reasons...but after a kid points out the property that a cop shot Heidi in the head wouldn't this be an important piece of info?

No search warrant?..WHY NOT????????????????????????

I'd ask Dodd but after watching him on the doc. it wouldn't be worth.

Dodd told Matt that the "do not copy" issue was because it was an on going investigation. But then he says everything was made available. This would have gotten Lisa a victory in the appeals issue.

Most evidence to an unsolved crime is.

Very weak Dodd. Where you really trying to solve this or did you know more than you're telling?

February 24/20


Republicans against medicine bill to cut costs
The bill would also have generated more buzz if it stood a decent chance of becoming law this year. It doesn’t. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has flatly refused to consider it and President Donald Trump has said he opposes it too.
This is what the GOP does for us...nothing.
All for the rich and big business.

February 24/20





Today's Quote February 23/20

Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.
George Washington

Dollar store ban? Palm Coast inches toward moratorium - News - Daytona Beach News-Journal Online


February 23/20

This bs that nothing can be done about Gary's false conviction
I suggest that you speak to the proper lawyer and ask if anything can be done even though Gary passed because YOU are dead wrong.

There is hope that Gary's name is cleared AND that Heidi will be found. PPfft, too bad more people don't have the time or energy to put You in your place. Get a clue, ....there are still remedies and I hope and pray the Thibodeaus are seeking them!!

Pray this is the calm before the storm...that there will still be Justice served on EVERYONE involved in the bogus case. Dodd, Wheeler, Bivens, Yerdon, Todd...may Justice be served upon you.

Yea, I listened to the podcast that was linked here on January 14. WOW!!! If you didn't think that Bivens was lying before.....listen to what he said and compare to the statements he signed. Great expert, dopey Dodd. Too bad, in this case, the Court of Law wrongfully favored the prosecution. Really, Bivens doesn't know that Gary's case has been to appeal? No integrity to go to the defense, at least, to set the 'story' straight?

Greg once said that repeating something doesn't make it true. How about this, Greg, the truth IS WORTH REPEATING. Gary Thibodeau Is Innocent!!

Who was the husky looking man on the stand in the new clip "Heidi Allen Files" from Matt Mulcahy? Was that Mr. Swenzkowski or Mr. Stinson? Don't worry, guys, I don't think that either of you kidnapped Heidi. Really leaning toward Barney and Law taking Heidi from the store. What happened after that, Brett? Wonder how difficult it has been for Brett to keep what he knows or suspects inside? No integrity to talk to either the prosecution or defense? Can't turn over or "find" what doesn't exist, right Greg? Too bad Barney didn't testify. I would have rather seen his testimony than the biker (g...) club president.

Maybe Danny M has something to say about Gary's legal case. Something that might actually be facts or evidence. Na, I didn't think so. Anyone else want to try. Freedom of Speech, baby. Just try not to lie. I will know when you are!

Sorry, I can't imagine how difficult it must be to hear these things over and over again BUT....if people don't talk about it then nothing will be done. Maybe someone will get inspired to come forward or can provide more information to ultimately find the Truth and what happened to Heidi.

P.S. Can anyone allow easy access for the public to see more than what was available at the clerk's office? I'm interested!! CB


February 23/20




Today's Quote February 22/20

We are all here on earth to help others;

what on earth the others are here for I don't know.
W. H. Auden

Town of Minetto
Dumicolo and the board clowns:
Do any residents even care about the amount of wasted money just from the Highway Department? 4 workers making $250,000 a year to drive around in Fulton, in the city of Oswego, Scriba, anywhere but friggin Minetto. 3 times this winter I have been stuck in the middle of the damn road.
$73,000, $69,000,$67,000, and $41,000 up $50,000 from 2018 to 2019(see through NY) Looking good boys in that new Mini Plow salter truck aka waste of a ton of my money, also still love the free plowed parking lot for your soap buddy at Town Hall. Sing us a song piano man and call it bankrupt.

February 22/20


Trump administration leading us into bankruptcy
Where is the debt headed?
The CBO projects that annual deficits will breach the $1 trillion mark again in 2020 and remain above that level indefinitely under the current tax and spending Trump regime. By 2023, the deficit will have risen for eight consecutive years, the longest such streak in U.S. history, surpassing a five-year run during World War II. On this steep trajectory, the publicly held U.S. debt will nearly double to more than $29 trillion over the next decade. This would bring the number close to 100 percent of GDP, a level not reached since 1946

This may not scare you but it scares the hell out of me. Trump is running the country like his business that have all gone into bankruptcy. If it were not for the money his father gave him, and but for, his sister and brother bailing him out of crushing debt in Atlantic City Gambling Casino's, he would be broke today. He was lucky when the TV Corporations backed him in the Apprentice or he would be in jail today. The corrupt Deutsche Bank continues to lend him money where other US banks would not touch him because he defaults on his loans. In the new book out called "Dark Towers", it is outlined how bad this bank is and that the Russians hide their corrupt money there. Both Trump and Jared Kushner deal with this corrupt bank and the money they borrow comes from the Russians. Comrade Trump will let the Russians do anything they want, especially medaling in the 2020 elections. They want Trump to stay in office and you should want him removed from office!

If he is re-elected we are heading for another depression. When the GDP is smaller that our deficit, they will be coming for your money and take away your benefits. Trump gave the 1% richest people in the U.S. a 2 Trillion dollar tax break and none of this money went back into the economy, as it was used by them to purchase more stock. Yes, that portion of the economy (stock market prices) are up, as is unemployment, that is if you want a $6 an hour job at Wendy's or Stewarts. Trump has pushed farmers into bankruptcy by his foolish tariff wars and any money paid to the government for tariffs was used to bail out the farmers and their long-term survival is truly in jeopardy. You as a consumer are also paying more for imported goods, as any tariff paid by the importers, was added to the price of the items they imported. We cannot afford 4 more years of the corrupt tax and spend Trump administration, nor can we afford Bernie Sanders socialist approach. We need to a new president that can reestablish our government, and elect new Senators that believe in the "rule of law", not loyalty to Comrade Trump and Moscow Mitch. I am embarrassed by the spineless Senators who have orange lips from kissing Trumps ass and doing anything he wants.

Now, Heel Spurs Trump, who was too much of a coward to go to Nam, has put an person in charge of National Security that has no experience in this area, but is a trump loyalist. The nation better wake up and stop listening to the 16,000 lies Trump has told you over the past 3 years, and elect someone who will reestablish our democracy. If not, we will be a third world country run by a dictator.

February 22/20




Today's Quote February 21/20

Truth is meant to save you first, and the comfort comes afterward.

Georges Bernanos



Beware of thieves on East 10th Street

75 East 10th St has 2 tenants that are thieves.  I believe one is Melissa and her boyfriend Damien.

They break in to the apartments in that house and steal from the other tenants, even CHILDREN.

They stole my grandson kindle fire he had for only 2 weeks and Amazon just confirmed it was factory reset and logged into another account.


BTW, the house is owned by... drum roll.... Jeff Flint! The same slumlord that owns the bed bug infested house at 182 E 6th St. as well as others.


Beware if DSS puts you up at East 10th Street. The locks are easy to use a credit card on. The 2 of these individuals look out for the tenant to return home under the pretence of smoking in the hallway.



February 21/20





Today's Quote February 20/20

I was on Saipan when I got hit.

Not too bad, but bad enough to hamper me if I stayed.

I was hit in my left buttocks just below the belt line.
Lee Marvin

Erin Maxwell

Thank you to all involved for remembering the precious ones taken before their time!!

February 20/20


Moshier is no longer an issue. Her husband killed her.

February 19/20

Yes,he was the beneficiary of a lot of the money she stole. I did hear one of her offspring was at Pontiac following in her footsteps.

County Stenographer Arrested For Extensive Overbilling Scheme – Oswego County Today


February 19/20


Trump At Daytona







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Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt.
Herbert Hoover

East 10th and Utica
They might as well take down the STOP signs and put up YIELD signs , as nobody stops they just roll right through. Just had a good accident at 2:45 and its 3:02 and still no police !!!!!!!!!!!

February 19/20



The Mosher woman that worked at Pontiac stole from patients personal account monies and spent it on herself, her husband and her boyfriends. A Syracuse.com article referred to her as “thoughtful and caring and worked two jobs to support her husband and children” but that was total BS. She had affairs and children with numerous men and everyone that worked with her hated her guts.

February 19/20



We won't forget, Dodd
Secrets of Heidi Allen - Investigative Series


February 19/20



February 19/20

Hilltop Or The Gardens Was Full Of Asbestos
The Catholic Church abandoned it and then sold it to some local sucker who thought he would make a killing flipping it until the asbestos thing came up. He sold it at a loss and then it became the Gardens. Somewhere in between the asbestos disappeared or so the story goes. Asbestos removal requires special training handling and disposal of the waste so you can bet there is still lots of the stuff floating around in that building.


February 19/20



Today's Quote February 17-18/20

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those

who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.
D. Roosevelt

Nursing homes and assisted living.
I worked at Pontiac for 3 years. Please oh please whatever you do, do NOT consider putting your loved there. It is a death trap. Verna who was found responsible for 3 of the 20 deaths in 3 months is now at Bishops Commons. I also worked there and saw them isolate a woman in her room, except when her family was around. It was horrible. Her dementia was too advanced to belong there, but seeing she was a widow of a judge with lots of cash they didnt want to let her go. Both places are horrible. And The Gardens is so disorganized I lasted a day. I recommend Syracuse Home in B'ville. And Buckley Landing in North Syr. For assisted living. Its a drive but worth it for the care .

It would be easier to name the few good ones than all the bad ones. When the Oswego Hospital had an in-house nursing facility it was very good. When they opened Seneca Hell Manor and moved everything up there it turned into a horror show. It was run by a short fat little blonde bitch. I think her name was McGinnis or McGillis. She lied to the families 24-7.
I have only met one person who had something good to say about Pontic since the day it opened.

I personally dealt with a place in Liverpool called Birchwood, I think it is now called Elderwood which was supposed to be the best place to go for rehab. There was ariconditioning only on the first floor. You had to fight with the staff to get the minimum care and treatment prescribed by the referring physician and the beds were manually operated. So if you were able to get out of bed an operate the hand crank at the foot of the bed you were OK otherwise you were screwed.


Loretto on the south end of Syracuse was another hell hole. The staff there did not walk they shuffeled. Their rehab was a joke and the place was filthy.

I visited Sunrise in Oswego back in the late 90s looking for a place to locate a friend. The halls were full of people in wheelchairs hoping to catch a breeze from the fans placed in front of exit doors, which were covered by homemade wooden screens. The stench of urine was everywhere. Before I left I was told how they were going to install air conditioners that would be available at a small additional cost. That is the same bullshit story they were telling the day that place opened.
I went to St. Lukes once around 1998 looking to place my mother for rehab. There I dealt with Another lying bitch named Tara Fitzgibbons. She was cherry-picking looking for patients they could make the most money off of. That practice was totally illegal. I am still waiting for her to return my call. Oddly enough a few years later, when my mother was emptying her safe deposit box at City Savings now Pathfinder, who did we have to deal with but Tara. She was supposed to be in charge of that department but one of the underlings had to explain to her what needed to be done. Then a month later she tried to bill my mother for the key which had been returned the day the box was emptied and the rental terminated. Once again a situation had to be rectified because of her incompetence.

In my experience there is no such thing as a good nursing home just some that are worse than others. At their best they give children a false sense of Mom or Dad being cared for in their final years. In reality they are wharehouses for the sick and dying. Their only goal is to make as much money as they possibly can off of each resident while providing the bare minimum in care.


February 17-18/2020


"Getaway Gertie", Another Anniversary
On February 17, 1944, shortly after 5:00 p.m., “Getaway Gertie” a B-24 Liberator heavy bomber from the 471st Bombardment Group took off from Westover Air Field in Massachusetts. Bad weather set in and she, and her crew of eight, found herself in the midst of a blinding snow storm. The aircraft, following numerous attempts to find a landing place and running low on fuel, crashed into Lake Ontario off Nine Mile Point about 2:30 a.m. on the 18th. The eight crew members didn’t survive and it is believed their remains are still in the plane about ninety feet below the surface. To date, there has been no report of the aircraft being located – although divers said they sighted the wreck in the past. Many airmen lost their lives, during WWII, but none so close to Oswego as these. Hopefully they will be found and given a proper burial and recognized for their service to our country.


February 17-18/202



February 17-18/202

Vandals cover Plymouth Rock in red graffiti


February 17-18/202

George Conway Suggests Why 'Vindictive' Trump May Need To Be Impeached Again


February 17-18/202

Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Tweets Photo Of Big Crowd Near Air Force One

February 17-18/202

Donald Trump Spins Twitter Users Out With Daytona 500 Lap Plan


February 17-18/202




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The love that lasts longest is the love that is never returned.
W. Somerset Maugham

Trump To Deploy Armed Troops Against US Citizens

February 16/2020


Limbaugh & Trump
I couldn't agree with you more...Great Comment!!!!

February 16/2020


Salt on roads
Does Mr.Kells have a contract with the local auto dealers to put as much salt down to destroy car frames and brake lines so they have to buy new cars? Wtf


February 16/2020




Today's Quote February 14-15/20

If you read a lot of books you are considered well read.

But if you watch a lot of TV, you're not considered well viewed.

Lily Tomlin


Limbaugh & Trump

How many people have I heard say they would not wish Limbaugh's stage 4 Lung Cancer on anyone?


I Would!


There are hundreds of thousands of people who are just as sick or worse than him but they did not suck Trump's little dick to get an undeserved medal for it.


He is a worthless lowlife piece of shit and nothing would make me happier than to hear he got hit by a bus and cheated out of what ever time he had left.


The only possible thing which could, trump, that is if Marine One crashed and burned with Donnie and his entire in-bread moron family onboard.


I have not had a drink in thirty years but I would crack a bottle of champagne for that one.



Mayor Barlow Establishes Oswego Waterfront Commission – Oswego County Today
The name “stakeholder” is code for Broadwell.


February 14-15/2020

Social Security: Here’s what Trump’s proposed budget could mean for your benefits


February 14-15/2020

Clearly former mayorJohn Sullivan got it wrong in his misleading editorial “
Sullivan: Buttigieg the big winner from New Hampshire primary”
Bernie is the winner!
So embrace it

February 14-15/2020


Temperatures in Antarctica hit all-time high of nearly 21C DAYS after previous record was broken


February 14-15/2020

Trump has it "Backwards"
I can't wait until the 3rd of November as I am sure it will be a night to remember. If the American Voter has any common sense at all they will make sure that this "Thug" will fall. How can a President be so critical of honest people that are doing their job as they are trained to do. He fires and calls the good honest ones names like "Human Scum", "Corrupt" and any other degrading names that he can come up with. For a President to call what was his director of the FBI a Sleeze bag is beyond belief. The honest one such as Vindman, Vonovitch and Soundland get relieved of their duties for doing what is right and his fellow "Felon Thugs" (and there are many) are praised beyond belief and wants them all to do little if any jail time with the exception of Cohen only because he crossed him and you don't cross Mr. Egotistic Donald. There are "Mob" members that are more well behaved than this lying,cheating,corrupt name calling President. He is a total embarrasment to this Nation and needs to relieved of his duties in November. We couldn't rely on his corrupt and afraid brainwashed Senate to remove this orange Moran so we need to depend on the Voters who will put their Country before a discrased Republican Party. It time to end this fiasco once and for all on November 3rd. Please get out and vote him out! I am sure that all his felons will be pardoned before he is out. He can't pardon himself though for all his crimes, but I am sure that should he lose the election that he will resign so his little buddy Pence can pardon him so that he will not have to go to prison and be cell mates with Cohen.

February 14-15/2020





Today's Quote February 13/20

Generally speaking, there is more wit than talent in the world.

Society swarms with witty people who lack talent.

Antoine Rivarol

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

February 13/2020



Gary On Crutches

No one ever explained why Gary was pushed down the stairs by a deputy or why they never put him on the elevator.

Prpbably because it was harder to push him down the elevator.


February 13/2020




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Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.

Anthony J. D'Angelo



Another Spineless Republican

“After thoroughly studying the arguments for and against impeachment, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that, while I believe some of the President’s actions were wrong and inappropriate, they do not rise to the level of an impeachable offense.  Never in the history of our country have we impeached a President without articulating specific crimes.  I firmly believe doing so now would set a dangerous precedent.  For these reasons, I will be voting ‘no’ on the Articles of Impeachment before the House next week.   U.S. Rep. John Katko (NY-24)

This typical of the Spineless Republican's. The proof of Trumps wrong doings and violation of the law were fully documented in both articles of impeachment.. Cowards like Katko voted for "Party" and protection from Trump for his re-election, and not for the protection of our democracy from a unscrupulous, lying, cheating, scum bag, like Donald Trump. Scum bag Trump broke the law (documented by GAO) when he put a hold on the money for Ukraine to fight the Russians, that was authorized by the US CONGRES. Of coarse, he has no honor. He cheated his way out of the draft to keep from going to Vietnam because he is a coward. Any Vietnam Vet who would vote for this piece of shit should be ashamed. It was also documented that he was illegally using his power as president to force the Ukraine President to investigate a political rival. He also broke the law when the White blocked the release of vital documents.

 "The President’s actions were wrong and inappropriate, they do not rise to the level of an impeachable offense" Katko quote...with the proof of what he did, what does reach that level of impeachment Mr. Katko...sad!

Kato is nothing but another Spineless Republican and needs to be defeated in this up coming election for the NY-24th. Let alone he was too much of a coward to vote "yes" on the articles of impeachment, he hasn't done a damn thing for the people in his district. I will not vote for a coward that does not defend our Republic and our Democracy.


February 12/2020




To all who questioned Gary Thibodeau and his disability. You couldn't have been more wrong. His case should be considered murder, not waiting for someone to confess. Here's the proof he was disabled and on crutches for years. Love to know how a man with pins holding his feet together ever kidnapped an almost 6 foot woman. You murdered Gary Thibodeau and may you all rot in hell for it. Maybe some day OZ WILL GET AN HONEST SHERIFF WHO BRINGS MURDER Charges against you. Heidi isn't the only one they murdered, you took the life of Gary and should be held accountable. Wescott hopefully you end up in federal prison you deserve nothing less than to face hell here on earth.



February 12/2020




February 12/2020






Today's Quote February 10-11/2020

A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer.
Waldo Emerson

el president
What is this that trump tweeted an edited version of the State of the Union Address?
Not really surprised at this conniving, cheating, low moral character president. He knew that most of the US wouldn’t be watching his bs to see for themselves what actually transpired.
PLEASE get this fake news, rabble rousing president out of office.
I predict………..

February 10-11/2020



"The Day Democracy Died" Sung by The Founding Fathers


February 10-11/2020

Need advice
What assisted living or nursing home does everyone recommend? I want the good and the bad. Bishops commons and gardens seem nice. I’ve heard of the nepotism and belittling by the admin of the gardens director. And bishops has that hag from Pontiac. Any positive points?


February 10-11/2020



Oaks and Cieszeski

Did these two have a falling out. Cieszski is no longer listed on the D.A. website. Is Charlie back on the bottle again. Too bad his daddy isn’t still around to cover his sorry ass.


February 10-11/2020






Today's Quote February 8-9/2020

Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner.
Sophia Loren

Re: Pizza Hut
Re: Pizza Hut You are wrong about Dunkin Donuts, More LOW INCOME housing aka HUD housing. Should be able to put 40 apartment units on that site. Hope Subway and Dunkin take food stamps.

February 8-9/2020



Interesting points, commenter:
“This is a political stunt, plain and simple. #1 Any felony committed with a gun will result in no-bail incarceration. #2 They ignore the fact that Dr. Neulander is out on $1,000,000 bail BECAUSE HE COULD AFFORD IT! And he was convicted of murdering his wife, Leslie. #3 They ignore the fact that President tRUMP said he would pay the bail of anyone caught roughing-up protesters at his "rallies". #4 Poor people are singled by their inability to pay bail. #5 Most of the crimes committed are "crimes of passion" and the victims are singularly targeted. The population as a whole is not at risk. #6 It's an election year. #7 They fail to give 1 instance or example where releasing a person has put the community at risk. LaBeouf targeted Difflin and Shane, period. He wasn't about to go after ANYONE ELSE. #8 Judges can order that suspects be released WITH SUPERVISION. #9 Presumption of innocence is GUARANTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION. Presumption to reoffend is BASED ON BIAS.
#10 After the analyzation of evidence from a crime is complete, the prosecution still has 15 days to turn it over to the defense. The clock doesn't start when the crime is committed. Indeed, there has been instances when evidence has been found YEARS, after the fact, and has been used by both the defense and the prosecution.
#11 They conveniently ignore the fact that 100 Americans get shot to death every day and that 2A puts 330 million (US population) more people at risk than bail reform.”
But since when does the truth matter to greg? It must be true if he thinks so!

February 8-9/2020

Try actually properly interrogating them, and not with Pie liar Petrowski and actually do your job. Because we all know the first job was a sham. It was illegally done and all involved should face Federal Charges. You almost had a confession on the stand but kangaroo king made certain that did not happen. The entire case was a total lie, it's been proven. Give the case to the state police on grounds of obstruction of justice by the sheriff's. Let them investigate based on new charges of obstruction and let the state boys and women deal w the bullshit the sheriff's created. Investigate that department on many grounds. Clean it out and do what's right. That's just to honest to do. Lisa Peebles lmao you obviously have no idea what she's been up to. Some know. You obviously do not.

February 8-9/2020


Get searchers
That's not the only way. You sheriff's have no common sense. Get off your butts and find evidence, meaning find Heidi Allen. You have enough to go on. There's a spot on rice, that isn't dug up that Peebles dogs hit on, gather a search team and spread it straight from 69 clear across the woods at rice. Thousands will come. Get moving. Spring is coming. Gather the people and bring Allen home. Do you truly believe Allen is in Canada? Think about that for a moment. The day the Sheriffs arrived at Rice. Richard Murtagh got on line and made a claim to a deep, deep hole they dug, he named Steen, Breckenridge and another man who had already passed away. Then Wescott messaged Carl Robinson that same day and said don't tell them I lived on Rice Road. I don't want to be the next one dead in a box in the woods. Roger has a history of chopping things up and scattering them in different locations. Get dogs, find something and bury them. If not let the State Police. Think of the many ways they could have pulled this off. Maybe she's both, maybe she's not, maybe she's on Rice. Without a full search and a few hundred men and woman. No one will ever know. Do your jobs and try. It's common sense. If you really wanted these few dozen in prison you'd do your jobs right.

February 8-9/2020Is there no strong/positive woman figure to be prez?






Yea. Great compromising/tolerance skills there, boss. Freedom of speech? We have it, too, boss. Right to protest? We have that, too.

February 8-9/2020

Moscow Mitch and his Senate majority have shown their loyalty to Trump the dictator out ways the constitution and any oath they swore to defend it. If trump loses the 2020 election he will claim it was stolen or there was a deep state conspiracy against him. He will declare the elections were unfair and Moscow Mitch and the spineless Senate will back him 100% and the crooked judges he put on the Supreme Court will back the Senate. It will take the national Guard to get him and his ugly ass wife out of the White House. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, keep track of who has the trump bumper stickers and trump yard signs. These people the enemies of our Democracy and our country. Remember Trumps people already have assault weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition. When push comes to shove he will turn his Nazis loose and those who do not have guns and ammo of their own to fight him will be screwed. Buy a gun and lots of ammunition because more and more it looks like that is what it will take to get rid of this bastard.


Climate change..yep!
Antarctica Hits 64.9 Degrees, Highest Temperature Ever Recorded On Continent
We may not be the cause but we are contributing to it everyday.
If nothing is done prepare, for some enormous changes.

February 8-9/2020


What a difference 10 years makes
Looking at the management of the City of Oswego I found it interesting that the current administration has been bragging about how great they are doing, but the facts don't support the claims. Seems they are learning from the Trump philosophy of lying and Tax and Spend..
2009 2019
appropriations $35,890,000 $ 36,950,000 +2.95%
Revenue $2,855,000 $2,555,000 -10.58%
Levy $750,000 $1,200,000 + 60%
Taxes average house $890 $1,520 +70.8%
Departmental expenses 5,031,000 $6,818,000 +35.5%
Outstanding Departments:
Law + 45%
Public Works + 56%
Police +35%
Personnel +20%
Dogs +106%
Codes +109%
Parks +174%
Marina +153%
Rinks+ 66%
Street cleaning +346%
Water Department +368%
Debt Service +75%
Tax and spend philosophy and the roads are the worst I ever seen, new development is low cost housing that generates no revenue, businesses are leaving, downtown looks like crap, city wards look like crap, and the only thing that is increasing are department head salaries, our debt and our taxes. Thanks Billy!!!

February 8-9/2020



Heidi case
Feb 8 at 4:45 PM
PrintRaw message
doccol@windstream.net <doccol@windstream.net>
To: editor@oswegonylion.com
Sheriff Hilton can’t reopen the Thibodeau case unless someone confesses. That’s how the law works.

Oh contraire they DID confess.
In front of ten people ten different times. Just like Dodd said GT did infront of 2 inmates.

But judge Ding-a-ling kING said it was not credible..but did agree with the inmates version but now we know that Balasaro said Gary never confessed to the HEidi Allen kidnapping.

Moody got caught with the DA's secretary?
Karma coming now.
Maybe his wife will spill the beans about all of this if she knows anything.

See you guys it is NEVER over, just delayed.



February 8-9/2020





Today's Quote February 7/2020

Barack Obama's name will be the one on the peace prize,

but his speech and his manner could become a gift for generations to come.

Tom Brokaw

FBI Director Sashays Around Questions About Politicized Investigations

“Has the President, the attorney general or any other administration official asked the FBI to open an investigation into Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, John Bolton or any member of Congress?” Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary Committee Chairman

“I have assured the Congress, and I can assure the Congress today that the FBI will only open investigations based on the facts and the law and proper predication.” Christopher Wray

"And I assume that it is correct that neither the President, the attorney general or any other administration official has asked the FBI to open improper political investigations?” Jerry Nadler

“And no one has asked me to open an investigation based on anything other than the facts, the law and proper predication,” he said.

I guarantee you Nadler knew the answers before asking the questions and now he has the FBI Director on record all but admitting he is on Trump’s payroll too.

February 7/2020


Where are we as a free Country headed?
I had a hard time believing my ears last night as I walked into the room as my television was tuned into CNN the news station that gives the facts. I heard Rachael Maddow stating that anyone who wants to investigate Trump, now has to go through me first, with me referring to William Barr the Attorney General of The United States Of America. What in Gods name is this Country coming to? We are getting closer and closer each day to losing our rights as Americans. Are we headed in another direction in this Trump world? If the Dems do not win the Senate Majority in November I am sure we will be living in a Government Dictatorship. We won't be able to control our own elections as this President does not seem to condone Russian interference, Gee I wonder why that is? If we continue to elect officials who are all out for their own political interest instead of putting the defense of their Country first it would not surprise me one iota that what people are saying doesen't really happen. What could actually happen if Russia can control our elections is 36 more years of a Trump being in the whitehouse. You can laugh like a dumb old Republican but that may not be far from the truth. To bad we don't have more Mitt Romney's and less Moscow Mitch's in the Senate and we would all be better off over the long run. We are in a very dangerous place in Trump world and need to wake up before it's to late. Couldn't believe that Don Jr. said that Romney should be expelled from the Republican Party. This is the kind of people we are dealing with. If your honest and it offends them you all of a sudden no good. This is one HUGE SWAMP that need a complete draining. Comming soon: The Unleached Donald!

Pizza Hut
Sad to see Pizza Hut closing but we have to make room for another Dunkin Donuts.


February 7/2020




Today's Quote February 6/2020

What we really are matters more than what other people think of us.
Jawaharlal Nehru

"Four More Years" Four More Years", Really?
I was appalled Tuesday Evening when our Republican Senate and Congress stood up and in unison started the chant "Four More Years", "Four More Years". Are you freaking kidding me? For those who are suppose to be defending our Constitution and this great Country of ours to be chanting "Four More Years". This is a President that has been impeached by the House of Represenatives for trying to steal yet another election. No President has ever lied and cheated such as this one to get to where he is today and will to anything to get where he will be tomorrow. It is time for the Republican Senate to wake the hell up! I am sure they absolutely have not got a set, if you know what I mean. They are afraid of being called "Human Scum" or one of the many many other names that he calls those who go against him. They are afraid that their party will vote them out if they don't defend his corruptive actions. He stood on his platform last night and told lie after lie. If you want to know the facts, Obama created more jobs in his last three years in office than Trump did in his first three. All Trump is doing now is reaping the rewards from the Obama Era. Trumps economic growth at 2.3% is dwarfted by Kennedy at 5.7% Johnson at 5.1% and Carter at 3.2%. Trumps job creation was lower in his first 35 months than what Obamas was in his last 35 months. Take note on how he is starting on other possible candidates now have called Bernie Sanders a Communist. Next he will be knocking "Mayor Pete" who he has already called a Alfred E Newman look alike.(That's the guy on the cover of Mad Magizine). So to sum it all up our economy is not better than it's ever been. Job growth was better under Obama, economic growth was much better under many other Presidents and there is one thing that Trump was much much better at than any other previous President, LYING! U.S. G.O.P. Senators, you continue to protect and defend this corrupt President and play right into Russia's hands and see where we are in four years. I can guarantee that we will not be better off than we are today. By defending his corruption you are ALL just as guilty as he is. Wake up and grow a set NOW before it is to dam late. Your no more than a bunch of Patsies! I hope you all get voted out in November, I think a lot of Democrats that use to cross over vote to keep a Republican in because they were doing what they thought was a great job will cease and they will have to depend soley on their own political party for their votes. Any Senator who voted to not impeach should be relieved of their duties starting right at the very top with "Moscow Mitch" and Lindsley (two face) Graham.

February 6/2020


Cogressional Medal Of Freedom
I, as I am sure like so many others wonder what heroism for our Country has the one Rush Limbaugh ever done in the eyes of the one Donald J Trump that the rest of us may have missed. The only thing that I have ever known him to do has been to critize any Democratic Politician and the entire Democratic Party. If anyone at all should have gotten the Congressional Medal Of Freedom should have been the one person who attempted to make America Great Again by bringing the attention to the corruption going on in the oval office, the whistle blower. Who will be next? Perhaps William Barr his personal Lawyer and defender in what he interperted in the Meuller Report. Or could it maybe even be Mick Mulvaney? There is absolutely nothing that this President could do to surprise any of us. Well unfortunatly I have to cut this short as I need to go switch my party affiliation over now to Democrat. That's the anti-corruption party that will do what is right for their Country without doing what is dead wrong soley for the purpose of getting re-elected. Country should always be put before political party. I truly believe that we cannot survive for more years of deceitful lies and corruption.

February 6/2020


Re: Then and Now
Sheriff Hilton can’t reopen the Thibodeau case unless someone confesses. That’s how the law works. Why do you think Lisa Peebles isn’t pushing it? She knows the law. It is a travesty of justice for Gary, and I’ve never doubted his innocence, but the case can’t be reopened without substantial NEW evidence, such as a confession.

February 6/2020


Crazy Walpole
This guy is nuts. Is he really competent to be a legislator?

Interesting morning I went to bed and didn’t see the State of the Union Address. I heard noise as I was walking downstairs to leave for work and when I got there OMG. Cookie and Frank apparently watched the State of the union though. Frank had her ears folded on top of her head off to one side mimicking Trumps hair with one of my red ties on. All while on her back legs rolling her neck bobbing her head as Cookie chanted go Donald go Donald go Donald while on his hind legs rolling and stirring his front paws. Then simultaneously they both said in unison loudly TRUMP !! & kneeled forward both lifting their tails and on the left side of their butts they both had a 2 written in marker to make 2020 ! Then they chanted Trump 2020 !! Woo Hoo

February 6/2020





Today's Quote February 4-5/2020

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
Benjamin Franklin


Then & Now
The past sheriff's actions are a direct reflection on today's sheriff's. Funny a friend and I spoke today of how ashamed even Hilton should be for the fear any Sheriff ever instilled in to the community. The issues with the Thibodeau case and the out right lies and corruption. The rumors of drug running by officials. The lies that kept an innocent man in prison. He has yet to fix their mistakes to instill trust. Maybe it wasn't his job. But it is now. It's what people believed in him for. Those words no integrity, no accountability, change. When does that reflection turn in to what Hilton was voted in for? Until then very few will ever trust a sheriff. If you weren't living your life in Oswego for the last 40 years, you wouldn't know crap. So maybe you Sheriffs want a different reflection you'll start listening to the public about the corruption, drug running, Gary and Heidis case. Maybe you'll find Allen. Maybe you can actually do what's right for everyone. But to be frank I highly doubt it. So that reflection is warranted. Anyone with information send to this wall anonymously or contact Matt Mulcahy some actually do care.

February 4-5/2020


Bail Reform
Bail reform and its hidden sinister agenda of allowing federal criminals to avoid custody by federal agents.
Perhaps a solution: charge those who enacted the law under:
18 U.S. Code § 2. Principals
· U.S. Code
· Notes
(a)Whoever commits an offense against the United States or aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces or procures its commission, is punishable as a principal.
(b)Whoever willfully causes an act to be done which if directly performed by him or another would be an offense against the United States, is punishable as a principal.

February 4-5/2020


State Of The Union Thoughts
Trump was handed a booming economy and his trade wars hurting US farmers and retailers to a point they could take ten years to recover if at all.
Trump could not get Obamacare repealed so he is dismantling and defunding it one piece at a time. Under Trump healthcare will be reduced free Tylenol and band aids but not for pre existing conditions.
Once again Pelosi one upped the a$$ hole.

February 4-5/2020

You got to love the medal of freedom for that loser Limbaugh. From here on that honor means absolutely nothing.






Today's Quote February 3/2020

The Jewish people and the Negro people both know the meaning of Nordic supremacy.

We have both looked into the eyes of terror.
Langston Hughes


Moon Beach
Rumor has it that Steven Green Jr drove through the barrier at Moon beach and into the lake. There was nothing in the news about this. Looks like search and rescue went in the lake after the car and possible body, but seems the driver left the scene. Is the county going to have to pay for the search and rescue? Is something being covered up? Smells fishy; no pun intended.


February 3/2020

How the past actions of our Sheriffs Dept effect today's Sheriffs
I recently received information that may have changed the outcome of an investigation, because I do not trust the Sheriffs and our D.A. Other agencies just refer you back to the Sheriffs. I feel awful, but not enough to allow them into my home or to associate with them.

February 3/2020


Sounds like karma Mark Moody. Good!! May Karma make your life a miserable hell as you did to Gary Thibodeau. Funny how you were a part of keeping him from his life and now you are losing everything in your life. Couldn't have happened to a more pathetic human being. But then again you've always been pathetic, dirty and corrupt. Why would anyone think you'd ever be a legit husband when you are corrupt to the core?

February 3/2020




Today's Quote February 2/2020

In politics, what begins in fear usually ends in failure.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Turn him in to the county's ethics board (turn in Sheryl too) and file a complaint with the NYS Grievance Committee. He is not fit to be an ADA .

Shame on Greg Oakes for keeping both of them in his office. Must be Oakes condones this type of behavior going on under his nose and in his office. A DA with no morals. Nice.

The county needs to investigate. They can't hide it any longer.

They should investigate Bucher and Ospelt while they're at it.

February 2/2020




Today's Quote February 1/2020

Only good girls keep diaries. Bad girls don't have time.
Tallulah Bankhead

Is this the same secretary people thought Oaks was doing last year?
Please share.

February 1/2020


"United We Stood"--Now-- "Divided We Fall"
No one Man has divided this County like it never has been before. The most Corrupt President in American History has done this in just three years. I have never in my life have seen a Presidential Behavior the likes of this Man and I've been around since Dwight Eisenhower. All the name calling of very good decent people and constanty putting down the Democrats is a total embarrassment to the American People. Look how this Man has brainwashed the majority of the Republican Senate. Either they have been brainwashed or they are deathly afraid of him. He seems to be showing off for his Buddy in Russia, Vladimir Putin. He is a professional lier as well as many of his associates. Even Trump's Attorney Alan Dershowitz a Harvard Professer stood there and lied on National TV! To say that" A President can do ANYTHING He wants to do including getting help from a foreign government, is ok if it is to help him win an election" is totally absurd! Is this what this Republic has come to? Why even bother to vote then if foreign governments are going to decide our future elections? Trump wants it like Russia where once your in you are there for as long as you want, then the Trump Children can take over from where he leaves off. With the majority of the brainwashed G.O.P. Senators that we have we are headed in a very DANGEROUS direction. I truly do believe that they all were "In the loop" on the Ukraine issue includine Pence, Nunes and many other top officials. I would not be surprised if even the crooked Attorney General was in "the loop". It's a sad day in American when a President has to "Cheat" in order to win an election. Everyone of those "Corrupt G.O.P. Senators should have been impeached right along with Trump. Lindsley Graham would be a good place to start! It's no wonder why Putin always has that shit eaten grin on his face everytime he sees his "Puppet" Trump. It's like "Let's see, what can I put him up to now".

February 1/2020


ADA screwing around with a secretary……ADA drunk driving.
Bet Oswego County DA will weigh them equally….Unfortunately, sadly. No integrity at the top, no integrity below!!

February 1/2020


Jamie L. Towle
This is a typical Oaks deal. She steals 41,000 but is only charged with 3,600.
She has been arrested but there is no bond just ROR so she can go to rehab and find Jesus. Wasn’t she another Broadwell hire.

February 1/2020





Today's Quote January 31/2020

A man who gives his children habits of industry provides for them better than by giving them fortune.
Richard Whately

More Crazy Walpole
It's scary to think this jerk is making decisions that impact the county. Really scary.
I really need to get in touch with my inner a$$hole. I think I need an alcohol fueled self expressing fit of hardcore f++kin rage. Perhaps a can of pepper spray & tazer to help keep things in order........ Topped off with a vacation in a jail cell to simply enjoy the peace and quiet. Oh that’s right this is New York I’ll get an appearance ticket.....

January 31/2020


Hey Greg Oakes
Your chief ADA and your office secretary FINALLY got caught screwing around. Why are they still employed? What kind of playground are you running? You owe the public some answers!!!

January 31/2020



Will History Repeat Itself?


January 31/2020





Today's Quote January 30/2020

Every man dies. Not every man really lives.
William Wallace

New Oswego Police Chief
Phill Cady was sworn in as the 21st police chief in the history of Oswego. He is also the 7th in the last 19 years. At that rate he should be all done by 2023.

January 30/2020


Scandal in the DA office
Seems there's an ADA who has an office paramour. Why did Oakes let this go on in his office? and for such a long time.
Seems everybody knew about it and MW finally found out.
Courts are busy with divorce papers.

January 30/2020


Walpole the tadpole
Can this legislator get removed for having a loose screw??? He posted this rambling on Facebook the other day. One of many. Usually he has conversations with his pets.
Politics is funny I’m terribly fighting the urge to respond to some local political stuff recently put in a newspaper. It’s pointless to go back and forth in the media not to mention they never accurately quote what you say anyway. Not to mention it simply wastes time and doesn’t resolve anything. Some people that get caught cheating the county out of tens of thousands over years don’t like it when you stop them and set new rules to stop such activity. Everyone abides by the same rules and signs a contract stating they know and understand the rules. Yet there are some that just don’t get it. If Bob had a contract to mow Mrs Smiths lawn when it needed it at a time and material rate = equipment + labor etc and your agreement was pretty relaxed you just billed her when ever thorough out the year. After years of doing this Mrs Smith notices her yearly cost was very high so she reviewed not only her cost but that of all the people around her. She found that in order for her bills to be correct her lawn would have to be mowed everyday all year long and that it her 1/4 acre costs more to mow that her neighbor whom has a 5 acre lot. When Mrs Smith questioned the excessively high bills she was told that’s thats the way it has always been the contract simply says you must pay for work performed. Mrs Smith said but some of these bills often submitted are 8 months after the work was supposedly done and already billed for (oddly around budget time). So changes clearly had to be made ASAP. On account you are a small business you want a 2 week billing cycle that bills must submitted like in the past, we agreed to go 30 days to double it just in case something came up bad weather etc but after that you forfeit the bill and get nothing. Everyone agreed all the neighbors had the same contract etc everyone now has the same rules and everyone complied except for 2. Upon meeting one of the 2 said we were totally wrong did not send our bill in on time and we get it we had a contract

January 30/2020


Towles the County Treasurer's office embezzler
Why hasn't the media followed up on Jamie Towles the girl who embezzled all the money from the county treasurer's office? Did she pay back the money ? Serve time?
I heard she got a job with the Oswego County Business magazine. I guess she claims the owner of the mag couldn't afford to pay her so she was let go.
Maybe somebody will know if she paid back what she took.


January 30/2020

Creating Happiness


January 30/2020

Senate Impeachment Trial
After listening to the Democrats present their case with facts and documents, and then listening for days from the Republicans with their lies and distortions, with their only defense being "it was a perfect call", and " Trump did nothing wrong". It's time to get "FACT" Witnesses in font of the Senate and the American Public. The Republican Senate is now getting nervous about their re-elections and, it seems they want to hear from Bolton,. Mulvaney, Pompao, and it would be great if Trump showed up to be a fact witness. You know that Trump could not face the Senate without lying. He has racked up 16.400 lies in three years. This administration has told soooo many lies and can not stand up to the truth. The Republican Corrupt Senate will not allow the truth to come out by allowing fact witnesses to tell the American Public the truth.
Watching Ted Cruz's interview on Public Television was just another example of the lies they keep telling. Cruz, Senator form Texas, quoted that " Bolton was never called as a witness to the House Committee" which was a blatant lie. Here is a quote From Adam Schifff ..."Schiff had invited Bolton to testify in the inquiry but did not subpoena him, saying he didn’t want the impeachment case to languish in the courts. Instead, the House voted to impeach Trump for obstruction of Congress. Typical Cruz lies and typical of the Republican Senate and the Trump Administration.
What do we know. We know that there are plenty of facts and reasons to impeach Trump. We also know that this spineless Republican Senate has the votes to acquit Trump and will. We also know that although acquitted, Trump has been impeached and this will stick like a black cloud over his administration and will be a part of history for ever. Should he be found guilty? The facts say yes, but the corruption of the Republican Senate and the Trump Administration will not find him guilty.
It is now time for the American people to vote this "Joke of a President" out of office in 2020 and restore our democracy.

January 30/2020





Today's Quote January 29/2020

The power to question is the basis of all human progress.
Indira Gandhi

Inner peace


January 29/2020

Wheeler lol funny fact
Wheeler ran from Investigator Haumann and hid behind a locked door. He also said as he ran away you people want to put me in prison. He also high tailed it to his vehicle at the end of the day. Yes he's a coward.

January 29/2020


Barlow Once Again
So Baby Barlow did it again. He went outside the department and hired a new Police Chief. I'm not saying the new chief is a bad guy. Actually I've heard good things. But every time a department head position comes available. Barlow won't hire within. DPW. FIRE DEPT and now POLICE DEPT. Just isn't right. People work hard for a promotion and get tossed aside. Then Barlow wonders why city employees thinks he's a POS . How can you respect a person like this.


January 29/2020



Today's Quote January 28/2020

Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.

George Washington Carver


Trump style scare ad claiming the Dems healthcare is Socialist
For those born after the 60s Communism was an economic theory that didn't work. It evolved into the communist party and what we have today in Russia is anyone's guess.

Socialism is everywhere:
- corporate welfare
- free health ins. for senators etc.
- 8k towards a car for senators etc.
- tax subsidies for oil cos
- tax breaks for big business
- airplane fuel not taxed
- billions for large farm conglomerates
- SS
- Medicaid and Medicare
- Snap for poor families
But Trump only wants to cut from the poor, SS, Medicaid and Medicare.

Now for those that think it's ok to cut ss and Medicare you too will receive it as it is a law that you have to be on Medicare after age 65.
The job of the US Gov't is to take care of the country and the people...For, By and with the people.

If you think that handing over health ins to private cos will be better...think again.
you'll get a lousy policy and the good ones will be so expensive you won't be able to afford it.
Probably no pre-existing coverage.

GW Bush gave Koch Industries $300k in tax subsidies...like they need it

Now ask yourself what the GOP has ever done for the poor, middle class, the country and yourself...nothing!

January 28/2020





January 28/2020



John bucher
So something that happened awhile ago is just coming up and getting investigated? John bucher touches a guy in the IT department and in return gets pushed away but the guy who was in the right gets fired? John bucher has touched and sexually harassed so many people in the county and somehow keeps his job? Who does this loser know that keeps him having a job he knows nothing about? County needs to get rid of him for good. He’s nothing but a problem to everyone. Selfish asshole that only helps people who he thinks he needs but In reality they all talk shit about him. Never heard anything good about him and someone needs to do something about him before it goes any further.....


January 28/2020





Today's Quote January 27/2020

The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret.
Salvador Dali

Jay Sekulow - Mr.Burn's Cartoon Lawyer from The Simpson's
When Trump announced that he was putting together a team of TV lawyers somebody should have had the ball's to tell the emperor that Jay Sekulow may be a lawyer that he remembers from TV but he's just not an actual human being and neither is the cartoon version.



January 27/2020

Truump Puppet John Katko

He is running a typical Trump style scare ad claiming the Dems healthcare is Socialist but says he has a bipartisan plan. Well I went to his website and you guessed it there is no plan. He is all bullshit and lies just like his puppet master trump.


January 27/2020


Dear Donald Dodd
I have been waiting for your reply on how you got a receipt from E.T. Cote in MA to show Gary went there to dump Heidi.
But according to Greg and Deputies in court, they never followed him there and he never left the area.
Now Greg told me they searched the car ( how would he know unless someone told him to say that, this happened in 1994.
Just how did you get a fake receipt? Was this after you saw E.T. Cote written on the drive shaft and video taped it to show the public..but you lied because GT never went to MA.
What was that oath you took when you passed the Bar exam?
That makes about 5 things you did to get an innocent man found guilty.
Sleep well Dodd.

January 27/2020

I live just down the street from the DPW, and see the “Hot Patch” boiler being dragged past my place numerous times a day.
Conditions out there don’t seem to be improving, so is this equipment just on “productivity parade”?
Oswego ( and making it home with a whole car) Luver
Sent from Mail for Windows 10

January 27/2020








Today's Quote January 26/2020

It was such a lovely day I thought it a pity to get up.
W. Somerset Maugham

What do we need good roads for! The city and county are building all kinds of low cost housing and drug rehab for welfare, so the money for the roads is being spent there. Don't forget the water park that was a major city necessity. And the joke of a building that Avery is building is another addition that is tax free .Those apartments are going to be super small and the cost to rent will be out of sight. Taxes are up and our debt is enormous. We couldn't afford to fix the roads even if we wanted to. thanks Billy....lame duck....

January 26/2020


hey baby barlow and kells

i agree these roads and streets are horrible especially utica street all the way from west first to west 8th . even going to dpw the road from woodchuck to dpw . can we just get our heads out of you know what and start listening to the people . i do not know your problem maybe you do not like to be told but you sure as hell have no problem telling your employees to do your dirty work then you praise yourself after its done . get over your ego trip and do this WE THE PEOPLE have nice day you to chantel clean up the streets and yourself start treating your employees with respect instead of padding your self on your back give credit where credit is due

January 26/2020


US Republican Senate
I watched the movie "Spotlight" which was about the Boston Globe exposing over 250 priest that molested over 560 boys in Boston and how the Catholic Dynasty covered up the crimes by hiding documents, lying and allowing this molestation to go on for years, by transferring priests to other locations.
While watching this ture story, I couldn't help but compare it to the U.S. Republican Senate and the way they are coving up for Donald J Trump. The Republican Senate, like the Catholic Dynasty, is coving up the corruption of Trump by lying , hiding documents, not allowing witnesses to testify and not allowing the truth to come out. This group of Senators is just as bad as the Catholic higher archly in the way they are handling this Impeachment Trial. There are plenty of facts that have exposed Trump and the corruption and illegal rotten things he has committed, along with his staff and Rudy. I am as embarrassed by this administration and the corruption behind them as I was about the Catholic Church which I have left. There will come a time when America will look back at this impeachment and hang their heads in shame as did the church.
I hope it is not to late for our democracy.

January 26/2020


Protect Yourself from Social Security Scams





January 26/2020

Minetto favors
Dumicolo and Minetto
This car and a black car have been parked at Minetto Town Hall for over 3 Weeks including over nights. Must be nice to do political favors for Mr. Dumicolo and get free plowed parking at the tax payers expense. Can’t wait to see all the wasted money from the Highway Department abusing overtime, driving around on bare roads.


January 26/2020

RE: Condition of City Roads
But we have a lovely pocket park.


January 26/2020

Trump Dismisses Troops’ Possible Brain Injuries as ‘Headaches’


January 26/2020

Jay Sekulow
I have been waiting to see just who this Jay Sekulow character was. Now that I have seen him in action it is quite clear he is the author of all the stupid talking points and arguments that the Trump bullshit machine has been spewing for the last two years. He is not a good liar and I sure would not want him for a lawyer either.

January 26/2020






Today's Quote January 25/2020

Only the mediocre are always at their best.
Jean Giraudoux

Condition of city roads
I'm not one to complain a lot about things around town, and I know we're in the snow belt, but I've grown tired of the bloody @#$% roads here in town. So many cracks, craters and bumps. I've sustained some vehicle damage due to this, and I suspect others have, too. Do the powers-that-be not understand the correlation between bad roads and suspension problems, for instance? Don't bloody tell me that it's winter. We've had a mild winter, so there's been ample opportunity to address this on the major thoroughfares. What about the Price Chopper parking lot? Time to re-pave, folks!
A couple of years ago, the mayor spoke to a crowd at a local church about just this. There were a lot of jokes made, and it seemed funny at the time. But now it's not funny anymore. Let's step it up a little and send out a crew to do some patch-up jobs. And re-do the Price Chopper parking lot. Please and thank you!!!
Chelsea M.

January 25/2020


Wuhan coronavirus: China shuts DISNEYLAND and at least 14 cities go into lockdown



January 25/2020

Lake Ontario flooding
at the November County Legislative meeting, the legislature authorized the County Chair to execute any and all of the $5.83 million for Lake Ontario flooding that the county received from the Governor and the State.

January 25/2020


Trump and a pocket full of lies
Asked in an interview with CNBC if cuts to entitlements would ever be on his plate, Mr. Trump answered yes.
Great then we can cut $20 billion in tax subsidies for oil cos., corporate welfare way over $260 billion, tax subsidies for large farm conglomerates, tax cuts for the rich.

January 25/2020


Robert Wheeler
Did I read before that Robert Wheeler was a coward and didn’t answer Lisa Peebles’ questions about the incompetent investigation he participated in regarding Heidi’s disappearance?
Was the contact in Oswego County? I sure would hate for him not to know just what an incompetent/biased/criminal job some of us think he did in investigating her disappearance AND have figured out that HE facilitated an innocent man being imprisoned ‘til death. Hopefully this guy is retired and didn’t train many underlings. Have to wonder what his family thinks of him? See, I’m curious about human psychology. Do they really know or accept what he did? Do they feel, as many did at the time of the initial investigation, that it was best to ‘get someone’, anyone, fast? Do they really ‘believe’ the uncorroborated theories? Does he really believe the theories? Have any new ones? Wish he had done things differently? Will have the courage, someday, to repent for his role in Gary’s incarceration AND Heidi not being found by telling what really happened and WHY?
Did Bohrer go to you or did you go to Bohrer knowing he was a narc? Or was your connection drugs as others have reported? Drugs are bad! F’ing hypocrites, preaching to youth to “Don’t Do Drugs” then LE being dealers themselves. I don’t know, where you clever enough to put the pieces into place to incriminate Richard and Gary or did you have help from Dodd? Were you just being PC to Mr. Sturtz by feigning desire to find his niece? After all, she was an adult and there was no proof or idea that she left under forceful terms until Bivens came along with his ‘story’. What made you, and I mean You personally, what made you think that it was someone other than her boyfriend holding her? What made you think that it couldn’t have been Barney’s moms red truck at the D&W around 7:30am or later and Brett’s Bronco that Bivens really saw? What made you dismiss the witness on 104 that saw and heard Richards van go by (and back) his property between 7 and 7:30am? I know the answer to that!! …because it didn’t fit a theory to incriminate the Thibodeau’s. That theory would incriminate a motorcycle ‘club’ member and Heidi’s boyfriend-who, BTW, was not without blemishes himself. That’s right, good little boy, dismiss anything that doesn’t point to someone other than Gary and Richard. The misinformed jurors thought they had the right guy from what they were presented.
Damn, if only Justice could have prevailed for Gary in the Court of Law!! Just curious, Wheeler, do you believe that all juries make correct decisions? You have to believe that OJ was not guilty then also. You do believe in juries’ decisions? Or was your personal thinking like theirs that if there was enough to get an indictment then the defendant MUST be guilty? Hold on, I’m assuming you can separate personal from professional. Clearly, you were among the several most biased people in law enforcement investigating Heidi’s disappearance. PPPfffttt, you guys didn’t know about Bohrer’s past. SSuuurreee, Is that why the NCIC was done on the wrong last name? **can’t say what you don’t ‘know’, can’t turn over grand jury minutes because…deny, procrastinate, fabricate, twist, withhold…oh, yeah, there was Justice there. For whom? Not the community. Not Heidi’s family. Not for Gary/Richard or their loved ones. Ahh, but Dodd did get elected to be DA! Todd was elected to be Sheriff!**
In other news…Trump was Impeached.

January 25/2020


Trump Deutsche Bank Loans Underwritten By Russian State-Owned Bank, Whistleblower Told FBI


January 25/2020

Ambassador Yovanovitch
The more I hear about her sudden recall from Ukraine in the middle of the night the more I can see the Democrats seem to be overlooking a major conspiracy.
In the “perfect phone call” Trump said “She's going to go through some things”. Not long afterward she got a call, in the middle of the night, from a friend in the State Department in Washington DC telling her to get on the first plane out the Ukraine. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump, Giuliani and their henchmen in the Ukraine who had her under surveillance were going to have her mugged, rapped, kidnapped or even murdered. Some the people involved are already talking. The Congress and the CIA should be all over this.

January 25/2020


It's vanpatten not vanallen


January 25/2020

The Reality of War | The 14th Dalai Lama


January 25/2020




Today's Quote January 22-24/2020

If you want to live your life through to the end, you have to live dangerously.
Jeanne Moreau

Collins and Murkowski ……….. in your dreams!
Everyone is talking like these two are going break with Moscow Mitch and vote for new witnesses in the impeachment trial. These two are just like Trump. Make a lot of noise like they are going to do the right thing but when it comes down to it they will back out toe the party line.

January 22-24/2020


What is the reason the NYSP can’t get involved with Heidi’s case now that it is not in the court system? For God’s sake, Hilton, yield to them to find her. Your department didn’t want to be part of releasing an innocent man…. Be part of finding her!! There is no way of finding her without further exposing your predecessors corruption?
IMO, the Feds should have been more involved the moment the lead about the other 3 idiots came in about disposing her remains in Canada! Is there no one that realizes that there must have been some truth to the ‘boasting’? I get it, their ‘boasts’ had as much credibility as all the theories about how Gary was involved. Difference was Gary was accused and stood trial and was falsely convicted. Surely, there are unbiased investigators somewhere.

January 22-24/2020


RE: Makes Sense....
Close but consider these:

-MB kidnap a girl in Wisconsin and then tried it again...gee who can we get to kidnap HA?
- JW stated that they came to her house with MB's van and HA in it.
- Evidence, we know now was hidden by the OCSD and Dodd...so who do you think was involved with selling drugs and murder cover up & GT?
-think about county issued cars going into the airport at 3-4 am. And the coke was coming in from the airport...I was told that by someone who knew.
- I asked him why don't the cops go there & he said " because the cops are selling it"...true statement.
- All the info JW gave them and they ignored it
- why would they video tape a deputy talking to MB at his trailer, but no one else outside the station?
- because they wanted ppl. to know they interrogated MB..but not really, just a diversion.
- Think about stories that DO NOT MAKE SENSE FROM: Bivens, Stinson and JW in my opinion.
- A tped call from Roger to Tracy saying there's blood in the van we have to get rid of it...AND THEY HID THIS!!!!!

It doesn't take much to figure out that some cops were selling coke.
- HA was going to blow in some people that would have connected all involved
- Roger, MB and Steen were hired to get HA..and the cops knowing that it would lead back to them being involved after the "3" turned states evidence.
- I wonder if any cty. legs. were involved. Remember how Greg changed his tune from " not having any confidence in the OCSD inv. to backing the the OCSD.
someone sat him down and had a talk with him.
Why didn't they interrogate Steen? Or Roger?
- Vanallen drops a piece of paper saying HA was a CI at the D&W in 1992. Now they know all about it and have to get rid of HA after they think she is going to blow in the entire operation. Dropped in an area that a lot of people go and reported drug activity.
- why didn't they find out who was in the store at 4 am that morning? Would be real easy, how many had keys?


January 22-24/2020

Republican Senators up for Election 2020
Thanks for the list of Rep Senators that are up for re-election in 2020. I called all the numbers you provided and advised them ( on voice mail and in person) to allow witnesses and to release all the documents to allow the facts to come out in the impeachment trial. The facts do not lie, unfortunately the senators on the list do lie and need to be reminded that they are up for re-election this year and they need to follow the rule of law, and allow the witnesses and the documentation for a fair trial.
It doesn't take much time to make the calls, and now is the time to make the calls.

January 22-24/2020


Makes sense
Bohrer bs about his daughters they left his side in the 90s and he hasn't seen them since. If he was concerned because he to had daughters he couldn't be too concerned since he's had no contact with them all these years and was the very one sexually molesting and physically abusing them. He's one sick puppy.

January 22-24/2020


Trump opens the door to cutting "Medicare".


January 22-24/2020

Sign in
How funny Craig Boyd AKA FREE BIRD one of Dan Barneys closest ties he's a former officer turned gang banger who signed in to the Heidi Allen center right before Matt Duell. Craig Boyd is a VCMC member was the secretary of Dan's club. Every ones focused on Gary's name on the sign in sheet but neglecting to mention the other ones who signed in that directly link straight to the original prime suspect Daniel Barney. Funny Duell signed in right behind Boyd. No one notices, Greg seems to have no red flags sir, you are brain dead to who, is who. You should have recused yourself from this case all together.

January 22-24/2020


Can somebody please tell me why a certain business owner gets to plow all of his snow out into the roads around his business at East Ninth St. Not only does he do it when it snows but he continues to do it for days after. Why doesnt the city clean it up or at least make him stop doing it? I thought that it was ilegal to put stuff in the roads? It snowed on Sunday and all the roads are bear except for around his store because he keeps plowing the parking lots into the streets. Its a safety hazard. Must be Kellses Mafia connection.

January 22-24/2020



Our New Space Force





Today's Quote January 21/2020

About all I can say for the United States Senate is that it opens with a prayer

and closes with an investigation.
Will Rogers

RT 481 Fulton NY Slice ‘N’ Go Deli Crushed By Truck


January 21/2020

RE: Makes Sense
Thank you for reporting what you know.

I, too, reported Mike Bohrer’s drug activity. As it would apply to any other known drug dealer….just because someone dealt drugs in 1994 doesn’t make them Heidi’s kidnapper. BUT, it certainly would open the door for LE to investigate EVERYONE who could be a potential lead. If they weren’t in such a haste and had tunnel vision on the Thibodeau’s, “WE” may have the TRUTH about Heidi!! Shame that “WE” settled for ‘getting someone’ because LE had a fairy-tale to tell the community, jurors and family. Really makes it difficult for one to get the Truth when facts are twisted or fabricated or withheld.

Who didn’t know that Bohrer was a drug dealer? Sturtz didn’t ‘know’ until someone back then told her. Benningfield suspected Bohrer being involved or having knowledge of Heidi’s disappearance. Paraphrasing, It was not a secret, about Mike’s involvement with Heidi’s case. Sorry Ms. Buske, Mike Bohrer was much more involved than helping search a couple times (writing a wrong phone number) or supporting Heidi being found. But, I understand, pick and choose what people say to justify to yourself…. Quantifiably, Mike Bohrer did much more to hinder getting the Truth and, ultimately, finding Heidi.

The coward could have at least brought her back to her family!! Tenacity, consistency, talking to the right people….His daughters were 18 once, as was mine. An anonymous letter/phone call was too hard to do but he could call in leads to the OCSD that were determined false? HHmmmm, wonder just how false they really were.?. One thing is for sure, LE did an awesome job of making Bohrer look like a fairy-tale telling psychopath. Just got yourself in too deep to back away? Huh, Bohrer. It wasn’t too late when Lisa took the case back to court. It’s not too late to tell where Heidi is, to your knowledge. SHAME ON YOU, Mike, for using Heidi’s disappearance to intimidate other women. Is that what drugs had done to you? Shame on you, that Heidi’s death meant less to you than the positive it did for you!!

January 21/2020


Trump Lashes Out At Staff After He Struggled To Read The US Constitution


January 21/2020






Today's Quote January 19-20/2020

When I tell the truth,

it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it,

but for the sake of defending those that do.
William Blake

Makes sense
The idea Bohrer was a narc makes sense. I personally witnessed him leaning in to Investigator Wheelers black under cover vehicle from the drivers side many times in 95, 96. Wheeler use to park across from medspar backing his black 4 door car in to the empty parking spot across from Bohrers, 4 door black with deep dark tinted windows. So that idea makes sense and I have reported this and the description of the vehicle Wheeler was driving.

January 19-20/2020


Donald Trump
Court Order Against Donald J. Trump, Trump Children, And Trump Foundation


January 19-20/2020



January 19-20/2020





Today's Quote January 18/2020

Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
Mark Twain

It has a ton to do with honor and integrity seeing as that's exactly what Hilton used to win his election. He's not an idiot and nor is anyone else we all know it's an obvious cover up but for the new sheriff to use the idea he will bring back integrity that's impossible until he carries enough honor and integrity to one apologize for the prior administrations actions and to mend the roads they broke by making them accountable and responsible for the grief they've caused on many. Without that no they'll never in the public eye be honorable officers with any integrity.

January 18/2020


State police
In all honesty the Sheriffs couldn't hold a candle stick to state police. For them to want to take Heidi's case speaks volumes. Push comes to shove many are praying the state boys do the job the Sheriffs can't or won't. Hilton many believed in you that's slowly fading. We thought you'd bring that department back by combating this case. It looks like many of us were wrong.

January 18/2020


Logical Conclusions
Mike Bohrer was a drug dealing narc for Oswego LE. They ‘used’ him to further their own agenda…in 1994 and 2014.

Chris Bivens was facing DWI and cooperated with the Heidi investigation to get a deal on his own charge.

The inmates were ‘coached’ through their testimony to incriminate Gary Thibodeau even though he had an alibi and no eyewitness ID’ed him at the scene of the crime.

The numerous theories about what Gary supposedly did before and after Heidi disappeared are uncorroborated lies.

Many of the prosecution witnesses in the original trial and the hearing gave false testimony.

The jury decision did not meet ‘beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty’.

People from the public are/were more invested in finding the Truth about Heidi’s disappearance and an innocent man being imprisoned than Oswego DA’s office or the Sheriff’s department.

Some of the investigators in 1994 were more competent than their corrupt 2013 counterparts.

There is more information the public should and is entitled to know about the disappearance of Heidi Allen.

Former Sheriff Todd, former DA Dodd, former investigators Wheeler and Yerdon, current DA Greg and the lying witnesses ALL deserve and should be in jail. They all took an oath before a judge and GOD to tell the Truth.

The real perpetrators are cowards for not providing an anonymous tip as to Where Heidi Is.

Despite the Court of Law verdict, Gary Thibodeau is Innocent of kidnapping and presumably killing Heidi Allen.

January 18/2020


A Trial with no witnesses?
Who on this planet has ever heard of having a trial with no witnesses when there are plenty of witnesses to the crime? What kind of society do we live in when the President of this nation is on trial for basically cheating to win yet another "SHAM" election and the majority of our US Senate has to scratch their heads and decide if they really want to use them because it could cost them votes in the next election? Without the use of witnesses what would be the point of having any trial at all? It's a pretty sad day in America when our Senate Majority leader and one Senator who in fact stated in the Clinton Impeachment trial "That we need witnesses", "What is a trial if you don't allow witnesses". Really? It is amazing how political things get depending upon which party they favor. To say that they prefer to just have a fast and speedy trial with no witnesses is totally absurd! I know that a lot of these Senators love their get aways at the big resort in Florida when their not rubbing elbows with the President at the Trump Hotel in Washington which seems to have become a pattern that they have become accustomed to, but there are more important things here guys like defending your nation first over defending a President who lies every time his lips are moving and is one of the most corrupt Presidents that this Nation has ever known. This US Senate needs to wake up now before its to late when we could end up out of the United Nations and be out there on our own as he continues to piss off our allies as a means to do whatever the man in Russia says that he should do. They say this is about the only person that our corrupt President will listen to. I think if you ask him if this was true he would probably say "Yes I do listen to Putin" and for the first time in his life he would be telling the truth. We cannot allow this man to do anymore damage to this great country than what he and his swamp has already done. It is time to NOW drain the swamp and start to really "Make America Great Again"!

January 18/2020


New building or not. Nothing is going to change there. They have a missable supervisor that walks around looking clueless. The staff and is not happy because of her And Backus is just the biggest a$$hole around. Ask anyone who works for the clerks office. As for the DMV. Mail everything you can to get better results. No lines or nasty people to deal with I agree. Such a waste of money. Just look around at the department heads. From DPW to the BOE. Clueless people who are just there to take care of themselves and the friends they hire.

January 18/2020


Lying Republican Senators
elow is a list of the current Republican Senators that are up for re-election in 2020. Contact them by phone or e-mail and remind them that they took an oath to be an unbiased juror in the impeachment of that corrupt president and to do the right thing or suffer the consequences at the ballot box. Bring in the witness on both sides and get the truth. These people have already made up their minds and will follow Moscow Mitch and Comrade Trump to the end of our Democracy. If you value you government, send an e-mail or make a call to these " unbiased Jurors " that lied when they took their oath to the constitution.

Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee) (202) 224-4944Contact: www.alexander.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=Email

Shelley Moore Capito (R-West Virginia) (202) 224-6472Contact: www.capito.senate.gov/contact/contact-shelley

Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana) (202) 224-5824Contact: www.cassidy.senate.gov/contact

Susan Collins (R-Maine) (202) 224-2523Contact: www.collins.senate.gov/contact

John Cornyn (R-Texas) (202) 224-2934Contact: www.cornyn.senate.gov/contact

Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) (202) 224-2353Contact: www.cotton.senate.gov/?p=contact

Steve Daines (R-Montana) (202) 224-2651Contact: www.daines.senate.gov/connect/email-steve

Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) (202) 224-3424Contact: www.enzi.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact?p=e-mail-sen...

Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) (202) 224-3254Contact: www.ernst.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact

Cory Gardner (R-Colorado) (202) 224-5941Contact: www.gardner.senate.gov/contact-cory/email-cory

Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) (202) 224-5972Contact: www.lgraham.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/e-mail-senator-gr...

Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Mississippi) (202) 224-5054Contact: www.hydesmith.senate.gov/content/contact-senator

James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) (202) 224-4721Contact: www.inhofe.senate.gov/contact

Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) (202) 224-2541Contact: www.mcconnell.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=contact

David Perdue (R-GA) (202) 224-3521Contact: www.perdue.senate.gov/connect/email

Jim Risch (R-Idaho) (202) 224-2752Contact: www.risch.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=Email

Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) (202) 224-4774Contact: www.roberts.senate.gov/public/?p=EmailPat

Mike Rounds (R-South Dakota) (202) 224-5842Contact: www.rounds.senate.gov/contact/email-mike

Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) 202) 224-4224Contact: www.sasse.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email-ben

Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) (202) 224-3004Contact: www.sullivan.senate.gov/contact/email

Thom Tillis (R-North Carolina) (202) 224-6342Contact: www.tillis.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email-me

With the exception of rubber spine Collins it reads like a who’s who of rednecks

He is resigning at the end of the school year. The board will be looking for a new superintendent. Maybe they can find one that will restore control to the middle school. And bring back the football team.

January 18/2020


Backus is just one more in a long line of corrupt Oswego politicians. That DMV was like that before he was born. Does anyone remember the miserable old woman with the deformed hand back when the office was on the second floor of the county building. She would keep you coming back for days. Thank god I got out of that county long ago. Last year I went to the Onondaga County DMV. There must have been sixteen windows and more than half of them open. You check in tell them what you are there for and get a number. Then you take a seat. Yes they have nice clean comfortable benches to sit on. When your number comes up you go the designated window. I was registering a car a boat and two trailers. Some of my paperwork was wrong but the woman pulled out the correct form and filled it out right there. On a Tuesday which is one of there busiest days I was in and out in an hour.

January 18/2020









Today's Quote January 17/2020

As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence.
Benjamin Franklin

Never heard that before...strange.

I never believed Bivens' story, not completely.
He confused and changed too many things in his story.

Too bad Pebbles didn't know this in 2014, but with King on the bench he would have discredit it.
Who the hell says TEN witnesses are all not credible. He said the stories were different.
No kidding jackass, different times, memory problems.

Man this case/inv. is a joke. If people can't see what really happened, you're not looking hard enough.


January 17/2020


Bivens `1-23-2020
I stated a long time ago that after Bohere got that fax from the DA's DWI file that Bivens changed his story about the color of the van.

Now knowing about the brief case, it would seem to make sense that MB talked to Bivens and told him to change story and "help" the OCSD convict Gary.

Remember Bivens was adamant about the van not being Richard's until after the fax was sent to MB and now we learn that about the brief case.
I don't think Bivens was involved with the actual crime, just said what he was told to say...in court.

God this case makes me sick. If you know anything that the FBI should know that will get them involved, contact them. The real crime was committed by some of the OCSD and the "three."


January 17/2020


Oswego DMV
County Clerk Mike Backus should resign! He fleeced county taxpayers for millions to build a “record center” and new DMV (in 2019!!!) and the idiots on the legislature went along with this absolutely absurd idea and waste of money. I went to the “new” DMV today and it took over 45 minutes to take care of something simple! Why do you have 10 windows when you only have two people working? And when you do get to the window, why are the clerks miserable and why do they make you go back in the line if you have the wrong form or make a mistake? Maybe Backus should spend some time in the new DMV, or perhaps he’s been distracted lately? It’s time for him to go.


January 17/2020




Today's Quote January 16/2020

It is error alone which needs the support of government.

Truth can stand by itself.
Thomas Jefferson

No honor...response
I don't think honor has anything to do with it.
We all in the know from hiding evidence to not investigating Roger and his wife's phone call,, kept from the defense among the entire other actions to protect those that killed her, railroad Gary and some Deputies involved in selling drugs and now a murder



January 16/2020

Back in 1994 Bivens appeared at a local bar with a brief case handcuffed to himself. Several in the facility felt he had something to do with Allen's disappearance for hours he kept it handcuffed to his wrist. When he went to use the rest room he uncuffed him self from it. A man by the initials DP, then snagged the brief case and opened it the brief case was filled w articles and writings on Allen after that incident Bivens left N.Y. State. Correct me if I'm wrong Sheriffs but you didn't do a proper investigation at all, used a man as a witness that may have had Bohrer brief case in his possession. There are witnesses to this but hell witnesses don't matter not to the Sheriffs, but they will matter to high authority. Wonder if wescott and the goons comprehend higher authority don't need evidence only witnesses to issue arrests.


January 16/2020







Today's Quote January 14-15/2020


Call Trumpism what it is "A Cult"
Virginia Heffernan

No honor
The Sheriffs will never in the public eye carry integrity with the Allen case over their heads. It takes people with honor to stand before the public and apologise for the prior administrations actions, so far that task has not taken place. I don't believe it ever will. After hearing the be w pod cast to know state police wanted this case from the beginning and the sheriff's pushed anyone out willing to help simply makes the sheriff's department look far worse than they originally did. It'll never end with the same ignorant mentality in power that can not fix the problem others committed. To stand before the public with the truth takes gutts the sheriff's seem to lack and have for over 20 years. Rest in peace Gary, you deserve nothing less. Admitting where you are wrong is the very first step in carrying a drop of integrity. So far that idea still makes the sheriff's cringe. There's no hope for that department regardless without the Allen case delt with properly.

January 14-15/2020


Peebles For The People
If you have or had any interest at all in the Heidi Allen / Thibodeau case,

this pod cast is a must listen to!


January 14-15/2020





Today's Quote January 12-13/2020

A bone to the dog is not charity.

Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.
Jack London

Re; Just Curious


January 12-13/2020

In regards to low-income housing
It is greatly needed here in oswego due to the fact that there is high rent it is very hard for single mom's our families in general two make rent when sometimes even a two-bedroom is that $900 it is hard to find even a good job and when you do you have to have another job just make ends meat yes I agree that there are loopholes in the system that allowed dirtbags to go into these low income housing units but that really is poor screening on the managers part


January 12-13/2020

North Korea says it won't restart nuke talks despite Trump's birthday message to Kim


January 12-13/2020






Today's Quote January 11/2020

Success is getting what you want. Happiness is liking what you get.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Just Curious!
Why is it that when I googled "What is a Narcissist" ? that a picture of our Dictator, I mean President came up? Again, Just Curious! Then it said that a Narcissist will tell lie after lie to make themselves look good. Well that apparently is not true as the guy in this picture that has lied almost 16,000 times, DEFINITELY does not make him look good! All it does is expose all the more how gullible those U.S. senators are to believe everything that this lying Dictator, oops, I mean President says. Isn't it amazing how true it is when they say a narcissist can convince you of just about anything? It sure worked in 52% of our U.S. Senate anyway. They all need to be voted out as I am sure if this President wants to become a "Dictator" and ask for no term limits they will bow once again to his demands. I was brought up to believe that a U.S. Senator was elected to do what was best for their Country and not bow to the whims of an unfit Dictator, oops again, I mean President. We need to once again to become "The power of the people" and show up in droves on election day to get this Narcissist out of power once and for all as this is the only way it can happen for as long as we have a Republican Senate. The only way it can happen, that is without foreign interference which they seem to be all for as it is apparently the only way they can win these days! We already know that this "SHAM" Senate trial with no witnesses allowed isn't going to work as the GOP will tell you they have already made up their minds as what they will do, What a shame and what a SHAM!!!!!! I think when he is finally removed from office there should be the biggest parade down Pennsylvania Avenue that this great Nation has ever seen with a Victory Party @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to follow!!!

January 11/2020


Oswego man charged after sending inappropriate material to minors on Snapchat


January 11/2020

John bucher
How did John bucher get reelected? The county shows that you can sexually touch and harass your employees and get away with it. If I were to work for that scum I’d be Suing the county. You would think after being let go from the hospital and not knowing a thing about maintenance he wouldn’t get that position. Then to get a 30k raise to run the IT department that again he knows nothing about and turns around hires a guy to run it for him? Our tax dollars are being wasted on this scum that knows nothing but to be a retard and treat people like shit. I’m sure he will mess up again because he never learns his lesson. He will always be a creep that says awful things to people. Hope he gets what he deserves.
The watch man

January 11/2020


William LeVea still trying to get out of jail on a medical parole.


January 11/2020






Today's Quote January 10/2020

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
Charles Spurgeon

Planning board
Does anyone know this Dano (Dan) who is now employed by the city of this shit hole called Oswego? Dano who used to work at Steamers, how do you think he got this job? Unprofessional Dano with his giant gut and stains on his shirt and is so cheap when he goes out to eat. Servers, run when you see him! Disgusting, mean rotten person! Oh and he also punches in at city hall then leaves and golfs all day, so tax payers your paying for him to golf! Fat slob! Lose some weight and cut that stupid fucking mustache you pathetic pig!

January 10/2020


Justice Department Backs GOP Effort To Block Equal Rights Amendment


January 10/2020

Low income housing
Let’s keep building low income housing and allowing dirtbag drug dealers to move in from NYC or Syracuse and make our town even worse! Smart idea you idiots!

January 10/2020



Your sleezy first lady








Today's Quote January 9/2020

It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.

RE: I ask why can't the majority of our our GOP Senators can't be an American first?

Does the GOP put the country first..NO!

G H Bush...deregulated the gas and oil industry

Phil Gramm...deregulated the banking industry

GW Bush...relaxed the derivatives for the banks and almost killed the world economy

John Bohner...said NO to Obama when he asked for more money for border security

John Bohner...said NO to Obama when he asked for more money to defend the US Embassies....then that raid happened

The GOP voted NO to Obama's bill "Bring jobs back". No tax breaks unless you come back to the USA.

The GOP also voted against FACTA....US must report all over seas money. They just love big business...err they are owned and controlled by big business and the rich.

Trump trimmed SNAP and HEAP money but took nothing from the rich. And believe me all that money he took away will go to the rich for lower taxes.

...and why do people vote for the GOP even though they do very little for the poor and middle class...because they are stupid!

Trump gave the rich and big business a PERMANENT tax break. We got 7 years even though the middle class holds up this country by buying the most items.
clothes, houses, cars, food etc.

January 9/2020

Did everyone notice how Trunmp’s little bitch boy, Lindsey Graham trash talked Rand Paul and Mike Lee because they did not like the White House’s bullshit breafing? Graham, Moscow Mitch, Pompeo, and a gang of white Houise lawyers are working overtime to make Trump a dictator.

yeah sure, tell some more lies.....
Pruitt, a career ally of polluting industries, had spent the last two minutes pitching himself as the man to save EPA’s struggling Superfund program, which was established in 1980 and is responsible for addressing areas contaminated with mercury, lead, radiation and other toxic pollutants left behind at mines and other industrial operations. He blamed languishing cleanups on the failures of former President Barack Obama’s administration.

What Superfund needed, Pruitt said, was the Trump administration’s touch.


EPA does not mean Every Political Agenda for republican parties funded by the rich
EPA spokeswoman Corry Schiermeyer said in an email that it is “misleading” to compare unfunded sites over time and that the latest figures do “not mean there has been a breakdown” in cleanups at EPA

But remember that Koch Industries was caught with 20 EPA violations and a $175 million dollars in fines.
------the GW Bush got it knocked down to one violation and a $20 million dollar fine.

Face it, the gop has let too much money get into politics. But you can do something when you vote.

January 9/2020


Oswego animal shelter
I would like to say that the oswego animal shelter has the kindest most caring people working there. As a person who has adopted a dog from them I realized
what an important asset this place is to not only the animals but to our city. I would like to see that facility upgrade for the pets and the people who work there to make their
workplace nicer and easier to assist the animals.
I don't want to criticize our local government but I would like to challenge the powers that be to put our money to good use and please
refurbish this aging facility that on a daily basis helps our most loving assets { Our furry friends} . Mayor Barlow step up and get this done. I know you love your dog
and this is needed so animals have a nicer refuge that they deserve.
May all the workers there be confident that you are the kindest most caring souls our little four legged pals could ask to be graced with.
Thank You for all you do!!!!
Saint Francis

January 9/2020









Today's Quote January 8/2020

" I am a American first and a Republican second"

John Kasich


I ask why can't the majority of our our GOP Senators can't be an American first?

Why in the world would any Politician put their Political Party ahead of Country? Why is it that they have no backbone to stand up for the best interest of their Country? Why they would rather take a chance of having the most Corrupt President that this Nation has ever witnessed calling the shots for the possibility of yet five more years is beyond me. Do they not realize that this could back fire right in their faces in the November elections? Maybe they are not worried as they seem to think the possibility that they to could cheat and get help from a foreign government just as their Commander Of Chief has. I think it would be in the best interest of the Republican Party to wake up now and stop covering for this idiot who is running the Country. This man believes what his Chum Puttin tells him and acts accordingly. He said that it was Ukraine and not Russia who interfered in the 2016 elections because "Putin to me so"! Is this the man that the GOP Senate wants to lead us for the possibility of five more years, really? This is their chance to try and straghten out their political party and they are blowing their chances by continuing to protect this Moron who never has had any political experience and in my personal opinion never will. Five more years of his leadership and it will take a generation to get our Country back to where it should be. Try and have a nice day as we continue to wait for the GOP to come out of the stupper that they are in. Two more jokers, Barr and Pompeo, they both need to resign asap!


January 8/2020



Re: Richland man had sex with goat

Big deal! What happened did the goat’s mother complain.

What ever happened to the alderman’s son that was caught having sex with a young male patient at Bunner Street? He should have done jail time but it was all covered up and nothing was ever said about it again.


 January 8/2020


John T's Latest Gig

RE:  John T. Sullivan's latest gig, no not his on going editorials in the Pall-Times.  He is now the on-deck defense attorney for Oswego County Court's Probation cases.  If you are a felon and you get violated while serving a probation sentence, your defense attorney is ready and waiting for you when you appear in court.  That's right, come on down and meet your defense attorney picked by the Court just for your defense.  Unless you state you have your own attorney or want to get your own attorney, then you are a participant in the county's Probation Court and you will already have your defense attorney ready and waiting in the on deck circle.  By the way, it does not appear defendant's are told they have a choice of participating in this new violation court with John T. as your defense attorney or not.   Good Luck!



 January 8/2020


Moscow Mitch




 January 8/2020



Its People Like John T. Sullivan That Give The LGBT Community A Bad Name

Just shows you what a failure he is. His law practice broke up because the other partners couldnt stand him. He stunk as mayor and left that job rather than not get re elected. Then sucked his way into a job as States Attorney. Somewhere along the way he ran for  congress or the Legislature but had is petitions thrown out because of some funny signatures. He was also the co chairperson of the State Democratic Party. That lasted about eighteen months and they dumped his fat ass. So with all his big jobs and storied carrier he has been reduced to a seventy-three year-old man reliving the past in letters to the newspaper and living in an apartment owned by Tony Pauldine.


Back in his straight days he would brag about all the female clients who would screw him because they couldn’t pay there legal fees. Now a days he would lucky to get a massage from his landlord.


January 8/2020






Today's Quote January 7/2020

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have,

and only you can determine how it will be spent.

Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.
Carl Sandburg

Is Billy's 2nd job in jeopardy
Now that Brian Kolb may have given up his Assembly leadership position to that little weasel Barclay, Baby Barlow may also be in jeopardy. How quickly Weasel Barkley started sucking up to other members of the conference to try to secure this leadership roll out of Kolb's hands. With Kolb on the outs due to his arrest for DWI, can he hold his seat in the assembly and what happens to Barlow's full-time job as deputy director of the Central New York regional office for the New York State Assembly Minority leader Brian Kolb. It is time for Barkley, Kolb and Richie to be voted out of office. Barkley has been in office for over 17 years and has accomplished nothing, and only gets re-elected by holding onto his daddy's shirt tails.

January 7/2020


i was going to move to champlain apartments .
however i did not qualify. you had to be YOUNG HAVE A GUN AND BE DUMB.great move building apartments scriba. once again LIED to. OUR FAMOUS CITY LAWYER.

January 7/2020


John T Sullivan Jr. should be dropped from the Pall-Times Editorial's
I never ever read the editorials written by John Sullivan because they are always about John Sullivan. Something caused me to look at the last two editorials he did and it became apparent, now that he has come out of the closet, his editorials always move in that direction. He has endorsed Mayor Pete, an open gay running for president, who is very intelligent but will not make it through the primaries. His latest editorial was about him and the ORA and how his friends Paul and Steve transformed Oswego's housing. Not True. The 1st and 3rd wards have a smattering of improved houses, but the vast majority of them are not well maintained and their assessed value are very low. The city roads are in terrible shape and all the DRI money has gone to Barlow's friends or being used to create low cost housing which will not be in the city's best interest. The city is up to it's ears in debt, just like when Sullivan left office, with the foolish things he did as mayor, which after his first term, he realized he could not get re-elected. He writes like an ill-informed Republican, and only sees that multi-colored rainbow. Rest assured I will not look at another Sullivan editorial, especially in the vain of his new subjects. The Pal should drop him.


January 7/2020








Today's Quote January 6/2020

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.
Lao Tzu

Promise of Money for City Animal Shelter
After Baby Barlow was awarded the $10 million for the city, didn't he promise an investment of $500,000 to upgrade/improve the animal shelter?????? Was I imagining this? Or is it not as "sexy" as more HUD high rise housing with a rooftop bar and restaurant so its not a priority?
The city's animal shelter is in dire need of improvements for the animals and the staff - come on Baby Barlow - lets help the truly helpless and not the continue spotlighting more apartments that the tax paying citizens are going to end up paying for somehow.

January 5-6/2020



Assasinations For Political Gain

Trumps latest exercise in stupidity will rally his redneck base but every thing he does involving foreign policy brings the entire world closer to disaster.

How easy it has become for this draft dodger to play Army with the lives of US service men and women while he vacations in Florida.


January 5-6/2020


Yes and people like John Katko sit on their dead asses pretending he is doing nothing wrong.

Lets hope Iran's retaliation is only against buildings with the TRUMP name on them.


John Katko Must Go


A lead???
Skeleton found in Sullivan County woods
Hopefully, a competent investigator from the Oswego County Sheriff knows about this and will do a follow-up.
But seriously, how much can we expect from the Sheriff's if Heidi's family member is not concerned?

January 5-6/2020

Child Molester in Business
Local Child Molesting contractor Tony Pauldine hired to build above Port City Cafe and Red Sun.
Shame on the owners

January 5-6/2020








Today's Quote January 4/2020

After about 20 years of marriage, I'm finally starting to scratch the surface of what women want.

And I think the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate.
Mel Gibson

i see we have baby barlow for another term

ok he has done some good things but there is some really bad things water park we have whole lake and fort pool now we need indoor pool rich get richer. what about all this overtime that is being hidden firemen city workers policemen . what about where to dump snowthat is being quiet now. padded pay checks for city xmas and new years for what. baby barlow lets grow some unless you are afraid you wont get donations. stop trying to be a pretty boy and start treating residents equal. these grants will run out then what are you going to tell us. no more free housing apartments lot of drugs in this city. how about cracking down on this. no more coffee shops either where there is coffee shop there is 2 city trucks why dont we have a parade for kells and chantels weeding compliments of the taxpayers baby barlow best man . thank you wake up


January 4/2020








Today's Quote January 3/2020

I don't expect to live forever, but I do intend to hang on as long as possible.
Isaac Asimov

Politics, Politics, Politics, with all that is going on down at the white house im so Biden up that I'm going to take a trump!!


January 3/2020

Russia, China & N. Korea
As Russia, China & N. Korea continue be more friendly with each other as they continue to snicker behind Trumps back, and everyone knows it's the majority of our Republican Senators who continue to protect and defend the most corrupt President that this Nation has ever witnessed. Do they NOT understand that they were voted in to protect and defend their Country and the Constitution of the United States of America and not the most corrupt, lying and cheating man in Washington DC? To see the likes of Sen. Doug Collins, Jim Jordan screaming at the top of their lungs stating that "Trump did nothing wrong because the President of Ukraine said that he was not pressured" is about the dumbest statement that any U.S. Senator could make. He asked for a favor though, to announce on CNN that Joe Biden is under investigation. This is just another of of cheating to try and win yet another election, GOD FORBID! Their is no longer a Republican Party, it is now the "Trump Party". To not allow witnesses at the Senate trial should be enough for every American to figure out what in the hell is going on here. It all boils down to Mitch McConnell and his "Good Ole Boys" being voted out next November if they do not defend this most corrupt President. I would suggest that because of their corrupt actions to vote each and everyone of them out! I would love to see their inability to stand up and do what is right for their Country cost each and everyone of them their Job.Impeachment needs to happen now, the threat of four more years of "Putin's Puppet is down right scary to put it mildly. These lame Senators are just like the "Cult" that continues to support this unfit President at his stupid "Country dividing rallies! It's got to be pretty sad to have to lie, cheat and steal an election to make yourself feel like your on top of the world.

January 3/2020


They are a perfect pair. She can not speak the language and he can not read it.
...and I thought G. W. Bush was stupid.
All those Trump voters...the rich thank you.


January 3/2020

I thought GW actually started looking good once he got rid of Chaney.

You will have to ask kells that why they were working.

January 3/2020


Shooting in Champlain commons
So I read tonight that that it hasn’t been 45 days since the grand ribbon cutting and now someone was shot in the parking lot. Hang on Oswego County we are in for a fantastic ride and I not talking on a roller coaster our taxes will sky rocket due to what OCO and carricoli never mentioned in the first round but did after the building started.

January 3/2020


Oswego police reports
Haven’t seen any for about 3 weeks are they that busy they cant report but thank you Daniel for doing your job. Just wonder who else was with and didn’t want to do it. Our new officers are great but many on the force don’t and won’t chance their retirements

January 3/2020


You ask why we complain about the department when they post the shit they do. I will be one of the ones that complain about the roads being plowed. I live less a quarter of a mile from them. When and if they plow with a pickup truck mine you either my husband ,my son or myself will need to snow blow anywhere from 10 to 15 feet in front of the mailbox or I don’t get mail. Also go by the DPW on any day and see how many vehicles are there on a given day but on a holiday you are talking trifold each shift. I live well inside the city because I pay taxes not only for my house and a vacant lot

January 3/2020


Champlain commons
Scriba officials said this would be great for the town shootings drugs and dirtbags thank you Oswego County opportunities

January 3/2020







Today's Quote January 2/2020

If everybody in this town connected with politics had to leave town because of chasing women and drinking,

you would have no government.
Barry Goldwater

Dump Trump
We have made it to 2020 and there is only one goal for 2020: DUMP TRUMP. The most corrupt, lying president the United States of America has ever seen. I'm sure Russia sees comrade Trump as their channel to get control of our government. He already has an agent by his side. That slant eyed Russia "pig wife" of his is in Putin's pocket. I wanted to puke when she addressed the United States with a Christmas message in her broken Russian/English accent with the fat stupid orange man who can’t read by her side.
Get your "DUMP TRUMP" bumper stickers.


January 2/2020

They are a perfect pair. She can not speak the language and he can not read it.

Why was the DPW working on New Years Day?


January 2/2020

Instead of crying because you don't like your transfer, you should be more concerned about Jeremy K. or Kurt O. They are the true scum of the county. Ask most any female employee and they'll tell you.

January 2/2020







Today's Quote January 1/2020

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors,

and let every New Year find you a better man.
Benjamin Franklin

No wonder Trump doesn't recognize climate change because....
I was looking for an air purifier and got on a site that tells of low ozone to high ozone given off by these machines.

It also listed the MOST ozone and the companies and model numbers:

Guess who: Trump Electronics Company
Trump Tower, NYC
They are a health hazard for asthmatics and bad for the air we breathe.

now I'm sure he's into large and small air purifiers for homes and businesses.

January 1/2020




Just to let you know im working tomorrow new years day 100.00 a hr. and to the person that wrote on here i will be siting in the lunch room doing nothing. Zip kells spends it like its his money you taxpayers need to start asking questions. he doesnt want us on road becuse he dosent want you taxpayers seeing us work on this day


January 1/2020





Today's Quote December 31/2019

The silliest woman can manage a clever man;

but it needs a very clever woman to manage a fool.

Rudyard Kipling

RE: re: DPW
I find it sad that someone is complaining about the DPW working! (and by 'working' you mean playing games on their phones)
Just because their trucks are not on the road doesn't mean they are not working!!
(right it's not a certainty that they were not working it's just an overwhelming possibility that they were not as usual)
There is PLENTY of work to do in the shop!! (like polishing the cannons for sale to some confederate apologist)
They don't get any kind of year end bonus! (that's why Kells is padding their overtime..for a cut?)
So if Kell's wants to offer them a little money at the end of the year to WORK (and your definition of work is...?),does it really effect our taxes? NO, it doesn't!! (you might want to re-check that)
You don't complain that the roads aren't plowed....that's because these workers are up all hours of the night working so you can get to work!!
(it hasn't really snowed in 10 years so that's BS) They take plenty enough time from their families to be there for the snow! (what snow?)
They have to plow around ignorant people that aren't smart enough to move over when they see them coming or stupid people that park in the roads during a snow storm.
People that plow across the roads, don't even get me started on them ignorant pain in the a**es!! (once again No snow No plowing)
NO, I don't work for DPW but I do know they work their a**es off to give us cleared roads!!
( I believe that you're right..even though you are on the city's payroll you don't really do any work for the city but as Kell's girlfriend you get paid anyway)
I drive a lot and know that Scriba and Oswego have the BEST cleared road anywhere!!!!!!(once again..it's easy when it doesn't FN snow!)
So quit bitching and thank a DPW worker!
(I'll thank all of the one's who blow the whistle on the out of control shenanigans of the corrupt Barlow administration)
Did ya ever think to take them a box of coffee from Dunkin or some bagels from the bagel shop to thank them for their hard work and extra time away from family in the winter months????
( what? with all the overtime padding I believe that the DPW and FD owe the citizens of Oswego a steak and lobster dinner...every Sunday)

December 31/19


Those Disrupting Persian Gulf Security Unnerved by Iran-Russia-China Drills: IRGC

December 31/19


John bucher
Vote no he must go!!!

i do give dpw credit in the winter for plowing
people do not use there head to help get the damn vehicles off the road when snow starts common sense so dont bitch because your street is not plowed give the plows room it would save time and moneywake up

December 31/19






Today's Quote December 30/2019

Nothing that is morally wrong can be politically right.
William E. Gladstone

The Trump Machine at Work
You forgot to mention that we are now 22.5 Trillion dollars in debt and we are hated by all our allies, except Russia, China, and North Korea. Also the tariffs that the US Government received were spent to bail out the farmers, as they have no place to sell their products overseas, due to the tariffs.

December 30/19


Fellow Dog Owners in Oswego
It's amazing to me how self-righteous people are about the fact that they DON'T FOLLOW THE LAW and leash their dogs up within the city limits. It doesn't matter how much of a "good boy" your dog is, it needs to be leashed. Your "good boy" could hurt a person or another dog if it decides to become aggressive, which YOU CANNOT predict. It's obvious, however, that you could not care less if your dog hurts someone else, so consider that your dog could get hurt if another dog gets aggressive because your loose dogs runs up on it and scares it. That would be no one else's fault but YOURS because you are a MORON and think you are above laws because you have a "good boy." My word, this city keeps getting loaded with more and more idiots every day.

P.S. On a totally different note....why does no one who posts on this website know basic English?

December 30/19


I find it sad that someone is complaining about the DPW working! Just because their trucks are not on the road doesn't mean they are not working!! There is PLENTY of work to do in the shop!!
They don't get any kind of year end bonus! So if Kell's wants to offer them a little money at the end of the year to WORK,does it really effect our taxes? NO, it doesn't!!
You don't complain that the roads aren't plowed....that's because these workers are up all hours of the night working so you can get to work!! They take plenty enough time from their families to be there for the snow!
They have to plow around ignorant people that aren't smart enough to move over when they see them coming or stupid people that park in the roads during a snow storm.
People that plow across the roads, don't even get me started on them ignorant pain in the a**es!!
NO, I don't work for DPW but I do know they work their a**es off to give us cleared roads!!
I drive a lot and know that Scriba and Oswego have the BEST cleared road anywhere!!!!!!
So quit bitching and thank a DPW worker!
Did ya ever think to take them a box of coffee from Dunkin or some bagels from the bagel shop to thank them for their hard work and extra time away from family in the winter months????

December 30/19






Today's Quote December 28-29/2019


America is not anything if it consists of each of us.

It is something only if it consists of all of us.
Woodrow Wilson



same as Hitler

They say Trump is taking over of the Rep party and the usurping of power from the congress is same as Hitler taking over Germany.

December 28-29/19


SUNY Oswego
I guess J Mitch isn't the rising star he once was...

December 28-29/19


The Trump Machine at Work
In September of this year, U.S. consumers and businesses paid a record $7.1 billion in tariffs.

December 28-29/19








Today's Quote December 27/2019

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.

And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.
Friedrich Nietzsche

I was going to mention that the DPW parking lot was full of employees vehicles and not one truck was anywhere on the road doing work. I live just down the road from there. I guess Kells buddies didn’t make enough in overtime this year to pad their pension so let’s screw the taxpayers. Can’t wait to see what New Years Eve and day will cost us.
Sent from my iPad

December 27/19


December 27/19


hey baby barlow
must be kells and chantel are going on honeymoon for new years to have dpw working on xmas and not do anything what are you thinking get your head out of your ass and grow some you know what residents wake the hell up and start talking. must be there is a party for new years at alexs on you the taxpayer baby barlow kells and of course chantel what a 3 some laughing all the way to bank bullshit time to start speaking unless you are donating to baby barlow election bullshit bullshit happy new year

December 27/19



December 27/19





Today's Quote December 25-26/2019

“I’m so goddamn f----g happy.

You bet your ass. That’s the best early Christmas present I could have gotten,”

Rose Anthony

m an employee at the dpw. i want the taxpayers to know this tom kells has us working on christmas day but here is the kicker hes paying all 3 shifts triple pay 100.00 dollars a hr. Its 40 degrees outside and he has us siting in here doing nothing. he told us not to leave the garage because he doesn't want the taxpayers to see us working on this day. the mayor he has no balls to stand up to kells. what kells says go's marry christmas to all the taxpayers here in oswego ny . oh after he pays all 3 shifts it come to over 20,000 of the tax payers money.

December 25-26/19

Les and Cheryl Holmes Arrested On Multiple Counts


December 25-26/19

Trump impeachment inquiry sung by a Christmas choir


Skip the ranting conspiracy nut that comes before it starts..



December 25-26/19

Gary Thibodeau The Death Of Common Sense...
Me suspicious? Yep and here's why:

- Tonya getting death threats AFTER GT was found guilty.....that's all you need to know
- cops going in the airport at 3-4 am. I was told that the coke is coming in from the airport. I never did coke so I didn't care until he told me who was selling it.
- Oakes saying the taped call with Tonya and JW wasn't any good. Does anyone really believe that JW's son hit the wrong button and called Tonya by mistake?
- Taped call between Roger and Tracy about blood evidence in the van. Now how much of a clue do you need to further an inv.? Unless they didn't want to.
Funny how Dodd said he never saw it or it never led anywhere but Matt found it. Anyone here think it wouldn't have led anywhere?
- The MA lie about GT going to dump the body but the two deputies watching him didn't follow him.
- MB getting a DWI fax from the DA's office...man can you guys leave a paper trail.
- Dodd hiding evidence and lying to Lisa.
- Oakes evidence drop on a Friday before the trial.
- Swenkowski seeing Richard but not a kidnapping.
- Stinson's time line doesn't make sense and it makes me ask more questions than there are answers. Sorry I don't believe you.
- Oakes telling Lisa he doesn't have any confidence in the OCSD inv. WOW! And then he changed his mind after someone sat him down and talked to him.
- Witnesses changed the color of the van after they were "talked" to by the OCSD. And Bivens changed his story about the color after MB got the fax. Probably
talked to Bivens about helping the cops because I believe the "three" and some of the OCSD were involved in all of this.
- Barlow's not alloowing a search of the land and the OCSD didn't go after a search warrant....hmmmmm.
- Kid's story about cop shooting Heidi was never entered and I believe Dodd said he wasn't aware of the story...the DA didn't know...yep he didn't know.
- First three witnesses said the van was blue.
- JW said they came to her house with MB's white van and Heidi was inside of it.
- OCSD was convinced that JW didn't know Roger even after she went to Florida with him after the crime.
- Did Oakes offer JW immunity. He said she wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in the nose...then why Greg?





December 25-26/19






Today's Quote December 24/2019

Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days,

recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth,

and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home!

Charles Dickens

So much for the brotherhood mensch Greg's witness who's also a biker of Barneys is online claiming they never did an investigation in to Heidis. He's trying to tell you something and behind Barneys back guess that brother hood idea didn't get too far lol. P.s. Barneys plan is to attempt to make Oswego area a sanctuary omg he's a moron.

December 24/19


Dumpping in the river-
He has been doing it for years!!! I have pics from 12years ago of his men doing this. I can only imagine how many cigarette butts are at the bottom.


December 24/19


Its ok for higher up people to DUMP SNOW in the river and get away with it anybody else would be fined and put in jail. you know those famous words NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW of course there will be some excuse why that is BULLSHIT i have an idea instead of putting the snow in river why not put it in these pot holes around the city that way kells and chantel more time in coffee shop with there plow men HAVE NICE DAY


December 24/19



December 24/19






Today's Quote December 22-23/2019

A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.
Hedy Lamarr

How many more
I want justice for my family Sheriff Hilton how many more need to die, vanish or commit suicide before you stop them? Today alone I personally learned more about my loved ones death. It was no accident. Ten years, twenty it doesn't matter. I'm never going away until the investigation is done right. That's all any family is asking. Greg you in the end will owe many a huge apology the information I obtained was forwarded today. Its still coming in. How many families will they stalk, harass or threaten before justice actually comes? That's on you Hilton. These families have done their part only you can help them, including Gary Thibodeau and Heidi Allen.

December 22-23/19


Coke it up assholes
Coke it up boys. Might be yr last. Haha I'm here all week folks.

December 22-23/19




Yes Merry Christmas
Agreed!! Merry Christmas you aholes, some info was leaked today. May God kick your fn doors in one by one.

Hopefully God kicks Hilton in the ass to get moving.

December 22-23/19



Broadwell Dumping Snow Into The River





Today's Quote December 17-21/2019

What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things.
Margaret Mead


Put Barr in prison and execute Giuliani?

Sounds like a plan Rudy!


Sheriff Hilton
I can only speak to the people of my county (Oswego).Roughly 130k residents, 70k registered voters, 30k showed up to vote ! You want change ? Register and VOTE ! I can’t tell you how many times I see a “Repeal the SAFE ACT” sign in a yard and I stop to express my support for the 2nd. Amendment as their Sheriff and I’m told “ I don’t vote it’s a waste of time”. Many people have given their lives for YOUR right to vote, take advantage of it.-Sheriff Hilton
First I agree with the safe act. Second where are citizens wrong for not voting? What difference does it make when you allow murderers to walk our streets? You were voted in to combat all of it, to bring hope to those who wouldn't have it without believing in you. Still voting has made no difference for many families including Allen and the Thibodeau family. Same difference but yet there is no change and no justice.

December 17-21/19

Who am I ?
Who am I ? I have held an office in the United States Government for almost three years now. I am very self centered. If anyone says anything bad about me such as how corrupt I am it is fake news! Two of my best friends live in Russia & N.Korea. I can do pretty much what I want to do completely on my own. One of my major goals in life is to be on the cover of time as man of the year. I have 52 close friends in high places who think I never do anything wrong. I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue in NYC and would not be charged. I have held my official position now for a total of 1,055 days and have only lied or gave false statements 15,413 times as of today. Any Guesses ? Hint: my initials are D.J.T.

What I really want for Christmas For Heidi Allen
- What Bivens to convince his story about the timeline is true...I don't believe it
- Oakes to tell me about his lie about Gary going to MA and no one followed him..you MUST be kidding. What a liar.
- Want someone form the DA's office in 1995 to explain why the phone call from Roger to Tracy wa kept from the DA....of course we know Dodd is a complete liar too.
- Want to know why the Kids story was not investigated.
- Want to know why the OCSD tapped Rogers phone, got some great evidence and did nothing with it.
- Want to know why nothing showed up in Gary's car after he returned from MA...gulp!
- Want to know what kind of deal JW made with the DA so she could walk away with nothing. Listen to the tapes.
- Want to know why after JW spilled her guts, nothing was done.
- Want to know why Dodd lied, lied, lied about this case even after Lisa P. caught him in a lie.
- want to know why a cop lied to the grand jury and nothing happened to him.
-Want to know why it has been proven HA was a CI by the cop that signed her up as such.
- Want to know how MB got a fax from the DA's DWI file and right after that the star witness Bivens said at first it was blue. Dity f**king cops massaging them.
- Want to know why the guy at the end of Matt's doc was tapped and said they won't get us for drugs ( because the cops a selling it to) but they may find out about Heidi. Nothing done with this either.
_ Want to know why the Barlow's wouldn't allow a search of their land and why the corrupt OCSD didn't get a search warrant.
- Want to know is how that lying pos Dodd got a car repair receipt from ET Cote inn MA dated 1994 for a 83 Caddy like GT's but GT didn't go. Corrupt. lousy lying DA. False evidence but not entered in court, just in the news to convince potential jurors.
- Want to know which cops were selling coke from the airport.





December 17-21/19


Legislator Walpole
The legislators just voted themselves a raise. This is from Legislator Walpole's Facebook page. He's really a sicko. He writes shit like this all the time. Her really deserves a raise.

I got a note when leaving for work at 3:15am. I gave Cookie and Frank some research to do for me to improve my flatulence performance at work. I normally do ok butt I’m not at competition level like some of my co workers. According to Cookie if I eat hard boiled eggs,sardines and some fig newtons I will improve rapidly. I won’t have the ability to stop the clock like the Lagoe brothers but they have natural ability. I do ok and can hold my own but these guys produce not only a sound but a denseness and stench that even plugging your nose doesn’t help it’s like trying to breathe a liquid. It will stick to your clothes too like being around a campfire only shit scented. Anyway that’s what I’m working on this morning 😁....

December 17-21/19


Chinese kids


December 17-21/19



“Their (Democrats) partisan impeachment is a politically motivated charade,” “Thankfully, Congressman John Katko believes the voters should be the ones deciding elections. He’s focusing on the issues that matter.”

Yes, Katko believes supporting and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic is not as important as pandering to the malcontents who support Trump.
John katko must go!



Today's Quote December 15-16/2019

The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.
Adolf Hitler

Ah well what ever if we don’t find Heidi s remains it is of no interest to me lol just fluff and drama
From day 1 our focus has been to bring Heidi home
Wasn’t until our 20 year thank you to new Haven community gathering that any one was concerned enough -Martha Sturtz
I can't wrap my head around Heidi aunts comment. If finding Heidi is of no interest to you then shut up, fluff and drama explain to the public how your lies didn't create the drama? You lied about everything from your neice being a CI to your husband signing her up. You lied about Gary and now you lie about the very public who gathered for years to help your pathetic family. If your focus was to bring Heidi home, I don't think you'd have went along with the lies, added to them or even lol about any of this. What kind of Aunt are you?

December 15-16/19

Tweet from John Moffitt (@JohnRMoffitt)
John Moffitt (@JohnRMoffitt) tweeted at 9:07 PM on Sat, Dec 14, 2019:
Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew gets $90,700 a year as Sports Liaison for the White House. His job is coordinating professional athletes visiting Trump.

His relevant experience? He golfs. https://t.co/5QEvffng0l


December 15-16/19

Ping Pong went fishing and Trump bit
North Korea Says New Tests Will Help It Counter US Threats


December 15-16/19

Impeachment, well he does deserve it...
Clinton was investigated for having sex with an ADULT with her consent this was the reason the GOP monkeys wanted him. This led to him lying to Congress but the GOP didn't want to impeach him.

Think he's the 1st POTUS to have sex with someone other than his spouse?

Kenneth Starr was paid $30 million to investigate two adults having a sex affair. He had nothing to do with the Congressional charges.

Now add up all the lies this jerk we call a President has done and see if it's worth another $30 million.

He has sold out the country for his own interests...and this is only the beginning.



December 15-16/19






Today's Quote December 13-14/2019

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk.

That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.
Ernest Hemingway

American Values
The Senate and House Republicans who continue to represent this corrupt President totally amaze's me. How thick can these men in this position be? To say that our President has done nothing wrong is absurd. The political grandstanding by the likes of Doug Collins, Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz is unbelievable. Here is the perfect chance to relieve us of all the corruption that this President has put us through. The sad thing here is that they are well aware of it and all they care about is their own political interest which is getting re-elected. They figure that if they do not defend their Republican President that their Republican Cult will not re-elect them, bottom line. They need to realize though that a lot of those votes came from Democrats who now are disgusted with them. Should they continue their anti-impeachment campaign against this illegitiment President we can hold the entire Republican Senate responsible for all of Trumps actions from here on out. This man has proved time and time again that he is not mentally stable to be in charge of our Country. To be upset because he didn't get his face on the cover of Time and a fourteen year old girl did is very sad. Well Mr. President you can always have another "Fake" cover made up again to update the "Fake" one that you have on the wall now with your big balloon head on it. I just love how anything said against you is "Fake" News. Well in my opinion the only thing that's "Fake" is you, Fox News, and Sean Hannity and his gullible team at Fox.

December 13-14/19


They are not thick! They are republicans and just as crooked as he is.


Oh yeah, Republicans have done so much for the poor & middle class
Trump administration proposes Social Security rule changes that could cut off thousands of disabled recipients
Remember what the A**hole said. " I'm gonna be the president for everyone"..another lie from a corrupt, out of control lunatic.

December 13-14/19


Matt Gaetz Up And Cuming Florida Alcholic / Okaloosa Gazette 12-14-2019
One of the darlings of the Republican party was recently uncovered as the reason behind President Trumps recent unscheduled trip to the hospital. Trump who had been unable to obtain the services of a call girl for several days noticed an odd ring around his penis while self-pleasuring in the oval office. Hence the trip to Walter Reed where doctors recognized the lip prints of Matt Gaetz. When contacted for comment Gaets wife cited past infidelities but was quick to admit her surprise when she found out he had now turned his sexual preference to men. Several residents in the congressman’s district who wished to remain anonymous stated that his excessive drinking and escapades with the ladies were well known.

December 13-14/19



Today's Quote October 4/2019

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.
Walt Whitman

U.S. Attorneys » Northern District of New York » News
Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Northern District of New York
Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Former Superintendent of Oswego Wastewater Treatment Plant Sentenced for Clean Water Act Violation
Gary Hallinan Negligently Allowed Polluted Water to Flow into Lake Ontario

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK - Gary Hallinan, 61, of Oswego, New York, was sentenced yesterday to 2 years of probation and a $1,000 fine after previously pleading guilty in federal court in Syracuse to negligently discharging wastewater from the City of Oswego Wastewater Treatment Plant into Lake Ontario in violation of the Clean Water Act on three dates between March 2015 and June 2015, announced Grant C. Jaquith, United States Attorney; Tyler Amon, Special Agent in Charge of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Criminal Investigation Division (EPA-CID) in New York; and Bernard Rivers, Director of Law Enforcement, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Hallinan admitted when he pled guilty that in December 2014, while he was the Superintendent of the Oswego Wastewater Treatment Plant, the plant’s centrifuge, an essential piece of equipment to process wastewater and remove untreated or improperly treated sewage, stopped operating. As a result, the plant could no longer properly remove sewage from its wastewater. Over the next five months, Hallinan, as the superintendent of the plant, failed to take action to remove sewage from the plant’s wastewater or to report the broken centrifuge to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. As a result of the defendant’s negligence, the Oswego Wastewater Treatment Plant discharged wastewater containing solid sewage in violation of its permit under the Clean Water Act. These discharges took place on March 1, 2015; June 19, 2015; and June 23, 2015. The concentration of solid matter in the water discharged into Lake Ontario on June 23, 2015, was approximately 60 times higher than allowed by the plant’s permit.

United States Magistrate Judge David E. Peebles imposed the sentence, which included an order directing Hallinan to perform 200 hours of community service.

This case was investigated by the United States EPA-CID, the New York State DEC, Division of Law Enforcement and Bureau of Environmental Crimes Investigation Unit (BECI), and it was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Michael F. Perry.

October 4/19

A slap on the hand by any standard. Now the question is did he rat out others to get this deal.
Could Anthony Leotta be the oldest city official/former official ever to be convicted of a crime?

It was reported on this site at the time how on Thursday Aug 13, 2015 government officials with weapons drawn raided both sewage treatment plants in the city of Oswego. Employees were lined up in a hallway under guard while waiting to be interrogated while cell phones, paper and digital records from the plants were confiscated.

This case involved several city employees and elected officials. There were multiple occasions when documents were falsified and raw sewage was released into Lake Ontario. There was at least one whistle blower in this case. The one I spoke with followed procedures in reporting what was going on but as you might expect the person was seen as a troublemaker. Rita Tickle, City Personnel Director at the time, refused to do anything other than intimidate the whistle blower and Mayor Gillen refused several requests to meet with the person.


Tony Leotta was the person in direct control of this department and nothing was done there without his knowledge and consent.

So the question remains, will this end with Hallinan getting a slap on the hand or will there be other arrests and convictions in the coming months or years? There is no question in my mind that Rita Tickle, Tom Gillen, Tony Leotta and Gary Hallinan should be sharing adjoining cells in a federal prison.






Sept 11/19




Pick a time


Aug 27/19

Why was Matt Duell going to be asked to poly?
Good job, initially, LE for your investigation. Why is it Gary was suspected if he wasn't there? You should have known from the moment someone amongst your ranks suspected him that it couldn't have been him and Richard. An alibi and no physical evidence or positive ID from any witness but, "He was close enough"? No one had any integrity back then to speak up and do what's right even though "We didn't like him"? You guys suck!! So much for law abiding. Even coming from those who are supposed to Uphold the Law!!

Phew, LE!. I'm so glad there is something called EXONERATION for people who are truly innocent of crimes that a jury of their peers 'thought' were guilty. Course, if it wasn't for the circus put on by the DA's office and Sheriff's department, this wouldn't have happened....deputies lying under oath, prosecutor not turning over ll he said/was required by law to give to the defense, 'coaching' witnesses to get the conviction, inappropriate instruction from the judge, relative of the victim on a Grand Jury, twisting facts....Instead of listing what was wrong, What was right?

VIOLA! Captain Dunsmoor connected to another missing girl's investigation.



Today's Quote July 22/2019

Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died

that distinguish one man from another.
Ernest Hemingway



United, Oswego landlord Doug Waterbury’s victims found their power: ‘We took him down’

Oswego authorities lacked will to investigate landlord for sexual harassment


July 22/19

In 1985 or 86 I had a conversation with City Building Inspector Leslie Marlette. According to him Doug Warerbury narrowly missed getting charged with rape sometime after an incident that happened at 13 Liberty St. Marlette said the victim was adamant about filing charges but someone in the police department had convinced the girl not to follow through because it was her word against his and she would have to go through a public trial.

You can not tell me his wife and his brothers did not know what he was doing all those years. In my opinion any settlement that did not involve double digit jail time was too little too late.


Hey Greg. Hey jurors
This says it all. “No proof for this trial”
No physical evidence. No positive ID. Witnesses getting deals. Massaging of witnesses. Misconduct by the prosecution. Deputy lying before the Grand Jury. Inaccurate timeline presented by the prosecution at trial. Tainting public perception via false information to the media. Falsely using a Grand Jury to, before the witness even testified, taint an alibi witness….just what to expect from a corrupt system in Oswego to have some kind of closure. But really was it closure? It should have been if it were a fair and truthful trial.

“Innocent Until Proven Guilty in a Court of Law”

Yes, Dodd, you did have to ‘prove’ this and prove that. Your case was based on speculation and a BS theory. Those jurors did such an INJUSTICE on that day by convicting the wrong guy. What say you, juror #13? Would you have a different opinion had you heard about other suspects/POI or about all the documents the prosecution failed to turn over to the Defense? Or were you taken in by the mob mentality of “We have to get someone.”?

This case is disgusting. Likewise, lacking moral character-those who know something and aren’t speaking up against this Injustice. Heidi’s life was worth the embarrassment. Gary’s life in prison was worth the embarrassment.


July 18/19


Terrific Guys
I've always believed in, respected and defended the idea that everyone has a right to their opinion, but a couple of weeks ago, a good friend's daughter set new limits on my liberal thoughts on how much respect drumpkins deserve.
She has always been a pretty sharp young lady and as she progressed though college, I honestly believed that her thought processes had developed along an at least logical, thusly acceptable line as opposed to a cultist brain sink-hole.
We spoke a while and sure enough, she had been drumpified. Soooooo I mentioned a well known, proven fact about her orange skinned hero and her immediate response was a shouted, "FAKE NEWS!" Well needless to say THAT conversation came to an abrupt end. Within the next few days I made a point of seeing her at a social gathering and said in no uncertain terms that I had always given everyone their air, the right to their feelings, opinions, religion, political ilk, etc. but in her case I'd decided that rather than admit a simple proven fact and yelling "FAKE NEWS!" when something didn't jive w/ whatever she didn't want to hear and/or believe, she just spouted that brain-dead refrain and that in fact now she had degenerated into the realm of fucking morons! She actually was appalled when I called HER a fucking moron.
The point of this l'il rant is to preface the fact that my following notes, ALL proven & recorded facts and statements WILL be shrugged off by the drumpite morons as "FAKE NEWS".

----Donald Trump boasted about meeting semi-naked teenagers in beauty pageants. Mr.(choke) Trump said on Howard Stern’s radio show in 2005 that he could ‘get away’ with walking into the dressing room to ‘inspect’ beautiful women.(Jesus H Christ! they were freaking kids) Trump said on the Howard Stern show that he was “allowed”, as the owner of the pageant, to go backstage while the contestants were getting dressed. OH YEAH...some of these 'contestants' were 14 and 15 years old, freshmen and sophomores in high school. Hey daddy and grandpa trumpkins... IS THAT "FAKE NEWS!". How would YOU feel if that was YOUR little girl or grand daughter?
Drumphs own words... “You know they’re standing there with no clothes. Is everybody OK?" I'd ask, "And you see these incredible looking women. And so I sort of get away with things like that.”
One of the girls said, “He just came strolling right in. There was not a second to put a robe on or any sort of clothing or anything. Some girls were topless. Other girls were naked.”---
The picture is of that creep drumpf and his then pal Jeffrey Epstein. He now says that although he knew him, he didn't agree with him. BUT!!!!!!!
In 2002 he said, and this was a quote, before he had coined the term "FAKE NEWS"
“‘I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.’ - Donald Trump, 2002”. The quote is from a 2002 New York Magazine profile of Epstein.
I'm sure the orange idiot thought the "younger side" was a good idea.
He's a creep!








Re: "Richard got off some how"

Let me break it down for you.

Bivens police signed statements indicate the 2 guys about as tall as Heidi were seen leading/taking her to a blue van. Later, after being shown several photos and a drive by of his van claims "that's the one".

Richard reported being at the store and making a purchase, in his Black and White van.

Bivens testifies that the man walking from the van had a limp. Now, where does that say in his statements? Logically, if you can, that means Richard was the one (supposedly) holding Heidi. Let's review facts about Richard, and you can see for yourself in police notes that are public via Greg's filing for the Hearing. Richard is 5'4", 5'5". How tall is Heidi? Oh wait, that's in police notes that are public too. Heidi is 5"10, '511. How can Richard possibly be the one holding Heidi if, as Bivens testified, the men were as tall as she?

Next, let's examine Richard's van.

First, it is clearly Black and White. Bivens, as an expert according to the ADA because he worked in an auto parts store, claims in police statements that the stripe looked to be painted on. Fact, it isn't unusual to see a van with the stripe as Bivens claims to ONLY be attributed to Richards van. I could post at least one other right now that is rustly AND has a stripe as Richards.
Second, examine the complete absence of Heidi's DNA in Richards van. A witness claims to have seen the van driving erratically away from the store, heading east on 104, appearing to be struggling with something in the back. You've seen pictures of the van from the April 9, 1994 search, right? The police, via Gary's trial transcript, describe the inside as being "messy". How do you explain no DNA of Heidi, then, if she was struggling in the back? You do know that it was on approximately April 28, 1994, during FBI surveillance, that Richards van was seen at a car wash? You do know that the van was inspected again by police after that incident? You do know that a piece of carpet was missing? You do know that police retrieved the carpet piece (thank goodness they gave them a receipt), matched it to the area removed from the van and found CANINE DNA on it? You do know that was testified to, in Gary's trial, by a police witness and a character witness for Richard?

Now, let's examine Richard and Gary's alibi's.
First, Richard had character witness testify, in Gary's trial, timeline of events of his movements the morning of April 3, 1994. Noting one in particular who was totally disinterested who claims to have heard Richards van go by his property heading west on 104 at approximately 7:00am and heading back east "less than a half hour" later. This begs the question, HOW CAN THE transaction record be accurate if his purchase was at 7:42am? Just disregard this witness? Yeah, because he was testifying for the Defense. (Speaking of transaction record, how could the register turn on be at 4:06am if Heidi didn't get to the store until 5:00am before resetting for DST?)
Second, Gary had an alibi that testified he was home the morning of April 3, 1994 and was woken by Richards phone call from a relative's where he was for Easter dinner. That alibi witness was falsely charged with perjury, Before Gary's trial, for lying about her whereabouts on April 3, 4, 5 and for saying Gary was home the morning of April 3, 1994. You do know that the charge of being out of town on April 3,4,5 was DISMISSED because there are several witnesses that saw her in Oswego during those days? You also know that she was ACQUITTED, in a front of a jury of her peers, for lying about Gary's whereabouts? Gary's jurors didn't have the benefit of reading THAT in the papers before his trial.

Now, let's examine the theory about what happened to Heidi AFTER she was kidnapped.
First, the prosecution contends, via "coached" witnesses, that Heidi was taken to Gary's, dismembered (with an army fold-up type shovel?) and burned in his outdoor burn pit (right in his front yard, no less) and buried on his property. You do know there were 2 searches of Gary's property? One in June 1994 and another in July 1994. Both times, Gary was incarcerated. You do know that the furnace was confiscated and samples taken? You do know the police set up property grids to search his property? You do know that the State Police used cadaver dogs to aid searching? You do know that soot piles/dirt piles were sampled? You do know what the FBI analysis revealed? From the Smithsonian report posted here before "no morphological details that suggest human origin" from the furnace. Negative dog indications or alerts. Negative human remains found on his property. The "army fold-up shovel wasn't even confiscated from Gary or Richards properties, including homes and vehicles. Information about that has also been posted here before.

That's three strikes ADA. You're out! Gary should have been ACQUITTED too!

There's more....

Let's examine this "confession" that Dodd claims Gary made to the inmates. Again, look publicly to the police notes Greg filed for the Hearing. Geez, it's all right there in black and white for you to read for yourself instead of asking others what they think or believe. You could have even taken some time and gone to the Oswego County CLerk's Office to read Gary's transcript yourself. NO WHERE did the inmates claim Gary told them he committed the crime. They claim that Gary knew a lot about it so he must be guilty. Do you remember weeks and weeks of this case being in the news? You also know that Gary was actively being investigated while he was in MA? Why wouldn't he know "things" about this case? Community members/Heidi's family and law enforcement were ALL commenting and being featured in news articles. You must have missed the inmates' testimony of where they admitted to eavesdropping on Gary's phone conversations and then asking him questions about what they heard. That was also in trial testimony. But you, nor anyone who only has partial Facts from word of mouth, would KNOW that unless you were unbiasedly listening to testimony or read the transcript.

Have I covered everything? In simpleton terms, Gary's conviction did not fit the verdict. He should have been given a new trial on what the prosecution withheld, at the very least. Personally, he should have been exonerated. Sidenote: interesting how the prosecution wants to keep their informants confidential yet Greg files a police affidavit naming another CI besides Heidi. I even have wondered if Bohrer was working in that capacity then with the "private investigation" with a Sheriff's wife and yelling down the street that he knew what happened to Heidi and to ask Bobby Wheeler. CI is a wide cloak for OCDA when useful!

Praying that Hilton does something with the information and connections that have been made evident to hold accountable those who covered up/were involved with Heidi's disappearance.


July 1-2/19


Reply to Heidi Allen Case 6/29.
If you paid attention you can see how the OCSD disregarded info from JW, man seeing a blue van do a u-turn, Roger's wife phone call on the Matt M. document.

And a host of other things like hiding evidence...the 3 yr.old boy's story.

The Thibodeau's are innocent..." they brought her to my house in a white van and wouldn't even let her come in the house"..JW...again just ignored after getting that info.

A ph****** 12 yr.old could have solved this case.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO let's hope the FBI gets involved and then we'll see after people start turning states evidence to save themselves what the truth really is.

I agree that some postings are BS, but the brothers did not do this. Remember Dodd said Gary confessed, and now Baldasaro is saying he never did confess to him....Dodd has a bad memory when it suits him.

Cover up...tic toc tic toc




Fire department
Does anyone know if our resident fire department THIEF is one of the firefighters being laid off? If not he should be.
Looks like he is trying to impersonate a Fire Chief, maybe he is going to apply for the Chief's job next year.



Neither the Federal nor the State governments

have ever mandated that the City of Oswego

raise its water or sewer rates.

Anyone who says they did is a F**KING LIAR!!!!!!




Today's Quote  August 6/15

“It's your life. Live it with people who are alive. It tends to be contagious.”
Peter McWilliams


Oswego Firefighter Sentenced

Last night in Minetto Town Court Oswego firefighter and former Minetto fire chief Joe Smegelsky Jr. received the maximum sentence of $1000 and two years probation despite arguments from the District Attorney Greg Oaks and defense lawyer Timothy Kirwan. They had hoped for a lesser sentence but based on information in Smegelsky's pre sentencing report the maximum punishment was handed down.


An audit by the State Comptrollers office found that Smegelsky had taken funds and used a department credit card to purchase a handgun, automotive parts and assorted items. He also created a fictitious company which sold fire equipment from undisclosed sources to the Minetto Department. District Attorney Oaks repeatedly argued for special treatment because Smegelsky had paid back slightly less than half of what the Comptrollers office found. However the fact remains he paid nothing back until he was caught.



Joeseph Smegelsky Jr.


Below is a copy of the District Attorney's plea bargain and his explaination of how they arrived at it.

If you enjoy fiction you will love this.








Today's Quote, January 26/15

"I am not an enemy of the negro, we want him here among us; he is the only laboring class we have."
Nathan Bedford Forrest


One week ago we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. I am sure members of the Ozwego Fire Department seized the opportunity to rack up some double overtime but that is about the only use they have for non-whites.

Since its inception in 1876 the Oswego Fire Department has been as white as the driven snow, with respect to the color of its members that is. In its 139 year history there has never been an Asian, Black or Hispanic member. If you think this somehow reflects the population then you better take off your blinders. Oswego’s elected officials and Personnel Department have long allowed department members to live as far away as Montour Falls, Watertown, and Groton. There is no way you can cast a net that far and say, that population is reflected by our department.

In the late 1980’s there was young Black man working for the local cable company who sometimes frequented the Fire House Tavern as did members of the OFD. The firefighters exam had been announced and he was asking some of the OFD members if they thought he had a chance of getting in. He received all kinds of encouragement while he was there but after he left I overheard two of the Heroes chuckling and say no way they were going to let him in the department. “We have Guinias and Polocks and that is as integrated as we are going to get.” I do not know if the man ever took the test but the fact is that department remains as segregated as the day it was formed. They are allowed to operate as their own little fiefdom picking and choosing their own white membership and no one has the balls to put a stop to it.

The next time our Senators and Congressmen come around for their photo ops with our Hero Department we should all point out to the national media how they are supporting a racist organization. Perhaps we should ask the NAACP how this has been overlooked by their organization for so long.
                                                                                                                            Jan 26/15





Joseph Smegelsky


Audit of Minetto fire chief charged with misusing $22K in funds for guns, motorcycle parts completed
"This individual had keys to the cash register and went on a spending spree with the fire company's money," DiNapoli said in a statement.


                                                                                                                    Dec 20/14

Today's Quote, July 2/14


“Thieves respect property. They merely wish the property to become their property that they may more perfectly respect it.”
G. K. Chesterton

Oswego's finest screwing the taxpayers once again spotted at Dicks Sporting Goods in Great Northern Mall on 6/22/14.....didn't know they sold food there....or were they perhaps getting a new set up clubs at our expense??? Would still like to see the tab for the turning stone "conference" they went to....a whole weekend at the turning stone??? meals, rooms, drinks, etc???? The worst part is it will never change. No matter who is mayor they will always be controlled by the f.d. and no one will run against our current council members. Oswego has become homeowners to few (I stand corrected good homeowners) and is a city full of renters.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

That was probably just Smegelsky picking up some guns. They should be checking the video at Dicks to see who was with him. That hero should be arrested too.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

Minetto Chief
People like that are paranpiod about someone else stealing what they just stole so naturally he would need to get a gun to protect all his or should I say our stuff.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14


Ambulance Numbers

Yes, they are not as correct as they should be as I left off the 2 additional firemen that go out on Ambulance #2 and many of the other expenses that can be attributed to the ambulance service . In reality here is a $300,000 loss each year without he expense of a new ambulance. The point is, we will never make a profit on this service; have a fully qualified ambulance located in Oswego (Menter) that can handle all emergencies; could cut 15 men from the department with all their benefits and return $2,000,000 to the taxpayers; while cutting the long term obligation of retirement and the padding of such for years to come.
Unfortunately, the obtuse Mayor, Council, and most of all ,Fire Chief, have another agenda and it is not in the best interest of he taxpayers. McCrobie probably was, at one time, a good fireman, but as a chief and leader lacks in total credibility. The way overtime is handed out only shows that he is helping to bump up he retirement of the soon to retire firemen by thousands of taxpayers dollars. There is a belief that hey will all get their turn is the OT merry-go-round, but the fact is, the tier 6 firemen will never see that benefit. The new anti padding law passed and signed by he governor will not allow tier 6 employees to add any more than $15,000 to their retirement benefits, and they will now have to go for the last 5 years instead of 3. If I were a tier 6, I would tell the tier 5's to stick their $50.00 they pay for the OT and start taking their share of the OT, because it will all be ending when all the tier 5's retire.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

Minetto Fire Chief
I asked a few weeks ago if anybody knew what was going on with Minetto's Fire Chief well here you go.
Stole $20,000 from the fire department. I'm going to guess he possibly stole more since he's being held with no bail. Coinsedently though he just bought a piece of property behind his own for $20,000. Don't believe me? Here's the property taxes. Coincident? You should take a drive by his property to check it out. Constantly cars & trucks are being 'stored' there and then disappear. Camper was there for a whole summer now that's gone. I even seen the Minetto's fire truck pull up to his vacant property hook on a utility trailer with all the fireman in it and take off. Now Minetto Fire Dept has plenty of property to store at their station. Why would they use his? I offend wondered why a property owner who only has 1/4 acre of grass need a 0 point turn lawn mower? Probably the fire departments.



                                                                                                                    July 2/14




Reporting Welfare Fraud
If you suspect, or have knowledge of a social services client fraudulently receiving assistance from Public Assistance, Food Stamps or Home Energy Assistance (HEAP), you should report it to the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.




Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force 



Secret Service Electronic Crime Task Force




RE: Oswego Corruption
Here are some places you should send your complaints.
Do not waste your time with the county DAs office.

Office of the State Comptroller

Division of Investigations
59 Maiden Lane
30th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10038
212-383- 2502



Office of the State Comptroller
Division of Investigations
110 State Street

Albany, N.Y.   12236-0001


New York State Office of the Attorney General
Public Integrity Unit
120 Broadway, 22nd Floor
New York, N.Y. 10271



New York State Reigonal Office of the Attorney General
615 Erie Boulevard West, Suite 102
Syracuse, NY 13204
Phone Number: (315)448-4800

Consumer Frauds Number: (315)448-4848
Fax Numers:
(315)448-4853 (Main Number)
(315)448-4851 (Consumer Frauds Bureau)
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday

United States Justice Department
Organized Crime & Racketeering
James Handley Federal Building
Syracuse, N.Y. 13261

Federal Bureau of Investigation
James Handley Federal Building
Syracuse, N.Y. 13261

New York State Police
1220 Washington Avenue
Building 22
Albany, NY 12226-2252


New York State Police
Fulton, NY

6 East 12th Street,

Fulton, NY 13069



Payrolls * Contracts * Expenditures * Benchmarking New York * Other Data


This SeeThroughNY section provides a database of names, positions and salaries for more than 1,500,000 individuals who have been employed by New York State, New York City, state and regional public authorities, public school districts, and New York's county, city, town and village governments. Use the form below to search the payrolls by Name, Position, Branch or Major Category, Agency and Subagency.






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