June 23/22


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Today's Quote June 24-25/22

 If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.
Florynce Kennedy

For years I have warned people about fundamentalist, born-agains, a group of organized criminals called the Republican Party and a corrupt Supreme Court Judge named Clarence Thomas. I warned they would not only go after the Affordable Care Act but they would also go after Roe v Wade and other Supreme Court decisions.






Jun 24-25/22

For all you Renaissance Association property owners.

You got a property tax increase coming. (Thank Mayor Barlow for this.)

Jun 24-25/22


I Heard that Broadwell was looking at buying two other properties in the city of Oswego , and was asking for tax differments , just like on his other Hotel Properties ! While the taxpayers of Oswego County Pickup the tab for these Greedy Jag Offs !

Jun 24-25/22

When are you going to fix those BUMPS OR CRACKS going up east bridge st. they are getting bad. Even Fulton ground theirs down and they dont have all the TOYS BILLY BOUGHT .

Jun 24-25/22

Mayor Billie
It’s no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig it’s still a pig. Same as no matter how much lipstick you put on Oswego it’s still a pig.


Jun 24-25/22

The Vatican
"The Vatican's Academy for Life on Friday praised the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on abortion, saying it challenged the world to reflect on life issues, but also called for social changes to help women keep their children.
The Vatican department also said in a statement that the defence of human life could not be confined to individual rights because life is a matter of "broad social significance".

F++k the Vatican! F++k the whole Catholic Church! Stop going to those churches and stop going to there bizares. When the money stops rolling in they will change there tune.

Jun 24-25/22

city-wide revaluation
The city of Oswego is preparing to do a full-scale revaluation and appraisal of its properties for the first time in over two decades.
It's been 25 years since there was a city-wide revaluation. They elected Barlow as mayor in 2015. Barlow should have been aware of this. And done a property reevaluation then. (Barlow didn't.)

Now, the people who improved their properties, like the people who got grants from the Oswego Renaissance Association, are going to have them reevaluated. Is a 25-year reevaluated property tax increase coming, along with everyone else who improved their property? Plus, the computer program that will be used to do the property reassessments will not be accurate.

Because they have widened some streets, tore down houses, or built new ones, and buildings. So, the property lines have changed. And those have to be surveyed, and that is expensive. And when this assessment is all done. Barlow is going to be out of office. And the mess Barlow left behind, is the next administration's problem to straighten out.

Jun 24-25/22

Roe V. Wade Overturned by the Supreme Court
Now that Roe V. Wade has been overturned, and you can no longer get a legeal abortion in most Red states, but they have come up with a simple soultion to this problem. In the Red states you can get a gun at 14 and the gun laws have recently been loosened, so just let these pregnant women buy a gun and shoot themselves in the womb. Problem solved.
Really, it is not ok to get an abortion jn the Red states, but it is ok to buy an AR-15 and shoot children in the elementry schools. I am not an abortion advocate, but I belive that "women have the right to make their own choices regarding their body's".

Jun 24-25/22

City Of Oswego
…. Wants to raise your taxes , but does not want to address the Homeless , three Comercial properties that have been given tax breakers for ten years and “ old City hall “ has be sold , let’s see what tax break this new owner gets ?


Jun 24-25/22









Today's Quote June 22-23/22

 Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.

And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. 

Friedrich Nietzsche

New apartment complexes
I don’t see any play areas for the kids at these places?


June 22-23/22

Two things come to mind
1. These are low income housing so they will probably be expected to play in the street.
2. They have constructed indoor areas to keep tham out of sight.

Hey Barlow! What happened to your lawsuit against the port?

June 22-23/22


Gas Companies gouging the Consumers...again!
When Covid came, people were holed up in their houses, working from home and not driving anywhere. Gas was at $2.50 to $3.00 a gallon and nobody was traveling by car, bus or by air. The gas companies cut back on refining and fracking, and now, instead of starting up their refineries, they just raised the price of gas to $5.00 a gallon and are making billions in profits. They did not hire back their laid off employees and have kept their operations shutdown.
Gas at $5.00 and diesel at $6.00 has had a direct effect on everything we buy. Trucking materials to manufacturers costs more and moving the final products to stores costs more, and you, the customer, are paying these increases at the store and the gas pump.
What should be done, is to force the gas companies to start up their refineries and fracking operations to produce more gas, forcing the prices down. Yes, they will make less profit, but they are screwing us over right now. Their profits are unprecedented...Billions of $$$$$$ are being made by the gas company executives, and we are paying the price.
The Senate needs to step in and force the gas companies to get their operations into full gear. After all, they represent us and if something is not done we will surely move into a recession. There is absolutely no reason for gas to be at $5.00 per gallon and it needs to move back to $2.50 per gallon, and the gas companies will still make reasonable profits, instead of gouging the American public.
Come on Senate, get off your asses and start doing your job, or get voted out of office!!!!!!! We need financial relief!

June 22-23/22

Mayor Billie
If this were Texas he would be handing out guns and ammo. It is always a question of appealing to the masses. In Oz the masses are largely alcoholics and that is what he is appealing to. These Tiki boats and the open drinking zone will look good on his resume.
Dosen't matter what kind of lipstick the republicans put on him he will always be that drunk little pill head from Oswego. By todays standards that makes him a prime political candidate.

June 22-23/22

386 dogs rescued from truck heading to China dog meat festival
This country sucks

June 22-23/22

They will probably create a world wide Rabies Pandemic next.

Rumour is that Barkley is runnin Billy Barlow for congress


June 22-23/22



Today's Quote June 19-21/22

 A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.
Bruce Lee


This kid hands out and spends money like its water, and now forgive loans, what loans, YOU MEAN ALL THE THOUSANDS he gave to all his buddies. There is no transparency in this bunch of thieves we call elected officials. I didn't get a loan for my city taxes, or water bill and now CHANNEL 9 right on the spot for the booze cruise. He should have taken some of that $145,000 to put lights on the old railroad bridge and reopened Valhaven for the homeless people that are everywhere. Well we saw DICKHEAD on 9 last night and we will probably see AIRHEAD on sports sunday. This city is going down the shit shute fast.

June 19-21/22

Barlow the Boozer
The picture of the drunks on " Billy Barlows Booze Cruise '' speaks volumes of the performance of the Kid Mayor. Everytime you see him making an announcement or doing a commercial, it is around Booze. He made a commercial for the RoofTop Bar sitting with some of his make believe girlfriends sitting having a drink, then was on Channel 9 advertising the Tiki Boat which is exactly what should be called " Billy Barlows Booze Cruise '' . Then we also had to have a "Drinking District" downtown to support the bars that Balow supports with his drinking problem.
Then of course we have little Billy Boy drinking every place he goes.
He has been a complete failure as Mayor and has done nothing to improve your quality of life in
oswego, that is, unless you like to "Booze It Up".

June 19-21/22

Minetto again:
$7,000 for 6 picnic tables, $1,000 herbicide, $13,000 new speed signs, $2,500 for removal of over grown weeds, all those funds from the APRA funds. Also goodbye to councilman clown Farnsworth, he hung in there long enough so there can’t be a special election and supervisor clown Familo can appoint a new Bozo. Heard his knees were shot from all his hard work on the council for those years. Love the full time assistant to the Town Clerk and a few new faces on the Highway Crew. More employees than residents, must be busy shredding papers and covering all the theft.


June 19-21/22




Today's Quote June 17-18/22

 No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.
Abraham Lincoln

June 16/22

Canales on Public Space
Who gave Canale’s Restaurant permission to use public space on Utica Street at the intersection of Herrick Street. They have the concrete blocks to support the fences on the pavement of Utica Street. If you happen to enter Utica Street from Herrick Street the fences at the outdoor seating obstructs your view of vehicles traveling east on Utica Street.

June 16/22

Loan forgiveness
Can someone tell me who the recipients are that received the 297 thousand dollars in loans that the city forgave. The pal-times sure won’t publish this information

June 16/22

City gardens
So Jennifer Losurdo works for the youth burial and is on social media bitching as usual how she did not get any credit . well the other people are volunteers .You get paid . She is the biggest pos in this city. She loves to start trouble with married men then call the wives .
Her own son has nothing to do with her, yet she acts like he does . She has never seen her grandson and probable never will from the rumors at OpD her son can not stand her.

June 16/22

Julian Assange faces US extradition after UK approves transfer
Travesty of justice



June 16/22




Today's Quote June 16/22

 Be not simply good - be good for somethingHenry
David Thoreau



June 16/22

The difference is that Walker has budget and decision making authority for both the city and the county and they have contracts and agreements with each other. So he can't hold both positions. Walpole doesn't have any budget or decision making authority with his job in Scriba so he's not in conflict. One of the former county DPW employees notified the state attorney general's office and he was told they would open an investigation.

June 16/22

Channel 9 and Barlow
It was pretty disgusting that Channel 9 interviewed Barlow about the young boy who was killed and referred to Barlow and someone who grew up in Oswego and now leads it. Like really? It's a tragic story about the death of a child and 9 has to promote Barlow. Is that because his girlfriend works there and shouldn't 9 disclose that the mayor dates one of their own? How did 9 manage to get photos of the accident on their website before the family was notified? No way did they send a crew from Cuse that fast. The mayor is scum for his self-promotion during a tragic accident

June 16/22

Welcome To PREC Edu Services
When the society has the physicists and the tools there ahead of the game

June 16/22

IIT-Bombay receives largest ever donation for research and development
These countries are advancing in science faster than us this is a problem for the United States future we need to invest in physics and technology education the money that I corrupt leaders are diverting away from education could put us back in the game maybe in another hundred years but right now we're fucked

June 16/22


He had a job at Burger King in Oswego and got shit canned for messing around with the young girls that worked there. He is the son of the famous Lee Walker Jr. Now daddy has him working for him working around his apartments. .

June 16/22

Florida churchgoers save two 12-year-old girls from abduction
Beware public ;this sicko should be drowned !



June 16/22




Today's Quote June 15/22


The employer generally gets the employees he deserves.
J. Paul Getty

I saw pictures of him at the casino and it was not her. That is a great picture of dick head and air head !!!!! No wonder Chrissty is always bending down to one suit Billy. Also that midget alderman hill is in the pictures , where are they getting the cash.


June 15/22

EU poised to take legal action against UK over Northern Ireland protocol bill
The eu is not our friend

June 15/22

What ever happened to the Walker who worked at Bunner Street an was arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a patient? Oaks was telling everyone he was going to make an example of this County employee and then it just faded away like so many other cases handled by Oaks.


June 15/22



Today's Quote June 14/22

I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me.
Dudley Field Malone

Alex Sims
Must be she likes the little guys with substance abuse problems

June 14/22

Walker/ Walpole
How is what Walker doing any different than Walpole? Chico does the budget as a legislator for OCHD and works for Scriba. Isn’t it funny how all the older OCHD equipment goes to the town of Scriba? They both double dip! It’s HIGH time this County knows exactly what’s going on here. It’s a Double dipping cesspool. Time to weed the garden folks! Wake up!!

June 14/22

Loan forgiveness
Who are the people that got this


June 14/22

Footage shows beagles in pain and monkeys in neck restraints at US lab
This is unacceptable to torment sweet animals



June 14/22



Today's Quote June 13/22

 Middle age is when you're sitting at home on a Saturday night

and the telephone rings and you hope it isn't for you.
Ogden Nash

He can't be on the city council if he's the county deputy highway chief. It's a conflict-of-interest. And if he gets appointed as head of the DPW, every legislator needs to be voted out. Too many in county employment know why Ospelt once tossed him and his brother out of his office. And didn't Ospelt record it?!!! Yeah, that will all come out and the legislators can have egg on their faces and maybe people will start paying attention.

June 13/22

The mayor
He dates Alex Sims. She works for Channel 9 and she's of age. Didn't you wonder why 9 gives Billy so much PR?

June 13/22

Social district
So far all I've seen is a dude walking on W First with a can of beer. The farmers market was dead Thursday. Does Barlow and his sidekick Corradino know how many people they've sent shopping on Rte. 31 and Destiny because of their stupid idea to help their friends and hurt other businsses. You can go into any store over the county line and run into a bunch of people from Oswego.

June 13/22

There's never a ceiling on taxes
Our local politicians are local school board are just degenerate scum that realize that they can just raise taxes as high as they want to pay for whatever they wish and give whoever they want to monies and the public will just have to get bled more and more and more until they lose their homes because they can't afford the taxes and the local politicians will shrug their shoulders and just hope someone with some more money comes in that they could text more than the previous homeown homeowners and property owners It's a shame that the corrupt government allows legal racketeering and it's widespread and we're not the only shitty town in the country run by degenerates it's just too bad that they are protected by Kurupt enforcement people


June 13/22




Today's Quote June 12/22

The power to question is the basis of all human progress.
Indira Gandhi

Re: Homeless and crime:
Yes it is Walkers ward, and he doesn't live in it in the summer he lives at BRENNAN BEACH out in port Ontario, which you might say is Pulaski. He gets his offspring a job with the city or somewhere, and he parks his county truck at his garage on Duer st. and they drive out there, so the 4th ward has nobody to deal with in oswego. He could give two shits about the taxpayers, he needs to go !!!!! As for the MAYOR he looked good last night at Turning Stone with some young girl ( and everyone bitched about Gosek) this kid flaunts it right in your face. About the homeless he could have taken some of those Thousands he gave to all his bar buddies and opened somewhere to get them off the streets, like Gibbys, Canales, Vonas, Wades etc. It seems in the shopper their is a majority of homeless people in the police blotter. The police turn a blind eye to all, their famous line ( we didnt see it so there is nothing we can do).And what is it with these resturants and bars taking over the sidewalks and parking spots and streets, All BILLYS buddies are special and the rest of us have to pay the price, and finally did the city worker get piss tested for the mess out on seneca st ??????

June 12/22

Fraud! And just like that! $276.000.00 disappears. (No accountability.)
Mayor Billy Barlow announced that the City of Oswego is forgiving all $276,000 in COVID-19 business loan funding issued last March to assist businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is BS! How much did Barlow and his mother get?


June 12/22



Today's Quote June 10-11/22

 If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
Albert Einstein

Homeless People And Crime And Bad Coffee
Homeless people sleeping now at the train depot waiting station . East first street ,

I believe that is Shawn Walker ( aldermen ) Ward !

The Sleeping on the benches on the walk pass looks great for anyone driving north on East first street and sees them sleeping on the benches !

Question is, Where do they get their monies ?

Question is , what is the Mayor doing about it

Question is , what is the Police Chief doing about it ?

Question is, what is the oswego city school board doing to protect the students from any threat ? From homeless, transits, and people just buy coffee and trying to get free refills, the days of diners are gone !

You must be a senior citizen, why would you think that if you bought coffee, refills would free ? Would that also imply to soda ?

Look up the EPA act of 1971 .


June 10-11/22

Free Coffee
I could be wrong , but usually Restaurants offer “free” coffee when people dinners . Cafe is not a Restaurant , and if you had time to find out that the chairs where hard , and the noise was loud and you could not read with the noise ,and there was not any free refills , then you must of tried the coffee in the cafe , if the coffee was that bad , why not turn around and go back and ask for a refund ?
Sorry , your story does not add up !
But I will say , I do not care for there coffee . I drink mine black so no cream or sugar to hide anything bitter


June 10-11/22




Today's Quote June 8-9/22

 The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

H. L. Mencken

Gang activity
This criminal activity information is from Legislator Mary Ellen Chesbro.

Attention Oswego County: Please be aware that there is a nationally recognized crime syndicate called the Felony Lane Gang working in our area. The FBI actually has a task force for this gang.

In April of this year 9 members of this gang were arrested in Syracuse. They target women that are at the gym, dropping off kids at daycare, watching kids at sporting events etc.

In the past week my daughter had her car broke into, purse with ID stolen and then used her ID to cash checks they had stolen from another woman at 5 branches of her bank to the tune of almost $20,000.

This is not just a smash and grab but a very organized and planned out theft. Please take note of this and for more information look up Felony Lane Task Force.

June 8-9/22

WORST CUP OF COFFEE EVER! Riverwalk Coffee Roasters Cafe'
I went out for a cup of coffee today and decided I would try the new Riverwalk Coffee Roasters Cafe'. That was my first mistake. $2.70 for a small cup of coffee and no free refills! This was the WORST cup of coffee I think I have ever had! Coffee beans are supposed to be roasted there and they were over roasted, almost burnt, and the blend was mostly African with no Central American mild's or Brazilians at all. BITTER, BITTER,BITTER, beyond belief. Two sips and I took it to the car and dumped it in the road. That is all it is good for, road tar!

The atmosphere was also awful. Metal chairs, metal tables, and noisy as hell. I only wanted a good cup of coffee and a pleasant place to read the paper. This is the worst coffee shop in New York State. Don't waste your money on this crap. I had to suck on a piece of hard candy to get the horrendous taste out of my mouth.

Ended up at McDonalds, small coffee, $1.08 and as many refills as you want. The bench seats are not the most comfortable, but are OK. It is clean and the music is good and the coffee is OK.

A very disappointed customer who shall never return to Riverwalk Coffee Roasters Cafe'.

June 8-9/22

what World War II battle killed the most Nazis
The Russians were not our enemies we made a mistake creating the Cold War and now we're suffering for it what's worse China being friends with Russia and aligning against us or us patching things up with Russia to defend against China think about it

June 8-9/22

Hopes a Strange word
Those who faught for Heidi & Gary will be the ones in the end, hanging their heads high. I truly believe this. God always knows the ending, he always smiles and tells the Devil to roll first. In the end, the right way always wins. Never lose hope for either, Gary or Heidi, or anyone harmed by the corruption that's been on going in OZ. Always remember fighting for justice, integrity and accountability. That these ones, they are the hero's, not the boys in gray, or blue- but YOU. Every last one who stood up will some day flip the bird and say we told you so. You can do it with a smile, & a of joy "that it's finally done." In the end Gary's words, "Hope is a strange word will ring true." Because it is!! But one things for sure. You never give up hope, when it's the rightist thing you have ever done.

June 8-9/22

Syracuse University
Hall of lanquages design by same architect that build City Hall circa 1865

June 8-9/22

Gas Prices:
Boy are we getting ripped off the oil companies are making a fortune on our backs , and everyone is blaming the President, he has nothing to do with it its the USELESS OIL companies. Talked with a tanker driver and he said their is no shortage , they are just price gouging !!!!!!

June 8-9/22

Failed system throw out start from scratch new city new corperation small gov
One government to run city
All councilers voluntary
All education deliberate
No more insane non taxed racketeers
Rico the crooked bastards and the co conspiriters that assisted
Cesspool of political scum to the farms to do hard labor
All the retired crooked cops that allowed wrongful deaths rapes unchecked violence have pensions revoked medical insurance taken and sent to prison
Politicians that gave away public funds to friends deported for treason

June 8-9/22

City DPW:
Driving across bridge st at 7:20 this morning and in front of Waynes they are starting to water those hanging plants. Maybe its me but didnt it POUR all afternoon and into evening yesterday. Instead of wasting taxpayer money , why not FIX POTHOLES in this city they are everywhere, instead of BILLY BOY giving all his buddies $10,000 fix the streets, also saw yesterday in pouring rain city workers riding around hauling 2 lawnmowers on a trailer , (paying them for nothing).

June 8-9/22

Clearly a friend of a politician once sold hideously ugly concrete planters to our city
They were so horrendous they were under utilized
This protective barrier at the Club house may be the best use of them ever
Finally the ugly planters have a functional application
Kudos to Robert!

June 8-9/22

Various issues
First picture is from Fort overlook. Can you see our beloved lighthouse? The mayor should get ahold of Barkley to cut down the state's bushes so you can see our waterfront. Second picture is of the wall between the canal and river. Water is leaking through it so it may end up in the river hopefully without any boats passing through!! Another state problem that needs to be addressed. One of the worse problems is our historic break wall that is falling apart. Again the state needs to put this once beautiful landmark back to its previous glory and not just throw rip rap behind it... so Mr. Barkley what are you going to do about it. I do believe there was an infrastructure bill passed and as usual upstate is being ignored...

June 8-9/22

Roundup Injury Claim
City of oz uses this shit

June 8-9/22

Superintendent OCSD
Does anyone really know if Mathis Calvin ,the superintendent of OCSD was properly vetted prior to his appointment? Prior to OCSD, Calvin served as SI for two other schools, the last was Wayne in Rochester. Calvin resigned before contract end at BOTH districts.

The article provided below states that upon Calvin's "mutual separation agreement" with the Wayne district, he was awarded two years salary (a total of more than 360k$), health benefits, legal compensation, and a letter of recommendation that outlined his successes and achievements.

The BOE did NOT vote him in. He was appointed during the middle of a pandemic. The BOE was robbed of their right to vet this gentleman. Of course he looked fantastic on paper....he received a glowing letter of recommendation as a part of his "separation agreement " with Wayne.

If you do not agree with his agenda, he will find social media posts from years ago and use them against you. If you are a teacher/faculty member and decide to show up at a BOE meeting for any reason other than to support him , you are disciplined or "let go".

There is SO MUCH information out there, but you have to dig deep. Rest assured you will find it. As a tax payer in Oswego County.... It is the opinion of this author that all readers do their research and decide if this is someone you want overseeing our children and their education....oh yeah, and your tax dollars.



June 8-9/22


Today's Quote June 7/22

He who begins by loving Christianity more than Truth,

will proceed by loving his sect or church better than Christianity,

 and end in loving himself better than all.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Questions for Barlow
The blocking of the road so McGrath can serve drinks outside of that dump of a bar he owns, should not be using city assets to block the parking area, and isn't great that he has blocked off the handicap parking spots!!! Did the council approve this? Was there a special permit issued? Doubtful. This is just the result of putting a dumb little kid in charge of a city who only knows how to party.

'Orbeez Challenge' TikTok challenge causing panic; several teens arrested in Delaware and Radnor, Pa. - 6abc Philadelphia
Any kids doing this have pis poor parants to have not instilled the dangers to eyes etc by projectiles
And i agree worrisome!



June 7/22

Covid destroyed social activity in much of the world
The club house having those concrete planters makes it safe for the patrons
I agree that as long as cities are bending over backwards to accomadate a devestated industry, it makes sense to protect patrons !

June 7/22

Does Anyone ...
Want to control Schoolboard Overspending ?
Any One Want to Control Health Benifits ( over cost ) and pension costs, and Health Costs that the Voting taxpayers have to face ?
And it is amazing that under 1000 voted on the school board slide !

June 7/22

Building Permit:
I noticed driving by 237 Duer St. and who ever bought it is working on the house , and i see NO BUILDING PERMIT in the window or on the house. When i wanted to put a fence up i was told i had to get a building permit, who is this special person?? For years it had a red X on it and now nothing.So much for code enforcement doing their job , just riding around , must be one of Barlows buddies where other taxpayers have to play by the


June 7/22




Today's Quote June 4-6/22


Don't go around saying the world owes you a living.

The world owes you nothing. It was here first.
Mark Twain

Barlow On Tour
Who pays for him taking political tours ?


June 4-6/22

Questions for Mayor Barlow.
In the photo you see planters in the road in front of Robert McGraths bar; "The Clubhouse Tavern." Now! Those planters belong to the City of Oswego. Paid for with tax payers dollars. So how did the sparky McGrath end up with City of Oswego, taxpayer property being used at his bar? Was Oswego City personnel used to deliver them to McGraths bar. Where have they been stored? Barlow you got questions to answer. Or, how about having the NYS Comptroller's Office ask you those questions.



June 4-6/22



Today's Quote June 2-3/22

 Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.
Dale Carnegie

Monkey Business

The recent outbreak of Monkey Pox has sent shockwaves throughout Republican Conservative enclavces all over the country.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has vowed Monkey pox theory will be baned from all Florida schools.
Two prominent lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Rudy Giuliani are expected to debate before supreme court on teaching critical monkey theory. At urging of his wife Clarence Thomas indicated he may not recuse himself.

In New York Congresswoman Elsie "the cow" Stefanic plans to introduce a bill ordering the round up of all monkeys held in zoos to be taken to a remote area in upstate NY, designated area 21 where they can be humanely and safely destroyed in specially built structures using a mixture of Hydroxychloroquine, orange hair dye and sarin gas.

Republican governors in seven southern states warn party members of the dangers of having sex with underaged monkeys as it has been show that Monkey Pox can be transmitted through intimate contact.

In Rome the Pope issued a statement saying the church had no official position on the destruction of monkeys but warned that the killing of any pregnant monkeys was a sin against god.

June 2-3/22

Barlows not a veteran and shouldn't even been walking with them.

Just another cheap photo op for Barlow.


June 2-3/22

ISIS supporter given stiffer sentence in attack on FBI agent
25 years is too lenient


June 2-3/22

Lake Street
The City paved the parking lot for the ARTS CENTER , and not Lake Street, the main street to all the good stuff that Billy has built!!!!???

June 2-3/22

Sad but true
Isn't that the truth. I've been told the same exact thing, in fact Peebles was told to tread lightly. Watch what you say or post. They are watching!! Stop being afraid citizens, if you all stand up..they won't know what to do. Hit them all, on all sides scatter brain them. In fact they shouldn't trust each other. Rumor has it those, they thought wouldn't toss them, are the very ones doing the tossing. You don't need the sheriffs to bring justice. You simply need to fight for what's right, together & not give up. Do not fear them. Fight them. Never back down that's when they think they win. I truly believe their times done its ticking away like a clock one moment at a time. So post, be vocal, send anything you have across the country if you have to. The right person will come along and combat this. I know a ton of you had hope in Hilton, myself included. Might be time citizens took action else where and brought the heat by outside forces. With everyone fighting they will be outnumbered. They can't kill everyone.


June 2-3/22

East 4th and utica
There are a lot of assholes that drive in this city . oswego has the worst drivers period. and talking about the Utica bridge thats the state doing this work not the city. so stop blaming the mayor for this and that.

June 2-3/22

More than HALF of Republicans believe the U.S. is heading towards another civil war


June 2-3/22

The narrative is tunnel visioned
The invisible elephant in the country is this:we have a poorly educated population lackng in civility ethics and morality.The failed education system has been like all a political tool.There are known ways to educate people sucessfully and those are not employed in USA.
The population has beendbed to a fault.Theconversation about more security blabla bla is bullshit.EDUCATE THE PEOPLE STOPTHE CHICANERY

June 2-3/22

Barlows drug force
The drug force set up by Barlow isn’t doing too much ? Is this a protecting entity? West 2nd st is now part of the party scene. The taxpayers flower planters now owned by a city employee, blocking off much of the west side of west 2nd st. Spanky’s gang used to watch movies in their clubhouse.


June 2-3/22




Today's Quote June 1/22

 Work like you don't need the money.

Love like you've never been hurt.

Dance like nobody's watching.
Satchel Paige

East fourth and utica
Two weeks ago, someone went straight from the mandatory left turn lane. I had to go on the grass to avoid a collision. I have seen it happen again twice since then. That corner is a mess. Someone is going to get hurt. Perhaps Barlow should put some money into making it safer instead of all his drinking bullshit. And also, how many times are they going to patch Utica Street bridge for it to fall apart within a week?.

June 1/22

Inside the FBI: Missing Children's Day 2022



June 1/22

Was there a permit issued for all the millings that are being hauled from city to Top Quality Construction on the middle road ? Probably not. Many residents want this road posted to keep the dump trucks, 18 wheelers, heavy equipment haulers, trash haulers etc. that use middle road on a daily basis off this road that's not designed to handle the weight. Are we all asleep up there in the clubhouse ?

We'd like it stopped, post the road or we'll divert the traffic to Skyline Drive Mr Oldenburg, we've had ENOUGH !

What happened to you cleaning up the town ?

June 1/22

Blocking Sidewalks:
I was driving down Utica st. thursday and a man came out in the road in a wheelchair and going up the hill as a black car was blocking the whole sidewalk at 125 East Utica, and who drives right by was th PARKING black car , i looked in my mirror and he drove right by. I have seen this vehicle blocking the sidewalk several times as i use this street alot. Another city employee not doing his job, taxpayers pay for employees to do NOTHING.

Sisters allegedly murdered by husbands in Pakistan ‘honour’ killing
This is another bad choice our country made "pakistan sucks!"




June 1/22





Today's Quote May 28/22

 If you want to know who controls you,look at who you're not allowed to criticize
George Orwell

RE: New job for the Oswego thief !
You haven't even scratched the surface of how Nathan Emmons and his wife have been screwing the city and county for years. He got his foothold with the "Kid Mayor" and has had his hand in the till ever since.

First of all I am surprised that people would even shop at Mother Earth Baby and Curious Kidz. These two people are anti vaxxers and if you shop there you are exposing you and your family to Covid. On top of that they are really a homely couple.

Nathan Emmons was appointed by "Barlow" as the Oswego City Economic Development Director for the city of Oswego from Feb 2020 to Sept 2021 at an annual salary of $75,000. During his time there he was able to secure a $10,000 loan from City Economic Development for his and his wife's business, Mother Earth Baby, while he was director. Not much of a conflict of interest. At the same time he secured a $35,000 HUD EDF loan from the Oswego County Industrial Agency, for his,"for profit business", Mother Earth Baby. Here is a question; how does a "for profit business" get a "HUD loan"? Here is how; Tim Stalh, who worked for Nathan Emmons at the City Economic Development Department as his assistant and arranged the loan, also sits on the Oswego County Industrial Agency (IDA) Board of Directors. Cozy little arrangement.

At the same time, Emmons was able to finagle, from the City Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) a Grant for another $3,500 for new signs for Emmon's Curious Kidz store, located at 52 W Bridge Street, which he was renting from Tony Pauldine. It just gets better and better!

Emmons moves his Mother Earth Baby from his house at 70 W Bridge and Curious Kidz located at 52 W Bridge to a new location at the old Stones Candy Store located at 145 W Bridge St. This property is owned by, yep, Tony Pauldine, which he purchased for $100,000 and is renting it to The Emmon's. Tony Pauldine secured a $100,000 loan, yep, from the Oswego City Economic Development Department, and yes, that was secured through Tim Stalh. Are you getting it yet??

Emmons was also elected as a County Legislator from the 15th District and Tim Stalh, also elected a County Legislator from the 20th District. This web of thievery has been going on since Barlow appointed Emmons, in 2019 to work as The City of Oswego Section 8 Rental Assistance HUD housing office and then place him in the City Economic Development Director 2020. Do you now understand how Emmons got the $35,000 loan from the IDA! Now this scumbag thief is the Deputy Director of the FCDA (Fulton Development Community Agency. What is he being paid for that position?

The politics is sooooo corrupt in Oswego and the taxpayers are being screwed for hundreds of thousands of dollars by the above and the taxpayer's haven't a clue that it is happening . ALL of this is TRUE and has been documented. Yes, it is confusing, and that's what they want to be able to screw the taxpayers in the City of Oswego and the County of Oswego. The Emmons' have profited by several hundred thousands of dollars and haven't lifted a finger to get these funds. Sad! You paid for it all.

Next year there will be an election for County Legislator District 15 and there will be a candidate that is honest, qualified, and getting ready to run. So Mr. Emmons, if you are not in jail by then and planning on running be aware all and more of this will come out during this upcoming election. You will be replaced! And, this information will be sent to all the voters in the 19th and 20th districts.

May 28/22

How can one be so stuck on themselves?
The article Barlow decided to put out there about running for State Senate is a joke. People stroke his ego like he strokes them. When you’re a puppet you need an puppet master. In the Senate, he has none.


May 28/22






Today's Quote May 27/22

 All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.
Mark Twain

New job for the Oswego thief !
Nate Enema is now working in Fulton as Deputy Director of the FCDA. Another political appointment. Fulton better watch their money. He is probably looking for another location for one of his diaper shops. It will be backed by grant money. He gets caned by Oswego and hired by Fulton. Very sad day for Fulton.

May 27/22

Dave Warendorf
Just to bring you up to date, David passed away in January of 2021. Most properties have been sold to others including Lee Walker and Aaron Cass. If you know of any arson commited you should report it along with you investigated findings. However, your investigation skills seem a little lacking. – G. Reaper

May 27/22

Heidi's family
Thats just her fat sisters insatiable desire for attention.
How do you age ashes.


May 27/22



Today's Quote May 24-26/22

 The safety of the people shall be the highest law.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Bushmaster Logic
We know how well the Bushmaster kills little children, teenagers, Gays, Blacks, Hispanics and Jews. Would not the nex logical progression be to find out how well it will kill Republican Politicians? Also has anyone been able to fire a full thirty round clip without a jam or misfire"
I can hardly wait to find out the answers.

May 24-26/22

110 West Bridge Street
1998 This Building Burned. 2014 This Building Burned. 2022 This Building Burned.

Wahrendorf, David J (a local firefighter and club owner with liquor authority violations) sold this property for $0 to PORT CITY PROPERTIES LLC.

Robert Reed is an owner and did the electrical work under John Gosek's license. Port City Prime Properties, LLC is in Kathy Wahrendorf's name.

This is a photo of firefighters laughing outside a serious event that could have caused deaths.

This building has burned 3 different times... the owner is suspicious and involves an ACTIVE FIREFIGHTER THAT JUST HAD MANY LIQUOR LICENSE INFRACTIONS THAT WERE ADMITTED TO!

Heads should be rolling and indictments should be forthcoming. 3 times the same building burns? Right after all the Frat Boys leave for summer break?

And what shame to have your firefighters posing smiling in front of a burning building.

David Wahrendorf should be fired and arrested.A Fire Fighter attached to so many state violations with fire and liquor authority? Come ON!
Robert Reed should be questioned.
John Gosek should be charged with electrical license fraud and sent back to prison.
Tony Pauldine is just a pedophile and owns Gosek Electrical, so he should just be given the electric chair.

May 24-26/22

Stupidity at its finest
Heidi's family is to release an aged sketch of Allen. Many are asking, why? Many are saying the same thing. They let murderers walk free. So why? Is a very good question. You were given the names of those involved. But, yet, you by passed the truth. Now, what, looking to see if she's still alive? It makes no sense. Her family has and still is doing nothing to fight for the justice Heidi truly deserves. I don't think they ever will.

May 24-26/22

Stones Candy
I love Stones Candy and Ice Cream! I'm upset they always close to early during the week. I know I can and should go earlier in the day. I eat dinner around 6 and love to have sweat desserts. I don't like Bev's nor PJ's. It must be that it is hard for them to get help. Many people love to get ice cream after dinner as you can see by the lines you see at Bev's on nice days. I hope Stones extends the hours, I love the place! I will go to pick up my candy during the day as it is so yummy. Ice cream cones need to be bought and consumed on the spot. Shop local -shop Stones- HS kids please go and get applications to work the summer.

May 24-26/22

Oswego County Republicans...how true






Today's Quote May 21-23/22

 Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.

Extraditing Julian Assange would be a gift to secretive, oppressive regimes
One poor decision by our gov and another ad nausium


May 21-23/22

House fire:

110 West Bridge St
I believe this is at least the second time this house has burnt, and if im not mistaken its a Waherndorf residence,

May 21-23/22

How about the rise in the school budget of 20 million dollars , and yet the student enrollment is down by 34is down by

May 21-23/22

Ask not what the Mayor can do for the people
But ask what he can do for Broadwell

May 21-23/22

Old City Hall For Sale
Will the City of Oswego give the buyers tax exempt status like he did on Broadwells , Pauldine , Avery , owner of Riverside , and the two buildings on East First Street
And of course , Barlow is all over the drug , homeless crime , the drugies that hang out in the tunnel , underneath the bridges , behind gas stations , tractor supply , Walmart , lowes, harbor freight , just to name a few , and Barlow has a Drug Police Force ? And the Alderman do Nothing !
Another game

May 21-23/22

Since when does this city need a mobile construction barrier ?

May 21-23/22

Chat group leak reveals far-right fantasies of Germany’s AfD
The rat bastards used our fathers labor to rebuild this haven for murderers and war mongers and now they are beginning to show their colors



May 21-23/22

The crisis of American power: How Europeans see Biden’s America
Here lies the bombshell
Europe looks to "Berlin"


May 21-23/22

Europe’s dependence on the US was all part of the plan
Read between the lines
USA has been the rented mule to enabe Germany to retake europe



May 21-23/22




Today's Quote May 20/22

 trust and belief in the Supreme Court “is gone forever.”
“And when you lose that trust,” he continued, “it changes the institution fundamentally.

You begin to look over your shoulder.

It’s like kind of an infidelity, that you can explain it, but you can’t undo it.”
Clarence Thomas

The decline of belief and trust in the Supreme Court began when Thurgood Marshall was replaced with the likes of Clarence Thomas. Thomas is an Uncle Tom who sucked, kissed and did what ever was required to cultivate political connections that resulted in a striing of second fiddle government jobs. In fact the only job he had which was not leaching off the taxpayers was aproximately three years working as an attorney with the Monsanto Chemical Company.

He had no judicial experience what so ever yet he got himself appointed to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, March 12, 1990. Then with only ninteen months served as a judge and a neutral rating from the American Bar Association, which came as a result of pressure from the whitehouse, he was appointed to the Supreme Court.

Since his appointment to the Supreme Court Thomas has overseen numerous cases brought against Monsanto and other chemical companies. He has refused to recuse himself from such cases and has voted in favor of the chemical companies the vast majority of the time. Every time an Agent Orange issue came up he voted against Veterans.

The decline of belief and trust in the Supreme Court did not begin with the leaking of one draft of one opinion, It began with the appointment of a crooked lying piece of shit like Clarence Thomas and then helped along with the appointment of Brett M. Kavanaugh an alcholic who needs to get women drunk before he can get laid.

May 20/22

Muslim youth immigration
In astoria by steinway street home to muslim community on 911

They were jumping up and down cheering
When the towers were hit

Moreover i was talking about the unknown origin of millions that crosed into Turkey by syrian border and potentially radicalized youths

This culture has hated us for generations and were programmed by the likes of the grand mufti and the escaped 3rd reich criminals

I think that there are better choices to allow immigration to our great nation
europe has never had so many rapes and trafficked women many by this culture
Of course there are civilized muslims but do u want your kids in school with kids that grew up shooting ak 47's since they were toddlers?

May 20/22

MVB3X System - Google Shopping
Looked up these things and mayor seems to be buying literally most expensive mvb on earth
Modular Vehicle
Barrier 3X System
This guy thinks these taxpayers just can go to the well and fund his bullshit no one's gonna ram does an 18 wheeler into a crowd in Oswego New York



May 20/22







Today's Quote May 18-19/22

 I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.
Benjamin Disraeli

Muslim youths riot
The author of "Muslim youths riot" invokes Biden's name when he calls Muslims f*&#'d up religious sickos. Did you know Donald Trump endorsed a Muslim for Senator of PA. Do you know Dr Mehmet Oz's religion is Muslim? ...and here I thought Trump didn't like Muslims and wanted to ban them.


May 18-19/22


Modular Barrier 150,450 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



May 18-19/22




Today's Quote May 15-17/22

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep;

I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.
Alexander the Great

You'll notice in the Heidi Allen case they focused on Gary Thibodeau being at the search center. They didn't notice the amount of goons, who were there that surrounded the original prime suspect, that later became gang members including the king of them, the original prime suspect. Some are former cops. Yet Hilton hasn't done anything. Thought he was going to bring accountability and integrity to that dept. He's done no such thing. Put pie liar peteowski on a lie detector test ask him about his link to not only the van owner but to Curtis the officer involved in the 94 investigation. Here's one thing the head gang leader doesn't know. Some very close to you have flung you hard under the bus. Not to Hilton but to those far out of your control. I'd be worried. Very!!! Especially with this witness. The only one not given the recording was Hilton because he does NOTHING. But bet your ass it's been leaked to higher authority.

May 15-17/22

Muslim youths riot and demand release of two suspects after Christian student

was stoned to death
And Biden wants another 1.5 million of these fucked up religious sickos




May 15-17/22

One name in Heidi Allen, Herm Jordal. Bohrer led you to the truth.

None other than Herm Jordal. -Michael C. Bohrer


May 15-17/22

LP What!? Lick Plaster
Mayor's Post: "La Parilla reopens tonight at the new waterfront location (24 East First), a move supported by city government with a $10,000 grant. Good luck to Brandon, Ray and all the staff at La Parilla. Same delicious menu with a new, waterfront view!"

WTF? this guy has no money, just being backed by a couple silent pathfinder exec partners gets a $10k grant to put up a few new signs? Like, they just put up some new signs. Nothing different. No Norfleet East 1st St building, no OCH, bayfront is a joke. Broadwell's get some city backing and this new amateur to lease their restaurant space. Atmosphere is cheesy, view is of cement processing plant, menu still sucks, service still sucks. Another money grab. Doomed to fail but will slowly watch a three year lease suffocate itself in hubris. and did this dumb ass mayor just really buy a green convertible Mercedes? pride comes before a fall on that one ya dink nerd

Someone needs to build a legit Steak House. The Char Pit was cool. Tully's express is already about to close. Ed Alberts owning fajita grill, riverwalk pizza, a bagel place and a coffee roasting place is like licking a piece of sheetrock for flavor. Garbage generic food with no love or passion. Oswego has no food game. None. Best food right now is at Byrne Dairy, or Bowling Ally in Fulton.

May 15-17/22

Truth sucks
The man who lived behind D&W is linked directly to Daniel Barney.

May 15-17/22

Elsie "The Cow" Stefanik

Sources say that Elise "The Cow" Stefanik got pregnant by Trump when she visited Mara Lago after he promised her the Speaker of the House" in exchange for a quick piece of ass . Scary what she will do to get ahead. She is also a member of "Q".

May 15-17/22

Re: Latest Boat In City's Fleet
Barlow drags this behind it.

May 15-17/22


Today's Quote May 13-14/22

When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life;

now that I am old I know that it is.
Oscar Wilde

Who IS
Who is the former officer who lived behind the D&W in 1994. Who lost his job? His name can be found on the Heidi Allen search center list. The connections will astound you.

May 13-14/22

Is it Mayor Barlow, Barrow, or Burro as in jackass?
I just picked up a free copy of the Oswego Shopper as they sometimes have some interesting articles, and what, to my suprise, there was a picture of, you got it, "I'll take a picture any place, any time, Barlow." First of all, they spelled his name as Mayor Billy Barrow, it would have been better if they spelled Mayor Billy Burro, you know, like burro, in JackAss. Second of all, what the hell was he doing at Fitzhugh Park Elementary School? I see he brought 7th Ward Councillor "Coriander" who looks like he has a foot in the grave. Then, I was wondering why one of the fourth grade students was in the back row with the officials, then realized it wasn't a student at all, it was little, and I mean little Kiven Hill, 2nd Ward " odd boy". The fourth graders in the front row were as tall as this little piss pot is. It is just toooooo funny. It is sad to see these losers address young kids.


May 13-14/22

Latest Boat In City's Fleet






Today's Quote May 12/22

 It's better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.
Elizabeth Kenny

Re: Vindictive low life scum
This is BS! A diversion from what Barlow and the other others did is criminal! The people pulling Barlow strings is his mommy, Lisa, the City Attorney Kevin C. Cariccioli et al. The Barlow's are nothing but a family of Carnies, grifters, who got their hands on millions of tax payers dollars. Then treated it as their own personal piggy bank.

Those photo ops of Barlow went from passing out checks, to hiding behind children in photo ops when Barlow started getting called out on the money and his Spring Break trip. Barlow and rest MUST be held ACCOUNTABLE for what they did. Yes, let the NYS Comptroller's Office come in and follow the dollar. Nothing will change until this is done. As for the Oswego Common Council it is a kakistocracy!

(Also! The Oswego DPW acct. needs to be audited. What did Kells order, and where did it go?)

Resign Barlow!

May 12/22

Black River Trail Run ................ THERE'S STILLTIME TO SIGN UP!
If you’d like more information about the Black River Trail Run, contact organizer Mike Samoraj at 315-663-5539, send an email to willowrunningny@gmail.com, or visit www.willowrunning.com.

May 12/22

Response to OCHD
Corruption??? What the hell are you talking about? YOU have no idea what you’re talking about, there are no allegations against the County or any Corruption having to do with OCHD.
I’m sorry you are so desperate to run your mouth about something you have no idea. Mike Donovan is a damn good employee. Knows more that you and it pisses you off you pathetic dirty little man. You don’t think so and that’s YOUR opinion which no one cares about. (Just saying)
I’m sick and tired of seeing your desperate attempt at smearing someone I care about and his family.
Knowing facts before you run your mouth would be best. Until then, best of luck and may KARMA come back around to bite you in the ass.
You are pathetic, unjust, unwanted, disgusting white trash and Oswego is the perfect fit for your bullshit.
Laughing at your pathetic little man syndrome because you have no back bone to say things to his face.

May 12/22

If you live in Oswego and not under a rock or in a tent behind Walmart, you realize there’s corruption at all levels in local, state and federal governments.
Since you Mr. Corruption Expert know the so called “case” the OCHD has against Mike Donovan you must have some major local late breaking news.. HAHAHA
You’re so misinformed.
The County and his job have nothing to do with what you think you may “know”.
Keep stroking little man. Maybe you should concentrate on your own problems because they are mounting against you. Guys talk. He knows who the “stroker or keyboard warrior is.” Hope you are smart enough to not be writing on County time.

Your coworker-
Laughing all the way to the bank!


May 12/22








Today's Quote May 11/22

 Money can't buy you happiness, but it helps you look for it in a lot more places.
Milton Berle

Oswego county embarrassment
I know first hand the corruption that happens at the county and it’s sick, for Mike Donovan the proof they have against you is damning and sad our hard earned tax dollars went towards you and your corrupt “business”, fake ids, fake county business. Those bars will look good in front of your face.

May 11/22

Vindictive low life scum
Barlow is merely a bully and tool for the rats that use and acquire public funds from IDA DRI FAVORS FROM POLITICIANS
the puppeteers
That pull the likes of Barlows strings are the true scum
Quite sure your at the end of the strings
Barlows come and go
But who in the shadows is pulling those strings


May 11/22




Today's Quote May 9/22

 Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.
William Makepeace Thackeray

This mayor done more for this city then any mayor we have had; WOW great English
I see there are idiots out there that follow the "Carney" Mayor just like the "Trumptards" follow that idiot Trump. This kid Barlow was brought up in a Carney environment and it has now flowed over into the city. All he wants to do is the "fun" things, like splash pads, fire pits, drinking districts, and making sure his family's "Carney" business is taken care of. The city received $10 million for improvements (DRI), Governor Cuomo, and the "Carney" Mayor gave it away to his friends Avery, Albert and Broadwell, because they made contributions to his election.

The city is in terrible shape and the roads are a total mess. Trash all over the place; paper wrappers, beer cans, plastic cups, and pizza boxes. I see them every day on my daily walks. Sidewalks are terrible; broken up, missing sections, a tripping hazard all over the city. Major zoning violations on rundown houses all over the city. People living under the bridge, and out on the other side of Wal-Mart is a homeless tent city. Homeless people sleeping on the benches in front of city hall, and now, "this mayor done more for this city then any mayor we have had", is allowing "TWO" huge low cost housing units, for welfare people, to be built on East 1st Street. I can hardly wait to see the scumbags from these buildings, walking the streets of Oswego. What a legacy the "Carney Mayor" will leave the city for the next 20 years for us to have to endure.

Also, when statements are made, maybe English should be properly used, ie;" this mayor done more for this city then any mayor we have had" ...This mayor has done more for this city than any other mayor we have ever had, Duh...not a true statement, but at least it reads properly now.

May 9/22

Well for starters, one keyboard warrior to another, this whole page is for sh!t like that. Invest in thick skin or don't chirp. I wouldn't be to concerned about building a case against a ghost, dummy. Everyone knows Mike and his wife post and the pole puffer Nate writes on here. You'll be pissing up a rope you goon. Funny he's the best employee yet, does a good impression of a dumbass. That's why Kurt was ready to fedex his sh!t back to him right? Well after this mess, you might just move up Mike, or you'll win a pair of stainless steel bracelets by the sounds of it who knows.

May 9/22

Roe V Wade, Republicans bringing us back to early 1800’s
The packed Trump Republican Supreme Court will reverse Roe v Wade in June, 2022 and abortions will be illegal, just like in the 1800's. Women's rights are about to take a major setback with much more to come. This is just a start for the women of a country that once had inalienable rights.

Here is what is about to come from the Republican Party of Trump:

1 Abortion pills to be illegal

2 Women's voting rights to be rescinded

3 Equal pay for women will be rejected and women will not be able to hold management positions, or maybe any positions

4 Same sex marriage ....gone

5 LGBTQ....gone

6 Gay rights....gone back to the closet girls and boys

7 Black Lives Matter...no more, back on the selling block

We are heading back to the 1800 where the man's word was law and a woman better not speak.....This is what Trump and his people wanted, well here it comes.....ENJOY!

May 9/22

Re: standoff
Presenting the *Party Boy* Mayor of Oswego, NY William Barlow's accomplishments as mayor of Oswego, NY!

1 Mayor Barlow, DPW Commissioner Kell's, City of Oswego Attorney Kevin C Caraccioli. *GUILTY* of violating - § 2635.702 Use of public office for private gain.

2 Barlow filed a frivolous lawsuit against the Oswego Port Authority because he couldn't see the Oswego Lighthouse.

3 Barlow letting DPW employees and equipment work on private rental properties.

4 Barlow hires his sister to work at Oswego City Hall.

4 The "GRANT MONEY." Needs to be audited. How much did Barlow and his mommy and family help themselves too?

5 Barlow could not attend a meeting because he wasn't in Oswego. Why? (Barlow was down partying with the "Spring Breaker's") Who paid for this trip? (Taxpayer-funded?)

6 Barlow canceled Harborfest and the Fourth of July parade because of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Numbers of infected increasing) But Barlow throws parties! Rock the Docks, Summer Bash. (Made money off of his concession stands) Barlow used his position as mayor for personal gain.

7 Wall collapses on a car behind Pontiac terraces because there was no city construction inspector.

8 Fort pool left stagnant, green slime filed, mosquito-infested. No maintenance done on it for months.

9 Water-main break, at the intersection of West 5th and Utica Streets that wasn't fixed for over a month because no one knew where the water shut off was.

10 New beach opened next to the Eastside sewage treatment plant.

And the BS on the so-called mayors' web page should title it this. "MAYOR BARLOW FARTS"

May 9/22

Those in glass houses should not throw stones
It seems to me that the only people who read this nonsense are County Employees that seek revenge on other County Employees, Barlow haters, Teachers and Vindictive Low Life Scum of Oswego.
Which category do you fall under?
To the person writing constantly about the Oswego County Highway Department, (OCHD) you really need Mental Help. You must hate your job, hate your superiors and hate this County.
Why don’t you find a new job? What, No one will hire a loud mouth loser like you? Maybe you should run for the Legislature but I'm sure you aren’t smart enough or don’t have enough friends to vote for you.

I feel sorry for you and hell will be a very warm inviting place for you to go. Keep hiding behind your keyboard.

May 9/22

East side train tunnel
One stop shopping smoke dope shoot up spray paint shit and sleep

May 9/22

Holy shit stopped to buy 2 donuts for the grandkids $3.18 that works out to $19.08 a dozen


May 9/22



Today's Quote May 7/22

 Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
Mahatma Gandhi

Let me start by saying Mike D is the one of best employee the OCHD has EVER had. You get promotions based on hard work and knowledge, something you keyboard warriors have no clue about.
All the speculation around why he is out of work, the accusations and the defamation case that’s being build from you idiot (knuckle draggers) sitting behind a computer writing your smut is only helping his case. Clean out needs to start with the bottom feeders like you!! Don’t worry, keep writing and helping his case. We will start with the mouth runners who’s wife works at 911 and thinks he “knows” everything. (I won’t post your name on here like you do his.
Keep stroking, you are keeping everyone entertained and building an iron clad case against you and your cronies.

May 7/22

Oswego county cover up
So what I want to know is why is the police reports on this not easily accessible. Is the county sweeping this under the rug he needs to be made a example of and what about all those firearms where they confiscated hmmm. Mike donovan arrested just like his father the sheriff that stole all that money apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

May 7/22

Miller Clan
The Millers today are what the Barlows were in 1950-1970. They are all scum.

May 7/22

Oswego county cover up
So what I want to know is why is the police reports on this not easily accessible. Is the county sweeping this under the rug he needs to be made a example of and what about all those firearms where they confiscated hmmm. Mike donovan arrested just like his father the sheriff that stole all that money apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

May 7/22

Two the person that said let them go home. its not the city that made that law it was yor governor. your a idiot your one of them that sit home all day behind a keyboard. this mayor done more for this city then any mayor we have had.

May 7/22

New book exposes how some of Germany's biggest firms colluded with Nazis
This country will start another war that will cost us as they used us since ww2



May 7/22




Today's Quote May 5-6/22

 Friends are the siblings God never gave us.

For Mike Donovan's sake let's hope the legislators and the attorneys don't go thru mikes computer.

May 5-6/22

Another Smegelski jr amongst OCHD
If Mike Donovan still has a job at the county what kind of precedent is the county setting?. You can steal, falsify, forge signatures on our tax payers dollars and all you get is a slap on the wrist. Smooth. We pay taxes for what exactly? Fund someone else's outside operation?.


May 5-6/22




Today's Quote May 4/22


 A man should always consider how much he has more than he wants.
Joseph Addison

Stand Off
I have a problem with the Mayor posting this comment during the May 2nd standoff in Oswego on East 7th and Bridge. His comment at 8pm was:
"The situation on East 7th Street is not a threat to the public. A domestic dispute escalated, leading to the occupants not coming outside to speak with Police. It is on-going, but they'll be coming out soon. In the mean time, please continue to avoid the area."
This is how arrogant the kid is. How did he make the determination that there was no threat to the public with the street shut down, and how on earth was he able to presume that "they'll be coming out soon"?
This kid and his ego is going to be eaten alive in Albany. Next time just keep your post to avoid the area.

Side theory. The Miller's have been long time drug dealers in Oswego and most have criminal records. Did he know this information because he is one of the Mayor's suppliers?

May 4/22

You can thank him for all of this ,wait till all of all the other cities get rid of there rejects , this city will be a ZOO. How do you convict someone and let them go home WTF, thats how dumb our city officials are , well all the police and fireman made som good OVERTIME !!!!!!!! This city and county are a JOKE. L look on the speedway site and now its BARLOW CONCESSIONS even BARLOW NIGHT , where did all that FEDERAL MONEY GO !!!!!!!!!

May 4/22

Another county cover up? Or just business as usual?
Last week ATF/ sheriffs dept went after altered arms out on co rt 1?. Owned and operated by Mike Donovan and Nate Grey. The same guy that works for OCHD. Sounds like he was using tax payers money to operate his business while on the clock. Will this be another paid vacation or will the legislators finally rid the waste and toxicity implemented by the last administration. #draintheswamp


May 4/22



Today's Quote May 3/22


A Busy Day In OZ

Local Police and Fire departments on the scene of a fist fight over a parking spot at walmart.

Scooter vs car accident on Rt 104 East near Judson St.

Armed standoff with convicted fellon on East 7th St.

It seems a member of the infamous Oswego Miller family was sentenced in court for a stabbing he did about a year ago. Being Oswego he did not go directly to jail but rather they let him go home. Once there he decided he was not going to go to jail. Now the cops have surrounded the house and blocked off the neighborhood.


May 3/22



Margie Green At The State Of The Union

Great dress there Honey! Really shows off that beer gunt you have.






Today's Quote May 2/22

 Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay.
Simone de Beauvoir

159 West 5th Street (What are they up too?)


May 2/22

Deutsche Bank HQ in Frankfurt raided over suspected money laundering
They should've never turn the wall down this country is going to start another word that's gonna drag us to hell and back


May 2/22

Ottawa police chief vows to stop biker rally as city braces for potential protests
organized rallies wreak of fascist puppeteer


May 2/22

Ex-president of Honduras extradited to US on drugs charges
His people must've been competition for the CIA


May 2/22

‘Threats and bullets’: wave of killings highlights perils of journalism in Mexico
It seems as though there's very few muckrakers left even in the US journalistic world bunch of wishy-washy bullshit across the board it's a shame it's the reason disgusting politicians and small and large towns can get away with the shit that they shovel on the people and they can get away with giving the peoples blood money to their friends I suspect if the people in this town were honestly investigated by the FBI they would Rico several families and jail them for racketeering in the past it's no secret that the corrupt local police covered to heinous crimes
It's a very very corrupt town and there's very little ethics amongst the people that manage it and I don't even think that the new breed of police understand ethics it would be nice if there was a third-party that actually represented the people as opposed to political parties they both suck


May 2/22

Four killed by female suicide bomber near China institute in Pakistan
The Chinese are taking over the world



May 2/22



Today's Quote April 29/22

 Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully

as when they do it from religious conviction.

Blaise Pascal

East 10th &Utica:
Another good accident last night, a huge black pickup heading north on east 1oth right through the stop sign, hit this car spun it around and it landed on Utica heading west , when they were heading east,and then kept going till past the bar before she stopped. Didnt even get out to see if someone else was hurt , the pickup was huge and she was probly texting as most are all day long (NO POLICE AROUND) ever so again its a matter of time someone is going to die at east 10th and Utica !!! ( A LAWLESS CITY ) WHAT A TOWN TO BE A POLICEMAN .

April 29/22

Mayor Barlow plans annual two-week code enforcement sweep
Would it not have made more sense for the mayor to offer people city garbage pick up for several weeks as opposed to his gestapo tactic

April 29/22

To the Sad DPW employee complaining about the hierarchy above him
If you hate your job so much, leave. If your employers, their posse and coworkers are so moronic, LEAVE. Coming on here to complain about drug testing policies without knowing the entirety of what occurred is childish, miserable, and useless. Go pick up a hobby, or talk shit to someone's face instead of anonymously. Pansy ass little boys. I tell ya. We all know what the mayor does, and what he does or any of his employees do in their free time really isn't your business. This town is filled with people who stay concerned with everyone's business but their own.

April 29/22

A city manager that is bi partisan
This city had crooked management almost for the entire last 155 years
Its about time that the scum that feed off the political gravy train retired left oswego to try to heal from the devastation inflicted upon it by these fowl people.There should be some ethical standard for public management beyond enforcement
The management of policies regarding physical services have been corrupt and mismanaged forever. Time to insist on quality control of the physical jobs done in city with funds ferom taxpayers. Barlow wil graduate to some position in his bosses office and the next guy or woman is gonna need a ton of help. The problems that are facing Oswego are humongous and need moral intelligent ethical management
The cloonan broadwell big cheese group that usurps the funds from taxpayers need to retire and let city heal
The ida should send the key players to the gulags in siberia or china
The crappy infrastructure needs master planning

April 29/22





Today's Quote April 28/22

God created a number of possibilities in case some of his prototypes failed -

that is the meaning of evolution.
Graham Greene


mayor Barlow, Tim Rice , Sean Cloonan
So the Mayor talks a good game on drugs and cracking down on it in the city ,but then goes and hires the puppet masters nephew " Sean the druggie him self Cloonan ". What a joke ! Not only hires him but put him in a supervisor spot. Not only is this a joke but one of the dpw workers faied his random drug test and only got time off. I remember when chuck A. got fired for the same thing . Mike J gets a big promotion as well . The guy who was all coked up at a bar one night and the opd dragged him out as he yelled and screamed " call the mayor or you boys will be getting fired . The mayors drug buddie so he was let go .I would be fine with a drug test for all of us. I ask why the Mayor doesn't do it??? LOL we all no the answer.

Now we deal with Joe C. acting like the king of the DPW because Tim is as stupid as CONZONE !.

I can not work with these idiots much longer. We do things two and three times because no one has a clue what is going on. Craig R. is never here and when he is he struts around like king shit. He spends what little time he is here at the little league fields . The marina project is a joke , I asked when are we starting the pier project ,and everyone of the supervisors say they have not got a clue. I work hard and get passed by because I don't do drugs . If it was not for the benefits I would be out of this place.


April 28/22

Scriba Junkyards
We have another junkyard on the Middle road by Ontario Amusements. Who allowed this to happen Oldenberg ? That makes # 3 on the same road ! WHY ?

So much for you cleaning up the town, it's gotten much worse, and you've got a lot of DO NOTHING people holding paying positions in Scriba, including you. What happened to the JUNK LAW ?

You and the useless town board should get off your lazy asses and start doing your jobs, and making sure others are doing theirs !

You all need to be replaced come election time and break up the republican clubhouse that does nothing for their constituants.

April 28/22






Today's Quote April 25-27/22

 Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent.
Napoleon Bonaparte

It's difficult to not think of Allen or Thibodeau during this time of year. A prayer for both. Psalm 89:14. Therefore, he will not stop until those who are unrightfully hurt or wronged are restored.
"Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!" —Amos 5:24
May some day, they both have justice.

April 25-27/22

RE: Enough of the Poor Black Bullshit
"I heard the conversation between the black kid and the police officer and it was kind, instructive and genital."
That takes balls to leave a comment like that. (rim-shot)

April 25-27/22

Good question.
Does Hilton understand some cops, some judges, attorneys, some DA, ADA, are all a direct part of the drugs? But why How? The money, the power, the control. How far is this new drug task force willing to climb? Be prepared you won't climb too high. You'll wipe out many in political power if you attempt to. That's where the blue line stops. It does not counter those in power with arrests. Instead they turn that blue line eye because of the power that person possesses. Heidi Allen should tell you there's only so far justice will prevail, especially in the demanding drug world in Oswego. Don't climb too high boys. You won't get too far. The good ol boys have control. With those boys comes brothers. Those brothers will destroy or take your life. One quote from a few of them over heard by citizens. Suicide or accident it gets the job done. Be careful who you attempt to remove. Because they think nothing of human life. We see that with Gary Thibodeau and Heidi Allen. Those dragging that blue line also see nothing wrong with what they do. Or even Heidi would have justice. So the answers simple. They climb high enough to shut the public up and have no accountability for those in power.

April 25-27/22

This culture is lacking morality



April 25-27/22




Today's Quote April 24/22

 Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

William Shakespeare

Barclay, Barlow to host blood drive May 6 in Oswego
Ironic that the mayor runs blood drive being a blood sucking +£?,££?~|\|?€~<!!<,~,??




April 23-24/22

Enough of the Poor Black Bullshit
I watched the poor black eight year old kid being put into a police car, after he stole a bag of chips from a store. The police did not man-handle the kid, just put him in the police car and took him home to his father. Yes, the kid was crying, mostly because he got caught, not because of any abuse from the police. I heard the conversation between the black kid and the police officer and it was kind, instructive and genital.

Now we have the black community out there protesting against the police. The police did their job perfectly and to see these black uneducated idiots trying to make an issue out of it, is disgusting. What is more disgusting is, this same, black, 8 year old, the following day, stole another kids bike.

By the time this black 8 year old is 13 he will have stolen a car, gone to reform school, got out and probably will be shot dead on the streets by another black 13 year old kid.

Enough of the Poor Black Bullshit, go to school, get an education, stop feeling sorry for yourself, get a job and get out of the slums. It can be done. Many of us have worked with those that have done that and they were a pleasure to be with.


April 23-24/22





Today's Quote April 22/22

 Better remain silent, better not even think, if you are not prepared to act.
Annie Besant

Pathfinder Bank Multiple Choice
Rumor is the bank is getting a new President which begs the question what happened to the old one.
1- Another DWI?
2- Sexual Harrassment?
3- Use of bank funds for personal expenses?
4- All of the above

April 22/22

Premature/ Unnecessary!
These are two words used at the April 14th Legislative meeting in response to a motion to ask for the resignation of Commissioner Alvord of the county DSS.
Premature: done to soon
The child died May of 2021. A OCFS report came out in November of 2021.
Asking of the resignation in April is far from “Premature”; it is more like past due.
Unnecessary: needless, not essential
A child died for the second time while under the watchful eyes of Oswego County CPS.
If the actions of asking for the resignation of the head of the department that was tasked with watching out for the welfare of that child is deemed “Unnecessary”,then, what would be “necessary”!
Again a child died while under the watchful eyes of Oswego county CPS.
The buck stops at the top.
Not at the middle or bottom.
The fact that two Legislators,(Democrats) asked the Legislature to ask for the resignation of DSS Commissioner Alvord is far from “Premature and Unnecessary” .
It is:
“Past due and very necessary”
Frank Castiglia Jr.
Minority Leader Oswego County Legislature

April 22/22

Treachery our politicians in Oswego
FAITHLESS, FALSE, DISLOYAL, TRAITOROUS, TREACHEROUS, PERFIDIOUS mean untrue to what should command one's fidelity or allegiance. FAITHLESS applies to any failure to keep a promise or pledge or any breach of allegiance or loyalty. faithless allies FALSE stresses the fact of failing to be true in any manner ranging from fickleness to cold treachery. betrayed by false friends DISLOYAL implies a lack of complete faithfulness to a friend, cause, leader, or country. disloyal to their country TRAITOROUS implies either actual treason or a serious betrayal of trust. traitorous acts punishable by death TREACHEROUSimplies readiness to betray trust or confidence. a treacherousadviser PERFIDIOUS adds to FAITHLESS the implication of an incapacity for fidelity or reliability. a perfidious double-crosser


April 22/22

Taxes Oswego bloodsuckers
Oswego City School District will submit a 2022-2023 $97.1 million budget to a taxpayer referendum May 17, with administrators and Board of Education members touting its "historic opportunities" for change due to higher-than-expected revenue streams

Merge city and school one gov drop the failed educational curriculum start over insanity

April 22/22

Saudi Prince MBS shouted at Biden's NSA Jake Sullivan when asked about Jamal Khashoggi
America sure picks some scum as friends



April 22/22




Today's Quote April 20-21/22

 Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,

committed citizens can change the world; indeed,

it's the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

Be careful Barlow
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration recently warned of a nationwide increase in mass-overdose events in which victims are unknowingly ingesting fentanyl when taking cocaine or methamphetamines.


April 20-21/22

I see he moved his summer home out to brennan beach already,so he can continue to f--ck the taxpayer again , city as well as county as he will use the county truck for everything ,on COUNTY TAXPAYERS DIME. He should take a ride around his ward as the POTHOLES are getting deeper, 7th and oneida , 9th and bridge up on 104 . Take a ride in your golf cart !!!! Oh thats right he drives by them everyday. USELESS !!

April 20-21/22

Oswego Hospital
You have to wear a mask to get into the hospital which makes sense but not one employee was wearing a mask including doctors and nurses

April 20-21/22

The Future of Waste Disposal Systems
As an American knowing that these scumbags started to world wars that murdered relatives of mine I feel we should send them all our garbage since it was our families that paid the taxes for the country rebuilding that enable these scumbags to have such beautiful garbage removal I think we should ship them all our garbage from the entire United States and let them have it every drop every last bit and let them pay for processing it since we enable them to develop the sweet technology so while our children and our in debt and our children's children are in debt and our children's children's children are in debt f**k these c**ksuckers



April 20-21/22




Today's Quote April 17-19/22

The only difference between death and taxes

is that death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets.
Will Rogers

City needs to Address Violations of Bird E Scooters
Those of us that take daily walks are sick of having to navigate around Bird E-Scooters that are parked by the Bird Company that are blocking the sidewalks or crosswalks, or by the user that finished their rides and just dumped them on the sidewalks. I am also tired of seeing 15 year old idiot kids that are renting these scooters illegally and have no idea of the laws of the road. Driving through stop signs, pulling out on the street without looking if traffic is coming, turning and not signaling, two people on a scooter, ECT. These abuses are going to get someone killed.

It is obvious the city police and the city code department doesn't give a shit, even though there are strict city ordinances and traffic laws that are being violated every day right in front of them. Must be the Kid Mayor has instructed them to ignore all violations.

While walking, clearing these scooters off the sidewalks has been a part of my daily routine. They are moved off the sidewalk and laid down on the median or on a lawn so as not to damage the scooter.

While walking, if I trip over one of these scooters and are injured, a lawsuit against the city and Bird will be initiated.

Oswego City Ordinance

257-26 Parking in Public Space Restricted.
C) No person shall park an automobile or any other vehicle in such a manner as to block, impede or prevent the free passage of pedestrians on the sidewalks.
F) No person shall park an automobile or any other vehicle in such a manner as to block, impede or prevent the free passage of pedestrians on a crosswalk.

Fine: $100 for each violation
Bird Rental Agreement, Waiver of Liability and Release

Effective Date: March 1, 2022

1.2 Rider is At Least 18 Years Old. Rider represents and certifies that Rider is at least 18 years old.

Upon conclusion of Your ride, the Vehicle must not be parked at a prohibited parking spot, i.e. unauthorized private property, in a locked area, blocking the right of way, or in any other unapproved non-public space.

The Kid Mayor really needs to grow up. What a little shithead

April 19/22

Arrest made in assault of Elnaz Hajtamiri, Canada-wide warrant issued for 2nd man

April 19/22



In a city so close to a river and lake its surprising these scooters dont just disappear.


April 19/22

If he's OS2 now he can't be on the city council. That's a conflict of interest. The Walker family milking the public tit continues...

April 19/22

The mayor and social districts





Today's Quote April 15-16/22

 Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.
Leonardo da Vinci

Social district
Ny state liquor authority has some specific requirements that on premise establishments need to adhere to.
One thing they have on books is visible intoxication.Why would a place liscensed by ny state to sell booze want the liability of allowing a person into their establishment with a cup of unknown quantity of booze they didnt serve
The liability is vague
Is the city going to get dram shot insurance to cover say a wrongful death suit of some one that left said social district and are all participents jointly liabal?
In the old days the bulk of wrongful death suits were covered up ,for the families that owned the irresponsible taverns, by OPD
Now that we have a possibly honest police chief not politically tied to known shit hole establishments
A wrongful death suit would be honestly investigated which leaves some questionable liability because the participation of numerous establishments.
Moreover it used to be that beer and wine only were allowed in venues that had public space that allowed drinking of booze .
So 1.liability in worst case scenario
2. What beverages are allowed
3. How can estsblishments involved know the few local police that are not so fair arent going to sik the liquor authority on targeted participants?
4. The drinking age should be same as the legsl age to join military
Have kids and marry

April 15-16/22

Anyone that drinks "too much" should not be teaching school!
Ha ;you moral jackass
Sometimes during their free time people drink
Smoke bongs
Read erotic literature
Get a life you mealy mouthed moron


April 15-16/22

How about the Drunk Teacher threatening to sue the fire dept because they stole her bottle of VODKA from her car. That must have been some kind of morning bash at Steamers.. Who would of thought ..... BROADWELLS serving DRUNKS !!!!
You would think she would be embarrassed at school. NO she bashing everyone involved but herself. GET SOME HELP

April 15-16/22

The goings on in local government
Nothing more than friends giving their cronies other peoples hard earned money!

April 15-16/22

You would think with the zombie apocolypse they would want abortion

April 15-16/22

Barlows Scooters
Hey Barlow, if I find another scooter on my property, it becomes mine. It’s abandoned property on my property. I will take a baseball bat and beat the crap out of it. If anyone else dislikes these being out in the roads, those riding not obeying traffic laws, letting kids ride them without helmets, when there is a helmet law, just take a baseball bat and beat it so it cannot be used anymore. They will go away, I promise you. It will get too expensive to make it profitable. This city is a joke. Barlow needs to be arrested for his cocaine endeavors and using our tax dollars to fund his friends lives. The drug task force is an obvious waste! They should have already caught him. It’s that easy. Our tax dollars wasted once again.

April 15-16/22

Furniture Store:
DON"T ever buy anything at OLUMS in Mattydale, we purchased furniture on October 20th 2021 and we didn"t get delivery until Jan. 5th 2022. They brought our couch and loveseat , and new dinning room table, AND NO CHAIRS , SIX months later i called again and asked where are my chairs?? They told me my chairs came in and it would cost me $100.00 to have them delivered, i said noway am i paying for something that is 6 months late , and was told thats the deal. Well we went up yesterday and picked up our chairs, 6 MONTHS LATE> WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN. That store is a joke !!!!!!!

April 15-16/22

The goings on in local government
Nothing more than friends giving their cronies other peoples hard earned money!

April 15-16/22

Anyone that drinks "too much" should not be teaching school!
Ha ;you moral jackass
Sometimes during their free time people drink
Smoke bongs
Read erotic literature
Get a life you mealy mouthed moron


April 15-16/22





Today's Quote April 14/22

 The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Thomas Jefferson

Drunk Teacher
Anyone who drinks that much is a serious alcholic and should not be teaching school.

April 14/22

I see he has still done nothing about the POT HOLES, thats because he doesn"t give a shit about his ward its all about him. This city is a joke !!!! Must be the Comedy council mer Monday night , city hall lite up every floor, let see what new dream they come up with ????

April 14/22

Re: Middle School Teacher
Get your facts straight. It's a Fourth Grade teacher at the Minnetto School and this is not the first time. Back during the winter she totaled another car but avoided the drunk driving charges that time.


April 14/22

Nathan Emmons... Major Phoney
I don't know why anybody would be surprised by Emmons actions. It is well known that he and his wife are Anti-Vaxer's, anti-mask, and thinks Covid is a joke. They might want to ask the families of the county residents that have lost loved ones from this disease. It is also shocking that anybody would expose themselves or their kids by ever entering the store called CuriousKids / Mother Earth Baby, knowing that they run it and you could risk your live by going in there to shop with the potential of contracting Covid from them. Scary!

April 14/22

Re: Oswego Middle School drunk teacher
Not sure what teacher you’re referring to, but about 10 yrs ago, there was a female science teacher at OMS, and she ran the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) program at OHS. She to was arrested for drunk driving. It was swept under the rug. The Xmas gifts the teachers give out are always bottles of alcohol.

April 14/22

Our common council sucks!!!!!!!! BARLOW YOU SUCK!!!!!!!! This bunch of alcoholics ok'd a fucking social district
Why don't we have a red light district, A heroin district , A home for sucky politicians ? Do you want to know why?
It's because this city is already full of districts for Shitbags to roam free. If you would like to see the C.E.O.of shitbags
get ahold of old dope head Billy.
I would like to know why they stop drunk drivers, felons, druggies, right down to traffic offenders or anyone? This city
is a goddamn free for all. How does this Will Barclay loving piece of shit get away with this stuff and nobody stops him.
I see he helped Emmons out with his diaper and toy store HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!! That is so he and the rest of
the politicians could take their girlfriends to get some new toys. Then maybe he can get her a lemonade and a chunk of
fried dough.
We are paying taxes for a bunch of drunk assholes to leave their little social district and drive drunk and kill peoples
families . Nice job Billy tight pants!!!!! If it's my family I will sue the shit out of him and his little Common (senseless) council
via city funds as well as personally for making horrible decisions like this.


April 14/22




Today's Quote April 11-13/22

 Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
Mark Twain

RE: Oswego School District/Harborfest
The woman responsible for over paying Gouey and the the teacher aid tens of thousands of dollars resigned before she could be fired. The District brought Peter Miles back to fill in untill a replacement could be found. He is getting paid $550 per day.

April 11-13/22

Weapons for Ukraine: The German Government’s Hesitance over the War Is Angering Allies
This is y we were wrong to build this country




April 11-13/22

What does political upheaval in Pakistan mean for the world?
This country has nukes ,which is dangerous for the civilized world,
Particularly us!



April 11-13/22

It could be that crook Peter Myles, back when he took the position he was still full time with the school district, getting paid and also getting paid by Harborfest, and was never at the school district when it was on east 1st and bridge. Another example of Oswego corruption !!!

April 11-13/22

He's a POS. I heard he's under investigation for his building deal. What cracks me up is that he's such a loud mouth about kids wearing masks in school and he homeschools so what does he care what goes in the public schools. Like that Sean Ohnmacht is on the school board but the Oswego schools aren't good enough for his kids. He's another POS.

April 11-13/22

Oswego Middle School Teacher Arrested For DWI
One of Oswegos stellar teachers drove her car into a ditch and then blew a 4.4 on the breathalizer. Now she is bragging how she is going to get out of it. Looks like another paying customer for Greg Oaks. Why is it the Paltimes has not reported this.????????????????

April 11-13/22

Tax free bullshit
Over 3 million in lost revenue every year. This city received 10 million in grant money in 2016. That was 6 years ago. If these properties paid their share, that would equal 6 years x 3.1 million which I 18.6 million dollars and they begged NYS for 10 million? Moronic.

This is raketeering and political chicanery
Bat actors
Bad people
Why do people vote for these scoundrels
BAR low
Why do we give free rides to these fiends of the poluticians

April 11-13/22

Philadelphia reimposes indoor mask mandate after 50% COVID-19 spike



April 11-13/22




Today's Quote April 10/22

 I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.
Julia Child

Legisltor Emmons is a F'ing Joke
I find it hard to believe that Nathan Emmons actually had the nerve to say some of the things he did about Jordan Brooks death and then moved forward to hire a firm to investigate the inadequacy of the DSS based solely on the recommendation from Assemblyman Barclay. Of course, he had to follow the directive from Barclay, because he is now working for him. Nothing nefarious here! This poor kid died from parental abuse back in May of 2021, and now, almost a year later, Emmons wants to try to rush an investigation from a firm the Legislature knows nothing about and then has the nerve to say:

"There's nothing nefarious ( wicked or criminal) going on here," Oswego County Majority Leader Nathan Emmons said and then made a proposal adding the names of the "unknown firms" and bumping the cost for Bonadio Group from $75,000 to $125,000 .Nope, nothing nefarious here! Yeah, and there was nothing nefarious when he and his wife manipulated the system to get a low cost loan from the Oswego City Economic and Development Department, while he was the director, for their personal business. There was nothing nefarious when he manipulated his friends on the IDA to receive a HUD loan from the IDA for their," for profit business". This guy cannot be trusted, especially when it comes to the taxpayer's money, ever!

We need to thoroughly investigate this poor kid's death and investigate the total breakdown of the DSS and the CPS. We also need to see that the head of the DSS is fired from her job and replaced with somebody capable of handling the job. This investigation should be done through the Attorney General's office, not giving it to an unknown firm, recommended by Barclay, so one of his friends can financially benefit. Let's stop trying to hide why this poor kid died, as it was fully the DSS and CPS that was culpable. Don't sweep it under the rug, do it in the open and stop the nefarious manipulation of the taxpayer's money.

April 10/22

Oswego School District/Harborfest
There's a story go around, that the Oswego School District has hired a person who works for Harborfest. Is being paid $500.00 a day for some temporary position? If so, what position? How many days a week?

April 10/22

Weapons for Ukraine: The German Government’s Hesitance over the War Is Angering Allies -
This is y we were wrong to build this country



April 10/22

What does political upheaval in Pakistan mean for the world?
This country has nukes ,which is dangerous for the civilized world,
Particularly us!









Today's Quote April 8-9/22

We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Jordan Brooks
First SCR report: April 23, 2019

This report includes concerns submitted to the Oswego County Department of Social Services on April 13, 2019.

Jordan, born with cerebral palsy, spent most of his time in a wheelchair. The call to Oswego County DSS concerned his mother, Lisa, and stepfather, Anthony.

The report summary concludes Jordan’s mother and stepfather only moved him from his wheelchair to sleep over the course of a 12-day school break, knowing he needed to be repositioned on a regular basis.

As a result, Jordan sustained open sores on his hip and underarm. At the same time, the report notes his wheelchair cushion was saturated in urine and covered in mold. Jordan’s pants would become wet because of the seat. A substantiated (SUB) report was received on June 12, 2019 which alleged the same concerns.

The determination for this report was “indicated” on July 19, 2019. Oswego County DSS interviewed family, who denied the allegations.
During this investigation, Jordan was measured for a new wheelchair. School staff reported other hygiene concerns and Jordan seemed like a healthy child.

The Office of Children & Family Services determined these allegations were not fully explored by the Oswego County DSS and case workers did not properly do their job after indicating and closing this case.

Second SCR report: May 12, 2020

JustDetailed timeline of neglect concerns leading up to Jordan Brooks’ death over a year after the first SCR report, another report was submitted to Oswego County DSS.

This time, concerns were over Jordan’s need for a swallow test after struggling with eating and coughing. However, that test was never completed.

This report also raises the following concerns…

Appeared very thin with sunken cheeks
Not attending physical and occupational appointments as required
Being left in soiled diapers for extended periods of times
Having more severe bedsores and bandages were not changed regularly
In need of a new wheelchair

After Oswego County DSS investigated these specific claims by interviewing family, Jordan’s pediatrician and service providers, case workers determined the allegations to be “unfounded” and closed the case. Although an aide of Jordan’s was concerned he was malnourished, Jordan’s pediatrician noted no concerns regarding his weight or ability to swallow.

The swallow test and wheelchair fitting were ordered, but both appointments were delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Once again, Jordan’s family denied concerns in this report and the case was “unfounded” and closed by Oswego County DSS. The NYS Office of Children & Family Services concluded the investigation met all statutory requirements.

Third SCR report: March 9, 2021

It was a similar story with a third SCR report submitted last March, 3 months prior to Jordan’s death.

These concerns reported in the summary follow-up on the swallow test Jordan needed since 2019 and still had not received due to his mother, Lisa, failing to bring him to get it. This placed Jordan at risk of choking on food, not eating the appropriate foods and aspiration pneumonia.

Once again, Jordan was not attending physical and occupational therapy appointments 2 to 3 times a week as required because his mother was not complying.

As a result, Jordan was regressing physically, appeared weak, had sores on his face, discolored skin, dark circles around his eyes and was very thin. Jordan was also still being left in wet diapers which caused sores to his buttocks.

Although Oswego County DSS looked into these claims by interviewing family and collaterals, DSS determined the concerns to be “unfounded” and once again, closed yet another case. The Office of Children & Family Services conclude the record did not reflect that Jordan was fully interviewed regarding general safety or the concerns in the report.

History prior to fatality:

Did the child have a history of alleged child abuse/maltreatment? This box in the report was checked “yes.”

According to Child Protective Services (CPS), Jordan’s family was involved in 5 Family Assessment Response (FAR) investigations from 2012 to 2017 with common allegations of…

Excessive Corporal Punishment – (XCP)
Inadequate Guardianship – (IG)
Lacerations/Bruises/Welts – (L/B/W)
Lack of Medical Care – (LMC)
Inadequate Food/Clothing/Shelter – (IF/C/S)

There was no legal activity within 3 years of the fatality investigation and no known CPS history outside of New York, according to the child fatality report.


While leaving the house, Oswego County DSS and law enforcement found Jordan’s wheelchair outside that emitted a strong odor of urine, despite being outside for several days. The seat cushion was also black, covered in mold and parts of the wheelchair were rusted.

Also on May 14, 2021, Oswego County DSS observed photos taken of Jordan by law enforcement after his death. The record noted Jordan’s entire back was red and bleeding. There were several places on his body where bones were exposed, the most prominent being his tailbone.

Hardware from a hip implant was also exposed through the skin. Open and bleeding sores also covered his buttocks. Oswego County DSS described Jordan’s body as “appearing emaciated.”

YOU NEED TO BE FIRED DSS Commissioner Stacy Alvord! PETITION: https://www.petitions.net/justice_for_jordanb__and_galaxye

Shared from :: Adrienne Smith



April 8-9/22

Re: Shawn Walker
It would be the biggest joke on the county taxpayers if he were given Ospelt's position. Walker wouldn't have a clue what to do. Talk about family trees. The Walker's have had their share. Ospelt probably has a lot on legislators past and present. Doubt anyone could push him out. He knows where all the bodies are buried.

April 8-9/22

Re: Shawn Walker
OS1 has to do budgets. I don't think Walker could add 2 + 2 with a calculator. He's not qualified and everybody knows it. Ospelt might have been too much of a womanizer but he knew how to do the job. And why would the legislators put someone in that position who did what Walker did years ago? If that hits the paper and it probably will, some of them will lose their elections.




Today's Quote April 7/22

 Leadership is intangible, and therefore no weapon ever designed can replace it.
Omar N. Bradley

RE: Shawn Walker.
Kurt didn't retire on his own whim. It took someone with balls to finally put a stop to that family tree. Over 40+ years of dictatorship and corruption was exposed. So you wanna call it retire to help you sleep better sure. As for Shawn Walker he should get OS1. So he can drain the infestation that came from the last administration. Sounds a lot like your still an employee and is afraid if he does. If your not a current employee I see retirement is doing you well.....keyboard warrior

April 7/22

Oklahoma state House approves bill to make abortion illegal
Send the walking lunatics one way to this state to have them rethink abortion laws


April 7/22

Deutsche Bank forecasts American recession in 2023

We made these assholes rich


A NEW Covid variant, named XE, is detected in the UK



City Attorney
Shitcan the no good crooked guttersnipe

April 7/22

I think the skatepark is great! Sometimes older people need to bitch about anything
When I was kid we want Puble public pool the mayor said No we could swim in the lake so the kids swam in the river or flat rock also at collage which had drop offs. They did anything us kids! All I ever heard from older people is I’m on a fix income And how food prices are well you get food stampes I still work and I’m 83 and I pay city tax’s and school and county I. Not rich . Older generation is pain in the as


April 7/22



Today's Quote April 6/22

 There is always room at the top.
Daniel Webster

John Mccain
Reagan republican phoey


April 6/22

"Front Page Baby Billy" Screwing the Taxpayers again
As I stand here in the cold putting gas in my car at $4.35/gallon I have to wonder why we, the taxpayers, are installing charging stations for Electric car owners, to get free charging refills to their cars? I do not have a problem with the charging stations, but I'll be damned if my tax dollars are going to support free charging of electric cars.
This is so like the "Kid Mayor" and this "Bobble Head Council'' to continue to screw the taxpayers. I know that electric cars are the rage right now, but I do not want to pick up their operating cost! These stations should come with a credit card slot to reimburse the taxpayers for the electricity they are using.

April 6/22

New Skateboarding Park (No bid contract?)
Public projects require an open bidding procedure because taxpayer dollars are at stake, and an open bid allows any contractor to submit, reducing the risk of fraud, favoritism, undo influence, and reassuring taxpayers that their tax dollars are being spent properly.
Kevin Caraccioli is the lawyer for the City of Oswego, and the lawyer for Circle T Concrete. All those past construction projects in the City of Oswego that Circle T Concrete did. Kevin Caraccioli negotiated those contracts, Caraccioli profited from inside information, influencing who got the cement contracts. (Caraccioli used his office as city attorney for personal gain.) Criminal...

April 6/22

John mccain
Reaganites be damned
Russia faught with. Us in 2 world wars
China is truly a threat to us
Ukraine is a regional problem for Russia
Not unlike Cuba was for us
Yes I believe the rift with Russia should end with diplomacy
Yes i believe China is more of a threat to USA than anyone or any state
Yes John Mccain eh
There hasnt been a lresident that I have loved since JFK AND that was because we all thought we had a country back then
McCain loved Reagan and I thought Reagan was a rat
I love this country and have felt that we the people have had very little to do with national and international policy
Our politcians have engaged in conflicts that poisoned and killed many americans
Had we not been tricked into a cold war by Germany and their interests many of the wars since korea could have been avoided
So yes Russia is lesser of 2 evils in shadow of chinese aggression
And we Definitely have a problem with them


April 6/22






Today's Quote April 3-5/22

 It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.
Marcus Aurelius


April 3-5/22

The real problem is his bolstering just his friends to the neglect of everyone else

April 3-5/22

Skateboarding Park
Looks like Lil Willy Barlow has got 500k from the money tree to hand out to Circle T Concrete and the Torrese gang to do this park !
That money sure could go much further on those crater holes in the streets of OZ or put aside to pay the salaries of the additional teachers and workers required for the wave of welfare people coming in.
Dr. Masage Marad

April 3-5/22

Re: John McCain
You are truly a POS and traitor. You and your f’ing make pretend world order and having a lovey dovey relationship with Putin is bizarre. Who is being a threat to world order Russia or China? Maybe both; but you think that Russia, if to become our allies would fight against China, another dictatorship, to preserve the freedoms we enjoy in the United States, what planet are you on? Was it Germany or the EU that made Putin attack the Ukraine? You are truly delusional. I’m sure you fall way short of the kind of man John McCain was so you could never understand what it is to be a real American. But do not despair, Putin is hiring mercenaries to fight for the cause and now you can show them your stuff and upstage McCain in your fight for mother Russia. You can make up for the Canadian vacation you took during the Vietnam. – T. Nugent

April 3-5/22

Reply to Barclay
From NY Stave.Gov: "The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) has awarded $900 million to 15,000 eligible child care providers through the Child Care Stabilization Grant. Stabilization Grant funds were made available through the federal American Rescue Plan Act. The Child Care Stabilization Grant represents an unprecedented opportunity and investment to effectively stabilize the child care sector."
Mr. Barclay , along with every other House Republican voted against The American Rescue Plan, the source of the one time source of the OCFS budget cut he questions, and he knows that. So, Mr. Barclay, where do you propose to get the 900 million (not 1.2 billion) you want re-instated to the budget? As usual, he won't have an answer!

April 3-5/22

Minetto tax dollars:
Long law firm, Coughlin and Gerhert, Frank Miller law firm, Norfleet law. All sucking up your tax dollars protecting the clowns that run the Town.

April 3-5/22

Shawn Walker
Most of us who worked for the county remember the day Ospelt kicked the Walker boys out of his office for trying to bribe him with hiring Shawny boy as the deputy or the Democrats wouldn't vote for Ospelt to become OS1.
So now Ospelt retired and Shawny boy is OS2. If the legislature makes him OS1, they all need to be voted out of office. If they put someone who did that into a dept head position, then they all need to go. Every last one.

April 3-5/22

Re: Atom Avery
OMG, that was a good one. I don't think he'd get too many votes anyway. You'd be hard pressed to find many people who like him.

April 3-5/22

Re: John McCain
You say that you can't agree with John McCain's order of B.S.? Well I can't agree with your order of B.S. You state that it is foolish to keep at odds with Russia? You must be a "Trumpster" in its truest form to want to cozy up to a mass murderer like Putin. Have you seen the pictures of Ukraine recently of buildings, apartments and peoples homes all blown apart, bodies of Men, Women and Children lying dead in the streets? Have you seen the hospitals and nurseries blown apart with newborn babies and Mothers being killed by Russian Soldiers? Basically, do you even know what in the hell is going on here? All you're worried about is that if we continue to alienate Russia that the (EU) Germany will not be able to help us in a war with China? You are saying that we will only be cutting our own throats if we don't just basically go along with what Russia is doing? You sound like one of those propaganda "Fox News" regulars to me. Like those Trumpsters on the Network constantly praising Putin.
You say that you always felt that McCain was full of shite (I take it you meant shit), well I think John McCain was one of the smartest men in the entire GOP. He spoke for what was right and did what was right, a very honest and respectable man. It's no wonder our former President didn't like him because he was everything that our former President wasn't. You can go ahead and label this great man as being "full of shite" but I think the one who is full of "shite" here is no one other than you. Get a life! Try watching some real News!

April 3-5/22

          April 3-5/22




Today's Quote April -2/22

 Here cometh April again,

and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever.
Charles Lamb

Atom Avery, Ha : For Mayor, Really
OK, really. Should somehow through a miracle of some kind, he was to win, who would be the first lady? His wife or his girlfriend?

April 2/22

John mcCain
Sorry cannot agree with his world order bs
That resulted in American debt
It is foolish to keep at odds with Russia
China is a manacevand real threat to us
We need to face that fact and make allies out of Russia
The EU(Germany) is not going to be able to help us in a war with China and if we continue alienating Russia strengthening their bond to China we are cutting our own throats
I have always felt McCain full of shite

April 2/22

Party Mayor to spend another $500,000 on Kid Stuff
This Party Mayor, Kid Mayor, or whatever name you want to use, is wasting another $500,000 on what he likes, Kid fun stuff. Let's look at the record:

1) a doggy park that is not accessible unless you drive your dog there and is overgrown with weeds

2) a useless bike trail on W Seneca St

3) a splash pad at Brightbeck and the removal of little league ball field

4) a Social Drinking section to get drunk on the sidewalks

5) little burn pits

6) center medium on E 1st for his buddy Broadwell

To name a few of his wasteful spending, and now we are going to put in a SkateBoard Park on the East linear walk at the old shit sediment concrete in-ground tanks. What a site to spend $500 grand on. Now, go take a ride on the neglected roads that have had NO repairs done to them and shake the shit out of your car.

Then look at the low income/HUD buildings that are going to bring in a few hundred HUDer's and see our poverty level go from 28% to 45%. The HUD kids will end up in our school to get free everything and watch your school taxes increase again. Why do you think they just hired an additional nine teachers?

Yep, the Party Mayor is going to leave behind one hell of a legacy of doing nothing and leaving a shit pile on the mayor's desk for someone else to clean up. The next mayor of Oswego will have his hands full trying to clean up this mess, a mess that I don't think will be able to be cleaned up. Thank you Party Boy Barlow.

April 2/22

Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale, live in Denmark 2006


April 2/22




Today's Quote April -1/22

 Putin's Russia is our adversary and moral opposite.

It is committed to the destruction of the post-war, rule-based world order built on American leadership and the primacy of our political and economic values.
John McCain

Barclay: A Tragic Loss Of Life Leaves Community Searching For Answers 
Word salad, nothing to address the mess of CPS

April 1/22

Flag poles west on Bridge, left hand side of the bridge.
These are a disgrace to the flags they fly..

April 1/22

Poster mentioned a foster home that was not fit for a dog to live in, DSS approved that home. Need I say more?

April 1/22

Atom Avery
His name is Atom like the smallest thing on the planet, and he couldn't win his way out of a phone booth. He's one of the most disliked people in the city. He should worry more about taking care of the places he owns like the Gardens than worrying about any political run.

April 1/22

Social District
I've talked to many people who are against it but won't bother to say anything because they know it's a done deal just like everything in this administration. At least little Billy let us know how much his family has benefited from him being the mayor. He pretty much called us suckers at the last meeting. He let it be known that it's Barlowtown.

April 1/22

Authority / political positions
The people who should be in authority don't want to be
The people who would be best in politics Don't want to be
The people who want to be in Authority and politics generally haven't the best moral fibre


April 1/22





Today's Quote March 29-30/22

 Power without a nation's confidence is nothing.
Catherine the Great

How much "grant money" did Barlow Concession stands (family)

award themselves during the pandemic.
When the pandemic started, no contingency plan was in place to deal with it. (Ignoring news reports.) Then long lines of people sitting in cars for food handouts. Harborfest canceled! Fourth of July parade canceled. No mask distribution. (Nothing) But what did "Concession Stands" Barlow do? As mayor, he used his position to throw parties, "Rock the Docks" and "Summer Bash" at Breitbeck Park. Barlow and former DPW boss Kells used city employees and equipment for "Halloween Party" at Kell's property in Scriba, NY.
And the notorious Barlow photo ops., handing out checks. (That's taxpayers' monies, not Barlow's.) Nepotism, Barlow hired his sister. Used his position as mayor for personal gain. Drive-by 76 Erie Street, Barlow has new trucks van in the yard. This happens when you elected a carnie as mayor. New York State Comptroller's Office needs to come in and do an audit of where the grant money went. And now word on the street is that Adam Avery is talking about running for mayor. Think what happens if this parasite ever got elected as mayor...

March 29-30/22

I cannot speak about the two most recent cases involving the deaths of 2 Oswego County children as I do not work at DSS any longer and haven’t in over 20 years. What I can speak to is the job these caseworkers are asked to do.

When I was first hired as a preventive caseworker by Oswego County, I was given a desk and a stack of books and manuals to review that I couldn’t even see over. I was assigned a caseload of families that had been determined to be in need of services which ideally would educate the family on proper parenting skills and prevent the placement of their children in the foster care system. This was my job and I had not gone to any training yet.

The dwellings social services caseworkers must go into and attempt to spend meaningful time with the children and educate parents are beyond the average persons grasp of reality. One of the first lessons I learned by my then superiors was I could not compare or judge these families and their homes by my own acceptable standards. The caseworkers generally went alone to these homes to face unknown dangers to themselves and the children they are trying to help. Oswego County is mostly a rural so help was not going to come quickly if needed. Caseworkers we’re not equipped with radios like police to be able to radio in for help and there are still dead areas of the county as far as cell tower reception goes.

Let me make it clear, I am not taking sides as I am in no position to do so. I do think the public needs to understand the job of a protective or preventive caseworker is not a nice or pleasant understating and it is dangerous. Yes, they are trying to insure the well being of children in care of adults who can foil their best efforts. Add in the restrictions Oswego County employees were working under during COVID-19, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

For those who think this is justification for the deaths of these children, go get your bachelors and masters degrees, take the civil service test for caseworker and go to work for Oswego County DSS as a protective or preventive caseworker. You will find the job opens up a new reality you wish you could forget. Then try to do your best for these children under whatever guidelines have been put in place by NYS. If you feel a removal of the children is in their best interest, the social services attorney and family court judge must be on board. Not that long ago, we had a family court judge that was well known for HER belief the children should not be removed - even if they were being physically or sexually abused by their parent.

I can also tell you from my own experience, the foster homes may not be the fairy tale you think they should be. I couldn’t believe that this baby’s mother surrendered her child to continue her relationship with a known sex offender. Then, having to drive this child to a foster home I would not let my dog live in, all while the child kept asking for his mommy. This is the reality of the job.

If criminal charges appear to be in order against the child’s parents or caretakers, then the caseworker and DSS attorney must convince the Oswego County DA Oakes and this is a whole new challenge.

The point is the system is not perfect, there are flaws. Not one person can be blamed for these tragedies - except the parents. The job is not easy. It is unpleasant, heart wrenching, and dangerous, thus, I doubt the department is ever at full staff. Just consider this when you are pointing fingers at people who are trying to do a job you would never want to do yourself.

March 29-30/22

Downtown drinking
If open container does get lifted it is my strong recommendation that the type of music at every venue associated with grace space and areas associated with the
Lifting of open container guarantee to have no none zero music that can incite people to violence
It is important that the atmoshere not create or incite any violent behavior.
I do not think that the security will be taxed nor problems of note will occur if this is adhered to.
Moreover the traditional bad actors that have time after time allowed idiocy , be restricted from participating

Ie iterations of Toucans
Club crystal types
Ally cat etc etc

These venues have historically incited violence served grossly underage people
And were never socially compatible with civilized society
Booze in america has become a police industry
The drinking age is too high
Have children
Join the military and go to war
But not drink til 21
That is bullshit and the enforcement is ass backwards
The trouble makers are the problem
Places that cater to them
Places that encourGe bad behavior by allowing jackasses to bebpatrons etc etc
Operators that hsve catered to violent crowds need to be drowned

March 29-30/22

50 Violent Rap Lyrics That Will Make You Cringe - XXL

March 29-30/22

Radioactive materials have been stolen from Chernobyl lab,

Ukrainian nuclear expert warns



March 29-30/22





Today's Quote March 27-28/22

 Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men.

It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory.
George S. Patton

His grandfather cooked for Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin
Then his grandfather cooked for Joseph Stalin
He came up through the breaki g up of the USSR
the annexation of Crimea
The warnings to western europe to not militarize nor affiliate with NATO
this is the rsvp to those warnings
We never used our military to attack Cuba but this is premptive on Putin's part to assure that Ukraine does not consider NATO affiliation and remain neutral.

March 28/22

Re Goseks Bar
Alright I checked out the link you posted. First thing hit me was that old barmaid. Couldn't remember at first then it came to me. She is the one who managed the bank on west Utica Street and got fired for boinking a male teller down in the break room. She was married to some guy in the Republican party and he got her a job with the county. She was also on Adult Friend Finder using the name Candy Came. All the cops and firemen were drooling over her until they found out who was behind the name. That must have been 15-20 years ago and she sure looks it. Not surprised she ended up at a joint run by the Goseks

March 28/22

D.D.D. " Downtown Drinking District"
We all know that the Bobble Head Council and Party Boy Barlow are going to vote, to force down your throat, for a D.D.D. from noon to midnight, 7 days a week, regardless of the complaints they have heard. The silent majority do not want this, but won't come forward to stop it. I have heard from many, many,many people that are against it but will not come out publicly to say so..
As we move forward and the Bobble Head Council approves this starting June 1st, I would think that Police Chief Cady would increase the drunk patrol. We know that there will be increased drinking on the streets, and eventually these drinkers will have to go back to their cars parked in the downtown parking lot to get their cars and drive home. The police should be waiting to pull them over and give them DWI tickets. So I guess the D.D.D. will increase the city revenues, not in sales of take out drinks to the street, but revenues from the fines that should be issued to the drunks trying to drive home intoxicated after a "fun" night drinking in the streets.
I also read in the paper and wondered if when Bobble Head Hill said Atkins speaks of " old city, and is just SOOOOO THREE DECADES AGO"; was this said with a waving limp wrist????

March 28/22


March 28/22

Spectrum is a ripoff. New York should throw these greedy bastards out of our state and bring in a new cable company. Every other month it seems they come up with another excuse why our bills are going up again. American Greed should do a 1 hour special on how there fucking everybody in New York.

March 28/22

Tyranical politcians
Then kneel and swear this oath.
(271) That you, the freemen of this forest, swear to despoil the rich...
(272) only to give to the poor.
(273) To shelter the old and helpless...
(274) to protect all women, rich or poor, Norman or Saxon.
(275) Swear to fight for a free England.
(276) To protect her loyally until the return of our king, Richard the Lion-Heart.
(277) And swear to fight to the death against our oppressors!
(278) We do! We do solemnly swear!

March 28/22

4th Ward:
Kiss ass walker can"t even take care of his own area and he wants open drinking !! There has been a pothole at the corner of east 9th and bridge that would ruin your front end ,you have to swerve to get around it, but he is more worried about his buddies and drinking beer in his giants golf cart with the picture of cuomo on it. I see hes about ready to move to brennan beach for the summer and the hell with his ward. So if you ever need him it will take at least 1/2 hr to respond, also cost the county taxpayers more in fuel to get out there, Then you watch the puppet master Barclay on tv saying what has to be done at DSS when he has never done a thing for his district other than take care of himself. As usual they try to sweep everything under the carpet, time for a change, you look at the county legislature and 3/4 of them run unopposed and have been there for decades. SAD !!!!!

March 28/22


March 28/22







Today's Quote March 25-26/22

 If we must die, we die defending our rights.
Sitting Bull

What a Clown Show
In watching the confirmation hearings this week on the process of Supreme Court Judge nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson I could not for the life of me believe the disrespectfulness of the four Clowns in the U.S. Senate, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley. I have never seen such a group of men attack a woman, a federal judge no less, as they pounced on Ketanji Brown Jackson. To go right for the jugular like a pack of mistreated pitbull dogs was totally unexpected. It was initially stated that Cruz would be grandstanding though as they figured that he thought it would help him in his nomination for President in the 2024 Presidential primaries. Little does he realize, he did not help his cause in his actions and as far as I am concerned, not only he, but neither did the other three Clowns help themselves politically. Here are four men that adored Brett Kavanaugh a Supreme Court Justice that was accused by Christine Blasey Ford of being raped in high school and they welcomed him with arms wide open. What has this Republican Party become? A party that I was once proud to be a member of and I even voted for Trump in 2016 before I woke up and saw what this party has become. It's no longer a party for the people, it's now all about me, me, me and what can I do for the super wealthy? Let's see, give them huge tax cuts? As far as the middle class it is like what can I do to make them suffer? How about taxing and making cuts to Social Security for all recipients and let['s make cuts to Medicare and raise the co-pays, let's make cuts to Medicaid. Last but not least, let's use the "Big Lie" as an excuse to rigg future elections to the point where we can easily win these elections and target all these cuts. The Republican Party considers your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Socialism. What has this political party become?

March 25-26/22

Downtown Drinking
Let Barlow havethe party downtown and as KissAss's Walker And Hill that wants to appoved this,Well People when the drunks start throwing stuff and running in the streets infront of cars,its only a matter of time that someone WILL GET HURT!! And when that happens people should redirect the drunks to all who vote yes on this to their home address,after all they want this,Why Not Let Them Party Infront of their homes,People the time has come to GET RID all of all the KISSASSES and YES MEN AND WOMEN And VOTE In the right people,AND LETS NOT FORGET that some Businesses just might have Broken WINDOWS and such,ALL that i put here WILL HAPPEN,its just a matter of time..GOOD LUCK PEOPLE!!

March 25-26/22

FBI Top Stories: Russian Government Employees Charged in Hacking Campaigns

March 25-26/22

In many top influential contries the citizens often have zero to do with their governments policies and actions.
Take Oswego on a micro level,here we have endured an insane government pretty much since the 1800's.The people the decent people have endured corruption and legal raketeering as far back as memory goes.
The public monies doled out by the political functionaries has never been fairly or rationally spent.
On a macro level the people in the us china russia, the families the regular people have zero to do with their respective governments actions and behavior on a world stage.
Punishing a ballerina or a violinist or a painter for being born in a country that misbehaves on the world stage is not reasonable.

March 25-26/22

Poverty in Oswego, New York
What is the poverty rate in Oswego, New York?
The poverty rate in Oswego is 28.0%. One out of every 3.6 residents of Oswego lives in poverty.
How many people in Oswego, New York live in poverty?
4,727 of 16,907 Oswego residents reported income levels below the poverty line in the last year. The population of Oswego when shit for brains Barlow took office was 17,988. We have lost 1081 people.
How does the poverty rate in Oswego compare to the rest of New York?
The Poverty Rate across the state of New York is 15.1%, meaning Oswego has a dramatically higher than average percentage of residents below the poverty line when compared to the rest of New York.

With the addition of 3 new LOW INCOME housing units built by this mayor and the bobbel head council, the poverty rate is about to double, thanks to this ignorant administration. Time to move!

There was $ 500,000 set aside for utilities to be buried under ground between east first street and water street !
Where did the monies go ?
Was it put on the roadwork in front of the broadwell Hotel Empire ?


March 25-26/22

The Gosek's
Hey Check out who's running the new bar on the hill? McCarthy's Bar & Grill, I guess someone has a new hangout?
His son Christopher Gosek is who the Bar name is under.
McCarthy's Bar & Grill Oswego, NY



March 25-26/22




Today's Quote March 24/22

 Peace is the virtue of civilization. War is its crime.
Victor Hugo


Stephen Hawking's warnings: What he predicted for the future

March 24/22

Oswego Common Council meeting, *MARTH,* 21, 2022. Spelled that way on city website.
Barlow gives a rambling talk about a 'Social District' for downtown Oswego and about plastic beer cups. Barlow talks down to a woman speaking, trying to deflect and change the subject. Dick Atkins and the woman had Barlow squirming.

(Taxpayers' money spent on beer cups. Promotes Southern Faire for refills.)
Barlow's body language said a lot, crossed his arms, nervous. Miles Becker staggers to the podium to defend the mayor. Kevin Hill babbling that Atkins was talking about old Oswego and how progressive Oswego has become in the last six years. Just look at the two new buildings downtown Hill says. (Yeah, just look at all those buildings with the windows. Nothing but empty rooms in them.)


March 24/22




Today's Quote March 23/22

The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy.

The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy.
William Hazlitt

Re: Amazing
I can understand your frustration; evidently you are bitter due to the failure of the Oswego School District to provide you with an education. – B. DeVos

March 23/22

New Bakery
They just opened give them a break. I’ve been there 4 times there’s a sign in sheet it takes time to get the product out of case box it and lots people order specialty drinks that have to be fixed. If you don’t like it quit going and bitching. The baked good are delicious all from scratch. Loved all I have bought. Stay away if you can’t find anything good sounds like you can’t afford to buy there so don’t go there’s plenty of us that enjoy it.

March 23/22

Oswego new slogan
Wrong is right
Right is wrong

March 23/22

so the teachers run the taxpayers monies
so the lazy and protected teachers aids, and there siblings and there fat that keeps keeps sucking on the pension and health insurance , let alone , are there any siblings, ,et alone, does this change the water, sewer usage tax, and if you have three male adults , on top of Father and Mother , what should the water and sewer usage look like, let alone the parking look like , let alone does everyone park where they want too , after all , Lazy former workers run the game !

March 23/22

To the person that wrote about the bakery on east 1st . she is by far slow and the service is very good. she makes the best cream buffs. if you don't like it don't go there go go to Batemans old place . sounds like you like shit so go there and eat that shit.

March 23/22

I hope everyone in the Oswego Department of Social Services who had anything to do with Jordan Brooks has nightmares for the rest of their life. I hope when they look at their own child or grandchild they see that sweet face of that innocent boy who died at there irresponsible hands.
I don't see how they could forgive themselves for neglecting anything that came across their desk , showing such obvious, and complete neglect of this boy.
The parents should get the maximum sentence it was nothing short of disregard for human life neglect of Their Own Child, and laziness.

I have to wonder What Child is out there right now in our own County.. that is undergoing the same kind of deprivation, neglect , and pain laying in a bed filled with fifth, in their own waste and not being fed, simply because they are hidden behind the walls their parents put up.

I addressed this to you. With a needy child , or a disabled child, or a difficult child.. or one you feel is overwhelming you ...ask for help !!please just ask for help. go to a neighbor ,go to an agency, go to a relative, even go to a stranger!! there are people who would rather help than see your child starve to death.
No one is going to think poorly of you for asking for help rather the opposite.

The only way I could even stand to think of Jordan right now is to know he is out of his neglect and pain and now in the care of God who will remember his sweet little spirit until there is a new day for him.

I Can Only Imagine his emotional anguish, knowing ....because he must have known, at 14, 15, 16 years old. That his neglect was from a lack of love and that was the most painful.

March 23/22




Today's Quote March 22/22

It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf.
Thomas Fuller

New Bakery On East First Street
Very Very Slow Service
Very High Prices

March 22/22

Scheduled meeting- April 1st 2022
Circle jerk scheduled at Oswego County Jail- staring Gosek-Wallace-Waterbury- Dowdle. Seeking a pivot man.

March 22/22

Do You People Really Think Biden is smart or able ?
Do you People Really Think Harris is Smart or Able, after all , if Any of you Retired Teachers, Retired Janitors, Retired Teachers Aids, That Keep Sucking off of the system, after all, if you keep sucking, your health insurance, pension, and maybe, if you have sons or daughters, you can get them jobs,!

March 22/22

Black River Trail Run Returns to Benefit VTC!
Interested in running in the Black River Trail Run? Check out https://bit.ly/Black-River-Trail-Run for event details and to register or contact race director Mike Samoraj at 315-663-5539 or willowrunningny@gmail.com.


March 22/22






Today's Quote March 21/22

 The best argument against democracy

is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

Winston Churchill

Jordon Brooks
You would think that CPS would have learned something from the tragic death of Erin Maxwell. Apparently and sadly, they have not. I personally know that they have snatched little children from their homes for next to nothing. Every one involved in ignoring the complaints filed in this case should be terminated immediately. The treatment given to the teachers and teaching assistants who filed complaints regarding Jordon were criminal. Action needs to be taken now……….or shall we just wait for the next innocent child to die a tragic death?

March 21/22



How ironic Lindsey Graham is calling for someone to take out Putin when all these many years I have hoped someone would take out Lindsey Graham.


March 21/22


Carol Waterbury
Will you please take care of your husband sexually so he leaves other women alone and occasional guys. Plenty of guys can show him how to wack his Willy!
Teach him to keep his penis in his pants. The fat bastard

March 21/22

It's not cocaine: what you need to know about the pope's coca drink
God bless coca


March 21/22

Scientific research is constantly discovering new things about drugs, such as the health benefits and risks of using (or misusing) them. Sometimes, these discoveries lead to changes in the way a drug is used.

For example, did you know that the original recipe for Coca-Cola contained cocaine?

Coca-Cola's history has been well-documented. The drink was invented in 1885 by John Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia, who made the original formula in his backyard. Pemberton's recipe contained cocaine in the form of an extract of the coca leaf, which inspired the "Coca" part of the beverage's name. The "Cola" comes from the kola nut (which contains caffeine, another stimulant).

When Coca-Cola was invented, cocaine was legal and a common ingredient in medicines. People thought it was safe to use in small amounts.

Coca-Cola as medicine?
Pemberton described the drink as a "brain tonic and intellectual beverage," and advertised it as a "patent medicine." He claimed it cured headaches, upset stomach, and fatigue.

Patent medicines were combinations of so-called "exotic" ingredients and drug compounds that—according to the people who made them—cured a wide range of ailments. But they often contained ingredients we now know can be addictive, including cocaine and opium, as well as toxic elements like mercury and lead.

In the 19th century, patent medicines weren't regulated like medications are today. Anyone could claim their product had health benefits without having to prove its effectiveness—or reveal its risks.

As early as 1891, some Americans spoke out against including addictive ingredients in patent medicines. The makers revamped the medicines' formulas, and their health claims, as a result.

Taking the "coke" out
The amount of cocaine in Coca-Cola was reduced over time, and finally eliminated from the drink by 1929. This was during the Prohibition Era in the United States, when alcohol was illegal. Coke soon became popular as a "soft" drink, an alternative to hard alcohol.

They took the coke out of coke in 1929 and the country hasnt been the same since

March 21/22

Mikhail Baryshnikov: Do not punish Russian artists and athletes for war
Punishing artists is stupid



March 21/22


NO! The Russians make no distinction when it comes to killing Ukrainians. We should make no such distinction when it comes to punishing Russians. Let them live on fish and rice from their Chinese friends.




Today's Quote March 20/22

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty

has wasted thirty years of his life.
Muhammad Ali

Jordan Brooks


Time for Oswego County to get their broom out, they'll want to sweep this under the rug.

March 20/22



Jeff Wallace

Jeff Wallace was one of Gosek's assistant mayors. He was the one who used to carry a pistol and one afternoon after eating at King Arthurs he left the resturant leaving the loaded gun behind where someone found it. He would parade around with Fred Crisafulli in his military uniform and was also involved in some kind of youth program. You can bet this was not the first time.

March 20/22

Re: Jeff wallace
Here is another pervert Republican for Greg Oaks to sweep under the rug.

March 20/22


Fast food
Big difference between McDonalds and BurgerKing. BurgerKing puts napkins in your bag on top. McDonalds doesn’t give you any. And, if you ask for napkins, they put them in the bottom of the bag.

March 20/22

Cocaine Billy
So, the drug force that Barlow has created must be nothing other than padding their retirement. Remember when the firefighters did this. Our tax dollars at work. Because, Barlow and his cocaine friendlies have not been arrested yet. It is not that difficult to find. Look at the city themselves. They will guide you. Otherwise, pad the retirements!

March 20/22


Today's Quote March 19/22

 I think that people want peace so much that one of these days

government had better get out of their way and let them have it.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Former Mayor John Gosek's right hand man, arrested for masturbating

while video tutoring with student.



March 19/22

Yesterday i followed that tar wagon for a while and they did nothing , One truck towing the tar machine and a grey pickup following it around, what a JOKE , you can find potholes everywhere, top of shampine drive,east 7th st from church st. to bunner st. they are everywhere, DO YOUR JOB !!!!!!!!! Now Walt Disney (BARLOW) wants to make a party zone in DISNEYLAND !!!!! Take a ride and see all the homes going up for sale people want out of Disneyland .

March 19/22

Open Container / social district
Finally responsible people and businesses can enjoy themselves without the fear of stepping off a sidewalk only to get fine or even jailed. The foolish open container regulation brought in by Chief MacPherson, to stem who knows what, served only to drive underage drinking and partying into the residential neighborhoods. I witnessed it first hand when people would come into town on their boats or to attend events only to be greeted by a fine or violation while punk kids on their skateboards and the moly whoopers would rule the city; guess they figured out they couldn’t pay a fine. They have plenty of laws on the books they can use to curtail anyone who steps out of line and acts like an assho!e along with certain establishments that entourage that behavior. Who knows, you might actually see a return of people with community pride and money return to downtown and surrounding areas. See you downtown this summer. – K. Burns

March 19/22

Here Is Something New,
If a person is born a male, will always be a male .

If you want to change your sexual wants, fine, thats your business, BUT IF You where BORN A MALE, YOU ARE A MALE , PERIOD !
How Much Stupid Are We , As Taxpayers, Suppose to take from city hall, county and , of course, the Como bullshit and New York City Power over the rest of New York State , Working People , That Pay Taxes and are not on Social Assts ( Monies , other known as taxpayers monies ) Welfare, if your a Schoolboard Worker, sucking off the system !
Would also like to know what makes a person eiligble for a handicap sticker hanging from mirror or lic. plate ?
I would guess the lic. plate costs too much !
Those Fast Food Places Have There Perks !

March 19/22

Musico motor building

March 19/22

Re Social District
As though there were not enough drunken assholes wandering the streets already.


March 19/22

Woman saves FIFTY French bulldogs from Ukraine: Dog breeder drives 173 miles through war zone twice

Dogs are people to some




March 19/22





Today's Quote March 16-18/22

 Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.
William Butler Yeats

College student who was disfigured in vicious attack by dogs reveals her face
If you have a mean spirited potentially viscious dog read this




March 16-18/22

Mayor Barlow Proposes Creation Of Downtown ‘Social District’ In Oswego
What could possibly go wrong?


March 16-18/22

Putin T shirt




Today's Quote March 15/22

 A man can fail many times,

but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.

John Burroughs

Oswego gov
Where Idiots and rats get rewarded with dazzling regularity

March 15/22

Oswego politicians evil is as evil does
Committing evil deeds it's a far easier endeavor than the pursuit of goodness

March 15/22

Yea, sure Russia has been trying to endear themselves to us all these years. Look at the facts of what is happing now and not what your think would have happened. Nothing more dangerous than some pseudo-intellectual who thinks they can predict the future. Get back under your rock. - Nostradamus


March 15/22

mayor Barlow not telling public how bad oil spill really is.
Barlow is not letting boaters and the public know how bad things are in harbor . Barlow has known that the marina will not open on time but has yet to inform boaters and staff. He loves to be in the news when it good for his ego . the water breaks in the last few weeks and the fires on the east side should cause alarm to the residents. The water break on east 4 st was closes to port authority and the un protected system that east side residents drinking water comes from . Barlow has known and continues to do nothing . God help us if people get sick .


March 15/22





Today's Quote March 13-14/22


Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.

And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.
Dalai Lama

Two women stabbed at MoMA
Western civilization is at risk
We have these violent types that get let out after arrested and the violent criminals are a true threat to civility .
I do not know how to go about reforming a scum of the earth that would stab two museum workers but something needs to be done!


March 13-14/22

Iran launches missiles at US BASE
This is an attack on us.This is where we need to address.Iran has been a hostile murderous entity to US .
Biden wake up

March 13-14/22

Cold war
Let me reiterate
Reinhardt Gehlan ( Hitlers most valuable Russian spymaster)Lied to our intelligence agency after WW2 to exagerate Russian potential to harm us and their arms.
He further engineered most of middle eastern policy as well as got Pakistan to be our allies and India not to be favored.
He created the German secret services and by 1962 had put into motion the German dominance of the EU.
Germany owns the EU.
In this cold war we were the Germans tool to punish Russia and US for defeating the 3rd Reich.
Had our intelligence agency been actually working for us we could have had treaties
With the Russians and averted proxy wars all this time.Put lived his life during this cold war and we are seeing Russian paranoia of Nato encroachment on their domain.So Stalin was alleged to be murderous But the Germans were against us in Ww1
And i wont be surprised ifbin 20 years they treaty up with Russia China and not us .
So the 4 th reich control of us conflict gave us todays situation.
The only hope for USA Is to start educating our population fast and immedietly.our schools have been engineered to fail our generations since the 1960's
Get out from your rock and look at the society
I suspect you were alive in the 1960's til now.
Go read about Gelan and the Cia
Report back in a few months after your research
Best regards


March 13-14/22




Today's Quote March 11-12/22

 One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.
Niccolo Machiavelli

Cold War Frosbite
What planet are you on. Russia could have given two shits about the pursuit of life, liberty, and the American way. Stalin was in it for himself and it just happened we had a common enemy in WWII. Do you want to be allies with a murderous tyrant? What in the world is your point about being great friends with Russia? We are not allies because at one time the American people were against every atrocity committed daily under Soviet and Russian rule. That is until pumpkin head and the rest of you traitors elevated putin as some great leader. Why don’t you go to Russia and live under the great freedoms that are offered by putin and the Russian oligarch. – L.H. Oswald

March 11-12/22

Plumbing, and most other contracted work, has been a rip off in Oswego for as long as I can remember.

There was a time not so long ago that the city would accept plumbing certifications from only ONE plumber in the whole city. Now the pendulum has swung the other way, and any scam artist with a decal on his truck is free to charge what he wants for any level of craftsmanship that he chooses to provide.

Three weeks ago I had a sewage backup in my basement. As "unpleasant" as the work was, after getting estimates of $300.00 to $600.00 for a drain cleanout, I did the job myself in a couple of hours with rented equipment (NO experience) for $80 bucks!

I contacted the city first and was told that I would have to have a licensed plumber do the work ($$$$), send them his findings, and they would evaluate and PERHAPS send a crew over to inspect the line to see if it was my problem or theirs. As it turned out, the problem was tree roots, and the only trees that could possibly have caused the problem were on CITY property.
My tax dollars at work!

Seems as though a quick call to the Better Business Bureau would be a good move for you at this point. I'm sure the complaints are stacking up against the company that you dealt with.

Oswego (and a good flush) Luver

March 11-12/22

Month Of February Dates:


Throw in the times:

2/2/22@2:22 AM
2/2/22@2:22 PM
2/22/22@2:22 AM
2/22/22@2:22 PM

Use the 24hr clock:

2/2/22@ 22:22 hrs.
2/22/22@ 22:22 hrs.

Duces never Looses


March 11-12/22

I played a whole card of Lotto games with 22 as the picked number and everything else quick picked. Best I got was two numbers in a couple games. None of which were 2 or 22. Oddly enough neither 2 or 22 came up in any winning Lotto numbers during February.





Today's Quote March 9-10/22

 'Tis strange what a man may do, and a woman yet think him an angel.
William Makepeace Thackeray

"The Plumber"
Oswego County Residents in need of a Plumber make sure you are careful of who you chose before making your choice. I had an experience this week where I had seen an ad in our local shopper for Mr. Plumber and figured that it was someone new in the area as they were located in Fulton ny. Well I wanted to find someone other than I had a previous bad experience with known as "Mr. Rooter". So to make a long story short my toilet shit the bed soon after that and I called who I thought was the new guy in town "The Plumber" to install the new toilet that I had just purchased separately. "The Plumber showed up at 10:10 on Tuesday morning and after running to Lowes for about twenty minutes to buy a part, completed the job at 11:20 a grand total of one hour and 10 minutes. Little did I know until the job was complete that this was those former ripoff scammers calling themselves " Mr. Rooter." Well I found out why they get paid by the job and not by the hour when my bill for 70 minutes of work and travel time for parts came to a whopping $890.18. Just want to inform people that when you need a Plumber in this new era everybody wants to get rich quick,a good question to ask first would be "Do you charge by the hour" or "Do you charge by the job"? In my case after deducting a short water hose and a mounting bracket with a couple of studs I actually paid "The Plumber" about $800.00 an hour labor. Does this sound like legal robbery of a Senior Citizen to you? They even refused to give any small Senior Citizen discounts. I am still boiling mad over this which mounts to nothing more than a scam. I should have scoped out reviews before I even called anyone. I am just trying to save someone else from having to pay anything like $800.00 an hour like I did. Good luck and do your reviews.

March 9-10/22

Dunkin Donuts West at forks of the road by Raby's
This Dunkin is the worst run one in Oswego.The lobby is open - closed every other day.All they care about is the drive thru. The new manager has no idea what she is doing .All she does is take up space.

March 9-10/22

Cold war
Since the 1947 the USA has been duped into a cold war with USSR then Russia.The benificiary of this sas Germany who now owns the EU
Funny that Russia was on our side in WW2 .Imagine if we were allies with Russia instead of enemies .All the proxy wars engineered by reinhardt gelan would not have happened
American lives would not have been lost in Vietnam
Nor the middle east
And we would be wealthy

March 9-10/22

School District:
This school board HAS NO CLUE on what is going on, i hear the new principal was CANNED at Fulton High and we hire him, and this guy running the school board WANTS TO HIRE ANOTHER , he can"t even do his job as he is clueless. All you have to do is talk to the students and they will tell you how crazy it is at (least the high school) , and the teachers got raises. When the school budget is voted on NO SCHOOL EMPLOYEE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO VOTE, as it just benefits them, A BIG CONFLICT OF INTEREST .

March 9-10/22

St Patty’s hearts
Only in Oswego do you see oddly colored half working green hearts for St Patty’s Day. And it shows everyone passing through how idiotic our local govt is. Unbelievable.

March 9-10/22

The real winner of Russia’s war with Ukraine could be China's military


March 9-10/22

Gas 5$and going up
Why gas priceso high in oswego
It has always been this way and this needs to change
I understand opec isnt producing more
And venezuala may come to fruition as a us supplier but
We have always been gouged at the pumps here . Our local paper has not done a story on this ever
Perhaps now they will.

March 9-10/22

Broadwell gets to charge boaters to tie up on that wall
How much can Barlow do for these folks
Ask not what your city can do for its people ask what more can they do for Broadwell.






Today's Quote March 8/22


 Prosperity tries the fortunate, adversity the great. Share this Quote
Rose Kennedy

This is similar to our Cuba issues in 1962

March 8/22

Cold war
Since the 1947 the USA has been duped into a cold war with USSR then Russia.The benificiary of this sas Germany who now owns the EU
Funny that Russia was on our side in WW2 .Imagine if we were allies with Russia instead of enemies .All the proxy wars engineered by reinhardt gelan would not have happened
American lives would not have been lost in Vietnam
Nor the middle east
And we would be wealthy

March 8/22

School District:
This school board HAS NO CLUE on what is going on, i hear the new principal was CANNED at Fulton High and we hire him, and this guy running the school board WANTS TO HIRE ANOTHER , he can"t even do his job as he is clueless. All you have to do is talk to the students and they will tell you how crazy it is at (least the high school) , and the teachers got raises. When the school budget is voted on NO SCHOOL EMPLOYEE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO VOTE, as it just benefits them, A BIG CONFLICT OF INTEREST .

March 8/22

Germany considers bringing back national service after Ukraine war


March 8/22

Build up Germany and Japan to 1940 levels and watch Putin shit his pants.

Two members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard want to assassinate Trump's National Security Advisor
Biden is a shit
These Iranian revelutionary guard chaps need a bunker buster on their heads




March 8/22

Amazing images reveal how 50 staff have defied Russian shelling to care for 4,000 residents
It's great that they're saving these animals but how much do you want to bet they're doing this to raise money so they can retire wealthy




March 8/22




Today's Quote March 6-7/22

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.
Frederick Douglass


Islamic State claims responsibility for Pakistani mosque bombing
Pakistan is a nuclear armed nation and is completely out of control
that is a problem for the west

March 6-7/22

Rehiring Kells
Barlow fired him
And after hKells opened city up to potential law suit to lose $$$ in a civil case
Our tas payers will donate to him for the rest of his life
This city is a racket
Run by racketeers

March 6-7/22

Here "LIES" the problem
How about this, in a common place showing of trump/republican obstructionism, a report from hearings in October or 2019 which in turn lead to trump’s first impeachment.

“Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Thursday that President Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine until it looked into the debunked conspiracy theory that Ukrainian nationals were in possession of a computer server belonging to the Democratic National Committee.

Asked why the administration had withheld $400 million in military aid allocated by Congress to help Ukraine defend itself from Russian aggression, Mulvaney first cited the president’s desire to make sure Kiev’s government was not corrupt. Then, confirming a quid pro quo laid out in the partial summary released by the White House of Trump’s July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Mulvaney cited a conspiracy theory involving the DNC server that housed emails leaked during the 2016 campaign.

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and some in the administration have been looking for evidence that the DNC hack was carried out by Ukrainian agents seeking to help the Clinton campaign, rather than Russians trying to help Trump — which was the conclusion of U.S. intelligence agencies.”

You would have to think that the great pumpkin could have righted all the world’s wrongs in the four years after “the problem” in 2014. Instead he and the rest of the trumptards concocted a conspiracy involving Ukraine and ignored his own U.S. intelligence agencies. You must be blind to reality if you can’t see the real problem. Well as Mick Mulvaney says, “I have news for everybody: Get over it…”

March 6-7/22

In response to the poster of "Ukraine" on March 4, 2022
In response to the poster of "Ukraine" on March 4, 2022, you, sir, are exactly what is wrong with this world. You admire and respect dictators like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. You take Vladimir Putin's word that Russia's invasion force is out to "Denazify" the Ukraine. You are a coward who cares nothing about others who don't directly impact you. If you had children in the Ukraine, you would be banging the drum for war. Yet when other innocent families and children are being murdered by Russians, we should "bud out". Obviously, any kind of direct military intervention by the United States would result in World War III. That makes it paramount that every possible sanction and boycott be used against Putin. You go on to mention China as a threat to the United States, and you are right - they are both an economic and national security threat to the United States that must be monitored closely at all times. The United States has the intelligence and counter-intelligence capabilities to do just that AND punish Putin's Russia economically. You also mentioned your grandchildren. I sincerely hope they grow up to be smarter and more humane than you are, which shouldn't be difficult.

March 6-7/22

No. 2
Trump administration approved supplying Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, capping a nearly three-year debate in Washington over whether the United States should provide lethal defensive weapons to counter further Russian aggression in Europe. A few days prior the US Department of State announced that senior officials had authorized a sizeable export of US-made snipers, ammunition, and accessories. The shift in US policy under the Trump administration has been misunderstood. The US government is directly supplying lethal defense hardware to the Ukrainian military for the first time, although US-made lethal weapons have been in Ukraine since 2015.


March 6-7/22





Today's Quote March 5/22

 You have enemies? Good.

That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.

Winston Churchill

Kell's rehire
The rumor mill has it that they are going to rehire Kells so he can get his pension/benefits. They might want to confer with Gosuk on how to handle that situation. – B. Ruggio

March 5/22

Here lies the problem
In a rare show of bipartisanship in 2014, the US Congress passed the Ukraine Freedom Support Act, which appropriated $350 million in security assistance, including anti-tank and anti-armor weapons, to the government of Ukraine to defend its territorial integrity. Despite strong congressional backing, President Barack Obama decided not to authorize the US government sale or financing of lethal weapons to Ukraine. However, this policy did not prevent the private export of US-made lethal weapons to Ukraine.


March 5/22




Today's Quote March 4/22

 When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die.
Jean-Paul Sartre

Attorney general Kells
Will the attorney general be informed about the upcoming Kells court appearance
Will Oswego once again sweep their dirty laundry under the rug.
Who is giving Billy Mcouncil?
Is Kevin the main man
Is Cloonen
Is Broadwell

March 4/22

Germany Retakes Center Stage in Europe
This country should never be armed
The militarization of Germany has always ended poorly for the civilized world
The raped us and russia while they quietly bought europe and the part of world china and japan dont own


March 4/22

Tim Rice seems very qualified
Do the workers like him?
If not ,why not?

March 4/22

I thought that the DEC said it was against the law to snowblow all the wet salt filled snow into the river!!!! They are doing that on the bridge st bridge right now ?????

March 4/22

Denazifying is fine with me
We cannot afford 10 billion$ more to throw away to a cause that will ultimately bankrupt us open us up to chinese aggressors and hurt our grandchildren
My advice to Biden bud out
This clearly is a very serious action that so far has not cost americans lives
Let us leave it that way


March 4/22




Today's Quote March 2-3/22

 When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life;

now that I am old I know that it is.
Oscar Wilde

The show can’t go on: Russian arts cancelled worldwide
Stopping Russian Ballet and art is a stupid response to Russian invasion of Ukraine!
The artists of Russia did not invade and are artists.Art needs to not be a political football.When this war is over let us all hope the arts will be the first to be normalized .


March 2-3/22

Attorney general Kells
Will the attorney general be informed about the upcoming Kells court appearance
Will Oswego once again sweep their dirty laundry under the rug.
Who is giving Billy Mcouncil?
Is Kevin the main man
Is Cloonen
Is Broadwell


March 2-3/22




Today's Quote March 1/22

 If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf.
Bob Hope

Barlow drug task force
Many know about lil Willy’s drug use. If the OPD and task force don’t investigate and find the wrong doings going on, then they will be looked at as a joke and embarrassment to our city. They should find a few involved and within the city payroll. Just sayin.

March 1/22

How long?
How long does Valentine’s Day go on in Oswego? Lol

March 1/22

Tim Rice knows more about the roads then tom asshole Kells does. Kells is just a slumlord.

March 1/22

the person writing about the moose i know who you are. Why don't you just leave all you do is bash the place. why don't you just come to the next meeting and sit in front of the board and tells us what's really on your mind.stop being a coward and come to the meeting. but you won't you chicken shit.

March 1/22

OHS Heat problems
So there has been recurring heating problems at the OHS. Why? We have several very qualified HVAC contractors within this jurisdiction. This should never be a problem. Maybe a good long look is in order for the current officials sterring this ship. Certainly pay enough taxes to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the students and the educators. Give it a thought please !!!

March 1/22

Pall times
Its the kind of worthless paper good for starting kindling
The poster that pointed out a news vacume has a point.It is important that the people post actual news whenever possible ,as there is no news allowed out on the alleged press in our city.Moreover if you know something to be true for a fact please in the postings assert the information as factual.
Ed has allowed this forum and although a lot of venting has gone over the dam,the often disgruntled public has many reasonable gripes. it is appealing to post in anonominity so as to not be persecuted by the villians in office and elswhere. injustices are in abundance.
For instance allowing roundup to be be sprayed by the off duty fireman in the city parks!Children play in these parks our dearest pets walk in these parks they go home to their homes and they play with their children they get into their beds they sleep with their family they lay on the couch with their family and the youngest children babies and toddlers are tasting everything in might wind up with a mouth full of roundup.
This is an example of a factual thing that occurred a city committee approved it to the council Council voted and approved it and odds are that it happened.
This is an atrocity and there are other things that are not as detrimental to our pets and children that are factually discoverable and this is a nice for him to let people know about it because who wants to get attacked by the people in power and their affiliates.
Frightfully yours
Sent from my iPhone

March 1/22

Albany's 'No Eviction Ever' bill will devastate landlords
Clearly an attack on the Republican land barons.Imagine you're living in a owner occupied house and a rental moved in across the street diagonally and it's one of those Molly whopper gathering places.
It could take so long to be rid of the tenants that they literally could ruin your lives .in this case I'm against this noneviction bill.I think that Eviction be allowed in certain cases!Another reason they're pushing this is because the homeless problems become so extreme as Americans become less and less educated and we come closer to a Third World country this is one way to stave off the disaster that will come eventually




March 1/22





Today's Quote Febuary 28/22

 Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

The "Barlow -Times
We used to have a newspaper in the City of Oswego called the Palladium-Times, but because there is no real editor there, it is now the BARLOW-TIMES.
All we see now is self-serving pictures of Barlow on the front page and really NO news. It is said now that the most dangerous place in Oswego is between Barlow and a camera. The old Palladium-Times was not much of a paper, but at least was informative and covered all issues. Now it is only good for an occasional editorial and the Obit page. This paper is failing badly and is in great financial peril.... which I am going to contribute to by cancelling my subscription. Maybe a new investigative paper will start-up and actually print the real news around Oswego County. Sad that this editor has his head up Barlow's Ass!

Febuary 28/22

Sharon and Kurt
I used to work in the highway office, and Kurt would take Sharon to lunch just about every day, usually Ponderosa. She was always in his office. A lot of times they were the last to leave for the day. He has a big turnover because his employees get sick of the way he favors her. He says a lot of inappropriate things to his staff and gets away with it. If Kurt showed too much attention to any other employees, Sharon would treat them like crap so they'd quit.

Febuary 28/22

Tim Rice
Why would Barlow appoint bully Tim Rice as DPW chief. When Rice was on the labor council and candidates would go before them for endorsement, so many of them said Rice was a total a**h*le to them. Arrogant and cocky. Barlow's getting laughed at for that one. And Rice has no experience with road maintenance so it's a joke and the joke's on the residents.

Febuary 28/22

Bye Bye Billy
Looks like Jefferson County beat Billy to the punch. Not a chance of him running for Ritchie's seat. Probably Corradino will be the mayor (cough, cough) but Billy will make all the decisions.

Febuary 28/22

Board of Education Fat
Should it be allowed for people that retired from the teachers, union school maintance workers union , and have there “ friends “ get jobs in the District without going through the proper vetting ?
Please vote !

Febuary 28/22

Moose Club rip offs
Jim and Tracy at it again! Very profitable weekend that they pocketed money this past weekend with a fish dinner and a chicken BBQ. We thought they were going to leave town for good! Nobody wants you two con artist near the Moose club or the golf course.


Febuary 28/22





Today's Quote Febuary 26-27/22

 Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.
William Arthur Ward

Wasn’t thought thru
Jim Kelley isn't really gone. If he was his truck would be parked at a county facility. How can the county allow this wack job to still be in possession of a county vehicle. All he has to do is have an outburst (which he's known of. Just watch the video of him attacking a dpw worker at the Cicero fire station. The video will be posted on YouTube and link will follow) he gets in a wreck with the issued vehicle the county will be sued (wouldn't be the first or last) or destroys the vehicle the tax payers money will just fund another truck on behalf of the 25 legislators stupidity.

Febuary 26-27/22

County’s family tree
The lion is amazing. Unlike the county government there's not a secret on here. If it wasn't for the lion how could the truth about the local government ever spread so easily. The more that gets out about the cesspool that festers within the government the better. Onondaga county doesn't even have 25 legislators what's the reason Oswego does?. Try this for once put your own hands in your own pockets, or would some of ya get to excited. This is the only operation heard of that has an appointed human resource director. If HR doesn't side with management bye bye easily replaced. That says a lot to the workforce why would anyone think of working for tyrants. The county, the city, is all corrupt. Here's the NYS attorney generals office tip hotline 1-800-771-7755. It's not the first time the feds have been involved with local government and it most certainly won't be the last. Politics: poli is a Latin word for many and tics meaning bloodsucking creatures.

Febuary 26-27/22

Border Patrol
They also hide out at the end of the Oswego Industries Road off from Mitchell street-- (just before dog park), wayyyy down to the and cant see any lake there. Oh if your the fella leaving all the cig butts and empty packs down there-- pick em up, their all directly outside of where you hide out all over the ground.

Febuary 26-27/22

The age when you can legally drink alcohol in the UK
F**k this asinine 21 and over to buy alcohol when you can get married have kids vote join the army travel around the world and be independent our country is full of shit

Febuary 26-27/22

Legal drinking age
It's f++king country needs to get their heads out of their ass and educate people instead of policing people

Febuary 26-27/22

Barlow and Coke
A family ember of mine said they did coke with him in high school.

Febuary 26-27/22

Board Of Education , The Fat !
I guess, that people that are under quifed, taxpayers pay and the lazies that were either former teachers, former assts ( another taxpayer sucking pension, health insurance , and get a handicap sticker to boot ),
How Much of this Lazy, take what you can get Bullshit are we suppose to take ?
Lazy Retired Teachers and Janitors !

Febuary 26-27/22

Russian vodka pulled from shelves in US, Canada bars, liquor stores
Russia doesnt want a cia run country
At their border
The dont want to deal with nato absorbing ukraine
Think us dduring 1962 cuban missile crisis
Not getting russian vodka is stupid response
never forget they were our allies in 2 world wars
Stop buying chinese everything
Or french or german but the russians should be our friends
The cold war engineered by Reinhardt Galen kept US AND USSR BUSY WHILE GERMANY BOUGHT THE WORLD

Educate our population more
Especially oswego
Do you think our present day politicians would have been elected if we were educated?
Bad actors most of them

Febuary 26-27/22

Russian vodka pulled from shelves in US, Canada bars, liquor stores
Russia attacked Ukraine and told us bud out
China has threatened us numurous times PULL THEIR SHIT FROM THE SHELVES
DEPORT THEIR SHIT COOKS AT THE 70,000 restaurants in usa

Febuary 26-27/22

A Military and Political Disaster: The Calamitous Errors of Germany's Russia Policy
There's only one good thing about Germany Arming itself
They will hopefully go broke so that American industry can once again have a chance


Febuary 26-27/22

The US’s greatest danger isn’t China. It’s much closer to home
China China China
Well we wasted trillions on the Cold War and we allow Germany to buy most of the Western resources
After rebuilding that country or at least financing it while they duped us
The time has come to form an alliance with Russia because we cannot afford Russia China and Iran and possibly turkey to be organized against us our grandchildren can't afford it and I'm not talking about money I'm talking about life so Putin clearly is alarmed about Ukrainian potential NATO wise
Let's make a treaty with Russia do you have a peaceful resolution
Embrace a culture that's not that bad
I think it's great with the Chinese have achieved unfortunately I don't think it's great for anybody but Chinese people and I certainly would deport every rotten chef from all 70,000 restaurants and make them make us great food if they want to come here and spy on us with their restaurants planted in every strategic location in America at least make sure the food is great please tell your representative this


Febuary 26-27/22



Febuary 26-27/22

Shrunken duo


Febuary 26-27/22




Today's Quote Febuary 23-25/22

Your heaviest artillery will be your will to live. Keep that big gun going.
Norman Cousins



Sharon and Kurt
The way they carry on for all to see is ridiculous. They don't care who knows. It's been going on for years. They have hearty appetites! LOL

Febuary 23-25/22

I see him yesterday 1:30 backing in the driveway , nice clean County truck ( must of been one of his rats washed it) done for the day. I hope us county taxpayers didnt pay him a full days pay??? Oh and i stopped at the Fulton Burger King and heard one employee telling a customer that walkers nephew got fired for trying to corner a female employee, They kept that Quiet.

Febuary 23-25/22

The Treason of the Ruling Class
Think about this on local level who comes to mind


Febuary 23-25/22

Roundup Injury Claim





Febuary 23-25/22

Remember the city of oswego made a deal with one of its flunkie firemen to spray Roundup in city parks. Anyone who believes they may have been exposed while using city properties should contact a good out of town lawyer.

“Our Democracy” is Rule by a Hidden Cabal
Think about this in terms of our local government

Febuary 23-25/22

Barlo's Oswego Drug Task Force....Really
Billy " Coke Head" Barlow has formed a Drug Task Force to be compiled of ex Oswego police officers . Must be Barlows supply is drying up and he needs some new sources. Why ex police...shit, they didn't do anything about drugs in Oswego when they were on the police force, what makes you think they will do something now. The city of Oswego has run rampant with drug dealers for years, and they all know who they are. Must be new people (dealers) are moving in and they want to protect their current source of supply. What a $u&king joke.

Febuary 23-25/22

Border Patrol / Cemetery patrol
I would like to understand hy the border patrol trucks sit out at St,Paul's cemetery ?
I realize we live on a border but I do not see any truck convoys from Canada coming across
the lake and certainly no border jumpers yet.
I would also like to know why a couple of nights ago when it was pouring rain one of their trucks
almost ran in the back of my truck with no emergency lights on to get to the old barrilla's parking
lot when there were already 6 other cop cars there at the call? The funny part was that he turned his lights on at Kinney's and turned them off when he pulled into the parking lot where the call was.
They need to send them to the southern border if they are so eager to answer calls as well as get lazy ass off his hideout at the cemetery . Not much going on there buddy!!!!!!!!!!! Enough money is being wasted in this country we do not need help wasting any more.


Febuary 23-25/22




Today's Quote Febuary 22/22

 Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men

will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.
John Maynard Keynes

OCSD Superintendent
Apparently the new OCSD Superintendent is a bit overwhelmed by the position and needs to create a new assistant superintendent position to lighten the load. Here is a thought for The Board, hire someone who can do the damn job without having to add another layer of fat for the taxpayers to pay for!!

Febuary 22/22

Re Mayor Barlow's "PALS"
These were Goseks palls
And many democratic mayors pals too!
The influecial developers that we pay for
The struggling anchors that have always been there that did not receive benefits from these political vehicles are all but gone
The government funded places have replaced most
This town is an economic cancer tumor to the USA


Febuary 22/22

Proud Boys and all the insurrectionist from Jan 6th Attack on the Capital
I think we should collect up all those Trumptard Proud Boys and the other insurrectionists, put them on a troop ship and send them to Ukraine. Lets see how they hold up against the Russian tanks and trained Russian troops that are using real bullets. Remember to send a lot of body bags along with them.


Febuary 22/22






Today's Quote Febuary 20-21/22

 Religion is regarded by the common people as true,

by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

RE: kells
He should have let the popo deal with it -- I mean he station is only what 1/2 block from there and how many were strolling around? What gives him the right as a DPW commissioner to put hands on anyone youth, child or elder. No he decided he would be the guy that is "the man" and wanted to be the big guy-- he got what he got for stepping out of his role. Just goes to show, no matter how cool ya are Tom-- you cant go around treating people like you do. You get out what you put in. Guessing you'll be fading away soon anyhow.

Febuary 20-21/22

Oswego :
This city, and school district are so corrupt that when Baby Do Nothing Barlow , leaves to go be with his PUPPET MASTER Barclay, this city will be in the deepest hole we have ever been in. I agree that we need to STOP this cities crap and start over, NO MAYOR IS WORTH $50,000 A year to keep Trying to make this DISNEYLAND !!!!!! ALL he is doing is giving ALL HIS PALS A 10 YEAR TAX break, were you and i pick up the difference for ALL the lowlifes moving here for all the freebies .Saturdays BARLOW TIMES right on the front page , the OCSD needs 10 new buses , EVERY TIME WE VOTE ITS 10 new buses WTF !!! I know alot of students that return from other schools at 3:00 and are told there is no bus for you, and THEY CLAIM THEY HAVE 59 BUSES, their new line when you call is THE DRIVERS OR AIDS HAVE COVID, make them get the shot ( AND THEN YOU ALL WANT TO END MASKING ) BIG JOKE !!!!!!!!

Febuary 20-21/22


People with COVID Often Infect Their Pets


Febuary 20-21/22




Today's Quote Febuary 19/22

 Housework, if you do it right, will kill you.
Erma Bombeck

TV Commercials Constantly Bombarding Our Brains
For the past few weeks, while watching TV, I have started counting and timing the number of commercials and the amount of time they consume per hour. It was only done randomly and on different channels I watch, and it is amazing how this media has bombarded us with an enormous amount of commercials. On average, for a one hour program, we will see 57 commercials which will consume 25 minutes of our time.

I know that commercials are necessary as the programs we watch are funded by this system, and they are far ranging. Gotta love the pharmaceutical commercials that warn this product could kill you, so "ask your doctor about it". There is no way to list the different types of commercials you are inundated with. If you are a normal watcher of TV, you will sit in front of the TV from around 6:00PM to 11:30PM or about 5 to 6 hours a day. Weekends, probably more, especially sport fans. So for 5 hours of TV gazing, you will be bombarded by at least 285 to 300 commercials per day, or well over 2,500 per week for a total of 130,000 commercials a year. Total estimated time watching commercials per year is around 800 to 1000 hours.It is amazing how we can just sit and watch these ridiculous commercials on a daily basis for so much time.

I have started, especially for movies, placing the TV on hold when a series of commercials start and keep it on hold for about 4-5 minutes; normal time for a commercial run. I then Fast forward through the commercials and then continue to watch what I was watching. For that hold time I do other things like get a drink, take a pee break, or just look out the window. It is much more relaxing and I don't have to waste my time watching those brain numbing commercials.

Febuary 19/22

Oswego schools
Almost 100 million a year budget
Almost 2,000,000 $ /week
Not a word in news about ways to transform a failed system to a functional one
America has been beat up
Educated people are a rarity
This suck hole city government cares not about peoples kids getting educated
Dump everyone in our government
They have failed us
They have failed the USA

Febuary 19/22

Just wait until all of the new, low income, housing units are filled up with unwed mothers and their boyfriends and they bring their little darlings down to sign them up for school.





Today's Quote Febuary 15-18/22


Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt.
Herbert Hoover

City Attorney
Useless worthless parasite


Febuary 15-18/22

Kells court March 22

I am not a fan of Kells
The fact that this teenage little shit was allegedly bashing a baseball bat onto the municipal railings
And i wonder if this poor kid that got elbowed is possibly the vandal that destroyed the fence at fort ontario surrounding the outdoor roller hockey ring behind the batting cage?
Anyhow the city was having an event that had families and civilized visitors
The incident is unfortunate
And if the kid was 18 what would have been the disposition here?
Just sayin

Febuary 15-18/22

Political brain removal


Febuary 15-18/22

NATO's Eastward Expansion: Is Vladimir Putin Right?
These pigs fostered the Cold War had us lose trillions and then makes it look like they are russia's friends we should've split that country and a half after World War II and left it that way they used us and now they're wealthy we are poor they're educated we're ignorant etc. etc. etc. f++k this country Deutschland is douche land



Febuary 15-18/22

School $$$$$$$$$$
Merge city and school one SMALL government
Dump everyone bankrupt city
Start over

Febuary 15-18/22

Cozy post-war life of Nazi who oversaw torture and murder at CHILDREN'S concentration camp revealed

Febuary 15-18/22

Our blood sucking mayor school board counselars
These people need to vacate and we cannot afford this same old same old
This bobble head mayor spending money like its his beeds to be put in charge of a budget in the real world that hasnt got a tax base to squander
And the influencers that push him to their end need influenzas

Febuary 15-18/22

Alan L. Wood
The man who was found outside the VFW.



They just took off
On February 17, 1944, shortly after 5:00 p.m., "Getaway Gertie" a B-24 Liberator heavy bomber from the 471st Bombardment Group took off from Westover Air Field in Massachusetts. Bad weather set in and she, and her crew of eight, found herself in the midst of a blinding snow storm. The aircraft, following numerous attempts to find a landing place and running low on fuel, crashed into Lake Ontario off Nine Mile Point about 2:30 a.m. on the 18th. The eight crew members didn't survive and it is believed their remains are still in the plane about ninety feet below the surface. To date, there has been no report of the aircraft being located – although divers said they sighted the wreck in the past. Many airmen lost their lives, during WWII, but none so close to Oswego as these. Hopefully they will be found and given a proper burial and recognized for their service to our country.


Febuary 15-18/22




Today's Quote Febuary 14/22

Like the measles, love is most dangerous when it comes late in life.
Lord Byron

Barlow and Hill
Was Mayor Barlow and Kevin Hill getting drunk at the VFW last night with a real veteran of a foreign war who left and was found dead in this driveway?

Febuary 14/22

Kevin Caraccioli, Oswego City Attorney City Hall – 2nd Floor 13 Oneida Street, Oswego, NY (Using his position as Oswego City Attorney for personal gain.)
Kevin Caraccioli, attorney for the City of Oswego, NY. And Kevin Caraccioli is also the attorney for Circle T Concrete. Negotiated a contract for Circle T, with the City of Oswego to operate out of the DPW Garage on Mitchel St. in Oswego NY.

City of Oswego Attorney Kevin Caraccioli is *GUILTY!* Using his public office for personal gain.
§ 2635.702 Use of public office for private gain.
An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom the employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity, including nonprofit organizations of which the employee is an officer or member, and persons with whom the employee has or seeks employment or business relations. The specific prohibitions set forth in paragraphs (a) through (d) of this section apply this general standard but are not intended to be exclusive or to limit the application of this section. (Applies to others working, or, worked for the City of Oswego.) Mayor William Barlow et al

Febuary 14/22

Street Paving:
I saw the list of streets to be paved this year and THEY LEFT OUT EAST 7th ST. Our USELESS alderman should get in his vehicle and Start at east 7th and BRIDGE ST. and drive all the way to BUNNER st. and tell us taxpayers that this street DOES NOT need to be paved, must be none of WALKERS buddies live on this street, its terrible, HE loves screwing the Taxpayers and take care of his buddies. WHAT A JOKE.


Febuary 14/22




Today's Quote Febuary 13/22

 There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth;

not going all the way, and not starting.



by George M. Clark

To reinforce British presence, at a strategic location, in 1755 Fort Ontario was constructed on an eminence at the easterly confluence of the Oswego River and Lake Ontario. In 1756 the fort was destroyed by the French and rebuilt by the British in 1759. Americans put the ungarrisoned post to the torch in 1778. The fort lay in ruins until the spring of 1782 when His Majesty's troops, under the command of Major Ross, re-occupied the post. Upon arrival they proceeded to repair and make habitable the "Guardian of the Northern Frontier."

Intelligence of this operation reached Washington and gave him great concern. The possibility of enemy troops using the fort as a staging area for further intrusions into the Mohawk Valley was foremost on his mind. He now had to devise a plan to capture and destroy the works; a secret mission to be entrusted to a loyal and gallant commander.

Toward the end of November, Colonel Marinus Willett, having seen to winter barracks for his New York regiment at Fort Rensselaer on the Mohawk River, set out for Fishkill. The purpose of his journey was to meet his wife, intending to return with her to his quarters for the winter. While in the area he decided to visit General Washington at his headquarters in Newburgh. The Colonel was invited to stay for dinner, which he did, and at its close Washington asked him to step into his office. A conversation ensued concerning an undisclosed expedition to Oswego; the location of Fort Ontario. This was the first time that an opening ever presented itself to Colonel Willett of a chance of procuring fame, that his heart did not vibrate with joy. He had intended to spend a comfortable winter with his wife, but his loyalty to Washington and dedication to duty would overshadow his own pleasures.

In about a week, following their meeting, Willett wrote to Washington in favor of the enterprise and accepted responsibility for carrying out the most secret task of preparing for a winter campaign in the harsh region of the Northern Frontier on Lake Ontario. Further correspondence developed between Washington and Willett which, because of its highly sensitive nature, was written in the former's own handwriting.

On December 18th, Washington ordered to proceed with the assembling of vests, woolen hose, caps, socks, mittens and blankets, for use by troops in the extremely cold climate. Willett was to provide for a sufficient number of Indian shoes or moccasins. Washington was also locating snow shoes which might be useful for the journey. The force was also to be equipped with axes, saws, augers and a gouge, which would be used to construct scaling ladders for entering the fort.

On January 22, 1783 Willett was informed by the General that the Rhode Island regiment, of African-American troops, had been placed under his direction. On February 8th the combined force, of approximately 500 troops with 120 horse-drawn sleighs, left Fort Herkimer on the German Flats; near the present-day City of Utica. On the 9th, during the night, they pushed across Oneida Lake leaving the sleighs on the north shore, which is now Brewerton. They walked on the ice-covered rivers, for the most part, until they reached Oswego Falls, now the City of Fulton, at about 2:00 P.M. the next day. Eight scaling ladders were constructed at this place and all necessary preparations for entering the enemy's works were completed. The officers were informed of each role the troops under their immediate command would play in the assault. At approximately 10:00 P.M., that evening, they reached a point on the Oswego River, about four miles from the fort, between present day Seneca Hill and the city limits of Oswego. Here it was decided, that because of the weakness of the ice and the possibility of discovery, to climb the extremely high east bank of the river and travel concealed through the woods.

Willett had procured a young Oneida Indian, called Captain John, and two other guides, whose purpose was to lead the party to within sight of the post. They would strike in the dead of the night and quoting Washington's order, "From having recourse to the almanack (sic), I am led to wish that the night for the attack may not be delayed beyond the 12th inst.; as I find that the setting of the moon, (even at that time), approached so near day-light, that the intervening space is short, and consequently must be very critical; as accidents unforeseen, and consequently unprovided for, may embarrass your movements towards the works, and retard the attack of them beyond the hour designed, to the entire disappointment of the plan."

The element of surprise was also a prime factor in Washington's plan and of this he said, "I wish to impress it upon you, that if you do not succeed by surprize(sic), the tempt will be unwarrantable. The wounds received in the former, more than probable, will be trifling. Every plausible deception should be used to mask the object of your expedition to the latest moment. Your movements afterwards should be quick, and pains must be taken to discover, by tracks or otherwise, whether intelligence has outgone (sic) you. If you should be fully convinced of this, the further prosecution of the enterprise (sic) would not only be fruitless, but might prove injurious."

Being approximately four miles from their objective and having four hours time left before the moon set, which was the time fixed for entering the fort, the expectations of success were extremely high. Willett's attention was then given to encouraging the men on the march, especially those who were carrying ladders because of the freezing temperatures, depth of the snow and difficulties of navigating through the woods at night; not having the slightest worry that the guides would not lead them to their purpose, with time to spare. However, his attention became quickly focused on this, following two hours being expended and not yet discovering an opening through the woods.

Captain John, the Indian guide, was following tracks made from snow shoes; believing they would most certainly lead to the fort. Instead, they led the command into a thicket with deep snow and then through a swamp, which was south of the present-day Hall Road. To make matters worse some of the men's feet became frozen in the mud; they were lost!

As daybreak rapidly approached Willett's troops found themselves on high ground; now called Oak Hill. From this vantage point they could see the prize about three quarters of a mile before them; Fort Ontario. However, keeping in mind Washington's explicit orders, Willett decided to terminate the incursion and withdraw. Now all that was left to do was for the soldiers to make their way back to the river and start the long and arduous march back.

Upon arrival at Fort Rensselaer, Pliny Moore, Willett's adjutant, wrote to his father of the venture, "We return from our unsuccessful expedition to Oswego the 18th at evening after as fatiguing a March I believe as has been since the War we were nine nights in the woods without seeing a House, marched Thiry Six Hours without one hours intermission & as long at another item with but about three Hours Halt for Refeshment & to compleat our disappointment when our hopes were most Sanguine after marching all day & all night Cold fatiguid & many of us frozen....." (sic)

This mounting of a Winter campaign, in the traitorous northern region of New York, was unparalleled. Coupled with a forced march during blizzards and freezing temperatures, the hardships endured by these brave men were insufferable. Dogs that followed the troops on the march had been shot, along the way, so their barking would not warn the garrison when the attackers reached the fort. When provisions ran out during the return, the frozen bodies of these animals were dug out of the snow and used for food. At least two men froze to death and over 130 cases of frost bite were reported.

In a letter dated March 5, 1783 to Colonel Marinus Willett, General George Washington said of the expedition, "The failure, it seems, must be attributed to some of those unaccountable events which are not within the control of human means; .... I cannot omit expressing to you the high sense I entertain of your perservering the exertions and zeal on this expedition; and beg you to accept my warm thanks on the occasion; and that you will be pleased to communicate my gratitude to the officers and men who acted under your command, for the share they had in that service."

An agreement for the cessation of hostilities between Great Britain and the United States of America was reached November 30, 1782 and was officially proclaimed by George the III on February 14, 1783; the formal peace treaty was not signed until September 3rd of that year.

The War for Independence, after eight long years of desperate fighting, would end in a fizzle on the Northern Frontier. The failure of Willett's Raiders to capture Fort Ontario would leave it and its environs controlled by the British for thirteen years after the war.



Barlow and Hill have truly embarrassed the Port City
The Physical Services Committee, chaired by Kevin Hill, 3rd Ward, tabled the request by the port, for minor road adjustments to help the port move Windmill parts slated to be delivered down state to Bluestone Windmill Farm in Sanford and Winsor in Broome County. This project is environmentally sound, will bring new clean power to New York State, and as stated by Pamela Dowd, President, CSEA 068, will bring a couple million dollar benefit to the Port City Community. But No, the two children, Billy Barlow and Kevin Hill have forced the Physical Services Committee to table the proposal and halted the project.

Why? It all goes back to the project at the Port Authority and "Barlow's hissy fit" about the lighthouse view shed. This child made issue of the construction of a warehouse that would block the view of a little lighthouse at the port and had his incompetent city attorney hire outside council to challenge the port project. Even though his actions were childish, he has the right to legally challenge the project and spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' money foolishly on outside counsel to stop the construction. But, he said nothing about Broadwell's construction of "Alex's on the Water" which blocks the view shed of the lighthouse on the Eastside River Walk, and he had no problem putting a center medium on East 1st St and planting trees that will, at their maturity, block the light house view shed. He also was in full support of Broadwell's Water Park building which also blocks the view shed from the bridge, but that was for Broadwell, his buddy.

Let's get back to the two children we refer to as mayor and councilor Hill. Their actions and comments were like two children who did not get their way on the playground, so they stomped their feet and took their ball home. It is unfortunate, but this is what you get when you put unqualified children in a government that does not understand that the Port City, "IS A BUSINESS".

Just because you don't like the players, doesn't allow you to turn away $2,000,000 in benefits to the city, and does not allow you to make childish comments at public meetings. I am totally embarrassed that this type of discourse would come up at a city business meeting. Remember, all committee, board, and council meetings are business meetings and should be run with a level of professionalism. Some of the statements made by the two city children were:

Barlow...."I am disappointed that no one from the port showed up for the meeting"...Baby Barlow you are wrong again...the Port Council, Mr. Porcello and Mr. Rodes from C&S Companies were there and are the main players. Billy, it is called business!

Hill..."The city is a little apprehensive given the previous working relationship with the port"... Listen little boy, the port has always had a very good work relationship with the city, until the people of the 3rd ward elected an unqualified child like you to represent them.

Barlow..."Boohoo", "the port wants to put up a chain-link fence and they have already chocked off waterfront property on the east side"...Ah, little boy, it is their property. It was their property when you were breast feeding on your mother, and it was their property since the creation of the Port City.

Barlow... I cannot give the east side enough love because the port controls most of the east side water front...I can't give the east side enough love....really...you idiot, this is business, not a love story...Go whine to your mother.

Hill...because nobody showed up from the port, we are going to stomp our foot and table this request....It has already been shown the correct people were at the meeting...Is this how you sell jewelry....what a child.

Bottom line is the council can bring this to the full council without committee recommendation, and if this is turned down, the city risks losing $2,000,000 in benefits. Keep in mind, this is a business, and the taxpayers will not take kindly to losing money because two inexperienced and unqualified children had a hissy fit and cannot control their ignorance.

As far as Hill goes, trust me, C&S, CSEA, and the people of the 3rd Ward will fund a mature individual for the 3rd Ward council seat at the next election. Mr. Hill, we will not forget and your childish actions WILL cost you your seat in the next election! Barlow, even Will Barclay will not be able to hide this screw up. If you think you would like to run for higher office, there will be huge funds donated to take you down. Remember, kids don't belong in government!

Febuary 13/22

mayor Barlow heading out !
MAYOR Billy is getting ready to jump ship ,The city that he has played like a fiddle is starting to turn and not for the better. The b.s game playing with the port is just that a game to him . the view of lighthouse never mattered to him he just was playing his game ,then goes and does the same thing on 1st street. He is going to move to another job soon and let Corradino move into finish out his term .That has been his plan for a little bit now and has made the comment that it will look like Rob is messing everything up and can not keep up what Billy did . When the true stories he has set city up to fail only to blow his ego up and promote his future . I work for the city DPW and Kells was an asshole , but from what I see the new guy is up to his neck and has no clue how to run the place. Why Kells ever put Craig in the number 2 spot I will never understand .Kells told us that the port water line was a public health concern because it needed a back flow preventer, but the mayor put him on back burner and told him not to do anything about it . Kells said he called the health dept but he probably never did. we run over four hours on water breaks all the time but the mayor told Kells to not do a boil water advisory and that has not changed with this new guy . WHEN the city people get sick this will come out . .I am leaving soon and this job used to be fun . But what I see this mayor has and does to people that have worked so hard and made him look good, so he can get his picture taken and take credit .Know the new DPW guy can't handle all the project like Kells did so we have to sub all of it out and that is why billy is jumping ship . Word has it that Kells is pissed at Mayor and is starting to talk to people . Word also has it that the mayor pissed at Kells . FUNNY these two had each others backs and now turning on each other. Well time will tell , I hope ROB C. can fix this .


Febuary 13/22




Today's Quote Febuary 11-12/22

 Treasure your relationships, not your possessions. Share this Quote
Anthony J. D'Angelo

Anderson Replacment Windows ...... Beware!

Like the TV commercial says Anderson is a old and trusted name in windows. One of the reasons we boutht our house is because it had Andersen replacment windows. Then we had our first winter in the house. When the wind blew you could see the curtains move. Some windows have frost on the inside of the frame. The previous owner paid Solvay Glass $10,000 for eleven windows and one patio door. Ten dollars would have been too much.

Febuary 11-12/22


Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (NY-21), House Republican Conference Chair, endorsed Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) for the newly formed New York 24th Congressional District.

Elsie "the cow" Stefanik who is the chairperson of New York Fat Ass Commie Sluts for Trump has turned on incumbrnt Congressman John Katko because he refuses promote the disgraced one term former president and his big lie.

Let us all know Elsie, what does Trumps dick really taste like. Is it sweet and smooth or does it taste like every two bit whore he has had over the years?

Febuary 11-12/22

‘Mercenaries have skills armies lack’: former Wagner operative opens up

Febuary 11-12/22




Today's Quote Febuary 9-10/22

 Every form of addiction is bad,

no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism.
Carl Jung

ZERO DARK THIRTY-Oswego County Highway Dept
Jim Kelley "for god and country" Jim Kelley has been eliminated.


Febuary 9-10/22

Baby Barlow Tenure as Mayor has been a Disaster
Baby Barlow never really knew what he was doing as mayor and is going to vacate the position and put Oswego in a really tenuous situation, both physically and financially. First of all he liked to do little kid projects that brought No revenue into the city like; a splash pad, little seating areas with burn pits, changing the docks to a point that they are half empty, and then bragged that he did not raise taxes. He has been a joke since he got in and surrounded himself with some of the sleaziest people in the city.
Looking at his performance, it is clear that he had no clue what he was doing and one only has to look at the budget since he took office to see what a mess he has made of it. Right now, the revenues for the city of Oswego are down $1,300,000 and expenses are up $500,000, or a $1,800,000 deficit. To offset this major loss, they have increased the city assessed value by $71,000,000 and increased the tax levy by $1,750,000. That sounds good until you understand that the increase in the assessed value has been from construction of properties that are tax exempt, so you get the increased tax levy in your property taxes. Here are some examples of the $70,000,000 of tax exempt properties.
Harbor View Square........Tax exempt
RiverWalk Apartments.......Tax exempt
Avery building.......Tax Exempt
Broadwells.....Tax Exempt
New Low Cost Housing 1st St North.....Tax exemp
New Low Cost Housing 1st St South.....Tax exempt
Not only are they tax exempt, but some are low cost housing, which are under construction and will be housing many, many, people that will not add anything to our community but problems. Think about Sky Line Apartments in Syracuse with stabbings, shootings, and murders. These people are moving here. Thank you Billy! You and your buddies are destroying the city of Oswego.
Now we hear that Baby Barlow also wants to spend money to open up a beach behind the steam station, but couldn't keep the city pool open. What a clown. Unfortunately this is not a laughing matter, and the people sat back and watched Barlow and the Clown Council slowly destroy the city, and did nothing to stop it. Your lack of involvement is now coming back to bite you on the ass.

Febuary 9-10/22

Manhole on Fifth Ave
The other day I reported that a manhole on Fifth Abe had sunken about 6". The next day the DPW put an orange can over it. I noticed today they removed it. If anyone ruins a car part by hitting it you can ask the city for the repair cost as it has been reported. Pass it on...


Febuary 9-10/22




Today's Quote Febuary 7-8/22

 Originality does not consist in saying what no one has ever said before,

but in saying exactly what you think yourself.
James Stephens

F@f bargains coke ring
Does anyone else wonder where f@f bargains came from you're s truley mr chris farmer. Selling coke and pounds of marijuana to underage kids in his basement the same basement where he held his ex girlfriend Hostage and beat her face in for weeks wish i new the poor girls name she works at the sub shop with a broken cheek bone for life. Poor girl he lives right on. East mohawk street. Arcoss from billy barlows sister mabye he gets a way with it cause he sells billy coke too ? Where does some one start a business. Thats hasent worked. In over 10 years does he sell coke for his land loard? Watch out oswego no bargains hear just a bunch of tax invasion money laundering drugdealing womenbeating coke sniffing going on at f@f bargains

Febuary 7-8/22

It's very interesting that Sharon Barlow remains, yet kurt and Sharon forced out other office clerks who actually knew what was going on. That's the problem "knew" what was going on.....Sharon is it true your collecting a pension while spoon feeding kurt? (Always knew you had a thing for double dipping). Are you both still really going out to canales? Or is he cheap and only taking you to the pizza counter at price chopper? Come on kurt you know that's not the way to a women's heart..... but what do you really know? You've gone thru how many and still can't seem to find one that sticks around.


Febuary 7-8/22

The Democrats have their share of puppets as well
People have lost focus in America is disintegrating our educated youth are no longer educated our math skills are pitiful physicists dwindled
Our ability to think as a country is challenged to put it mildly the republic is in dire straits for every good trait a politician exhibit there's 1000 bad ones the unions in the lobbyists are so strong that planned obsolescence is the status quo the only hope is that people start educating their children at home more and more and the television for every moronic moment broadcast there are 10,000 brilliant moments that become normal we are a country it in my lifetime has dwindled in capability china bought our old factories
The Obamas in the Clintons and the Bidens have sold out to China the country is divided many think it's going to disintegrate some people there thinking that they were going to be states for black people the fourth Reich controls the United States of America It is they're doing our population is dumber than it's been in over a half a century
It is they're doing that we had a cold war with Russia to punish both of us for beating them in World War II when you watch television look at the background at the infrastructure of Germany compared to ours same with Korea Japan while we defended these nations after wars our infrastructure went to hellI
have no idea how to fix this but on a small scale in our little microcosmic town city of a Swiegle New York we have had nightmare politicians that have seemingly purposefully done every major job so poorly that they will all have to be redone with no thought to the cost on the taxpayers so long as their future mayors and alderman control that money as they have are and plan Barlows Are put their
To perpetuate this ridiculous system and I don't even want to talk about the school board and the insane taxes and the lack of education it's not the teachers fault they are just products of a dumbed down America the few science teachers we have are rare and the math teachers are even more rare

Febuary 7-8/22

Geology: Supermountains 4,900 miles long 'supercharged' life's evolution 2,000 million years ago.






Today's Quote Febuary 6/22

 What we really are matters more than what other people think of us.
Jawaharlal Nehru

Barlow Announces Another Round of “Blizzard Bucks”
Really, they should call this little scheme "Blizzard *ucks"; rhymes with bucks. Before you buy into this little money laundering scheme for Barlow's buddies, you should understand the fundamentals. You, the taxpayer, are going to fund this whole program.

Let's look at the program they are trying to suck you into, to help certain businesses that are Barlow's friends to make a profit during this slow winter sales period. Where is the money coming from? It all comes from you!

First, what is the American Rescue Plan? It is a government program funded by the federal government from our tax dollars. Yes, the $25,000 Barlow says the city is putting in, is from this fund and is coming from you.

Second, the city is selling 2,000 certificates (Blizzard Bucks) at $25.00 each for a total of $50,000 that accounts for $75,000 ($ 25,000 from tax funded ARP and $50,000 in purchased Blizzard Bucks). Each Certificate will get you $50.00 in merchandise from "certain small businesses" in the community, many of Barlow's buddies, like "Mother Earth'' and "Curious Kids". Oh, that's right;. Nathan Emmons is the Director of Economic Development for the city and his wife owns those businesses. Not much of a conflict of interest.

Third, you, so far, have invested all the money either through purchasing certificates "blizzard Bucks" or your taxes ($75,000 total). 2,000 certificates will get $25.00 blizzard Bucks plus $25.00 retail credit, or $100,000 in merchandise. The Barlow's buddy retailers will submit to the city the Blizzard Bucks they have and will be reimbursed $25.00 for them and will be reimbursed for the "$25.00 merchandise expense". That's right, we are $25,000 short. ($100,000 in purchases-$50,000 in Blizzard Bucks and -$25,000 in A.R.P.= a loss of $25,0000) Not to worry, the retailers will be reimbursed from the city general fund. Correct, again, taxpayer's money.

Fourth, of the $100,000 spent at the select retailers, you will have picked it all up, either through direct purchase of Blizzard Bucks or through the federal/local taxes you/we all paid. From the $100,000 spent, the state will get $4,000 in sales tax and the county will also get $4,000 in sales tax.
Congratulations, you have been duped again by Barlow and his buddies. You can do whatever you want, it's your money.


Febuary 6/22


Is the only professional politician it's been mayor and more than half a century he is a real politician trained apprenticed practiced and on his way to bigger more powerful jobs working for a machine That he probably knows nothing about there's thousands like him in the country and that's why America is drowning and disintegrating barlows of America don't even know
Who is really pulling their strings just so long as they dance like the puppets that they all are


Febuary 6/22






Today's Quote Febuary 3-5/22

Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.
Quote Benjamin Franklin


Please encourage your representitives to discourage this inept leader from engaging russia with china iran and likely turkey not in our corner
Nato was us
We do not need a protracted war
And russia was our ally in ww1,and WW2
Let us leave this to diplomacy


Febuary 3-5/22

1918 spanish flu wear a mask or go to jail





Today's Quote Febuary 2/22


Advice is like snow - the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon,

and the deeper it sinks into the mind.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Barlow moving up
People outside Oswego know of Barlow and in Onondaga County the politicians are amazed at amount of grants and developement that he takes credit for.
He is no doubt moving to Albany as Barkley replacement or on his staff
Barlow likes politics hes protected by Barcley
Barlow is smarter than many before him
Extremely ambitious and has ran a campaign non stop since in office putting his face out every chance he gets
No one outside Oswego knows where the bones are buried and he will win with Barcley pushing the machine his way.

Febuary 2/22

Family of Kansas woman arrested on terrorism charges for 'joining ISIS'

want no contact with her
May no be best idea to have Biden let another 150,000 of these types in USA



Febuary 2/22

SUNY Oneonta student Tyler Lopresti-Castro dies after freezing in sub-zero temperature


Febuary 2/22

China more ‘brazen and damaging’ than ever, says FBI director
Deport the bad chinese restaurant cooks
There are so many bad chinese restaurants
Maybe they will starrt serving better foods





Febuary 2/22




Today's Quote Febuary 1/22

 I did not attend his funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.
Mark Twain

Corradino for mayor
What a joke!!! He's so pompous no one would vote for him except many the Dems since he is one disguised as a republican. Does little Billy Willy think he can run for higher office? No one outside of the county knows him so good luck with that.

 Febuary 1/22

Re: to the person or persons
Well put…does this look like someone who is not?

 Febuary 1/22

Give Me a Break
I don't believe anyone has spent more time in Ospelt's car than Sharon Barlow. Marie Schadt might be a close second, but come on, you live under a rock if you work for the county and don't know about those two. Just go to Canale's any work day.

 Febuary 1/22

Future democrats
Border agents slam Biden migrant flights during visit from Raul Ortiz, Alejandro Mayorkas


 Febuary 1/22




Today's Quote January 27-30/22

 Power is always dangerous. Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best
Edward Abbey

Is Germany a Reliable American Ally? Nein - WSJ
Our forefathers financed this country
They started to world wars they created the Cold War they suck to lose trillions and trillions of dollars
And now that the US has become an intellectually Third World country they're partnering with Russia indifference to the Cold War that they created I say we partner with Russia and put them in their place


January 27-30/22

Is she still a legislator?
There's a familiar name "Marie Schadt". Is she still even a legislator? I remember she spent more time in Kurt Ospelts vehicle more then Sharon Barlow. The only questions she should be asking is why is the county tax payers funding for an outside investigation over a matter that happened months ago?. She should be asking why is the county still keeping a man that has harassed, assaulted and is the primary reason to the high turn over rate in the highway dept?. If the only question she's asking is "what will we ever do with out him" someone needs to inform her the same thing we would do with out you.....MOVE ON...... For a boy that can't read, write or spell kurtty you've had a good run at the mill. What haven't you had in that passenger seat?

January 27-30/22

A study that finds good sex gets rid of nasal congestion is definitely worthy of careful appraisal.

January 27-30/22

Distractions from real goings on
The sex police
The drug police
Why arent there police for crooked politicians
Not political targets
Surely our local government with a true honest investigation to the dispursement of IDA AND GRANT MONEY would land both the people doling out the money and recipiant at great fault
Misappropriation of public funds is Oswego's MO

January 27-30/22

Thousands around the world mark the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz




January 27-30/22





Today's Quote January 24-26/22

The greatest heroes are those who do their duty in the daily grind of domestic affairs whilst the world whirls as a maddening dreidel. Share this Quote Florence Nightingale

RE:To the person or persons
It's painfully apparent the person who wrote this is either oblivious beyond comprehension, or simply too old and not in line with Oswego's social scene to make an honest judgment on the mayor's drug use.... Either that, or you're just a Barlow pawn trying to fan flames far too late. I'm in my early 20s, Billy's been mayor since I was in High school, anyone who's 20 something with a fucking social life in Oswego knows Billy loves coke.There's nothing wrong with that. Drugs are great when used responsibly. We've all seen the pictures, and videos, I've gotten drunk and done drugs with the same girls he has, and they don't care enough about his dumbass to keep secrets.This aint 2004, boomers, This Isn't John Gosek getting stunted in a hotel room with pagers or Jim Earhart leaking tapes to newspapers..... Technology has evolved. And so have the kids making it. Anytime the mayors done something taboo(slept with underage girls/ coke/ general public drunken weirdness), it's been recorded, sent around on snapchat, edited into memes, referenced publically on twitter.... The police never see this content because my generation knows not to trust the police, and they're awful at investigating shit . Even if they could infiltrate the circles where these things are being sent, they would not arrest the mayor. He's a 20 something rich white boy who likes to party. Him doing coke is the least surprising thing about him.He went to ASU for christ's sake. it would make him cooler if he wouldnt be so fucking coy and prude about it, Like he's playing a charcter on leave it to beaver..... The issue, and the reason we can't stand him is because he's a hypocrite. He's a typical pro-police bootlicker. The war on drugs was a giant failure, the entire concept of policing substance is so backwards and broken, and for someone who has the power and ability to genuinely shift the conversation around policing and drugs, he is instead spending his time dodging rumors and installing drug task forces. No clue who wrote this but get a clue. I honestly feel bad for how sheltered your perception of the mayor is.I feel like i'm telling a child santa i'snt real. William Barlow loves coke, that's not an issue, it's his hypocritical legal stance towards it that makes him a garbo politician and a lame person. Who wants to do lines with some momma's boy who's literally in charge of the police who get sent to arrest people over it? Ask him. It's a real paradox. You like coke Billy. fight to legalize recreational drugs. When i'm mayor of this place, The first thing I'm doing is lighting a joint, maybe taking a tab or two and gutting the fuck out of all of this puritan bs he's installed. So Billy can do coke without feeling guilty about it. You can thank me then, William.

TLDR: Saying the mayor does not do coke is like saying Stevie Nicks never did coke. It's like saying bears don't shit in the woods. The issue is he's doing this all while beefing up the anti drug police state, which shouldn't even exist to begin with. He's spineless and just another cookie cutter cop republican with no concept of liberty or freedom.

January 24-26/22

Well the bills and the coach disappointed us again. What the hell is the coach thinking 13 second in the game you don't kick the ball in the end zone. the defense they left them in Buffalo some one for got to tell them what time the plane take off. but doesn't surprise me all the new york teams suck. Football, baseball, basketball. Fire the coach he can't get through the playoffs. I like the couple of the players wife's they said the overtime rules are bullshit.if it was the other way around be different storey. suck it up better cups Buffalo sucks period.

January 24-26/22

Barlows Support
This is a reply to the fan that just wrote about our fabulous mayor lil Willy being great and good at all his accomplishments !
I ask this fan of his were you one of the business entities or owners that got a tax payer funded check from him ? You know all that money he is handing out is going to have to be paid by people who pay taxes. I hope you are tracking !!

This mayor must seem to get off by showing weekly large amounts of cardboard size checks in the local paparazzi papers in Oz !!

And how about Lil Willy and all the council that gave a back room deal to these commercial housing developers to come in and get free tax assessments for ten years on property bringing in hundreds of people.

Our water and sewer fees are already the most expensive in the country.

Already the city is seeing a strain on all resources with the hospital at full capacity, crime off the charts, drug use up, our great police fire and EMS strained. Response time is now shrinking ten fold.

The thought of extra staff that is having to be hired just to meet demand will be passed on to paying property tax owners.

And lastly to have you say Corradino wants to be the next mayor is just a clown show. Corradino thinks this is alright and agrees with lil Willy after he said he is a good mayor.

We do not need another inept person.
And wherever your endeavors may be Lil Willy this will follow you as being a reckless big spender that’s out of touch with reality that left things in ruins.

Prof. Masage Marad


January 24-26/22

World's biggest telescope James-Webb reaches deep-space parking spot ONE MILLION miles from Earth |


January 24-26/22

Patriot Front Leak Links U.S. Facsist Group to Hate Crimes


January 24-26/22





Today's Quote January 22-23/22

 If we don't end war, war will end us.
H. G. Wells

To the person or persons
Spreading lies of Mayor Barlow and using coke is malicious. I believe your jealous of his accomplishments and success as mayor. You need to stop this and think about running for mayor if you think you can do better. But I doubt you have the brains to do it so keep your mouth shut and do something useful like shovel an elderly neighbors walk.

January 22-23/22 

North Penn School District apologizes after teacher caught taping mask to student's face


When Lies are loud The truth cannot be heard
Everything out of our politicians mouths LIES

Budgets Taxes
Who give a damn what people do privately including politicians if
the representation is honest and fiscally responsible
Fiscally reprehensible
The problem with our politicians doing coke is that it comes from the street and is soadulterated that they may be snorting gypsum
The fact that we pay their medical bills is a problem
Because gypsum is mined with asbestos often and not healthy to ingest into lungs
So they wear facemasks but snort crap!
There lies the rub
January 22-23/22

This city is so corrupt it is sicking . I can't wait till Barclay takes his little asspuppet to Albany with him, as they are both do nothings. Barlow is just wasting tax payers money with all this bullshit with the waterfront, and then they have Miles Becker working at the new water park ,who is a pervert , and also is one of S Walkers main rats . The other day im going to work Utica st. one pass down , and low and behold Duer st. from Utica to Bridge is plowed and running water from all the salt , to keep kingshit walker happy, the hell with the rest of the city( which ends at East 4th and Bridge) . Someone a while back mentioned something about the warehouse by vona's, how bout the property where his garage is ??? To find out where his family got all their money, ask Corradino , he lived right across the street from the person, and Corradino wants to be mayor PLEASE.Barlow thinks this is Disneyland , i think i will go to the waterpark today !!!! This city is a joke and people are moving out there is nothing here. SAD

January 22-23/22

Barlow Task Force
The FBI is zeroing in on drug use by our Mayor. Asking lots of questions locally. If you have snorted with Billy, please come forward. You won't be charged.
Call (202) 324-3000.

January 22-23/22

Super Star bar scank McCarthy’s
Come on up to the hill before 5 to have the horse face Candie serve you 2 dollar beers. She has taken note and her and Frank are eating better. She still drinks too much! I'm glad she took advice from my previous posts. She put me on ignore and blocked me on Facebook .

Your old friend

Maria. You can run but can't hide

January 22-23/22

Proof that Oswego New York is anti-American not the town but the people that run it and that they should be in jail
Remember in 1981 when they did the sewage separation project and it didn't work and then we all have to just recently pay for it to be redone for about $70 million now originally my thought was this is just a scam that the city does with every project they doing planned obsolescence they guarantee that they'll have politicians find contractors to do big jobs over and over and over a generation or two apart but I have recently thought it out and this was not just done to make some money for some contractors and some crooked politicians but this was done to deplete America of resources and help foster its demise Oswego New York is an anti-American government that has fostered its demise
By giving away to the wrong people and supporting the wrong projects forever that will keep this little part of America decrepit

January 22-23/22

Texas teacher who ranted her students were 'complete and utter morons' is placed on leave
Sign of the times




January 22-23/22





Today's Quote January 21/22

 A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong.

Barlow's Drug Taskforce
Barlow is seting up his own taskforce so he can get an early warning when someone rats him out.

January 21/22

Highway Dept
So Mr. Walt I'm hearing the reason you are running your mouth about Shawn Walker and Mike Donovan to Marie Schadt, is because you think your shit doesn't stink and you just want Jim's Job. Well you have another thing coming, no way in hell they will let that happen. Getting one idiot out, just to put a bigger one in just so you can have some "power" that's humorous! Why don't you just learn to keep your mouth shut? that would be something NEW! Obviously running your mouth doesnt get you very far.

January 21/22

It seems people are starting to get a little nervous. Looks like Marie Schadt is asking the right questions. You can call her Nemo, but don't be surprised if you find out she is a shark with very sharp teeth, and ends up taking a bite out of your ass.

January 21/22

Re: Funny, only in Oswego
There's something confusing me about your post....I'm not sure who "Gozek" is....are you sure you're not referring to "Gosex"??






Today's Quote January 20/22


The reason there are two senators for each state

is so that one can be the designated driver.
Jay Leno

Hello Peter,
Nice to see you joining the conversation. It's interesting you talk about "stealing time". How many times have we caught you snoozing on 104a at the snowplow turnaround. You're paid to run roads not count sheep. Although not a lot of sheep cause you stop after 10 fingers, unless you use your toes. "Tax scams" let's talk about insurance fraud. Not to long ago you torched your house to collect the money?. Guess it's more profitable then selling it. By the way what are you doing at the hospital at 4am? Picking up prostitutes?.

January 20/22

Drug task force
He isn't the only one in power doing coke. The idiot drunk driving ADA use to buy his coke up off Albion cross roads. A hair sample will prove it. He's been seen many, many times buying cocaine. Might be why he crashed and 🏃‍♂️. He reads this lmao he's gonna fall out of his chair his dealer was a well known welder from Fulton boiler works and has been busted over the last few years. But he better hope higher ups didn't catch his ass popping in over there. Start biting your finger nails ADA. Before he was busted. This ADAs name was given as a buyer.

January 20/22

New jobs
Binden said 6 mil jobs created , wrong !
If 12 million people are out of work , and 6 million go back to work , that’s not 6 million new jobs , that’s 6 million that went back to work !
Look at all of the states unemployment numbers and averages , seasonal ( construction workers for starts ) and also is there farm workers in this balloon stat comment !
Term limits because stupid people vote for stupid people !

January 20/22

Funny, only in Oswego
What’s funny about Oswego is it’s the only place where the city blocks off three streets in front of a hospital in the middle of the day to remove snow piles. Can’t do this at night when hospital traffic is at its lowest. Of course not, let’s prohibit people from getting into the hospital. As well…only in Oswego where a sex offender named Gozek (Barlow’s good buddy), is seen and hired by a store named Curious Kidz to do some electrical work. What the hell kinda people are these assholes. Gozek probably wondering how curious these kids may be. Too funny. But really sad.

January 20/22

Hey Billy, cocaine use? Did daddy help you out with that? Just wondering.

January 20/22

SUNY Oswego
So I heard that everyone is sitting home collecting a paycheck, but the “essential” workers. No time off for this Covid crap, but they got a little something from their head, which was a meal ticket valued at $12. Unbelievable. What a slap in the face to those who endured. Only in OZ!

January 20/22

Walter, I hear you like to run your mouth about Shawn Walker and Mike Donovan to Marie Schadt. She's nothing, she's Nemo in the Red Sea. Little fish in a big pond in case you can't comprehend. Let's see how these cards unfold for you.


January 20/22





Today's Quote January 16-19/22

 The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.

 Ernest Hemingway

The only thing they should do is serve all the people fairly honestly justly
People should only be taxed for vital tasks and postings
The country is in the worst shape in many years
The approx 150 million city spends a year needs to be gutted
It is too much of a burden
A long term plan to enhance this city
Enlighten it
Illuminate it
With a true altruistic educational system as well as political structure
The only people elected should actually help the peoples future as opposed to their friends purses

January 16-19/22

New York City Tells The Rest Of The Voters What They Should Do!
If they have it there way, they want NO More Wood Burning Stoves, Pellet Stoves, No Charchol Stoves, and NO One Uses Natural Gas for Heat !

And you think the city, county politics are bad, new york city politcians bare going to tell us how to live, what to buy, where to shop and how to think !

January 16-19/22

Reply to breeds rats.
Thanks for calling me young.
But to be honest you're only upset because the newer bosses don't like you stealing time. We also don't let you get away with all the tax abuses that you've been allowed to reap over your years of "so called " service. So do the county a favor, stay home and keep drinking. Or just maybe you could man up and we can discuss the problem over a cup of coffee.

Thanks , the oldest of the young bloods

January 16-19/22

W.c reappears
Hey there q-ball nice to see your still hanging around. Still throwing people under the bus we see. Must not be breaking county equipment if you got time to be a keyboard warrior. You can't help yourself to call people out can you Walt ford. It's okay I'm sure we'll be fixing your mess soon.

January 16-19/22

Covid infection can cause debilitating brain condition that causes more damage than Alzheimer's



January 16-19/22





Today's Quote January 15/22

 If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.
Desmond Tutu

REz:201 W 1st St, Oswego
Think it is funny to see picture of the store in the Pall-Times. The only sidewalk that is not done is being rented by the City of Oswego. Go figure they don't have to shovel the sidewalk.

January 15/22

Stores That Do Require Masks
Thrifty Shopper and Real Deals, if they can do it the rest can do it.

January 15/22

Re: covid? Stores
You are totally right. They don't care about someone's life. A lot of people need to wake up around here. It's unbelievable how many people are in price chopper KTM etc. Without a mask on. I know it's your right but do what's fucking right and put the mask on. What is so hard about it? They need to do a sweep though oswego county and Crack down on the store owners. The virus is out of control here because of these money hungry assholes. And please get vaccinated they are safe and effective I know personally. The vaccine kept me out of the hospital and I only had mild symptoms. Not bad for someone with heart and lung disease. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING!! Thanks for your time.

January 15/22

Drug task force
Wouldn't it be funny if the drug task force that Barlow creates arrest Billy for all the coke he does?

January 15/22

Highway Dept breeds rats
Anyone wanna let Shawn Walker know he's not going to get Jim's job that would be great. They've already got 2 applicants, Pete Caufield and Chris Najdul. Both have Jim Kelley's chromosomes. These pheasants are like whacka mole, you whack one down another one arises. Guess what young bloods, mother hen is outta the nest nowhere for you to hide, nobody to latch onto. That name Najdul is a soon to be star in the county. And Caufield is a soon to be house hold name. My bets on him as os 2. Any wagers?. Hey Shawn get ready for the pollock to be giving you orders, should've got out when you could.


January 15/22

After Log4j, Open-Source Software Now a National Security Issue



January 15/22





Today's Quote January 13/22

 Religion is regarded by the common people as true,

by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

201 W 1st St, Oswego
This address, an empty store front , known as Oswego Visitor Center, and, is just another Barlow political rip-off. This location is owned by Tony Pauldine, alas Camelot lodge LLC, alas Paudine Construction, and is being rented by the city ( $21,500 per year) and the suck-up council just extended the lease.
Every time Tony Pimple-Popper tries to lease it out, it is a failure. Barlow and the Common Council are now paying, from our tax dollars, money to keep this joke of an empty Visitor Center open and enriching the Pimple-Popper.
Stop wasting our money and dealing with this alleged child molester. I wonder, does Barlow have a special relationship with Tony?

January 13/22

Covid? Stores
When out and about doing shopping in Oswego, there are many stores in which masking is not being done. Some have signage, but idiots are walking around store and these places like money over life. Here we go:
Dollar Tree
Price Chopper
Just a few that do not care about your life! Think what you may, but… We need to not show our generosity by shopping in their establishments as least as possible.

January 13/22


"No Standing or Parking" ... unless ...
... Unless you are getting pizza at Little Caesar's ... then, apparently, it's ok to block traffic and create dangerous situations for people trying to go to Price Chopper. It's too much for people shoving Little Caesar's down their throats to actually park a vehicle in a parking spot and walk a few additional steps to attain their pizza-pizzas?

... Unless you are fat and lazy and shopping at Price Chopper ... then, apparently, it's ok to stop right out in front of the exit, with cars still running and noxious fumes choking customers trying to walk in and out of the place, so you don't have to carry your groceries a few extra feet to your vehicle in a designated parking spot. God forbid overweight (or merely lazy) customers being driven to and from the place by overweight (or merely lazy) drivers devise strategies to carry groceries, or push a shopping cart, from Point A to Point B without endangering other human beings and breaking laws which exist for public safety. I know, it's really a lot to ask. And I know asking some people to push a shopping cart to a car in a parking lot is itself risky, as these sorts of people often can't be bothered to return the cart to its proper place, deciding rather to leave the cart to block parking spots.

Where is the enforcement? The "No Standing or Parking" signs might as well be taken down if ignorant citizens are going to be allowed to disregard the law with impunity. Between the total disregard for indoor mask mandates and total disregard for "No Standing or Parking Anytime" signs, a simple trip to the grocery store has become a life-threatening endeavor. Great job to the poor management at these establishments, to the total absence of law enforcement, and to the entitled scumbags who think they're above parking and walking.

January 13/22

CISA, FBI, and NSA Release Cybersecurity Advisory on Russian Cyber Threats to U.S. Critical Infrastructure


January 13/22

Astronomers observe celestial 'ticking time bomb' for first time


January 13/22




Today's Quote January 10-12/22

 Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink only to live.

Diaper Boy
Diaper Boy elected to Majority Leader wonder how long it will take him to get his hands on some of the $22 million of rescue money to help his personal business. Time will tell. His diaper is Full.

January 1-12/22

Traffic Lights
There are many traffic lights in Oswego that do not do the job. We have a blizzard, and lights changed to red on bridge st when there was no traffic opposite. Cars backed up, plows don’t plow anymore, trying to get going just to have to stop at next light with no one there again. Also see a lot of city trucks just sitting??? Barlow, you got rich off this city. You should pay.

January 1-12/22

SUNY Oswego
Only in OZ. Aside from “essential” workers (custodial and trades) who have not been given a break since this crap started, everyone else the likes of secretaries and the “hierarchy”, even in these fields, are sitting home getting paid! They are gaining accruals each week and not having to use them. Yes, some have been seen in the stores during their work time and are getting paid. They do have offices that have doors??? We the taxpayers are being robbed by these individuals. As well, the hierarchy are making things hard on those that may need to be quarantining, going against the CDC recommendations. This unlawful in a sense. Taxpayers getting robbed and those essential employees being bullied and not given anytime, when in fact crews could split shifts to give all that need a break, exactly that.

January 11-12/22

I would like to address the amount of seniors/adults I see walking into stores with no masks
I was at ALDI at 9 a.m. this morning 1/11/22 and witnessed an older couple walk in and never put a mask on.
I just think it is interesting that these people are probably the same people that sit and say things about
This is the second time within 2 weeks I have seen this same scenario at the same store. I do not wish
bad health on anyone but these are the people that you hear about in the news that the husband and wife
died in the hospital of COVID and their families are sitting there crying about missing their mother and father
and how horrible Covid is.
If you have a aging parent or anyone that thinks they are tougher than this virus and that it is bullshit
remind them if they are ready to shit the bed fine but don't fucking cause my family to miss me due to their
ignorance. ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ignorant people . If you feel like dying then
People not wearing a mask in the stores makes me feel like I do about drunk drivers. I hope if someone has to
die because of your stupidity IT"S YOU. To all the law abiding people Stay Safe and THANK YOU.

January 11-12/22

Whistleblower warns baffling illness affects growing number of young adults in Canadian province | Canada

And we thought the worst was over! holy shite.




January 1-12/22







Today's Quote January 6-9/22

 The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Retailers' Mask Policy
It's Easy:
No Shirt, No Shoes, No Mask...No Service.

January 6-9/22

Only in Oswego County would the legislators appoint someone under investigation as the majority leader. Ask any of us who have already been questioned. He's under the microscope. But the leg does like to embarrass itself.

January 6-9/22

Afghan Taliban turn blind eye to Pakistani militants
This rotten country has nukes
Why us chose to be allies in deferance to India after WW2 is nuts

January 6-9/22


January 6-9/22




Today's Quote January 2- 5/22


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of every day's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

East First street HAZARDOUS

January 2-5/22

How about for once let's educate America's youth as opposed to any other intent if the health department wants to put mandates and the governor wants to put mandates That's fine but in the Grand scheme of things how are youth are Third World level at science and math and that's a damn shame from when I was little it's about time that we excepted the fact that our system is broken and we need a new system that is functionalDo you think the US Armed Forces would ever consider using this educational system to educate the soldiers that it has you realize West Point is an engineering school so at least everybody that graduates as an engineer same with the Marine Academy it is time to educate our population China's moving into Latin America they're out flanking us on every level in space there partnering with Russia who should be our allies that we faughr with two world wars wars

The EU is making new treaties with Russia and China in the EU or Germany is the EU has used as a tool to hurt both Russia and us we cannot afford to not make alliances with Russia under the threat of Chinese aggression

January 2-5/22

Canada's educational system has outflank us and they figured out a way to teach everyone math don't you think it's about time we adopted and adopted their method inquiring minds would like to know stupor intendant
Dear Oswego CSD Learning Community,

I am writing to share information with you on several changes that are occurring and will impact our entire learning community. Several of these changes have been discussed and shared in the media by Gov. Hochul and/or local department of health officials. They are as follows:

COVID-19 - Home Test Kits – Distribution drive-thru 1/5
NYS Governor Kathy Hochul, recently informed superintendents that the state is sending COVID-19 rapid test kits to all school districts to distribute to their families. These tests may be administered by families as soon as they receive them to help prevent COVID-positive asymptomatic individuals from returning to school.

Earlier today, our district received its allocation of these tests. We plan to distribute them to families through a parent drive-thru/pick-up Wednesday, Jan. 5 from 3:30-6 p.m. in the high school's Liberty Street parking lot. Should a parent and/or guardian be unable to attend, please contact your school's main office beginning Thursday to arrange a pick-up time over the next week. The district is unable to send any tests home with students or through delivery at this time, so parents and/or guardians must pick up the test themselves.

COVID-19 Home Tests – What to do if test is positive?
The Oswego County DOH is working on updating their website to allow people to report positive home test results. We have been advised that this site will likely include a warning indicating that antigen tests can be false positive and a recommendation that before submitting positive test results that you get a confirmation PCR test from their physician, pharmacy, or urgent care; especially if you do not have symptoms or have not had an exposure to COVID. The district will provide more information on our website once we receive it from the Department of Health.

COVID-19 "Test to Stay" - Not yet approved by the Oswego County DOH
Recently the CDC and the NYS Department of Health shared information through the media which asserts that they are now in support of "Test to Stay" programs in school. These programs allow asymptomatic unvaccinated school-based close contacts (e.g., students, teachers, school staff) to avoid school exclusion (but not other restrictions of quarantine) by testing negative through serial testing using rapid COVID Test (NAAT or an antigen tests) during a seven-day period following exposure.

Accordingly, "Test to Stay" programs allow students who were in close contact with someone who tested positive to take a rapid COVID-19 test over several days at school before entering the classroom. If they test negative and continue to be asymptomatic they can stay at school.

It should be noted, for this type of program to be put into place, local health departments must be in support and have the capacity to sustain them in all the school districts that they provide support to. Until officially approved by the Oswego County Health Department along with the appropriate guidance, the district is unable to offer this "Test to Stay" program and will continue to utilize the current procedures for quarantine that have been in place. At this time, the Oswego City School District continues to work alongside the health department to make this option a reality and is hopeful to have something official in place by mid-January.

Vaccination Clinics & Opportunities –
As we continue to work through the pandemic, the district is continuing to collaborate with local health officials on vaccination opportunities that are being offered throughout our community. Accordingly, the following is a list of Oswego County Department of Health vaccination clinic opportunities that are now being offered to parents and/or guardians and their children:

-Oswego County Health Department is offering vaccinations for ages 12 and up on Wednesdays and pediatric vaccinations on Tuesdays -

-Connextcare is offering vaccinations to anyone (even if they are not a patient) at their office and have pediatric vaccination clinics next week -

-Other locations are also offering vaccinations such as Wayne's Drugs, Walgreens, Walmart, etc. The following website allows community members to type in their zip code and find the nearest location to schedule an appointment -

COVID-19 - Shorter Quarantine for Oswego CSD Faculty and Staff
Recently, the CDC and NYSDOH released information which indicates that they will allow critical workforce (which includes school district faculty and staff) to work after day five of their isolation period (where day zero is defined as either date of symptom onset if symptomatic, or date of collection of first positive test if asymptomatic) if they meet certain criteria.

In response to this information, the district is currently reviewing guidance on this new program and collaborating with local health officials on how and when we might implement this shorter quarantine period. Once we have more information to share, we will inform our staff and learning community. In the meantime, we will continue to use the previous protocols which have been established and utilized.

COVID-19 High Positivity - Infection Rate
Recently the Oswego County Health Department shared with the media that throughout the last week the county has experienced an extremely high COVID-19 positivity rate (between 26-27% infection rate of several days). Given this concern, it is unclear as to what January will look like for the district in terms of our COVID-19 positivity rate.

With that said, it is important to note that the district will do all that it can to keep our schools open for "in-person" learning. However, I am recommending the following:

Families – All families are encouraged to have a backup plan in place should the district and/or a school building must pivot to our emergency preparedness plan which involves remote learning for a period of time.

Faculty and staff – We are requesting that all staff be prepared should the district and/or a building must switch temporarily to remote learning.

NYS January 2022 Regents
Recently the NYSED Commissioner, Dr. Betta Rosa announced that the High School Regents Examinations will be canceled this January, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022, through Friday, Jan. 28, 2022, will now be regular instructional days for all high school students. No decisions have been made yet regarding the June and August 2022 Regents Examinations.

Stay Home When Sick and Get Tested
As we reopen the district for "in-person" learning we are requesting that all parents and/or guardians monitor their child's health each day. Should your child(ren) experience any of the following COVID-19 symptoms, we ask that you keep them home and have them tested for COVID-19 (note, this applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals):

-Fever or Chills (100 F or more)
-Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
-Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
-Loss of taste or smell
-Muscle pain or body aches
-Fatigue / feeling of tiredness
-Sore throat
-Nasal congestion / runny nose

To add to this, please be advised:

If your child tests positive for COVID-19 and/or demonstrates any of the symptoms listed above, we request that you keep them home and inform your school nurse and/or our district COVID-19 hotline at 315-341-2050; and

If a member of your household tests positive for COVID-19, all unvaccinated household children and vaccinated household children who are demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms should also be kept home until contacted by the health department. We request that parents and/or guardians should also contact their school nurse and/or our COVID-19 hotline to share this information.

With that said, I wish to thank you all for your continued support of our school district and programs. Please know that I will continue to provide updates as we continue to move the district forward throughout this pandemic.

Yours In Education,

Mathis Calvin III, Ed. D.
Superintendent of Schools

Which test is best for COVID-19?

January 2-5/22


Exceerpts From The Trumptard Dictionary

Artery – the study of paintings.
Bacteria – back door to the cafeteria.
Barium – what doctors do when patients die.
Benign – what you be after you be eight.
Cat scan – searching for kitty.
Cauterize – made eye contact with her.
Colic – a sheep dog.
Coma – a punctuation mark.
Dilate – to live long.
Enema – not a friend.
Fester – quicker than someone else.
Fibula – a small lie.
Labor pain – getting hurt at work.
Morbid – a higher offer on eBay.
Nitrates – rates of pay for working at night (usually higher than day rates).
Node – I knew it.
Outpatient – a patient who fainted.
Pelvis – second cousin to Elvis.
Post operative – a mailman.
Recovery room – place to do upholstery.
Rectum – nearly killed him.
Secretion – hiding something.
Seizure – a Roman emperor.
Terminal illness – getting sick at the airport.
Tumor – one plus one more.
Urine – opposite of you’re out.

January 2-5/22

Here Are This Year's 25 Best Northern Lights Photos Awarded By "Capture The Atlas"






Today's Quote January 1/22


 “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
George Eliot

Betty White, beloved and trailblazing actress, dies at 99



January 1/22

And with it comes a new Covid death count.
It is time for all you red-necked Trumptards to lay down and be counted.
Ready Set Go!!!!!!!!!!!

January 1/22

Kells got pull over but are republican sheriff department let him go. BASTERS.


January 1/22

Georgetown University cancels in-person learning for January



January 1/22






Today's Quote December 30-31/21

 We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

Kells dwi
Why is it that Tom Kells got a Dwi the same day he got fired from the city and nothing has been published on that arrest. Are they trying to cover it up like they covered up his assault of a minor for 2 months. It's a shame that the powers to be would cover up an assault of a minor and leave this man at his position. He should have been on administrative leave the moment it happened until the investigation was completed, Not hidden from the public until they knew it wasn't going to get hidden any longer

Dec. 30-31/21

Inspector General Warns of Newest Imposter Scam Tactic



Dec. 30-31/21




Today's Quote December 27-29/21

 I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes,

and not rather a new wearer of clothes.
Henry David Thoreau

Joy To The World on an edison phonograph


Dec. 27-29/21

Volkswagen owns Bentley
BMW owns Rolls Royce
Meesrschmidt owns Airbus and going after Boing
And on
and on
The EU at our expense has become the Fourth Reich
Time to rethink that Russian US allience

Dec. 27-29/21

Maskless Law-breaking Republicans in Walmart and PC
Walking through the aisles of Walmart and Price Chopper in Oswego, one continues to come across so many selfishly defiant Republicans who refuse to comply with the statewide indoor mask mandate. How does one know the political affiliation of the violators? You just look at these people ... white men dressed in hunting gear, white people of all genders with that dumb "Ima Republican" facial expression and twinkle in the eye that they just might be responsible for spreading Covid as a matter of personal fweedom. Where is law enforcement? Why does law enforcement turn a blind eye to pervasive violations of the law which could result in sickness and/or death? Is it because the law enforcement community is overwhelmingly fascist Republican itself? And they don't want to enforce the law against their fellow fascists? Law and order!, these imbeciles proclaim ... law and order, except for white Republicans. These two private corporations refuse to enforce the mandate and law enforcement refuses to enforce the mandate. Every human being in either of these establishments without a mask should be charged with attempted murder ... maybe then the Republican refuse of society would get the ****ing point.

Dec. 27-29/21

Re: NASA Telescope
Why will it shake up just the Catholic Church and no other so-called Christian religions? Is it because most of all the fire breathing, wrath of God, ultra conservative demi gods like Jim Baker, Dave Reynolds, Jimmy Swaggart, Mike Hintz, the list goes on and on, aren’t in it for the money? Take a look around and see what bs people are believing now; it will make Christ and religion like common place facts. –

Y. Krinsky

Dec. 27-29/21

Two arrested in connection to Halloween vandalism

I get theyre still young enough to have a drunk foolish episode
I think the punishment should be to repair all the damages themselves

Dec. 27-29/21

Covid-19 Can Stay in Body for Months



Dec. 27-29/21

Russian su-34 attacks us f35's



Dec. 27-29/21

BBC only just behind Hamas in respected Jewish organisation's antisemitic 'list of shame'

Dec. 27-29/21

Most dangerous Place In Oswego ....... NOT SO!
Teh most dangerous place in Oswego is between Barlow and his drug dealer.


Dec. 27-29/21





Today's Quote December 26/21

 Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
Quote Confucius

Year Round Joy in OZ

Now come on now.
Oz isn't that bad.
Oz is filled with many things.
Kidnappers, murderes, a missing white van.
Lies, tall tales, corruption glore.
Coke, airport drops, a missing CI and a junk yard guy.
Their daily events dazzle us even more. Yet deep down we know the truth to the core.
Drugs, gangs, framing of the innocent, missing kids and Barney in tow
running the show.
Their badges tarnished.
Their integrity not in tact.
Their obviously lies...
The truths they lack.
The things they could tell behind each others back.
They better hope no one cracks.
Wescott lying, Breckenridge denying, Steen frying.. Bohrer crying.
They say one thing.
"If no one talks we all walk."
OZ IS FILLED WITH NOTHING BUT HARM and absolutely no charm.
You'd be better off
Moving and selling the farm.
The corrupt walk among you.
The murderes are free.
Thanks to the DA in office
What more could there be?
Missing people, cases unsolved..
Mounds and mounds of lies they tell.
Oz is literally like living in hell.
Don't go out after dark.
Stay in your home.
For at night is when the good ol boys roam.
OZ is one hell of a place to call home!!!

Dec. 26/21

NASA's New Telescope
Today, Dec 25, which is quite appropriate, NASA launched its new telescope and will be able to look back into the past 13.5 billion years, before the theroicial "Big Bang Theory".The reason that it is an appropriate launch date, its supposably, Christ's birthdate.
The information from this telescope may shake the Catholic Church right to the core. All the priests from this money making organization might have to explain how this organization and the bible was just a fable and has led people down a path to unsustainable beliefs.
As there has never been any archeological proof of the existence of a God or any of the so-called miracles, the information from this mission just might crumble the Catholic Church and all its myths. Just remember, the bible was authored by people with no actual proof of those things they wrote about. For example; If their God is such a loving God and can do anything, why is there so much pain, disease and hatred in the world in which we live? This God should just be able to wave his hand and cure all the woes of the world. And as the Jews (Rabbi's) killed Christ because his messages were pulling people from their synagogues and they were losing revenue, one would think that God would have stopped his murder. There are
thousands of questions regarding the legitimacy of this and all other organized religions.
It will take a month for this telescope to reach its destination and become operational, so in about a year we may see religion in a different way, and the church better come up with a better story.

Dec. 26/21

Who will Broadwell allow to be DPW COMMISIONER


Dec. 26/21

Finnish Man Blows Up Tesla Car Instead of Replacing Battery


Dec. 26/21

Canada welcomes record 401,000 immigrants in 2021
This will cause problems down the road for western civilization



Dec. 26/21

Re: Masks masks masks
The poster is absolutely correct, “The only way to beat the virus is immunity”. The only question I have is the immunity on the shelf next to the trump flags, or by the Ivermectin, maybe next to the Chloroquine where? Over 800,000 dead from COVID and that’s called fear mongering. I can only hope you join the rest of the dead and brain dead self-proclaimed health experts. Even the great pumpkin got vax’ed and boosted. Its amazing how stupid and gullible you are to come up with an utterly meaningless, empty as your head statement. – V. Putin

Dec. 26/21

Bet KELLS beats the assault charges and DWI

Dec. 26/21

I have noticed a lot of vague posts about law enforcement doing things that aren’t right or local powerful people gettin special treatment. There are plenty of resources to put a spot light on this crap. FOIL request body camera footage, police reports, 911 transcripts and there is this website Broadcastify that has a full years worth of police scanner recordings. Post the date and rough time of the accident on Gray Rd, same for the Kells ticket. Take the candy out of your asses and actually hold the crooks accountable.


Dec. 26/21

Omicron surges in Tompkins County as cases pass 2,500



Dec. 26/21





Today's Quote December 25/21

Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days,

recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth,

and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home!
Charles Dickens


Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;
And mamma in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap,
Had just settled down for a long winters nap,
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
My mouth was wide open but for words at a loss,
The neighbors were out front burning a cross.
Not to worry folks its a custom you know,
Just the way things are done in Oswego.
We watched from the porch in our underware;
And didn't think twice about it, hell who would care.
The media came and the media went,
We waited for the cops but they were never sent.
No Santa would come that Christmass night,
He had died from Covid, spread by those on the right.
When their beer was gone and the fire burnt down,
I looked and looked to see if anyone was around.
We woke up the kids and loaded the car;
Then drove away quickly folowing a star;
You could hear me exclaim, as we drove out of sight
Die you sons of bitches die, and to all a good night!”

Kells has lost his immunity with the Barlow bunch and the OPD.
He got his first taste of being an outcast when the OPD pulled him over and slaped him with a ticket.


Dec. 25/21

On Republican school district idiocy
This response addresses the two right-wing school district comments from 12-22/23. I fail to understand the logic of the idea that students sitting on a chair in the school building are able to learn while sitting on a couch, a bed, or at a kitchen table prevents learning. Motivated students can and do learn regardless of their physical location; unmotivated students choose not to learn, whether in-person or virtually. Whether in-person or virtual, students are still listening to a teacher's instruction and completing assignments based on that instruction. In any case, students have been in the buildings all year until very recently. Republicans are losing their collective **** over 5 total virtual school days in December due to staff shortages and Covid cases. Neither comment addresses the actual issue: the Covid pandemic (aside from the inane remark about wearing a mask, staying home and living in fear). [You were "told by your employer" to be at work ... great, good for you ... I hope you stay healthy while performing whatever function you perform for American capitalism. And by all means, turn your child's Chromebook off and ensure that he/she receives no education whatsoever. That way your child will be more likely to grow into an ignorant fascist Republican just like you.]

In addition, bus drivers and attendants could be paid millions of dollars and that still would not change their susceptibility to contracting the virus and having to quarantine as a direct result of performing their job duties. The right-wing commenters ignore the public health component and try to reduce the staff shortage issue to crass economics. Once again, these are capitalism problems and income inequality problems. Socialists think every worker should receive a living-wage, including bus drivers, bus attendants, and the hard-working individuals who keep America's fast food industry running. Fast food continues to feed millions of Americans and workers are needed to operate the establishments. Sadly, mean-spirited Republicans continue to denigrate and dehumanize fast food workers.

Finally, on Joe Biden ... progressives are highly critical of Joe Biden, a lifelong corporate Democrat, hence their passionate support for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries. Whereas much of fascist Republican America worships Trump in the same irrational manner in which German Nazis worshiped Hitler, Democrats have no particular attachment to Joe Biden ... much of the party's progressive base can't stand the guy, while soberly recognizing that any Democratic administration is preferable to Republican fascism. The insinuation that "this country is in total disarray" under a Biden administration, but was somehow well-functioning under the fascist regime of Donald Trump and his billionaire Cabinet is, of course, laughable. The United States is the "weakest it's ever been"? Yeah ... a global empire which spends $1 trillion annually on its military and CIA, which possesses thousands of nuclear weapons, and which maintains military bases in roughly 100 countries, is definitely at its weakest point ever. Happy holidays.

Dec. 25/21

Rob Ramsey
Looks like this deputy is in the dog house. Hilton took him off the road and put him behind a desk.

Dec. 25/21

Saving Roe v Wade is not just a US battle but one for women across the Americas


Dec. 25/21

Accident on Gray Road
Who was the kid that got drunk and wrecked his car on Gray Road? The Cops and District asttorney are hard at work covering it up so mommy and daddy must be good republicans. Maybe it is another one of the Lighthalls.


Dec. 25/21




Today's Quote December 22-23/21

 American men, as a group, seem to be interested in only two things,

money and breasts. It seems a very narrow outlook.
Hedy Lamarr

Here’s what coronavirus does to the body



Dec. 22-23/21

Omicron: Most Common Symptoms, When to Get Tested, and Latest Booster Data



Dec. 22-23/21

Another increase
Got a notice today Butler's is going up to over $75.00 bucks a billing. Instead of all the money wasted on housing no one can afford or lawsuits about lighthouses , why not give us free trash removal? Even Fulton gets that. Now that would benefit us all, not just the Barlows as Broadwells.

The most dangerous place in Oswego is between Barlow and a Camera
I know it is the holiday season and we should all be nice, but what the F&@K is there a picture on the front page of the Pal-Times of Barlow giving Deb Stanley an award back in Oct?
This article was all about Stanley being named interim SUNY chancellor. The editor of the Pal-Times should be slapped upside the head for a very poor judgment decision. Obviously he is a suck up Republican, so it goes to show how low that paper has gotten. Time to drop that shitty little no-news paper!!!
Barlow is nothing more than a low life, always has been, and always will be. He and that moronic city council has destroyed the quality of life in Oswego with the low cost housing and allowing the major corruption and political favors to take place in the city. He would not have fired Kells if there were no videos of the incident, and to hear this asshole say "right is right and wrong is wrong". Lowlife!
Was it right that Kells used Wrights landing for his drunken boat party after the landing was closed? That is city property and to have a private party there that Barlow attended, should have gotten them both fired! Was it right that Kells took city property ( trailor) to have a hay ride at his house for several Halloween parties that Barlow was a part of? Was it right that Kells had an ongoing affair with a DPW worker for the past several years that Barlow knew about? Yep, right is right and wrong is wrong.
Hey Patty Ritchie, Barlow is gunning for your job!
Anyway Merry Christmas.

Dec. 22-23/21

The sewer we call the GOP
Why are they against vax, masks, closing schools and testing...but not against permanent tax breaks for the rich and corporate America. Aren't they the party that says gov't should stay out of our lives but are trying to control the schools. big businesses, hospitals.

My child if i want him to wear a mask but out.



Dec. 22-23/21

SUNY Oswego appoints top administrator to fill in for retiring president - syracuse.com


Dec. 22-23/21

Fraudsters stole nearly $100B in US COVID relief

Dec. 22-23/21

Why does the city of osWego alienate the University such that there's so little involvement and cooperation /there are a lot of professors and students that come to Oswego work in Oswego live in Oswego/ it's about time think tanks from this resource were embraced by city government as opposed to just singling out the Aspects that are negative
He couldn't possibly do a worse job than the asinine government that we have been subjected to case in point look at the one that's there now the guy that's going to be our next mayor if you listen to him talk it sounds like he's got marbles in his mouth that mix them up they want him because they think they can program him we need somebody there is an afraid to run that they can't leverage somehow and scare out of running

Dec. 22-23/21

Oswego School District
If Oswego paid their bus drivers and bus aides like other districts they may have drivers to transport children to school. Bus aides get paid minimum wage they can work in the fast food industry and be paid more.

They lost many drivers this year to the Central Square district due to the low wage Oswego pays. We continue to give huge wage increases to our teachers though. Our children belong in school learning not sitting on their beds, at the kitchen tables and on the living room couch!!!!!! Doing physical education, music and art are a joke. All other schools have their children in the classroom. If school does not open in January I know a large group of people who will turn the chrome books off and will begin to picket the district on their days off of work because we have gone back to work and so shouldn’t the teachers. I was told by my employer that I must be at work. So should the entire education system. Please stop blaming the bus drivers it’s the Superintendent of Oswego Schools.
Sent from my iPhone

Dec. 22-23/21

1) Despite the "No Parking or Standing" signs, selfish and ignorant customers continue to sit in their vehicles right in front of the entrance. This is illegal and dangerous, yet nobody enforces it.

2) Food prices have gone up in order for the selfish capitalists who run the place to maximize their profits. The chicken, potatoes, corn meal, for example, is now $6.99 when it used to be $4.99 ... and they're putting way fewer potatoes in the container.

3) The self-checkout has become a cluster**** because cash customers are now relegated to using only 2 of the 5 self-checkouts ... but those 2 are not cash only. So even though 3 self-checkouts are specifically targeted to card customers, often times people using cards are still taking up space at the only 2 cash checkouts. [Additionally, many times one will find some fat, slow, ignorant customer is checking out with about 100 items and taking her sweet time before paying with a card.]

4) For some reason, Price Chopper allows antiquated beggars for money (euphemistically called charity organizations) to occupy the entrance to the place, again with large vehicles impeding the flow of customers, and loud bell-ringing which is painful to people with hearing ailments.

5) Perhaps most importantly, despite a statewide mask mandate for all indoor public facilities, many customers (often fat and stupid Republicans ... but also just generally selfish people) continue to walk about the place without masks, exhaling potentially infectious droplets into the air. Is there enforcement? No. Price Chopper has none of its employees doing the necessary work of ejecting unmasked customers for the protection of public health.

So, in short, get it together Price Chopper. Thanks.

Fraud Alert : Shakira Davis Shakira Kirby
If anyone knows a woman named Shakira (sp?) who uses multiple aliases Davis, Kirby and others Be Warned she is a felonious fraudster and scammer who's defrauded local businesses ever since she first cursed Oswego with her presence.

Dec. 22-23/21

Harvard prof faces jail after lying about $50,000-a-month salary from Wuhan university



Dec. 22-23/21

We need to start Deporting Chinese people
Let's start with a shitty cooks at all the rat rat hole restaurants

Dec. 22-23/21


The vax
I am tired of reading on here all the vaccinated crying about the un vaxed. Makes no sense what are you afraid of. Your protected. Supposedly. If you are so worried stay home and live in fear all your life. People have a right to get it or not. So stfu and hide at home if your afr

Dec. 22-23/21

Masks masks masks
When tf are we gonna get with the program. It’s been two yrs. The masks do nothing. Hello wake up you idiots. The only way to beat the virus is immunity. Vax dont work. “Pro sports leagues”. The problem is the fear mongers on here that complain. Stop being a bunch of communists

Dec. 22-23/21

Barlow and his Friends
Are like the board in Oliver Twist

Dec. 22-23/21

Oswego schools.
Your comments are a complete joke. Maybe the district should offer more money for bus drivers. They had plenty of money for multi million dollar sports complexes. Secondly. The republican comment. Lol. That’s hilarious. Hows your fearless leader sleepy joe doing. Because last I checked this country was in total disarray and the weakest it’s ever been. Just like the beta you are. Keep your mask on, stay in your house and live in fear.

Good day


Dec. 22-23/21

Jim cloonen
He picked Barlow
Really keeping Oswego on the straight and narrow
Road to hell


Dec. 22-23/21





The Great Tom Kells


Dec. 18-19/21

Oswego DPW Commissioner arrested for giving teen a bloody nose at Halloween event

Dec. 18-19/21


Rumours of shady goings on
Within dpw by him
Anyone chime in?

Dec. 18-19/21

1 down 2 more to go!
The MENACE TOM KELLS finally got what he deserved. After the cheating he's done which by the way Thomas you think your the only one chantel backs up to. After the mistreatment of the employees that pile of dog shit finally gets a dose of his own medicine. Now maybe just maybe these crooked county legislators will rid the county highway of the 2 MENACES KURT OSPELT AND JIM KELLEY! The politics in this county are getting worse and worse. These depts are getting worse and worse. If you have to really ask yourself "oh who will ever run the county if Kurt's gone" ask your self this who the hell will fill your spot as a legislator not hard dumbass. There has to be law and order soon before this city and before this county get out of hand. What might have worked 20 50 80 years ago doesn't fucking work anymore welcome to the new age brothers and sisters.

Good bye Mussolini. Hitler and Stalin your up next

Now that Barlow lost one of his dogs what degenerate will he hire to do all the work for his fiends

Dec. 18-19/21

Any truth to rumoured criminal probe
Did we have a criminal running the DPW


Oswego County Sheriff violates Hatch act

March 12-13/21




For the love of God, end this charade




Is this what I pay these assholes to do with my hard earned taxed dollars?

August 4/20

Oswego County sheriff’s boat flies Trump political flag at boat rally



August 4/20





…….maybe if some weren’t concentrating on…..never mind, Greg.
While I do agree that 15 days is probably not long enough, exculpatory (ALL) evidence should be turned over 60 days BEFORE TRIAL. That is “just and fair” for the defense, NO? The defense shouldn’t have to waste everyone’s time with specifically requesting evidence known to exist.

Is this why Cieszeski is no longer in the Oswego County District Attorney’s office?


February 28- March 2/20



Today's Quote February 27/20

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.
Khalil Gibran

Carona Virus
Did you feel the ground shake from the wave of uproarious laughter which swept across the country when trump named Mike Pence as the man in charge of coordinating the country’s response to the corona virus?

In yet another incoherent rambling speech, which basically summarized many of his previous uninformed and just plain stupid comments, Trump said nothing that would lead the educated public to believe our government had any idea of how to deal with the Corona Virus. He continued to play down the seriousness implying that in a short period of time there would only be five cases of the virus in the US. He also said there was a vaccine being developed that could be ready in a couple months.


Only minutes later an official who knew what he was talking about explained that the most advanced vaccine candidate was about two months from finishing its phase one trial and another trial for efficacy, (will it really work) taking at least eight months would follow. Typically phase one trials are one year. So it would be at least a year, best case scenario, before the vaccine could be available and that is if there are no adverse side effects and if it is granted special approval allowing it to go to market without Phase three testing to determine what dosage is safe for what part of the population. So if all the stars do not fall into alignment it could easily be two even two and a half years before the vaccine makes it to the public. Probably the best hope is Gilead Sciences which is starting two stage three trials of its Remdesivir that was previously tested in people infected with Ebola. Other drugs marketed by Gilead include Biktarvy, Descovy, Truvada, Epclusa, Harvoni, Sovaldi, and Tamiflu.

Something else to consider is the manufacture of the vaccine. I do not know if it is true but I heard long ago most flue type vaccine is now made in China. Surgical masks, gowns and other medical supplies that are needed are also largely made in China. With a population of 1.4 billion who do you think the Chinese will make vaccine and masks for first.?

There needs to be a world wide effort to take over the manufacture of all necessary medical supplies currently made in China. There are too many eggs in that one basket but that is thinking too far out of the box for Trump and his worshipers.

February 27/20


Nursing homes and assisted living.
I worked at Pontiac for 3 years. Please oh please whatever you do, do NOT consider putting your loved there. It is a death trap. Verna who was found responsible for 3 of the 20 deaths in 3 months is now at Bishops Commons. I also worked there and saw them isolate a woman in her room, except when her family was around. It was horrible. Her dementia was too advanced to belong there, but seeing she was a widow of a judge with lots of cash they didnt want to let her go. Both places are horrible. And The Gardens is so disorganized I lasted a day. I recommend Syracuse Home in B'ville. And Buckley Landing in North Syr. For assisted living. Its a drive but worth it for the care .

It would be easier to name the few good ones than all the bad ones. When the Oswego Hospital had an in-house nursing facility it was very good. When they opened Seneca Hell Manor and moved everything up there it turned into a horror show. It was run by a short fat little blonde bitch. I think her name was McGinnis or McGillis. She lied to the families 24-7.
I have only met one person who had something good to say about Pontic since the day it opened.

I personally dealt with a place in Liverpool called Birchwood, I think it is now called Elderwood which was supposed to be the best place to go for rehab. There was ariconditioning only on the first floor. You had to fight with the staff to get the minimum care and treatment prescribed by the referring physician and the beds were manually operated. So if you were able to get out of bed an operate the hand crank at the foot of the bed you were OK otherwise you were screwed.


Loretto on the south end of Syracuse was another hell hole. The staff there did not walk they shuffeled. Their rehab was a joke and the place was filthy.

I visited Sunrise in Oswego back in the late 90s looking for a place to locate a friend. The halls were full of people in wheelchairs hoping to catch a breeze from the fans placed in front of exit doors, which were covered by homemade wooden screens. The stench of urine was everywhere. Before I left I was told how they were going to install air conditioners that would be available at a small additional cost. That is the same bullshit story they were telling the day that place opened.
I went to St. Lukes once around 1998 looking to place my mother for rehab. There I dealt with Another lying bitch named Tara Fitzgibbons. She was cherry-picking looking for patients they could make the most money off of. That practice was totally illegal. I am still waiting for her to return my call. Oddly enough a few years later, when my mother was emptying her safe deposit box at City Savings now Pathfinder, who did we have to deal with but Tara. She was supposed to be in charge of that department but one of the underlings had to explain to her what needed to be done. Then a month later she tried to bill my mother for the key which had been returned the day the box was emptied and the rental terminated. Once again a situation had to be rectified because of her incompetence.

In my experience there is no such thing as a good nursing home just some that are worse than others. At their best they give children a false sense of Mom or Dad being cared for in their final years. In reality they are wharehouses for the sick and dying. Their only goal is to make as much money as they possibly can off of each resident while providing the bare minimum in care.


February 17-18/2020



Limbaugh & Trump

How many people have I heard say they would not wish Limbaugh's stage 4 Lung Cancer on anyone?


I Would!


There are hundreds of thousands of people who are just as sick or worse than him but they did not suck Trump's little dick to get an undeserved medal for it.


He is a worthless lowlife piece of shit and nothing would make me happier than to hear he got hit by a bus and cheated out of what ever time he had left.


The only possible thing which could, trump, that is if Marine One crashed and burned with Donnie and his entire in-bread moron family onboard.


I have not had a drink in thirty years but I would crack a bottle of champagne for that one.


January 19-20/2020



Peebles For The People
If you have or had any interest at all in the Heidi Allen / Thibodeau case,

this pod cast is a must listen to!


January 14-15/2020



Your sleezy first lady


December 31/19




Fire department
Does anyone know if our resident fire department THIEF is one of the firefighters being laid off?

If not he should be.
Looks like he is trying to impersonate a Fire Chief, maybe he is going to apply for the Chief's job

next year.



Neither the Federal nor the State governments

have ever mandated that the City of Oswego

raise its water or sewer rates.

Anyone who says they did is a F**KING LIAR!!!!!!




Today's Quote  August 6/15

“It's your life. Live it with people who are alive. It tends to be contagious.”
Peter McWilliams


Oswego Firefighter Sentenced

Last night in Minetto Town Court Oswego firefighter and former Minetto fire chief Joe Smegelsky Jr. received the maximum sentence of $1000 and two years probation despite arguments from the District Attorney Greg Oaks and defense lawyer Timothy Kirwan. They had hoped for a lesser sentence but based on information in Smegelsky's pre sentencing report the maximum punishment was handed down.


An audit by the State Comptrollers office found that Smegelsky had taken funds and used a department credit card to purchase a handgun, automotive parts and assorted items. He also created a fictitious company which sold fire equipment from undisclosed sources to the Minetto Department. District Attorney Oaks repeatedly argued for special treatment because Smegelsky had paid back slightly less than half of what the Comptrollers office found. However the fact remains he paid nothing back until he was caught.



Joeseph Smegelsky Jr.


Below is a copy of the District Attorney's plea bargain and his explaination of how they arrived at it.

If you enjoy fiction you will love this.









Today's Quote, January 26/15

"I am not an enemy of the negro, we want him here among us; he is the only laboring class we have."
Nathan Bedford Forrest


One week ago we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. I am sure members of the Ozwego Fire Department seized the opportunity to rack up some double overtime but that is about the only use they have for non-whites.

Since its inception in 1876 the Oswego Fire Department has been as white as the driven snow, with respect to the color of its members that is. In its 139 year history there has never been an Asian, Black or Hispanic member. If you think this somehow reflects the population then you better take off your blinders. Oswego’s elected officials and Personnel Department have long allowed department members to live as far away as Montour Falls, Watertown, and Groton. There is no way you can cast a net that far and say, that population is reflected by our department.

In the late 1980’s there was young Black man working for the local cable company who sometimes frequented the Fire House Tavern as did members of the OFD. The firefighters exam had been announced and he was asking some of the OFD members if they thought he had a chance of getting in. He received all kinds of encouragement while he was there but after he left I overheard two of the Heroes chuckling and say no way they were going to let him in the department. “We have Guinias and Polocks and that is as integrated as we are going to get.” I do not know if the man ever took the test but the fact is that department remains as segregated as the day it was formed. They are allowed to operate as their own little fiefdom picking and choosing their own white membership and no one has the balls to put a stop to it.

The next time our Senators and Congressmen come around for their photo ops with our Hero Department we should all point out to the national media how they are supporting a racist organization. Perhaps we should ask the NAACP how this has been overlooked by their organization for so long.
                                                                                                                            Jan 26/15





Joseph Smegelsky


Audit of Minetto fire chief charged with misusing $22K in funds for guns, motorcycle parts completed
"This individual had keys to the cash register and went on a spending spree with the fire company's money," DiNapoli said in a statement.


                                                                                                                    Dec 20/14

Today's Quote, July 2/14


“Thieves respect property. They merely wish the property to become their property that they may more perfectly respect it.”
G. K. Chesterton

Oswego's finest screwing the taxpayers once again spotted at Dicks Sporting Goods in Great Northern Mall on 6/22/14.....didn't know they sold food there....or were they perhaps getting a new set up clubs at our expense??? Would still like to see the tab for the turning stone "conference" they went to....a whole weekend at the turning stone??? meals, rooms, drinks, etc???? The worst part is it will never change. No matter who is mayor they will always be controlled by the f.d. and no one will run against our current council members. Oswego has become homeowners to few (I stand corrected good homeowners) and is a city full of renters.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

That was probably just Smegelsky picking up some guns. They should be checking the video at Dicks to see who was with him. That hero should be arrested too.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

Minetto Chief
People like that are paranpiod about someone else stealing what they just stole so naturally he would need to get a gun to protect all his or should I say our stuff.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14


Ambulance Numbers

Yes, they are not as correct as they should be as I left off the 2 additional firemen that go out on Ambulance #2 and many of the other expenses that can be attributed to the ambulance service . In reality here is a $300,000 loss each year without he expense of a new ambulance. The point is, we will never make a profit on this service; have a fully qualified ambulance located in Oswego (Menter) that can handle all emergencies; could cut 15 men from the department with all their benefits and return $2,000,000 to the taxpayers; while cutting the long term obligation of retirement and the padding of such for years to come.
Unfortunately, the obtuse Mayor, Council, and most of all ,Fire Chief, have another agenda and it is not in the best interest of he taxpayers. McCrobie probably was, at one time, a good fireman, but as a chief and leader lacks in total credibility. The way overtime is handed out only shows that he is helping to bump up he retirement of the soon to retire firemen by thousands of taxpayers dollars. There is a belief that hey will all get their turn is the OT merry-go-round, but the fact is, the tier 6 firemen will never see that benefit. The new anti padding law passed and signed by he governor will not allow tier 6 employees to add any more than $15,000 to their retirement benefits, and they will now have to go for the last 5 years instead of 3. If I were a tier 6, I would tell the tier 5's to stick their $50.00 they pay for the OT and start taking their share of the OT, because it will all be ending when all the tier 5's retire.
                                                                                                                    July 2/14

Minetto Fire Chief
I asked a few weeks ago if anybody knew what was going on with Minetto's Fire Chief well here you go.
Stole $20,000 from the fire department. I'm going to guess he possibly stole more since he's being held with no bail. Coinsedently though he just bought a piece of property behind his own for $20,000. Don't believe me? Here's the property taxes. Coincident? You should take a drive by his property to check it out. Constantly cars & trucks are being 'stored' there and then disappear. Camper was there for a whole summer now that's gone. I even seen the Minetto's fire truck pull up to his vacant property hook on a utility trailer with all the fireman in it and take off. Now Minetto Fire Dept has plenty of property to store at their station. Why would they use his? I offend wondered why a property owner who only has 1/4 acre of grass need a 0 point turn lawn mower? Probably the fire departments.



                                                                                                                    July 2/14




Reporting Welfare Fraud
If you suspect, or have knowledge of a social services client fraudulently receiving assistance from Public Assistance, Food Stamps or Home Energy Assistance (HEAP), you should report it to the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.




Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force 



Secret Service Electronic Crime Task Force




RE: Oswego Corruption
Here are some places you should send your complaints.
Do not waste your time with the county DAs office.

Office of the State Comptroller

Division of Investigations
59 Maiden Lane
30th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10038
212-383- 2502



Office of the State Comptroller
Division of Investigations
110 State Street

Albany, N.Y.   12236-0001


New York State Office of the Attorney General
Public Integrity Unit
120 Broadway, 22nd Floor
New York, N.Y. 10271



New York State Reigonal Office of the Attorney General
615 Erie Boulevard West, Suite 102
Syracuse, NY 13204
Phone Number: (315)448-4800

Consumer Frauds Number: (315)448-4848
Fax Numers:
(315)448-4853 (Main Number)
(315)448-4851 (Consumer Frauds Bureau)
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday

United States Justice Department
Organized Crime & Racketeering
James Handley Federal Building
Syracuse, N.Y. 13261

Federal Bureau of Investigation
James Handley Federal Building
Syracuse, N.Y. 13261

New York State Police
1220 Washington Avenue
Building 22
Albany, NY 12226-2252


New York State Police
Fulton, NY

6 East 12th Street,

Fulton, NY 13069



Payrolls * Contracts * Expenditures * Benchmarking New York * Other Data


This SeeThroughNY section provides a database of names, positions and salaries for more than 1,500,000 individuals who have been employed by New York State, New York City, state and regional public authorities, public school districts, and New York's county, city, town and village governments. Use the form below to search the payrolls by Name, Position, Branch or Major Category, Agency and Subagency.






Searchable Syracuse & Central New York Police Blotter Database
keep track of your friends and neighbors