I can think of no better way to begin this story than ……

ONCE UPON A TIME ..... Joseph and Mary Seinoski lived in a house at 208 East Sixth Street in the city of Oswego, NY.


On October 12th 1954 Mary gave birth to a girl named Joanne. When Joanne grew up she got a job at the Super Duper. That is where she met her husband to be Randy (little Emo) Bateman. Randy was a member of the high school baseball team and planned to become a State Trooper after he graduated. For whatever reason, that did not happen and Randy joined the Air Force just before or after the couple was married.  After he was discharged the couple returned to OZ. On March 4th 1979 Joanne gave birth to a son Jeffrey (one of three children).

I know this is pretty ho-hum but this is where it gets interesting.

The year after her mother died (1984) in 1985 Joanne’s parents house at 208 East 6th St. was sold to Joanne for 20,000. according to records in the Oswego City Assessor’s Office.




A year and one half after her father passed away Joanne had a new deed to the property drawn up (July 23, 2003) transferring the ownership of the property from her alone to herself and her son Jeffrey. According to the deed both Joanne and Jeffrey live at 208 E. Sixth St.


Joseph L. Seinoski
December 11, 2001
Joseph L. Seinoski, 82, of 208 E. Sixth St., Oswego, died Sunday at Wayne County Nursing Home in Lyons. Born in Oswego, he graduated from Oswego High School. He worked at Columbia Mills in Minetto for more than 30 years and had also worked at Oswego Hospital. He was a Navy veteran of World War II. His wife, Mary, died in 1984. Survivors: A daughter, Joanne Bateman of Oswego; a son, Joseph of Oswego; three sisters, Alice Haresign, Anna Seinoski and Helen Coyer, all of Oswego; a brother, John of New York City; six grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Services: 9 a.m. Wednesday in St. Paul's Church. Burial, St. Peter's Cemetery. Calling hours, 4 to 7 p.m. today at Dowdle Funeral Home, 154 E. Fourth St., Oswego. Contributions: Trinity Catholic School, 115 E. Fifth St., Oswego 13126.




According to voter registration records Jeffrey Bateman first registered to vote March 29, 1997.




On October 11 2001 Jeffrey reregistered at his parents address (251 E 12th St) and gave 276 E 2nd St. as his previous voting address.





On July 9th 2005 Jeffrey again reregistered now claiming he lived at 208 E. 6th St.



According to Board of Elections records Jeffrey Bateman voted six times while he was allegedly living at 208 E. 6th St. Each time he used an absentee ballot.




Conversations with area residents indicated that no one has lived at 208 East 8th St. for many years. One person said they knew from 2005 through 2007 the house was vacant and thought it had been ever since the early 2000s.


An inquiry as to the NYS DMV drivers license records for Jeffrey Bateman returned a “Certification Of No Record Found.


However various internet sites and social media sites tell a different story. This is a list of contacts for Joanne Bateman as found on “MY Life”.

Bateman, Adam …Age: 36 … Sackets Harbor, NY
Bateman, Donald …. Age: 60 … Syracuse, NY
Bateman, Jeffrey … Age: 33 … Pembroke, MA
Bateman, Mary … Age: 34 … Smyrna, GA
Bateman, Randolph …Age: 57… Oswego, NY

Another website returned results for Jeffrey Bateman in:

Sagamore Beach, MA
Pembroke, MA
Waltham, MA

According to Board of Elections records on June 9, 1989 Joanne Bateman Reregistered to vote, changing her address from 160 East 8th St. to 251 E 12th St. There was no record of her as being registered at 208 E. 6th St.




On October 10, 2010 Joanne renewed her NYS drivers license and gave her address as 251 E. 12th St.


On June 27,2011 Joanne signed a Mayoral designating petition for Thomas Gillen and she listed her address as 251 E. 12th St.



July 23, 2003 Transfer of deed from Joanne to Joanne and Jeffrey and change addresses to 208 E. Sixth St.

2004 the assessment for 208 is raised from 2,075 to full value 63,000.

November 9, 2004 Jeffrey files application for School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption on 208 E 6th St.

July 9 2005 Jeffrey changes voter registration to 208 E. 6th St.


Jeffrey votes six times from that address but every time using an absentee ballot.





Joanne Bateman inherited a house from her parents back before the city went to full value assessments. Taxes at that time were relatively low and she was paying on an under assed valuation of $20,000. which was the result of a sale between relatives and not considered an arms length transaction. As the city was preparing to go to full value assessments she was looking at a jump from $2,075.00 to $63,000.00 in assed value. At the time the infamous Mike Parker was working in the Assessors office and his slight of hand became notorious in the following years. My guess is either Parker or Joanne's husband Randy Bateman or all three of them came up with the idea of putting their son Jeff's name on the property and changing the residency of herself and her son so they or he could apply for a STAR tax exemption. The deed states that Joanne and her son both live there. The Star application claims only Jeffrey Bateman does. Voting absentee from that address just adds insult to injury. This is fraudulent and illegal and just the sort of thing I have come to expect from the Batemans. Joanne is a teacher at Trinity School and aside from his lucrative job at the nuke plant Randy was ripping the taxpayers off to the tune of 50K+ while he was (Mr. Integrity) the mayor of Oswego.


It is not like they couldn't afford it. It is just that they are that god damn dishonest.


I am sure there is more evidence out there I just don't have it yet and I am not done yet.