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March 26/15

Lower Bridge Oswego NY .... Looking West




Oswego, ... Beach




Oswego Canal ... Phoenix, NY


What do these churches have in common...or not?

Compare the bell towers.


St. Louis' Church Oswego, NY


   The First Baptist Church was organized with eleven members, March 13, 1828. The meetings were held for a time in the public school house. In 1831 a church was built in the East Park, fronting Oneida street, and cost $6,000.  The church was constructed of wood and plans are being prepared for reconstruction of brick.  Rev. J. Grant Lauderbaugh is the pastor of this church.




The church standing in East Park today is the brick church. At some point the bell and top of the tower were removed. In 1870 St Louis' church was formed in a converted meeting hall just across the park. It is possible that the bell and tower from the one church wound up on top of the other. If I am correct large bells not only bore the name and marks of the foundry where they were made but many had individual names, i.e. Big Ben. If the St. Louis' bell has not been broken up for scrap some local historian may be able to authenticate the original purchaser through possible foundry or historical records.


Of course they might have just copied the design of the neighboring tower but that is not very interesting is it?


St. Louis' ( French ) Catholic Church was organized as a separate parish in 1870, the French Catholics up to that time forming a part of the congregation of St. Mary's.  Mead's Hall, at the corner of East Fourth and Bridge Streets, was purchased for $7,000 and a considerable sum was expended in fitting it up for church services.  A convent was erected in connection with the church in charge of the Sisters of St. Ann, and for a number of years a school accommodating 300 pupils was maintained.  The church experienced a remarkable growth during the pastorate of the late Rev. Joseph J. Auger, and the impress of the character of this noble priest, whose death occurred two years ago, was felt by the people of every denomination and leaves an enduring memory. The rector in charge at the present time is Rev. J. W. Chauvin.



First Baptist Church .... Oswego NY



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