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July 7/15




John Adams wrote that the Fourth of July "...ought to be celebrated by pomp and parade, with shows , games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other..."  This was the case at the annual Fair Haven Independence Parade held Thursday evening.  Continental Arms Collectors Association's Revolutionary War Unit continued its many year tradition participating in the patriotic, family oriented event.  Interpreting a company from the First New York Regiment, in George Washington's 1782, Continental Army were members from New York City, Saratoga, Winton, Fayetteville, Baldwinsville, Syracuse and Oswego, New York.  Pictured: a traditional  firing from  over 100 rounds of blank ammunition in celebration of our Nations birth.


Battery D Mexico NY 1932


South First St. Fulton NY


Selkirk Beach



Sterling Valley RR Station



Odd Fellows Temple ....Fulton, NY




Park Scene .. Fulton, NY


Fulton Water Works


Midtown Parking Demolition




End Of Lake St. Fair Haven, NY


Barge Canal Work At Fulton, NY



Fair Haven 1923


Snow In June ?

Some dummy smoking at the pumps flicked a but into the trash can and it started a fire, which set off the fire extinguishing system.




Parish, NY




Diamond Match Factory



Fulton Band Stand


Broadway St. ...Fulton, NY



Oswego Steam Station


Phoenix Hotel


The Pleasant Point Club


Immaculate Conception Church ... Fulton, NY


Central Square, NY


Varick Canal  ... Oswego, NY


Oswego St. Hannibal, NY


Lower Bridge.... Fulton, NY

Barge Canal Construction ... Baldwinsville, NY



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